‘Ultimate Sacrifice!’ Attorney: ‘It Was Fitting Catherine Kassenoff Killed Herself on Memorial Day Weekend

It has been 26 days since Catherine Youssef Kassenoff announced by email and Facebook that she would end her life in Switzerland at an unnamed assisted suicide clinic.

The date was May 27.

Did Catherine, a lawyer and mother of three, embroiled in a 4-year-long divorce and custody fight, go through with her plan?

Some think it is a hoax and that she staged the announcement to gain sympathy for her getting the right to see her children and ruin the reputation of her battling husband-attorney Allan Kassenoff.

Since Catherine’s announcement, Allan has resigned from his reportedly $1 million per year job as the premier patent litigator with the mammoth law firm Greenberg Traurig.

Catherine had at least three attorneys working closely with her when she purportedly ended her life in Switzerland.

Family Law Attorney Believes

Evan Wiederkehr — Catherine Kassenoff’s attorney in her family court case…

Evan Wiederkehr was her family law attorney. FR interviewed Weiderkehr, who told FR he “believed” Catherine followed through with her assisted suicide plan; that she was mentally competent in his opinion and not a deceptive person.

He last heard from her on May 27, learning of her plan from an email she sent, he said.

Catherine’s Wiretap Lawsuit Lawyer Believes

Attorney Harold Burke represented Catherine in a lawsuit against her husband Allan…

FR spoke to attorney Harold Burke, who represents Catherine in a federal lawsuit against Allan and his attorney Constantine ‘Gus’ Dimopoulus for, among other causes, violating 18 USC § 2511 – “The Wiretap Act.”

Catherine alleged Allan intentionally intercepted, and Dimopoulus disclosed, Catherine’s private texts and emails.

The federal Wiretap Act provides for criminal and civil penalties. Catherine is suing for civil damages. It is unknown if there is a criminal investigation or active grievance with the bar association against Allan or Dimopoulus.

Gus Dimopoulos

Catherine alleges Allan spied on her texts and emails for years after secretly obtaining her password through deception.
Catherine found out when Dimopoulus placed selective and embarrassing texts of Catherine into court filings in 2019, at the time Allan was seeking a divorce.

By spying – though illegal – on his wife’s emails and texts, Allan gained an advantage over her in family court since he saw confidential emails between her and her attorney and knew in advance their legal plans.

Attorney Burke told FR that he “believes” Catherine is deceased.

On June 5, he wrote to US District Judge Kenneth M. Karas, who is presiding on the wiretap case, asking for four weeks to confirm Catherine is deceased.

Burke wrote, “I last spoke with my client approximately 25 minutes after she transmitted her May 27 message. She confirmed that she was proceeding with the plan she had outlined in the email. Approximately 20 minutes into the call, the line disconnected, and my efforts to re-establish contact were unsuccessful. I have not heard from her since and to the best of my knowledge and information neither has anyone else.

“Next, while my client did not disclose her specific location during my calls with her, I know that she was outside the United States…

“The name and location of the specific facility, while suspected, has not been confirmed… under Swiss law, patient-related information, including confirmation of death, is subject to… local disclosure procedures.

“In accordance with US Department of State procedures, efforts have been undertaken to have the appropriate United States Consulate confirm her death…

“At this time, I have no reason to suspect or believe that Catherine Kassenoff is alive but I must concede that I cannot verify that she has died…”

Dr. Brewer Thinks She Did It

Dr. Colin Brewer strikes a happy pose. The longtime advocate for people having the right to die with dignity at the time and place of their choosing has been heavily criticized in the past. He is now more and more viewed as a pioneer for an essential human right…

While Burke did not say what Swiss facility he believed she went to end her life, FR contacted Dr. Colin Brewer, a psychiatrist in London who examined Catherine for mental competency to qualify her for assisted suicide.

Dr. Brewer told Frank Report that he understood she had an appointment with Pegasos in Basel, Switzerland.

Dr. Brewer said, “I wasn’t there at the time, but I have absolutely no reason to think that Mrs. Kassenoff is not dead and is actually hiding out in a remote Alpine hut, making plans for a dramatic reappearance or making a new life for herself under an assumed name. Nor can I imagine that Pegasos would risk its reputation and perhaps even its continued existence by facilitating such a deception.”

Pegasos uses intravenous transfusion for patients seeking to end their life. A doctor inserts the cannula into the person’s arm, but the person seeking death must activate the drip delivering the fatal drug.

Personal Attorney, Wayne Baker Believes

Attorney Wayne Baker….

FR spoke with Catherine’s personal attorney, Wayne Baker.
Baker is convinced Catherine went through with her plan.

He worked with Catherine when both were prosecutors for the Department of Justice  for the Eastern District of New York.

FR asked Baker if he had any dispositive evidence of her death.

Baker told FR:

“Catherine called me when she was there [at the Swiss facility]. I spoke with her on a few occasions, including the night before.

“I tried to talk her out of it, but I realized she concluded the court would never allow her to be who she was, the mother of her children.

“Catherine saw this fight was hurting her girls tremendously, and she didn’t want them to continue to have the constant stress and daily involvement in this never-ending divorce proceeding.

“Catherine was at peace with her decision and felt free for the first time in years from the legal bombardments she was subjected to.

“It was fitting that she killed herself on Memorial Day weekend, because she made the ultimate sacrifice for her children so they wouldn’t be part of this ridiculous fight any longer.

“It was obvious to her that Allan was going to get the kids and do whatever he could to stop her from having any contact with them.

“Why drag it out any longer?

“I am convinced she went forward with her plan. I’ll stake my reputation on the fact that she is deceased.

“Obviously, I have not heard from her since.

“Catherine released an email explaining what she was doing and why she was going through with it. She was a person of her word.

“My understanding is that when a US citizen dies overseas, the country where the death occurs investigates and confirms the death, issues a death certificate, and provides it to the US authorities.

“When official notification comes through the State Department, to the extent people question whether she went forward with her plan, Catherine’s word will be vindicated.”


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    • Many more than just thousands of children suffered from the total onslaught on families and children in “family courts” around the world since the 1970s and 80s.

      America and the world were hit with Kinsey’s poison in the 1950s – 60s. In the 1980s, Gardner hit about twenty nations with his poison. After he stabbed himself in the chest several times, many “AFCC” networks took over the task of promoting his work.

      If anyone has a copies of “Dr.” Richard Gardner’s world tour itineraries in the 1980s, please post them. He might have started his “Purposeful Destruction of Children and Families via Family Courts Tour” effort with initial contacts in Germany sometime in the 1960s – 70s.

      Kinsey had his staff working with Nazis in Germany. Kinsey traveled to see Aleister Crowley’s “sex cult den”, where he met with Kenneth Anger. Mr. Anger had the word “LUCIFER” tattooed on his chest. Gardner followed Kinsey’s philosophies which have been “family court” philosophies since the 1970s – 80s.

