Is Canaprobe Cooperating with Investigation of NXIVM / Executive Success Program?

Veteran NXIVM-watchers will recall that years ago, the Bronfman sisters hired Canaprobe, a Montreal-based company, to investigate people on NXIVM’s enemies list.  It has been alleged that Canaprobe’s investigation methods were often illegal.

Amusingly, some of Canaprobe’s “results” (not necessarily related to NXIVM) were actually fabricated from thin air, by investigators subcontracted by Canaprobe, resulting in their imprisonment.

For years, NXIVM appeared to be satisfied with the dirt that was being dug up on their enemies by Canaprobe.

But now, the Bronfman sisters are suing Canaprobe in Montreal for a refund of $1 million in fees, plus damages.

It is a standard NXIVM tactic to sue its enemies, so is it possible that Canaprobe has become an enemy of NXIVM?

Could it be that Canaprobe has become an enemy of NXIVM because it is cooperating with an investigation into NXIVM?  Perhaps Canaprobe has even made a plea-deal that involves turning over evidence about NXIVM?

Stay tuned!

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