Kristin Keeffe Cancer Returns; Releases Shocking Details About the ‘Monster’ Keith, Frank and Her

Kristin Keeffe is the mother of Keith Raniere's oldest son.

Note by Frank Parlato:

Kristin Keeffe has asked me to inform readers that she has not been posting on her Nxivm Eyewitness on Reddit and on her Kristin Keeffe Substack. Her cancer has returned.

It remains unclear if she will return to her postings. Please be patient, and more information will be provided.

Earlier this year, Kristin wrote several stories for Frank Report regarding the work we did together. She wanted to record certain information, intended to help me, and today she said this is the appropriate time to do so.

Though this story refers to my role in her life, I think thoughtful readers can discern the underlying story is about her and the degree of suffering, the pain, stress, torment and fear she lived with, constantly, while under the control of the brutal leader, Keith Raniere, the father of her child.

She had a small child – secretly, to his NXIVM community, his child – and no one to confide in – with the fear of going against the unlimited funding of Clare Bronfman and the unlimited cruelty of Keith Raniere, knowing all the time that if Keith took her son and blocked her from him (with millions to throw at family court), what would happen to her son in the hands of the megalomaniacal psychopath.

So she kept hidden from everyone on every side: She could not risk telling anyone in the outside world; she could not confide in any of NXIVM people, for they might and probably would inform the monsters. She might lose the only thing more important to her than her own life, her son’s life. She has proved that amply in her life.

By Kristin Keeffe

I met Frank Parlato in the fall of 2007, when he was hired as a consultant to NXIVM to help improve their public image in support of various litigation matters. At the time, I was the in-house
paralegal for NXIVM, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, and Clare and Sara Bronfman.

Sara and Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere

My title was “Legal Liaison.” I had little independent decision-making authority, but I was the primary go between for the NXIVM/Bronfman parties and all the attorneys and consultants on
their payrolls – including Frank.

Frank and I worked closely together. I was his main point of contact for his work with the group or the NXIVM community.

A few months into his employment, Frank and I ran into Nancy, and she asked him if he could help facilitate a $5 million bank loan for a Los Angeles real estate project she was a partner in. The company was called “Precision Development” (Precision) and was funded entirely by Clare and Sara Bronfman.

Up until then, I knew little about Precision or the Bronfman’s investment, as it was one of the few NXIVM/Bronfman outside projects entirely and solely overseen by Keith.

Frank told Nancy, “Sure, I can help” and thereafter I provided him with all the information from Nancy.

While doing the due diligence necessary for assessing financing options, Frank immediately uncovered evidence the managing partners had embezzled potentially millions of
dollars of Clare and Sara’s investment.

It was shocking, as the partners Yuri and Natasha Plyam had been close friends with Keith for many years. Yuri was often described as Keith’s “best friend.”

Yuri Plyam

Frank and I raised the alarm to Keith and Nancy, the Bronfman’s, and the Bronfman’s asset manager Barbara Bouchey simultaneously.

Through me, the Bronfman’s asked Frank to represent their interests and further investigate.

Frank flew out to Los Angeles. In short order, he proved he was correct about the fraud, and even worse, the Bronfman’s had invested $26 million solely on Keith’s word alone and didn’t have a shred of documentation or any actual ownership of the

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman

Their interest was all in Nancy’s name.

What Frank did next was nothing short of stunning. He deftly put together a team and within a matter of weeks took over the company for the Bronfman’s, got Nancy off the contracts, the
Plyams barred, and all the assets secured in the Bronfman’s names.

This saved the Bronfman’s investment and the company whose value was $82 million. It was a huge effort, and Frank
worked tirelessly around the clock, 24/7.

Later, it was determined the Plyams embezzled $10

By that point in my career at NXIVM, with the Bronfman’s unlimited financing, I had worked with the managing partners of some of the biggest and most prestigious law firms in the country, as well as their support personnel. Yet, I had never worked with someone so competent and diligent as Frank. We had become fast friends too.

Despite Frank’s success, Clare and Sara ended their business relationship with him acrimoniously shortly thereafter.

