As CMU Looms; Raniere Talking to Chakravorty About ‘War’ Becomes Relevant

After a six-week trial, a jury of 12 convicted Keith Alan Raniere of racketeering, conspiracy, sex trafficking, forced labor and other felony counts on June 19, 2019, after about 30 minutes of deliberations.

Suneel Chakravorty attended every day of the trial. He was a NXIVM coach who had met Raniere briefly a few times.

One of the most significant charges was the predicate acts of racketeering of possession of child porn and sexual exploitation of a minor.

The primary evidence was metadata, which established a 2005 date – when Camila was 15.

The prosecution relied on FBI expert testimony on the metadata from files on a seized hard drive that dated the photos to 2005, when Camila was 15.

Camila did not testify at trial.

After the conviction, Chakravorty began to meet Raniere at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. They collaborated to find evidence of potential tampering by FBI agents who worked on Raniere’s case.

In the days leading up to the sentencing, Chakravorty with others appeared in the media and wrote a letter to the judge alleging the FBI tampered with the photos.

Eduardo Asunsolo and Suneel Chakravorty appear at a press conference to accuse the FBI of tampering.

On October 27, 2020, at his sentencing, Camila appeared.

She was not sworn and did not identify the photos, but said she had engaged in sexual contact with Raniere beginning at age 15, and that he took photographs of her starting at age 15.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Raniere to 120 years of prison. 

In January, 2021, the BOP transferred Raniere to USP Tucson. Around the same time, Raniere appointed Chakravorty his power of attorney.

On April 30, 2022, after two years of collaboration, which included retaining experts, Raniere, through his attorney Joseph Tully, submitted to the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, three affidavits from forensic experts detailing their evidence and opinions that the FBI tampered with a camera card and hard drive to fabricate evidence of the child porn and sexual exploitation predicate acts.

Suneel Chakravorty retained Dr. J. Richard Kiper to investigate FBI tampering.

The foremost expert was Dr. James Richard Kiper, a former FBI special agent, forensic examiner and trainer of trainers of FBI forensic examiners. He worked for the FBI for 20 years, until 2019.

A photo of a Lexar camera card similar to the one seized at the executive library of Keith Raniere.

According to the FBI inventory list, evidence item #2 was a black Western Digital hard drive.  But the FBI photograph of evidence item #2 is a silver LaCie hard drive. Eleven months later, 22 photos of Camila were found on a black Western Digital hard drive. At the trial, an FBI agent testified that evidence item #2, where the child porn evidence found, was a silver hard drive. Later, a black hard drive was shown to the jury.

On the day Raniere filed the expert reports, Assistant US Attorney Kevin Trowel, in the Eastern District of New York, called the notion of government malfeasance “frivolous.”

He did not address metadata and forensic issues raised in the reports. AUSA Trowell wrote that at Raniere’s sentencing, Camila said Raniere engaged in sexual contact and took her photographs from age 15 onward.

Two days later, Raniere called Chakravorty from USP Tucson three times in the evening on the monitored prison phone line.

In these conversations, Raniere used the word “war.”  

This was used in part to justify the BOP “scrubbing” of Raniere’s permitted contacts, including Chakravorty.

Raniere filed for a preliminary injunction to restore contact with Chakravorty and others in Raniere v. Garland, 22-cv-561,

In response, the BOP wrote:
In early May 2022, the SIS Department at USP Tucson was monitoring telephone calls between [Raniere] and Mr. Chakravorty….They spoke to each other about being “at war” with the federal government that would be “no holds barred.” The CTU recommended that the USP Tucson SIS Department remove all of Plaintiff’s current contacts and review all future contact requests.

Raniere’s calls to Chakravorty appear to have centered around his filing that day, and Trowell’s response. 

The scrubbing of Raniere’s contacts, including Chakravorty, occurred nine months ago.

However, it may be important today, as sources suggest the BOP is considering moving Raniere out of the SHU at USP Tucson to a prison in the Midwest where there is a Communications Management Unit, a prison facility designed to limit contact between inmates and the outside world, which are reserved primarily for Muslim terrorists.

FR review of the context Raniere’s mention of war is from calls he made to Chakravorty on April 30, 2022 – at 8:40pm, 9:20pm, and 9:58pm.

Raniere used the word “war” three times.

Here are the relevant excerpts.

Three References to War by Raniere on April 30, 2022

First Conversation

Raniere: We’re in a war here, and we’re fighting for justice. One of the things that I said in the tape [Chakravorty was taping the calls with Raniere], which I don’t know if you heard, but [I said] ‘Lady Justice has had her blindfold ripped off by a thug who’s holding a knife to her throat.’

Chakravorty: Mm-hmm.

Raniere: We have to stop it. And they have to understand also the logic. Considering that 97% alleged [DOJ] conviction rate or 90-some odd percent or whatever, that means that all that everyone sees on TV, people going to trial, the adversarial system or whatever that is a little fringe ornament that happens in a small percentage of cases.

So what does happen?

The grand jury, which is non-adversarial, not constitutional as a final arbiter, is what is the arbiter. Say, if it’s a 97% conviction rate, and the prosecution brags about this, it’s a percentage of shame.

What it means is that only 3% prevails [at] trial, and most of the – them, don’t even go to trial. So how are they convicted?

And how do we have such a high conviction rate compared to any other civilized country, any other country?

We have more people incarcerated [than any nation]. There’s that thing on the internet from [Jeff Daniels’] Newsroom, where he’s answering the question of “why is America the best?” It isn’t. It isn’t. And he talks about, and this is before I was ever incarcerated, that we have, I think. I don’t know how much more [people in prison] than the sum of all the other countries, or something like that.

