The Life You Save — Keith’s hair dye may be killing him

Guest View By Smith

In a recent post, it was reported that Keith Raniere is dying his hair – with ballpoint pen ink.

There was a push at federal prisons to ban common pens like Bic about five years ago; no clue where it ended up. The complaint was that inmates are dying their hair/creating tattoos with potentially hazardous inks.

Besides pigments, the major ingredients used by most cheap inks are Benzyl Alcohol and Phenoxyethanol. These allow inks to dry almost as soon as they hit the paper, but they are hazardous chemicals.

Benzyl Alcohol is typically used to kill ticks and lice. People are supposed to shower and wash it off after applying it. The side effects are mostly related to rashes and irritation, but some people get messed up when it gets into their eyes (repeated low doses is the most common way this happens.)

You know someone has been screwing with it when the skin around their eyes puffs up and their vision is skewed because of the pressure on the eyeball. Have heard stories about the need for skin grafts when it’s used for tattoos and temporary blindness.

But Phenoxyethanol is the stuff that can kill you. Most products use it in low doses, but pen ink is allowed to have a higher concentration because it’s not supposed to be used for anything but writing. Most people know to avoid ingestion because of the possibility of organ damage. Your kidneys and liver can fail the same way they could if you drank a bunch of bottles of NyQuil.

There’s a big debate about whether or not this stuff is safe in Europe; pretty sure it’s been banned in most countries.

You’re going to find these chemicals, along with others that are worse, in lots of the cheap, disposable pens they sell at prisons. No way to tell which is being used unless you look at the Material Data Safety Sheet from the manufacturer, which usually doesn’t make it past the distributor.

Would not surprise me to learn Kieth Alan Raniere is poisoning himself. Again, I’d be surprised if the trial makes it to judgment. Either his attorneys will find a way to get the charges dropped or he’s going to off himself when it becomes apparent he’s going to be found guilty. This sounds like a step towards the later.

Keith Raniere would be far safer using Kool-Aid to dye his hair. He would also get a colorful and lustrous effect. The problem is that the commissary at MDC does not sell Kool-Aid, forcing him to use ballpoint pen ink.
A good source of Vitamin C.


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  • Bahahahahahaha
    Leave it to KAR to continue his displays of highly moronic behavior. What an idiot.
    Maybe his bubba prefers blue boys with a patch of grey showing threw in the back and top.
    Long hair does make for a nice ponytail to match KAR softer side his lawyer Marc likes so much. Goes well with his prison name Cry Baby Jane.
    Must be making one heck of an impression on the Judge of how SUCCESSFUL and a FINE UP STANDING GENTLEMAN Keith Raniere is. A man of such high standards should be granted release on his fine standing within the community.
    Really Marc, dont you think you should clean your boy up a bit for court? The Manson look isnt WINNING.
    Does anyone else find it interesting the women defendants are chatty with each other but not with their Master during these proceedings. They wont even look at him and give him a tribute smile, nod or wave.

  • I have an INKling (tee, hee) that KAR was desperately drawing on his “Bluebeard” charms for Allie, especially, after FR’s last hearing review noting his raggedy appearance and Allie’s apparent despondency over it.

    Still, Allie was flirting anyway with old married men at the Courthouse? Guess being Gaelen, Kemar and Thor’s home wrecker isn’t satisfying enough for these DOS slave sluts.

  • Keith is not a total moron. I am sure there is something more to the blue ink other then vanity.

    Smith hit the nail on the head. Keith Raniere is attempting to be placed at real hospital. Keith is not a murder suspect there is a good chance an armed guard will not be posted 24/7 to watch him in his hospital room.

  • If his hair really is blue from pen ink, I don’t know if I should even be laughing. This behavior is on the level of the Joker meets Charles Manson. It’s weird. Shouldn’t he be presenting himself as normal as possible for the court? Has he lost his mind? Bad question. Has he lost sight of his sadistic and Narcissistic goals? Also, I believe he still believes he’s getting out Scott free. For that reason, I really highly doubt he’s trying to off himself….yet.

  • I would suggest a short haircut and let the hair go grey. Keith your physical appearance will sway the jury. Look crazy with long blue hair and the jury is sure to convict.
    Perhaps your goal is to be convicted? Is your conscious getting to you? Is it time to meet your maker?
    Your not coming back!
    We are still waiting for L Ron Hubbard. 30 years and still a no show!

    • Narcissists of his kind feel no remorse because they lack empathy.
      Keith, if he feels anything, is pissed he is imprisoned.
      I gather, since Keith quotes Ayn Rand when it comes to money, that Keith is his highest reverance.
      Along with his tome on torture I am sure we will find The Virtue of Selfishness.

    • Lol. You’re a cut-up, Pyriel!

      How ‘bout, “Live by the sword die by the pen!”

      (I think the Mighty Parlato Pen did it first, though!)

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About Frank Parlato

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