      A few of the twenty or so nations hit with Gardner’s “Parental Alienation Syndrome” set-up eventually flipped millions of abused children away from normal, protective parents to abnormal, abusive parents in for-profit child custody courts in: Canada, America, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Israel, New Zealand …

  • There are many court players commenting. As well as Allan and his girlfriend. They are all heavily invested in covering things up. There is also a group of abusive men who continue to want to cover the courts. Stay strong ladies and gentlemen who are the victims. Full steam ahead. Keep exposing the truth. Don’t let the people who are clogging up the comments distract you.

    • … okay, so what what is a conspiracy anyway?

      So I looked, I looked in the American Heritage Dictionary, Fifth Edition, and it says a conspiracy is: “an agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful or subversive act“. It’s also a group of conspirators. The other one was “an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action”.


    • There’s no coverup. Only coverup is people like u pretending to know the case and covering up what an awful person Catherine was. Allan and his girlfriend should be commended on their silence as they seem to be the only ones who care about the girls. None of you are helping the girls by destroying their father so he can’t take care of them. Nice work. You should be proud….not

  • To me the big story here is not corrupt courts but how quickly TikTok misinformation can whip up an angry mob out for blood.

    Most of the angry people seem to be under the false impression that Catherine was dying of cancer when Allan spoke to her as he did in the videos. That’s just one of the many lies.

    • She’d had cancer, and either had already had radical double mastectomy, or would soon. Her cancers were most likely related to/ caused by hormone treatments she took to conceive two of her children. What kind of man does all of this this to the mother of his children? Who has gone through cancer, to give him biological offspring, who does this?

      • “She’d had cancer, and either had already had radical double mastectomy, or would soon”

        Her friend said she went through chemo. There was never any mention of a mastectomy.

        “Her cancers were most likely related to/ caused by hormone treatments she took to conceive two of her children.”

        She started the hormone treatment after the first cancer. Also, she won a settlement for having cancer related to 9/11. Not her fertility treatments.

        • I don’t have all the facts, but I did read about the mastectomy. In any case, why would you respond to minimize her 2 cancers? Who does that?

          • Oh ok but it’s okay for someone to spin bullshit about the cancer as long as it makes Allan look bad. Truth doesn’t matter at all to you. I see.

          • This is not spinning bs, and he already looks bad, or are you blind? Nobody decent does this to the mother of their children!

          • “This is not spinning bs, and he already looks bad, or are you blind?”

            No, I see very clearly that you are perfectly happy for lies to keep going. You get upset about a truth when it doesn’t fit your narrative and prefer the lie. Typical of a pitchfork mob.

          • Dear Frank report consumer. , Frank and his friends have been banded for speech about the government. They are dangerously close to exposing the family court system. There are lots of government agencies with financial investments in the outcome of cases. Please expose in the comments. Frank is unable to do so.

    • Remember folks,

      The real story — the big story here — isn’t about corrupt family courts.

      It’s not about any crimes at all. It’s not about the crimes committed in the case. All the people angry about crimes committed against Catherine and her family are under “false impressions”. A kind of mass hypnosis, if you will.

      The people who don’t agree with me are losers. They’re all barefoot and probably went to Applebee’s for lunch today, paid with coupons and sang the Star Spangled Banner.

      Catherine never had cancer and Allan didn’t berate her. He didn’t yell at her and he never insulted her. He never hired Gus to destroy her because Gus isn’t “a hired gun”. And there aren’t “hired guns” anywhere! All of my comments are true and everything the other people write are lies. See how simple it is? It really is that simple.

      They’re losers and I’m not.

      • There weren’t any crimes committed in the custody case. Get real. And you can call every lawyer a hired gun.

        Yes, to me, the truly terrible part of the story is a mob of crazy misinformed people calling innocent strangers and screaming like animals into the phone. Sending death threats to child therapists, etc Oops, and they got the wrong one!

        The person who said it was people like you who caused the holocaust got it right.

        • “The person who said it was people like you who caused the holocaust got it right.“

          Think about how destructive one’s bias can be.

          People like me lost family, friends, neighbors, land and soldiers in the Holocaust — and you had no idea, did you?

          • Yep, and yet your are perfectly happy to replicate the same dangerous mob mentality. Maybe try to learn from the past so you don’t repeat it.

          • The on going deflection from family court system. This is not a reflection of religion or past legal crimes. The focus is on the current day crimes committed in family court. There is an overwhelming continued theme being brought up. Family court is the uneithical and continued abuse of the system for financial gain. People of all religion participating in it. These comments are being placed in here to get people off topic. Wrong place for the comments. This is about family court.

  • I’d rather read the entire evidence. I like this site. It seems to being out EVERYTHING besides a pitchfork to Allan and a halo to Catherine. I like to see both sides. Not anyone should be saints. So you’re saying the evidence presented is one- sided and bought with this kind of affidavits from the nanny and court officials? Catherine was no dummy. I don’t give a rats bum about he said she said. What I do care about is court reform and those three girls who think their mother killed herself. For those that hope she’s still alive would be a complete and utter disgrace to this fight for court reform, abuse and her daughters. How evil 👿

    • Does an audio on that site prove her nail was torn back, her neck hurt, she was dizzy and he apologized for the damage done?

      So much more damage was done after that. Repeating the same phrases in most of your comments, adding new words (with a link this time!) —and still adding “those three girls” (to draw their attention to your comments?) is still child abuse. You should not try to expose them to your interpretation of what you think their mother did, thought, felt, hoped, believed endured etc.

      Considering the wiretapping thing, what happens when someone clicks on your link? If you’re directly connected to the case in some way, do your friends add tracking to the links you provide? Everything the worst of the worst in Westchester County did to Catherine and her children and everything done to her and her children since then is clearly an attempt to cover up crimes committed in the case. I hope the feds are investigating.

    • May God save your soul, 10:34 pm.

      The personal agenda, constant ad hominem attacks on Catherine and clear bias ignore the crimes committed. Those who committed crimes in the case should NOT have colluded with each other to “win” the cases they waged in that war against Catherine, her children and that family’s future. Criminals in the case lied and concealed evidence to steal $3,000,000 from “those three girls” in order to make as much money as possible from as much suffering as possible.

      Criminals who committed crimes in the case — and their friends who push personal agendas on “those three girls” to cover up the crimes committed — should give the $3,000,000 stolen from that family to “those three girls” tomorrow — PLUS a few hundred million more to compensate for all the pain and suffering Westchester “family courts” caused.

      In a few short years, when “those three girls” are “those three young women” who are allowed to think and speak for themselves, maybe they will decide to seek justice for their mother and themselves.

      If and when they do, they will easily find out who did what, when, why, where and how — also known as the “facts”.

