Dossier Women Sans Nicki Clyne Try to Keep the Keith Raniere-led Project Alive

Dossier Project

The six remaining members of the Dossier Project released a video on YouTube entitled: “‼️ Nicki Clyne Denounces Keith Raniere: The Dossier Project Responds ‼️”

Dossier Project
(Clockwise L to R) Leah Mottishaw, Michele Hatchette, Danielle Roberts, Angelica Hinojos, Sahajo Haertel, and Linda Chung

They did not respond directly to Clyne’s statement about Keith Raniere published in the Frank Report. In her statement, Clyne claims DOS founder Keith Raniere treated her deceptively and despicably.

The six women avoided Clyne’s claims of abuse. 

They did inform the public that Clyne shut down the Dossier Project website and YouTube channel, which were in Clyne’s name, without their or Raniere’s permission.

Following this, the Dossier 6 took turns reciting the DOS “manifesto.”

In the video, it appears Grandmaster Raniere elevated Michele Hatchette as the new leader of the DOSsier Project.

The other five women are all grand slaves of Raniere: Leah Motishaw, Linda Chung, Sahajo Haertel, Angelica Hinojos, and Danielle Roberts.

The tone is somber. The women look grave. They announce Clyne is no longer part of their project.

Keith Raniere [above] devised DOS. Two women in Dossier sport Raniere’s initials on a brand on their groins. Danielle Roberts lost her medical license largely because she branded women without disclosing that the brand was secretly Raniere’s initials.

In a move of intrepidity, the Dossier 6 seem ready to take on the highly controversial front role that Clyne took – ready to take the barrage of criticism that comes with continuing the master slave blackmail and branding secret sorority led by a man.

Here is the transcript of Michele Hatchette’s speech in the video:

Michele Hatchette

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Dossier Project. We’re going to revisit the manifesto we published two years ago, but first we have an important correction regarding a notice on our website. The website currently states that the Dossier Project is no longer active. This is inaccurate. The project is active, but our membership has changed.

It seems that Nicki Clyne has decided to withdraw from the Dossier Project. Today is Monday March 27th. Over the past weekend, Nicki has told us that she has had a change in perspective about Keith Raniere, and she no longer supports him.

Yesterday, March 26, she reached out to us here at the Dossier Project, saying she had deactivated our social media accounts plus the website. She turned our Instagram and Twitter accounts to private. She updated our website to say we are no longer active, and she changed the password to our Google account. She also locked our YouTube account so we don’t have access to any of the videos we’ve recorded over the last three years.

She did this without consulting us, and we wanted to make sure everyone knows that we are active. Although we are changed, we have since returned our Twitter and Instagram accounts to ‘public’, and we are working with Nicki to regain access to make the website current. We hope to meet her soon, so we can put the website back online and minimize any interruption or inconvenience for our website visitors we really make this announcement with very heavy hearts because Nicki has brought such sensitivity humor and care to this project. She was the original initiator of the Dossier Project, and she brought us together. We will always be thankful for her and will sorely miss her presence and her insights here with us.

We don’t fully understand Nicki’s reasons for leaving, but we fully support Nicki as a person. Please let us be clear: this group has nothing to do with whether any of us support Keith Raniere. We originally came together to tell our stories, because our voices were not represented in the salacious media coverage of NXIVM and DOS. We have stayed together because we strongly align in our beliefs about women’s empowerment. We also happen to be really great friends. We’ve had a beautiful recognition that this project is bigger than any one of us individually, so even though there are ebbs and flows to the composition of who makes it to our calls, the project lives on. The essential core of the Dossier Project is represented in our Manifesto, and we want to revisit that by reading it today.

The women then proudly recited the DOS manifesto:


Number one:

We believe in women’s agency that women have as much free will and responsibility as men, and possess the equal right to experience the effect of their choices.

Number two

We believe in accountability and compassion, irrespective of gender, race or social class.

Number three

We believe all people have the right to make bold commitments and be accepted and to accept the constraints and consequences of their commitments.

Number four

We believe that true freedom is beyond the body and achieved through a commitment to one’s own mortality and guiding principles.

Number five

We believe that truth should never be sacrificed to gain approval or conform to the conventions of society.

Number six

We believe in women’s empowerment through personal responsibility and self-reliance and that victim mentality leads to self-imprisonment and the infantilization of women.

Number seven

We believe strength of character is built through acts of discipline self-restraint, introspection, compassion, and care.

