Heidi on Toni Natalie, Her Sister Gina and Keith Raniere

Gina Hutchinson was found shot to death in Woodstock NY. Was it suicide?
Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Keith Alan Raniere with Toni Natalie. How close were they?

Some say Toni Natalie is the original seductive, spiteful vixen who created the monster, Keith Raniere, and feasted on his prey.

Or was Toni Natalie the original “Patient Zero” — an innocent victim who fell prey to Vanguard’s evil ways — the first to come under Keith Raniere & Nancy’s Salzman’s sex slave spell?

To ease Joe O’Hara’s mind and be as fair as possible, Toni Natalie has rarely said anything negative to me about Joe and more often lavished praise and sympathy on him.

However, Toni does insist on always being “the conduit,” and while this is sometimes helpful in terms of connecting with others, she often does cast undue aspersions and suspicion on those whose narrative differs from or maybe overshadows hers.

Still, I’m a bit surprised by her comments regarding my late sister Gina and me.

I’ve never exaggerated either of our “roles” in NXIVM and only ever sought to share as much information as possible from Gina’s and my recollections — some of which are recorded in Gina’s journals — in hopes that others can and will expound on that to help me investigate Gina’s death.

Frank is working on this investigation now.

Gina Hutchinson: how did she die? Was Keith Raniere directly responsible?

Keith Wanted My Sister Suicided

Keith Raniere employed a process of changing or structuring members’ belief system starting at as early an age as possible. This is what cults do and what NXIVM did with the best (er, worst) of them.

It is what makes Rainbow Cultural Garden extremely dangerous to the health of these innocent, young minds and to society at large.

This fascinating video gives Keith Raniere’s teachings to his followers on the relativity of the age of consent.

Raniere and NXIVM’s attempts to manipulate the beliefs of its members about lowering the age of consent for statutory rape is just one example of the poisonous, destructive beliefs it continues to spread.

I hope Rhiannon, Camila, Gina Melita, and other statutory rape victims come forward for their day in court to help dispel any false belief that this is a victimless crime.

I am 110 percent certain my sister Gina Hutchinson would be alive today had she never met Raniere or if she fled sooner from her rapist and his purview.

I believe his primary motive for wanting her “suicided” as “The Rat” revealed was her potential to expose him and the deleterious effects of his crime on her psyche, made worse by ongoing exposure to KAR and his “ESP” (later NXIVM) tech teachings regarding statutory rape and suicide.

But to be clear, once again: I was never in NXIVM –  though recruitment attempts were made on me and I DID come up with the company’s slogan: “She who has the most joy wins”, that Keith & Nancy perverted.

I never slept with Keith Raniere, though he made attempts — and we’re talking decades ago.

Where Toni Natalie is concerned, it hurts that she would falsely claim I am exaggerating my role in NXIVM when I honestly never have done that.

In fact, there are those who ARE exaggerating their roles in the takedown and Toni may be one such person. Whether or not she is exaggerating or falsifying her role, her attack on me is doing harm to my son and me.

Thanks, Tones. I appreciate it.

Oh, and by the way, I’ll never tell anyone about that equipment lease kiting scam Keith came up with for both CBI/ESP and you and your brother’s Mr. Shoes Pizza business, or how far you maybe went along with it (?) no matter how much they torture me.



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  • I don’t understand the point of going after Toni in this. I’m not sure if she’s good or bad. But she’s a side player. She didn’t recruit hundreds into NXIVM. She may have been complicit in some early scams – or not, I’m guessing not. I think there are a lot of players in this who recruited a lot more people into NXIVM who knew a lot more than Toni who are walking away completely free in this that would be more worthy writing about. Toni is deep in the past. Maybe she takes too much credit – maybe she doesn’t – but not worth the words on this site. Like everyone here, she probably has some personality issues.

    I still don’t understand why there are no articles written about NXIVM’s top recruiters. They made the company what it is. Michel Chernitzky, and others.

  • I just watched the video. What a conniving scumbag.

    He talks like he’s an authority, when he knows jack shit. But he thinks he’s an authority, when, in fact, he’s at a minimum a statutory rapist.

    Paving the way for more victims.

    Maybe you should have taken the stand to explain this video, Vanguard.

    And there’s a group of fellow assholes somewhere–maybe in jail soon– nodding their heads in agreement with the loser.

    How can anyone be so stupid?

    Decipher this guy, and he’s complete nonsense.

    My opinion, of course.

  • Frank, I’m gonna be EXTRA respectful here and keep things fair.

    So please don’t delete my comments without a good reason.



    While a part of me wants to believe that you’re being taken advantage of by your ex-spouse, the problem is that you keep providing way too much vague information about the situation that you find yourself in.

    You have every right to privacy for your personal life, however, you still voluntarily chose to divulge the following on a public blog:

    1) You’ve had custody rights taken away from you for your adult son.