      They will probably find out who paid how much to make all of it happen. Who helped the criminals and who continued to tell lies. They will soon understand what kind of people were involved in the case and they will learn more about motives for behaviors. They will learn about how fear affects faith. They will learn about different religions and how religious beliefs created the first laws so long ago.

      May the feds investigate that case now and successfully prosecute the crimes committed in Westchester County family courts so “those three girls” can see through the spin sooner, rather than later. One, two or all three might be lawyers one day. They’re all smart enough to accomplish whatever they want to accomplish in this lawless world. May everyone see justice served sooner than that. The war waged on that small family has gone on long enough.

    • Just a few of the 2,183 comments so far …

      “They always want to record when reactive abuse is in full effect. The way they go from completely unhinged to eerily calm is the most terrifying.”

      “He hears this audio in a totally different way. It’s very telling about his condition.“

      “All I hear is reactive abuse. He is 100% an abuser.”

      “the courts failed her and the children so badly I feel so sorry for them it’s heartbreaking 💔 ”

      “It’s how they always react – embolden the abuser and pathologize the victim. Catherine was traumatized by these judges“

      “Every one involved with allowing him to do this to her should be arrested and charged 😡‼️ “

      The whole world is waiting for justice in all family courts.


    • ... and no wonder -- for even the Adversary doth transform himself into a messenger of light ... says:

      Deceit can be “big or small, cruel or kind”. Unfortunately the big, small, cruel and kind deceit that destroyed Catherine continues in some comments posted on FR. Some deceptive comments look quite kind. For example:

      1. In a comment with the title: “God save the Kassenoff girls …” The mention of God seems noble. Does the commenter believe in God? I’d like to learn more about that God.

      And why do the Kassenoff girls need saving? Is a federal investigation of crimes committed in the “family court” case a threat to “the girls” or a threat to the criminals who committed the crimes against “the girls”? 🤔

      2. “What I do care about is court reform and those three girls …” Looks like a very kind statement. Doesn’t it?

      Has the commenter explained why “court reform” is so important? What kind of “court reform” does the commenter suggest? (Of course, no answer will be provided following this challenge.)

      3. The commenter continues: “For those that hope she’s still alive would be a complete and utter disgrace to this fight for court reform, abuse and her daughters. How evil 👿”

      How evil that comment is. Deceitful, too.

      When 10:34 pm writes, “this fight for court reform” … what kind of “court reform” do they so furiously desire?

      With reference to “abuse to her daughters” … in what ways did the court abuse Catherine’s daughters? (because that would be the reason for the need for court reform, right?) 🤓


    • Referees are a joke in the Matrimonial Court. Irene Ratner would say one thing and do another after she was directed by Lubell to change her decisions. She is as dirty as everyone else in the system.

  • Michigan Family Court Racketeering @ https://www.judicialcriminal.com
    Title IV-D incentive funding to State Courts-Trillions?
    As Cole Stuart J.D. was – a parent, lawyer, legal activist, a former partner at a large international law firm, and a tireless family court reformer stated, “it’s time to recognize Family Court for what it is—a corporate crime ring raiding parents and children of financial and psychological well-being and devouring our children’s futures. And it’s not just divorce lawyers—its judges, “judicial administrators” psychologists, cops, and prosecutors—people we should be able to trust—in a modern-day criminal cabal using county courtrooms and sheriff’s deputies as the machinery of organized crime. Federal racketeering lawsuitccfc-v-sdcba-first-amended-complaint.pdf (wordpress.com) against family court judges, charge criminal extortion, bribery, abuse of office. Stuart alleges that divorce lawyers illegally conspire with judges to steal from parents as part of a racketeering criminal enterprise- and brings over 30 claims of federally-indictable crime. Civil rights violations, fraud, and obstruction of justice are federal crimes-even for judges”. The New Mafia – A Family Court Crime Family: Family Court Racketeering 101 Video – Bing video

  • “The protection of women and children from violence, a victim-centered approach, and the best interests of the child, must take precedence over all other criteria when establishing arrangements for custody and visitation rights,” …


    “Family court systems worldwide are being impacted by “deeply embedded gender bias” which is leaving women and children vulnerable to violence and “immense suffering”, an independent UN human rights expert said on Friday.”

    “The tendency of family courts to dismiss the history of domestic violence and abuse in custody cases, especially where mothers and/or children have brought forward credible allegations of domestic abuse, including coercive control, physical or sexual abuse is unacceptable,” said Reem Alsalem, UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, in a report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva on Thursday.

    A history of intimate partner violence against women was often neglected in family courts and shared custody or parental authority, treated as the default ruling, regardless of the child’s perspective.

    “When custody decisions are made in favour of the parent who claims to be alienated without sufficiently considering the views of the child, the resilience of the concerned child may be undermined.

    “The child may also continue to be exposed to lasting harm,” Ms. Alsalem said. She also called out the failure of child custody processes to use child sensitive approaches that focus on the best interest of children.”



      • I contacted them. The space they give you for descriptions is not long enough. To explain all that is happening. They sent me a response in less than 24 hrs. No merit and let the state of Connecticut handle it. It was a civil rights complaint. Between the MOU and the laws that are passed in the state of Connecticut. I just don’t really understand. Hopefully, the United Nations can help shed some light on things.

  • “announced by email and Facebook that she would end her life in Switzerland at an unnamed assisted suicide clinic.” Still no confirmation.
    Legions of women have threatened suicide if things don’t go their way. This one did it on f-ing Facebook. Good grief, what a manipulative psychopath.
    Men don’t threaten suicide, you just find them along the Hudson with no forewarning.

  • Hope to see everyone who thought you could excise a mother from her children’s lives pay dearly and soon. Let’s name names:

    Dr Susan Adler
    Dr Marc Abrams
    Dr Carolyn McGuffog
    Dr Kathleen McKay

    Judge Lewis Lubell
    Judge Nancy Quinn Koba

    Attorney Gus Dimopoulos
    Attorney Carol Most

    • If you’re listing the players why aren’t you including all the players. Why aren’t you listing judge Everett the first judge who placed Catherine on supervised visits initially or judge Capeci who was the final judge who suspended all access temporarily because of the updated forensic report.

      Sounds fishy to me

    • Accountability for damage done in “family courts” for the past forty years must begin somewhere. If good feds in New York are allowed to investigate and prosecute crimes committed in that case, that example will be set for all other affected family court systems throughout America and about twenty nations around the world. The crimes small networks commit in those cases are all the same. Different names, dates and details — same methods, same crimes.

    • Did any of you stop to think about this critically? So 4 Judges of the NYS Supreme Court (not Family Court) (2 men and 2 women) all thought that Catherine spending unsupervised time with her children was not in the children’s best interest. Did all 4 get that wrong?

