Kevin’s Angry at Penza for Prosecuting Raniere for Sarah Edmondson

By Kevin

Did Moira Kim Penza’s team plant evidence in the Raniere case?

If yes, why would they need to if the guy has a body count dating back to before she was born? Why would they need to make something up if more than enough real evidence existed?

If yes, how many others are there? How many cases did this woman win, or her team or department, or the FBI itself, on false evidence?

Imagine if the guy gets out because she took a short cut.

Moira Kim Penza on a Little Bit Culty

Why was she horsing around with two major players – Sarah Edmondson and Anthony ‘Nippy’ Ames – in this horrendous, sadistic pyramid scheme sex cult and appearing on their podcast?

Why didn’t she prosecute them for participating in and profiting from an illegal pyramid scheme? Because she and Sarah are demographically the same, and share the same values?

How did she define what constitutes a member of Raniere’s inner circle? If Mark Vicente and Edmondson don’t meet that standard, who the hell does? Vicente was Raniere’s best friend, but not in the inner circle?

How did she distinguish a victim from a victimizer? India Oxenberg went from being co-conspirator #2 to winning a $300K payout, despite no new information coming to light between that period. The women under India received much less. Why the inconsistencies and disparities?

India Oxenberg starred and produced a docuseries called Seduced, on STARZ.

Will other organizations with the same business practices and pyramid structure, where there is coercion and manipulation involved, be prosecuted with the same vigor? Or does that depend on the politics, associations, and social clout of the people involved?

Why didn’t her associates in Albany ever do anything about Raniere?

Why was he allowed to be operating a business with a pyramid structure five years after making a deal where he couldn’t own a business with a pyramid structure?

What does Penza think of Kirstin Gillibrand? You know, the US Senator from New York State whose dad was Raniere’s lobbyist? Or is that off the table for discussion, since the good Senator has the right politics and runs in the same social circles as Ms. Penza?

Kirstin Gillibrand said she never heard about NXIVM until she read about them in the newspaper in 2017.

So the FBI picks cases based on what the New York Times tells them is worthy of their attention?

So if you’re an enemy of the NYT, the FBI will go after you. If you’re a friend, the FBI will defend you. And if you’re a teenage girl who got tricked by an older con, well, sorry kid, you’re on your own. When you get as popular as Sarah and have connections with the Times, then we’ll talk. Until then, keep your bedroom window locked, because Moira Penza has better things to do than look into decades old complaints involving your abuser.

But if Sarah gets a brand, stop everything, now it goes to the top of the priority list. Wasn’t she in “A Munster’s Christmas,” or something like that?

Penza’s literally telling you that if you aren’t important enough to be in the NYT, that if you don’t run in the right social circles, then you’re not important to her. What a pompous, spoiled, narcissistic little snot she is.

Does HBO understand that none of these people are likable in any way? She’s probably one of those who thinks you’re a terrorist or extremist if you didn’t vote exactly the way she did in every election, since she was eligible to vote. And if you practice your religion and attend services, my goodness, you might just be near the top of the list.

I think KR is a pedophile who’s been hurting underage girls since the 80s, and that the police and other law enforcement that protected him for three decades should be prosecuted.

Also, that I wish none of these people ever met him, and instead lived happy, healthy lives.

There are good and bad people on both sides of this. Many of the people who have been punished are not bad people. Many legitimately bad people have not been punished.

I’m lifting from Alanzo here, but he hit the mark in one of his comments; Suneel is not KR. Danielle is not KR. Treating these people as if they were monsters due to an association is as culty as what cults themselves do.

If you want to know more about me, ask. I won’t be giving away my last name or PII though.

I was never part of NXIVM, never even took a class, and I believe there were people who were harmed and mistreated.

I defend Danielle Roberts because her punishment is not proportionate to her role in the organization. She is a scapegoat who is being treated more harshly than people much higher in rank who have gotten completely off the hook.

I don’t like seeing Allison Mack suffer, and if Danielle was subordinate to Allison in some way, I don’t want her to suffer either because of their association.

Danielle had no authority in the parent organization or any of it’s subsidiaries, except for her exo/eso company never linked to criminal activity.

The Medical Board heard her case and ruled in her favor, and that they did a double jeopardy on her based on political pressure.

