Clare Bronfman: I Did Not ‘Recruit’ Camila, Daniela and Mariana into US for Sex With Raniere’

Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere used the legal system to create havoc for numerous defendants. Then the worm turned and they became defendants and karma came down with a will.

Attorneys representing Clare Bronfman recently filed a  Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus. in the US District Court in Connecticut. The petition seeks an order from Judge Omar Williams to end what Bronfman’s legal team claims are “unlawful conditions of confinement” at the Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Philadelphia, and immediately transfer the heiress to the prison camp in Danbury, Connecticut.

Bronfman is challenging the Bureau of Prisons’ (BOP) interpretation of her Presentencing Report (PSR), which she believes inaccurately led to her classification as a public safety risk due to her alleged involvement in recruiting Mexican sisters Camila, Daniela, and Mariana to come to the US for no other purpose but to engage in sexual relationships with Keith Raniere.

Philadelphia FDC
Philadelphia FDC

Despite a  recommendation  by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to assign Bronfman to the minimum-security camp in Danbury, because of this designation, the BOP placed her in the high-security Philadelphia Detention Center. After spending approximately one and a half years there, she was transferred to the low-security prison in Danbury. She sued the BOP to force them to move her from low security prison to the minimum security camp.

Danbury prison camp

Moving her out of the jurisdiction, the BOP halted at least temporarily the lawsuit. Currently, Bronfman has been returned to the maximum security FDC Philadelphia, where she remains confined.

Clare’s denial to the BOP

By Clare Bronfman

I appeal the… demonstrably false claim that I participated in efforts to “recruit” non-citizens into the country, including a “minor,” to become sexual partners with my codefendant, Keith Raniere….

Specifically, below I address the principal allegation that I assisted Jane Does 2, 3, and 4 – all sisters from Mexico – into the country, when Jane Doe 2 was 14, Jane Doe 3 was 20, and Jane Doe 4 was 16, for the purpose of engaging in sexual relations with my codefendant.

Jane Doe 2 [Camila] – The trial transcript shows very clearly that I did not recruit Jane Doe 2 into the country, and I had no knowledge of any sexual relationship with Jane Doe 2 and my codefendant.

Camila had a secret relationship with Raniere and for years lived at this house in Knox Woods.

The transcript reveals that Jane Doe 2’s living arrangement was kept a secret in the NXIVM community, and not even the most senior NXIVM people knew anything about it. Furthermore, I did not know about any naked pictures for anyone, let alone a minor…. 

My codefendant ordered everyone with knowledge to keep the existence of … “DOS” and any [naked] pictures a secret from me.

Mariana and Keith Raniere with their son in 2017.

Jane Doe 3 [Marianna]… and I joined NXIVM at about the same time in 2003. She was 20; I was 24. I did not know anything about Jane Doe’s 3’s immigration status when she first entered the country. At the time, I was a horse show jumper, living in Europe and Florida and competing around the world. 

The confusion lies in that I did help with her immigration, but in 2016 – more than a decade after Jane Doe 3 entered the country, by hiring an attorney. By this time, Jane Doe 3 was the primary caretaker for a dying friend [Pam Cafrtiz]. 

Both Jane Doe 3 and the friend lived with my codefendant [Raniere]. 

Keith, Mariana and Pam lived together first in the townhome on Flintlock Lane [above] then later at 21 Oregon Trail [below]:

My plea to the immigration offense and conviction arose out of these facts – my efforts to help Jane Doe 3 get back into the country to care for our mutual friend. I had no role whatsoever in her initial entry into the country or her relationship with my codefendant.

Jane Doe 4 [Daniela] – Jane Doe 4 and I joined NXIVM about the same time; I could not have “recruited” her. Jane Doe 4 herself testified at the codefendant’s trial that I did not know anything about her or her sisters’ (Jane Does 2 & 3) immigration status, and that I did not assist them getting into the country. 

Significantly, no other witness in the entire trial testified contrary to this.

Both Jane Doe 4′ s testimony and Lauren Salzman’s testimony provided detailed accounts of how the sisters were brought into the country, and there was not one- not a single- mention of me. 

Instead, the trial testimony detailed how the sisters’ parents and others arranged for their entry into the U.S., mostly before I joined NXIVM, and certainly without my knowledge or participation.

Accordingly, the record is clear that I did not “recruit” anyone into the country, let alone recruit them, or anyone else, for sex with my codefendant. 

Her codefendant Keith Alan Raniere minutes after the jig was up, and he would never taste freedom again – his apprehension in Mexico on March 25, 2018.

While, years later, I assisted my friends in resolving their immigration issues by hiring a lawyer, this was long after they had been in the country. I knew nothing about the recruit-for-sex-related allegations of my codefendant until I read it in the newspaper. 

