Beyond Prison – What Other Penalties Will Be Imposed on Raniere When He’s Sentenced?

Marie White's Portrayal of Keith Raniere

We have previously reported on the prison sentence that Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard will receive when he is sentenced on January 17th.

In all, Raniere was found guilty of seven charges:
– Count One: Racketeering Conspiracy
– Count Two: Racketeering
– Count Three: Forced Labor Conspiracy
– Count Four: Wire Fraud Conspiracy
– Count Five: Sex Trafficking Conspiracy
– Count Six: Sex Trafficking
– Count Seven: Attempted Sex Trafficking

Although we know for certain that he will receive at least a 15-year prison sentence for his sex trafficking conviction, we have also speculated that his actual sentence will likely be in the 30-years to life range.

Mk10Art painting of Keith Raniere imprisoned by his own brand.

But regardless of how much time he is sentenced to serve in federal prison, Raniere will also receive several other punishments for the various criminal charges on which he was convicted by a jury that spent less than 4 hours deliberating his fate.

Monetary Fine

Raniere will, for example, be ordered to pay a fine. That fine will likely be $250,000 or twice the gross proceeds of the NXIVM crime syndicate, whichever is greater.

Trying to calculate the gross proceeds of the NXIVM crime syndicate will not be easy – especially because there were so many companies involved in it and because all of those companies operated “under-the-table” as much as possible.

But over the course of its two decades of operations, it’s probably safe to assume that all the NXIVM-related companies had at least $20-$30 million of gross proceeds.

Some of the cash seized at Nancy Salzman’s former home

And if the “loans” from the Bronfman sisters are also treated as income to the NXIVM crime syndicate – which they very well could be since there was never any real expectation that they would ever be paid back – then those gross proceeds could be closer to $100 million.

So, depending on what information is contained in his “Pre-Sentencing Report” – and how Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis handles such matters –Raniere could be facing a very significant fine.


Raniere will also be ordered to pay restitution in the full amount of each victim’s losses as determined by the court (The court will first decide who qualifies as a “victim” of Raniere’s crimes – and then determine how much each victim should receive in restitution).

While it’s true that Raniere held very few assets in his name, there are still some that might be available for purposes of restitution.

For example, his partial ownership of the property located at 3 Flintlock Lane.

Raniere has an ownership interest in the property located at  3 Flintlock Lane in Knox Woods.

His claimed 10% ownership interest in First Principles, Inc., the company that owned all of the NXIVM training modules – and all the patents – that were part of the Rational Inquiry “technology” (This is why his ongoing argument that he owns 10% of this company makes no sense: even if he does own 10%, it’s going to be taken away from him).

His ownership interest in any other patents that were filed in his name.

His reported $8 million inheritance from Pam Nichols.

The late Pam Cafritz.

Criminal Forfeiture

Raniere will also be subject to criminal forfeiture with respect to any assets that were used in conjunction with any of the crimes he committed.

Once again, this may not amount to much because he held so few assets in his name.

But rest assured, whatever assets of his that his victims don’t get in the form of restitution, the government will seize as forfeited assets.

Special Assessment

Raniere will also have to pay a $100 Special Assessment for each of his felony convictions – which, in his case, will amount to $700.

And if he doesn’t pay that amount upfront, it will be taken out of his Commissary Account while he’s serving his prison term.

Registering as a Sex Offender

Because he was convicted of sex-related crimes, Raniere will also have to register as a sex offender if/when he ever gets out of prison.

If he does get out of prison and chooses to live in New York State – which is where he has lived his entire life – he will immediately have to register as a sex offender.

New York State has three designations for sex offenders:
– Level 1: Low risk of repeat offense
– Level 2: Moderate risk of repeat offense
– Level 3: High risk of repeat offense – and/or a threat to public safety

Depending on which level he is assigned, being required to register as a sex offender could determine where Raniere can live, what type of work he can do, and how much information about him is made available to the general public.


As soon as he finishes serving his prison term – which, if he actually survives in prison, will likely include 6-12 months of home confinement – Raniere will immediately be placed on probation.

Given the offenses for which he’s been convicted, that will most likely be for 5 years.