Number eight

We believe in honoring each person’s humanity over appearance, behavior, beliefs, or perceived differences.

Number nine

We believe civil discourse that challenges societal taboos is necessary for progress and evolving from antiquated superstitious and prejudicial beliefs.

Number ten

We believe that a network of strong, successful and trustworthy women will inevitably lead to a more ethical and loving world.


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Dick LaFontaine chases gripping, thorny, and precarious stories around the world as a correspondent for the Frank Report.


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  • Given that Nicki ran both the website and the YouTube why would she need anyone else’s permission to shut them down? They were registered in her name. Not Raniere’s.

  • . dossier
    [ dos-ee-ey, -ee-er, daw-see-ey, -see-er; French daw-syey ]SHOW IPA

    📙 Middle School Level
    noun, plural dos·si·ers [dos-ee-eyz, -ee-erz, daw-see-eyz, -see-ers; French daw-syey].
    a collection or file of documents on the same subject, especially a complete file containing detailed information about a person or topic.

    A collection of papers.
    A collection of women.
    A gaggle of women
    (‘gaggle’ generally refers to a group of women talking among themselves noisily)

    No one is buying the empowerment bollocks Michele. There’s no growing, no moving forward. There’s only shaking yourself off and re entering life, wounded, shaken but not done. And more importantly wiser.

    Searching, a seeker? Just look around. You don’t need a map. Or a special feeling. Or a car. Or a log cabin in the woods. Or to be sitting at the feet of a spiritual master. Sometimes the easiest things are the most difficult to even contemplate.
    Cut off contact with Keith. All. Total. Have the courage to spend some time with yourselves.

  • What if LUCAS GAGE was the catalyst??? He just announced that he was a big fan of cults and the show…. And may or may not have been chatting with Sarah. What if Nicki found her way back in…

  • Ladies, just a few comments / suggestions:

    1. We believe in women’s agency that women have as much free will and responsibility as men, and possess the equal right to experience the effect of their choices.

    You really need a modal verb after ‘women’, e.g. women should/must/will have… Fact is, in most societies women don’t. Not sure about the “right to experience the effect of their choices”: that’s always going to happen anyway, can’t escape it, e.g. the effect of your choice of being associated with Raniere may negatively impact your social and employment opportunities.

    2. We believe in accountability and compassion, irrespective of gender, race or social class.

    Most people believe that. What about equality more generally? Equal pay, opportunity, education, rights etc?

    3. We believe all people have the right to make bold commitments and be accepted and to accept the constraints and consequences of their commitments.

    No problem with the first bit so long as it’s legal. The right to be accepted is contingent on the rights of others to accept you. Commitments are made on the basis that their constraints and consequences are anticipated and accepted prior to them being made?

    4. We believe that true freedom is beyond the body and achieved through a commitment to one’s own mortality and guiding principles.

    Nothing we can do about the grim reaper – he/she’s waiting on us all! We all have the power to dream though, and mind altering substances can be enjoyable.

    5. We believe that truth should never be sacrificed to gain approval or conform to the conventions of society.

    Nothing wrong with flouting social conventions, again as along as it’s not illegal or harming others. Truth should never be sacrificed – period. Did anyone tell Raniere?

    6. We believe in women’s empowerment through personal responsibility and self-reliance and that victim mentality leads to self-imprisonment and the infantilization of women.

    Both men and women need to adhere to personal responsibility and self-reliance ideally. Paddling grown women on their bare asses for minor misdemeanors IS infantilization.

    7. We believe strength of character is built through acts of discipline self-restraint, introspection, compassion, and care.

    Not when you have to rely on others to impose it on you. That’s just infantilization again.

    8. We believe in honoring each person’s humanity over appearance, behavior, beliefs, or perceived differences.

    Nothing to argue with there.

    9. We believe civil discourse that challenges societal taboos is necessary for progress and evolving from antiquated superstitious and prejudicial beliefs.

    That’s pretty much enshrined in the 1st Amendment. Most of us believe in free speech so long as it doesn’t incite hatred of others or spread disinformation.

    10. We believe that a network of strong, successful and trustworthy women will inevitably lead to a more ethical and loving world.

    Just replace ‘women’ with ‘people’ and you got it.

    • Close, RATB, very close to what I was thinking, but I need to ponder this. I would include something like:

      We believe in one God and that one God loves us all equally.

      We believe in the power of womanhood, and believe a united women’s contribution will further strengthen our positions and kindness to the world.

