Ethan Klein’s Interview of Marc Elliot Was ‘a Master Class in Exposing a Fraud’

Aristotle’s Sausage watched the much talked about interview of Marc Elliot by YouTune sensation, Ethan Klien, and of course Aristotle had some poetic observations.

Frank Report wrote a story about Elliot’s perhaps ill-advised appearance on HP3, with Klein who seemed at first sympathetic to Elliot’s points of view.

YouTube Host Ethan Klein Accuses Guest Marc Elliot of Faking Tourette’s, 750,000 Views in Two Days.

The Youtbe interview has 861,000 views after five days since its premiere.

By Aristotle’s Sausage

Ethan Klein was great! This was a master class in exposing a fraud.

The YouTube video has to be seen to be believed! All Ethan did was give Marc Elliot rope. And Marc hanged himself. Let him make one absurd statement after another, then dropped the axe.

A mere transcript doesn’t do it justice. It has to be seen. Marc’s frozen shit-eating smile as he realizes he’s been caught in his own web of lies. The con man got conned. It’s beautiful!

And it goes on. And on. Caught, Marc tries to bullshit his way out of the trap he walked into. It doesn’t work. Insisting on these absurdities only highlights how absurd his claims are.

He doesn’t know when to quit. Of course not: that’s the essence of a dead-ender.

It has to be seen to appreciate the beauty, the poetry of the Nxivm lies exposed. It’s almost savage in its beauty. Inadvertently, Marc Elliott has done more to discredit the Nxivm scam than anyone other than Raniere himself!

To Marc’s foolish claim that Raniere never branded anyone, Ethan merely points out that, well, that’s the essence of racketeering, isn’t it? The mob boss doesn’t dirty his hands with the hit, he orders it done. Bingo.

Thing is, Ethan isn’t aggressive. He’s not shouty and argumentative. He’s laid back and lets Marc do the talking. Marc lays the land mines, then steps on them one after another.

And Ethan came prepared. After letting Marc go on and on about the “planted” child porn pictures and the seven experts and “scientific certainty” blah blah, Ethan shows the pictures of the KR branding on women’s pelvises. One picture after another flashes onscreen. What about those? What kind of person does that? Didn’t that have something to do with Raniere getting convicted of sex trafficking and racketeering?

Elliott is gobsmacked. He doesn’t know what to say. He gapes like a fish on a hook. Then he furiously backpedals.

Yeah, what ABOUT the branding? What excuse do the dead-enders have for that? They’d rather talk about “random backups” and the camera card and photo metadata. They’d rather change the subject, in other words.

But Ethan doesn’t want the subject changed. He has let Marc go on and on at length about seven experts, and metadata and scientific certainty blah. Marc is just repeating himself, so enough of that, let’s move on. Ethan reads off the seven felonies Raniere was actually convicted of. It’s not just those pesky pictures, allegedly planted. What about all those other crimes, Marc?

Marc, of course, got nothin’.

Ethan, in his casual, laid-back but oddly unsettling manner, points out the simple fact that Raniere was convicted by unanimous verdict by a jury. That he subsequently lost on appeal. Awkward facts that the dead-enders don’t like to talk about. They only want to talk about their imaginary scenario, where there’s no justice in America, and “the government” convicted Raniere. And the media. And “hate”.

But Marc wanted to be on this podcast. He emailed them and asked to be interviewed. The host asked him a question. What’s he gonna say?

He hangs himself with his own rope. He steps on his own landmines. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

Klein played some of a two minute video of the Raniere forensic and legal team discussing alleged FBI tampering of evidence, as he and Elliot watch.

Now THAT’S how you roast a fool!

Nothing’s funnier than a fanatic when you give him enough rope to hang himself.

And there’s no better counter argument than mockery to stupid evidence-free assertions.

Unserious claims should never be taken seriously. Mockery, derision and satire are appropriate responses to damn foolishness.

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  • Less is more –
    Ethan went too far. Mocking all of the experts – playing music- was unwarranted and undermined his own credibility.

  • Marc was a conman long before he met Keith. Two peas in a pod; motivated by power and the exploitation of people for their own self-serving purposes.

    So thankful Marc was outed – he’s a fraud and his promotion of a cure for Tourette’s has caused a population of people struggling with this condition even greater pain.

    He’s a sick SOB. Glad he done.

      • Now we know how Elliott got his tourettes. It was a cover up because he called a black person a n!%$r
        Unless he produces a doctor’s note saying he was afflicted with tourettes I’m with Ethan on this one.

  • “All Ethan did was give Marc Elliot rope. And Marc hanged himself.”

    100% – my exact thoughts as I watched

    “Marc Elliott has done more to discredit the Nxivm scam than anyone other than Raniere himself!”

    Agreed, though Nicki Clyne comes a close second in her interview with Scott Adams. Of course, the gullible moronic Adams gave her a pretty easy time, but that just made them both look twisted. And we all now know what fascist Scott’s politics are all about, birds of a feather and all that:

    It sure is funny when deadenders spew out about ‘hate’ when it is actually the people they consort with, and align themselves to, who are its most avid promoters.

