Comments on Dossier Project Video Tend Towards Deprogramming the Six Remaining ‘Slaves’

The comments ran 25-1 toward leaving Keith Raniere.

The last of the original 105 DOS slaves, first eight, now only six in number, banded together, calling themselves the DOSsier Project.

On their first video on their new YouTube channel, launched after their most prominent member, Nicki Clyne, left, they talk about  Clyne’s departure and how the DOSsier Project will live on.

The six remaining DOS ‘slaves’ are Michele Hatchette, Sahajo Haertel, Linda Chung, Danielle Roberts, Angeline Hinojos, and Leah Motishaw.

Originally, the DOS structure was that 105 women were subordinate to one man – Raniere – the master of them all – though many did not know Raniere was their secret leader or that his initials were secretly the true meaning of the brand they got on their groins – until Frank Report broke the news in June 2017.

On this video, there are 79 comments, most of which were not in support of the continuation of the DOSsier Project, but rather encouraging the women to follow Clyne and free themselves of association with Raniere.

Implicit in the continuation of the DOSsier Project is the continuing support of DOS and their leader Keith Raniere. Though the DOSsier women acknowledge Clyne’s list of 30 controversies in her recent statement can give one pause, the women do what so many of Raniere’s followers have done in the past — defer a serious investigation of the allegations of Raniere’s bad intent.

One commenter raises the issue.


The DOSsier Project responds

The Dossier Project
 @The Dossier Project  Thank you for your response, and I think it’s great you are taking the time to pause and consider Nicki’s statement carefully and also to still support her despite whatever differences you may have. Down the line after you get some time to process Nicki leaving and her statement, I’m sure that those who follow you would love to know your perspectives on her statement. Thank you!
[But are the DOSsier Project women seriously evaluating Clyne’s statement?]    

Susan Dones:

One of the more compassionate comments was from Susan Dones, a former NXIVM center owner who left in 2009 and who is well known to FR readers.

Susan Dones

Oh, this is too funny. You guys should submit this to SNL for a skit. It’s better than anything I saw at Festival of Flowers follies. Too, too funny

A DOSsier member, Sahajo Haertel  replied.
… Sad to see you’ve become so mean and hateful 💔 Schadenfreude is a terrible human trait. You’re better than this. I’m sorry you seem to still feel so hurt and angry.
[Some other comments:]

Peter Liddell

The manifesto sounds as though you are trying to retroactively legitimize/deconstruct your experiences with Keith and Nxivm. Nicki hit the nail on the head when she said it is implausible that all the victims are lying.


The fact that Nikki saw the light and you guys haven’t is so sad

Paige K

Paige K
How can you not “fully understand Nicki’s reasons”? I thought she was quite clear in her public statement. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and for you to know that there is support for you should you also decide to rethink your positions. As Paige says, it is a difficult and confusing time.

Janessa Rick

Lasha Rojenko


Louise Coulombe

Louise Coulombe



Please please.



Whimsy Galore

Emily MusolinoEmily Musolino

Lasha Rojenko

Lasha Rojenko
So. Nikki was trying to save the rest of you.
Nicky says Reniere forced her into sex. Danielle branded women with Keith’s initials so she is invested in Keith to some extent. Will you speak to this
Drained and moribund. Anything but empowered. Self-deluded zombies. A sad spectacle.
Ha! As if you all did not look incredibly sad and desperate before. You had zero credibility previously. You all are into deep negatives now. What happened to the DEEP sisterhood?!?!
So sorry to read This! I Hope you regain access to your old Channel😢😢
Rick Fisk
I hope you all remain friends.
Also I’m curious, have you read her statement? And what are your thoughts on her statement? Thanks!

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  • Dali Lama sucked a boys tongue
    It is absolutely repulsive and I’m not surprised at all
    I truly believe and have always believed that his involvement with NXVIUM was much more disturbing than we know
    Also I have always been saying that there is MUCH more nasty problems about child sex trafficking then we have even begun to get into
    Wheeling and dealing behind closed doors
    Trust no one
    Absolutely no one with our children

  • Those who still believe in “NXIVM” weren’t the first ones fooled.

    “… this religion requires total devotion on the part of the student, who must certify to [her] master that [she] will keep secret the initiations to which [she] must submit: an ideal breeding ground for covering abuses of all kinds with a blanket of silence …“

    • “… Jagland said “We have not given the prize for what may happen in the future. We are awarding Obama for what he has done in the past year. And we are hoping this may contribute a little bit for what he is trying to do,” noting that he hoped the award would assist Obama’s foreign policy efforts. Jagland said the committee was influenced by a speech Obama gave about Islam in Cairo in June 2009, the president’s efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation and climate change, and Obama’s support for using established international bodies such as the United Nations to pursue foreign policy goals.”

      The documentary:

      32:15 “All of a sudden, he realized that he could link the political dimension, the spiritual dimension and the cultural dimension to save the Tibetan culture thanks to Westerner’s spiritual desire, and to use Westerner’s spiritual desire to put political pressure on China.”

      32:47 “The 14th Dalai Lama, will you please enter the podium and receive the Nobel Peace Prize for 1989 with the gold medal and the diploma?”


      “With the aim of launching guerrilla operations against the Chinese, the Central Intelligence Agency funded the Dalai Lama’s administration with US$1.7 million a year in the 1960s.”

    • “… Mao traveled to Peking and studied Marxist theory. In Shanghai he met Ch’en Tu-hsiu (who later became the leader of the Chinese Communist Party). Mao was told to form an area branch of the Communist party, but he had neither funds nor a meeting place.

