Government opposes Raniere’s Second Bail Motion – ‘He is a Flight Risk!’; three properties put up for bail are mortgaged virtually to the hilt

Will Judge Garaufis let this man - who calls himself a scientist and ethicist - go free on bail prior to trial? Don't bet on it.

Assistant US Attorneys Moira Kim Penza and Tanya Hajjar filed their opposition to Keith Raniere’s second bail motion. Their opposition papers are addressed to the Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis.

Raniere previously sought bail, proposing a bond of $10 million, with home detention in Brooklyn, NY to be supervised by a private team of 24-hour armed guards.  The Court denied his motion, finding that Raniere posed a substantial risk of flight and that there was a risk that if he were released, he may “unlawfully exploit women or obstruct justice.”

Since the Court’s order denying bail, Raniere was charged, via a superseding indictment, with racketeering conspiracy that included identity theft, encouraging aliens to enter the United States illegally, forced labor, document servitude, extortion, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, as well as sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit identity theft for the purpose of tax evasion.

Although he is now facing more charges, Raniere’s new bail proposal is significantly weaker than the one already rejected by the Court. He now proposes no guards to watch him, just an ankle monitor – and he wants to live in Clifton Park, which is several hours closer to the Canadian border than Brooklyn (Canada is where he first tried to flee when he learned that the feds were investigating him).  And the proposed bail bond dropped from $10 million [of Clare Bronfman’s money] to purportedly $1 million in real estate co-signed by three individuals.

Yet, it is even less than that. We find out that there is nowhere near $1 million in equity in the three properties. They all have mortgages on them and the total equity in all three properties is  – according to the government – about $170,000.

So, for the record, Raniere’s bail bond shrunk from $10 million to $170,000.

Here are some of the salient points of the government’s opposition with observations of my own [in brackets and in bold].


I. The Defendant’s Second Motion for Bail

The majority of the defendant’s thirteen-page motion for bail consists of arguments that have already been advanced and rejected by the Court or do not merit a
response.  For example, the first three pages of the defendant’s motion for bail consists of a description of the defendant’s “teachings” punctuated by footnoted quotations from Bertrand Russell, Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche that bear no relation to the substance of the defendant’s motion for bond. The twenty-four-minute promotional video posted to YouTube and submitted to the Court is also entirely irrelevant.

… A number of the individuals who appear in the video….  have since left the organization and have indicated that their experiences in Nxivm were traumatic. The defendant’s inclusion of video footage of them in his motion for pretrial release is misleading at best…

The defendant also reiterates his claim that he and his supporters have been the target of “blatant false statements” and that certain individuals “…deleted data, stole ESP
student profiles and documentation” and “…canceled credit card payments” by Nxivm clients.

[He was referring to Sarah Edmondson and Jen Kobelt]

…Nxivm and Clare Bronfman sought to have criminal charges brought against these individuals, but the Vancouver Police Department declined to recommend that any charges be brought…

II. The Defendant Presents A Risk of Flight

In denying the defendant’s prior application for bail, the Court found that his history and characteristics “strongly support the conclusion” that the defendant posed a risk
of flight…particularly persuasive [was] the defendant’s abrupt relocation to Mexico prior to his arrest, his “lack of an ordinary job or personal financial resources that could secure a meaningful bond, and his apparent access to extensive financial resources supplied by anonymous third parties.”…

The defendant concedes that he enjoys the “support of people with substantial means,” including what he describes as an “unknown contingent interest” in a multi-million
dollar estate…

[Pam Cafritz’s estate]

…  The defendant fails to note that he voluntarily relinquished executorship of the estate to a person, who…is a “firstline” DOS “slave” who is herself a person of significant wealth.

{This, I believe, is Rosa Laura Junco, daughter of Mexican publishing magnate Alejandro Junco. Rosa Laura had authorization to sign checks for Cafritz’s bank account after Cafritz died.]

…The government…obtained evidence that, notwithstanding his purported lack of any financial assets, the defendant receives a percentage of the profits of many, if not all, Nxivm-affiliated companies, which he does not keep in his name…For example, emails dated from August 2015, including an email sent to the defendant, reflect an anticipated payment of a nearly $190,000 fee for the defendant in connection with an Anima, Inc. project in Mexico.

[He told Pretrial Services he had no income.]


III. The Charges Are Serious and Government’s Case Against the Defendant is Strong

…The defendant claims that the weight of the evidence against the defendant does not favor detention because the “overwhelming majority of women in DOS did not,
were not asked to, and certainly were not required to, have sex with Mr. Raniere.”…

The government has alleged that women who joined DOS provided “collateral,” such as sexually explicit photographs and letters making damaging accusations against their
loved ones, on the false premise that they were joining a women’s empowerment group and that it consisted solely of women. The collateral was meant to ensure compliance and prevent DOS “slaves” from leaving the organization or speaking about it publicly. Multiple witnesses have indicated that they would not have provided collateral had they known the truth of the defendant’s involvement and that they remained in DOS because they had provided collateral. Having provided this collateral, a number of DOS “slaves” were tasked with engaging in sexual activity with the defendant and providing him with additional collateral, such as sexually explicit photographs, with the understanding that their collateral could be released if they did not do so. The fact that not all DOS “slaves” had direct sexual interactions with the defendant says nothing about the strength of the evidence against him.