This was trial testimony, and, significantly, at my sentencing, Judge Garaufis reached the same conclusion.

The Judge wrote: “Following a six-week jury trial over which I presided, Raniere was convicted of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, and two counts of sex trafficking. To be crystal clear, Ms. Bronfman was not convicted of any of those crimes.” The Judge also made clear: “I agree with Ms. Bronfman that the available evidence does not establish that she was aware of DOS prior to June 2017 or that she directly or knowingly funded DOS or other sex trafficking activities.”

Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons Logo

The BOP’s Response:

On January 18, 2022

Administrative Remedy No.1073720-A3 Part B – Response 

This is in response to your Central Office Administrative Remedy Appeal wherein you request the waiver of your Public Safety Factor (PSF) of Sex Offender and transfer to a camp.

We have reviewed documentation relevant to your appeal and, based on the information gathered, concur with the manner in which the Warden and Regional Director addressed your concerns at the time of your Request for Administrative Remedy and subsequent appeal. Our review of this matter reveals your PSF was adequately applied in accordance with Program Statement 5100.08, Inmate Security Designation and Custody Classification. You provide no new information that had not been considered at the lower levels that would compel us to reverse those decisions.

Accordingly, your appeal is denied.


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  • Frank, why don’t you just write articles under your own name? It’s really clear that “Janine Morrison” is a sock puppet with an AI-generated profile photo. I respect your tireless reporting on Nxivm, and all you’ve done to bring justice to the organizations’ victims, but this is just clown behavior.

    • I asked Frank same about “Dick Lafontaine”. He said it’s not him. Not sure I believe him. Could even be other writers not wanting their name out there.

  • I almost feel sorry for Raniere having to make ‘the beast with two backs’ with her.
    It couldn’t have been a pleasant experience.
    But that waft of air that blows your hair back when she opens her cheque book. Now that’s worth experiencing

    • Spending time with Horseface Clare is a traumatic, horrifying experience. There is a reason everyone hates her. She is a spoiled rotten, privileged fucking twat. Vanturd spending time with Horseface was nothing more than an investment with a massively high return. Let’s face it: Vanturd has an extremely high threshold for pain if he was spending time with Horseface. I couldn’t do it. I’ll admit it, I’m not that strong. I’d probably rather spend five years in a Vietcong prison camp than spend five minutes with Horseface.

  • “PHOENIX — Lurid new details have emerged from a new 53-felony-count federal indictment against an Arizona-based polygamist fundamentalist cult and its leader, Samuel Bateman. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for Arizona now accuses Bateman, the self-proclaimed prophet of a splinter group of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and 10 others of causing sexual harm to nine girls whose ages ranged from 9 to 17 at the time the alleged offenses took place. …

    … The new indictment revealed stories of Bateman coercing little girls to have sex with him and other adults, trading nights with girls for luxury Bentley cars, coercing children into participating in live-streamed group sex acts and transporting across state lines the girls for sexual trade. …”

    “… The prosecution then provided another chart. The pictures of eight women around Raniere, all members of Dominus Obsequious Sororium (DOS), an alleged sex ring masquerading as a sorority in which women were enslaved and branded with Raniere’s initials. Five of the eight women were Mexican. …”

    • Who’s idea was it for NXIVM to work with the Mexican LeBaron “Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”?

      • Just like in NXIVM, followers are kept very busy.

        And, “ … Joseph Smith had 32 wives — not just Emma who he wrote about in the books. And I was like, it disturbed me. So I started feeling alienated. And, I was scared because in my church – – my former church – – marriages often ended when one spouse lets go of the faith. That worried me. And I was worried about ostracism by the community. All these things because this was my community. And because – – I showed you how busy Mormon life is. That’s what you know. And Joseph Smith’s polygamy bothered me a lot. He would use it to – – e would send men away on missions and marry their wives — even though they were already married. This happened a lot he would marry – – he would use coercion to marry people’s daughters and say, ‘You know the Lord has revealed to me that I’m supposed to marry your daughter.’ What do you say when you believe this guy’s a prophet and he marries your fourteen-year-old daughter? …”

  • She has some valid arguments. It is ironic that the person who was most involved with sex trafficking for KR was Lauren. And she had no jail time to serve. I know she testified and “disavowed KR,” but how does this women get no jail time? Besides the sex trafficking, she willfully aided in keeping a girl hostage. I don’t understand how she was able to walk free? Oh Sarah E, what have you done? You have to think Lauren is laughing and still in contact with the loyalists?

  • She should identify as a man. Let them take the statistical hit. Maybe she can get rehabilitation through the offender programs.