      2 court appointed neutral forensic evaluators (both Ph.D.s in psychology) agreed, Yes there were a lot of dumb face-book posts by one – but the final report was in agreement with the first. They saw all the videos Catherine dumped, but they also sought out independent collateral resources. The kids teachers, pediatricians, family members (both Allen’s and Catherine’s) Did these evaluators both get it wrong?

      2 psychologists who provided therapy for the children only worked to help them adjust to the life they were dealing with.

      The court appointed Carol Most as an attorney for all 3 children. Then to make sure that all 3 children were properly represented, the court appoint 3 separate attorneys, one for each child. Did all of them (4 in total) get it wrong?

      Who is out there looking out for the best interests of the children. Not you guys! All you guys are doing is fostering a false narrative. We have had too many alleged “news reporters” pushing false narratives. Enough is enough!

      • How do you know her report wasn’t fair?! Did you read it?! It’s sealed so I highly doubt you read it. Oh because Catherine said it wasn’t fair?! Oh yah unless it’s anti Allan it must not be fair. Maybe it was fair and she is just an evil person who weaponized her suicide without a care about the impact on her children and maybe Dr Mckay realized how terroristic she was

        • Thank you for your reply, will clarify. Were there verified CPS reports confirming abuse of the children by either parent? It seems like there were not. So what is meant by a fair report, would be a recommendation of all the children having access to both parents while waiting for a trial. And then, maybe even a trial granting the children continuing access to both parents. The first custody evaluation was discredited. The court had a second chance to bring justice for the children without exacerbating the conflict between the parents. Had Dr. McKay’s report recommended a fair situation and the judge ruled according to it, it seems that everyone involved would likely still be alive and the children would have their mother and their father in their lives. Also, we would not be here talking about this, because it would have never gotten into the news or erupted into such a larger conflict. The unfair report conclusions and the judge going with it, appears to have had results that hurt the children, as well as both parents, severely and permanently.

          • 7:03,

            You are among the best of our best in your profession, whatever that might be.


          • “Were there verified CPS reports confirming abuse of the children by either parent? It seems like there were not. So what is meant by a fair report, would be a recommendation of all the children having access to both parents while waiting for a trial.”

            It was verified that Catherine secretly obtained Canadian passports for two of the children and lied about it and denied getting them when asked. Finally she confessed she did obtain them, and did so without the father’s knowledge. It was an indication that she had imminent plans to kidnap the children. That is probably a big reason why she wasn’t allowed access.

      • Was the “Dr.” Stephen Herman who “evaluated” Fotis Dulos’ for the “report” in the Dulos case yet another family court hired gun from New York? Why did Mr. Herman’s report present Mr. Dulos as “gregarious” instead of the dangerous man he was?

        If Mr. Herman was another family court hired gun as he appears to have been, why didn’t the authorities investigate and arrest him for medical fraud, malpractice, spoliation and fraud upon the court? Who tied the hands of American law enforcement in that case? How much longer can Americans allow those crimes to continue unnoticed?

        When did state and federal ethics change? Since when do family courts overlook open marriages? Some religions call open marriages “polygamy”. Some call it “adultery”. In the American secular world, “Anything Goes!” — so, what ethics does “family law” follow now? Are family courts the anything-goes-secular, Gnostic, Hermetic and/or Marxist?

        What kind of ethics condones “open marriages” and punishment for parents who refuse the surgeries now changing little boys into little girls and vice versa?

        The “Kassenoff case” showcases the current lawlessness in the “family courts” that’s been pushing tens of millions of American families in family courts off of cliffs for forty years, since the 1970s – 80s.

        Americans must start asking questions, now — before it’s too late. Here’s one question: “What kind of local, national and international politics purposely destroys tens of millions of American families — even the “best” families such as the Kassenoff, Dulos and Farber families?”

        Such official lawlessness for profit in family courts looks like one small part of some kind of planned chaos In the “order out of chaos” plan for world government. What other explanation explains such blatant lawlessness in which not even a lawyer can find safety and justice?

        Ask anyone working in the “family courts” on either coast. Family courts on both coasts were overwhelmed with divorce and custody cases ten years ago. What will happen to American families in family courts now that millions more in families from over the border will eventually look for services in the American lawless “family courts”? If American family courts aren’t investigated and reformed, those horrible family court systems will destroy those families, too.

        In the Dulos case, maybe family court evaluator Mr. Herman knew about this information, maybe not:

        “… Dulos told Farber he had fallen out of love with her, according to the friend, but still wanted Farber and the children to remain with him, and even floated the notion that Troconis and her daughter could move into Jefferson Crossing; the home was enormous, after all. …”


  • I can’t believe how shockingly gullible people can be. They take a stranger’s word in a Facebook post, with no proof, form a mob and proceed to destroy everyone remotely revolving in her spouse’s world. Of course her lawyers are going to back up her story. It’s literally their *job* to do so. And the mob totally slamming anyone or any site like this trying to put all the info out there. Good God people. Have you watched the videos and listened to the audio of her that’s out there? I couldn’t listen to her ranting for more than a few minutes. I can’t imagine what it was like to live with her. Nothing she did or is doing is in any way remotely helpful or loving toward her children. It’s psychological terror.

    • 8:17 am,

      Have you noticed your comments are all mostly the same? Same style, same intent and the same “psychological terror” (as you put it) inflicted on those who are 100% sure that horrible crimes were committed against Catherine and her family. State your case if you feel the need to do that, and be kind about it, okay? Many who were/are victims of family court crimes are reading these articles. Many have PTSD. Please be a little more considerate if you’re able.

      • @3:12pm: maybe people with PTSD from the family courts shouldn’t be reading blog post comments about the family courts if they can’t handle it. ???

        • 4:35 – That’s like saying:

          “Victims of the most criminal family court corruption, should stop trying to help other victims of the most criminal family court corruption.”

          Where are your ethics?

          • “Victims of the court are not going to shut up for your convenience.”

            Nobody asked you to shut up. you are the ones who are asking everyone else with a different perspective to shut up. Cuz Your PTSD might be triggered? Give me a fucking break.

          • Victims of the court are not going to shut up for your convenience. We are not going to just all of the nasty things done to Catherine over a candy bar recording. Out burst of the children running away. We are not going to allow the court system to operate under the darkness. The truth will be told.

      • Same could be said about you. Same narrative as her gender bias blah blah blah. As a woman I don’t believe she was a victim of domestic abuse he was. Watch the videos. She chased him with the camera. When he recorded her she sat there like a drunk peacock knowing that stupid people like you will buy her narrative. Courts favor women and when they don’t it’s because they’re crazy and abusive like our dear Catherine kassenoff. She was brilliant. She got u all fooled and now her children are paying the price. Their father doesn’t have a job. Congrats. I’m sure they’ll go far with the less than $7K raised by the bullshit go fund me page

        • Exactly. She followed him with the camera saying “say it again, say it again, say it again” to make sure she recorded it clearly. Only problem is, her children were right there and she didn’t seem to care they had to hear it too. This whole thing reminds me of “The War of the Roses” only not funny because children are involved.