Much to my dismay. Looking back, it’s obvious now that Keith was very disturbed over his lack of control over Frank and Frank’s outing of Keith’s “best friend” as a fraudster. He wanted Frank out of the picture and fast.

I remember thinking at the time, “How is it possible Keith didn’t know about this (the Plyams fraud)?”

Then put the thought out of my head, which was something I did back then as a survival strategy. Extreme cognitive dissonance.

What Frank didn’t know, and I wish I had told him, was what was going on with me behind the scenes with Keith and Nancy (and later Clare).

These were very evil people employing him. I was being coerced to continue in my position as their paralegal. I had had a baby with Keith, whom Keith refused to acknowledge, let alone financially support.

I was then barely a year out from a grueling battle with cancer, and had less than 50/50 odds for survival long term. I had undergone radiation, chemotherapy, and excruciatingly painful surgeries, during which time Keith and Nancy forced me to work.

On two occasions, I was minutes from death and needed
massive emergency blood transfusions, while still being required to participate in conference calls with the NXIVM attorneys and consultants.

My son was born 12 weeks prematurely and spent three months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I didn’t know if he would have long-term developmental disabilities.

I lived paycheck to paycheck with barely an extra penny to my name. I had no one friend or contact outside of Keith and Nancy’s complete control.

Kristin Keeffe was featured on the Lost Women of NXIVM.

Yet I was determined to put my head down and survive for the sake of my son no matter what. As I’ve learned in the ensuing years, it is typical for someone like me to hide all this from the outside world and rationalize it – as a coping mechanism. Which is what I did.

However, while Frank and I were working together, he must have sensed something was off. One day out of the blue, he said to me, “You know, if you ever want to leave these people, I usually keep a second home in Florida. You could go there, and I can help you start over.”

I said, “Thanks” and we never spoke of it again.

Six years later, I would remember this, and Frank would save us.

But he put his whole life in extreme jeopardy as a result….

Editor’s Note

To the extent Kristin wishes to share information, FR will keep readers informed. This much I am authorized to say. Depending on certain factors, a GoFundMe crowd funding effort is contemplated.  Susan Dones, myself and others plan to help. We will keep those who are interested informed.

It only remains to be said that the EDNY relied extensively on Kristin Keeffe to put their case together. Through countless hours, and many long meetings and calls with ASUAs Moira Penza, Tanya Hajjar, and Mark Lesko, and FBI special agents Michael Weniger and Micheal Levy, Kristin became a virtual interpreter, guide and exposer of what Raniere was all about. Perhaps none knew him as well as she. The prosecutors relied on her and built their growing confidence in the case with her help.  We will have more to say in the coming days.

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Frank Parlato


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  • My favorite scene in The Vow is that one where Keith asks if hair color makes your hair darker the longer you leave it on. Why yes, smartest man in the world, as it happens it does!

  • One thing I’ve never understood about Runty Raniere is his aversion to making babies. Most cult leaders are trying to fill the world with babies,

  • Kristin, what Keith put you through is horrible. I’m glad he is rotting in a living hell.

    As a cancer survivor myself, I feel compelled to tell you that your victory over this disease depends upon you giving up the hatred that your pour out against so many former NXIVM victims and fellow travelers who are not Keith supporters.

    You were one of Keith’s worst attack dogs. Perhaps you haven’t made peace with that. You are continuing that work.

    For your own sake, give up those old habits.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and a very long life.

    • The idea that the survival of a patient with recurrent cervical cancer—look up the stats, you ignorant, pretentious POS—depends her forgiving an abuser, or feeling a certain way toward others is among the grossest things I’ve read here. And this is a site where Shadowstate regularly posts YouTube videos.

      Women with cancer are frequently abandoned by partners, impoverished from treatment, brain damaged from previous chemo, unemployed, and in chronic pain.

      How about this? Most cervical cancer is caused by a virus: HPV. Gosh, I wonder which sex partner gave a sexually transmitted virus to the woman you encourage to “forgive” if she wants to live and see her son grow up. Indeed, whose very life you says depends on this action of forgiveness to others.

