Mexico and Canada running neck and neck for second place for frankreport visits

It’s close.

While the US always has most of the visitors to the frankreport, Canada and Mexico are vying for second place and are within a percentage point of each other most of the time.

Sometimes Mexico has more visitors, sometimes Canada.

But it always seems to be close.

Today the stats read: Canada 1249 and Mexico 1248.

The US has 10,086.

Other countries come in distantly.Netherlands had 68, UK 50. Fiji had only 33.

A raft of other countries have visitors who stopped by now and then.

Presently it is the USA followed by either Canada or Mexico.

Granted, the frankreport is a minuscule site  – with minuscule visitation. A small fish in a big pond. Yet the daily visits to the site keep growing.

I have been told there are a number of followers who are reading not because they have any personal interest in NXIVM, or its founder Keith Raniere, they just find the decadence and fraud intriguing. And wonder how it will end up.

Who knows?

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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.

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