NY Post reveals NXIVM still recruiting for the Source in Brooklyn

If you were wondering if NXIVM was finished – consider that at least sometime in March they were still recruiting. It is unclear from the report below whether the events took place before or after Keith Raniere’s arrest:

The New York Post’s Page Six reports:

A branch of notorious “sex cult” Nxivm — which has been known to brand female “slaves” with its founder’s initials — is covertly recruiting within the arty Brooklyn crowd.

… Last  month, a number of notable Williamsburg artists and writers, who asked not to be named, were invited by friends to what was billed as a party promising “authentic conversation” among creatives and “light vegetarian fare.”

A flyer for the event at a private home in Williamsburg billed it as “an evening of meeting cool, like-minded artists and chatting about life, authenticity, and the awesome human potential,” also vaguely referring to an unexplained “human expression program.”

… at the party, guests were shocked to be pitched a $10,000 “curriculum” called “the Source,” … partygoer said … there had been no sign of sex, slaves or scalding irons — but things turned weird when the opening wine-and-cheese reception turned into a presentation pitch for the Source. ….

Read the story at https://pagesix.com/2018/04/09/alleged-sex-cult-recruits-hipsters-in-brooklyn/

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  • I noticed there’s no mention of “The Source” on http://www.nxivm.com. The companies page has a number of sub-categories, but the one I’d expect to see it under, “arts, entertainment and human expression”, is empty. Has a page for “The Source” been removed? The empty category seems pointless unless it used to contain something.

    • It doesn’t matter if its not mentioned on NXIVM. It’s a sister company that was started by Allison Mack with the help of Keith. If you go on YouTube you see a talk they did to discuss this. It’s also mentioned in the 25 page charges laid against keith

    • That comes off as a total propaganda piece.

      Some insider in Vancouver, and all they have to talk about is how innocent Kreuk is, and how she never took any pay for being a coach?

      The old line about “if it were true, he’d be in jail” is a bit funny now. Otherwise, useless.

      • That’s not all it said. It actually said more than that. It just seems like you don’t want to believe what was said about Ms. Kreuk, therefore “propaganda”.

      • The Vice article makes a great case for how the “recruitment” of a celeb like KK and her involvement makes perfect sense…it is how I would imagine it went down. And KK being USED as a selling point to bring in others also rings true…without KK actively/publically being a Poster Girl.

        It is only one Insider’s view, however, and she has no idea how many cult-rumors KK knew of, or purposely avoided knowing of.

        This Vice article should be a separate post.

      • Yeah Mark Hildreth was still listed on their website up until late June 2017. Kristen Kreuk who was his girlfriend left before him ( mark got her in, and she got Allison in ) Then I think Kristen broke up with Mark Hildreth and he left a year ago. Both have disassociated themselves with The Source and NXIVM

          • Thats correct. I have a feeling Mark was all for Keith sleeping with Kristen but Kristen didn’t want anything to do with it. She turned her back in 2012 on NXIVM and on Mark

          • She set her eyes on Raniere because she was suggestively indoctrinated over many years to see him in a special light.

            Allison, none of it is real. It was “programmed” into you. To him, you are a “prize”. There is no real love here. The irony is he elevates himself through you but he will toss you aside when the going gets tough.

            There is nothing worthy in him. He is not a genius. He had 2.26 GPA in college which is barely above average. His whole persona is built on lies. He’s just a conman who can BS well. There was no complementation in the relationship and there never will be. You deserve better and it is not him.

            Look at the end result of what he slowly coerced you into doing: you handed over all of your earned income, recruited other women for him to have sex with over you, and you held down naked women to brand.

            Wake the fuck up.

  • Folks I would recommend you all contact State Attorney in New York here https://ag.ny.gov/questions-comments-attorney-general-eric-t-schneiderman

    He is handling some of this. Tell him about the source and what is still going on. Send him the website url as well. Let him know about Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne

    The more people know the sooner these folks will be stopped. They will keep going even if Keith stays goes to prison.

  • I bet Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne were behind this. Time someone arrested them and brought them in for questioning.

    • India Oxenberg. She’s the co-founder with Raniere of the company ‘The Delegates’, which the Warrant identifies as CC2

      • The arrest warrant did say “The Delegates” and that has been connected to India on this blog.

        But it’s hard to envision India as a kingpin. It’s much easier to see her as a victim. I would expect Lauren Salzman as next in line for prosecution after Allison. But the Feds may have more evidence on India than Lauren. Lauren probably covers her tracks better….

        • CC2 is a co-conspirator solely by her interaction with Jane Doe 2. The current warrant is limited to the complaints of Jane Does 1 and 2, but it indicates on page 23 that this is only a starting point for future legal action.