      We believe in justice and fairness for people everywhere, in prison and out of prison, rich or poor, and believe all people of the world need to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect regardless of their circumstances.

      We believe in a universal womanhood as a strong and compassionate solution to the problems that plague the world today.

      So, ladies–we’re not against your group. Get rid of DOS and get rid of the word salad BS. You’re losing credibility, and it’s time to reinvent and disown you-know-who. We agree–the time for a woman’s solidarity group is NOW.

      I can help you further with this. At the end of the day, conduct some research, find what women want and carve your mission statement around that.

      But the word salad in some of that stuff is clearly off and it needs to be rewritten.

      Good job, RATB

  • The major new development is that in Vanturd’s absence, they have shifted the organizational objectives from self improvement and female empowerment to selling Tupperware and Girl Scout cookies. Manifestos to follow.

  • This article takes the truth and sprinkles the author’s own personal speculation based on zero evidence to create a false narrative. That is not accurate reporting. Stick with the quote directly from The Dossier Project:

    “Please let us be clear: this group has nothing to do with whether any of us support Keith Raniere. We originally came together to tell our stories, because our voices were not represented in the salacious media coverage of NXIVM and DOS. We have stayed together because we strongly align in our beliefs about women’s empowerment. We also happen to be really great friends.”

  • Suneel & Rainere an Odd Love Story:

    Kieth Rainiere found Suneel on the Internet and they began to develop a relationship. At first Kieth was scared of Suneel and his alien species, but with Suneel’s support and by just being around them, Kieth began to feel more and more comfortable. Kieth’s understanding of the alien world began to grow as he interacted more with Suneel and his ugly ass alien friends.

    Kieth became very interested in exploring their alien world so he invited himself to visit their home. There Kieth began to explain the concepts of Earth to them and soon the alien’s were eager to learn from Kieth. Kieth could make it snow. Kieth soon found himself teaching them the basics of the human world and even learning from the aliens in turn. Martian sex was noble.

    When Kieth and Suneel started to fall in love, they decided to make their relationship official. Kieth told his family and was surprised to find out they accepted him and his alien partner. Kieth decided to build a space shuttle and take Suneel back to his own home world to be married. It was a huge gathering and all the humans and aliens celebrated their civil union. Male human to male alien. Woke love!

    Kieth and Suneel lived a wonderful life together and even had an ugly baby together. Kieth was amazed and surprised at the level of love and understanding between the two species and he began to work towards creating a better relationship between the people of Earth and the people from Suneel’s planet. It was called the Rationalization of Meaning Minds™️

    Kieth’s work eventually led to a partnership between the two planets that allowed trade and travel, and orgies between the two planets. Kieth’s skills proved invaluable and his insight into the world of aliens forever changed the way that humans think about alien contact. He showed that aliens, no matter how different from us, can be accepted and embraced, fucked, and even loved.

    The End

  • Come on guys! Why all of the doubt and uncertainty?

    Surely, there’s no greater example of “female empowerment” than being a slave to a man and parroting his philosoquackery.

    What kind of “critical” thinkers are you?

  • All these people have paid a high price for their devotion to KR, some more than others I hope one day the lights come back on and like Nikki they head for the hills , run as far away from Keith as they can possibly get , save themselves no one else can save them.

  • Hmm. Based on all the interviews I’ve watched of Nicki, I’m very surprised to see that she’s defected.

    I hope whatever is going on for her, that she can feel at peace.

    Being a curious onlooker, though, I’m really interested to know how she feels about DOS at this point.

    I’m also very curious about how she even came to this point?

  • The dossier project don’t want to be hypocrites. They should turn the same microscope on their departed comrade and her recent claims of abuse. There is literally no woman the dossier project slave women haven’t felt it was their business to dissect in the face of coercive control and sexual abuse allegations. Will they turn their lens on their former friend? It seems only right. Their entire platform is about conversations regarding consent women’s agency and how they participate in their own abuse. Ladies get to it!

    • I’m still waiting for their gripping essays on Lauren, Nancy and Allison. What could they possibly say about these three? Was their rank too high to still speak ill of? Or is it that they’d have to admit there’s nothing in Lauren’s testimony that was fiction.

      • Lauren is filthy. She was a Raniere loyalist until she knew it was over. If the Federales didn’t catch Keith and he was still on the lam, she would be RIGHT THERE WITH HIM FINDING NEW RECRUITS TO TORTURE, BRAND, AND RAPE!!!!!!!!!