IV. The Defendant Poses a Serious Danger to the Community

…. The defendant’s claim that he does not pose a danger because there are no allegations of “violence, guns, knives, or weapons of any time.”…   ignores the very real and significant consequences of psychological abuse, economic abuse, and sexual abuse.

For example, it was on the defendant’s orders that Jane Doe 4 remained in a bedroom for nearly two years. The defendant ordered her confined to the room not because she had stolen “from people in the community,” Def. Mot. at 12, but specifically in order to exercise power and control over her. For instance, in an email dated November 9, 2010, Lauren Salzman emailed the defendant to inform him that Jane Doe 4 had written a letter that begged to be “let out” of the room because she was “coming undone.” Salzman also told the defendant that Jane Doe 4’s letter had been intercepted and was not shown to Jane Doe 4’s parents because they were “so reactionary.” The defendant wrote back: “You might try asking [Jane Doe 4] the difference between being in the room for a day…or as long as she has.”

Jane Doe 4 remained confined to the bedroom for another fifteen months after she wrote the letter stating that she was “coming undone.” The defendant’s claim that Jane Doe stayed in the room “entirely of her own volition”…is belied by the fact that the day she left the room, she was punished—as she had been threatened she would be—by
being driven to Mexico and left without any identification.

{The government also alleges that Raniere likely statutorily raped a 15 year old girl about 12 years ago, who I suspect is Camila Fernandez. See related post

V. The Defendant’s New Proposed Bail Package Is Insufficient to Address These Concerns

…The defendant proposes a $1,000,000 bond secured by three properties owned by three different individuals whose relation to him is not clear. The defendant has not
provided…any information regarding the owners of these properties and what, if any, relationship he has with them.

Although the defendant has not yet provided the government with complete information regarding the value of the properties to be posted, two of the properties appear to be almost entirely mortgaged (97.6% and 95%) and the third has equity of approximately $100,000. The total secured portion of the bond, therefore, appears to be approximately $170,000…

[He was denied bail when he proposed posting $10 million and now he is proposing $170,000]

The defendant notes that the owners of the properties will sign on to the bond as well as “several” unidentified others. (Id. at 4.) The owners of the properties appear to be
Nxivm clients with no personal relationship to the defendant, and one of them is not a United States citizen.

[Three people – as yet unnamed – evidently NXIVM members, one a foreigner, with little equity in their properties – is the new proposal.  It is characteristic of Executive Success Programs that no one has money – unless they inherited it – and Raniere hasn’t gobbled it up. It makes sense that all he could muster up is two nearly fully mortgaged properties and one property with $100,000 in equity. Why isn’t Clare or Sara Bronfman putting up property for Vanguard?] 

V. Conclusion
The defendant poses a considerable flight risk and danger, and his proposed bail package is weaker than that already considered and rejected by the Court. Under these
circumstances, the government respectfully submits that the defendant’s motion for bail should be denied without further hearing.

[The government is asking the judge to rule without oral argument. Because the motion by Raniere is so much weaker than the one that the judge already rejected and that Raniere is now charged with many more crimes than before, it seems that there is almost no chance of his getting out on bail.  The judge, however, may allow a hearing and give the attorneys for the defense a chance to make their best arguments. I would rate it about a one in a million that Raniere gets bail. I think the government knows it. I suspect the judge already knows it. My guess is that Raniere’s attorneys know it. 

The only question is”Does Raniere know he won’t get bail?” Even after all that fancy word salad at the beginning of his bail package, does he know that this is an exercise in futility and a complete waste of time?

If he doesn’t, it’s likely a sign that he is now delusional.  The motion itself showed signs of delusional behavior with the comparison of him to Socrates and the other ridiculous fluff about NXIVM, plus the inclusion of the bizarre NXIVM YouTube video.

Perhaps our Vanguard has lost it.]



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  • 56 Comments from Scott Johnson in this post alone. Most of them insults at other posters.

    Frank, can you please ban him? The guy obviously has mental health issues.

    • Pretty, pretty please with whipped sugar cream on top? Ban Scott.

      He’s just a narcissist subverting your work, using your readers as his narcissistic supply. Part of fighting the enemy is protecting your flanks! He’s not one of your loyal soldiers, he’s an INVADER. Please trust your readers who are in the comment combat zone getting sniped with a Johnson insult the second they innocently post a comment — if they even dare to having read the Scott insult carnage gone before themselves.

    • While I agree with you, I would actually be surprised if Frank banned Scott from participating. It’s really too bad it has come to this because I think for the most part, people in general are appaled and disgusted about what has been revealed to date. And, I’m sure that there is far more information that we will never know. .

  • You seem to be the only idiot here talking to yourself. This is just an extension of your sex life. .


    South Florida reached another fraud milestone for what the Justice Department called “the largest combined financial fraud loss for a food stamp trafficking takedown in history.” That dubious new record, federal prosecutors claim, is $20 million and resulted in a dozen charged with doing the government dirty via food stamp fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The 12 charged over four cases are Hasan Saleh, 59, Mohammed Alobaisi, 37, Reynold Francois, 38, Ihab Hassouna, 44, Mohammad Alteen, 33, Maria Jerdana, 36, Joe Ann Baker, 56, Yousef “Joe” Homedan Zahran, 60, Omar Hajje, 43, Jalal Hajyousef, 42, Andy Javier Herrera, 24, and father Javier Herrera, 49.

