The Kids Are Alright: Judge Refuses to Arrest Teens or Mom; Ambrose Denied in Family Court

Chris Ambrose fought for the arrest of the mother of his children but failed so far....

MADISON CT — Today brought good news to Mia (16), Mathew (16), and Sawyer (13).

A reprieve at least.

These three teenagers, who have been through torment for three years, now live with their mother, Karen Riordan – after running away from their father, Chris Ambrose, in the last few months.

Today, Ambrose took the mother to Family Court, seeking her arrest for allowing the runaway children to stay with her.

Judge Eddie Rodriguez denied Ambrose’s motion to force his daughter Mia to stay 100 yards away from her mother.

Then Judge Rodriguez recused himself from the case, calling a mistrial on all of Ambrose’s half dozen other motions, all seeking the arrest of his former wife.

Ambrose also sought the arrest of his teenage children, seeking the court to order Madison police to break down the doors of Riordan’s house, enter the house, armed and prepared to subdue the teens, handcuff and shackle them, and force them to return to his home.

Ambrose also sought an order to stop the teens and Riordan from speaking to the Frank Report.

Judge Rodriguez added he would no longer be involved in the case.

Frank Report had a correspondent on the scene, ready to live stream the arrest of the children if necessary.

The case was transferred to Judge Gladys Idelis Nieves in the same courthouse in Bridgeport.

Ambrose’s attorney, Chris Goulden, consulting with his client, told the judge they only had one motion they urgently needed – the immediate arrest of Riordan.

They were willing to drop the other motions if they could just have Riordan trundled off in cuffs on the spot.

Judge Nieves said she would hear his motion to arrest the mother but she was not going to force the teenagers to go to Ambrose.

The judge then told Goulden one of his motions did not make sense.

Ambrose wanted the court to declare he had custody of the children.

“He already has custody of the children. He is asking for something he already has,” the judge said.

Attorney Goulden told the judge that Ambrose, not he, filed the motion.

The judge said, “I know, but you are representing him.”

“We are willing to withdraw all the motions if the court schedules an emergency motion to arrest Riordan,” said Goulden.

When Goulden said this, Ambrose turned around in his chair and glared at Riordan.

“We want her incarcerated,” Ambrose said.

Ambrose is seeking Riordan’s arrest for not tossing her children out of her house and, therefore, violating Judge Gerard Adelman’s orders that she must never see her children.

Judge Nieves told Riordan she should get an attorney or, if she could not afford one, the court would assign her an attorney.

Goulden pressed for a date to argue for Riordan’s arrest.

The judge refused to schedule it on the spot.

When he got the news, Matthew told Frank Report, “We are relieved.”

Mia said she was thankful to Judge Rodriguez for not forcing her to stay 100 yards away from her mother.

Sawyer said, “I’ll be able to sleep peacefully tonight,” then added, “Does this mean Chris will stop sending the police to the house?”

While pressing for Riordan’s arrest, Goulden sought to evoke sympathy for the forlorn father.

“He has not seen his children for three months, and we are running out of options,” the attorney said.

He failed to mention that the children did not want to see him and that thanks to Ambrose, they had not seen their mother for three years – until they ran away.

“Out of the court’s power,” the judge said

The judge also said she would not hear their motion to arrest Riordan for allegedly speaking to Frank Report.

“This court is not going to hear that.”

The only motion Goulden demanded was  Riordan’s arrest for allowing the teens to live at her house.

“We will set a date; you have a right to a hearing date, and it will be set.”

An eager Goulden said, “Should we go to case flow and schedule it as soon as possible?”

“No, we will get back to you.”

Neither Ambrose nor Goulden alleged the teens wanted to return to their father.

As they said some five or six times, they only sought Riordan’s arrest.

When it became apparent the judge was not going to arrest the mother, Ambrose tried to speak to the judge.

Goulden had to tell Ambrose to stop talking to the judge.

At some point, the court will schedule a hearing on Ambrose’s motion to jail the mother of his children for taking them in when they ran away from his alleged sexual and psychological abuse.

The teenagers have come home, and Frank Report is going to do everything in its power to see it that they stay there.

Stay tuned.


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    • Did the Day Pitney attorney preside over the last hearing to declare more money will be taken from the family to pay for Mr. Goulden’s “time and expenses”? 🤡

  • June 2020 Clara Thomas &j kam. The Link between depression & gatekeeping when men adhere to masculine norms. Father’s who scored higher in depression and masculinity also reported highest in gatekeeping. Although gatekeeping is considered problematic. Funding suggest correlation with potential father’s risk factors and mothers use of gatekeeping to protect children.

