Kassenoff’s Family Court Lawyer Doesn’t Believe She’s Crazy, in Hiding or Faked Her Death

The opponents of Catherine have two theories.

She was crazy so Allan Kassenoff was right and is vindicated. The proof of her mental illness is that she killed herself.

The second theory is that there is an ongoing investigation into her whereabouts, suggesting she is in hiding. It was a hoax suicide, which was to destroy her husband more than to see her children.

One of our anonymous readers, a gent we shall call ‘Stan C. Tine,’ clearly believes Catherine Kassenoff is alive and faked her death.

Stan C. Tine, as imagined by the editors with help from Night Cafe AI image generator.

Stan wrote to Frank Report:

Frank, you call yourself an “investigative reporter”.

What investigations have you made? Or, do you merely republish defamatory, unverified, and unreliable misinformation?

For example, you did note that one of Catherine’s own Dropbox documents was a one page letter from Dr. Colin Brewer, who represented himself as a psychiatrist in London who interviewed Catherine on THREE occasions.

However, she only included the report dated April 9, 2023, although he said he wrote reports in September 2022 and January 2023….

Clearly, Catherine contemplated MAS [medically assisted suicide] as early as September 2022.  Yet nobody was made aware of it, or of her allegedly terminal diagnosis.

Did you try to verify Catherine’s medical records to determine if there was such a diagnosis?

Did you try to contact her New York psychiatrist of the last two years, Stephanie Brandt, M.D. New York, New York?

Catherine published her contact information in her Dropbox documents.

Did you note that Dr. Brandt wrote to Judge Susan Capeci on May 9, 2023, a mere 18 days before Catherine’s alleged suicide? Did you not think it odd that a psychiatrist who said she had been treating Catherine for two years did not mention her patient had a terminal illness and contemplated suicide for at least eight months before the letter?

Did you contact her attorney, Evan Wiederkehr of White Plains, New York, whom Catherine praises in her suicide letter, and who wrote to Judge Capeci on May 9. He makes no mention of his client being terminally ill, and seeking MAS. Wouldn’t you think that an attorney seeking to persuade a judge to allow his client to spend time with her children, knowing that his client had a limited time to live, would have brought that to the court’s attention?

FR’s Response:

Following up on Stan’s valuable suggestion, Frank Report contacted Evan Wiederkehr, who was Catherine Kassenoff’s last attorney of record in her family court case.

FR asked the attorney if he knew if Catherine Kassenoff proceeded with her plan of assisted suicide in Switzerland.

Wiederkehr said he believed she did. He has not heard from her since the day she announced her intention to do so on May 27.

Catherine notified him and others by email of her plans.

Wiederkehr said, “I found out about her plans at the same time as about a dozen people found out.”

Before that, he said, she never mentioned assisted suicide to him.

He viewed the likely separation from her children “as her legitimate motivation” to end her life.

Officially, Catherine’s divorce and custody case is still active with the court. Once the court is assured she ‘expired,’ the case will be “treated as if it never happened,” Wiederkehrsaid.

Evan Wiederkehr was Catherine Kassenoff’s last attorney in her family court case.

Wiederkehr said he believed Catherine’s final communication to him and others was “honest.”

“I believe she followed through,” he said. “I am letting this process play out and will do everything in my power to provide continued protection under the circumstances. It is obviously a unique and unfortunate set of facts.”

Asked if he ever knew Catherine to lie or be manipulative, he said he did not. “I find [lying and manipulation to be] inconsistent with what I knew her to be during our time working together. I never found her to be someone who would be dishonest. That was never my impression.”

Asked if he thought she was mentally unstable, he said: “I did not find her to appear to have any symptoms of mental illness.”

Wiederkehr said he last saw Catherine in the “middle of May.”

She did not tell him that her cancer had come back. [She had cancer twice before – in 2008 and 2017].

Asked if she appeared physically sick when he saw her in May, Wiederkehr replied, “I was not left with that impression.”



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  • “… As the judge plowed ahead, a court clerk stood up, stretched her arms and declared:

    “Today is the day from hell.”

    New York City’s Family Court system seems perennially in a state of crisis. It’s been the subject of some reform effort or other for decades. And though there has been some progress recently — in 2015, for instance, the legislature authorized the hiring of nine new judges — those who work in it every day say the workload in family court still overwhelms its resources. Today, not counting magistrates and referees, there are only 56 full-time judges available to help process the more than 200,000 cases that lurch through it every year.

    To walk its corridors is to see the consequences of delay and dysfunction in real time. Waiting areas are crowded; screaming matches and fistfights break out regularly. City-paid attorneys hustle with armfuls of records from court to client and back again, taking minutes to learn the details of new and old cases alike. Judges are equally pressed for time. Hearings are rushed; essential parties are often absent. It’s loud. It’s cramped. File rooms have been converted to courtrooms, windowless and dimly lit. …”


    • Leaving ultra orthodox Jewish community. One of us. What happens to people and mothers when they try to leave the faith. Human rights.