    “In this instance, eight small convenience stores in South Florida committed a staggering amount of fraud in a relatively short amount of time,” said Karen Citizen-Wilcox, special agent in charge, U.S. Department of Agriculture-Office of the Inspector General, in a release. “These retailers created an illegal benefits exchange system that defrauded the American taxpayer and denied healthy foods to needy children and their families. The store owners who allegedly orchestrated this trafficking scheme pocketed millions in ‘fees’ which they charged for converting food assistance benefits into cash.” Some of the defendants owned, worked at or operated stores authorized to accept Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program payments, known as SNAP. Others worked at stores not authorized, but allegedly used the point-of-sale terminals for stores that were authorized.

    The fraud happened like this, according to authorities: A store clerk swipes a person’s electronic benefits card at a point-of-sale terminal for a large amount. The person with the card is paid a lesser amount in cash. The remainder is ill-gotten profit for the store owner. Saleh managed Four Corners convenience store, 821 NW Sixth St. in Fort Lauderdale, which wasn’t authorized to take SNAP payments. Prosecutors say Saleh and other Four Corners employees used the point-of-sale terminals at Liberty City’s Sparkle, 6530 NW 18th Ave., run by Alobaisi. Prosecutors say that from April 2015 through this past August, Saleh, Alobaisi and employees Francois, Hassouna, Alteen, Jerdana and Baker stole $2 million with the scheme.

    Case No. 2 involved Zahran, also known as Youssef Hussein, who worked at Pompano Beach’s Community Food Store, 401 NW 27th Ave. He is being accused of being on the fraud train a relatively short time, Nov. 3, 2016, through Jan. 11. Hajje and Hajyousef owned Steve Market 2 and Yum-Yum’s grocery, stores across the street from each other at 6804 NW 15th Ave. and 6813 NW 15th Ave. in Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood. They allegedly fraudulently acquired $4.2 million. But federal prosecutors give the money title, $10 million, to the Herreras, who also allegedly ran their game longer than everyone else — April 2012 through last month. Andy owned Santa Ana Market II, 1832 NW 17th Ave. in Miami. Father Javier worked there and Santa Ana Market, 3000 NW 12th Ave. Javier has convictions for third-degree grand theft and lottery violations on his rap sheet.

      • Good idea, Scott. Why not get off disability and go get a nice job for yourself? What with your credentials; being on the radio, making brilliant comments on blogs, carrying out your mission from God to destroy the Frank Report, you’ll do just fine.

    • Maybe we should implement sharia. Would we not cut off their hands, flog them and then throw them in a dark hole before stoning them?

  • g- People haven’t asked the questions because the answers are so obvious. Clare needs to defend the others in order for them to shield her from being found guilty. If they didn’t have her money, they would likely flip when a public defender advised them to do so. Salzman probably has some money to pay for her medical bills. After all, they found 1/2 million dollars in a shoebox in her home. Mack has residuals from acting, which would easily pay for the cross-country flights.

  • I see the disruptors are out in full force.

    The topuc is NXIVM and the villuans involved.

    Since no one has posed this question I will now.

    What monies are Nancy, Lauren and Allison livibg on?
    How is Nancy paying fir her medical care? Medicaid? If so we the people are bankrolling it.
    Is Nancy collecting SSI? Or SS?
    Is Allson mooching off mom and dad? Who pays for her plane flights to and from?
    Clare is too narcissistic and money grubbing to be footing the bill forever for these folks. Her claim to fane has almost vanished. Now it’s infamy instead.
    Remember her rage when Sarah Edmondson kept the credit cards out of her greedy hands? Even though the participants walked Clare wanted to keep charging their cards. Thus I cannot see Clare allowing the acolytes to live off her.
    She has all ready sunk 150 million in NXIVM.
    What a waste.
    So what are the above mentioned doing for money? EBT? Welfare? Hidden money?

  • College students lived on that for years–when they had to. Sure would not expect a worthless baby-machine like this whore to dine on it. But–it will taste remarkably better after 7-10 days without food.

    • Gee, Mexico sounds about as happy as Canada does now that THEY are having an influx of illegals. This is going to be a good show in about three weeks when more caravans arrive, and the illegals realize they have been used. The riots are going to be volcano-like in intensity — I just hope they stay on the Mexican side of the border. Have you seen the photos of the razor-wired fence?

      • But Mexico kinda has the right idea. We need to ship these people all the way to our northern border and let them cross illegally into Canada. Then our sanctimonious northern neighbor can quit judging us for wanting to secure our borders. Maybe if these invaders keep getting shipped to the next border over eventually they’ll end back in their home country.

  • How to impersonate Scott Johnson:

    The easy part–Put some of these words in every comment:
    Radio Show
    Read for comprehension

    The hard part–you must respond to everyone else’s comment as if you are crazy and imagine they are all talking to you and needing your response, no matter how lame.

  • Stick it idiot NXIVM was political. They had most left wing shitstains politicians in New York in their ass pocket. Probably the same for Vancouver.

  • Honduran Migrant Complains About Free Meals Provided by Mexico – Calls it ‘Pig Food’

    A Honduran migrant complained about the free beans and tortillas provided to the members of the caravan camping out in Tijuana, Mexico.
    According to reports, approximately 6,000 mostly military-aged Honduran males are camped out in Tijuana, Mexico, a city that borders San Diego.
    The thousands of migrants camping out in Tijuana are hoping to enter the United States legally or illegally.

    Deutsche Welle’s Spanish language channel, DW Español, traveled to Tijuana in order to interview some of the migrants living in the camps. A reporter asked one of the migrants how the living conditions were in the camp.

