Kevin Stop Fighting for Danielle; She Wants You Least of All

A commenter submitted the following. This commenter might be none other than Emma F. Stanton of Sacramento, CA.  Then again, she may not be Emma F. Stanton. But that’s what we will call her, and here is the picture of her FR selected. 

In her post, Emma refers to one of FR’s favorites, Kevin, a defender of Allison Mack and Danielle Roberts.  


Kevin’s Angry at Penza for Prosecuting Raniere for Sarah Edmondson

Kevin Says: Help Not Hurt Danielle Roberts

Dr. Roberts Life Ruined By Lack of Insight? – But Kevin Fights Back, Blames Edmondson

Guest View By Emma 

Danielle Roberts has stated categorically that she does not believe a man should come to the rescue of a woman.

But Kevin does.

He misunderstands who Danielle is and disrespects her lifetime vow, and her needs and desires.

Emma says Danielle does not want Kevin to defend her.  It is a form of chivalry that DOS women seek to abolish. 

The entire foundation of the DOS Master slave blackmail group was based on the premise that men should not rescue women as if they were princesses.

Keith Raniere’s idea is that all women are always looking for an excuse and a way out, and they need to stand on their own two feet and not expect men to come to their rescue or defense.

Keith Raniere taught that women are like fleas who jump from [male] host to [male] host, given a better opportunity. He wanted to empower women by making them his slaves, so they would not be fleas anymore.

Keith preached that women create a situation where they expect men to protect them and that it is unfair to men and women.

Keith Raniere practiced what he preached. When armed men came to his villa, he did not stand forward to defend Lauren Salzman. He hid in a spacious closet, permitting Lauren to face the men as the badass slave she was supposed to be. Sadly, she cowered at the sight of machine guns pointed at her head, acted as a flea. She gave up Keith. Then she hopped onto the host of the prosecution and went against the man who had tried to make her stop being an entitled princess, and a flea. 

The concept that men should not come to a woman’s defense is one that Danielle has bought into completely. She was willing to lose her medical license over her beliefs.

She embraced and committed herself to the principle that women should not rely on men to come to their aid in any way

Danielle feels this concept was worth lying about and cauterizing her friends’ vaginal area with Keith’s initials.

It was Keith’s brilliant plan to have Danielle brand women with his initials. But so clever was he that he made sure the women did not know. They could not know, because they were not supposed to know that he was the secret head of the secret sorority. 

It’s against Danielle’s wishes for someone like Kevin to appear and act like he is the dragon slayer that will protect Danielle.

She is not a helpless entitled princess.

Kevin does not respect or understand this woman’s wishes and boundaries.

The Dossier Project women criticize women who have a man come to their defense and act as their protector.

Danielle would not want to be a hypocrite and have Kevin ride in like Captain Save-A-Hoe in shining armor on a white steed to rescue Danielle like an infantilized princess.

Be cautious with men who act like your daddy and act as if they know better than any woman about what she wants and needs. Especially when the woman has made it clear in such a documented, thorough manner, as Danielle has, that they do not want or need the man’s assistance.

At best, these men cripple and control a woman’s agency. At worst, they are abusive and dangerous.

Kevin should not try to be chivalrous, because the DOS slaves have their own code of honor.



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  • RE Kevin’s Affect & Effect on Danielle Roberts:

    Congratulations to Kevin!

    Danielle Roberts has been encouraged to exercise her Second Amendment Rights. Due solely to Kevin’s ardor.

    To Danielle,
    I want to inform you, on RedEdit, Kevin dedicated the song
    Lady in Red to you.

    Kevin is a helpless romantic.

  • Poor Kevin is just drooling over those yoga pictures of Dr. Roberts. I wonder if Suneel ever wiped her bottom like he did for Clare.

    • Being an Ass-wipe was an honored position. Fact.

      The Groom of the Stool was a male servant in the household of the English monarch who was responsible for assisting the king in his toileting needs.[5] It is a matter of some debate as to whether the duties involved cleaning the king’s anus, but the groom is known to have been responsible for supplying a bowl, water and towels and also for monitoring the king’s diet and bowel movements[6] and liaising with the Royal Doctor about the king’s health.[

      In the Tudor era
      By the Tudor age, the role of Groom of the Stool was fulfilled by a substantial figure, such as Hugh Denys (d. 1511) who was a member of the Gloucestershire gentry, married to an aristocratic wife, and who died possessing at least four manors. The function was transformed into that of a virtual minister of the royal treasury, being then an essential figure in the king’s management of fiscal policy.[9][10][11]

      In the early years of Henry VIII’s reign, the title was awarded to court companions of the king who spent time with him in the privy chamber. These were generally the sons of noblemen or important members of the gentry. In time they came to act as virtual personal secretaries to the king, carrying out a variety of administrative tasks within his private rooms. The position was an especially prized one, as it allowed unobstructed access to the king.[12]: 42  David Starkey writes: “The Groom of the Stool had (to our eyes) the most menial tasks; his standing, though, was the highest … Clearly then, the royal body service must have been seen as entirely honourable, without a trace of the demeaning or the humiliating.”[13] Further, “the mere word of the Gentleman of the Privy Chamber was sufficient evidence in itself of the king’s will”, and the Groom of the Stool bore “the indefinable charisma of the monarchy”.

      The Groom of the Stool continued in England till 1901

  • Isn’t Keith Raniere “an entitled princess and a flea”? He lets others defend him, and especially women, for everything that he himself is responsible for.

    Also, he is just like a flea, a parasite, taking advantage of others and sucking them dry like a parasitic flea. He constantly lies and makes excuses like an entitled princess so that badass women like Lauren and Nicki and men like Suneel will save him. Keith Raniere never takes the blame or bears the responsibility.

    He always blames others and others are always supposed to take responsibility for everything. What he projects onto others is himself. A reflection of his own behavior. His accusations of entitled princess on others is just a distraction for his own behavior.

    • Addendum
      I forgot to write that Raniere is also an extraordinary coward. He is the opposite of bad ass. And what an irony it is, given Keith Raniere’s entire life, that he has always been a great coward. His feigned grandiosity is in reality just a pitiful mirage of lies and deception. This is what constantly characterizes the entire life of Keith Raniere in a continuum.

  • If only Kevin’s name was Keith, then the women would forget all that they were taught about a man knowing better. After all, it was a man named Keith who told them that women are entitled little princesses who need to work through and overcome their inner deficiencies, especially the one of not keeping their word, which this same man created a sorority where he sat at the top to help them do.

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