          • “to make sure she recorded it clearly”? or, hoping he would realize how horrible that sounded after he said it a few times? Intent is in the eye of the beholder. By the way, this is about the crimes committed against that entire family. Try focusing on the crimes committed against the entire family instead of your obsession with “the children”, “the girls”, “those girls” and “the kids”.

          • The girls should be protected from all of this. Allan may want to put a stop to the girlfriend nasty badmouthing about the girls mother. If she had any decency. Which it appears she is lacking. You move in, wear the women’s clothing, fuel the custody battle. These are not your children. They have parents. You encouraged the kids to turn against their mother. I hope you are charged for you actions. It’s one thing to support a new partner. It’s a whole nother thing to put a dog in the fight. You are going to keep defending it. You are so selfish and incapable of being responsible for your own actions. Keep attacking anyone who dares point out your bad behavior. Your monkey wings should have been clipped along time ago.

      • You mean kind, like an angry mob trying to destroy the lives and careers of a multitude of people they don’t even know? Kindness and consideration is the whole point. What she’s done is to delegitimize the case of other women and given strength to the “angry, crazy woman” narrative. It’s cruel. And PTSD? Can you imagine what the daughters will have to endure the rest of their lives? They probably have a lifetime of therapy ahead of them to fight not having this spectacle define them.

        • We are well aware of the therapy these children will need. Especially because of the hate that has been taught to them by their father and his girlfriend.

    • “ I can’t believe how shockingly gullible people can be”

      Agreed. That is the real story here. Not corrupt family courts. It was a misinformation hate campaign against one private individual. People seemed to switch their brains off regarding this case, for some reason.

      • “That is the real story here. Not corrupt family courts.”

    • It not a strangers word. It’s thousands of people who have experienced this. The on going abuse that is mentally and physically impairing women and children. So much so the United Nations has to get involved. Women all over the globe. The AFCC and the parental alienation scam to collect large fees. This is not a strangers word. it’s is the crying out of women and children across the globe.

  • If the gop is looking to investigate the weaponization of the government over the people. You should look into the family courts. It’s definitely going to lead you in the right direction. Look into the political leaders involved. Unfortunately it may lead to a collapse of state systems. Plenty of time and effort has been given to clean up the place by the residents of these states. The united nations is also trying to get your attention. It’s only gotten worse. Please look into the family courts. It’s a significantly currupt branch of the state governments. Something needs to be done about it. Please help the American people. It’s not just effecting the rich. It’s a country wide problem.

  • “some say”, that he’ll is a place where chocolate doesn’t exist.

  • I am deeply moved by this story. For a woman to be fighting on so many fronts is admirable. To have a family court accept into evidence illegally obtained emails and text messages is a disgrace for the Westchester Family Court and a clear sign that there were exogenous forces at work here. I am not signing as “anonymous”. I am using my real name. My father was a prominent Orthodox Jewish rabbi and I was taught to cherish life. I once asked my father if God will forgive a person who commits suicide? He answered calmly and compassionately saying that when a person takes their life one should not judge them harshly because their pain was too much to bear. He told me this as he was taking me to the graveside funeral of a family law attorney from NY who took her life in the mid 90s because she was ridiculed and excoriated in her attempt to protect her child. She was also up against the father’s Hasidic community that sided with him without seeing the medical evidence of the alleged sexual violation of her daughter.
    The angst and pain Catherine felt seeing her children turned against her by the jaded, twisted and contorted family court proceedings which can NEVER be defended when aired in the court of public opinion, is a special kind of anguish that only death can spare. Catherine is the 25th case of suicide I have seen in family court. Can we make it the last? Please God let’s come together to change the system. Let’s eradicate the inherent corruption in family courts. It’s not too late!!!
    Amy Neustein, Ph.D.

    • Look up Amy Neustein’s story. Same kind of he said she said. 25 suicides ,now their children are motherless. Mother of year awards all around. you’re in pain so inflict even more on your children.

      • “… From Madness to Mutiny is the first in-depth treatment of the scandalous behavior of the family courts in cases in which parents—usually mothers—make good-faith allegations of sexual abuse against a child’s father. This book, popularly called M2M by growing numbers of readers, sold out 90% of its initial print run in the first three months. It can now be found on the shelves of over 200 university and law school libraries across the country from Yale Law School to Stanford University and UC, at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University Law School and Tel Aviv University Law Library, in Canada at McGill, the University of Alberta and the University of British Columbia, and even in South Africa and at three universities in Australia.

        What makes this well-documented book so popular among mental health professionals, lawyers, and lay readers? It has hit a nerve. All too often family courts turn against the very parent who tries to protect the child from abuse. Amy Neustein and Michael Lesher have revealed the roots of this problem, combining sociology, legal scholarship, and painstaking research, to produce a rigorously documented, lucidly written j’accuse of America’s family court and child welfare system.

        From the Foreword by matrimonial attorney Raoul Felder:
        What I have seen as a practitioner, this book reveals in punishing detail… Neustein and Lesher … believe that until the system is reformed and rethought at every level, it will continue to be a dangerous one — dangerously malfunctioning, dangerously betraying its critical task.

        Professor Maureen Therese Hannah, Siena College:
        A groundbreaking new book that is perhaps the most highly readable scholarly work I’ve encountered in my 14 years in academia … The very first to provide the historical and contextual chronology of this system’s steady decline into chaos and corruption over the past two decades. It is eminently accurate and rigorously documented — a book that will hit scholars, professionals, and lay persons right between their eyes. This is the book that mothers have been waiting for … I consider this book among the most important of the decade.

        Randy Burton, Esq., former Texas prosecutor:
        From Madness to Mutiny offers an unexpurgated view of our nation’s criminally dysfunctional family court system.

        Professor Kathleen Coulborn Faller, School of Social Work, University of Michigan:
        This book describes how systems and professionals fail sexually abused children… Neustein and Lesher champion these children and their mothers and intend that their voices will be heard and heeded.

        Lee Grant, child advocate and award-winning actress:
        A book for all mothers crushed by an unfair system.

        Professor Daniel Pollack, Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University:
        From Madness to Mutiny is a book whose … effect is to jolt us with an illuminating barrage of riveting descriptions, information, commentary and philosophy.“


      • Here come the trolls and flamers. The more federal investigations might be happening, the more trolls and flamers we’ll probably see here.

    • Where’d you get your PhD that you can’t recognize manipulation?! She’s the abuser. Where’s the love for her children?! Your license should be revoked and

  • If she hasn’t passed, it was part of a bigger and better plan. One in which I can’t wait to see all of the corrupt court players faces when they discover that Catherine is alive but was never crazy. Rather, all along she was just acting in concert with a federal investigation that required her to take the extreme measure of faking her own death in order to bring the truth to light. Admittedly Allen always had more money. But, make no mistake folks, neither he nor his Counsel ever had the justice minded political connections that Catherine does. Such a shame it had to come to this.