      Where was the epicenter of the sex germs in NXIVM? I wonder what people in that group discouraged routine medical visits that could have caught this cancer at a curable stage? 🤔

      Nah. Must be her bitchy aggressive attitude that’s killing her.

      Thankfully she must be intelligent enough to recognize this take is garbage. Hopefully she’s not even reading here. But as a woman who has survived cancer through no help from her attitude; and 100% from medical science, good insurance, luck, and a healthy support system: “fuck you.”

      I regret I can’t tell you this in person.

      • You need to read the words I wrote. They mean something.

        Read them repeatedly until you can comprehend that I never suggested she forgive anyone who abused her, least of all Raniere.

        Cancer is not just a state of mind. There is a connection between mind and body.

        It would seem that such ideas are too subtle for you to understand.

        Perhaps you are Nicki or one of the other leftovers trolling.

        Hugs and kisses, sweetheart.


          Her very survival depends on not being the pourer of hatred upon, well, who knows. So not Keith. Not Toni? Claire’s dead dad? Most people have forgiven her. Please give the names or internet handles of who else she needs to forgive in order to live and see her son graduate.

          How many genuflections exactly does it take to cure recurrent cervical cancer?

          Just how sweet and non bitchy did KK need to be to not be struck down in the first place?

          As you say, lives depend on this. Show your work. Be detailed. Exactly how sweet and kind = survival from recurrent cervical cancer?

          Or maybe, you pretentious scientifically illiterate reply guy—possibly it’s 5G rays affecting you, tho—what you felt “compelled” to spout is garbage, and people that vomit this kind of platitude to cancer patients need to be told it’s garbage. Generally we’re too sick to say that out loud. I assure you we’re thinking it.

          I’ll use small words: Fuck you and the idea that KK’s attitude and forgiveness of “fellow travelers” is what her life depends on. What will keep her from orphaning her child. Stick your woo-based your-life-depends-on-forgiveness BS back up your ass where it belongs. There is now a vaccine to prevent the HPV that is the cause of cervical cancer. Not Keith poisoning her or her saying mean things on Reddit.

          Am I a cultist? Fuck no. I watch this because it’s an interesting car wreck. It’s a tiny weird slice of internet life. Stupidest and least sexy sex-cult ever. I’m still not convinced some of you aren’t engaging in performance art.

          Here are the facts: treatment for recurrent cervical cancer remains challenging, and prognosis of recurrent cervical cancer remains poor, with a 5-year overall survival rate of less than 5% despite intensive therapy…particularly for those who experience a recurrence in a previously irradiated field.

          The poor prognosis of recurrent cervical cancer is attributed to several factors, including the biological behavior of the tumor, contraindication of repeated radiotherapy for the same field, limited response to systemic chemotherapy or targeted therapy and the uncertain role, indication, and extent of surgical therapy.

          Mull over this while saying positive affirmations to keep your own cancer at bay: Patients with recurrent cervical cancer live on average 12 months or less.

          Her cancer was caused by genes, when it was diagnosed, and the HPV virus. Not her bitchy attack dog attitude.

          If you have children, dear readers, I hope they get the HPV vaccine. It’s an ugly way to die. For that reason I hope KK spends her time far from this dumpster fire…with her son and people that love her.

  • I follow Kristin’s substack on Reddit and I have interacted with her on a minuscule level. My opinion of Kristin is that she is a true warrior for her son and she has sacrificed everything for him. She was indoctrinated into NXIVM in her early 20’s and remained with them for 12+ years. The abuses she has endured are stomach-turning. She did not know she was pregnant until well into her pregnancy. At one point, Nancy suspected she might be pregnant and Keith said, “She’s not pregnant, she’s just getting fat again because she’s not committed to her improvement.” What happened to her during and after giving birth to her son was beyond the pale. I’ll let her tell her story, but holy crap!
    Through her writings on Reddit, I can tell that she still has the NXIVM speech patterns and she is highly suspicious of people making comments as people who might be there to harm her. To me it is understandable given what she has gone through. However, there are people on Reddit who just tear her apart and call her crazy. INHMO, those people need to learn empathy.
    I will be happy to contribute to her Go Fund Me and I wish her nothing but peace and happiness as she navigates through her post Raniere/Salzman world. Thanks Frank for stepping in and helping Kristin.