While he’s on probation, Raniere will be subject to various levels of monitoring – and will need to get permission in order to travel outside his local federal judicial district.

Collateral Consequences

As a convicted felon, Raniere will also face several other consequences either while he’s in prison and/or after he’s released.

Under New York State’s current statutes, for example, he will not be allowed to vote while he’s in prison (Only two states – Maine and Vermont – currently allow prisoners to vote).

He will not be allowed to serve on any federal grand jury – or any jury in a federal trial (This will also be true for state grand juries and state trial juries if he remains in New York State after he’s released from prison).

He will never be allowed to possess a firearm or any ammunition.

He will not be able to become a foster parent or adopt a child if he chooses to live in New York State (Thank God!).

He will also not be allowed to live in any public housing location.

And he will not be able to obtain certain professional licenses in New York State. This means he will not be able to get a job, for example, as a security guard, a private investigator, an insurance broker, a real estate broker, or a notary public.


No Punishment Will Be Too Much for Raniere But Others Face Similar Consequences

Given the seven crimes of which he was convicted – and, perhaps even more importantly, the numerous other crimes he committed over the years – I do not believe that Judge Garaufis can over-sentence Raniere.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Raniere is a person who has no care or concerns about others – and who relished in the joy of being able to persecute and punish his enemies.

He has no conscience – and is incapable of redemption.

But many others who are convicted of lesser crimes – and/or who could return to being productive members of society if they were given a real “second chance” – are treated just as harshly as Raniere.

For the 100 million Americans who have an arrest record, life will never be the same.

There is no statute-of-limitations when it comes to the negative impact of a criminal conviction.

And short of a Presidential pardon, there is no way for many of those people to ever have their civil rights fully restored.

In the United States, we have criminalized many activities that are considered to be civil matters in other countries.

And we have yet to provide a means by which people who have been convicted of even a single crime can ever truly move on with their lives.

Maybe it’s time we started re-thinking how our criminal justice system works.

Except, of course, with respect to the Keith Ranieres of the world.

For them, our current system works just fine.

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K.R. Claviger

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4 years ago

As far as the old condo at 3 Flintlock Ln that Raniere has long co-owned with original harem member Unterreiner, there’s this interesting bit of news:

Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere’s Former House Of Horrors Gets New Residents In NXIVM Neighborhood
“Renters moved in to the Halfmoon, New York townhouse this weekend.”

I checked, and property records do not (at least yet) show any sale or transfer of ownership.

4 years ago

This conversation is surreal.
Where is Raniere’s money?
He maintained a slew of shell companies owned by straw men and straw women to make himself judgment proof.
The “man” Raniere probably had no bank account and owned no property.
Nor did he have securities.

Without assets there is no way people can recover from this grifter.
Raniere OWES 450,000 dollars to A, T, and T and Microsoft for his bogus patent lawsuit filed in Texas.
Does Raniere have the money to pay these corporations he tried to shake down?
Don’t bet on it.

If Raniere needed clothes or food, it just magically appeared.
(Provided by Raniere’s female followers.)
His house was owned by one of his female followers.

“US Appeals Court upholds lower court: Raniere has to pay Microsoft and AT&T’s legal fees”
June 26, 2018

“Raniere lost. He has to pay the fees. But there is a problem here. According to his Pretrial Services Financial Affidavit, Raniere has zero assets and zero income; it is unclear how he will pay the sanctioned fees. ”

And while we’re on the subject Raniere was not married top Pam Cafritz.
After Cafritz died was a will filed in a probate court where she named him as a beneficiary of her estate?
Where was it filed?
In a county she was domiciled in?

If not then Pam Cafritz died INTESTATE.
In that case the law provides for intestacy procedures where Pam Cafritz’s estate is divided among her next of kin.

Most states would find that Pam Cafritz’s mother and siblings are the next of kin.
Not Keith Raniere and not Uncle Sam.
The cut off for the Federal Estate tax in 2016 was about 5 million dollars.
Any amount under that is not taxed.
Any amount over that is subject to tax.
Was any tax paid on Pam Cafritz’s estate?
By whom?