    • The court faces? What about her poor daughters? If is she alive, she is not just crazy. She is an evil woman to put her kids through this. Faking her death to bring the truth to light is just purely unhinged, nothing noble here with this babe.

    • I’m hoping and praying she’s still with us, working “with a federal investigation that required her to take the extreme measure of faking her own death in order to bring the truth to light.” That would be wonderful.

      Catherine was up against an impossible situation — maybe because Greenberg Traurig has offices, attorneys and connections everywhere — including Westchester County?

    • Cool send those Federal Motherfuckers my way then…..since o LITERALLY just didn’t file suit because I’m ill, but refused to stand the fuck down and basically, did the work myself….then, only days before NYS Appellate hearing….a full reversal and gave me back mine. My video vs transcript and all records don’t align. If that’s REALLY the deal.

      Greene County NY.

      Hey, Mr. FBI Guy: I GOT YOU BABY 🥴

  • I as well observe Catherine, though I do not know her, to be a person of her word. The long, hard, uphill fight she fought against powerful forces is not entered into nor persisted in by those of weak morals. David fought Goliath but lost this time. Even so, until now I was hopeful she may have changed her mind, and was getting needed rest. Hearing from several of those who last spoke to her, it seems clear she is gone. May her memory be a blessing to those who knew her, and may it inspire change!

    • I don’t think we should put “sticking to your suicide plan” as evidence of honorable character. I think that is one “word” we’d be overjoyed for anyone to break. Even a “woman of her word” can change her mind about suicide without losing face, wouldn’t you agree?

    • You don’t know her but you know she’s a woman of her word. Wtf?! You don’t know her or her word. It’s ignorant people like you that caused the Holocaust

  • Some say, “It was a custody battle.” They fought for years. Spying … wiretapping. Children? Sold to the highest bidder, taken hostage and brainwashed. Physical and mental evaluations. Interrogations. Hearings. Trials. Extortion and fees. Masters and slaves. Slaves followed orders — or were punished. How was that not a war?

    “Thirteenth Amendment

    Section 1 Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    Section 2 Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.“

    • And yet Allan won in multiple courts and appeals that he didn’t violate any communications act. But let’s keep perpetuating the narrative that he’s the bad guy

      • The Westchester County Court has 20 Supreme Court Justices:

        Hon. Robert M. DiBella
        Hon. David F. Everett
        Hon. Keri A. Fiore
        Hon. William J. Giacomo
        Hon. Hal B. Greenwald
        Hon. James L. Hyer
        Hon. Linda S. Jamieson
        Hon. Nancy Quinn Koba
        Hon. Joan B. Lefkowitz
        Hon. Lewis Lubell
        Hon. Janet C. Malone
        Hon. Anne E. Minihan
        Hon. Alexandra D. Murphy
        Hon. Robert A. Neary
        Hon. Robert S. Ondrovic
        Hon. Anar Rathod Patel, AJSC
        Hon. Thomas Quinones
        Hon. Gretchen M. Walsh
        Hon. Barry E. Warhit
        Hon. Charles D. Wood

        The number of judges there is smaller than most kindergarten classes – it is one court system – and they’re all pals. As far as I know, Allan did not win in court outside of this very small insular system. Koba and Lubell campaigned together and they chose people within their inner circle to work on Allan’s behalf. It was never a fair fight.

        • Greenberg and Traurig has an office in Westchester County. “Their attorneys hold leadership positions or are otherwise actively involved in the Westchester business community and service organizations such as:

          Business Council of Westchester
          Westchester County Association
          Her Justice
          Human Rights First
          Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
          National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Bar Foundation
          Westchester Jewish Council “  

          Plenty of eyewitnesses and whistleblowers to help the feds investigate Catherine’s case.

        • Yes, he did. He won in the most prestigious federal District Court in the country – SDNY he got her federal wire, tapping suit dismissed with prejudice.

          • “He won in the most prestigious federal District Court in the country – SDNY he got her federal wire, tapping suit dismissed with prejudice.”

      • Who helped Allan win “in multiple courts”?
        How did he win “in multiple courts”?

        • He represented himself. Look how much she loved her daughters. For custody she was pro se as someone with no experience in this field and Allan had representation here for the girls because he actually cares about them. In all the other courts where she sued him and Gus she hired counsel because that’s what mattered more to her and that’s where he was pro se because keeping the kids safe from her craziness was more important to him. Wake up idiots she didn’t care about the kids. Just look at her suicide mission if destruction
          She’s no different than the suicide bombers going into the twin towers

          • Some interesting religions and political references in some of the comments on these articles. Are the religious and political references an indication of a cause of some kind?

            What’s with the phrases such as : … “the holocaust” … “anti-semitism” … and, “the twin towers”?

            Why not: … “the Roman Colosseum” … “anti-Christian” … and, “throwing away the Christmas tree”?

            Were most of the problems in the Kassenoff case about religion? Whether or not experts in the case found that to be so, should we be afraid to discuss how religious beliefs and biases might have helped or hurt?

            One more question: Have any religious organizations condoned or condemned what Westchester County family court did to that family? 🤔

      • If Allan is innocent he should welcome an investigation. This is also a depiction of the shit hole mental health system in the United States. The court system psychologist running the racket with no oversight.

  • Makes no sense. The ultimate sacrifice would be to hang in there to be there if/when the girls needed her in the future.

    It only makes sense in light of her life-ending diagnosis of virulent cancer.

    Why the need to guilt trip the girls?

    • She saved herself and spared the girls. Why would she disobey orders? Cause no matter what she did they were never going to let her see her children. There is a difference from a parent obstructing access and the courts. I know personally all about it. The rediculous conduct of family court. Men who use their children to hurt their spouse. I’m sure there are women doing it also. Catherine was not one of those women. There is nothing anyone can say to change my mind. I never met her. But I know women close to her. I know what happened to her. I know what is happening to others. Cause I survived family court.

      • You should tell Catherine how to survive family court. Did you do things to make it harder on you to see your kids? You didn’t kill yourself or pretend to kill yourself.

        • I looked up my judge and GaL and found out what was happening in family court. Many women don’t have that luxury. If it were not for covid I don’t know what would have happened to me and my daughter. The courts are a complete shit hole. There is nothing going on there but people cashing in on the demise of families. The state of Connecticut is well aware of my complaints and documents supporting them. I see zero effort to try and fix it. I don’t think these people have any interest in ensuring people”a rights or the well being of children.

      • “She saved herself and spared the girls.”

        Oh ok so her only option was endless vexatious lawsuits, conducting online stalking and harassment, violating court orders, or committing suicide? A middle ground would have been seeking help for her mental health and obsessive tendencies.

