Goodbye, Mr. Raniere: Camila’s Sworn Statement – the 22 Child Photos Are of Her and Were Taken in 2005!

Camila by MK10ART.

Camila’s sworn declaration is Exhibit A in the Government’s response to Keith Raniere’s Rule 33 motion for a new trial.

A for adios.

At his trial, an FBI agent identified 22 nude photos Raniere allegedly took of Camila when she was 15. The jury was sold. So was Raniere’s attorney, who all but admitted Raniere took the photos of Camila when she was 15.

Since his conviction on June 19, 2019, Raniere’s ever-dwindling group of followers has argued the Government framed him.

They said Camila didn’t appear at trial, which was suspicious. They claimed the Government did not want her at the trial, for she could prove Raniere was innocent.

She could tell them the 22 photos used to prove child pornography and sexual exploitation predicate acts of racketeering were bogus.

The dates had been changed to frame an innocent Vanguard.

Two years later, on October 27, 2021, at Raniere’s sentencing, Camila made her first public statement

Camila said Raniere abused her for over 12 years, starting when she was 13.

She said; “He first had sex with me on September 18, 2005… That first time, which was my first time, I was 15. He was 45.”

Raniere’s followers said this was hogwash. The Government did not charge Raniere with statutory rape.

But the Government did charge him with possession and production of child pornography. For those charges, only the pedigree of the photos mattered, not whether it was right or wrong for a 45-year-old leader, the Vanguard of a life coaching group, whose mission was to make a more noble civilization, to groom, bed, and take nude photographs of a 15-year-old girl whose entire family had relocated from Mexico to follow him.

But wait… Camila said in her victim impact statement at Raniere’s sentencing that he took naked photos of her when she was 15.

“He would often take me to his executive library where he would ask me to take my clothes off before coming up the stairs to the loft as he watched. During these secret meetings when I was still 15, he took naked pictures — naked pictures of me.”

Raniere’s followers rebutted. She was not under oath. She did not have to tell the truth. She did it for the money – the half million in restitution she would get.

And besides, she didn’t identify the 22 photos actually used at trial, which they knew the FBI tampered with.

In fact, by not specifically saying those 22 photos were of her taken by Raniere when she was 15, this was the best proof they ever had that the Government was framing their leader. 

“The way I see it is that all evidence points to his innocence,” says a faithful, clear thinking follower…

Raniere and his followers grew fervent as they alleged the Government fabricated the photos, changed the metadata to make it appear the photos were taken in 2005, and then planted them on his hard drive to frame him.

His followers said the Government did this because they knew they would lose the case if they did not do something drastic to frame the world’s smartest man.

And his followers paid attorneys to write it and arranged to file his Rule 33 motion for a new trial in May 2022.

Camila came to Brooklyn from Mexico and declared, under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the United States, that the 22 photos are real and that Raniere took them in 2005 when she was 15.

What will the followers say to that?

Maybe it will be: “You’re all washed up, Keith. You’re sunk, and you’re going to spend the rest of your life in prison, and you know it.”

Well, before we ask them to comment, let us read for the first time, Camila’s full sworn statement made on June 6, 2022, and revealed publicly just days ago.


By Camila

I am a citizen and resident of Mexico. 

I was identified as Jane Doe 2 in the Second Superseding Indictment in the… criminal proceeding, referred to as “Camila” during the trial of defendant Keith Raniere, and was the victim of three predicate racketeering acts for which Raniere was convicted:

  • two acts of sexual exploitation of a child, in violation of I 8 U.S.C. § 2251 (a),
  • and one act of possession of child pornography, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2252(a).

As I stated in my victim statement provided in connection with Raniere’s sentencing, Keith Raniere took sexually explicit photographs of me in 2005, when I was fifteen years old.

I was contacted by an F.B.I. agent in March 2019, who wanted to meet with me to interview me. He also told me that an F.B.I. victim specialist was with him, and she was also available to meet with me.

I wanted to meet with the F.B.I., but I was unsure how to handle it, so I called someone for advice. I was put in touch with Raniere’s counsel who told me it would be a good idea for me to have my own attorney, and that she could make recommendations and ensure that the attorney would not charge me.

I retained an attorney recommended by Raniere’s counsel and told that attorney that I wanted to meet with the F.B.I. investigator and the F.B.I. victim specialist.

My attorney, however, strongly advised me not to meet with either of them, so I did not meet with them.

During the next several months leading up to Raniere’s criminal trial, I told my lawyer several times that I wished to speak with the F.B.I., and each time she would discourage me from doing so.

As I confirmed later, my lawyer was regularly communicating with Raniere’s counsel about me. I firmly believe that my lawyer at the time, in coordination with Raniere’s counsel, intentionally prevented me from having an opportunity to be a witness and have a voice in Raniere’s criminal trial.