The US government will have a very difficult time recovering any money from the Pauper Keith Raniere.

4 years ago

Is it safe to say that based upon your article, Raniere is the only true criminal that deserves all the current consequences of the prison system?

Prison reform is this great new buzzword, and we are constantly called to change our criminal justice system. But let’s be real here. Incarceration, probation, parole, supervised release and whatever you want to call them are the complete end of the criminal justice system. Addressing this aspect is akin to simply changing out towels at the base of a leaky toilet. You need to address the cause of the leak!

The fact is that there are socio-economic and a myriad of other factors impacting crime. America, in general, has an addiction to immediate gratification. We not only want it, but we want it now! And if it doesn’t go our way, we assess blame rather than look introspectively at our failures and shortcomings. Throw social media into it and you get a toxic mix for adolescent, developing minds.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of offenders that grew up in the inner city. Many of these men weren’t necessarily bad men, but they did some serious crimes. I’ve been told numerous times that they were told by their own father that “You’re not a real man until you’ve done time”. What kind of parental guidance is that? Your value as a man is going to prison? You can’t help be feel some empathy for a person that was completely misled by own parents! Does the average young black child know a man named Charles Bolden Jr? Probably not, but many idolize Snoop Dog and other rappers out of Compton. (BTW-Bolden is a retired Marine general, pilot, and astronaut who was the head of NASA. He’s also a black male).

Criminal justice reform? We need value reform! How do you do that? It’s not easy when we mock and deride the very systems that form the basis of social order such as Judeo-Christian beliefs. A person who goes to work from Monday through Friday, then goes to church on Sunday is scorned by Actaeon and the like as uneducated hicks. As C.S. Lewis noted, those are “men without chests”, as they scorn honor and integrity but are shocked by thieves amongst themselves. You want a utopian society, but you accept sexually active adolescents who experiment with drugs and alcohol. I won’t let my teen son view porn on the internet, but according to some, I’m the bad guy, the “puritanical”, who won’t allow my kid to embrace his sexuality. Really?

Can an American kid today name an astronaut as a hero? I doubt it, but many name Kim Kardashian or some social media influencer as making the most impact on their lives.

Then we wonder why we are at this juncture.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jarhead

“Prison reform is this great new buzzword, and we are constantly called to change our criminal justice system.” Jarhead

For all of the demand for so called criminal justice reform, there were very good reasons 20 or 30 years ago for tough laws against criminals.
Many states adopted tough laws against drugs because addicts were preying on poor and elderly people.
States reacted by passing “Three Strikes and You’re In” laws where three serious felony convictions resulted in life time imprisonment.
People will find that many morons in our society can not conform to living within the rules and will use every trick possible to terrorize innocent people.

And your example of Astronaut Charles Bolden demonstrates that there are opportunities for Afro-American males to be law-abiding constructive members of society.

My brother has made sure that his sons saw astronauts like Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmidt both of whom walked on the moon.
And my brother took his sons to see Astronaut Peggy Whitson, the first woman to head the Astronaut Office at NASA.
These people who worship Hollyweird phonies have a mixed up set of priorities.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jarhead


I am in total agreement with you.
Culture plays a definite role. I have known a number of people from Uganda over the years. All off them at some point have said to me verbatim, “I do not know what is wrong with black peoples in America. I don’t understand them.”

Not all African Americans share the same cultural mentality and identity. I am painting with a large brush. It’s a percentage. Nevertheless what you have noticed is unequivocally the truth.

I know many readers will call me a racist. I am sorry if you disagree with me, however, it’s reality. It’s the truth so deal with it.

I strongly believe in affirmative action, minority loans, voted for Obama twice and welfare.
So please everyone don’t come at me with your “WOKE” bullshit!

4 years ago

Krclaviger great article as always!!!

Re $8 million & Pam Cafritz

What was the Federal Lifetime Gift Tax Exclusion when Pamela died?

Most Importantly……Don’t forget about the IRS 6 year look back window!!!!!!!

Statute of Limitations?

Can he get away with it or can the IRS grab the cash?