        And why is everyone acting like they forget she had a fast-acting, life-ending cancer diagnosis? She was so vindictive she had to publicly blame her death from natural causes on Allan. It was cancer that killed her, that’s what caused her to end her life.
        Can you imagine getting diagnosed with a disease and finding a way to spin it to blame it on your ex?? It’s so dark and twisted.

        • I don’t think she was doing that. She lost her will to live with the cancer due to family court. A mother will go on and on to be with and save her children. The consistent need to label women nuts crazy, suffering from malicious mommy syndrome is discusting. There are attorneys/friends even for the prosecutor office stating she was perfectly sane. A psychiatrist. Why would we not believe her? She shared her legal documents to make the future better for her daughters. That’s the same reason I openly complain about the courts. No body wants their children to have to go through this is God forbid they marry the wrong person. Sadly the majority of marriages fail now a days. Too many cases of women being unfairly labeled. Most have no idea how flustered and angry you would be. Relentlessly attacked. I’m sure many men could say the same. Let’s see where the legal portion of the story goes. There are so many cases even when women are not even professionally labeled. The courts are way over the top attacking women. Happened to me. I’m sorry it’s not to hard to believe that this happened to Catherine. I know first hand how these attorneys operate. These psychologist are court ordered to do what the gal/court wants period. These courts are a mess and that’s the purpose of frank reporting on them. It’s too bad it’s gotten so messy and ugly. I wise counselor asked me if my children and I were drowning who would I save first? I couldn’t really answer. She said you save yourself. You are no good to your children if you drown. Many women drowning in family court. The courts are taking away the life vests. Catherine could very likely be one who drowned under all the pressure.

    • You haven’t experienced the torture of family court — the court fuel men like Allen. They empowered him.

      What is impossible to imagine is how harmful and abusive the court process is for children. Their three girls have been traumatized and brutalized for four years.

      The trauma and illegality of a no-contact order when there was not a single allegation of even neglect. Not one time- was devastating for the girls.

      Court appointed strangers with a clear agenda made it clear- the mother they lived was evil and crazy. This nearly destroyed the girls who pleaded to be with their mother.

      And the court/therapists never give children or Catherine a clear plan. They made a sudden order of temporary no contact, but it’s anything but temporary.

      This is well documented in thousands of cases throughout the country.

      Catherine did everything possible to be with her girls — everything.

      The girls were forced to choose. They were forced to live with Allen. The held onto their truth until they were forced into suppression.

      Court quacks undermine all the girls knew to be true- the life they once had was willfully obliterated.

      Ultimately children go into survival mode. And that’s what the three girls did.

      Allen was not going to stop. The court made it clear they had no intention of following the law. The court had no intention of heeding advice of medical doctors.

      Judges disregarded the truth – and took the recommendation of a single practitioner above all else. It is a scam.

      Children in these situations- in the clutches of family court, are NEVER released. They are a commodity. Their best interest equates to money streams for attorneys and therapists.

      Once taken, the targeted parent is tortured for years- and often left traumatized, homeless, criminally charged with nonsense, and called into court to be reminded they are unworthy. That they have no value to anyone. That they are hated.

      The most the targeted parent can hope for is when the children “age out” of this court trap. That’s 18.

      To have a court steal your children – to strip you of the right to raise your children and then face the fact that you will never wake up to them- you will not hear their voices. You won’t share holidays or milestones or hugs- until they come of age, is inconceivable and torture on earth.

      And alienation forced by the courts- takes hold. Bonds are intentionally and painfully severed. Children suffer from ptsd, depression, anxiety and drug use. But their lives are irrelevant.

      It’s all about the money.

      Catherine knew what the future held. She held assisted suicide as an option as the pain is unbearable. But once another no contact order was rendered by the court- the racketeering was clear. And is crystal clear.

      She did not want her girls to live a life of pain inflicted by the greedy vultures of family court.

      Make no mistake. Catherine did not claim Allen was responsible for her choice. Catherine said the NY family courts were responsible.

      Without the illegal and vicious conduct of court appointed actors, no parent would suffer under the weight of draconian orders. Without sadistic judges, remedy would be brought. The contrived “high conflict” cases need to die with Catherine.

      Her girls should never see a court appointed person again. Their life will be with Allen who may be less angry and less threatened now that Catherine is gone.

      Look at the system. It’s not Catherine vs Allen. Ask what the courts have done to help this family function in a way where the girls could have a relationship with both parents.

      Court actors will cling on for years in litigation. Laughing all the way to the bank.

      Catherine knew there was no hope. By the time her girls turned 18, she would have been completely erased from their memory.

      Children who have aged out are coming forward to stop court induced torture. Stop blaming Catherine and walk in her shoes.

      • Catherine’s suicide FB post was a horrible thing to type. If she was telling the truth as a woman of her word, she was going to die from cancer very soon. But she couldn’t miss the chance to blame her cancer death on the custody battle, making sure to mention how the girls called her Catherine etc. put yourself in the girls’ shoes and re-read that goodbye FB post. She took passive-aggressive shots at the girls, there is no mistaking it.

        • 12:19 pm,

          You seem to have very strong opinions about Catherine’s health, thoughts, feelings, hopes, intentions etc. You also seem to have very strong opinions about what you think Catherine’s children should think. Your comments are all the same and slightly obsessive, right?

          • @3:44pm: you seem to be obsessive about trying to make connections, where none exist, between the commenters who don’t agree with you. Slightly schizo-affective, right?

  • If she really wanted what was best for the children she would have availed herself of supervised visits, obeyed court orders to stop disparaging her husband and others publicly, and worked toward building a healthy relationship with them. She was not barred from being a mother, she was barred from her continued campaign of vengeance against Allan. I’m sure having their mother commit suicide over this (or pretend to) is going to be really, really awesome for the kids (not). Maybe she wanted to end her own suffering or really stick it to Allan this time, but please let’s not pretend any of this was selfless or in the best interests of the children.

    • No, watch the videos. See a woman who loved her kids and got cheated by a corrupt system. The rest is gaslighting, and cruel.

        • 7:43 am,

          If you posted that comment — and many of the same kinds of comments — to try to convince “the girls” that their mother was a bad person: What you’re doing is called “child abuse”.

          As an adult, you should know “the stealing the cookie from the cookie jar lesson” is a typical lesson most parents are blessed to be able to teach most children at one time or another. Catherine happened to have to teach that usually typical lesson under an extremely stressful situation.

          I am sure you have been stressed, angry, disappointed, sad, hurt etc. at one time or another in your life. Either you purposely ignored the context to attack her or you’ve never parented a typical child or you have some weird motive.

          Whether you’re the girlfriend, a paid troll or some random stranger with a weird obsession with “the girls”, please stop mentioning “the girls” in each and every derogatory comment you post.