  • Trafficking in “family courts” ... trafficking in The Ukraine ... trafficking viruses and mRNA ... it’s all the same. says:

    “Hi guys, over last 10 days I became severely ill again homebound unable to do much. My body is too weak to fight this illness so I made a decision to end my life at Pegasos association in Switzerland. I was diagnosed with untreatable chronic neurological illness ME/CFS caused by booster jab on top of having suspected respiratory ALS.”… The booster jab I received over a year ago destroyed my health, my body, and my life completely. There is no other way to end my suffering other than the decision I made.”


  • All of these people close to Catherine “believe” she went through with it. Not one of them has a shred of evidence confirming it. A bit odd don’t you think?

  • I believe this whole sad matter could be resolved amicably if all relevant parties (including judges and attorneys) agreed to meet with Suneel for a group behind wiping.

  • Frank, thank you for continuing to report this. The Family Court machine bubble is bursting thanks to you. And Allan and S’s team are looking as abusive as Catherine alleged. Allan and the gfs crazy family could have left things at a high minded PR statement or two- especially since they clearly had professional help for their one official Gus statement- and dropped it. But they’ve tried to bury her, as they did in life.

    Please don’t stop reporting. Thank you

  • Casual sex and sperm banks only.

    Don’t marry men from closed, misogynistic communities who will think you can be wiped and replaced with one of their own when the time comes.

    Hope to see Allan Kassenoff and Gus Dimopoulos in jail very soon.

      • Lee, when you typed “antisemitism”, what did you mean?

        Semitism doesn’t mean: “immorality”. “Antisemitism” doesn’t mean anti-immoral behaviors.
        According to Wikipedia, “Semites, Semitic peoples or Semitic cultures is an obsolete term for an ethnic, cultural or racial group.”

        According to Britannica, semitism is in reference to “a name given in the 19th century to a member of any people who speak one of the Semitic languages, a family of languages spoken primarily in parts of western Asia and Africa. The term therefore came to include Arabs, Akkadians, Canaanites, Hebrews, some Ethiopians (including the Amhara and the Tigrayans), and Aramaean tribes. Although Mesopotamia, the western coast of the Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Horn of Africa have all been proposed as possible sites for the prehistoric origins of Semitic-speaking populations, there remains no archaeological or scientific evidence of a common Semitic people.”

        Discussing specific behaviors of individuals instead of painting groups of individuals with one broad outdated brush would be more helpful, right?

  • I hope she is hiding, and does not have cancer again, she does not need to die for this cause, or even out of grief over missing/losing her children. Hopefully she will be reunited with her kids one day in the future. But if she has passed, may her memory be a blessing to those who loved her.

    • Because when she was alive anyone cared to do anything?
      No. It inconvenienced their lives so no one helped her!
      No one!!

      It took this for the entire country to start seeing the crimes against mothers!!!!

      Shut up!!!

      Let her be in peace!!!

  • This whole situation is sad. My opinion based on the limited material we have seen is that both parents had faults and were acting like children rather than taking care of their children. However if Katherine has passed it’s tragic- but even more tragic that it can’t be confirmed and her children are left in turmoil not knowing. Every day they don’t know must be agony, so something doesn’t add up. Why make your children guess on a Facebook post?

    • The point is sure both parents had faults. That doesn’t mean Allan should have ended up with sole custody of the children and Catherine relegated to indefinite supervised visitation and her relationship with the children she cared for since birth severed. She wasn’t even allowed to respond to text messages, emails, or phone calls from the kids.

    • Sarah , I think it’s a safe bet Catherine is past one. The point to the whole situation is that the courts are injust. A father is given custody over a mother. Even if they both had acted poorly. The poor actions of the mother pushed to the edge by an abusive husband/father. Something has to give. The people are not going to rest until something is done about family court.

  • I think the PR machine from the husband has been full speed. They have been watching movies and they have come out with strange theories. She is not dead…she is hiding…she is having a rum with coke in a spa….the kids are doing wonderful..everything is perfect…the girlfriend has connected with the children…the woman is mental…etc etc. Just disgusting!!!! If they keep quiet they would look better, just a Spanish saying

    • “If they keep quiet they would look better.“ — the nice way of saying what I’ve been thinking about their slimy passive aggressive, overtly aggressive, manipulative, absolutely detestable comments. 😖

      • Um no it’s not. According to the clinic Catherine went to, the funeral home picks you up and ashes are available to next of kin in 5 days.

        • Maybe 🤔. The ashes are all over Switzerland. It’s a safe bet she wasn’t going to leave them for Allan.

          • But having her ashes scattered privately and secretively wouldn’t complete her dramatic and tragic narrative. No matter who you believe, it doesn’t make a bit of sense.

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