  • I have never left a comment. But truly Frank this is amazing. This
    Mother has fought so hard. Thank you for standing by her. She and those beautiful children are good people and did not deserve all this. The father is truly sick. The commentary could make your hair curl father demanding why mother didn’t kick kids out and follow an order to never see her kid’s again. Sounds straight out of a war or hitler himself. It’s mind blowing the news and no media around these outrageous cases.

    • He should be embarrassed at what he is requesting for relief in his motions.

      What kind of parent asks for their kids to be removed by force- against their will to be put back with him?

      Clearly he sees kids as property- as objects to control and dominate. Thank you FR on your continuing coverage of this tortured case. These kids clearly trust you.

    • Agreed. Thank God Frank writes about these cases. He studies them and presents to the public what major news outlets won’t touch.

      So thankful.

    • Nice. There is a judge firing on all cylinders. Maybe we will see more of this in Connecticut. As long as Frank keeps reporting. No addresses or threats please in the comments. We need the Frank report as well as the others willing to help us . We don’t want to give any reason for the Frank report down.

    • Judge Wilson saw right through Ambrose! Thank goodness the courts are finally seeing he’s a predator who manipulates those in positions of power.

      • We the People must direct our government to allow ONLY good people to control our courts. We need so many more good judges like Judge Wilson and Judge Nieves.

        How many good judges are in Connecticut?

  • Dear united states government, The fatherhood initiative is part of the welfare reform act. The memerdum of understand and the law passed in 2022. Surrounding the fatherhood federal funding . Stateing all father’s to be engaged in the lives of their children is gender bias. So is the language of the MOU. Signed by the heads of Connecticut agencies. Violates the federal laws governing the welfare reform act. Stating a specific gender and is discrimination. Fatherhood initiative has started all mothers engaging in various degrees of gatekeeping. A gender bias statement. The courts are converting gatekeeping into parental alienation and being used to discriminate against women in most cases. Using hand picked Court venders. GALs ignoring signs of abuse. Discriminating against mothers in most cases. Eliminating them from the lives of their children. As they did to Karen Riordan. Attempting to force her pay to see her children. Bankrupting her and leaving her without zealous representation. The story of hundreds of mothers in Connecticut. Refusing testimony of other more qualified professionals. Religious organizations are receiving funding for the Connecticut government through the federal funding you are providing. Because of the insistence of the Connecticut senator Nancy Johnson. As many other representative pointed out its a violation of the constitution. Now we are seeing the effects of involving religion in family court. Question of discrimination based on religion. In the case of Nichola Cunha. Turning it against her stating antisemitism. Karen Riordan was labeled a gatekeeper/parental alienatior. She is a woman/mother. The children have run away from the father and continue to report abuse. It would appear you have a continued group of judges who have probably endangering children through court orders. I promise you Karen’s case is not unique. The fatherhood initiative is a federal program and part of welfare reform. If you have not figured it out yet there is something really wrong with the family court system and the state of Connecticut. The leader and the first state to enact the fatherhood initiative. Gender specific funding attached to the welfare reform act. I’m sure you are reading the Frank report. How about coming to Connecticut and putting a stop to the discriminantion and misuse of government funding.

    • Thanks for posting this information. I’m unclear as to how the findings promotes the isolation of children from their mothers. Does the govt receive money when custody goes to the father?

      • The state is recovering funding for fathers through the government. Through the fatherhood initiative. It’s part of the welfare reform act. The fatherhood initiative promotes father involvement. In many situations it’s not a bad thing however. Legislator have a past laws to promote father’s involvement over mother’s. Promoting fatherhood even in cases where father’s are abusive. There fatherhood funding is billions through out the United States. Millions contributed by men’s rights groups. Who don’t want to pay alimony or child support. It’s created bias in family court. The welfare reform believes that that unwed and divorce mother’s are dragging the country financially. Through welfare. They believe that father’s are financially a better option for children. So often children are being placed with fathers even abusive ones over mother’s. The welfare reform act using the fatherhood initiative paints women in a negative light. It promotes the intention to assist father’s to getting better jobs and earn more. Women are left to fend for themselves. Set up for failure to raise their children. Wants to promote marriage. Single mother/women are a financial problem for the country. The fatherhood initiative is being pushed aggressively in Connecticut. There are financial benefits for attorneys. Minority women are stasticly sighted as the biggest target. All women in Connecticut and the country are being affected by it.