    The Honduran woman interviewed by the reporter called the free meals given to her ‘pig food.’

    “The food that they’re handing out here is terrible. Refried beans? As if they were feeding the pigs. If we don’t eat this, we will die of hunger,” the ungrateful Honduran migrant said.

    Imagine how demanding these Hondurans will be once they cross over into the United States.

    They will demand free housing, medical care, food stamps and education for their families.

    The Mexicans in Tijuana don’t like being invaded either.

    Mexican protesters WAVING MEXICAN FLAGS Confronted illegal aliens in Tijuana AGAIN om Sunday.

    During the protest Sunday, one protester screamed at the illegal migrant caravan, “Donald Trump was right! This is an invasion!”

    • We have millennium illegals coming to us now: uneducated, unskilled, but demanding everything (and I mean everything) be given to them quickly and up to their standards. The UN wants us invaded, as do the billionaires, like Soreass, the never-Trumpers, GOPe, RINOs, the Democrat Socialists and the DS-MSM.

      Waddle back home, little lady…The days of free lunches are gone. We can’t take care of our own homeless and those in poverty because we are $21 trillion in debt thanks to illegals, refugees, wars, solar panels & the NWO billionaires. Get those thunder thighs in shape, and you’ll be home in no time!!

  • Fuck off alt-left douchebags. This isn’t a forum to discuss youranti-President Trump mental masturbation scenarios.If you live in America enjoy the next 6 years. If you live in Canada, sux to b u.

    • Fuck off you political dickwads. This isn’t a forum for your shitty political masturbation. No one gives a fuck.

  • Sorry dickhead, as usual you are half right, Scooter is an asshole like the majority of you deranged demoncrap assholes. But President Trump is an amazing President and leader.

  • You are welcome TK. Now please shut up and find another cult to join. NXIVM is out of business. Now if you will excuse me i gotta take a shit.

  • Flowers, I said it’s in the news, not that Trump said it. You are such a crazed Libtard that you can’t think straight. The conservative media that I saw about Avanetti indicated he is innocent until proven guilty. Just because a couple of nutjobs come on this website made some stupid comments is meaningless.

  • Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-

    Great post and exposes your complete and utter stupidity. These brilliant racist bitches are perfect representatives of the demons that are the democrap party. Election fraud all over the fucking place are how these two losers and the rest of the idiots you follow are where they are. Justice coming soon to South Florida and beyond The Trump train is rolling on and many millions of Americans are grateful this Thanksgiving.

  • Frank is just boiling the remnants of NXIVM now. Just boiling what’s left of them….turning them into grease and lard. But what Claire Bronfoman? Is there something about Claire that’s too important — or too God knows what — to boil into grease and lard? Think about: big media is only using kid gloves on Claire for someone reason. Can’t imagine why. It’s not as if Claire has anything in common with the people who run big media. Oh well….don’t matter anyway. Frank will boil her into grease by using just his blog.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Great comments guys, totally agree and laughing along with your comments….essentially, his poor lawyers! The only thing that could have made this post anymore laughable would be a comment from Pea.

  • For *hits and giggles, I googled Nxivm and executive success programs. I wanted to see what type of information they had on their website.

    I couldn’t find anything, do they exist or were they removed?

  • Flowers – And for a change, the impact considers first the people who elected him rather than foreigners. In the longer term, that’s a very good thing. The Marshall Plan days should have ended long ago. Trump isn’t liked because Vancouver is filled with Libtards.

    • We are big town here, Scott….this ain’t some sleepy, one-horse Texas small town. We are multicultural in Vancouver. We are all having a good laugh at the thought of the MAGATS quaking in fear of a caravan of dangerous women and babies getting ready to storm the border and wreak havoc on unsuspecting (white) Americans…..Oh my God ..THE HORROR!!

      • I’m Canadian as well.
        Put yourself in the Texan’s shoes (‘er boots) and consider their mindset.

        Do you really think Trudeau would blindly accept many thousands of random/unknown immigrants just waltzing into our country?
        I don’t think so. That just sends the wrong message and opens far too many doors to strangers doing as they please. Once precedent is set that it’s ok to just walk right into another country and set up shop – there’s no telling who will be knocking on your door next.

        So what if they’re from war torn/dictatorship nations – again, they can ask for assistance in other ways, but not by this method. As cruel as that sounds – it’s an absolutely dangerous path to blindly take faith that they mean no harm. No – they are not all mothers/children.
        Go back to being oblivious and sniffing flowers in your multicultural garden.

        • I never said that the US has to or should accept them. What I’m trying to stress is how Trump (who now has cult-leader status among a certain group of people) is using stories like this to peddle propaganda and fear, and enforce racist beliefs among his followers. Pay attention to what Trump says (how much of it is just worthless word salad, half truths, fabrications, exaggerations, with some blatant lies thrown in?) A huge amount of what he says is just not true.

          This is why mainstream media often has no respect for him – it’s because they are intelligent enough to see that Trump is often lying or spreading propaganda. The Emperor really is naked- do you want to be one of his dumbass followers who is too blind to see that? Or do you want to wake up and fix the problem?

          The problem is NOT Democrats vs Republicans. The problem is that lies and corruption are being used to push an agenda, and that a portion of the public is buying into it because they are brainwashed.

