Vanguard enlightens Mack?

This was also posted on reddit and refers to Allison Mack.

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Her name is Allison Mack and she is well known to be part of Raniere’s “open relationship” club. A lot of women profess him to have “magical sex powers” and they claim that having sex with “Vanguard” enlightens you. Her co-star Kristen Kreuk is also said to be a member of the club, and the wife of the founder of (who admits to “willingly share” his wife with Ranier). There are also rumored to be many other women who are not famous. Many of them are married and their parents apparently do not mind. Sad.

They claim that it is all consensual. I don’t know how sex with children can ever be consensual. I also don’t know how people like Allison Mack and these other people can be so ignorant or complicit to be a part of something like this. It really is disgusting.


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  • Please. Kristen Kreuk wouldn’t go near this guy’s penis with a ten foot pole. Allison may have slept with this fool since she used to publicly fawn over the guy on her blog and bought a townhouse near him and actually lived in it.

    One of those reddit links was posted on a Hollywood rumor/entertainment blog called Crazy Days And Nights. I believe that site’s maintainer got that threesome story from the now defunct blog Saratoga In Decline.

    It’s never surprising that it’s these cult leaders who profess to be rational up front and then behind the scenes talk about being evolved super gifted spiritual beings that have (surprise, surprise) magical sex powers and are always sleeping with the women. They talk out of two sides of their insincere, lying mouths.



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