What she did in her private life had nothing to do with her profession or with patients, and was not illegal, which is consistent with what the police and medical board reported.

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  • India was trafficked. Emails were found between Mack and Raniere where Mack asked for the payment she was promised after India completed the seduction assignment.
    Danielle showed a complete lack of judgment and critical thinking when she decided to do the branding with zero training.
    She deserved to lose her license for the the brutal branding.

  • If my memory serves, you have previously stated you have not watched the Vow or listened to ALBC podcasts. I have been reviewing both this week. Though you may discount them, sarah has many times lamented her words and actions as the leader of the most successful unit of ESP. She also stated she had to get as many out as possible before another branding.

    I am sure she had a non prosecution agreement and rightly so. She was transparent and was deposed.

    Like you I would have wished Danielle not to lose her license. Any expression of remorse for not being sure the slaves knew what the symbol was and obtaining a signed consent holding her harmless shows a large lack of critical thinking and good judgment. I am sure she was commanded not too.

    How foolish of Keith to try to secure Sarah’s role in his scheme with a vow involving body mutilation. He really but the screws on Lauren who knew she wouldn’t be up for that. He wanted to command her to Albany but leaving her in Vancouver, unbranded would have given him more beautiful young women to pick from at V Week.
    You are being obtuse, dumbbell.

  • Kevin
    September 5, 2022 at 5:27 am
    Not Danielle. But Nicki was an extra on an episode in 2005 or 2006.

    Maybe Kevin is Kevin Clyne, the long lost cousin of Nicki Cline. LOL

    Picture from Allison Mack’s Instagram.
    Allison sitting at far right.
    Nicki Clyne sitting in the middle holding a Playbill magazine with a picture of Nicki’s long lost cousin Kevin Clyne.
    Kevin’s hands are folded behind his head.

    Saw Present Laughter. Blown away by the effects of silliness and laughter. A perfect show to end an ideal day in the city with friends. #nycsummerlove #soulsisters #loveoverfear #bellylaughs

    Prove Me Wrong

    • ShadowState-

      Kevin makes you look more sane than me. He’s beyond the spectrum of “crazy” if such a thing is possible.

      I’m not giving you shit ever again.

  • Yeah, sorry. If someone who I thought was a friend who was also supposed to be held to high ethical standards as a doctor knowingly branded me with her man’s initials while lying and saying it was a women’s empowerment symbol, I would totally report them to the medical board.

    What she did is shady as fuck. Period.

    Danielle can’t even admit that it was a mistake to do that? I mean fine, don’t renounce your loyalty to Raniere. But at least say “fuck, yeah, now I can see I was wrong to not fully disclose the initials in that brand.” “At the time I meant well, but I can see it was wrong and I’m sorry” like wtf.??

    I don’t think Danielle is evil. I don’t think she is “bad.” But it is very hard to trust her judgment if she cannot see the error in that. People are putting their lives in her hands when she is their doctor so she needs to be held to a very high standard.


      They ALL had their own doctors
      Do you think Sarah thought Danielle was her doctor when she lived in Canada and Danielle lived in N.Y.?

      Thats absurd.

  • Danielle has explicitly stated that she categorically does not believe that a man should come to a woman’s rescue.

    Kevin is really misunderstanding who Danielle is and disrespecting her lifetime vow, needs and desires.

    The entire Foundation of the DOS Master slave blackmail group was based on the premise that men should not rescue women as if they were princesses.

    This id3a of Keith’s that all women are always looking for an excuse and a way out and that they need to stand on their own two feet and not expect men to come to their rescue or defense.

    Keith preached that women create a situation where they expect men to protect them and that it is unfair to both the men and the women.

    Thiis concept that men should not come to a woman’s defense or protection is one that Danielle has bought into completely and thoroughly.

    Danielle was willing to lose her license over her beliefs.

    Danielle embraced and committed to the principal of women not relying on men in any way to come to their aid.

    Danielle feels this concept was worth lying about and cauterizing her friends vaginal area with Keith’s initials.

    It’s extremely against Danielle’s very strong wishes for someone like Kevin to show up and start acting as if he is the dragon slayer that will protect Danielle the helpless princess.