        • The impact beyond the court. The state of Connecticut continues to apply and be granted more money. Less violence against women are being reported. Women are punished for reporting. The courts are appearing to be investigated in covering abuse up. There is funding in keeping numbers down. Alluding to the system working. I would compair numbers of reported to convicted. Many of women reporting are discriminated against. It’s financially better for the state. The welfare reform appears to be working because women are having their children taken away. There were many objections and cautions raised. They are coming to light. Children are not being prioritized it’s about the promotion of father’s. No mention of mother’s. The family court impact state funding. PPE loans for father’s rights attorney. Women have great difficulty finding attorneys. The Attorneys are intimated. Going along for financial benefits. Nichola Cunha was used to set an example to caution Attorneys who dares raise questions or concerns with the conduct in family court. There are huge insensitive to removing mothers and it’s about power control and money.

          • There is also an access and visitation grant. It’s attached to the child support in forcemeat. So when when file a contempt notice for non payment of child support. Custody is getting switched. So there is an insensitive after dad gets access or custody.

  • Wonder if the Madison police department is going to review their actions. The police department does have to uphold the law. It would appear to be in their best interest not to hunt down run aways like criminals. The children growing up today are growing up with a mistrust of law enforcement and the courts. I’m pretty sure that a majority of the teenagers in town know that there is abuse of some kind going on in the Ambrose home. They have watched what the courts have done. Watched the police department conduct. Conduct towards the mother and the children. Run aways run for good reason. Maybe the police department needs to be educated. Resources of multiple police cars chasing a teenager running from an abusive household. The men and women in uniform hell bent on sending children back to the place they have reported abuse. Our country is in real trouble. We are protecting criminals and punishing victims.

    • You described it very well. I believe you’re accurate in your assessment. Hope the Madison PD stops getting said and led by Chris Ambrose.

      He’s duped the schools and the police. He’s a master manipulator.

    • Too many judges rely on GaLs. The eyes and ears of the court. News flash they are filtering important information. The lawyers are moving people along. Judges you need to stop intimidating people. Your appearing like you don’t know you have a big gal problem. Let people present evidence. Don’t label them as gatekeepers and malicious alienators. The courts are a place for compelling legal arguments and evidence to support compelling legal arguments. You are not running a high school cafeteria. Gossip and people defecting from the issue at hand. Look at what is happening. These psychologist you got on cases. No good. Pick some new ones.

  • Lettuce 🙏 pray that Chris doesn’t mess the tossed salad up. Dinner was a real stink the pink last night with daddy Chris 😉

  • Kids are supposed to have a say in their care and custody. What custody evaluator Jessica biren Caverly does in virtually every case is undermine the credibility of everyone except for the financier.

    She slanders and defames the targeted parent, determines parental alienation, says there’s no hope of ever having children live with targeted parent again, determined all complaints from kids are not credible bc targeted parent brainwashed them, and delivers sole custody to financier and no-contact with targeted parent— all on a “temporary” silver platter that will remain in place for at least a year.

    The no-contact isolation of the children serves to silence them. At this time kids are cut off from everyone who knows the truth- from everyone that lives and supports them- and they are forced into silence. When they speak, they are punished and given court appointed therapists who endorse what the gal tells them- that protective parent is crazy and cruel.

    It’s child abuse.

    And never does hessica Biren Caverly make a report of abuse oe neglect to DCF.

    As a mandated reporter if the target parent is so bad for the children that there can be no contact, this would make one believe they’re guilty of abuse or neglect. But they are not. If she did try to get dcf to substantiate she would fail. Therefore they circumvent the process and make it a secret of family court.

    Caverly is a criminal- and protected by the family court criminals- who suggest she has immunity- along with the gal.

    • Calvery is one of many. There is plenty of Calverys in Connecticut the great parental alienation scam in family court. The modern day witch hunt.

  • Tasks Force to study disputes involving the care and custody of minor children in Connecticut. Chairs Sue Cousineau esp GAL. AFCC. Sharon Wicks Dornfield esq. Wonder 🤔 if they will study this case. Wonder what the results of these studies are ?

    • Wasn’t that a task force from years ago?

      Are they still meeting and on record?

