The Tipster: People who remain in ESP are douchebags (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

A lot of people are speaking about how people still in this are brainwashed, hypnotized and drinking the Kool-aid.
I want to offer another possibility for some of these people.  Specifically, that they are disgusting, immoral, unethical douchebags.  (I think Society of Protectors High Counsel Member James Del Negro just heard his name being called. But he’s not alone here).
When you have people who were at the top of ESP getting out despite being heavily entrenched (we all know who these people are), then there’s no real excuse for MOST other people other than that they are fucking douchebags.
SOP Fuckheads, I’m speaking to you.  You have no excuse.  You’ve seen the data.  It’s all been written.  And you are choosing to stay in.  What the fuck is the matter with you?
DOS women, I know some of you have collateral against you.  But you will never be free unless you do something right now.  We all know Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman are disgusting people inside and out, but if you are choosing to stay in, you are making a horrible decision yourselves.  You can get out and there’s a group of us that will protect you.  Keith can’t use collateral.  It’ll prove this was all blackmail.  He has only nefarious plans for all of you.  It’s going to get way way worse.  Welcome to hell.
As to those of you at VWEEK, are you retarded?  Have you lost your fucking minds?  Or are you just stupid and unethical?  Which is it?  This situation is pretty black and white.  You have selected to be part of a sociopath’s Dystopian company.  Things will only get worse.  How many times has he ventured out of his hobbit hole?  He doesn’t give a flying fuck about your time or that you are there to celebrate him.  He cares about fucking and faux domination.
Here’s what you are voting for by staying around this motherfucker:
–  pedophilia  (many very strong allegations)
–  fraud (of all types)
–  rape (several strong allegations)
–  potentially murder (there’s definitely smoke here, we’re investigating if there’s fire)
–  blackmail
–  potentially wrongful death, if not worse
Jesus Christ, when you read that list, are you not horrified at what you might be standing for morons?  This isn’t a joke.  You aren’t part of a motivational group or a virtuous company changing the world; you are part of a social experiment by a psychopath.  And you are playing into everything brilliantly.
Those of you still in it, you need to wake the fuck up.  You aren’t virtuous.  You are stupid but not unredeemable.  Get out.  You can join the ever expanding group taking down the psychotic hobbit.  We will win.  And when we do, you will hate yourself for not getting out sooner,
Here’s my suggestions:
1)  Grow some balls and get out.
2)  Grow some brains and get out.
3)  Hit yourself in the head with a hammer until you have some sense in you to get out.
Otherwise, you are a disgusting, immoral, unethical douchebag.  Is that really what you want to be?





Muchas personas están hablando sobre cómo personas todavía en esto son un lavado de cerebro, hipnotizado y beber el Kool-aid.

Quiero ofrecer otra posibilidad para algunas de estas personas.  En concreto, que son asqueroso, inmoral, poco ético douchebags.  (Creo que escuchar su nombre llamándose sociedad de protectores de alta abogado miembro James Del Negro. Pero él no está solo aquí).

Cuando tienes personas que se encontraban en la parte superior de la ESP salir a pesar de pesadamente ser atrincheradas (todos sabemos que estas personas son), entonces no hay ninguna excusa real para mayoría de los demás personas de que están follando douchebags.

Fuckheads de SOP, me refiero a usted.  No tienes excusa.  Has visto los datos.  Todo se dice.  Y usted está eligiendo permanecer en el.  ¿Qué coño es la materia con usted?

DOS mujeres, sé que algunos de ustedes tienen garantías contra usted.  Pero usted nunca será libre si no haces algo ahora.  Todos sabemos Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman y Clare Bronfman son personas repugnantes dentro y por fuera, pero si elige permanecer en, usted está tomando una decisión horrible ustedes mismos.  Puede salir y hay un grupo de nosotros que te protegerá.  Keith no puede utilizar la garantía.  A probar que esto fue chantaje todos.  Tiene sólo planes malvados para todos ustedes.  Va a empeorar en cierto modo.  Bienvenido al infierno.

¿En cuanto a aquellos de ustedes en VWEEK, se retardado?  ¿Has perdido tu puta mente?  ¿O simplemente estúpido y poco ético?  ¿Que es?  Esta situación es bastante blanca y negro.  Se han seleccionado para formar parte de sociedad distópica de un sociópata.  Las cosas sólo empeorarán.  ¿Cuantas veces ha aventurado fuera de su agujero hobbit?  Él no da una mierda volando sobre su tiempo o que usted está allí para celebrar le.  Él se preocupa por puta y falsa de la dominación.