      “Once again Yale stepped in,” recalled Spence. “The medical college of Yale-in-China agreed to rent him three rooms, which Mao named his “culture bookshop.”

      Business boomed and Mao was able to ring up high sales on such Chinese titles as “An Introduction to Marx’s Capital”, “A Study of the New Russia” and “The Soviet System in China”.

      “Mao’s reputation grew, and from this base he was able to organize seven branch stores,” continued the professor of Chinese history. “The profits generated were used to finance the socialist youth corps and the communist party.”

      Professor Spence further noted that because of the success of the bookstore, Mao was chosen as one of the delegates to the First Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai in 1921. From there it was only a small step to becoming one of the founders of the communist movement in his country.

      Yale-in-China now supports the New Asia College, part of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is maintained on donations and is actively hoping to interest the undergraduate community in its affairs.”

    • Was the Dalai Lama project a political operation? What do Clare and Sara Bronfman know?

      Why did the Dalai Lama ignore the patterns of sexual exploitation among his followers?
      Why did the Dalai Lama kiss a young boy on the mouth, then tell him to “suck” his tongue?

      “… The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is the great school of Mao Zedong Thought” Duration May 16, 1966 – October 6, 1976 (10 years and 143 days) The Cultural Revolution was characterized by violence and chaos. Death toll claims vary widely, with estimates of those perishing during the Revolution ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions …”

      Did a group at Yale fund and/or “handle” Mao Tse-tung?
      Which individuals in “The West” funded Mao Tse-tung AND the Dalai Lama?

      “the Central Intelligence Agency funded the Dalai Lama’s administration with US$1.7 million a year in the 1960s“

      Did a private group at Yale create the political environment for ‘The Great Helmsman’ Mao Tse-tung to do what he did?
      Did international bankers fund both sides of that war?
      Who funds the purposeful division, gang violence and “Antifa” in America today? Who starts all the wars?

      Wikipedia: “In his autobiography, Freedom in Exile, the Dalai Lama states that after he dies it is possible that his people will no longer want a Dalai Lama, in which case there would be no search for the Lama’s reincarnation. “So, I might take rebirth as an insect, or an animal – whatever would be of most value to the largest number of sentient beings” …”

      If the CIA tells the Dalai Lama to reincarnate as an insect, will the CIA win the next Nobel Peace Prize? 😑

        • “… She also claims that Choga, now 58, pressured her to get drunk before he sexually to the point where she was ‘barely conscious’ when he assaulted her and ordered her to, much like the Dalai Lama asked a child to do, suck his tongue for ‘tantric empowerment.’ …

          … She had even become what amounted to an unpaid personal assistant to Choga within the retreat. … He tried to convince her that the baby would be a reincarnation of the Buddha and an ‘enlightened being’ before eventually agreeing to pay for her to abort the fetus.

          Montgomery’s accusations also reveal a more controlling, obsessive relationship between the two.

          ‘Choga monitored [Montgomery’s] day-to-day activities and controlled her lifestyle, making remarks that vacillated dizzyingly between kindness and cruelty,’ the lawsuit alleges.

          He also put an end to a burgeoning romance between Montgomery to an unnamed potential male partner, abusing him in the process to the point that he told him to sign a contract saying he would leave the US in his own blood … ‘If they tried to Google the community that I was abused in, they wouldn’t find anything,’ she said. ‘So, it would be really hard for them to discern what potential harms could happen to them. My experience should be accessible to people that it would protect,’ Montgomery added.

    • Crowley was a British spy; The CIA paid the Dalai Llama; Epstein was “Intelligence” ... 🤔 says:

      “… Crowley, who preferred for reasons of his own to be known as ‘Beast 666,’ claimed to have obtained his secret knowledge from the Grand Llama of Tibet …

      … Shortly before World War I he came to the United States and started a cult in Detroit with only one precept: ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.’

      He announced a plan to build a headquarters patterned after the sun temples of the ancient Chaldeans, with exotic fur- nishings, fountains spraying jets of perfumed water amid burning jars of incense, silken divans for the faithful to ‘worship and recline on.’

      He said similar temples would be erected in all Large American cities, but before his mystic ‘O.T.O.’ could expand, it was exploded by a suit against Albert W. Ryerson, manager of a book firm which had published Crowley’s book of ritual, ‘The Equinox,’ which Supreme Court Justice Francis Murphy has called ‘the most lascivious and libidinous book ever published in the United States.’ ..”

  • Hi Frank, have you heard about recently sentenced January 6th defendant Robert Sanford? He apparently underwent “cult deprogramming” in prison to disabuse himself of the notion that Trump was the rightful winner of the the 2020 election. He was just sentenced to 52 months. I’m wondering who the deprogrammer was – my money is on the ever-controversial Steve Hassan.

  • “I wish you all the best. This is off subject, but why the name Dossier? I have wondered this for quite some time. A detailed report or file on someone???? Seems odd.”

    Odd and creepy — given the weird practices and general politics of it all.

  • What happenef to the Dos member that was I think was called LeBaron. I think she was in quite a few Dos videos some time ago

    • She left the DOSsier Project. Had a child, maybe got tired of being associated with Raniere.

      She married Justin Elliot, Marc’s brother.

  • Dossier Project are funny. Lol.

    “Paging Dr. Danielle!! We have an emergency,! A man has his head stuck up a woman’s ass! First name Suneel. Woman is Horseface Clare! Hurry we need you!”

    New Haiku:

    Dossier fading
    They are in love with Vanturd
    They should blow Pilgrim

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