    Kevin is a person who does not respect or truly understand this woman’s wishes and boundaries. That’s too bad.

    The dossier Project women have really criticized any other woman who has a man come to her defense in a public way and act as her protector.

    Danielle would not want to be a hypocrite and have Kevin ride in like Captain Save A Hoe in his shining armor on his white Steed to rescue Danielle like a infantilized princess.

    Be very cautious with men who act like your daddy and that they know better than any woman what she really wants and needs. Especially when the woman has made it clear in such a documented and thorough manner like Danielle has that they do not want or need the man’s assistance. At best these men cripple and control a woman’s agency. At worst they are abusive and dangerous.

  • Kevin’s argument is essentially The Little Kids Defense. “But HE was doing it too! It’s not FAIR!”

  • Danielle Roberts and the other cultists have a fatalistic tendency toward self-destruction. They lack a certain self-preservation instinct in their thinking that protects one from such self-destructive procedures and actions. They do not seem to value their own lives and must probably consider themselves inferior and hate themselves, placing excessive value and veneration on the contrary of a Keith Raniere, which in view of his behavior and crimes should not place him at the pinnacle of veneration but expose him to contempt and disdain. Danielle Roberts and her ilk thus manifest their own contempt for the social rules and socially accepted morals that prevail in society. This makes them pariahs in the majority society. They are left only with extreme, social fringe groups among whom they find approval and support. It must be difficult for Roberts and the others to understand why they are rejected in society, but that’s just how societies work.

  • I think Kevin is missing out on one of Frank’s true gems of an article.

    We need to travel backward in time to around A.D. September 2020, when Frank Parlato was still open to reporting the facts about ex-NEXIANS.

    It’s a recorded prison conversation between Keith Raniere and Mr. Isaac Edwards —- which has GEMS that pertain to Danielle’s claims about her branding.

    In this recorded conversation —- Keith Raniere, the GRANDMASTER of DOS, openly mocks the alleged danger of branding these slaves BECAUSE he notes that Danielle was a DOCTOR who was using a SURGICAL device which she was EXPERIENCED at using.

    That’s right. The GRANDMASTER of DOS believed that Danielle was acting as a DOCTOR using a SURGICAL instrument which she was EXPERIENCED at using, due to her status as a doctor.

    This contradicts Danielle’s claims that nobody in DOS ever believed that she was acting as a ‘doctor’ in any way, shape or form.

    Therefore, if the GRANDMASTER of DOS believed that Danielle’s ‘doctor’ status was relevant for the brandings —– then it’s logical to assume that every SLAVE probably assumed the same thing.

    If the GRANDMASTER of DOS believed that the slaves were in the hands of a trusted ‘doctor’ while being branded — and therefore they were safer than people being branded by non-doctors — then it’s logical to assume that every SLAVE also believed that they were ‘safer’ due to her doctor status.

    That’s the alleged violation.

    It doesn’t matter what she believes now.

    It matters what the people being branded were led to believe.

    Will Frank say something here, or is he too chickenshit?

    Here’s a few quotes from Keith Raniere’s conversation below (pay attention to capitalized words):

    Quote 1) “There have been, uh, at least two men involved in the branding. The, uh, man who branded the first eight women gave them that symbol, uh, and then another man, I think who did a few other women to demonstrate how to do it, uh, and then, uh, the rest were done by a DOCTOR with (chuckles) a SURGICAL instrument.”

    Quote 2) “It’s always been a SURGICAL instrument, so there are no hot irons, no coat hangers, no putting them in a fireplace, getting, uh, you know, white-hot or anything like that. It’s done with a DOCTOR, with a SURGICAL type of instrument.”

    Quote 3) “uh, I think a guy from, I won’t say what state to keep his anonymity, came and did the branding with them and taught them, uh, about it and how to do it and things like that, and then there was a woman in the sorority who is a DOCTOR, (Dr. Danielle Roberts) who… it’s a, a type of a light cauterizing pen, they use it in SURGERIES, um, and she was EXPERIENCED with that and that’s what was used.”

    The real question is this…

    Will Frank, or anybody from his staff, alert the medical board to these quotes which are probably relevant (because if Danielle’s GRANDMASTER believed that she was acting as a doctor during the brandings, then it’s logical to believe that every slave also believed that).