Same thing with our defense budget. But we have this shameful system that. And [Raniere’s attorney] Daugherty had looked up some statistics. Since the ’70s, there’s like a 70% conviction rate. Over the past 50 years, it’s risen to this horrible thing [97 percent conviction rate].

And it’s not just going to turn around and get a little better. It’s because of the culture, and it’s because people are allowed to call things like this [affidavits of tampering evidence] ‘frivolous’ in the government, and they can never be frivolous. Due process violation, it can never be frivolous. We [our government] have to be as close to perfect, if we want to live up to the other countries that we claim to be like, and as civilized as, like, we have to live up to that standard.

Raniere 2nd Reference to ‘War’

Raniere: This [FBI tampering] is a historical wrong, which we can translate into a historical opportunity, which we can translate into historically good change. So let’s do this. Let’s not let them [the FBI, DOJ} get away [with it]. Let’s not be light-languaged or anything like that. Is there anything else? No.

Chakravorty: No.

Raniere: Okay. I hope the recording is good. There’s a lot of noise around here.

Chakravorty: It’s very good. Coming in really clear.

Raniere: Okay. And [I hope] the last one came in clear because I think the last one expressed some good things.

Chakravorty: Yes, very clear.

Raniere: It’s interesting at the end of JFK, the movie, where he looks up and says, in effect, ‘give us,’ ‘get our government back. It’s up to you,’ that sort of a thing.


Raniere: And I can see, I was trying to think what sort of an argument could they say. These [tampering allegations] certainly aren’t ‘frivolous’ changes [as AUSA Trowell said].  These are monstrous changes [to the camera card and hard drive] that take a whole lot of time [for FBI agents] that just happen to line up with the government [narrative]. So if the government didn’t do it, gosh, they’re the fortunate recipient [of tampering].

Chakravorty: So true.

Raniere: But the janitor saying that “Oh, we didn’t do these,” or, “Oh, we don’t know how this happened” or whatever, that’s like saying ‘the dog ate my homework.’ The janitor did it [tampering with metadata on the hard drive and camera card, while in FBI custody.] Like in the middle of the night, unbeknownst to the FBI, some janitor came in [to FBI offices] with computer expertise and the equipment. Understand, to do some of these changes, there is no other motivation but to frame someone.

Why in the world would you change a camera card like that? Why in the world would you even cut out. If Photoshop was used, [Raniere’s experts say a photo was altered with Photoshop] why would you change the [modified] date so that it looks like it wasn’t used unless you’re trying to perpetrate some sort of a fraud? Why would you do all these things? And if you try to argue, ‘well, there doesn’t have to be changes, it [the photos when they’re taken] goes into Photoshop.’ Well then all the pictures [in taken from the camera] should have had Photoshop on them. 

But really we want our government back, and this is the war.

We’re facing the beast. And right now, the voice of the beast was the person that wrote that response [Trowell]. Also, [AUSA] Tanya Hajjar, who, when we asked for discovery, insisted she gave it all. You know she didn’t, right? [The government never gave the camera card clone to the defense despite the legal requirement to do so.]

Chakravorty: Of course.

Third Reference to War

The excerpt of the third instance was the last of three calls Raniere made to Chakravorty on April 30, 2022. 

Raniere: Say, I wonder how Dr. Kiper feels about his experience of 20 years in the FBI and being a unit chief. And he says he’s never seen anything like this. That’s being called ‘frivolous.’ Maybe ask him.

Chakravorty: Yes.

Raniere: It’s not frivolous. And to think this is frivolous is a horrible sin, is a horrible evil. Has to be taken out of the gov. They have to resign.

Chakravorty: Yes.

Raniere: Does that make sense?

Chakravorty: Yes, it does.

Raniere: And we need to ask for it publicly. So I’ll speak to you, I’ll try not to have too much more. Okay?

Mr. Chakravorty: Thank you. Okay.

Mr. Raniere: Yeah. We have 10 seconds, last five seconds, so, all right, send my best to everyone. And I’m so sorry, but we’re in the war now.

Mr. Chakravorty: Yes, we are.

Mr. Raniere: No holds barred.


Subsequent conversations do not seem to contain the word “war.”

From FR’s perspective, Raniere does not appear to be urging Chakravorty to take up arms, commit sedition, treason or revolution. Or if he was, we have not seen any evidence of it in the nine months since Raniere spoke of war.

On May 3, 2022, Raniere filed a Rule 33 motion alleging the FBI tampered and included the experts’ reports. 

On May 5, 2022, the BOP scrubbed Chakravorty and others from Raniere’s contact list, and Raniere was not permitted to speak with him.

There may be reasons to send Raniere to a CMU, but it certainly is not because he said “war” three times on the phone on April 30, 2022. A review of later transcripts and tapes shows Raniere did not mention the word “war” again during the remaining five days the prison let him speak to Chakravorty.

It seems evident that Raniere said ‘war’ in a context of fighting injustice. He either believed, or pretended to believe, [he knew the calls were monitored] that the government perpetrated an “historical” injustice on him, and, according to him, on the American people.  He was, by the way, misquoted by the BOP.

He did not say he was “at war” with the USA. He said he was “in a war” and “no holds barred.”

And so far, Raniere has lost every battle. It remains to be seen if he is sent to the CMU, just when his Rule 33 motion, whether frivolous or not, is due to be heard, dismissed or granted soon.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Where is Suneel Chakravorty these days?

    He used to be the star reporter on all things Raniere.

    He seems to have faded into the woodwork.

    Rumor is, he’s moved home with his parents.