I understand that Raniere is now challenging the photographic evidence against him that supported the child exploitation and pornography charges. 

I voluntarily chose to travel to the U.S. to meet with a prosecutor and an F.B.I. agent in this case because I wanted an opportunity to review the Government’s exhibits so that I could determine for myself whether those exhibits were in fact the sexually explicit photographs Raniere took of me when I was fifteen.

On June 6, 2022, I met at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York with Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Hajjar and F.B.I. Special Agent Delise Jeffrey.

Also present were my attorney, Neil L. Glazer, and F.B.I. Victim Specialist Laura Riso.

During the meeting, I was presented with a binder containing photographs that were marked G.X. 518-A through G.X. 518-U.

After reviewing the exhibits, I can state with certainty that I am the subject in each photograph, which were taken in 2005 by Keith Raniere, in the loft at Raniere’s so-called “Executive Library,” which was located at 8 Hale Drive in Clifton Park, New York.

Keith Raniere around the time he offered to mentor 13 year old Camila….

On September 18, 2005, Raniere first had sexual intercourse with me. I know the date of that event because he told me that it would be our “anniversary,” which he required me to observe every year.

After September 18, 2005, Raniere would regularly instruct me to go to 8 Hale Drive, or sometimes to other homes where the residents were away, remove my clothes and wait for him. Sometimes I had to wait hours for him to arrive. When he arrived, he would have sex with me.

During one of those meetings, no more than 2-3 months after September 18, 2005, I was on the bed in the loft with him at 8 Hale Drive and I was naked. I vividly recall him reaching over a ledge next to the bed and grabbing a camera. He then proceeded to position my body and photograph me. I was shocked and confused, and expressed my discomfort, but he did it anyways. It was an unforgettably humiliating and degrading experience.

The loft bed at 8 Hale where Raniere took many photos…

Each exhibit, G.X. 518-A to G.X. 518-U, is a photograph of me. I recognize my body, and I recall one of the poses he placed me in and where he was with the camera in relation to my body.

I recognize the surroundings, and I remember the feelings of shame and confusion, not understanding why he was doing that to me.

I am certain the photographs were taken in 2005 because it was the only time he took photographs of me like that.


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  • Hector.
    With the greatest respect.
    If you ever read this.
    From a parent, to you, a parent.
    Sometimes wolves pretend to be friendly, clever, tame dogs, and they get to our sheep.
    This has happened in your family.
    It happened in mine.
    I thought I knew everything and saw everything at all times. I got it wrong. I’m still processing it.
    It has happened in your family.
    Don’t let personal pride blind you. Because that’s what the clever dog is relying on.

    • Allison “Pimp” Mack as Quinn Morgandorffer:


      1. DUMB as a box of rocks
      2. Obsessed with appearance
      3. Shallow
      4. Materialistic
      5. IQ of a gnat (that may be repetitive to 1.)


      1. Quinn did not have a child rapists initials branded on her
      2. Quinn did not belong to a sex/slaver cult
      3. Quinn was not a sex trafficker
      4. Quinn was more real than Pimp Mack

  • Raniere’s followers just can’t stop whining from their long drawn ride on the victim train ride

    The jury had no problem finding Raniere guilty based on the evidence presented at the trial

    Nor has the majority of public

    It’s only a handful of Raniere’s followers who haven’t taken the time to read the court transcripts that believe in their Lord & Master’s innocence.

    Now that Camila has been able to tell her truth, Raniere and his followers can’t stand that the final nail in any hope for them to free their Master is gone.

    Yet, we now wait until Raniere’s legal team (whoever that will be) responds & for Judge Garaufis to make his final decision on this matter.

    We the people of REALITY knew those photos were taken by Raniere. It’s in his nature. He has been doing it for decades.

    We also knew he couldn’t wait to have sex with her until she was of legal age. He’s done it before in his CBI days and got away with it.

    So why not Camila? He had an entire company protecting his sickness.

    Boohoo, his attorney didn’t get to question Camila. Raniere had his chance. He could of order her to come to his trial and Camila’s attorney would have made that happen.

    Not Raniere, he thought he’d win his trial. His ego got in the way, the way it has so many times before.

  • This is amazing! I wonder what the Dead Enders will make up now? I think some are still going to fight the truth.

    • What is sad is that Cami was brainwashed as well. Keith started grooming her at 13. He began raping her at 15. By the time was old enough to legally consent to sex, she was brainwashed.

      She ended up a first line slave. It is my understanding she was an enabler and predator for Keith during her time in DOS.

      Her own parents sex-trafficked her and her two sisters to Keith.