      The Connecticut General AssemblyTask Force To Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care and Custody of Minor Children Co-Chairs:
      Sue Cousineau, Esq. Sharon Wicks Dornfeld, Esq.

      c/o Judiciary Committee, Room 2500 Legislative Office Building Hartford, CT 06106

      DRAFT Minutes Wednesday, October 2, 2013 Room 1B

      Attendance: Chairperson Sue Cousineau, Esq.; Chairperson Sharon Wicks Dornfeld, Esq.; Linda Allard, Esq; Joseph J. DiTunno, Elizabeth Thayer, PhD.; Rep. Ed Vargas, Thomas Weissmuller, Esq. Absent: Rep. DebraLee Hovey, Rep. Minnie Gonzalez, Jennifer Verraneault

      Welcome: Chairpersons Cousineau and Dornfeld welcomed the members and the public and set forth the protocol for the meetings. Family matters are most difficult for the courts and raise a lot of strong feelings. The task force meetings will be conducted with respect for all members and the atmosphere will be one of collegiality, openness and a forum to learn from others with differing opinions and share expert dialogue.

      Introduction: Each member introduced themselves, explained their background, appointing authority and personal contribution to the task force.

      Timeline & Scheduling:
      • Report is due on or before February 1, 2014.
      • Taskforce to be disbanded on the same date.
      • Discussion included the most productive way to address the issues.
      • Schedule at least two meetings a month with two meetings per objective. • Tuesday/Thursdays best for most. Meetings to be held in morning.
      • Implement Doodle to coordinate schedules.

      • Relative statutes will be sent to members in PDF format.
      • Members are encouraged to suggest any additional statutes that may be relevant to the issues. • Obtain statistics from the Judicial Branch re number of family matter cases where a GAL or
      AMC have been appointed.
      • Sampling of GAL orders of appointment to understand GAS directives.

      • Many states use the order as guideline for direction and compensation.
      • Look at other states’ specific orders and statutes to help define role.
      • Other states handling of joint versus shared custody.
      • When examining other states, cognizance of comparing apples to apples.

      Public Hearing:
      • Given the objectives of the task force, leave little time to hold public hearing.
      • Written public comment is welcome and encouraged.
      • Discussion spoke to value of personal, live testimony from affected constituents who often feel
      disconnected from process.
      • Gun hearings were mentioned as an example of emotionally charged debate however public
      hearings could be held with definite guidelines for length and scope of testimony. • Group may vote at later date to decide on public hearing option.

      Foundation for Understanding:
      • Attempt to get experts to explain the current culture, issues and ways to improve process to get baseline of knowledge of problems. Experts would provide:
      • Evaluation of court system.
      • Neutral primer on issues surrounding GAL’s.
      • Examine noncompliance on the willingness of each parent to facilitate relationships.
      • Basis for evaluating custody arrangements.
      • Information on fee structure weaknesses.

      Everyone agreed in this adversarial system, the issues are extremely emotionally charged and the reality is someone always walks away feeling like the victor or victim. Task force was committed to devoting the time and work to collaboratively and respectfully address the objectives of the enabling legislation. …”

      • “CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC” was on the books in October 2013.

        Did the task force ever mention “CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC” ?

    • It’s a problem when the task force is led by one of the most sinister criminals of family court— Sue Cousineau.

      The foxes guard the henhouse in CT.

  • United States judiciary committee. Dianne Feinsten D-CA Sheldon Whitehouse D-RI. Amy Klobusas D- MN Chris Coons D-DE Richard Blumenthal D-CT Mazie Hirono D-HI Cory Booker D-NJ Alex Padilla D-CA Peter Welch D-VT. Maybe it’s time to vote these people out of office. They are ignoring the family court system. Especially Richard Blumenthal.

  • To the three teenagers, It most have been a horrific ordeal. Having all these court appointed people not believing you. Just know that Frank’s readers knew you were not lying. Your words ment something to all of us. Even if the courts were not listening. You are brave and strong. You deserve to be treated well. You have the right to love and have a relationship with your mom. We always know your Mom had your best interest at heart. We are relieved to know you are back in her care. With time you will heal from the family court system ignoring your and not taking you at your word. Your words ment something to all of us. We are sorry that the judges made you stay in that situation for the last few years. Hopefully something will be done about those people.