    Will Kevin look at these facts or bury his head like an ostrich?

    Alanzo? Ostrich time, bro? Bury that head.

    Have a good day. 🙂

    • PS — I don’t hate Danielle Roberts. I couldn’t care less if she wins or loses her appeal.

      If she wins her appeal, that’s fine with me. I don’t care either way. I don’t think she’s an evil person at heart. I think she probably meant to do good.

      But I also believe that she’d never disobey a direct order from Keith —- which is a scary thing, since she’s a doctor who’s under the sway of an unhinged man (who made a lifetime vow that’s ‘unbreakable’ in her view).

      According to the recently published ‘DOS rules’ —— her VOW means that her Grandmaster’s wishes take precedence over her own family and everything else in life, which would include her job duties.

      Not sure I’d want my own family members using such a doctor, no matter how good her own heart is, since what if she gets ordered to do something unethical by Keith? (whom she refuses to disavow)

      Whether you like her or not, only ONE THING matters in this case…

      It only matters what the women who got branded were led to assume by their masters (regarding Danielle’s status) —- it doesn’t matter what ANYBODY ELSE thinks about her.

      IMO, Keith’s conversations cannot be dismissed as meaningless. He was her Grandmaster.

      As the Grandmaster —– Keith obviously chose Danielle to brand these women after he dismissed the other men who did the first few brandings (he knew the identities of those men, by his own admission, which means he obviously controlled them and wasn’t in the dark about who was doing the branding).

      …And Keith is on the record, in a recorded phone call, saying that he viewed her as a ‘doctor’ who was experienced with surgical devices.

      By the way, whether she was actually experienced with surgical devices or not isn’t important (I suspect she wasn’t, as she wasn’t a surgeon) ——— what’s important is that her Grandmaster believed she was, according to his phone recordings.

      It’s possible that she never intended to be viewed as a ‘doctor’ —- but if Keith viewed her that way, then the slaves were likely led to believe that they were ‘safer’ because she was a doctor (which is still likely a violation, since she did nothing to dissuade them from believing that).

      This isn’t a case of a doctor teaching people how to surf the North Shore of Hawaii as a side hobby, which clearly isn’t related to her job as a doctor.

      This is a case where her doctor skills lend themselves to make people feel safer, especially when a surgical instrument is being used and infections are possible.

    • Apparently, You have forgotten the compartmentalized way Keith did business.
      This ‘talk’ of his is after the fact NOT prior to it which would mean he never discussed who would be anyone’s branding artist.
      3 different people at different times.

      • “All mine” devil emoji

        Keith texted

        Branding artist. What a joke that’s an insult to people who really are any kind of artist.

        This is just a slave taking orders and putting the shared boyfriend’s initials decietfully on people’s vaginas.

        Just like back in the day the Master burned their initials into the flesh of the slaves they brought here from Africa.

        Or ranchers’ put their initials on cattle.

        Branding artist what a joke. Danielle could get a job with a pimp though. Human traffickers brand their victims too. Very common

        “All mine” Keith texted

  • For the record, I have never defended KR, and have no issue with the FBI prosecuting him as long as they follow the law and their own guidelines, and go off actual evidence. And treat people proportionately, which they did not do.

    The issue is that 2018 KR isn’t any different than 2008 KR or 1998 KR or 1988 KR. So why wait until 2018? They didn’t know until a NYT article came out?!? THAT’S how the FBI finds cases?!?

    If KR is everything they say he is, there are hundreds of cops and FBI agents who should be in jail or lose their jobs and pensions.

    The people who’ve been held responsible for this, and who haven’t, is completely twisted.

  • Question,
    How far back can RICO charges go?

    Why didn’t EDNY go after the sex crimes of the younger women in Raniere’s CBI days?

    There were two witnesses who could of come forward. One even had a police report on record to show she was one of his victims.

    How about the rest of NXIVM crimes they committed over the years?

    What about all the litigation against the whistleblowers?

    • Frank
      Sarah is a good girl. What about the facts in this case ? The victims ? Geez- Kim’s sister ? What about all of the other victims ? Why are we bad mouthing Sarah & NOT getting Justice for Kris ?
      Sarah is a victim – she deserves a lot of credit –

      • Kim
        Sarah gave 1500 EM’s or more over the course of her involvement Without a therapist license. Her Mom is a therapist, don’t you think she told her “This is not a good idea”.