    Have they deprogramed their son?
    Their Eldest Golden Child

  • Do you know what the jury’s lunch consisted of? I would have liked to know exactly. Why didn’t the press report on it? Were there different menus to choose from? Was it provided by a restaurant or a caterer and what was the value of the lunch? If a jury’s free lunch is that significant, I want to be a juror, too, and probably so do many others. That magical lunch must be something very special.
    Were there plastic plates and plastic cutlery or was there fine china and silver cutlery?
    Does anyone have photos of the food?
    I’ll settle for a picture painted by Mary White if she paints a picture to go with it.

    • I heard they had roast turkey, roasted chicken, honey braised ham, rare roast beef, brisket, pastrami, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, peas and carrots, muffins, pumpernickel bread, Caesar salad, chicken noodle soup. and cheesecake, ice cream sundae with a cherry on top.

  • Keith wants a trial like in Twelve Angry Men: lots of sweating angular close-ups and clever chiaroscuro- the intrigue the drama, as the foreman waves the thrilling new evidence at his charges : “lets run this up the flagpole and see who salutes it!” – Something befitting the JFK gambit, something fictional ofcourse.

    Also attention dead-enders: Your Regiment’s a Mess!!!

  • I was there the day the verdict was read. I remember it differently than Frank. I didn’t see Frank in the morning unless he was in the overflow room.

    Let’s all remember

    The entire six weeks weeks of the trial was the prosecution.

    Raniere didn’t put on a defense for the jury to hear. Why was that?

    Not one witness took the stand in defense.

    I don’t buy the now story his followers are telling they were pressured by the DOJ/FBI

    That is witness tampering.
    Raniere’s lawyer would t been to the bar, so fast heads would have rolled.

    No one shred of evidence was presented in Raniere’s defense to disprove any of the crimes against him.

    Out of all the naked photos on the disk found (260+ files not including all the DOS photos), there is a history Raniere likes to take photos of women/girls he had sex with.

    1500 pages of text/What’s app/emails and medical records backed up Raniere had sex with Cami and took photos while she was 15.

    I was there for the two days of closing arguments.

    The DOJ reviewed the highlights of each crime and the evidence of each crime.

    They told the jury where they could find the evidence in all binders of each of Raniere’s crimes.

    When it came time for Raniere’s legal team closing arguments. What could they say? They didn’t present a case.

    Raniere himself didn’t take the stand. He spent the entire trial passing notes to his lawyer with questions to ask the witnesses in an attempt to shake them up.

    Why would Raniere do this because Raniere knew the witness triggers.

    There was no defense for what Raniere did. He left the DOJ all the evidence they needed to convict him of every crime and more crimes that were passed on to the Northern District.

    Raniere’s lawyers did get up and dispute any of the crimes. He told a metaphor story of a boy who wasn’t loved by his father.
    It was a story that had a boohoo ending.

    Why would he do that? Because there was no defense for what Raniere did. He was caught red-handed for all his crimes.

    The day of the verdict was more than two hours. I was there and sat in the main courtroom.

    The judge spent time going over jury instructions with them.

    The jury also asked a couple of questions to the judge at different times. We were informed of these questions.

    This debunks your opinion Frank that they came in just for lunch with their minds made up with no thought process going into their decisions.

    There was a group of us that had been waiting since the court opened up.

    We finally left ourselves and went to have lunch. It was when we came back that we heard that the jury had reached their decision.

    Why wasn’t Cami at the trial a good question.

    Was it because she was under watch by Raniere’s “handlers” in Mexico still?

    In order for her to be eligible for compensation, she did have to under oath in front of the Judge have to state she had sex with Raniere and he took those pictures of while she was 15 years old.

    • 🔼This.🔼

      The idea that the jury didn’t deliberate the verdict or listen to evidence because their only concern was sandwiches is laughable.

      Just like all the other dead-ender arguments. Desperate attempt to make some kind of argument that Raniere didn’t get a fair trial.

      Sandwiches, for chrissake!

      It’s all so hilariously desperate.

      Conclusions based on an impression of how the jury was dressed. And the promise of one more free lunch. This is supposed to “prove” that four hours of jury deliberations were “really” just thirty minutes.

      This is supposed to “prove” the jury never listened to the evidence but decided Raniere’s guilt on day one. Because sandwiches.

      It’s the silliest thing I’ve heard since the midnight maple tree and placement of an index card was supposed to “prove” the FBI planted evidence.

      Raniere was convicted and sentenced because he’s guilty as hell. More To The Jury summarizes it nicely. Raniere is so guilty his legal defense team had nothing. Nothing. Their client buried himself with all the evidence he carelessly left lying around.

      Raniere is guilty and the jury found him so. End of story.

    • Thank you for sharing. Why are you so defensive about this article? Other than splitting hairs on the length of the extremely short deliberation, where do you disagree with Frank?

  • Why does Frank hate the jury?

    1. Frank enjoys being terrorized by Raniere & Bronfman money and wanted Keith back to pulling strings in his sex lair.
    2. He gets jealous when someone enjoys a free lunch and he’s not invited.
    3. He thought it was mean when the jury cackled and pointed at Raniere during the Cami texts.
    4. When people dress nicely, it draws attention to his off-the-rack suit, sketchers, and disheveled (yet Ambrose arousing) lettuce.
    5. He was hoping locking women in a room would become a thing.
    6. He wanted to be able to hang around the courtroom longer so he could have more riveting conversations with Suneel.
    7. Frank’s goal of having Raniere sign a waiver and duke it out behind a Knox Woods townhouse was squashed.

  • Where is the rest of this most entertaining podcast Reniere Speaks? Remember the competition for listeners to enter to come up with creative ways they could appeal the verdict? We are left hanging by another incomplete project.