    • The home pregnancy kits have been around for a very long time.

      On the flip side I feel for every single one who was involved on both sides because I truly believe their intent was improvement & ethics.

    • What a punch in the gut to read about the return of the cancer. I am so sad she has to keep.on fighting the fight. Kristin is one badass woman and for sure can kick this cancers ass. Positive thoughts amd good vibes for Kristin!

  • The best for you, Kristin.
    I remember your wise words when referring to NXIVM: “This is all full of shit”.

  • Kristin- Incredible article.
    “ But he put his whole life in extreme jeopardy as a result….”

    This is what Frank has done over time. Do you think this was one of the reasons for his indictment?

    Bronfmans are vindictive beings.

    • “… History of the Case

      The original indictment in the case was unsealed on November 20, 2015.

      It contained nineteen counts – including the one that was the entire basis for the investigation into Parlato’s business dealings: i.e., that he had allegedly defrauded Clare and Sara Bronfman, the daughters of Edgar Bronfman, Sr., out of $1 million in conjunction with a real estate development project in California.

      That original indictment was replaced by a superseding indictment that was issued on May 23, 2018.

      The superseding indictment omitted all references to the Bronfman sisters – and deleted the one charge that was related to Parlato allegedly defrauding them out of $ 1 million.

      According to Parlato’s statement at the time, “They had to drop the Bronfman-related charge because evidence emerged to show that Clare Bronfman had committed perjury when she told the Grand Jury in my case that we had executed a signed agreement regarding my work on the California real estate development project. There was, in fact, no signed agreement – which is what Clare admitted in the testimony she gave, under oath, in a civil lawsuit in California concerning the real estate development project.”

      Once the Bronfman-related charge was dropped, Parlato was still facing eighteen felony counts. …”

    • How much harm can just a few devious people in government (in an otherwise great government) do? says:

      “Tighe was a blogger, based in Saratoga Springs, who began publishing stories about NXIVM – like a meeting on Necker Island – with photos. He showed up at Vanguard Week to take pictures. He published a list of properties NXIVM bought, a list of tax liens involving members of NXIVM, and a list of NXIVM coaches, which was a closely guarded secret. He exposed Rainbow Cultural Garden as an unlicensed daycare operation and an unlicensed school. He revealed that some of the nannies were in the U.S. illegally. He wrote about fake marriages NXIVM set up and other illegal immigration activities.

      Curiously, local law enforcement chose to do nothing about it. Instead, they went after John.

      On the early morning of October 23, 2013, John’s residence was raided by New York State Troopers led by Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp …”

  • IT’s too bad the announcement of her health crisis is mixed in with a fantastic story– I don’t believe ever told and I’m a NXIVM follower.

    Will Kristin be posting the second part soon? For benefit of all viewers, please include the original part one of her writings with her second submission. Many people are not reading the entire story because they believe it’s solely about her cancer diagnosis. Thanks for considering.

  • Kristin, the stress seems to have been unbearable and you survived anyway. Keep going, keep living and keep writing.

    “… When I first learned of Rene Caisse’s work with Dr. Charles Brusch three decades ago, I thought it would be too good to be true that I might be able to locate him and persuade him to talk with a stranger about his use of a cancer remedy that was not accepted by the American Medical Association – and that might make him a source of controversy.
    How wrong I was. The Brusch Medical Center is still in operation and still one of the largest medical clinics in Massachusetts. It has a staff of about 40, most of them specialists, and Dr. Brusch-now in his late 70s-is still involved on a part-time basis… I couldn’t believe how outspoken he was on the subject of Essiac. At one point, he said to me without any hesitation in his voice: “I know Essiac has curing potential. It can lessen the condition of the individual, control it, and it can cure it.”