        • How do you know Sarah was even talking to her mom at that point? Look at India. Many people in the cult lost meaningful contact with their family or we’re not open to listening to them at alll.

          Besides “not a good idea” is very different than criminal.

          But yeah ,go ahead, go after every single person who gave EMs in the cult. Fully support it. What about all the Nxivm unlicensed therapy? Also a bad idea? Get em all.

          How about all of the slave masters who were controlling people’s diets and exercise? Depriving them of sleep? Advising them to take freezing showers? None of them were licensed nutritionist or doctors either. They are lucky they did not kill someone.

          The defensive of Danielle is always so illogical.

          “But this person who is not a medical professional did this other thing”

          That does not in any way justify or remove doctor Danielle’s branding responsibility

          And now it has become so desperate that the pathetic comparison is:

          ‘Sarah’s mom was a therapist.”

          LOL it’s so hard to take dead Enders seriously.

          Really? That’s your defensive of Danielle? “Sarah’s mom is a therapist” ? LOL and MAYBE her mom said EMs weren’t a good idea?

          Well. If Sarah’s mom maybe said…. I see your point!

          Ha ha ha

          • Your right maybe Sarah’s mom never weighed in… but Sarah wasn’t stupid and I believe grew up with her mom, had to be aware of the possible consequences? No?

  • They didn’t have enough evidence for any “substantial” crime because many were consenting adults (you can argue consent).

    They needed the naked photos of Camila to prove child porn. They were manufactured just as Raniere followers suggested they were at the time.

    The mishandling of evidence is enough to warrant a new trial. Why won’t the government err on the side of justice and grant a new trial?

    If they have so much evidence to prove the alleged crimes, why not grant a new trial?

    Because they will lose. They withheld all critical information allowing little time for the defense to examine the information. Since then time has allowed the defense to discover illegal and/or non-procedural methods of the fbi and the prosecution.

    Just give a new trial.

    • How did the FBI get naked photos of minor Camilla in the exact spot and pose that Keith always had females spread their legs for him? How did the FBI manufacture text where Keith says he started having sex with Camilla when she was 15?

      How did the FBI manufacture medical records at the same location where Keith’s other sexual partners had abortions for Camilla? How did the FBI keep Keith or his defense team from calling Camilla to the stand which was their right to subpoena her?

      How did the FBI make Keith’s defense lawyer admit that the photos were taken when Camilla was 15 and they were taken by keith? How did the FBI get Keith and his lawyers to argue that the photos should be thrown out because they were taken when Camilla was 15 and were too old to be used as evidence in this trial?

      How did the FBI get Camilla to come and make a victim impact statement in which she detailed the abuse she suffered at Keith’s hands including sexually assaulting her as both an adult and a minor child?

      How did the FBI get Camilla’s sister Daniella to corroborate all of the empirical evidence that Keith raped and abused her sister from the time she was a minor? Under oath and on the witness stand subject to intense cross-examination.

      How did the FBI convinced 12 jurors of Keith’s peers to vote guilty on all charges?

      Why would the FBI do such a thing? How did they accomplish all of this? And not one single person spoke up to say any of this FBI persuasion and corruption took place? Including Keith or his lawyers.

      Why would the FBI do any of this alleged malfeasance?

      And if the FBI was so all powerful and could control everything but the weather in your opinion I guess that’s something only Keith can control haha why would they f*** it up so badly? If they could cover up everything why didn’t they cover up the alleged tampering of the photos in a more credible way in your opinion?

      If it was all that important to them wouldn’t they have made absolutely sure that not one single crumb of anything with subject to any kind of scrutiny or second-guessing? The evidence was not mishandled. And someone accessing it and looking at it is completely different than someone tampering with it that is a huge jump and there is no basis to prove that just as there’s no basis to prove that if the photos were changed it was done by the FBI.

      It is much more plausible that if anything was changed on the camera or the hard drive it was done by Keith or his slave minions

  • Why must Kevin vilify Sarah in order to stand up for Danielle?