      Cami’s father, Hector, is still a die hard Dead-Ender. He wrote a letter to Keith’s sentencing judge, begging for leniency. He believes since Keith recommended Hector prepare for a marathon by practicing running, Keith should be spared prison and his case dismissed by the court. Hector was very upset that his eldest daughter, Dani, told some lies when she was 16 years old. He cited this a another reason Keith’s case be dismissed.

      • “since Keith recommended Hector prepare for a marathon by practicing running, Keith should be spared prison…”


        Some modern standards have gotten critically low for professed-to-be genius problem solvers and ethical leaders.

      • Can any of us truly imagine if our parents pretty much handed us over to a predator, lock, stock and barrel? Let alone 4 kids? I mean all 3 girls were sexually abused as well as mentally and all. And then the brother maybe not sexually, but used as well for whatever they wanted. Hector in my opinion should be charged with something as well. At the very least being complicit to abuse. He’s disgusting IMHO. 🫣 The mama was a very attractive woman. Does anyone think she was playing hide the salami with the Vanguard? Hmmm. Probably. IMHO. In this case, I believe there are many people who are complicit in this whole affair. If they were to dig in, probably most would be charged with something. Do ya’ll think that this new statement from Cami is gonna change the dead enders view? They ready to admit that calling everyone who stopped thinking Queef could change the weather was wrong? Will Michelle finally stop smiling that dead enders smile? How ’bout the boys? I think they will just twist Cami’s stories around to fit their narrative. She’s just playing the victim…blah, blah, blah. Even though it’s perfectly fine when they play the victim. I hope that I am wrong.

        • Hector deprived his children of a fruitful, robust education. Dani had a fellowship lined up at a wonderful Swiss school. She could have spent a couple years studying in Europe. It would have been the most incredible experience for a young, blossoming girl finding her voice in life.


          Hector trafficked Dani to Albany to enroll in ESP courses. She was groomed, sexually abused and locked in a room for two years. Keith Raniere destroyed her life, with the help of her own father…

  • Camila made a sworn declaration now, but so what?

    Does Raniere or his attorney get a chance to cross-examine her? No. The time for her testimony was during the trail.

    Can’t believe you are falling for this Frank. You, of all people, know how the FBI’s dirty tricks operate.

    • The defense could’ve called her to the stand when the evidence was presented. Nothing prevented them. They (specifically Raniere) obviously didn’t want to, that’s why the Raniere-provided attorney to her kept giving insincere advice to her not have any discussion with the FBI. So, your whining about this is irrelevant. She signed a legal document under oath testifying to the authenticity of those pictures. End of story.

      • You could’ve kept your trap shut with your tired old anti-constitutional talking points.

        Its obvious you get paid to post here, Special Agent Anonymous.

        • Stop crying. Nothing I said is against the system as it now exists nor the Constitution. The game is over for your pudgy, statutory rapist, fraud.

    • If you would read everything through rather than just the headlines, you’d know they wanted her to testify, asked her to testify, but Raniere”s attorneys told her NOT TO. If she could have proven it wasn’t her, his team would have put her on the stand. But they knew she would admit it was her because she would have been under oath. If they wanted to cross examine her, they could have done so at the trial if they had advised her to testify. Instead, they told her to shut her mouth and ignore prosecution subpoenas and requests.

    • None of what you say matters followers.
      Raniere has already been found guilty.
      It’s only because of his crazy half bake rule33 idea that Camila had to come forward when she did.

      If you read anything, Raniere’s attorney’s already had their own expert before trial and said he’d be ready yo go.

      Raniere didn’t want to postpone his trial. In his mind he thought he was going to win.

      He always thought he’d get away with all his criminal actions. His luck ran out didn’t it.

      Now he gets to pay for his crimes

  • Give me 10 minutes in a locked room with Camila’s father. Seriously. He’ll be sorry he took ever to the side of that pedophile over his daughter.

  • “A for Adios” put a big smile on my face.

    I read the complete response from the government. I think they did a good job. I do think the FBI didn’t follow protocol regarding handling of all of the digital material, something that is brushed away a bit too easily here, but there was no deliberate tampering of evidence, as claimed by Raniere.

    At the end of the day, facts matter. And there is overwhelming evidence Raniere abused Camilla as a minor and took these photos of her in 2005.

    Frank: I would like to read exhibit C (government’s reply to the findings of Kiper’s report), so if you could post it that would be appreciated. It would only be fair to hear the full government’s story, because you sure gave this tampering concoction plenty of attention on the FR.

      • Thanks AS for the link! It’s all very technical and I find it difficult to interpret, because I’m no computer expert. Same for the Kiper report. Who is right? What is the truth? I can’t say and Garaufis sure doesn’t know either. He will probably accept the government’s expert explanation.

        Frank rightfully said (in an older post) that both things can be true: Keith taking pictures in 2005 of an underage Camilla (definitely true) and the FBI manipulating digital evidence in an effort to make their case stronger.