Re The NXIVM Book Keeping:


Krclaviger your an attorney and Parlato an old real estate guy you both know better than I……

What you have here with NXIVM is the accounting equivalent to the Biblical Tower of Babel…..

Here is Babel summed up…
A laundry list of money laundering:

Foreign Bearer Bonds….Numbered Acounts….ADRs….Offshore accounts…..

How do you tell what is what?

……A crazy number of shell companies within companies, Blind Trusts…..real estate trusts…Limited Partnerships, LTD. Corporations…. Raniere and Bronfman set up…..good luck to the under staffed IRS sorting it out all out….

Seriously how do you tell what is what?

Fraudulent conveyance anyone?

IRS qualified loans vs IRS qualified gifts Tax or no tax? Who is claiming what?

No real recording of cash coming from Mexico. Where is the cash?

Debtors or Creditors?

Paper stock certificates…purchased with a dead person’s social security number put into a custodial account?

Accounts Payable lost into a labyrinth of Accounts Receivable?

Filing a gift tax return for a loan or no tax on a loan?
There more to the Tower of Accounting Babel…this list is of the top of my head from my series 7 days etc.

A full IRS forensic audit may never bring all financial crimes to light.

4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy

The reported inheritance from Cafritz raises a lot of questions that need to be answered. Normally someone from a wealthy family such as her would have been likely to have most of her wealth in a trust with restrictions on it, so Raniere may not exactly have $8 million.

And then, of course, there are all the other sorts of good questions that you raise.

Go Go gadget neck
Go Go gadget neck
4 years ago

Can somebody please tell me what the hell was going on with the late Pams neck? Is this an alien sighting? Giraffe human cloning? Some other type of freaky Raniere play we are unaware of yet?

4 years ago

Behold the answer to your question!

BTW Long neck women give the best head.

4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy


Peaches and Girl Scout Cookies are so crass……

…..They could even make Scott Johnson blush.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago
Reply to  Niceguy

You must admit that Pamela does have an unusually long neck. Do long-necked women give the best head? Doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Keith spends the rest of his life in an environment contrary to what he coveted. That makes me happy.

The bigger questions that remain are the mysterious suicides of Gina and Kristin.

I apologize for being crass, but in this instance it was deserving.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago

We also know that there is a high probability baby Keith will get fucked in his ass in prison, with or without consent. Bouahahahahahahhh!

4 years ago

Muahahaha…..He’s so fucked. No means yes and if he begs, please! No! than bloody hell it’s going to just be a complete mess. I hate to say it, but he’s going to have, A LOT and then A LOT more of the balls dragged a crossed his face. I’m concerned, If he’s not careful he could possibly asphyxiate on them.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago
Reply to  Peaches

Yeah, Peaches. He’s fucked alright. Keith needs to get used to playing a whole new set of mind games, but getting fucked in his hairy ass is an absolute. Eww!

4 years ago

This is terrible news for Allison and Lauren, two women who desired to become mothers in the worst way possible.

They probably will not be able to conceive and the law will prevent them from adopting children.

Without intelligent and loving women like Allison and Lauren being able to adopt, how will children be able to learn about such important topics as “Group Fellatio”?

Think of the children!

Do you want the children to grow up ignorant?

4 years ago

You mean no avatar teletubbies, not even any immaculate conceptions, hurtling swiftly through cosmic space, from a federal penitentiary to a female disciple-doofus nearby, with or without a turkey baster? The world’s most spermatomic Grandee Doofus, the one upon whom no RAIN could fall, while the sweaty, undeodorized hagbags on either side of His Flatulence got drenched? This a-hole cannot donate sperm, astrally? Shake mah dayum head. Shocking!

You cannot mean everybody has been duped ? All the way from fertility to adult diapers?

Why, whatta crying shame. Muddy Waters was not singing about Flabturd or his conquests when Muddy sang I’m a Man. “I spell M – A – (child!) – N.” Oh oh oh, oh oh oh. Oh no. Muddy understood. He sang, played and stood once two feet from me, eye to eye loving music. He was sensational, and me, lucky. He gave out MAN, a free man. He was older then, yet never old.