    That’s not the only path to advocacy for Danielle.

    It’s as if Kevin believes there are limited spots for any female ever involved in this Nxivm cult to to be deserving of compassion or respect.

    And they must mud wrestle for the ein!

    They can’t all make it onto the lifeboat! Ha ha. Limited seating.

    Only 1 or 2 worthy ladies will survive

    It’s always suspicious when the alleged champion of particular women feels they must demonize other specific women in order to achieve their goal

    It’s quite bitchy, actually.

    Must Sarah and Moira be dragged down in order to be on equal footing as Kevin’s apparent perception of Danielle’s lowly stature?

    That doesn’t speak well of his true opinion of Danielle.

    We’re not voting for prom queen.

    They can all be lovely women

    Kevin’s got a very vicious and misogynistic agenda disguised unsuccessfully as some saviour mission

    • Every single thing you said about me is how I feel about Sarah, which is why I dislike her. Replace my name with hers, and you get the truth.

      If Sarah wants to make movies or give speeches or whatever it is she does, fine, none of my business. But to use your lifeboat analogy, she’s the one in control of the lifeboats, and rationed them out based on each former members’ loyalty to her, and not their actual level of involvement.

      That’s why Lauren Salzman can run her dog grooming business in peace, and why Danielle can’t do any job without her employer receiving harassing calls. Because Sarah unilaterally gave Lauren a lifeboat, and unilaterally denied one to Danielle. Not based on what they did or their roles in the organizations, but based on their associations and commitment to Sarah.

      That Lauren was accused of falsely imprisoning a minor, hey, no big deal in Sarah’s eyes. I mean, I’m sure she knew nothing about it. That happened in Albany, and Sarah never went to Albany. Except all of the times she did, like in the baby shower pictures of Allison giving Sarah a “what happens in Albany” outfit for the baby.

      First or second most successful recruiter in company history, owner of the Vancouver center that recruited the celebrities, including Allison, but hey, what could she have known?

      What is 10C?

    • “Kevin’s got a very vicious and misogynistic agenda disguised unsuccessfully as some saviour mission”
      They can all be worthy

      Kevin might be Kevin Clyne, Nicki Clyne’s long lost cousin.
      Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne in 2017 went to enjoy a theater performance by Kevin Clyne.

    • I wish Moira would read a NYT article telling how baby food is tainted with toxins WAY over the legal limit. Perhaps the FDA should be looked at as well. Yet Gerber never recalled theirs. That would make a a True Hero.

  • Re “There are good and bad people on both sides of this. Many of the people who have been punished are not bad people. Many legitimately bad people have not been punished.”

    People are convicted of criminal offenses. Maybe they are good people in other respects like good friends, colleagues or neighbors etc.. But all that doesn’t count for what else they are considered when they commit crimes.

  • Sigh.

    No one had “authority’ in the organization. Except Keith. It was all made-up silliness with sashes. Not a military operation.

    Sarah was not well known pre NYT and you.know it. Because you make fun of her career. In the same rant. (Classy move btw Jealous much?) After falsely claiming it was Sarah’s popularity that drove the criminal case.

    You hate Sarah so much that you cannot even form coherent arguments. Lol

    Don’t forget the spurious claim that Sarah’s children are in grave jeopordy while in her loving care. Really show all of who you are, “Kevin”.

    Throw it ALLLLL at the blog. See what sticks. Kristen Gillebrand? Why not?! Ha ha ha. Yes. Make it political! Yes. Hit those buzzzy wordz! Hee hee

    Yes! Go culture wars! Ha ha. The mainstream media evil NYT. Ha ha. Get ’em. Hit ALL those popular targets. Try to manipulate people.

    You CAN do this, dead-ender. Why not Obama? Hillary? It must be connected to them too! Yes! Yes!

    And finally. OF COURSE! The fake tampering claims. God. It must have been so hard to write and comment thus far but sit on your true passion and main objective until now. Lol

    Not quite playing the long game. Too messy and over eager. But more restraint then past attempts to seem objective and not a personally invested dead-ender.

    IS “Moira literally telling me”? Or are YOU trying to tell me what Moira is “telling me”? By really editorializing and interpreting her words for me?

    And I do not think you know what the word “literally” means.