      • Texas is the second most populated state in the U.S., and it has almost as many people as the entire country of Canada. I happen to live in the largest metropolitan area, with a population of about 7 million. Did you see the news today that there are at least 500 known criminals in the caravan? These are mostly young men, not women and babies. They don’t care who they chop up, white, black, and everything in between. I would glady send them to Vancouver, Canada. You can add MS-13 to your “multi-cultural” assortment. How about someone like these people living next to you, Flowers?

        • I can read the news as well, Scott. If you’re basing any of your facts on the bs thatTrump spews, then I dont believe much of it.
          I seriously doubt that it’s a proven fact that there are at least 500 criminals in the caravan, but the cowardly magats will claim anything just to avoid admitting the truth….just like the morons who posted here a few days ago to claim that Avanetti was definitely guilty – when it sure looks like it was yet another cowardly magat set up.
          But hey, as the magats believe- it doesnt matter if you hurt innocent people, it just matters that they win their imaginary war….
          ….Disgusting bunch of assholes .

          • Yep hitch your fat ass with demonic hellery and her evil band of demoncrap dimwits. They sure are truthful. You are one demented delusional cunt. After 8 years of the lyin Kenyan, President Trump is fresh spring air.

        • Scott, settle down man. Are you are wearing your Texas-size onesy tonight, or what? Please, try to wean yourself off the Amway thing. It’s really not attractive.

        • Wow, Flowers could be stalked by immigrants! Hello RCMP, There is someone in my house! Come Quick! They Just broke in and helped themselves to all of my re fried beans.

          • Fuck off alt-left douchebags. This isn’t a forum to discuss your anti Trump mental masturbation scenarios.

    • So, since your judgement is so much better and clearer now since you realized you got suckered into the whole Amway scam, what have you been up to lately besides antagonizing other people who actually have something relevant to share here.

      • Your assumption that other people have something relevant to share here is wrong. It also implies that I don’t have something relevant to share here. That is wrong as well. If you would like to discuss what I’ve been doing, you are welcome to discuss it on my radio show. But I know you’re probably just another coward who will tuck tail and run.

  • VANFUNGUS’s opinion of himself is much to high to go with insanity defense. That very ego is what attracted needy individuals to him. What we all saw as a ridiculous bail request was Rainere believing if the judge will just take the time to listen to him he will be convinced at what a great guy he is.
    Is it remotely possible that all of these expensive high powered attorneys weren’t aware to the properties offered for bail weren’t worth the paper they were printed on? Come on defense, lying about it is worse than it’s worthlessness, makes you look like fucking idiots. I would hire a one of you .
    Jane Doe 4 showed tremendous strength, as did those that stepped forward admitting they had left the cult, proving the video was false advertisement.
    Sara Bronfman Igtet: KAR has no parental feelings, he uses being a sperm donor only as it benefits him. Sara on the other hand appears to have genuine motherly instincts and hopefully she is genuine here in putting her children before her Vangaurd. It will only go against her if she helps Keith at this time.
    And finally, as I think most of us are aware that while Keith made every effort to have no assets in his name in the US we don’t believe that means he has not been hiding large sums of money for years. His huge mistake is not being able to access it. I feel the person who did has passed away, so if I was the feds I’d be looking for overseas accounts in Pam Cafritz name.
    When I say we, I am referring to a group of people like minded that discuss this case, similar to a book club. We research crimes. We are not legal teams and have no connection to NYState.
    Keep in mind- there is money, what did he do with his earnings?

    • He convinced himself that he and his minions were far smarter than they really are. All his idiotic machinations are coming back to bite him. Yes, there is a money trail, just like there’s an email / text trail.

      I am smart enough to know I most likely could not outsmart the feds.

  • On has to pause for a moment, and question the astonishing stupidity that led them to commit crimes outside the “safe” zone of Albany / Saratoga / the Northern District, where they were protected and virtually untouchable. Look what they brought upon themselves! The world’s smartest man has made quite a number of colossal mistakes lately, first and foremost this, along with pleading poverty at pre-trial detention…also thinking that shutting off his cell phone and encrypting emails would protect him.

    And who allowed Nicky Cline to post a picture from their secret location with a prominent landmark in it?

    And who would sue Microsoft claiming to have invented teleconferencing?

    How stupid ARE these people??

  • Who’ll join me in nominating Assistant US Attorneys Moira Kim Penza and Tanya Hajjar to run for President and Vice President of the U.S. in 2020?!

    (Now, there are some real badass bitches on the right side of the law!)

    • Heidi, I’m with you! You actually know KAR, do you think he would ever consider an insanity defense? Also do you think there’s the slightest possibility that his defense team can keep him off the stand? I’m sure he saw Moira and Tanya as easy marks. I would love to see his reaction once the judge officially turns this down.

      • Hi Anne. I not only think Keith would try to get off on an insanity plea if possible but I think he IS criminally insane.

        (I have a pretty low threshold for insanity tolerance these days.)

        • You honestly think Keith would try to get off on an insanity plea? Nope.


          Being a ‘sociopath’ does not make a person criminally insane — because if that were true, almost all serial killers (and many more murderers) would automatically escape jail for the relative comfort of a mental hospital.

          Sociopaths know the difference between right and wrong (e.g. they know how society expects them to behave) — however, they simply do not care.

          Sociopaths simply have no remorse or empathy for the people they hurt, but they still understand that society views what they’re doing as wrong. That’s not insane. They know it’s wrong, they simply do not care.

          Keith knows right from wrong. He simply does not care. He’s not insane.

          He knows exactly what society expects from him.