  • Shadow!

    Look what Tucker said…..

    “Sydney Powell is lying,” Tucker Carlson said in a text message to his producer. Rupert Murdoch called Rudy Giuliani’s claims “crazy stuff.”


    Laura Ingraham said in a message to Carlson: “Sidney is a complete nut. No one will work with her. Ditto with Rudy.”

    And then….

    “It’s unbelievably offensive to me. Our viewers are good people and they believe it,” Carlson responded,

    Shadow got a reply?

    Think about!

  • The BOP has a right to defend itself!

    The BOP retaliates against inmates who file lawsuits because if they didn’t, hundreds of lawsuits would be filed.

    Otherwise…..The BOP would be awash in lawsuits!

    • Judges in the Nxivm cases are far superior in every way compared to the family court judges in these articles.


      “I’ll See You in Court…Again: Psychopathology and Hyperlitigious Litigants”

      C. Adam Coffey, Stanley L. Brodsky and David M. Sams
      Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online March 2017, 45 (1) 62-71;

      “… ‘Again? How many times do you want me to sue them?
      If memory serves me correctly, this will be the 17th time
      you have brought suit over the same issue!’

      Fans of the British TV comedy Kingdom,1 which aired from 2007 to 2009, may recognize this quotation. …”

  • Readiness drills will increase as the deadenders await word from their vanguard and we anticipate their appearance in South Park.

  • So much for the first amendment. Can’t say you’re at war with the government even when the government denied us unalienable rights, and is forcing vaccinations to reduce our population- legalized murder.

    • Without the vaccinations hundreds of thousands more people would have died from COVID. The vaccinations saved lives.

    • Context is everything with threats. Everyone goes ballistic when someone shoots up innocent people and it turns out there was a paper trail the whole time that they were planning something. Every comment ever made is combed over. Here you have a convicted cult leader with followers that were being militarized and they do show up to government offices and outside of detention centers. In the context of the entire case they would be remiss in the Bop if they did not take threats seriously coming from Keith and his loyalists. They would be liable in some ways if anyone got hurt. Including prosecutors judges jurors people who work in the correctional facility and so on. They have a responsibility to those people and their families as well as the prisoners they have housed. And their families. it it seems really challenging for the cult members to comprehend that every single thing does not involve or revolve around Keith solely.

  • Raniere has been in the Shu for 6+ months. How can they possibly justify a move anywhere when they have no data or evidence to support Raniere is a danger to other inmates snd can’t be managed at Tuscon?

    • My opinion on this: Keith Raniere used too many prison resources, i.e., staffing, space requirements, and space planning at USP Tucson for the numerous and overlong attorney visits that additionally stretched staff because those visits had to be supervised. Besides, what are they to do with somebody who sues the prison staff there and its management. The best thing to do is to transfer the inmate so he might do better somewhere else. Raniere just doesn’t want to be treated like any other inmate, he wants to be privileged. Raniere wants to be treated according to his own made up fictitious rules.

    • Because at that time Bronfman had hired Camilla a lawyer to keep her away and keep her under the influence of the cult. It was later she woke up and appeared at the sentencing. Probably no longer in as much fear of them when they were found guilty.

    • Victim impact statements are different from witness testimony. Rule 603 of the Federal Rules of Evidence requires witnesses to give an oath or affirmation that their testimony is truthful. Rule 60(a)(3) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure affords victims the right to be heard, but does not require an oath or affirmation. However, statements do become part of the official court record.

      As to why Camilla didn’t testify at trial, you’d have to ask Ms. Penza or Ms. Hajjar. Frank has previously posited that the prosecution did not need or want Camilla’s testimony. The defense rested without calling a single witness.

      • I think that both sides did not want Camila. The prosecution wanted her to star in the trial without calling her. Raniere obviously did not want her for her truthful testimony.

        • But the actual fact will always be that the defense could have subpoenaed Camilla and forced her to testify under oath. They did not. That will always be the truth no matter how the loyalists try to spin reality

          • That’s not true. Canila was in Mexico, and could not be compelled through subpoena by the defense to appear. [not that they wanted her.]

            Agnifilo made a point at the trial to say the prosecution had the power to compel her to testify = when they wanted to introduce her texts via calling her a sex trafficking coconspirator, though she was outside the jurisdiction through indictment and extradition.

          • They didn’t try. The defense did not try to get Camilla. In fact there is documentation that Camilla was told to stay away by the attorney paid for by the bronfman defense fund.

  • Everytime Raniere tries to prove his point he makes some silly comparison between his position and some fictional situation. It is tiresome. This strategy is clearly not working for him. But he is doing it over and over again, like a broken record.

    Imagine every inmate protesting and appealing every aspect of their confinement like Keith does, with the same resources. I expect the BOP would not be able to process all these appeals. Keith is weaponizing the system and the BOP recognizes this and is fed up with him. I would be.

  • Hunter Biden News!

    Hunter Biden’s Connection to Former FBI Official Charles McGonigal Arrested for Allegedly Taking Cash Payments
    Hunter’s Link to Former FBI Official Arrested for Allegedly Taking Cash

    Hunter’s Link to Former FBI Official Arrested for Allegedly Taking Cash
    Wendell Husebø

    Hunter Biden appears to be connected to former FBI official Charles McGonigal, who was recently arrested for tak…

    Hunter Biden appears to be connected to former FBI official Charles McGonigal, who was recently arrested for taking secret cash payments from a former Albanian intelligence officer, among other serious violations.