  • She mentions her codefendant (Keith) nefarious behaviour, specifically:
    – underage naked pictures of Camila:
    – sexual relation with underage Camilla:
    – sexual realities with All three sisters:
    – immigration fraud keeping them in the country:

    It makes me wonder: now that she is aware of this terrible behavior and she quite compellingly says she didn’t have anything to do with that, does this make her disavow Keith? (Probably not otherwise the money stream to Keith’s lawyers would have dried up and that hasn’t happened (yet)).

    • Pam Cafritz knew and turned a blind eye?

      Nancy Salsman knew and turned a blind eye?

      Clare and Sara invested their family reputation and their inheritance anyway and had no idea what Keith was doing with all those women all those years? That doesn’t make any sense.

  • Unless the courts have proof she’s lying about the facts as presented, I would have to agree with CB. If she didn’t know her secret boyfriend also had a dozen or more secret girlfriends, and he manipulated her into paying for lawyers to get or keep those sexual partners into the country, how was she to know? Isn’t that what you hire immigration lawyers for? So THEY can find LEGAL ways to get/keep them in the country? Seems to me, if anything illegal happened, that’s on the lawyers.

  • What does Clare Bronfman think about the fans of the Gaylor Swift cult?
    i. e. that Taylor Swift is secretly Gay?

    • If Taylor Swift was gay (she’s NOT) she’d have one beard (a fake hetero partner), not a different one every 6 months. She’s an independent woman who doesn’t need to stay with someone if things go sour, so for her, it’s good till it’s not, then move on to the next. Why aren’t you accusing Leonardo DeCaprio of being gay? He’s been churning through 19 and 20-year-olds every 6 months for decades. And no matter how much older he gets, the girlfriends are the same age. The names just change. So it’s okay for a man to be a bachelor, never marrying, going from one woman to the next, but if a woman does it, she must be gay? I’m sick to death of the double standards.

      • Actually, Leo has been online accused many times of being gay. It may not be such in the corporate-controlled entertainment media (because there could be obvious financial reasons for it), but it’s not like people have questioned his sexuality because of those things you mentioned.

        The truth is, it’s easier for high-statused men to move on from one woman to the next since they have so many options. And even though birth control has allowed women with the freedom to be more sexual, there nature is still intrinsically tied to the burden of pregnancy to be more selective. Also, men in general don’t really care about high-statused women since men have been and still are the providers of the family for most of humanity.

        So it’s not just a matter of double standards. Men and women are simply different.

        But don’t use the behavior of high-statused men or women to be indicators of human behavior in general.

        • Men are the providers for the family? How come so many of them are being sued for child support? Even jailed for refusal to take care of their own children? Why are so many single mothers working their ass off to provide for their children because they have deadbeat dads? You live in a dream world friend.

          More importantly why do any of you give a s*** who’s gay and who’s straight if they’re not people who have anything to do with your own life? Speculating about other people’s sexuality is a sure indication that you have nothing going on in your own sex life.

          Neither Leo nor Taylor have ever spent one fraction of a second of their lives thinking about who you’re f******.

  • Fuck Clare “Horseface” Bronfman. I hope she burns in Hell.

    So, she claims she didn’t know Vanturd was sleeping with the Fernandez girls? On her website she claimed “Keith is my teacher and my best friend.” If he is her best friend, how the fuck would she not know that? I know almost everything about my best friends.

    Clare trafficked girls into the U.S. These were not her “friends”. She was trafficking them to be in Vanturd’s harum. Either she knew or was willfully blind to this. Clare has the IQ of pocket-lint, yet she is clever enough to be dangerous and a threat to society. When Clare gets out of prison, her wrath will be felt by all the people who spoke negatively about Vanturd. Nicki, please take care of yourself and be careful. You will be #1 on Clare’s hit-list when she gets out.

    If anyone wants a good laugh, check out Horseface’s now defunct website:

  • Tough to argue with Clare’s statements.

    A few heads should probably roll for transferring her back to Philly from Danbury. As her attorney suggests, it was done for no other reason than to deprive the U.S. District Court in Connecticut of jurisdiction in her first lawsuit. USDJ Meyer will clearly see this, as her second lawsuit was also assigned to Meyer.

    As to whether the Danbury camp is where she should be now, that’s entirely within BOP’s purview. There may be another minimum-security facility available.

    • Judge Garaufis also had well thought out arguments and reasons for his ruling against Clare Bronfman in his sentencing memorandum. And one should also argue that Clare Bronfman wanted to be willfully ignorant so as not to be accused of being an accomplice to Raniere’s deeds. Something that can be assumed.

      • I am thinking RICO is not being used as originally intended.
        Back in the day when Guilliano broke up mob, maybe .this nah

        • “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.”

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