    I can do my own thinking. Thanks

    None. Of. What. You. Wrote. Matters. It. Won’t. Change. A. Thing

    But Moira Penza matters. She actually matters. That must kill you

    If you want to leave personal lives personal, then why are you monitoring what Moira does in her off time? She can be friends with whomever she wants. Penza can go on podcasts, you dolt.

    This is fucking America. Stop trying to curb personal freedoms. Commie

    Lol. See? Anyone can play that buzzzy game

    Podcast! That reminds me…

    Whatever happened to Suneel’s blog? That ended quite quickly. Lol

    • You don’t think it’s strange that the lead Attorney who prosecuted people for participating in what she called a “sex cult” also spends time with and associates with other members of that same organization? Members who had substantial rank and made substantial income from what Penza herself identified as a “sex cult?” Not even just a little bit strange?

      A US Senator from the fourth biggest state in the country has a father who represented what is considered by mainstream media as a criminal organization and sex cult. But it didn’t make the news, not once. You don’t think that’s strange, not even a little bit?

      According to Frank himself, via interviews with Heidi Hutchinson, KR was sneaking into the bedrooms of underage girls since the 80s. Heidi’s sister, and others, killed themselves. KR wasn’t on anyone’s radar until 2017, when Agent Penza read about Sarah’s brand in the NYT. That’s not strange? Not even a little bit?

      I’m not defending KR or the organization. I’m asking why something wasn’t done about it sooner if he and it were so bad. If they are as bad as advertised, then NYS police, Albany police, and the FBI are filthy for having allowed this to go on, especially after the guy made a legally binding agreement not to operate another company with MLM characteristics.

      Why does this point bother you if you’re against KR and NXIVM? Because it goes beyond the bubble of “good guys/bad guys” and requires some critical thinking skills beyond a fourth grade level?

      You take the position that KR was the only authority in the organization when it comes to Sarah, but not when it comes to anyone else. So everyone else is responsible for their actions, but not Sarah, because she’s held to a lower standard despite having had a higher rank. That’s a strange position to take unless you’re in her inner circle.

      I don’t mean to make fun of her for her acting roles. It’s a harder job and life than it appears to be. I respect anyone who’s ever worked in television or film, at any level, in any role. I make fun of her for making herself the authority on what’s right and wrong pertaining to the organization when she has no business pointing fingers at anyone outside of KR and the Salzmans, one of whom she forgives.

      The questions I ask are not strange, not difficult to understand, and not out of line. They are common sense questions that don’t seem to have any straightforward answers.

      Will you defend Agent Penza if she engaged in misconduct, and her misconduct results in a legitimately guilty predator being released? Because she took a short cut when more than enough clean evidence existed to win a conviction? Will you defend her then, because she’s exempt from the rules for being part of the right social circles?

  • When I was 7 years old and a PA on ‘Yelllowstone’ while being homeschooled and an intern in Moira’s office we watched the latest Jurasic Park movie that hadn’t been made yet. But I missed the end of the movie because I was deployed overseas. After I returned at 8 years old I began law school and 3rd grade. Moira was prosecuting the Nxivm case and I was very proud of her work. I would have attended the trial but I was on the International Space Station at the time. Catch me season of ‘You think you Can Dance’.

  • Keith was prosecuted for the United States.

    Not for Sarah Edmonson.

    That statement is such an ignorant misunderstanding of how the US legal system works that just the headline alone is a deterrent from reading the rest of this opinion piece.

    This is becoming the Kevin report not the Frank report.

    Too bad.

    • But it is a great debate. I like Sarah, and she has become a star. She did forgive Lauren, which was good. She did not forgive Danielle, which was her decision. I asked her if she would consider withdrawing her complaint. She told me she would if Danielle renounced Raniere. I told Danielle. She declined to renounce Raniere. This was prior to the medical board’s decision.

      • Something that applies to Danielle Roberts that she apparently can’t or won’t recognize.
        [My own words.]
        You don’t need to believe in conspirators and other enemies who will harm you if you don’t realize that your own actions will cause the greatest harm to yourself.

      • Frank
        Do you think Sarah (or Nippy) will ever discuss Danielle on her podcast? She has mentioned Lauren a few times already, but I have never heard her discuss Danielle. Do you think she feels any remorse about she got her license revoked?