  • Fifties Flash Back”

    Are you or have you ever been a card carrying member of the Communist Party?”
    On my honor, your honor, I have never been a member of the Communist Party

    Fast Forward.
    Are you or have you ever been a member of NXIVM or DOS?

    On my honor, your honor, I am not a member of NXIVM or DOS

  • Troubled times there at the Dossier Project. They’ve got a tempest in their teapot. A squabble in the hen house.

    Nicky Clyne left and took the keys with her. Now they’re locked out of their website and YouTube channel, leaving the remaining six bereft and bewildered.

    Whatever will they do? Who cares.

    It is amusing though. I imagine them calling Clyne every ugly name in the book, right before reciting their Ten Articles of Love, Spirituality, and Acceptance. Hahaha!

    I suppose losing Clyne as leader is kinda significant to the insignificant Dossier Project. She’s articulate, personable, a good writer, and has followers from back in the day when she was on TV as a SciFi cutie. Plus, when your group has only seven members to begin with…

    In the grand scheme of things though the demise of Dossier would be of no importance, any more than its existence has been. Other than its entertainment value that is. And Dossier won’t die, not until the last of these sad losers give up on the cause.

    Any more than Clyne’s change of position on Raniere is of any actual importance. Raniere is spending the rest of his life in prison regardless of whether the Dossier Project has seven members or six, regardless of whether Nicki Clyne supports him publicly or not, regardless of Chakravorty’s ramblings or what any of these cult remnants think, do, or say.

    All that matters was the determination of the jury at the conclusion of Raniere’s six week trial. Guilty, on all seven counts.

  • Hey I think the Dossier women should continue. Michele and Angelica can take the heat. They are bad ass bitches.

  • “Please let us be clear: this group has nothing to do with whether any of us support Keith Raniere.” Who are they trying to kid? Their manifesto is a long-winded ‘approval and justification’ of R’s manipulation, disguised as ‘women empowerment’ – and a ‘free Raniere’ movement under any other name.
    Free will is indeed ’empowering’, trying to justify yourself with endless mental gymnastics (D Roberts might trademark a new yoga position, the ‘Self-Justification Pretzel Pose’) is the exact opposite. Methinks the ladies protest too much, as the saying goes.

  • So, Frank, any word on what exactly happened or was re-evaluated to bring on this change of heart? She credited you and your site, did she say what it was?
    Did she finally talk to Keith and he was a total dick even though she’s been living her whole life for his freedom?
    What was it?! Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Nicki will answer the questions you ask herself on an upcoming post. The fact is she knows more about Raniere, Dos and Nxivm than anyone.

      It will be explosive and will appear here ok Frank Report exclusively.

      • You’re a good man, Frank Parlato. And not just because you indulge my silly posts about Suneel and his, ahem, “duties.”

        • Benji, I think wiping Clare’s ass falls into the category of “servitude”, not “duties”. Although I guess she returned the favor with “vegetarian lunches”. Seems that Suneel was at the wrong end of that deal. You couldn’t pay me to spend an afternoon with Clare, nevermind clean her butt crack.

      • When? Please tell! I have an ankle operation I am dreading next week. Give me something to look forward to reading 😁

  • Seriously, these Raniere left overs are pathetic. While Nicki is looking bright and vibrant, the others are looking old and pale, also a bit boring 💤

  • 1. Women and men have free will. Women and men have responsibilities. Women and men experience the effect of their choices.

    2. People of all genders, races and social status are accountable and should be compassionate.

    3. All people have the right to make minor commitments and bold commitments. All people have the right to be accepted. All people have the right to accept constraints. All people have the right to accept consequences …

  • This manifesto thingy is stupid. It’s an enumerated word salad on repeat mode. The whole thing is just totally preposterous. I feel dumber just for reading it. If you came straight to the comments section and think you should go back read it, I implore you, do not do it. Ice-nine has already made this sacrifice for you and he feels like an idiot for doing so.

    So with Nicki out, they really aren’t newsworthy anymore. Sad to say but they are going to wither into obscurity quickly and nobody is going to notice or care what happens to them. They’re just not interesting.

    Been a rough stretch. First Marc Elliot’s savage beatdown on the H3 podcast; and now Nicki walks out.