          Thankfully, Jane Doe 2 got away before any sexual contact; that is a blessing for both her and India thank goodness.

          • When I read thru the complaint the second time. this paragraph struck me from Page 3 “In particular, the FBI has interviewed eight victims and many additional first-hand witnesses to the events described herein……”

            8 Victims – and we only were provided recaps of Jane Doe 1’s and 2’s circumstances.

            In addition, there was email evidence of another direct slave of Keith’s regarding her vow. That would not be Lauren Salzman. who we have been told reported to Allison Mack and, therefore, is on the same level of the slave pyramid as India Oxenberg. So who could that be? My money is on Rosa Laura or Loreta Garza.

            Sadly, CC-2 is most definitely India. Remember she was required to go out and recruit her own slave pod which she did and which is why she is now in the mess she will soon be in.

          • Thanks for update Laura! We’re putting the pieces together, albeit slowly, but they are falling in place ..

          • For Federal Sentencing Guidelines, there is an upward adjustment for number of victims and using violence. The enhancements for sex trafficking carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

            How do you go from a trust fund baby to a sex slaver, and be looking at a potential sentence of life in Federal Prison?

          • It was definitely super clear that they only gave the minimal info necessary to get the arrest warrant, and that there is significantly more being withheld.

            There had to be co-conspirators because one can’t engage in sex trafficking alone, and naming 3 was plenty to achieve that. I am sure there are more.

  • Brendan Lyons / Times Union breaking : NY state investigation aborted in favor of Federal investigation says:

    “ALBANY — The state attorney general’s office has suspended its investigation of a nonprofit foundation associated with the NXIVM corporation due to an ongoing federal criminal probe of the organization.

    The attorney general’s office notified a state Supreme Court justice last week that its case against Clare W. Bronfman and Dr. Brandon Porter, who are both associated with a foundation that conducted brain-activity studies on behalf of NXIVM, will be put on hold temporarily. The notification was made a day before Porter and Bronfman had been ordered to produce documents in the case.”


    • Also Jane Doe 2, but she probably isn’t still shilling for, Raniere…..

    • Marc Elliot most definitely lives in Brooklyn. The other Elliott siblings, Brian and Justin, live here in Halfmoon (Clifton Park)

      Other Gotham City ESPIANS: Geoffrey Goldberg and Evan Horowitz NYC; Linda Chung may float between NYC and Half Moon; Michaela Zahner; The Collignon sisters; Veronica and Marian;, Cedrik “the hairstylist Celik”; Eduardo Asunsolo; Diego Asunsolo; Dan Bratman; Dini Rao (runs RCG NYC) and spouse Anju; Kevin and Cecilia Hanover; Bjorn Bolinder; Natalia Gaviria; Denise Reis; nd Lorraine Dorrow.

      Out of a city of 8.5 million +/- people, there could be as many as 50-75 still practicing ESPIANS.

      The entire fabric of this organization needs to be torn asunder and snuffed out once and for all.

      • Ewwww. I forgot about all of those brainwashed idiots. Super fun party when the topic of Voldemort comes up. How do you even answer that? “Yeah, our Master got arrested and everything, but it’s a mistake and he’s going to be released soon. We think it’s all a test of our loyalty and we want him to know we support him. That’s why it’s more important than ever, especially for humanity, that we stay strong and bring him more slaves…um…students.”

      • Not sure of your source, “NYC ESPIANS,” and I can’t speak to the rest of your list, but Bjorn left a while back. Definitely not in this mix anymore.

        • Marc Elliot lives in NYC. Goldberg & Horowitz live in Brooklyn. Bolinder is out, as well as Dan Bratman. Not sure about Denise Reis & Lorraine Dorrow.

        • No direct source just old fashioned excel spreadsheet analysis of Espian social media friend’s lists (how they all overlap with each other) and an excellent memory I also multi- task well.

          Take a look at Pamela Cafritz’s Facebook Profile not the Jness Public profile one, but the one with no photo, practically all her friends are or were Espians or are related to Espians. Not one family member sadly. Names you never see mentioned now as far as being members here on Frank Report, but they were most certainly on the old coaches list from SID blog

          Both Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz are deceased and it will be pretty hard to remove their social media accounts unless a family member has the legal authority to do. Their friends list will last into perpetuity unless for example those that have left unfriend the two women. As far as deleting the accounts entirely, this will be pretty hard to do in Pam’s case because I doubt Keith has her birth certificate to provide Facebook or Instagram, it is unknown about the existence of a death certificate ( and who did they pay off to provide one?) and you must provide proof you are a lawful representative of the deceased. Kind of hard for Keith to do since he is incarcerated.

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