        • I don’t know but I doubt Sarah has remorse that Danielle lost her license. I imagine Sarah feels she protected society from a woman who might do something wrong in the name of Keith Raniere.

          I do not share that belief. I think Danielle did not deserve to lose her license, but Sarah is entitled to her opinion. And in fairness she was the one who was branded.

        • Nope, its what made her famous
          Also, keeping her as a defendant in a HUGE money grab lawsuit even though the judge already ordered for K. Reniere to pay 2500.00 $ to each person who wished to have the brand removed. Only Lauren is worthy of her forgiveness, the one who invited her into the club.

        • “Do you think Sarah (or Nippy) will ever discuss Danielle on her podcast?”

          I haven’t listened,but I’m curious if they’ve ever discussed SOP. or GBD or Kreuk?

          • “I’m curious if they’ve ever discussed SOP. or GBD or Kreuk?”

            My guess, No, No and No

      • Stupid cult follower decision on Danielle’s part. Shows her real priorities. Danielle did use a cauterizing pen and brand Sarah’s pelvis with a cult leader’s initials without Sarah’s full knowledge or informed consent.

        Seems like a no brainer to say, “Sarah, I’m sorry for my part in what was done to you”. Maybe tell Sarah the truth about what exactly Danielle did or did not know about the brand

        And to renounce a child pornographer? A pedophile? A blackmailing abusive liar? Sheesh. That should be reflexive. Easy peasy That’s something Danielle should do for herself.

        But now Danielle gets to live with her choices. Hope it was worth it. You would think she’d lost enough because of following Keith Raniere. But Danielle keeps doubling down.

        • Thats kinda hard to do when your loosing your livelihood whilst be simultaneously sued in a lawsuit

          . Losing a company( not tied to any wrongdoing) btw
          and yet I bet she did apologize to Sarah if she felt wronged, although she had a different opinion of the meaning.

        • Re “Hope it was worth it.”

          [Just my personal opinion, I don’t know Danielle Roberts personally].
          My judgment is no. But I have other criteria for judging this. The criteria that Danielle Roberts has to decide that, I don’t know. I don’t even know if she’s thought about it at all.

          And it seems to me that she is still not thinking about it in light of what she has said and the behavior that she has exhibited to date. Danielle Roberts seems to think little at all about the consequences of her actions.

          If she were to do so, it would reveal to her an ominous chain of disastrous decisions she has made, the consequences of which she probably cannot bear to perceive. She can’t get over the loss of her medical license either, but somehow believes she will get it back. This must be wishful thinking or magical thinking, just like the belief in the magical powers Raniere is said to have possessed.

        • Maybe but thats pretty hard to do when someone goes to the NYT and says it took an hour of pain worse than childbirth when in reality it was about 7 minutes and from a posted video that someone posted of a guy doing a brand in Singapore thats pure fabrication so to trust Sarah in that moment yah I dont know.

          • Sarah didn’t want a brand. She was blackmailed. Sarah didn’t choose the design. Sarah didn’t choose to get Keith’s initials on her vagina. Sarah didn’t choose to be naked and held down in the ceremonial fashion like a sacrifice. And have it recorded for further blackmail. Sarah was told she had to get the brand after she had given very damaging blackmail material.

            It’s not the same scenario at all. Traumatic experiences and severe pain can seem like they last forever. At the end of childbirth you have a baby that you presumably wanted because you carried it for 9 months. Every day you ate and nurtured and exercised out of love and care for the human being growing inside of you.

            That really colors the experience of a painful birth and makes it something joyful. Being a nude slave who’s only there through coercive control in Allison’s condo in Albany smelling burning flesh and defiling your body in a way that you would never have chosen on your own there’s no resemblance to the experience of choosing to give birth.

            I can definitely see why one memory would be longer and more painful and traumatic and it would definitely be the branding. When you give birth if you choose to record it that’s your choice and your own private business. In the case of the branding they were being live streamed to Keith and then Sarah’s video was released to the media in Mexico another further violation of trust.

      • Sarah really likes having control over people. It’s almost as if she was a major recruiter and profiteer of a criminal racket, pyramid scheme, and cult.

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