  • Wikipedia

    Nicki Clyne


    [ … ]

    Following Raniere’s 2019 conviction of human trafficking and sexual abuse, Clyne continued to support Raniere and advocated for his release. Clyne was part of the remaining NXIVM members and continued to defend NXIVM and its practice. On March 27, 2023, the Frank Report published an official statement from Clyne stating that she would no longer defend Keith Raniere.[15]

    [ … ]

  • Kryptonsite

    No, Smallville’s Sam Witwer & Allison Mack Were NOT Engaged
    Sam Witwer addresses the rumor that he and his Smallville co-star Allison Mack were once engaged.

    Published 3 days ago on March 26, 2023By Craig Byrne

    [ … ]

    Sam Witwer addressed the misinformation in a recent visit to Michael Rosenbaum’s “Inside of You” podcast.
    [ … ]

  • And ” Gender”?

    You have men pretending they’re women stealing trophies from women in sports, and a lot of women are standing up against that.

    You might want to take a stand on that issue.

    Your manifesto is dated.

    And ” breaking societal taboos” sounds like an excuse to do something illicit. Sorry.

  • If you want to continue with women’s empowerment, which is a wonderful concept, shouldn’t you continue it separately and not based on the teachings of someone who has been accused of abusing women?

    You might gain more credibility that way.

    Nix Dos–it has a bad connotation.

    Reformulate and rebrand your manifesto–it’s not that great and can be easily rewritten. There’s nothing new there.

    No 9, civil discourse? Get rid of it. It sounds like Raniere word salad as a platform for his bullshit.

    This is the problem with you 6–you’re clinging to a sunk lifeboat.

  • “In the video, it appears Grandmaster Raniere elevated Michele Hatchette as the new leader of the DOSsier Project.”

    It doesn’t appear at all like that. The fact is that Raniere is unable to communicate anything to those women, or to anyone else at the moment outside of US Penitentiary Tucson SHU. Hatchette is either self-appointed with the approval of the the other five, or maybe they had a secret ballot LOL.

    Without Clyne’s infamy, leadership and steely resolve they are as nothing. There will be no “barrage of criticism” because hardly anyone outside of the increasingly depleted NXIVM deadender brigade will give them even a second glance. And even amongst that scant group, there’ll be ever less interest.

    • Really, their views were already going down. Even with Nicki, people were getting sick of their schtick. Their last episode was talking about the taboos of nudity (rolling eyes). With them unwilling to answer very basic questions regarding the case, there is only so much that they can discuss. Even more so because most of them didn’t even know Keith. He’s just this guru they met once and are now ruining their lives for. I give them a year before their channel just stops getting updated.

        • They did an episode where they were discussing “who he is and why they defend him,” (Michelle was not present) and Nicki didn’t answer the question because of her “private relationship.” And Danielle Roberts said she had a lot of respect for him but wasn’t sleeping with him, but would have been open to it had he offered. Linda, Angelica, and Leah barely knew him, and had only met him a few times, but were still in awe of him. I saw some interview where Linda said she was ostracized from her family because she still defends Keith which is sad and bizarre for someone who was essentially just a teacher, who never taught any of your classes….

          • Michele Hattchette was given and performed the seduction assignment.

            She stated that herself in her initial proffers with law enforcement and the prosecution. Of course, she’s not going to be there on camera, telling everybody that she had forced sexual contact with Raniere.

            Because Michele also said that she regretted the sexual abuse. And she would never have done it if she wasn’t blackmailed and that she wanted to leave the DOS slave ring but the so-called collateral kept her there.

            That’s not an opinion. That’s not conjecture. That is Michele Hatchette in her own words describing her own situation in the slave ring and her own feelings about the seduction assignment with Keith and being blackmailed into sex with Vanguard

          • Yeah, Frank since Michele is the new leader, why not refresh our memory on this story

        • If they didn’t, NXIVM probably would have eventually planned underground tunnels, somewhere. says:

          “Bunnies”. So true. Same operation, different front. More people with your pattern recognition skills would save our world.

      • Yeah, I was only able to watch a couple of them, and my eyes started going heavy after just a few minutes – I constantly had to slap myself to stay focused. What struck me though was that Nicki just looked like her heart wasn’t in it, and I was left with the distinct impression that she was only doing it for them, maybe just out of loyalty to the cause they’d all decided to embark on following the MDC dance thing. They’ll wind it up soon if they’ve any sense at all.

  • The Dossier group is working with Nikki to get their website & videos back online

    What if Nikki doesn’t want to do that because she doesn’t believe in the project any longer?

    What if Nikki sees the Dossier project as an extension of Raniere’s abuse and made a choice to do what she could to shut it down?

