Guest View: Allison Mack needs to be locked up for a long time and then register as a sex offender

By AnonyMaker

A writer has said that Allison Mack did not receive any payment for her alleged sex trafficking of women through DOS, therefore it is not sex trafficking. Yet Allison may have received payments, such as gifts, attendance at NXIVM inner circle events – supported by Bronfmans – like the trip to Necker Island and the VIP quarters during Vanguard Week, or even possibly being on Bronfman’s or NXIVM’s payroll.

Although it’s not entirely clear how much of her own money she paid to NXIVM or used to support herself after she quit working as an actress.

If assets built up from when she was working were in a very tightly constructed retirement fund, as was the case with OJ Simpson, she might have little access to it, and may not have had much income, which would go towards explaining why she still put in appearances at fan cons, and is now back living with her parents.

And as I’ve noted before, the way Mack readily took to the role of abuser, and to the concept that age (specifically youth) is irrelevant when it comes to sex, suggests a typical pattern of people who themselves were abused as children, and who go on to participate in abuse, including of children, as adults.

That might provide some grounds for compassion, but it doesn’t exonerate her – and it also suggests that she does need to be put away for a long time, to protect society, and registered for life as a sex offender.

Keith Raniere himself may well have been subject to at least emotional (covert) incest, growing up in what has been described as a co-dependent relationship with his alcoholic mother, having to try to take care of her after his parents’ divorce.  Many sources say that, in that long run, it’s virtually as bad as physical incest. At the extreme of apologis m, he could even be portrayed as a victim of sorts as well – but I certainly wouldn’t buy that.

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  • She may have gotten caught in the middle of something she did not realize what was going on or she may have nothing on how about a serious than it was when she got it all let’s find out what the courts say and it’s hopefully got enough evidence to say yes or no people jump to conclusions but we’re only hearing what people put on the tabloids thank you

  • I wrote this up as a reply on another topic, though I don’t mind seeing it used like this.

    For thoroughness, the one thing I’d add that I’ve previously mentioned elsewhere, is that Allison Mack’s reported collateral of a confession to sexually abusing her nephews, may be evidence that there was in fact sexual abuse in her family of origin; and if she was a perpetrator, then she’d probably been a victim herself.

    Again, I don’t see this as exonerating her, or others guilty of similar things in NXIVM, including Lauren Salzman who grew up knowing virtually nothing else, because as adults they were responsible for looking around, realizing that what they were doing was wrong, ceasing their misbehavior and getting psychological help if necessary. Plus it’s a damning indictment of NXIVM’s claims to have made people better, and to “integrate them,” that Mack and Raniere and others at the top, were still stuck in living out obvious childhood psychological patterns and dysfunctions. Maybe we could call it the Pedophile Peter Pan sex cult?

    And on a note related to being stuck in adolescent sexuality: how did Raniere actually get away with imposing his incorrigible and pathological fixation with teenage girls, or women who looked like teenage girls, on a whole organization full of socially mainstream women supposedly focused on personal growth and empowerment, in the 21st century and the age of “me too”? I understand classic high control group or cult dynamics by which individuals slowly get sucked into doing, tolerating and believing strange things, and how pedophilic and sexually retrograde groups like the FLDS have perpetuated themselves for generations. But it’s really quite bizarre, particularly in this day and age, that he got away with essentially implementing the philosophy that women have to be size 0 and look like cover girls for Seventeen magazine, and engage in anorexia and fat-shaming, in order to be on the path to wholeness and spirituality. Didn’t they look around and think hey, what about our sisters who naturally have large chests and waists? I suppose it does kind of make sense that some came from Hollywood, where such norms of female appearance are still largely in place; and I start to wonder now if it didn’t also tap into a dark side of yoga culture, which many of the women seem to have been involved in; there have, for instance, been a number of infamous cases where yoga gurus (men, of course) turned out to be sexual abusers.

    Oh, and given that that Mack seems to be one of those eternal girls, the unusual women who appear to be about 20 until well after they’re 30, it’s no wonder that she made the perfect consort for Raniere.

    • “…how did Raniere actually get away with imposing his incorrigible and pathological fixation with teenage girls, or women who looked like teenage girls, on a whole organization full of socially mainstream women supposedly focused on personal growth and empowerment, in the 21st century and the age of “me too”?”

      Indeed – and well said. And for that matter, one has to wonder how could Raniere with his ridiculous and egomaniacal and Narcissistic delusions of being the most intellectual, most enlightened, most ethical, most eloquent, most athletic and most accurate arbitrator of universal truth of any human on the planet — somehow convinced hundreds of very smart and accomplished executives and influential people to invest thousands upon thousands of dollars into his “ESP Intensives” — amounting to little more than mind control, pretentious precepts and positive mood manipulation?

      That said — and with what we know of this whole psychotic phenomenon — as well as some personal experience with dysfunctional families – and a few cult intervention experiences — I suspect the cult aspect of NXIVM is likely the more relevant factor in Mack’s deviant and destructive behavior. Excellent book on the subject: “Combating Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults” — by Steven Hassan (former cult victim) How could Koresh convince followers to burn themselves and children alive? Or Jones to poison the kids? Scientology? Cult pathology is very powerful and very effective mind control and belief system manipulation — and very difficult to comprehend.