    In the fall of 2017, McGonigal, the former FBI’s counterintelligence chief in New York, received a $225,000 payment from a former Albanian intelligence officer known as Agron Neza, according to U.S. prosecutors. McGonigal has since been charged for taking the cash payment, conducting meetings with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, and trying to help a Russian oligarch from evading U.S. sanctions.

    Joe Biden is a Benedict Arnold

    • So Joe Biden is a Benedict Arnold…

      When Donald Trump met with Putin…

      Trump had his own US government personal interpreter leave the room.

      Only Trump, Putin, and Putin’s own FSB translator were in the room.

      What did they discuss?

      Trump is the first President in US history to meet with a Russian leader alone and without a U.S. State Department interpreter….

      Why Shadow? Why?

          • My anagnorisis was Putin’s not proficuous or nidificate incursion of consanguineous humanity which clearly suggests he should consider excogitating before gasconading in the future if he has one. I suppose he knows rudimentary English but he is not sesquipedalian.

            Let Trump talk to him.

          • Frank –

            ‘Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.’

            Your sqilaneapesidun banter did my head in!

          • Eye rot en are tech ill oboe tit. Jayne Gillette dir cis E.C. err two reed eye no. Bot he phone neck ick cis are Sam Howe hare drier two reed form any.

  • Chakravorty – “umm yess master…very good master…I will get to work on this right away master”

    Jesus this dude is pathetic. Get him some help. KR is a criminal, regardless if you believe the tampering stuff is true. He is never getting out of prison. I would bet my life on it. 18 more months and hopefully we never hear of KR again.

  • Joe Biden’s Successful Economic Policy, Not!

    Wall St. Journal Report Says You Should Stop Eating To Save Money
    Can’t afford groceries? Just don’t eat.
    The Wall Street Journal published a report today that suggests Americans should combat economic strife by only eating two meals per day.

    It sounds like a Babylon Bee story, but less amusing.

    John Kennedy
    Skipping meals to make ends meet?

    This is how badly Biden’s economy is beating down average Americans.

      • Say what you will, Alex Jones did deliver one of the most entertaining courtroom performances in a while. You could smell his drawers when they popped the surprise emails on him and caught him out there.

        Shadow State is right. But it’s not Biden. It’s the Lizard People. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Shadow, I see a duality in you.

      On the one hand you are inquisitive and present detailed facts on some subjects here on the FR that are really informative to read.

      On the other hand you quote “news” from infowars, breitbart and the like…some of it off the scale crazy conspiracy stuff.

    “Jurors began deliberating at 9:25 a.m. on Wednesday and came to their verdict after about four hours of deliberation”

    I could point out all the examples of pro-Raniere bias and outright misinformation here, but I’m not going to bother. The jury spoke, Raniere has been sentenced to spend his miserable life in prison, his meritless appeal has failed, and his frivolous motions and lawsuits are just so much pissing in the wind.

    Justice prevailed, the felon landed himself in prison and his cult ran up on the rocks. He’s never getting out and nobody did anything dishonest to put him there, he did it to himself. Flail against reality all you like. I’m laughing!

    • I was there Aristotle. The jurors normally came in the most casual clothes for the long days in court. One would expect that they would do the same for the long hours of deliberations.

      But the jurors came in dressed in their finest. They started at 10 and then – I know this – they had already decided he was guilty and they knew all 12 agreed. And the only reason they did not come right back was they wanted to get the lunch. So they came back from lunch filled out the forms and reached a verdict.
      The verdict was in before they retired.

      I’m not saying it is a wrong verdict. It could have been 4 hours (which it wasn’t ) of true deliberations but that still isn’t much for six weeks. 33 minutes per week.

      But as I said I was there and they weren’t dressed up all pretty to go into their jury room and fight out the subtleties of this case.

      • So? They could’ve decided he was guilty because the evidence was overwhelming. They could’ve been discussing the case while it was ongoing in breaks, meetings amongst each other, etc. There’s nothing conspiratorial about it.

        • I didn’t say it was conspiratorial. I just said they already made up their minds he was guilty probably about the time opening statements were made on day one of the trial. That’s the jury’s prerogative.

          I was simply amused. Please try to keep in mind I was rooting for his conviction.

          I was glad the jury came back after lunch and knew it meant guilty. So did Raniere. When he walked into the court knowing how fast the jury came in with a verdict he said ‘this is not justice. ‘.

          • In my experience the jury typically votes a foreperson and then takes a preliminary vote of guilty or not guilty. If the first vote is unanimous, whether guilty or not, there isn’t any need for deliberations. It is not uncommon for the jury to then wait to ensure nobody has second thoughts about their initial vote. Going to lunch is one way to put that waiting time to good use.

          • I understand you and it make sense. I believe in the jury system and if 12 were unanimous after one minute of deliberations – or no deliberations at all – that’s the verdict.

            I was not unhappy. I wanted him convicted. I was gleeful when the jury came in their Sunday best for I knew what that meant. So did Agnifilo and I expect Raniere.

          • — I just said they already made up their minds he was guilty probably about the time opening statements were made on day one of the trial.

            Nothing suggests this AT ALL, even short deliberations that return a verdict. Like I said, the evidence could’ve simply been overwhelming towards his guilt. You’re literally just pulling this “made up their minds” at the beginning of trial out of thin air.

          • I saw the jurors and I cannot pretend to read minds but when they laughed at him during the Camila texts
            and scowled at him when they heard Nicole and Daniela and wept at times during Lauren and averted their eyes when they showed the Camila photos, I began to form an impression.

        • Discussions among jurors while the trial was ongoing would have resulted in dismissal of the jurors and a mistrial.