          That’s precisely why Keith goes to such calculated lengths to remove his name from all assets and bank accounts which he controls, since he understands that not paying taxes is wrong (and a crime) but yet he wishes to cheat Uncle Sam anyway.

          If he truly didn’t know right from wrong (like some psychotic lunatic) then he wouldn’t even THINK about removing his name from bank accounts and assets as a way to cheat the IRS — since if he truly didn’t know “right from wrong” then such thoughts wouldn’t enter into his head.


          If Keith tried to enter an ‘insanity’ plea —- he’d have to submit to mental health evaluations performed by doctors who would testify on his behalf, in open court, that he’s fucken bonkers and a loony mother fucker.

          Keith and his attorneys would have to agree with this medical assessment that he’s a lunatic who doesn’t know right from wrong, in open court.

          Although Keith is WAY too narcissistic to admit something like that ever, there’s a bigger problem…

          The problem is that Clare and the other NXIVM defendants would be forced to cut ties with him the moment he signaled to the court he wished to do this, because he’d be “throwing them under the bus” by tacitly admitting that NXIVM was a criminal organization just as the government alleges (but that he alone should escape jail, since he didn’t know right from wrong).

          He’d lose every NXIVM follower forever, including his wealthy benefactor Clare Bear.

          If Keith ‘admits’ he’s insane then he’s admitting that NXIVM was a criminal organization just as the government alleges, which means he’s tacitly admitting that every other defendant did criminal acts at NXIVM.

          He’d also be admitting that NXIVM is evil and not good. He’d also be admitting that he’s not really a ‘Vanguard’ worthy of being followed, but just a batshit crazy loon.

          I just don’t see Keith doing that.


          Keith knows that he’d FAIL in his quest to prove ‘insanity’ — which means he’d be humiliated at trial by admitting to a jury that he’s a fucken lunatic, yet he and his defendants would still be convicted and sent to prison anyway.

          So he’d not only lose his freedom, but he’d also lose his followers and his status as ‘Vanguard’ too.

          It’s just not gonna happen. Keith will NEVER plead insanity.

          • By the time the trial rolls around (which assumes he won’t make a deal to plead guilty in order to get a decade or two off of his prison sentence), Raniere may go insane. After all, he’s been a pampered scam artist his entire adult life, and probably lived a protected childhood as well. However, the insanity bar is normally quite high.

          • I completely agree, KAR must stick by his “misunderstood, gentle leader” theory. That is his only hope of having a soft, “Birdman of Alcatraz” ride in federal prison. But he would never be that interested in or nice to birds. His best hope is that remaining followers will stock his commissary account so he can buy chips and tuna and ramen noodles, Better than he allowed his gal pals! Sugarless gum my ass! If he had showed one iota of humanity, someone might feel sorry for him.

            Hey, Dude, you did not grow up in abject poverty. So your mother had a drinking problem? Or Daddy was absent? In a cushy middle class life in Suffern? That does not excuse your inhuman behavior.

            I hope you pay. I hope your victims heal, with you behind bars.

    • I’d nominate that ticket. Although I personally would like to see a Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ticket. Just so sick of crabby old white men for Presidents. The one we have now is nothing but a big baby. One can easily see the misogynist and narcissist character traits in Keith and Trump.

    • Actually I’d like to nominate Heidi and Flowers as Trump’s 2020 opponents.

      1) One is a failed, over-the-hill actress who followed a sick and twisted sex fiend for 20 years before finally leaving — and who failed to intervene to help her own sister get away from this wicked man. Where were you when Gina needed you most, Heidi?

      2) The other is a mentally broken ‘victim’ who’s been gaslighted and dumped by men her whole life — and who now likes to report that ‘criminals’ are stalking her everywhere. *Yeah she’s a Canadian and not eligible, but hey, this is just a dream ticket I’m talking about. 🙂

      I’m guessing that Trump would get all 538 electoral votes in that election.

      I’m guessing that not even San Francisco county would vote for these 2 liberal losers.

      Toodles. 🙂

      • Hellary THE Horrible has a lot of the characteristics you described, and worse, all in one person. However, I wouldn’t put it past the Libtard bastions of the U.S. to not vote for the Heinous Heidi/Flowerpot ticket. After all, they keep voting for Pelosi.

        • Scott, your certainly have a lot of nerve and spite in your comments towards others. Namely, how dare you criticize Heidi for the loss of her sister Gina? You stupid shit. How would you feel if this happened to you? Asshole.

      • Toodles- I haven’t been dumped by any men….you can’t keep fabricating bullshit, Toodles. It only makes you appear totally whacked out.
        And I doubt Heidi followed Keith for 20 years. I also doubt that the real Heidi is even the one posting here now.
        Actually, WHY are YOU posting here, Toodles?

          • And I’ve also never had any one-night stands…and my children know who their father is, (whom I have known since we were in highschool together back in the 80’s)…..
            So don’t bother inventing bullshit about me. Will Clicky want me to send my wedding pictures to Frank to verify that, too??🤣

  • Looks like Agnifilo and Keith are trying to lay the groundwork for an insanity defense.

    How fitting that Keith will be convicted by his own word salad.
    Sorry Keith but this is Brooklyn not Albany County. No paying the Judge, prosecutors and FBI to to look the other way or rule in your favor.
    This repulsive excuse for a man is where he belongs.

    Keith I suggest you “ponder what it means to be in MDC for a day or what it means to be in MDC for eight months.”