    • Too bad he can’t embrace who he is and go live a happy life as a barber, enjoying his hair fettishes or whatever makes him happy.
      Horrible to live in denial where everyday is a lie. Unlikely to accept who he is at 60+ but hope for his sake he comes to terms with who he is.

  • The father wanted the kids shackled and handcuffed and removed from the mother. This is the parent the court gave full custody to previously. He was deemed the better parent ????????? Unbelievable. Probably would have returned them to him without all the publicity.

    • Because forcing children into the hands of their abuser is in their “best interest”.

      What sane parent would force a teenager to live with them against their will? Makes no sense to me.

    • “Probably would have returned them to him without all the publicity.“

      Thank goodness for the court of public opinion.

      Mr. Adelman, Mr. Horwitz, Mr. Horowitz, Mr. Freedman, Mr. Robson, Mr. Holzberg, Mr. Nusbaum and the rest of the small cabals that used to run the “family court” show in Connecticut seemed to be on their way out as soon as news of the Kassenoff case broke.

      If and when the bigger news outlets investigate and honestly report the details of what’s actually been happening (perverted evaluators, bogus reports etc.) bigger news outlets might take it from there.

      The Times Union seems to be willing to ask the right questions. If only they would take the next steps past The New York Times to the next level of courage.

      There’s some kind of public awakening going on.

  • Thank god family court in CT and Judge Rodriguez got it right for this day. The fact a man let alone a father could request the horrible things Ambrose did to have done to his own children is vile. The only person who should be locked up is Ambrose for the vitriol and hate spewing from his disgusting mouth to his own children regarding their mother who is only trying to protect them from further harm at the hands of their father.

    • That judge declared a mistrial. The new one was put in because the usual crew of judges appear to have endangered these children through their court orders. Abused for three years under the parental alienation racket.

  • Left a heartfelt comment yesterday as son has been impacted simarily by the Connecticut family court system which is heartbreaking. The comment doesn’t appear perhaps is awaiting review. The #IamCatherine campaign is vastly growing. Catherine and Karen and myself along with 100 others have come to know each other through Connecticut Protective Moms FB Group. This group of women support each other while enduring the travesties of unjustice born out of the Connecticut Family Judiciary through the Family, Family Services, Criminal, Appellate and Magistrate Divisions which impact the physical and psychological well-being of ourselves and our children. Judges treat the children as chattle, possessions with zero regard for the innocence lost throughout their childhood and youth, nor what is being role modeled to them about relationships or justice. My son told family services that court is like a big head with a hammer and every time it comes down it changes his life for the worse. That his voice and choice do not matter and no one cares. That was in his transcript with Family services last year. He was 15. Last summer like Karen’s eldest he refused to get in Fathers car at Police Station. The Police interviewed him said he didn’t have to. He wanted to be returned to Connecticut where he lived from birth until 12.5. It was 1st time he ever felt listened to until a Judge in Middletown ordered his return threatening that if he wasn’t immediately returned Mother would lose custody. Judges presume that the parent that the minor wants to return to groomed the young adult in their choices and decision. Which is clearly not the case these young adults have had to live with the consequences of adult decisions after bearwitnessing to a high conflict non communicative relationship which has been role modeled to them for their entire life which has impacted the human they’ve grown to become. Who are more aware as they’ve been forced to mature through these difficult storms and turmoil dealing with third parties their whole life. The rule is that a child has to be of a reasonable undefined age normally 12 and above with demonstrated reasoning capabilities to have the opportunity to speak their choice over the direction of their life about where they want to live. Although that is the law in Connecticut most judges give that zero creedance. The Connecticut Family Court doesn’t allow these young humans 12-18 to have their legal rights recognized via an opportunity to speak in chambers and/or do they grant them to have an appointment for Attorney for the Minor Child AMC rather than GAL even though the court site and literature specify the option. Arresting children for speaking their mind, their heart, for having a voice, choice and opinion is ludicrous. Father wanting to do this clearly isn’t thinking about best interest of their childrens present and/or future and how being arrested gives them the start of a criminal record for what?? Freedom of speech which is 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. For the Father to then vehemently say publicly to arrest his children’s Mother for being their for his children when “they needed her and found a way to be with her of their own volition.”
    In the court system its illegal to have dates of birth or names in most filings to protect identities, yet, its disturbing that anonymity hasn’t been given to Catherine’s or Karen’s children? This alone has far reaching consequences in their future life as their names have been made public. In a world where many delight in the newsworthy topic to debate and discuss the human component of the identities of those impacted get lost. Just like politics many are willing to have an opinion, while not wanting to get involved “as it doesn’t pertain to them. They rather cast aspersions and be quick to judge without a modicum of humility. People want change but they are not willing to go the extra mile to become involved, stand up speak out or be the change. Greatful for the Frank Report to being a forum to do so. All these humans, who become Judges, Attorneys, GAL’S, Family Evaluators, Family Services Staff Members and all 3rd party mandated reporters need to be mindful that they’ve been granted the opportunity to touch and change lives. Wherein every word deed action decision permeates the outcome. In every Domestic Violence case wherein individuals succumb their lifes due ultimately to the errors made is the system ~ every person related to the case that was party to the outcome and decisions of the court orders that ultimately impacted the family should have to attend the services for those whose lives were taken. There should be a mechanism to track on each and every case who all the 3rd party officials are. When a life is lost due to reoccurring Domestic Violence or unenforced restraining orders the State needs to take Judicial Notice who was involved time and time again case after case making case management decisions and writing court orders who clearly errored causing loss of life before making any automatic reinstatement of terms in the Connecticut Judicial System. Term limits need to be imposed, mandatory Domestic Violence training needs to be enforced and Judicial Immunity needs to be removed. Further for the love of all that is right and just abolish the Fathers and Mothers Rights Groups and simply focus on Parental Rights upholding the 14th amendment of the Constitution. These children impacted by the Connecticut Judicial System are our future if they survive their childhood and not succumb to become an ever growing statistic. The laws governing the Family Court System are predominantly from the 70’s. That was a half a century ago. Vast universal family court reform is needed now throughout the United States and Globally. There needs to be an immediate increased awareness regarding how Domestic Violence and its dynamics are impacting families. There is an opportunity to save human lives one at a time.#beloud #bechange #advocate #familycourtreform #childrensrightsmatter #domesticviolenceawareness #advocate