          • Exactly. And it’s a very serious allegations. Now Frank has clarified that his OPINION is based on multiple (Frank’s interpretation) jury reactions THROUGH OUT the many week trial.

            That is as far from “making up their minds during opening statements” as you can get.

      • You don’t know that. You’re making a very serious allegation Frank. You do not know or have any proof of the jury behaving in the way that you have described. No one has filed any kind of complaint about the jury’s conduct yourself included. Understood that it is your mission to promote this FBI tampering nonsense but that is really low to attack a bunch of citizens doing their civic duty are you really the same guy who wrote about the importance of juries? That is so unfair to those individuals. You have an opinion that’s it

        • I am not attacking the jury. I was amused that they came in their Sunday best before they started deliberations.

          No one is begrudging them a free lunch either after siting through six weeks of a trial. They deserved lunch just based on the Cami texts alone.

          • Haha but it’s not a free lunch. Most people have to take off work and not everybody gets it covered by their job financially

      • Frank-

        Clearly the jury took a “straw vote”
        of some type.

        I doubt the jury followed proper procedure…..

        Then again would you’ve preferred they sat around waisting time – to make it look good?

      • OJ Simpson’s trial took eight months, and the jurors came back also in four hours and also had lunch first. After all that time waiting through a trial, they know. I’d guess in OJ’s case they wanted to relax and say goodbye to each other after so much time together.

        But as for keith, I’d imagine they’d want lunch so they had time to say goodbyes, get some things off their chests, and laugh about his 3/4″ longer penis than Robbie’s, “boner” and “slap my heinie” on the fridge, his group blow job that he was just hours away from getting (what a bummer for him), and so on.

        You’d have to think if you were in their shoes that after weeks of hearing that shit you’d want to at least say something to somebody. Four hours of chatter with a french dip sandwich and a ceaser salad was probably enough.

        • And nothing wrong with that. They wouldn’t be quite human if they skipped lunch but came in with the verdict before lunch. But even if they had, I would have treated them all to lunch.

  • “a jury of 12 convicted Keith Alan Raniere after about 30 minutes of deliberations.”

    The jury deliberated for four hours, not 30 minutes.
    “Jurors began deliberating at 9:25 a.m. on Wednesday and came to their verdict after about four hours of deliberation”

    I could point out all the examples of pro-Raniere bias and outright misinformation here, but I’m not going to bother. The jury spoke, Raniere has been sentenced to spend his miserable life in prison, his meritless appeal has failed, and his frivolous motions and lawsuits are just so much pissing in the wind.

    Justice prevailed, the felon landed himself in prison and his cult ran up on the rocks. He’s never getting out and nobody did anything dishonest to put him there, he did it to himself. Flail against reality all you like. I’m laughing!

  • I aint no man of learning but I been around a bit. Didnt come down in the last shower thats for sure
    First those deadenders say it was easy to tamper – that a child could do it on any computer Now they saying the opposite
    The beast aint Trowell or anyone else- that beast is the one doing 120 years. No smoke without fire
    If you think you in the war you cant expect the other army to be using pea shooters- you gonna mess with those guys they gonna mess with you. You treat the goverment with disrespect howdya think they gonna treat your ass?
    Thats just karma man- You fuck up in your last life you gonna pay for it in this one- thats just the way it goes. Aint nobody can change that

  • Maybe, the super-secret “Master Over Slave Women” project was to create international sleeper cells of psycho-super-soldiers. That kind of thing has happened before.

    The DOS “Slave Women” group was to grow exponentially through blackmail. They answered to a “grandmaster” and were trained to be “Ready!” for any assignment. Anytime.

    High society “elite groups” answering to “grandmasters” have blackmailed people before. They’ve experimented on people, too. That’s not frivolous. What were those Nxivm “fright studies”? Did Nxivm “fright studies” collect data on those most willing and able to participate in the worst kind of crimes (war, for example)?

    Throughout history, war has achieved many “elite” goals. Throughout history, war’s been used to “ethically control as much money, wealth and resources of the world as possible”. Raniere using the word “war” several times in casual conversation isn’t frivolous.

    It’s a good thing good prosecutors, good judges and good law enforcement officers can still protect us in a world of “ethical” double, triple and quadruple spying. Maybe “ethical” “Intelligence” tried to frame good guys in America’s FBI in an attempt to exonerate Mr. Raniere and his high-society sponsors. If that’s what happened, that wouldn’t be frivolous.

    Irrelevant mixed up dates on photos in the middle of so many indisputable facts is: frivolous

    So many thinking otherwise are all kinds of slaves who don’t even know their masters.

    “… Donald’s son William (Former Attorney General William Barr) would intersect with Epstein’s orbit while serving as a counsel at Kirkland and Ellis in 2009. The law firm secured Epstein his obscenely lenient 2007 non-prosecution deal, which the Justice Department is now reviewing. In July, Barr the son refused to recuse himself from the ongoing Epstein investigation …”

    • William Barr is the son of Douglas Barr, the Principal at Manhattan’s Dalton School and Douglas Barr was the one time boss of Jeffrey Epstein. Shadow State. Read the book “Filthy Rich” by James Patterson

      • “Shadow State. Read the book ‘Filthy Rich’ by James Patterson”

        Shadow- referring to yourself in the 3rd person is a sign of mental impairment.

        You should read ‘Four Blind Mice’ by Patterson. It’s good!

    • “… international sleeper cells of psycho-super-soldiers. That kind of thing has happened before.“

      Was the case of Sabina and Ursula Erickson an example of “folie a deux”, neurolinguistic programming or MK Ultra-style supersoldiers?

      Given the chance, what kind of army could “DOS” create? DOS was set to grow in numbers, exponentially.