Man. The opposite of the leering Raniere. Poles apart. These good men, good women are everywhere. Raniere is a rotten burned batch of dogmeat cookies. Some bosses have got to close all of his exits. Take down some of his fembots and those boyz who were eating out of his hand(jobs) The hidden lost boyz of Nxivm.

Probably New York does not want to play ball with the Bronfmans, only while absolutely necessary, to keep from looking like a jurisditional salon made up of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Nancy Salzman? So greasy. Watch how much she gets to slide. It is almost irresistible here in metoo, land not to plant a giant scarlet letter on Mack. Her name rhymes with crack rhymes with whack. Poetic justice. Roll the dice. What did Lauren Salzman do, cry her eyeballs off in court. Then run home to Mummy(?) and help her to print new business cards, while she follows eagerly behind the scent of money? No doubt Nancy has her fixes in; her entire life has been like a Jewish Wunderkind western movie. Here are some paper bags for her to blow up

Here we have the word “penitent” as the formative word in “penitentiary.” Who is still not sorry now? Raniere only pities his own soggy ass while awaiting his own personal Federal rat zone, a cockroach crawling landfill designed to distress and to torment. So many behind these walls were corrupted even more stagnating under guard, in cages smelling like sewage after a bad huuricane. Keith would make a fine Mrs. Doubtfire for some good ol’ boys with significant tatoos.

I’d like to see that chubby Vanguard turd sweating, dressed up in a flowery mumu and Crocs, and with a fucking straw hat smack on his head, beribboned with a jaunty sash and bow. But that’s just me, just now. I want to see that pig wear lipstick and a Playtex Living Bra. All in cinemascope. His very own Dante’s Inferno. With all dem bitches. He’d be begging his ass off, “lemme be. Lemme be. Leave me alone.” Hehhehheh.

” ‘Vengeance is Mine’,” sayeth the Lord. Whew, that is a big relief. But hey, Mr. Fantasy, Madame Fantasy. Burned initials to you, Ranjere.

Thus is a toast, a salût! Fried balls and burning bushes, sköal! Bottoms up. Bite me, a nonviolent woman. C’mon. Aikido gonna getya. 24/7 and longer than that. He has time to read Tolstoy now, but Raniere keeps falling down on top of his eyeglasses.

Back to you, Clare. Shirley your maid lets you read here on her cell. That js not fearlessness you’ve got, Clare. It’s just an old case of resurrected numb nuts.

4 years ago

Thanks for yet another fine summary, explanation and analysis of the legal issues – we get to see in these, the sort of real rigor and thoroughness that actual professionals are trained in, compared the hapless amateurism of NXIVM’s supposed “executive” programs and the people involved in them.

It occurs to me, I wonder if one of the reasons for the delay in Raniere’s pre-sentencing report, is that investigations are ongoing into the finances of NXIVM and its principals. I would guess that, at the minimum, the IRS is working out big back tax bills for some of those involved; DHS/ICE might also try to hit some for customs violations related to cross-border cash smuggling. Then we can only hope that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are actually pursuing criminal cases for various illegal activities yet to be prosecuted – which could also yield information affecting determination of the proceeds of NXIVM.

And what about Raniere’s supposed ownership of a third of Clare Bronfman’s private island?

I’ve also wondered if Raniere’s attempt to claim partial ownership of NXIVM, besides just being an act of ego and control-freak meddling, might not be an attempt to find money to pay lawyers, including for upcoming appeals. I don’t know how it works in criminal cases like this, but my experience in other situations is that the lawyers get first dibs on any assets.

And I appreciate the reminder that we have allowed our criminal justice system to become too blindly punitive – particularly for those involved in comparatively minor offenses and, as we now better understand, a not insignificant number who were actually innocent (including some, like John Tighe, who may truly just have been law-abiding citizens in the wrong place at the wrong time).

4 years ago
Reply to  K.R. Claviger

Could the judge prevent the sisters from doing that? I’m curious how it works with sentencing, which includes all of them, when they are in prison and when they get out.

Can the judge for example put a lifetime ban on communcation between them and other NXIVM members? Or require that Clare must present any civil lawsuit to him first so he can review it first? Can he prevent Clare and Sara from other activities after Clare gets done with prison? Same with Nancy and all of them really.