    “… I asked Dr. Brusch: Why, after all these years and all these cases, have the governments and pharmaceutical corporations and cancer research institutions failed to give Essiac the serious research-and application-it so obviously deserves? Dr. Brusch was reluctant to draw conclusions. It was the one moment in our 90-minute talk when he hesitated, when I got the feeling that he was holding back. I could tell Dr. Brusch was wrestling with himself as he spoke, his cryptic remarks an attempt to communicate without really saying what he believed. But even with his best attempt to be polite and avoid criticizing anyone, here is what Dr. Brusch had to say: “The trouble is….all these centers that have gotten a tremendous amount of grants and done tremendous amounts of work, you don’t seem to see much difference… “Rene’s the one who carried the tradition over from the Indians to us, and it’s worked better than all the (other) traditions that have been handed over. It helps. It helps. …”

    • “… Without warning or warrant federal marshals raided the LA office of Dr. Gary Glum. Before this day in 1988 Dr. Glum didn’t know he owed taxes to the IRS. He didn’t. IRS officials didn’t even show up for the raid. One of the US marshals unabashedly stated: “This has nothing to do with taxes; this is about cancer. Do you understand?”

      “Perfectly.” Glum replied. …

      … Nurse Caisse introduced Essiac to Dr. Charles Brusch, the personal physician of President John F. Kennedy and head of the Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge. According to Dr. Glum, Dr. Brusch stated: “I know Essiac has curing potential. It can lessen the condition of the individual, control it, and it can cure it.” Dr. Brusch even used Rene Caisse’s tea to successfully treat his own cancer. However, Dr. Brusch told Dr. Glum that when he publicly endorsed Essiac as a cancer cure, the feds gave him two choices: “either get hauled off to military prison where he’d never be heard from again or stay quiet.” He chose the latter. …”

  • Kristin been put through so much and survived as a great mom, thinker and fighter – so I’m betting favourable odds on her future, praying for that, and ready to contribute to the gofundme. Fuck Cancer. Long live Kristin Keefe!

  • My wish is for Kristen is to be stress-free and healthy. Many blessings you and your son.

  • Keith should be doing everything he can to make amends with his child. Whatever resources he has should be directed towards his sons future.

    That is literally the only thing his life should be about.

    He should write a book about his experience and make a deal that every single penny goes into a trust for his son.

    His offspring should be all that matters.

    • LMAO. You think he gives a shit about his kids after coercing women into have dozens of abortions?

      The guy is a narcissistic sociopath who cares only about himself. He even used Keefe’s child with authorities to try and find her because he was only afraid of what she could reveal about him.

      It’s not surprising at all that VanClown was attracted to Ayn Rand’s “virtue of selfishness” BS. Only in stupid, self-defeating post-modern thought can what was considered to be a moral error for thousands of years be flipped on its head and be considered a virtue.

  • The types of cancer the other women in Lost Women of Nexivm are given: brain, bladder, breast, renal…but never Keefe’s. Is it appropriate to ask what kind has returned? I’m thinking not, or it would have been brought up.

    All cancer sucks, but I’m curious. Whatever she has, as a fellow patient in treatment, she has my sympathy.

  • Good luck to Kristin and hopes for a quick, seamless recovery. It’s so hard to be facing that as a single mother, even if her child is older now – it’s good there are people in her corner from the sounds of it.

  • Kristin,

    What a story. So glad Frank Parlato was there to help you. He really seems to be the real deal.

    Terrifying ordeal you have gone through. I absolutely love that you kept up the fight for your child! What a beautiful soul. You kept him out of the media also, which is admirable. No child needs that kind of negativity.

    Wishing you and your child peace, stability, security and joy through adversity.

  • Heartbreaking to hear. Kristin will win. Please keep us updated on how we can help. Those with resources, now may be a good time…

  • First and foremost I wish you a speedy recovery and vitality

    There is much that is mixed here for me, how ( why) Nancy asks for help with financing so she had to know that her being documented owner would be observed, then Clare is surprised, I just don’t get it!

    I love someone who came into the picture much later who has been deeply harmed and effected by it all as have I by extension~

    One thing I did think unfair was that you weren’t awarded child support and yet I guess one would argue then joint custody would had to have been put in place so in that instance, I understand the struggle.

    I do think if you were in the picture prior to Clare, you had the skills to leave whenever you wanted., but perhaps the skills came from the position you were put in. If you were already a legal aide they make enough to leave comfortably.

    May you heal and be free.