        But at the end of the day it is a fact that Keith took the pictures at the date the government said at his trail that he took them.

  • As someone else commented, what about her parents? Shouldn’t they be charged as well? They knew what was happening. And so did Lauren. Doesn’t anyone else have accountability of what happened besides KR? Everyone has a mind. You can be manipulated to a point, but your decisions have to be accountable.It seems like the only one who has to pay the price is KR, and very few other.

  • The whole thing hinged on a few things going Raniere’s way.

    One, Camilla somehow would be unreachable or wouldn’t testify or whatever.
    Two, Raniere’s team not taking the time to investigate the evidence even when given an opportunity to delay the trial to do so, would somehow be judged as “new” evidence.

    Pretty clear at this point that neither went his way and he is hosed.

  • The government played games in the trial against Raniere. They would have be able to convict him but not on charges which incarcerate for 120 years. FBI protocols were NOT followed. What’s the purpose of having protocols if no one has to follow them and no one is ever held accountable?

    There was clearly a break in the chain of evidence– the whereabouts were unknown for several days, but no one cares. Because they wanted Raniere no matter what.

    Camilla was abused by Raniere and exploited by her own family. Her parents knew exactly what Raniere was doing with all three of their daughters. Where is their accountability in all of this?

    Such a sad situation for Camilla. That young woman was tortured by SO MANY. Raniere isn’t the only one to do serious harm to her. I hope she finds good people to love and protect her.

  • It certainly appears Raniere was quite the pedophile and has proven it with the help of his trusty Cannon camera. I think the real mystery here is: How did he score 2 million points on a single Pac-Man in the early 80’s? If we could only locate a witness and some photographic (or video) evidence of the feat, we might really have something here. Maybe it could be what the defense needs to make the judge reconsider everything. This could be big!

    • In the early 80s, he was supposedly getting 3 degrees. Was it in arcade games? Where does a full time student get the time to practice Pac-Man so much to get a million or two points? He is obviously a child who never grew up.

    • Hahaha – I can’t verify the 2-million score; I wouldn’t have been interested enough to memorize that as an accomplishment of his. But he did play the Pac Man machine in the pizzeria across the street from our apartment for hours at a time. And yes, he was proficient enough that he could spend hours with just one quarter. He came home really angry one time because the pizzeria owner got annoyed and unplugged the machine on him – can’t make any money off a video game if one person is tying up the machine for hours on just one quarter and not purchasing any pizza (the actual purpose of the establishment).

      I believe his main Vanguard playing days were a couple of years later at either the now defunct Copper Mug or the Knotty Pine Tavern (also now defunct) in Troy, NY – again, spending hours at a time there. I went in there once to find him surrounded by a gaggle of adoring young women who clearly had no idea that I was his live-in girlfriend. Didn’t matter much to me since I had already planned on leaving, but it confirmed suspicions about him which he always denied vociferously and tried to cast back on my shoulders. Good times; glad they’re long gone.

      • Thanks for sharing your first hand experience with Keith. I suspect you don’t regret breaking up with him, especially now you that know what awful things he has done….

  • Cami’s attorney should be disbarred and prosecuted. Bitch should be pushing carts back at the nearest Wal-Mart.

  • Raniere has completely run out of options. Completely. So much for being the worlds smartest man and problem solver. I suppose Keith will just have to settle with suing the BOP for the next 100 years to get the special treatment he believes he deserves.

  • I knew you had this yesterday, Frank, when you noted that the “child porn” photos had a “created date” of 2003, one year before Canon manufactured the camera that took the photos.

    Exceptional work.

    Whatever else this man is, and by all indications, he is a monster, he cannot and should not be condemned on fraudulent, manufactured “evidence.”

    Systemic, collaborative malfeasance is simply rampant through the DOJ, with its innumerable tentacles.

    Bravo, Frank. The truth always comes out if one uses the disinfectant of light, to paraphrase you.

    • I’m confused, Cami said , He used the Canon Camera in 2005 .she was 15. Daniela says she was 16 and the pictures said 2003 before the camera was even made?
      Am I getting this right?

    • ??? Where is this coming from??? This is Camilla’s sworn statement that the photos ARE her, and were taken in late 2005. WTF are you talking about, creation date 2003… Where in this article do you see that stated? Or is your mind totally making stuff up?

      • Among the anomalies is that the child porn and other files have a “created” date of 2003 – one year before Canon manufactured the camera that took the photos.

        She said they showed her a binder of photos but his conviction was based on computer files by the FBI that also had a definite Break in chain of title.
        While we need to prosecute, we also need to hold accountable the FBI’s fabrication. The government can not and should not be allowed to supply False evidence.

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