Also, when it comes time for sentencing, will Rainere and Clare and all of them be making another statement, and does the judge have the ability to ask them more questions, like are they actually remorseful? Did they violate any conditions while they’ve been waiting?

Sorry – I just don’t know how these things work

4 years ago
Reply to  K.R. Claviger

But Raniere – and his attorneys – can’t count on the Bronfmans paying his legal bills through years of appeals, if they even are still now.

It’s not uncommon for people who have been loyal to a group or leader, to sour on them or even turn on them – sometimes quite bitterly. If the Bronfmans don’t get out of their culty thinking ways, they may even cult-hop and find a new guru to follow now that the blush is off of Raniere and the remains of NXIVM. It’s a very different thing to be part of a seemingly dynamic group with a certain cachet, as versus trying to cling to the remains of a discredited and disintegrating one.

4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

Clare and Sara have a niece who appears in society pages and on tv. The Bronfmans were too too “famous” long before Raniere climbed out of his trashcan. Only to be the God of abuse, as he skulked around in New York state, unmolested.

The Bronfman niece is a trendsetter, one of those frequently and vaguely described as “a young entrepreneur.” A taker. Rhymes with manure, by chance? The niece is all flashy hotel galas, evening gowns and cocktail attire, dahling. Charities, bawls and all that jazzzzzz.

She is a helluva lot better looking than her step-aunties and even has parents and at least a brother, probably some dogs. Once she made the columns for being nice when wine spilled on her golden satinish dress, and all of Manhattan rushed to clean her up and to tell everyone how exciting it all was.

I have just the NOUVEAU GURU for ClaraSara and so does their niece!!!

I saw the niece photographed with this highly-placed Guru man, who travels a lot, in NYC, 2018. He certainly didn’t call her, so Clare’s niece must have made a beeline for him. He sells what he calls Inner Engineering, and his name is Sadhguru.

So far as I know, Sadhguru still has only one helicopter and only one deceased wife, so Clare would like him, and she could assist him via endowment.

It would get her a better hut and tastier meals. But she still might have to work for nothing but $$Enlightement$$. Sadhzee has one daughter and one “mistress,” but shut mah mouth! Sadhguru could relieve Clarasara of so much more of whatever continues to burden them. More than ever before! Clare could help with litigation and try some money-laundering again, so one hears. Learn a craft.

Though she only has a GED, perhaps she’s multi-lingual. From her years as Legatus. If she likes toilet paper, she had better bring her own stash to the Indian commune.

Poor Clare could get plastic surgery before visiting Sadhguru in south India. He has digs in Tennessee too, if Clare cannot travel internationally straight out of prison. Perhaps Judge Garaufis will be sympathetic and get her the hell out of the United States permanently, like Joe Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

One gets the impression that Clare does not like children at all. Therefore any stopovers for her in France to see her more tranquil and bovine sister will probably have to be brief.

What to do? No asexual is an island, especially if the Feds seize it.

Where to turn? No man in Mexico would want Clare, unless he were dead drunk. Even donkeys have nicer asses. Still, this would be a good place for her to get her face fixed. Mexico is cheap, and no one would recognize her if she wore sunglasses and an huge afro wig, like a proper cult matron/ sister wife.

Scott Laux
Scott Laux
4 years ago

“He has no conscience -and is incapable of redemption” Bong Bong.

A man without empathy and compassion and conscience is a demon. I hope he is given life but even 30-years with the possibility of parole in 20 would leave him dead or a walking corpse unable to harm anyone when his sentence ends. And oh how the Aryan brotherhood will make him pay. Raniere preyed on women’s naivete and gullibility. In prison, he will be with men who will prey on him like he preyed on others. With one exception: they hate pedophiles. Oh, the irony.

4 years ago

Will a certain claimed ‘victim’ who recently wrote a poorly selling book get her conscience back as part of the restitution process?

Assuming she ever had one, that is.

4 years ago

Now you know why Raniere carefully chose not to own anything in his own name.

Many of Raniere’s co-defendants, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman will face similar penalties.

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