      Five years from now, what kind of “war” could “Vanguard”, his enablers and handlers wage with NLP, “fright studies” and readiness exercises?

      How did Sabina and Ursula Erickson display such super-human strength? Did the murder following that super-human display show what super-soldier experiments and super slaves can do for a war?

      “… She’s looking to fight. She’s in a fighting stance …”

      • The Twins Who Ran Into Traffic Before Stabbing a Man to Death:
        The bizarre true story of the Eriksson sisters
        By James McMahon
        September 14, 2018, 4:30am

        “… Though this information is rarely included in the accepted timeline, on the 6th of December, 2012, some footage was uploaded anonymously to the internet that should significantly change the understanding of the events ten years ago.

        Shot at the same time as the footage that aired in both Traffic Cops and Madness In The Fast Lane, it shows two police officers, stood in the hard-shoulder of the M6 after the motorway incident, agreeing that the sisters should be given a “136” – a clause within the Mental Health Act that means the police can “hold” a person on account of their mental health, as well as having to give the detainee a mental health assessment.

        Neither of these things happened. It is believed that the police requested that BBC-Mentorn Productions, who shot the footage, remove the segment from the film. What this means is that Sabina should never have been released after just one day, meaning Glenn Hollinshead would never have met her, meaning Glenn Hollinshead never have been stabbed …”

  • It’s hilarious reading this pro-Raniere nonsense! Raniere has got his panties in a twist, shouting about being at war with the government. Impotent little braggart, in his prison duds, making silly threats. I’m laughing!

    No wonder he got punched in the head, the insufferable loudmouth with delusions of grandeur. Fortunately the BoP is taking care of him, providing him protection in the SHU so he doesn’t get beaten up again. Not that he shows an iota of gratitude for this special treatment, the horrid little snot.

    “We’re facing the beast,” Raniere raves, warming to his task. Yeah, and his number is 666, this beast of yours. The man’s unhinged. Now he’s getting into Biblical prophecy nonsense. Pretty soon he’ll be telling everyone he’s Jesus Christ.

    What a nut! There he is, quoting scenes from movies like they’re real life. Vanguard’s gone senile.

    And of course we have a few people taking his side in his rants. Follow the nut, follow the prophet. What could go wrong?

    Yeah good luck with that. Back the guy who blackmailed women into having sex with him. The cult leader who had women branded on the pussy with his initials. The racketeer, the sex trafficker, the fraudster. Back him ‘cuz he’s fighting for justice (?)

    Yeah, that doesn’t sound like an idiot idea at all.

    Raniere dreams of a popular rising, as the masses rally to his cause. The “scandal” of this fairy-tale tampering story causing mass resignations in the government, the defeat of “the beast” and expungement of this “sin”.

    And his own release from prison, of course. So he can go back to eating pizza with hot sauce, lying on the couch and making oink oink sounds at his women when they go into the kitchen for a dry rice cake or half a stick of celery.

    I think it’s great! Raniere, and evidently his little band of supporters, really got their hopes up with this frivolous allegation of tampering. Chakravorty and the FR have backed it to the hilt. That it’s supported by not one iota of actual evidence affected their faith not in the slightest.

    Oh, and I say “frivolous” because it’s the perfect word for the pile of hokum that is the tampering claim. Raniere, perpetrator of frivolous lawsuits since day one, has sponsored another one. Surprise, surprise.

    But go ahead, believe it! Believe real hard! I do so enjoy a good laugh!

    • Now it all makes sense – the Second Coming! The Deadenders must be hedging their bets. Even Shadow’s predicting WW3!!

  • Poor Frank needs to learn to read between the lines.

    Raniere is declaring war on the entire world.

    It’s as plain as the rain falling on the plains of Spain.

      • Frank-

        “Words have power.”-Kieth

        Apparently words do have power…..
        ….Even when taken out of context.

        I don’t feel bad for Ranirere, but if this is true it’s flat out wrong.

  • None of that allegedly salient argument being made about “tampering” was used in Keith’s defense in court at the appropriate time when the opportunity was nigh.

    Because it’s not true. Obviously.

    It’s completely untrue that they were denied access to information. Keith wanted to rush the trial. The attorneys could have insisted and delayed if they felt they were not being fully given discovery. It’s such a lie.

    Keith’s attorneys tacitly admitted the photos were of Camilla when she was 15.

    This is all just showboating and trying to keep the followers following. Making sure Claire’s money continues to flow. Without Keith to unite the diminshed cult members in their worship of vanguard as the infallible deity they must all follow – Keith is trying to create a common cause. And using cheesy movie quotes to do it.

    This made-up cause is a call to “war” that will appear to the arrogance and self-righteous importance of his loyalists.

    The BOP will be taking the totality of Keith and his behavior while under their watch into account.

    Too much time was spent in this post rehashing what has been posted multiple times which are Keith’s claims. And too little about the fact that Suneel Chakovarty lied about his identity.

    The BOP rules have been broken multiple times in many ways. And what was posted here is far from the entirety of what the BOP will consider when making a transfer.

    Once Keith truly runs out of options in his fantasies that he will somehow prevail and overturn his rightful conviction – who knows really what Kevith is capable of doing? Or what his followers are capable of doing? What will they have left to.lose?

    Maybe the prison is just preparing for the inevitable crash when they all
    finally realize that the door to Keith’s prison cell is firmly resolutely locked forever.

  • What is the maximum length of a phone call from prisoners in prison at a stretch? Is Raniere a gabber because he has enough money to make expensive phone calls from prison?

