Nancy Salzman’s House Sold to YouTube Star David Payette

Nancy Salzman, also known as Prefect, lived at 3 Oregon Trail in Halfmoon, NY, from 2005 – 2018. She won’t be coming back.

When she leaves Horizon House, a halfway house in Albany where she is serving the last year of her prison sentence for racketeering conspiracy, she will move to greener pastures.

David Payette standing outside his new residence in Waterford, NY

The home she lived at, at 3 Oregon Trail, was sold to nerd-favorite YouTube star David Payette of Payette Forward, with 1.39 million subscribers.

Payette is an expert on Apple and Android phones. Millions visit his channel for informative videos on how to manage those complicated handy tools most people carry around constantly. His most popular video to date has over 15 million views

Yes, Payette is the new owner of 3 Oregon Trail, and in place of hidden cash, chocolate-covered ginger snacks for Keith, and NXIVM-colored sashes, I envision iPhone 15s and Samsung Galaxy S23s strewn about the home.

But time moves in one direction, memories in the other. How many people in NXIVM visited Nancy Salzman there? Almost everyone in NXIVM was there at one time or another.

Keith Raniere and Allison Mack at Nancy Salzman’s home filming ‘Keith Raniere conversations.’

3 Oregon was staged for the sale.

In the basement of 3 Oregon Trail with Nancy Salzman, Keith Raniere, Karen Unterreiner and Lauren Salzman, with Keith’s white board behind.

Bare walls stand starkly where Keith’s profundity once exhilarated whiteboard.

Her Vanguard visited her often in the early morning after a long night of hard work teaching slender ladies whose hair was long, never cut, and never shaven. Nancy would make her prince 3-egg veggie omelets, which he would gobble down with extra hot sauce.

Inside the spacious four-bedroom, four-bath, 4000 sq ft home on 3.14 acres, Nancy kept a Steinway piano for the slippery stubby fingers of her much-admired leader, the smartest and most ethical man in the world.

Keith Raniere performing what he claimed as ‘concert level’ piano for an audience in Nancy’s living room.

3 Oregon Trail sold for $715,000 on March 20, 2023. Payette lives there now.

Now, instead of coming here for an Exploration of Meaning, for advice, having an audience with the Vanguard, or filming NXIVM modules or testimonials in the studio, I see Payette broadcasting talking about 20+ Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Can Do.


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But let us clutch a little longer onto the past. The NXIVM members held so many meetings there. The ‘Keith Raniere conversations’ were filmed there. It was, in many ways, the home of NXIVM with Nancy as the NXIVM “mother.”

Mark Vicente filming an episode of ‘Keith Raniere Conversations.’
Clare Bronfman with her Vanguard in Nancy’s kitchen…

But as time moves, people follow their destinies; all good things must end. People and places separate, never to come back. And so it goes with Nancy and her lovely home at 3 Oregon Trail.

Let us make it official:

FR received an email from Payette: 

Dear Frank,

I’m David Payette and I wanted to reach out after reading your recent article about Nancy moving to an Albany halfway house. I have no personal connection to NXIVM aside from the kind of fascination that comes from realizing a cult took root a few miles from the house you grew up in. The reason I’m writing, however, is to inform you that I’m the new owner of 3 Oregon Trail, where I’ve lived with my partner since March of this year. The details of the sale can be confirmed on Zillow, should you wish to do so.

In your article, you wrote, “Both the Prefect and the Vanguard lived on Oregon Trail. Nancy graced 3 Oregon Trail, and Keith immortalized 21 Oregon Trail, where he lived with Mariana and Pam Cafritz. Only Nancy will return.”

I thought it might be prudent to clarify that Nancy will not be returning to her former home. 

As a Clifton Park resident who had no knowledge of the events happening nearby, I’d like to thank you for your tireless and continued reporting on NXIVM through the years. 

Gratefully yours,

David Payette

Yes, to be sure, this makes it official. Nancy will not be returning to Oregon Trail. She’s been gone for a while. She left her home on Oregon Trail right after the FBI raided it on March 27, 2018, and seized $520,000 in cash hidden in various locations in the house.

FBI raided 3 Oregon Trail on March 27, 2018 – one day after Keith Raniere’s arrest. Photo courtesy Albany Times Union

A stash of cash found at Nancy Salzman’s house.

Nancy went to live in a townhouse at 1 Brigantine Dr. in Waterford, NY, where the late Barbara Jeske used to live. Nancy lived there for three years while she was on house arrest before she went to prison.

Jeske’s townhome at 1 Brigantine was bought by another NXIVM shell company, NXIUM Properties LLC, in 2003. Perhaps Nancy will return to Brigantine when she is released. Maybe she has other plans.

But we were talking about the home Nancy is famous for living in — 3 Oregon Trail. 

It is not well known that Nancy never owned 3 Oregon Trail. Sara Bronfman owned it through one of her companies, Veinte-Seiz LLC, the same company which she used to own her private jet. 

Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017….

Sara Bronfman paid $399,000 for the home on August 22, 2005. Sara added an addition for her Prefect in the back of the home spending about $100,000.

The photos you see on Zillow are different from how it looked when the Prefect adorned the home. NXIVM’s go-to realtor, Franca M. DiCrescenzo of Armida Rose Realty Group, did a lovely job staging the home, removing remnants and telltale signs of all that went on over 13 years of NXIVM life.

The FBI photos matched with the Realtor Photos.


Courtesy of the FBI



Courtesy of the FBI


Courtesy of the FBI


Where the piano once stood…


Formerly Nancy’s office, where she performed countless EMs

Courtesy of the FBI


Formerly Nancy’s spare bedroom, where Keith brought young women to bed


Courtesy of the FBI


Formerly Nancy’s bedroom


Courtesy of the FBI


Courtesy of the FBI


The basement…
Nancy’s home basement gym, courtesy of the FBI


Nancy’s home studio

Courtesy of the FBI 

More cash found in Nancy Salzman’s house.

And more…


FBI agents carry out some $520,000 in cash tucked away in nooks and crannies of Nancy’s home. Photo courtesy Albany Times Union.
David Payette standing in his, formerly Nancy’s, kitchen.

You can subscribe to Payette on his YouTube channel and learn things you never knew your phone could do.


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  • Crowbar, jemmy, anything get them floorboards, wall partitions, get one of them snake cameras. There’s got to be some cash the EffBeeEye missed

  • $715,000 for a 4000 sq/ft home on 3.14 acres!!!!!!!!!

    In LaLa Land $715k would buy only a 1000 sq/ft condo unit.

    And 3.14 acres is more than 3 football fields…!!!!!!

    Different worlds.

      • LaLaLad,
        I don’t believe they ever started building the torture chamber. Dani Padilla bought various butt plugs, dildos, electrified nipple clamps, a vertical torture rack, etc. Not sure if they ever picked out a location.

        But,I will say, the punishments for “ethical breaches” were getting more brutal, painful and degrading. Dani and Allison were getting into Marquis De Sade level practices.

        Once actual striking, slapping, starvation and paddling begins (in any order) and are regular kinks and punishment, it only gets more extreme.

        I do not think it is known if Dani, Allison or Keith ever broke the skin of any torture beatings they administered. But that is pretty much when sexual violence takes a very very dark turn. Blood letting, blood drinking was probably not off for Allison and Dani.

  • Attention Scott Johnson!!!!
    Another Summer is in the books!
    It’s Fall 2023! Time for a reminder!

    You are a:
    You’re a big time loser!!!!

    Have a great day and make sure your bathhouse friends wear condoms. Because you most likely have AIDs!!!

  • Frank
    There is a “murder” of a young girl in SC, and all you have to talk about is Nancy getting out of the “hole”. Wow!
    Why are you so focused on this witch and her prison time ? Why?
    A young girl was killed and everyone else focuses on the killer, and her accomplishes. Are you nuts ? Find something else to discuss.
    You are not telling why this witch is getting out of jail.
    Can’t you at least show compassion for the victims ?


  • Frank
    Gee- ! How sad the “prefect” who messed up a SC family won’t be coming back to her own home. Boo- hoo- hoo-!!!!!
    She is a liar, murderer and absolute danger to society. What the HELL- !
    Why should she ever be allowed out of prison?
    A SC family doesn’t have their daughter back- so why should a killer be out ?
    I do NOT feel sorry for this witch !

  • Frank, I feel profound sadness when I see this, truly. When I gaze upon all that once was, that vibrant community that existed, my heart shatters. Watching those early videos of Nancy teaching, radiating confidence and joy… To witness everything crumble in this manner is a brutal blow.

    And as I follow the lives of Sarah, Mark, Allison, Nicki… The choices they made, their truths, their lies… It’s hard not to connect. And, even knowing that the monster is KR, the architect of this disaster, a tragic flaw that corrodes himself and contaminates and destroys everything around him, I am genuinely, deeply dismayed. Well, it doesn’t matter anymore, does it? Every thought takes me back to that poignant Rutger Hauer speech at the end of the hunt in Blade Runner… “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…”.

  • Did the DOJ/FBI take this house or was Sara Bronfman able to get the house back?

    It never belonged to Nancy Salzman did it?

    • You’re such a bully NutJob!

      Leave the redheaded stepchild alone.

      He’s making money posting commonsense things. You must be jealous. How’s being an unpaid intern moderator on a news/blog. When will you admit to being friendly with Lauren Salzman?

  • Does Nancy’s daughters still live in Albany? Who will Nancy live with when she gets out? Also is there any communication by Nancy or her daughters with her ex husband?

  • “… In Ancient Rome, the prefect was appointed and had no imperium, or authority themselves. Instead, they were advised by the delegation of higher authorities, which is where the power truly sat. …”

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