    2) You’ve been given a court order to stay away from your son and the person managing his finances (I’m guessing there’s a Trust which pays for his finances and you’ve been ordered to stay away from the person managing this Trust).

    3) You’ve claimed that the court order was unjustified and is part of an ongoing campaign to smear you with unjustified accusations about something you have YET to mention (i.e., you’ve given your ex-spouse’s name but you haven’t said WHAT he’s done to convince the court to remove your custody rights).

    4) You’ve claimed that a particular foundation for assisting disabled youth is somehow nefarious in its actions, without providing any DETAILS about how they are misappropriating funds or injuring you or your son (i.e., I find it hard to believe that the court overseeing your son’s care is allowing a foundation to violate his legal rights).

    5) You’ve purposely given us just enough vague information to conclude that there’s MUCH MORE to this case than meets the eye.

    I just don’t believe that a COURT and a JUDGE is allowing your ex-spouse to violate your son’s legal rights.

    If you wanna keep the details private then so be it, but you’re not helping your case by giving us pieces of vague info that are one-sided in nature. You’re only causing more people to wonder what you’re not telling us.

  • So. Heidi. Are you saying that KU was some hapless/dedicated groupie who hooked up with Pam and Keith? Bc K and Pam were sort of above it all, the Steely Dan “Bodhisattva” types [llook out] while Gina was for real?

    • Not exactly. Karen roomed with Keith Raniere off campus at RPI in Troy after they graduated about the time Gina met Keith. I thought KU had a romantic interest in Keith but he ALWAYS insisted it was not reciprocated — that he and Karen were just biz partners. Then they bought the townhouse in Half Moon together were Keith “mentored” Gina and the early groupies. Pam came on board later. 1990 ish. They picked her up on a ski trip. I’ve written rather extensively about it here on FR. They were all kinda “misfits” but Gina H was the spiritual intellect, the bodhisattva, the one Keith “recognized” first as a reincarnate goddess. Kristin Keeffe was also some kind of goddess like “Juno” — goddess of justice and she and Gina H were life-long (as it turned out for Gina) spiritual seekers.

  • Heidi,
    I didnt understand the part about Mr Shoes pizza business. Something I missed or a cryptic reference meant specifically for someone?

    Also, are you able to explain how Toni is causing harm to you and your son?

    • I prol shouldn’t have mentioned “Mr. Shoes” — the Pizza Parlor owned and run by Toni’s deceased brother that Keith criminally meddled in — and I feel badly about it now. I really don’t think Toni fully understood Keith’s equipment lease scam or how she was being used as a signatory at the time. I believe for Toni it was an act of good faith that Keith deliberately made into a criminal act being perpetrated under Toni’s name — Keith may have even had the equipment moved (stolen) to frame and blame Toni, to be fair to her. That’s, after all, his MO over and over again with all his female partners. If so, I apologize to Toni and welcome her apology for her false accusations regarding me.

      I’m under a lot of stress over those who are deliberately exaggerating my alleged on-going role in NXIVM, nay not just NX but DOS, for their own benefit and to the detriment, especially, of my disabled son. For Toni, anyone, to falsely claim that I am propogating this myth myself or am prone to the same type criminality DOS members are accused of is very hurtful and harmful, however ludicrous.

      It started with NX’s plan to set up scapegoats — frame its “enemies and blame our alleged “criminal minds” on NX’s own criminal activities — and now there are some who find this situation
      convenient for their own purposes.

      They are taking full advantage and doing real harm to my son including misappropriating his property (in the case of the Aurealia Foundation — a govt. funded disabled YA program) and avoiding their support obligation to him (in the case of his father, Jeff Apple, and stepmother, Kym Karath, who both also founded and sit on the Aurealia board of directors). These govt. subcontractor orgs for the disabled can be very profitable.

      Nothing like an alleged, sadistic sex cult affiliation and suicided sister to discredit someone when, like me, they’re standing in the way of one’s fortunes being made from other’s misfortunes.

      • HH, the “guilt by association”, however history re-written and twisted, is a thing. You are living it. I get so damn mad when I hear anyone shame you.

        When I saw the vid of you talking about your sister, Gina in the TU and the whole quasi-intellectual, mind fuk with loser, dork-hair, late 70s/80s, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, SPAC, RPI Keith., I got it. Keith went to SPAC, were all into The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, but was never cool enough to dj on WRPI. He prob idolized the dj ppl on WRPI. As you know, it was not the way it is now for college guys to hit on intelligent, young girls. The RPI guys did that.

        Why isn’t Nancy, with her tech, reaching out to you?

        I feel like a dork saying this, but I really hope you can get back to your son, driving him, taking care of him, again. Do everything to keep your shit together.

        • Thanks, Anon. WRPI — now, that’s a trip down memory lane! Used to hang with those guys and a certain aeronautical engineer Cypriot grad student whose Dad owned the RPI Cessna fleet. Lots of flights to Ithaca smuggling Troy basement-brew up to Cornell! …Do I know you?