    Raniere speaks not only to Chakravorty, but also to the prison official who monitored his phone calls and anyone who listened to the recordings later. Raniere knew he had other listeners, and that didn’t stop him from speaking more guardedly. His bad luck if his rash words had consequences for him that the smartest person in the world simply hadn’t considered.

    • Raniere saying the word “war” so often in the smallest context of his telephone calls,
      within the larger history of the context of his sinister history,
      within the larger context of the political scene he and his group influenced …

      means BOP officials who noticed:

      “In early May 2022, the SIS Department at USP Tucson was monitoring telephone calls between [Raniere] and Mr. Chakravorty….They spoke to each other about being “at war” with the federal government that would be “no holds barred.”

      and The CTU “that recommended that the USP Tucson SIS Department remove all of Plaintiff’s current contacts and review all future contact requests.”

      are smarter than that “smartest guy in the world”.

    • How did people listen to Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood “stars”?

      “… just who is Harley Pasternak?

      He’s a personal trainer, right?

      Let’s take a look at his background.

      At first glance, nothing stands out. He’s just an educated man with a master’s degree in exercise and nutrition science.

      But that isn’t the full story…

      His Wikipedia page states that “During his time at U of T, Pasternak served as a nutrition and exercise scientist at Department of National Defence’s Defence and Civil Institute for Environmental Medicine.”

      The Department of National Defence (DND) is the Canadian government’s department which “supports” the Canadian Armed Forces. It’s a civilization organization, a support system of sorts for the military. I’m not sure what the US equiv. would be. DOD? DHS?

      Regardless, Harley Pasternak worked as a scientist for two years at DRDC Toronto, one of Defence Research and Development Canada’s military research stations. (The DRDC is a part of the DND.)

      What sort of stuff is researched at DRDC?

      “Human systems integration.”

      “Social and psychological factors that affect the resolution of conflict.”

      “Psychology of malicious intent.”

      “Social and cultural factors influencing behavior.”

      Literal psyops.

      But we don’t have to rely on a website to tell us.

      Here’s Harley Pasternak in his own words:

      “Working for the military, I wasn’t governed by the same laws that the typical person was, so I could look at the impact of certain drugs that are not every day things.”


      The stuff with the DND gets weirder.

      This branch of the Canadian government once included the Defence Research Board (DRB).

      The DRB quite literally funded MKUltra, as did the CIA. This program involved forced experiments with drugs, sensory deprivation, and brainwashing.

      Recap: Harley Pasternak, the “personal trainer” who got Kanye institutionalized once – and is allegedly threatening to do it again, have the rapper drugged, and take his kids away – was a scientist at a psyop-oriented military research center, whose work focused on drugs.

      I’m not a particularly conspiratorial guy, truth be told. But hey, if elites did assign handlers to celebrities, particularly those deemed unpredictable or hard to control, with the purpose of keeping those celebrities in line, those handlers would look *a lot* like Pasternak.

      And it isn’t too crazy when you think about it.

      Guy with military psyop training and exercise science finds work in Hollywood. Set him up with stars under the guise of fitness instruction. Have him keep an eye on them. This doesn’t mean he’s a secret CIA agent or something.
      But it does mean that he’s serving powerful interests, or at the very least has their backing.

      Even the best personal trainer lacks the ability to get someone institutionalized on a whim.

      Pasternak is likely an intermediary for more powerful, shadowy forces in Hollywood.
      We’re rarely able to peer behind the curtain. Occasions like this are significant because they reveal the secret power dynamics at play in elite society, the mechanisms by which even ultra-wealthy celebrities are kept in line.

      How many other Pasternak’s are out there?”

      • Were any “handlers” in the Nxivm project?

        Was Nancy Salzman Keith Raniere’s handler? Were the Bronfmans Nancy Salzman’s handlers? Who handled the Bronfmans?

        Maybe that’s what Kevin’s getting at. Kevin seems to ask us to notice that only a few at the bottom of the ladder were punished for what the higher-ups did. If there were no such things as “deep state” handlers in Nxivm, what roles did “the Grandmaster”, “Masters” and exponential numbers of “slaves” — who were also “masters” — play?

        Why would the Bronfman sisters use their savings to wage major lawfare against everyone exposing Nxivm?

        It looks like the only significant protection they received while they paid for that law fare was the use of their initials C.B. and S. B. in their lawsuits against those who exposed the crimes of Nxivm.

        Should a few people higher up than Clare be in jail with Clare — or instead of Clare — or, are Clare, Sara, Keith and Alison as high up as Nxivm went?

        Is it possible that Clare and Sara Bronfman were brainwashed and handled by a hidden group above them?

        If so, who was above them?

        Did the Bronfman sisters get fooled by a small group that grew organically from Raniere’s Consumer Buyline and ESP? Eddie Arnold the actor from the TV show “Green Acres“ and seen in Consumer Buyline commercials is said to have been a high level “Freemason”. Keith’s father was an advertising executive who worked for Mr. Bronfman in Seagrams ad campaigns. Does any of that tell us anything of any significance?

        If a small group of individuals above upper-level sash-wearing people in Nxivm used people like Clare, Sara, Ghislaine and Epstein to do their dirty work — and then threw them away when they were no longer useful, that small group might be Luciferian. A “Luciferian” group would probably do something like that.

        Some say Freemasonry is a front for a small international group of Luciferians who fool Jews, Christians and Muslims into fighting among ourselves to destroy all three major world religions. Is that not what’s been happening for the past two thousand years? In what ways haven’t we been fooled?

        Most recently, a small group of diabolical warmongers hidden behind the scenes is trying to start World War III. Whom should we fight and whom shall we fear? The writer of Psalm 27:1 asked the same questions.

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