      • I don’t see a woman who loved her kids. I see a woman who looks at everyone and everything as a commodity. What love do u see. U hear Allan trying to console his daughter do u ever hear Catherine trying to console any of the girls ?! The answer is no. In every video it’s about pushing his buttons. You don’t see him pushing hers. You see and hear him reacting to her but where is she consoling her kids?! You hear him in multiple videos trying to console his daughters. Stop the abuse and see the videos in their actuality and not the bullshit narrative Robbie Harvey fed you do he could profit from this. Fools

        • The Westchester County “family court” criminal cabal attacked Catherine, her children, her job, her future, everything Catherine was and everything Catherine had. For about four years.

          Try living through what she lived through and see how you feel.

          More information for others (you’re probably not interested):

          “.. One way of thinking is that high levels of anger are related to a natural survival instinct. When faced with extreme threat, people often respond with anger. Anger can help a person survive by shifting his or her focus. The person focuses all of his or her attention, thought, and action toward survival.

          Anger is also a common response to events that seem unfair or in which you have been made a victim. Research shows that anger can be especially common if you have been betrayed by others. This may be most often seen in cases of trauma that involve exploitation or violence …”

      • Loved them so much she either killed herself or faked her death. Who does that to their children? Someone very selfish.

    • You are naive. Court ordered supervised visits are a trap.

      1. Compliance is equivalent to an admission of guilt- that you are a danger to your children and require a supervisor to access the children you raised.

      2. There is no definition of supervised visitation.

      3. The supervisor is not neutral. It is a court appointed expert who charges hundreds of dollars an hour Without a clear plan, strategy or any special skills that lead to no further need for supervision.

      4. Supervised parenting time ends when the parent stops paying- by choice when they realize there is no end in sight or when they have run out of money.

      5. Catherine DID subject herself to supervised visits and paid thousands just to see her girls. She too hoped this path would restore her custody and bring resolution

      But with all these court appointed strangers, it continued to get worse and worse for the girls and for Catherine.

      Catherine loved her girls more than anything. Their stress and confusion pained her. She wanted them to have a real life- without court criminals controlling their existence.

      This wasn’t about Allen. It was about the torture of NY family courts. Of all family courts who participate in the destruction of families for money.

      • Do not drink a whole bottle of wine during supervised visits. It’s not a good look.

        • If I were forced into the nightmarish hell Catherine was forced through, I would drink five.

          Who “supervised” the “visit” you wrote about in that quick jab of a comment, 6:08 am?

          Marc Abrams, Carol Most or Susan Adler?

          • Her cousin was visitor supervisor, that is until Catherine stole her identity and bank information.

      • “ 1. Compliance is equivalent to an admission of guilt- that you are a danger to your children and require a supervisor to access the children you raised.”

        You sound like the same crazy loon who advised poor (redacted) straight into losing all custody of her children.

      • No, it was about Catherine’s continued campaign to interfere with the kid’s’ relationship with their father. It’s spelled out clear as day in the court papers. She hated him and wanted them to hate him too.

        • Daddy says mommy is nuts. Daddy says it’s all Mommy’s fault they are upset with him. Daddy says mommy needs to be punished for leaving. Daddy says mommy is no good and dragged through family court. Daddy says mommy should be penniless. Daddy says he’s entitled to do whatever he wants at all costs. Cause Daddy says. Who is the fucking gatekeeper really?

    • Maybe this was a personal choice and she had cancer. This was not about Allan . Maybe Allan and his supporters should stop thinking it was about him. Dying with dignity is a choice she made for herself. Wanting the courts to change is something we all want for everybody. This was a personal choice. No one is saying she made the ultimate sacrifice comparison to the military. She didn’t want her children to go through this anymore. She didn’t want to keep going through it herself. After a while the emotional strain gets to everyone. She saved herself from more years of torture and the stages of terminal cancer.

      • Did you see a cancer diagnosis in the Dropbox because I didn’t. All the inappropriate medical reports of her children violating their right to privacy I saw but where’s her diagnosis?!
        Her mother (I’ll use that term loosely as she was just as bad as Catherine only seeing the girls twice in 7 years) didn’t know of it, her brothers who she was estranged from didn’t know (family really important to her….not), her lawyers didn’t know (not 1-18 including sanctuary for families who basically fired her when they realized she was full of shit and there was no abuse, not her psychiatrist (you would think that would be important information) and none of her friends (the mob). Who actually knew of this so called reemergence of cancer and now it’s terminal?!
        Even the quack psychiatrist who cleared her for suicide claimed it was because of the abuse no mention of a terminal diagnosis

        You’ve all been played by the master manipulator known as Catherine Kassenoff. Enjoy not eating chocolate in hell with her because that’s where you’re all going for thinking you know better.

        Shame on you

        • Amen! Finally someone with common sense and can see through the BS that Team Catherine is trying to portray.

        • Sanctuary for Families had no doubts about our former client’s truthfulness and her love of and dedication to her three daughters. We mourn her loss deeply.

          The above representation that we allegedly realized there was “no abuse” is completely false. In fact this was one of the worst cases of litigation abuse we have seen.

          • Let’s be real. This is a fake account trying to represent itself as sanctuary for families. As usual pro-Catherine supporters bank on the stupidity of the majority of world. You really believe the real sanctuary for families is reading this tabloid shit. Please. The same organization that represents real victims of abuse is weighing in on the Frank Report?! You people are so dumb

            Will the real sanctuary for families please stand up, please stand up!!!

          • Sanctuary for Families thank you for commenting in Catherine’s defense. Shame on the person who chose to spread a false a narrative about your representation of Catherine a brave women

  • She won’t be vindicated from anything even if she is dead so she did it so what she didn’t even say goodbye to her girls which she “loved so much” or her family which she loved so much come on plz people use brains god gave it to you for a reason

    • Federal investigations of Westchester County “family court” crimes and prosecutions for those crimes committed in those “family courts” would vindicate many heroes. Formal investigations and prosecutions should already be underway — if only to help her children understand and process that “family court” nightmare.

      If Westchester County “family courts” were there to actually help families and children in healthy ways, those investigations and prosecutions would be in the headlines already. The words, “Never Again” would have been in those headlines already. And yes, this is a war and it is another Holocaust.

  • I hope you are kidding when you allude to her “suicide” being similar to the sacrifices made by brave the men and women of the United States military. If you aren’t—just fuck off.

      • That’s not what Memorial Day is for. You want to be remembered as a dead veteran? You have to be a dead veteran. Simple as that.

        Did she get to have free Appleby’s on Veteran’s Day too? Cause, y’know, she fought. What in the star spangled fuck is wrong with you?

        • Wait! @11:39 are telling me veterans eat free at AppleBees on memorial day?

          • No, they’re dead. Not-dead veterans eat free on Veteran’s Day. Which is not Memorial Day.

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