  • Once again so grateful for the Frank Report for reporting on the atrocities of the American Family Court system. I pray these children and their mom can begin to heal.

  • Thank god there is a judge who is putting the children first. Happy for Karen and her children. Let’s hope this insane case comes to a close. Sending good vibes and well wishes to Karen and her children.

  • Hey Papi now that your teenagers have flown the coup, look on the bright side this gives you more time and hopefully money to spend on our website. Andale!

    • Pipe down Latino Boiz!

      we’ve got a lot of young men in our barracks that are desperate for hair cuts (or cabbage trims as they’re known in some circles) and we need some of daddy Chris’ time too!

      Suppose we could alternate weekends ?


    1. behavior that conflicts with social norms.
    2. disregarding or violating the rights of others.
    3 inability to distinguish between right and wrong.
    4. difficulty with showing remorse or empathy.
    6. tendency to lie often.
    7. manipulating and hurting others.

    This guy needs to be locked up.

        • No I don’t know her. But I’ve observed her actions as described at this blog, the circus blog, and the documents she made public.

          1. behavior that conflicts with social norms: Cousin, anyone?

          2. disregarding or violating the rights of others: publishing children’s private medical and psych info, organizing a hate mob against ex

          3 inability to distinguish between right and wrong: see above

          4. difficulty with showing remorse or empathy: see above

          6. tendency to lie often: scores of lies to everyone. Provable lies in court.

          7. manipulating and hurting others: yes. And the ones she manipulated the most are her own innocent children, who are (understandably) unable to recognize that what she has been doing is abuse.

          • Her kids are the happiest they have been in three years. If I were Chris I would seek to resolve this with peace and kindness and not try to use force. He lost the battle. The children will never return to him.

            Before it’s too late, he should try to be nice to Karen and the kids, and maybe he can rebuild his relationship. I doubt he will take heed to this. But it is always best to try to promote harmony and peace. His bad luck began when he sought to steal the children from their happy home and their mother.

  • Thank you, Frank, for stay on these cases. Arizona Family Court has brutalized my Grandkids for what the father wants, not what the kids want. Nielsen vs Nielsen

    • Anyone notice any suspicious patterns in child custody cases in Arizona?

      For example, do small groups of the same judges, attorneys, guardians ad litem and evaluators ignore/hide abuse to create billable hours?

      Do they pass parents and children to and from the same court evaluators/mediators/reunifiers/supervisors/therapists to while enabling grooming/confusion/chaos — making money for court vendors until the children “age out of the system”?