  • Had this student:

    “miss I got Tourretes, I say “c*nt all the time..issa tic..can’t help it” So the second part of the statement was true, she did in fact say ‘c*nt’ around every second word, mostly just the noun but also ‘c*nt” as as adjective, verb and adverb – ‘c*nting/c*nted…”

    amazingly, once almost the entire class had dressed her down for it, often very amusingly, she just stopped. Someone asked her about her Tourrettes at the end of term and she credited the entire class with her cure. So technically I am partially responsible for a Tourrettes cure.

    I know its a real condition, back in the day, the famous logician Saul Kripke came to our college to give a lecture and did tic throughout – the noises sounded involuntary and also weren’t entirely clear -the cadence sounded like cusses but was it “piss’ or ‘piste’? -couldnt be sure.

    Most of us just don’t know, we have a simplistic and often obscure sense of it – it’s a condition that’s easy to mimic though – and difficult to prove.

  • Why doesn’t someone just tell Keith Raniere and his homeboys to just shut the f$ck up!?

    Whoopsie had a Tourette’s poopsy!

  • Well said.

    The more Marc and the other leftovers talk, the more they make fools of themselves.

    Their horseshit stinks to high heaven and everyone outside the tiny dead-ender bubble can smell it a mile away.

  • Sausage
    Well said. All valid points.
    Question: Do you think Raniere got a fair trial? Was justice served with a 120 year sentence?

    • Raniere chose to not pit on a defense during his trial other than cross examination.
      It was as fair as he chose to make it.

      He left all the evidence the DOJ needed to convict him on the crimes he was arrested for.

      Raniere spent decades abusing women, men, the legal systems and breaking laws.

      He was found guilty of 7 RICO changes and 11 predicate acts. 120 years is fair by law.

      Larry Ray go 60 and he wasn’t running a Racketeering organization. Only one woman was arrested with him. She got sentenced last week to 54 months in prison.

      R Kelly got 30 years and he wasn’t running a Racketeering organization either. No one else was arrested with him.
      He was just found guilty of child rape and handed another 20 year sentence.

      Raniere ran a criminal organization.

      • Right! They could have gotten him on the tax evasion alone if he hadn’t saved all the evidence himself, that’s how close to Al Capone he was. The cash at Nancy’s house… After he’d probably brought a big portion of it to Mexico where cash is king and no one would care about the taxes. The moth balls in the piano proved to me he wasn’t coming back anytime soon.

        And I’ve been thinking about it. Theorizing. Keith was not the only one capable of horrible things in this story that have been left out of our per view. Lauren’s release of Sarah’s branding video. Diabolical. This is someone you loved, you called friend, who’s wedding you were in, who’s child you’ve watched sleep; someone that you’ve already lied to repeatedly, and then you release this very personal moment that you yourself orchestrated from running the whole show from getting them undressed, taking them to AM’s house, to EMing her beforehand. Wow.
        Absolutely diabolical, no matter how brainwashed you were.

        It brought me to another thought though, And I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but what if the photos were planted (oh gross), or not found and disclosed in the proper manner. One of the things I noticed in Murdaugh’s testimony is that he never answered any questions until he could see the evidence that would prove he was lying. What if the deadenders have been doing the same thing.
        Nicki says Keith never had anyone’s collateral. I think Frank theorized that one of the women from Mexico was keeping the “database”. As we never found the drive or who had it, Let’s assume it was at Keith’s access and he put EVERYTHING ON IT. That is a whole potential database lot of powerful women’s butts and Vajajays. Which would explain why Keith is so sure it was planted because he’s going “where are the rest of those butts and vajajays” (lol). And during the trial he was going, “Yay, I got them” and that may be why he didn’t put up a defense. In this scenario, I’m not assuming the government orchestrated it, “sometimes it be your own people”. And as there were many hands moving in this story, capable of doing many diabolical things as displayed above, what if…
        He’d still be guilty. Many butts will not be saved in some FBI database to be potentially misused in the future. But yeah, the metadata might not be perfect. Justice would still be done. Maybe even more so. There were a lot of very powerful people in this story who would have done a lot to make sure their butts or the butts of those they loved were not released or floating around somewhere. And even more people who left NXIVM completely disgusted.
        Just a thought that was interesting me. Not legally relevant.

    • Yes and yes. He also had the opportunity to appeal, and lost.

      Raniere is a professional con man (Consumers Buyline, Nxivm, DOS) who blackmailed women and branded his initials into their bodies. These are facts beyond dispute.

  • Has Marc Elliot ever testified under oath to having Tourette’s?

    If not, I’m afraid that I can only afford Marc Elliot the same grace that Marc is affording Camila.

    We only have Marc Elliott’s victim impact statement (of sorts) about having Tourette’s. He never took the stand. We cannot believe him then.

    If Marc Elliott does not take the witness stand we cannot believe him. He must be cross-examined. Under oath.

    Right, Marc Elliott? That’s how it works, correct?

    If someone makes a true, heartfelt statement like Camilla did in court,
    unless they’re under oath. we just call them liars right?

    As you wish, Marc Elliott.

    You are a liar.
    Pants. On. Fire.

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