    Maybe an EM will help you with this problem. What’s the worst thing that could happen if the bail motion fails? What’s the worst thing that can happen if you are convicted? What would it mean to you if your defense strategy fails?

    Ponder those thoughts for a moment!
    Perhaps your technology will help solve your bail problem.
    You are the smartest man in the world and the third greatest problem solver.

    • Hahahahaha! Very good! He painted himself into a corner. “(P)onder what it means to be in MDC for a day or what it means to be in MDC for eight months.” The chickens have come home to roost. Finally, payback.

    • This is one of the worst Enty’s blinds that I’ve read that reads like an utter cluster-fuck – a virtual how many of the same vague references and pronouns can he throw around and use to muck with the mind of the reader.

    • Whoa, thanks for that find Larry!

      The druggings (it’s prolly MDMA, ecstasy or some Mexican “Molly” mix thereof) were bound to rear-up at some point but this also explains why the “Crazy” site was putting out garbage — a lot of misinformation — early on about my sister and Pam poisoning Libyan girls, etc. (which Frank gratefully help dispell.)

      I believe Nx insiders themselves, Allison et al, were/are behind a disinformation scheme to confuse, distort and lay blame at the feet of the already toe-tagged Nx victims. (For purposes beyond tax evasion.)

      • From the moment I learned of this case I was convinced drugs were used for control purposes. As an ex addict I know the pain involved in withdrawal. And what a person m8ght be willing to do to make that feeling go away. In some ways I was fortunate that I had a friend willing to help if I got up the nerve to ask, but I still did things I never would have considered otherwise.
        I’ve also wondered if KAR used, I hope so I hope he had to withdraw in jail.

    • Larry Keefauver

      Until now the NXIVM story has not had any hints of drug abuse.
      Or forced drugings.
      I have studiously avoided accusing anyone of such horrible activities.

      But the use of drugs to subdue sex slaves is quite common in urban areas.

      If the Feds find any evidence of forcing drugs on NXIVM sex slaves, they will bring down the hammer on all the top leadership of NXIVM

      This allegation is not a joke.
      It’s as serious as a heart attack.

  • Well, lawyers must do what their clients instruct. I am sure Raniere ordered his lawyers to file the ridiculous motion. If they were to ignore his instruction, they could be facing malpractice claims later. As a matter of fact, I think a malpractice claim or appeal based on incompetence of counsel is inevitable. That’s why I’m actually glad he got an expensive, big name defense attorney with a track record of competent (if not always successful) representation.

    All this portends that Raniere will unwisely insist on testifying in his own defense at trial. The jury will see right through his blather.

    So glad the Government reminded the Court that the current charges go well above and beyond involvement in DOS. I am waiting for the tax evasion charges to pile on…

    Keith, you now reap the misery you’ve sown. Enjoy. You now know what it’s like to be a slave, restricted from your normal life activities and day-to-day choices. Try not to step on any more sharp objects pending trial.

  • Since Keith enjoyed using psychological abuse on his victims, it would be fitting for the guards at MDC to tell Keith his bail package was approved and he will be released on Thursday- just to fuck with him. Get his hopes up for a while then tell him he is not going anywhere, destroy that glimmer of hope. Do this repeatedly and The guards would essentially be using NXVIM tech on Keith.

    • Every guard placed near Rainere should at minimum be given a crash course on brainwashing and NLP.
      They should also be aware that any promises of payoffs from K cannot be trusted.

  • What happens is they begin to believe their own lies.
    Like any cult leader they can heal the sick, raise the dead, have manna pour down from the sky…..and they honestly believe if only YOU believe in him enough all these miracles, and more, will happen.


    You just have to believe.

    Keith even did the Jesus “all virtue, meaning power, has gone out of me” when the woman touched the hem of his garment. Did not Keith say fat people drained him among other energy draining schticks he claimed?

    Yep, Keith made himself into another Jesus who is being persrcuted by those bad old Pharisees aka the EDNY.
    Frankly crucifixtion is too good for Keith.
    I would hate to make him a matyr.

    I place him as bad as Chris Watts. Yep.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if they placed those two in the same cell?

  • — Perhaps our Vanguard has lost it.

    He never had it in the first place. The guy was either a massive liar and/or delusioned from the get go. The only reason people fell for his sham from a distance is reliable fronts, e.g., friends and trusted coworkers, hiding lies they weren’t aware of built upon layers of those who did know, and the idiocy of not investigating his history and claims further.

  • Good analysis Frank, but I don’t think Vanguard has “lost it”.

    I agree that although Marc Agnifilo likely knows this motion is futile and absurd sounding, Keith likely does not realize it.

    I agree with you that Keith is now delusional to some degree — but I believe it’s just an extension of the brain’s survival mechanism, something we all possess. I don’t think he’s totally bonkers.

    It’s the same mechanism that causes people to go into ‘denial’ when first told of having a terminal illness.

    It’s the same mechanism that causes a parent — whose child has been missing for 2 years — to continue to believe they’re still alive and well.

    Put yourself in Keith’s shoes.

    His brain is likely just protecting him from reality — because if he accepts reality, he’d lose all hope of ever leaving that dark, dank prison cell for the next 15-30 years.

    I’m not sure that I’d behave differently if I was in his shoes.

    A person without hope is a person without a reason to live.

    That motion may look absurd and comical to the rest of us, but to Keith, it’s just a mechanism to allow him to hold out hope and continue denying the impending doom headed his way.