      “Newspeak” infected family courts before it infected Bud Light, Disney and public schools.

      Have children and parents in Arizona “family courts” been forced to believe what they don’t want to believe?

    • The judges don’t want to be involved in this case. The teens have petitions in juvenile court. They’ll never live with Ambrose again.

      No fair judge is going to force these teens into the home where all three say they’ve been abused so badly that they turned to drugs and alcohol.

      And the father wants them taken by force if necessary! He’s a predator.

  • Chris Ambrose is not only unfit to be a Father, but it is questionable that he is a man. A real Father and man would want his children to be safe and happy. He has psychologically damaged these kids in all of his attempts to get revenge on his ex wife. If the courts had any salt, Ambrose would be thrown in jail for child abuse and Karen Riordan would be able to rightfully raise and parent her children

    • Thank you for that common sense. The world seems so upside down lately.

      This state, this country and this world needs more people with common sense to speak up and be involved as much as possible — as soon as possible.

  • I’m so happy to hear this! Hopefully Karen and the kids can begin to heal. As for the creature that calls himself their father, there is a special place in hell waiting for him. Until then, let him rot. If he doesn’t end up in jail himself, maybe Karen and the kids can get a protective order of their own so they never have to lay eyes on him ever again.

  • An amazing win for a wonderful mother and her children who clearly want nothing more than to be with their mom. Thank you for bringing light to this horrible situation! I’m so happy the children are safe with Karen! ♥️

  • Yay Karen!!! Congratulations to a beautiful outcome after years of horrific court/system/ambrose abuse!!
    Sending you Aloha 💓

  • Thank you Frank for reporting this. Your involvement is the only thing protecting these children and their mother. This is systemic. Keep up the good work!

  • Anyone up for an anagram!??

    “Bacardi Eskimos”

    First one to solve it, get a shout put from Pilgrim.


  • This is the best news ever! Thank you Frank for posting everything and keeping us all informed!! I will sleep better knowing that the children and Karen are sleeping better . At least they can relax for a while.. Every day that they are away from Chris is one more day of healing!! Great News!! I’m overjoyed!

  • OMG!!! Look what it took to get JUSTICE!!! The whole world watching! If not for Frank Parlato’s unflagging devotion and meticulous reporting, these three children would be bereft of a mother! The judge on the case was probably told to step down so that the new judge could do the right thing. In the Kassenoff case the mother was not as fortunate because her case was controlled by exogenous forces beyond the judiciary. So even with her twice change in judges the brutal outcome was the same.. We are making progress but we must not let up. There needs to be a Justice Department investigation to FREE ALL THE CHILDREN in this country. We must keep the stories alive in the media. Thank you, Frank, for your heroic act today!!! God was listening!!!

    • Frank is the one to do it. He always has been. He’s the only one fearless enough and smart enough to expose the corruption and abusive parents in a way the public can wrap their heads around.

      • It sure seems that way. I’m praying for his protection and hoping many more adults will decide to have the courage to help. “Many hands make light work” and we’ve got the ball rolling! 🙂

  • CT family court has mastered the art of criminalizing parents.

    Innocent parents enter for a no fault divorce only to have their life savings taken and be threatened with incarceration.

    Many mothers and fathers have been arrested and jailed bc of family court.

    Fear and intimidation is the name of the game- and it’s effective.

    Very brave teens.

    • No one is breaking the law. This is not a criminal case. Chris Ambrose believes he is an extension of the court. Today he was told he is not.

      No crime. Parents are not criminals.

  • Thank God!

    These kids are safe, at least for the time being. Or until Family Court appoints a child sex-trafficker to preside over the case.

    • If the new judge is a good judge, the cabal won’t want her to put them to shame.

      God will protect her if she puts them to shame, anyway. Now that the spotlight is on the corruption in family courts in a pretty big way, it’s a good time for all the good judges and all the good lawyers to speak up.

      Everyone sees the corruption in family courts and most of the good judges and good attorneys see it, too. Good people will need to protect and encourage each other if they want it to change.

      • Now that Gerard Adelman and Jane Grossman had that family court researcher arrested, a much brighter spotlight should shine on the corruption in Connecticut family courts in a much bigger way.

        That very bright spotlight will make it easier for family court whistleblowers to blow their whistles.

        If the evil powers-that-be (in New Haven? in Stratford? in Woodbury?) don’t kill that researcher before he exposes the details of the corruption with discovery in the Adelman/Grossman case against him, maybe “Connecticut Family Court Corruption” will be in mainstream headline news for the next few years.