    Others have done that when leaving NXIVM. Centers were closed in Canada, the US & Mexico when people no longer believe in Raniere.

    If these women want to rekindle the Dossier project, it appears they will have to do as a group of six without the influence of Nikki Clyne.

    Let’s face it, none of them have the draw Clyne brought the the project.

    Hopefully, this will have a butterfly effect and wake some of these women up. My money is Dr Daniel’s next.

    • Nah, Leah is next. Her eyes look dead in the videos. Sahajo not far behind her. I believe Danielle will be the only one left within 12 months. Let’s face it, she literally branded Vantards initials onto women’s crotches. That is a level of deception and commitment that even outweighs anything Allison or Nicki (formerly Squeaky) ever did. To physically BURN Keith’s initials into another person is next-level crazy. Danielle has to look herself in the mirror every day and convince herself that branding women with Keith’s initials was a noble, worthy, empowering endeavor. That is more than I could handle with having a mental breakdown. She is proud of herself and thinks it was good for the women. She’s past the point of no return.

      • Nope
        Most certainly does not out weigh what Allison and Nancy Saltzman did.
        They’re are thousands of millennials
        who see it as art.

        • Millennials do not see women lying about their shared boyfriend deceiving other women into having his initials branded by their as art. That is ridiculous statement you’ve made.

          • He wasn’t her shared boyfriend, albeit thats why she saw it as art?

            A business partner with a shared percentage in an excersize awareness program while she spent countless hours working on it may certainly be viewed as a boss & her effort to identify muscle groups, ligaments, posture awareness into a fun & healthy dance Doesnt qualify as public enemy # 1. .
            If her gifts were exploited by Nancys & Sarah’s E.M s, LONG Hours,, Allison’s demands, & her job to keep paying her bills ,then she Deserves as or MORE compassion than all of them!!!!!!
            Shes also been punished as much or more

          • Are you being intentionally obtuse? Choosing to Brand your body with the design of your choice with fully informed consent is one thing when you are deceiving your friends and putting a man’s initials near their genitals without their full informed consent that is not art. That is akin to what a sex trafficker or a pimp does to his property

  • “…this group has nothing to do with whether any of us support Keith Raniere.”


    That is some Alonzo-level logic right there. Maybe now the Discarded DOS Dolls will let him join…

  • I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Nikki sold her story and is making a film of it. Like India, she first has to denounce KR so as to give the narrative an ending. I notice Nikki looks 30 in the pic on the last story, and the pinch at her eyes suggests a bit of nip-n-tuc prior to on screen debut.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but this saga has more reverses than a Greek tragedy.

    It would be a real “in your face” moment if true.

  • “Please let us be clear: this group has nothing to do with whether any of us support Keith Raniere.”

    Oh, come on. The Dossierproject did nothing but defend and support Raniere.

    Nicki was a lover and closest to Raniere. She’s also a first line slave. Daniëlle Roberts was on her way to be a lover, with her Raniere-endorsed Eco/ESO (yoga) “business” project. I believe I read on the FR Michele had sex with him at some point. The other ladies were not that close to him, met him only a couple of times.

  • At a crazy, mixed up time like this, I need KR Claviger to make all this make sense for me.

    Where’d he go???

  • New NXIVM haiku:

    “Which member quits next
    Keith will be butt hurt so bad
    In more ways than one”

    I am thinking of doing a reading in Clifton Park at a coffee house. Will be titled: “V-Evening: A night of NXIVM Themed Haiku, Sonnet, and Acrostic Poetry with Pilgrim”

    Would anyone attend?

    ~ Pilgrim

      • Dear Frank Report,

        Can someone keep track of these and publish a series of books called something like “FR Haiku I”, “FR Haiku II”, “FR Haiku III” to raise funds for your many good causes?

        Maybe FR artists can be the illustrators 🖼 … 🤔

        and a 501(c)(4) can engage in politics …

        … unlike the 501(c)(3) “non-profit” The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc. which engaged in politics, law, extortion, legal malpractice, medical malpractice and fraud upon the court as long as they could with no remorse and no apologies.

        • oh nice, but you gotta include limericks as well!

          When Nicki reneged on Raniere,
          the Deadenders found it quite scary.
          With their Master in jail
          and their leader turned tail,
          they are all seeming anxious and wary.

  • Collateral undermines a woman’s agency.

    Proud of Nicki for exercising her own agency and shutting everything down without their “permission” or Keith’s permission.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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