    Here’s another way to look at it…

    Many people can accept life in prison if they ‘have’ to —– thus I think Keith’s delusional motion is an indicator that he’s just not one of those people.

    I think he’ll keep firing Hail Mary passes until the clock runs out — at which point, I think he’ll likely suicide himself if he can find a method that’s not too painful.

    I just don’t see Keith serving life in prison.

    His delusional motions tell me that he’s not even ‘considering’ the option that he might have to stay in prison for 15-30 years.

    Besides… After Bubba makes him grab his ankles, I’m not sure he’ll develop a ‘taste’ for tube steak the way that other ‘bitches’ eventually gobble it up. 🙂

    On a brighter note… …it couldn’t be happening to a nicer guy. 🙂

    • So you’re saying Keith has cognitive dissonance, similar to what Trump is currently experiencing. Neither are able to accept the truth of their situations, and both are starting to spout absolute nonsense, such as Trump’s “…I want good climate…” remark the other day.
      Yes, that makes sense….2 crazy cult leaders, both facing impending doom, and both retreating into a safe little fantasy world in their minds.
      Thanks Clicky!

      • I say this gently but cognitive dissonance seems to fit you judging from the manner you use here. I urge you to reach out to people irl and ask for help.

        • What manner is that “Leon”? Please explain….since you’re the one who addressed me without reason. What’s the matter, don’t like my very fitting Trump analogy?
          Ps…I say that “gently”, so it’s not bullying, Mr. Fester.

      • I’m sorry to see you disrespecting our US President. As An American I believe we should show respect as we did when we have disagreed with past presidents. Mixed in with his mistakes are some great benefits to the future and believe me I am currently on the losing end of his policies. But with every generation we lose more and more respect for our leaders what are our children going to face.

        • People EARN respect Anne/Heather, you can’t buy it or blackmail people into giving it. Just because someone holds a certain title, it doesnt mean they are worthy of respect. Sometimes the Emperor is naked, and his followers are too brainwashed to see it.

          • The US president’s policies and decision can affect other countries, especially Canada and Mexico…

          • President Trump doesn’t accept failure. He perseveres, unlike Theresa May who is unfortunately my Prime Minister and seems determined to make us never ending slaves to the EU, unable to leave without the EU’s permission. I know many people who envy the US having a strong leader like Trump.

          • That’s nice…Trump is quite despised here in Vancouver….maybe that’s because of the large immigrant population here.

          • We also have a never-ending flow of immigration.That’s the main reason why we voted for Brexit. We want to take back control of our borders. Our towns and cities are changing beyond recognition. Our politicians don’t see beyond their affluent neighbourhoods.

        • Thank you, Anne. Some will always disagree with a particular President but never have I seen so many people, including newscasters, willing to treat one with utter and complete disrespect. Whoever the current President is, WE elected him. I don’t agree with everything President Trump says or does, but nor did I with President Obama, Bush or Clinton for that matter. Or the other Bush. Regardless I would NEVER say or write some of the things being put forth today. It’s shocking and beyond uncivilized.

          In the U.S., it’s like a bunch of red-faced, screaming spoiled brats stamping their feet because they didn’t get their way this time. Is that what America has become?

          Is that what Raniere has become at MDC?

          • Huh??? Trump has zero respect for anyone who disagrees with him. He’s the one who behaves like a toddler…..trying to ban journalists who ask him tough questions. What adult acts like that?
            What reality are you living in, OCD?

          • Flowers, that’s the Libtard view of Trump. He has zero respect for those who mock him. He’s a counter-puncher. Jab him in the chest and he’ll hit back with an overhand right. Trump won’t be bullied by some jack@ss reporter from CNN trying to hog the press conference and trying to lecture Trump.

          • No braindead moron, President Trump has zero respect for losers like you who live in denial and have a false perception of reality. Liberalism is a clear mental disorder. Canada and Mexico have brought their own problems and mooching off the hard work of the American taxpayer is no longer acceptable for those nations. In other words time for you to pull your own fat ass .

    • I do not see Keith suiciding himself. I think when he gets to his more or less “permanent” federal detention home, he will try to secure whatever comforts he can there, and will try to carve out an image of a wrongfully persecuted, gentle leader – maybe becoming some kind of prison guru with library privileges. If he cries after stepping on a sharp object, he would not be able to bear killing himself.

  • Really enjoyed this part, right on Christmas Day, not that it means anything to Raniere:

    The defendant also ignores that the crimes he is charged with in connection with his role as the head of DOS include not only sex trafficking, but also wire fraud conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy. Indeed, in a December 25, 2016 email sent to his “first-line” DOS “slaves”, the defendant explained eight “slave to master objectives” underpinning DOS. Among these “objectives” were the following:

    Your greatest joy is to surrender completely all things, in all
    ways, without reservation, completely exposed, to your Master
    and Master’s will. The best slave derives the highest pleasure
    from being her Master’s ultimate tool, independent of use: by
    joyously offering all your decisions to be made, or used, by your
    Master, you surrender your life, mind, body and possessions for
    unconditional use.

    That your Master has your time and labor allows for more
    production; that your Master has your vote allows for more
    potency. By recruiting others within your power you honor and
    increase your Master’s power.
    Always make your Master look good and be powerful and
    capable. Intelligently utilize the secrecy of your relationship
    with your Master to be a confederate and move your Master

    This is straight out of Amway’s “How to take advantage of others” 101.

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