 Esto es lo está votando por permanecer alrededor de este hijo de puta:

-pedofilia (muchas denuncias muy fuertes)
-fraude (de todos los tipos)
-violación (varias denuncias fuertes)
-potencialmente asesinato (hay humo definitivamente aquí, estamos investigando si hay fuego)
-muerte potencialmente injusta, si no peor

¿Jesucristo, al leer esa lista, es usted no horrorizados por usted podría pie para imbéciles?  Esto no es una broma.  No eres parte de un grupo motivacional o una sociedad virtuosa, cambiar el mundo; eres parte de un experimento social por un psicópata.  Y estás jugando en todo brillante.

Aquellos de ustedes todavía en él, necesita despertar carajo.  No son virtuosos.  Usted es estúpido pero no comercial.  Salte.  Usted puede unirse al grupo cada vez mayor tomar abajo el hobbit psicótico.  Vamos a ganar.  Y cuando lo hacemos, a odiar para no salir más pronto,

Aquí está mi sugerencia:

1) crecen algunas bolas y salir.

2) crecen algunos cerebros y salir.

3) golpeó a sí mismo en la cabeza con un martillo hasta que tenga algún sentido en ti para poder salir.

De lo contrario, usted es un douchebag asqueroso, inmoral, poco ético.  ¿Es realmente lo que quieres ser?

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Doesnt matter
Doesnt matter
6 years ago

Some of them will never leave. A relative of mine was introduced to this right out of school. She never went to college, has no marketable skillset except being a “coach” for this cult. She cannot fund nor function the lifestyle she is used to by leaving this cult. She’s obviously being paid a lot of money to fund her current lifestyle. Now in her 40’s, if she were to leave.. who would pay her bills?

Update on NXIT
Update on NXIT
6 years ago

Don’t lose the faith. People are leaving, it’s taking them time to process what’s happening. Two very wealthy and influential members just bolted in the last couple of days. There will be many more to follow.

You Are Forever Lost
You Are Forever Lost
6 years ago

Sometimes you just have to say it like it is. Thank you Tipster for laying out the bottom line. A lot of the still in brainwashed will disregard this with all their Vanguard induced excuses but anyone still in is really, really lost.

I mean WTF?! If you are at VWeek and you haven’t left yet it’s sort of over for you. The type of Misogyny, violence, and abuse you aren’t just supporting – your are supporting with big ass bells on enthusiastically like a marching parade.

How do you ever come back from that in this life? You probably don’t. It’s sad to watch so many people take a nose dive into the depths of conscienceless action. It’s not just sad, it’s painful to watch. Maybe some of you will crawl out and back into a life of caring and morality someday, but probably not.

It’s more likely you’ll spiral into insanity and justification spending your days obliterating your feelings. Forever more.

You are lost.

6 years ago

the younger you are the more likely you will be able to bounce back and recover. I got sober when i was 29 and have been so for 27+ years. At first, I labeled myself as a recovering alcoholic and those not in recovery were
labeled as civilians. In my early days of recovery, I thought I had a scarlet A on my forehead and I would never be able to function normally or fit in, I had to change my thinking and i finally realized I could function in the real world without alcohol and other party favors. In fact once the crap was out of my system I realized I had choices I never had when drinking and drugging and I thrived. My point is, if there are those who feel stuck in ESP/NX and they do not see how they can emerge and create a new life, I call Bullshit. Barbara Bouchey did it. Kristin Keeffe did it and she was in up to her eyebrows from the Consumers Buy-line days. We civilians will accept you, it may take time to repair broken relationships with your family members and friends you have ignored for your current family of choice but with therapy and time you can rebuild those relationships and learn to trust again. It will be hard work but I assure you from my own experience with addiction you will know a new freedom and new joy that is totally free from your current brainwashed and mind controlled state. For the DOS slaves who have posted collateral, Fuck It even if it was to be released most people wouldn’t bat an eyelash or care. Most of us civilians, have seen some strange shit in our orbits around the sun. If i involves children or animals than perhaps you better consult an attorney, but speaking for myself it will take a lot to shock me and probably a lot of other people too. For the SOP elders or whatever the fuck you call yourselves, alas there is no hope for your misogynistic selves and subjugation of women. You all deserve to go down like the fucktard we have running this country, but I digress.

In the meantime, the layers of the NX onion will continue to be peeled away and exposed on this blog. I have a feeling that the shit is going to get ugly for Keith, Nancy and Clare very shortly. Remember, the first one who talks gets the best deal so there may be hope for Allison Mack or Lauren Salzmann ( if she can throw their mother under the bus).

6 years ago

“You are the company you keep.”

The longer you stay with a douche-bag, the more you become one.

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