      In this I can find a little sympathy for Allison — not absolution. There may also be dysfunctional history, psycho-disorders or abuse in Mack’s past but as you correctly said, as adults they were responsible for looking around, realizing that what they were doing was wrong, ceasing their misbehavior and getting psychological help if necessary.”

      Agreed – which makes you wonder — Aside from the nephew incident cited – her past seems spotless. Classmates, teachers, friends, coworkers, directors all say she was normal, upbeat, happy, popular, positive, productive — and all were stunned at the horrendous charges she now faces. A successful award winning actress for 20+ years — no arrests, complaints nor reputation issues — until she ran into Vanguard and his personal improvement and empowerment CULT. Now she faces a life sentence for multiple felony counts too hideous and revolting to discuss.

      Anyone please correct me if I’m mistaken on any of this. Perhaps now her desperate attempt to plea bargain a deal before trial means she’s finally ready to throw the pathetic pathological perverted pedophile under the bus. Safe to say if her barbaric behavior is presented to a jury, it won’t end well for her. But If she displays some semblance of remorse — a willingness to make restitution for pain and suffering caused – and can present psychiatric evidence claiming cognitive, moral, behavioral impairment under the influence of cult mind control (a proven psychological reality) — she may have hope of not dying behind bars. As others have said here and elsewhere – she’ll do some hard jail time, and pony up a pile of restitution — and more likely than not be branded with “sexual predator” label forever — but its her best and only hope for any future in the light of day. Vanguard’s defense will of course be desperate to prove it was NOT a cult – that all victims participated voluntarily – including torture. It will be interesting.

      Pathological impairment is an explanation, NOT an excuse. But doing the right thing now by helping prosecutors put away that steaming turd Raniere forever should earn Mack a bit of redemption. No pity for her really, but Lord what a pathetic waste of a bright and a gifted life. Kind of reminds you of Macbeth’s soliloquy for the late Lady Macbeth…

      “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
      That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
      And then is heard no more. It is a tale
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
      Signifying nothing.”

      ― Shakespeare/Macbeth

      • As I’ve noted before, I suspect she may just have been able to put a bright face on a past or personality that was dark – she ended up being an actress, after all, and seems to have managed to play the teenage girl-next-door even into her 30s. Again, Karla Homolka is an interesting comparison – she fooled everyone and even gained an acquittal, but then buried videotapes were found that showed her as a shocking predator and pathological liar. (plus that’s also a reminder that especially in this day of really small-form, easily-concealed media, Raniere may well have hidden an archive of his photos and videos somewhere).

        That book by Hassan is a good reference for understanding high control groups or cults. I think that his more recent work, and his website, provide some really good guidance on the best strategies for trying to influence people who are stuck in such groups and their ideologies.

        I suspect that Mack’s willingness to work on negotiating a plea deal, is due to a mix of both her loyalty and rationalizations breaking down, especially having spent a bunch of time back with her family which is the sort of thing that, as Hassan points out particularly in his newer work, tends to get people to re-think the direction of their lives and allegiances. The fact that her attorneys asked for a 30 day extension, suggests to me that she’s having trouble coming to terms with the consequences of what she did.

      • I wanted to add, I think there’s a dynamic at work here that I don’t fully have a handle on yet, regarding how Raniere’s inner circle including DOS, and maybe even NXIVM generally, seemingly attracted more than their share of the sort of thin, youthfulness-seeking type that Raniere is sexually fixated on, while running programs supposed based on self improvement and gender empowerment, without the women involved noticing that seemed wrong. I think part of it is that they attracted or picked a lot of women out of Hollywood and fitness/yoga culture where such physical norms are also largely unquestioned.

        I did a bit of poking around for discussion of controversy in the yoga field, and here, for instance, is a quote from a piece on on the Gaiam blog, that happens to describe the NXIVM inner circle perfectly:

        “As a long-time yoga practitioner, I remember speaking with my teachers and fellow students 15 years ago about the discomforting fact that images in the publications were almost always those of young, white, athletic women or prominent male “gurus.” ”

        Or on HuffPost:

        “Yoga has a stereotype of being a practice only done by young, slim, wealthy, white women”

  • Any plea deal will result in prison time for Ms. Mack and the public admission by Ms. Mack that she is less than perfect.
    And for the rest of her life Allison Mack will be labelled a sexual offender.

    For a text book narcissist like Allison Mack the shame involved in making these admissions will be a difficult burden to bear.

    • I agree, as I noted in a comment yesterday. I think Mack has been slow to make a plea deal, and her attorneys thought they might need 30 days more, because she’s having trouble owning up to what she did, and facing the consequences.

      It will be interesting to see what happens with the severing of charges. It could make plea deals in the original case seem less attractive, but it also might make it easier for Mack to plead to remaining charges in the case, and then wait to see what happens with the sex-related charges. I think Russell is likely to come back from being with family, and plead guilty and be done with it, not currently being implicated in the sex aspect of the case; I expect Raniere and Bronfman to fight on, Raniere being unable to ever admit and preferring to be a martyr, and Bronfman believing that she can ultimately buy or spend her way out.

  • Regardless of how they got there, the crimes committed should result in long prison sentences to both punish/deter others as well as protect society from these monsters.

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