  • Notice Kristin Keeffe is above board. One of the few – perhaps along with Susan Dones- that has integrity.

    These are the ones who deserve the money. To be rewarded for their allegiance to the truth.

    • The rest of the NXIVM Nine of early defectors: Susan Dones’ partner in the Tacoma center Kim Woolhouse, Angela Ucci, Ellen Gibson, Nina Cowell, Jan Heim, Sheila Cote, Kathy Ethier, and of course Barbara Bouchey.

      Sarah Edmondson of the Vancouver center. Yes, she made a good living from selling NXIVM courses, as had Dones in Tacoma, believing it was just self-help like the 1970’s est (Erhardt Seminars Training), or its current descendent Landmark, which is only mildly culty and not at all about sex. But like Dones, she kept too far from Clifton Park to easily see the corruption.

      And when Edmondson could no longer deny to herself the corruption, she went public with an unzipped photo on the front page of the New York Times, shut down her source of income, cancelled the credit card auto-pays to NXIVM of all of her students, and set herself up for civil and criminal prosecution. Which Clare Bronfman eagerly funded.

  • Frank recovers 26 million for the Bronfman’s and they repay him by making false claims to force an indictment.

    Two twisted sisters.

    Way to get out Kristin! You must have had to keep your cool so many times.

    I’m sorry for what you went through but you were called upon for a reason.

  • However, while Frank and I were working together, he must have sensed something was off. One day out of the blue, he said to me, “You know, if you ever want to leave these people, I usually keep a second home in Florida. You could go there, and I can help you start over.”

    – this is who Frank Parlato is. I’ve yet to meet anyone who has said Frank has turned his back on them or refused to give help if asked.

    And this is the guy- who because of the evils of NXIVM- has been strung up in federal court for a decade.

    Let it end. Thank you Kristin for showing the world the truth. Very brave. Your son will be proud.

  • Of all the dingbat, dipshit, airheads on Earth, Horseface and Sara inherit $400 million? It’s just not fair.

    I may come off as an abrasive asshole, but I can tell you this: I would not have funded some deadend, ponzi scene of a company if I had that wealth. I would have invested that $150 million into some kind of charitable cause. They pissed it all away on boilroom commodities and lawsuits?? Those two truly are demonic. I fear for Clare Bears enemies when she is released, that will be a horrifying, traumatic day for them knowing she will come after them with her filthy money.

    ~ Pilgrim

  • Keith, Nancy, Sara and Clare need to rot in hell. These people have inflicted so much fear and stress in lives of innocent people.

    Kristin’s cancer is no doubt the result of years of abuse and fear- for her sons life and her own.

    So many victims of abuse succumb to cancer. The mind and body are one. They torture your mind and your soul- even when one physically escapes, the damages to the cells in your body is done.

    I am so sorry to hear she has cancer and pray she will heal herself.

    This article is an incredible tribute to her son, to Frank- and to all that she did to escape the brutality of these evil beings.

    • Allison is pretty deplorable as well. Horseface is the most dangerous though because she has the IQ of pocket-lint and $200 million… Who knows what she is capable of.

      ~ Pilgrim

    • Cinnamon,
      While years of abuse and fear likely exacerbated Kristin’s cancer there’s a high degree of probability that Keith is directly responsible for it. If you haven’t watched it yet you must see Frank’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” It’s beyond shocking.
      There are way too many cancer-related illnesses and deaths that occurred directly in K.R.’s orbit to be coincidental.
      As others have stated, best wishes to Kristin in her fight and as soon as the GoFundMe is up I’ll be contributing.
      Frank, Kristin and Susan D. are the real heroes in this whole NXIVM saga. They have my utmost and enduring respect.

      • “There are way too many cancer-related illnesses and deaths that occurred directly in K.R.’s orbit to be coincidental.”

        I don’t understand why everyone assumes Keith did the alleged poisoning when it could have easily been another harem member who did it for her own reasons. IMO, the harem members had more motivation to do that — get rid of the competition. Why would Keith want to get rid of his devoted harem members?

  • Sending my best to Kristin. I know how brave you are. You are a holy soul endowed with great spirit. xx

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