          Too bad Keith wasn’t a more normal RPI grad scamming on 20-something locals instead of little kid sisters. Sad to think Gina maybe just wanted to have an RPI boyfriend like I did at one point. Sigh. But those were good times when WRPI and Saturday Night Live ruled!

      • Thanks for clarifying, Heidi. I had no idea that there was a chain of pizza parlors called Mr. Shoes. They don’t seem to exist in Canada.

        As for Toni spreading rumours about your involvement in NXIVM, isn’t that ironic given that apparentlyToni has been making threats about suing people for libel?

  • February 21, 2016 article you wrote
    “He who has the most joy wins,”
    He perhaps had a lot of joy with a woman who could be said to be his first harem member, Gina Hutchinson.
    He [statutory] raped Gina when she was around 15, according to her sister, Heidi.
    Gina committed suicide. But that was much later.
    She stayed within Raniere’s circle of influence up until she died.
    Sometimes she tried to break away; sometimes the wing women of Raniere would bring her back into the fold.

    Guest view 10-28-17
    “Toni Natalie was the first defector. She was the pioneer for all who defected. And try to keep in mind she was totally alone. One woman against the monster Raniere with the gruesome Bronfman millions all flung against her. One woman alone.”

    into the fold.

  • It’s pretty clear that Toni based her make-believe story about her brother’s suicide on the very real story of your sister’s suicide. It’s just another example of how Toni has tried to make herself more of a victim than she really was. Pretty pathetic….

  • Heidi,

    After reading Mark Vincete’s testimony regarding Keith Raniere’s admission that Keith was attempting to “break” Allison Mack, I knew that Keith drove your sister to suicide. All doubt left my mind. Keith Raniere is a murder in my opinion. I know I have made this same statement before but I think it should be repeated.

    I will be completely honest; initially, when I first started following the Frankreport, I was skeptical of the claim that Gina was completely driven suicide by Keith Raniere. I had thought that Gina may have very well had a predisposition.

    Keith Raniere tried to break Daniella by placing her in solitary confinement for over a year with no human contact during what time Daniella was mentally abused.

    Keith Raniere enjoyed and was completely enthralled in the mental suffering of others time and time again. Keith Raniere made a hobby out of psychological torture.

    Gina is Keith’s first true victim.

    Heidi, I hope the Rat or someone does eventually come forward. However, you already know the truth. Gina was murdered.

    I understand why you want and need more closure. I lost someone I loved under ambiguous circumstances many years ago. I think that is why I was first drawn to the Frankreport. I can relate to all of you that had suffered loss and injustice.

    There was no justice in my story.

    Keith Raniere is going to prison for life!

    Keith Raniere will never be able to hurt another innocent girl or woman ever again. You have been alive long enough to know seldom do powerful evil men face justice.

    No one will ever lose their wife, mother, daughter, or sister to the monster
    Keith Rainier again.
    I hope that fact gives you some measure of solace.

    • Thank you, niceguy. Always amazed at your intuitions and so sorry to hear you come by them honestly. IDK if I’ll ever see any justice for Gina per se, either, but as you say at least her rapist and tormentors, possibly suiciders will not go unpunished. It is satisfying that Keith Raniere, at least, is no longer free (and I pray will never more be) to destroy lives and prey on virgins. It’s the residual influence on his powerful and influential followers still at large, in addition to resolving the truth about the cult’s involvement in my sister’s mind-conditioning, usary and ultimate death that concerns me. Along with the inordinately high number of similar deaths, mind-conditioning casualties, mental breakdowns, food poisoning’s, etc. — especially given that these criminal pursuits are still being undertaken in ESP/NXIVM and RBG cells in Mexico and other Nations.

  • So sorry for your loss of your beloved sister. I can’t imagine how hard that must be to live with. I believe 100% of what you’ve written here.

    I find that video of Raniere absolutely disgusting; not only because of his teaching that pedophilia is perfectly reasonable and should be legal but also because of the obvious hatred and contempt he displays towards people who disagree with him about it (which is almost everyone else on the planet). And although it’s trivial, his filthy hair disgusts me too.

    I would like to know who it was that sat there nodding in agreement as he spouted this poisonous ‘teaching.’

    If their identities are known, they should be made public.

    • “I would like to know who it was that sat there nodding in agreement as he spouted this poisonous ‘teaching.’

      If their identities are known, they should be made public.”

      Nancy Salzman was always at his side in picture after picture, clapping and weird smiling like a clown. She and Lauren taught the crap, but yes, creepy, mean-spirited Nan. Nancy is recorded with the pedo crap. Shoeless KU, sitting all back, so boho. Pam and “the other cast-off dead one.”

  • Heidi bless your heart. I had no idea your beautiful sister died so horribly. Toni if your reading this you should be ashamed of yourself and just apologize. Money will never fill that dark void you posess. Your mommy and daddy should have cut you off financialy at 18. Not even the money from your schemes were enough either. Hogs don’t eat teeth but you’re far from the norm.

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