        I hope Gloria Farber’s family and Jennifer Dulos’ children can see justice in Jennifer’s case as soon as possible. I also hope Norm Pattis is FORCED to tell the public everything he knows about his participation in the corruption of Connecticut family courts.

  • I have been on pins and needles awaiting this news. The laser-burning myopia of Ambrose insisting on the arrest of this good and kind woman protecting her children from the perverted criminal activities of their father rather than on any matter affecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of the actual children reveals fully his malignant narcissism. This is not a man going to the mat to protect his children; this is a man going to the mat to have the children’s Mother incarcerated which, in his twisted mind, would affirm his competence as a parent and decency as a man. I’m grateful that this fraud attempted to be perpetrated on the Court failed, and that man’s vindictiveness shut down.

    He reminds me of an axiom in Alcoholics Anonymous, regarding still-using alcoholics: “How do you tell an alcoholic is lying? answer: His lips are moving.”

    Everything from Ambrose’s lips (and pen) are lies. Bravo. I will sleep well, also. God Bless Karen for her fortitude and passion for the safety and happiness of her children.

    Bravo to the Frank Report for always printing the plain truth, without spin, allowing the consequences of the conduct (or absence of conduct) of nefarious individual actors and government systems to land.

  • His whole focus is on locking up his ex wife. Where did his concern for his kids go?

    It’s like if Ambrose can’t incarcerate using one motion, he’ll file another. What paperwork and claims need to be made to lock her up?!

    This is family court. Be warned.

    • Exactly right!

      He’s so transparent in looks and actions. Lock her up! What motion do I file? Where do I sign? How much do I pay?

  • Sounds like family court is sick of Ambrose and wants to get rid of the case.

    Good judges are put in a position to clean up the mess of other judges like Adelman, Grossman, Heller, etc. – and it’s not easy.

    They system is designed to permit abuses of power. That’s what we’ve seen here – and both of these judges are trying to straddle the line through delays and meaningless orders.

  • Chris is definitely losing it. He is seeking revenge and punishment. His life is a mess. He was fired and his children are not wanting to go back to his house. Along with a few other fathers being entertained by the court. Connecticut legislators. That law you passed in 2022. “All father’s to be engaged in the lives of their children” it not only gender bias it’s endangering children. Your funding is clouded your judgement. Your family court system is the worst in the history of the United States so far.

  • 😉 She probably knew more than everyone in that courtroom ... may she be a good person, too. says:

    “… Gladys Idelis Nieves, 49, of New Haven is a family support magistrate for the Judicial Branch, serving since 2014.

    The Meriden native previously worked in private practice representing parents and children involved in child abuse and neglect proceedings as well as termination of parental rights. Nieves earned her law degree from New York University and an undergraduate degree from Yale University. …”

  • good judges = good news

    All Connecticut family court judges MUST eventually be as good and as honorable as those two judges.

    • With what? He took everything and left her with nothing. How could she pay off a judge when she cant afford an attorney. You have it backwards, Chris is the one that does the payoffs.

      • To all the people who are siding with Chris and or believing him you can put your names don’t be afraid.

        • Said by one of the bravest teens out there! Way to go, Sawyer. We’re all so happy for you, Mia and Matthew.

          Thank you, Frank, for fighting for their truth. Hoping this ends and they can move forward without fear and trauma.

        • Not to correct you Sawyer, but I would change the wording from “all the people” to “the one lonely and pathetic barber.”

          • “Hasn’t the boy done that already ?”

            Oh, so that means adults should pile on to denigrate and insult a child’s father to the boy? You all should be ashamed of yourselves for stooping so low.

          • Who’s really the one that’s been stooping? Rather than attack the defenders of the children, why don’t you humor us by defending yourse-errrr Ambrose?

        • Yes, Sawyer! You are very wise, and much braver than all the anonymous commenters (who we all know are just the same single commenter). Stay strong, you are a beacon of hope for all the other young people fighting to escape an abusive parent.

        • Sawyer,
          You are a brave young man. I hope you and your brother and sister know what miracles you are and how you’re giving hope to so many others out there!

          Hold to your truth. Outside of the CT family court circle it’s very clear what happened to all of you.

          You three are leaders and change will come! Be brave and bold. Continue to tell your story. You have the world supporting you!

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