Chakravorty Says Raniere Not ‘at War’ With USA But With Injustice

In their continuing effort to get Keith Alan Raniere out of the SHU and back into the general population at USP Tucson, his followers, led by Suneel Chakravorty, who serves as Raniere’s power of attorney, have launched an initiative that includes a spate of filings.

Some of these go before a federal judge to block the Bureau of Prisons from transferring Raniere to a Comminications Management Unit in a high-security prison in the Midwest – either USP Terre Haute or USP Marion – where he could be lodged with Muslim terrorists and where his outside contacts would be cut off.

Since early 2020, Chakravorty has worked with Raniere to prove that FBI agents manipulated and falsified evidence to convict Raniere of the racketeering predicate acts of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor. 

Last week FR published: As CMU Looms; Raniere Talking to Chakravorty About ‘War’ Becomes Relevant,

On April 28, 2022, Raniere submitted to the appellate court affidavits from three retained forensic experts, including Dr. James Richard Kiper, a former FBI Special Agent and forensic examiner who worked for the FBI from 1999 until 2019. These experts concluded the FBI manipulated child pornography evidence.

That same day, AUSA Kevin Trowel, of the Eastern District of New York, called this evidence of FBI tampering “frivolous.”  

On April 30, 2022, Raniere called Chakravorty and used the word “war,” which the BOP in Raniere v. Garland characterized as Raniere saying he was ‘at war” and “no holds barred” with the government.

These comments caused the BOP to remove Cakravorty from Raniere’s contact list. Now the threat of going to a CMU has Raniere’s supporters addressing the war comments again.

Let us hear from Chakravory.

By Suneel Chakravorty

On April 30, 2022, Mr. Raniere used the word “war” not once, but three times in calls to me. 

First instance: 

Mr. Raniere: We’re in a war here, and we’re fighting for justice….

Second instance:

Let’s not be light-languaged or anything like that…. It’s interesting at the end of JFK, the movie, where he looks up and says, in effect, give us get our government back. It’s up to you…

But really we want our government back and this is the war. 

Third instance

Keith’s response to an individual who represents the Department of Justice, [AUSA Trowell] who did not address the numerous findings of alterations and manipulation of evidence in FBI custody, made under oath by three qualified forensic experts, but dismissed it with a single word: “frivolous.” 

Keith Raniere believed such a response was not in accordance with a prosecutor’s role, which is not to win convictions, but to ensure justice.     

The third instance below: 

Mr. Raniere: It’s not frivolous. And to think this is frivolous is a horrible sin, is a horrible evil. Has to be taken out of the gov. They have to resign.

Mr. Chakravorty: Yes.

Mr. Raniere: Does that make sense?

Mr. Chakravorty: Yes, it does.

Mr. Raniere: And we need to ask for it publicly. So I’ll speak to you, I’ll try not to have too much more. Okay?

Mr. Chakravorty: Thank you. Okay.

Mr. Raniere: Yeah. We have 10 seconds last five seconds, so, all right, send my best to everyone. I’m so sorry, but we’re in the war now.

Mr. Chakravorty: Yes, we are.

Mr. Raniere: No holds barred.

Mr. Raniere believes we are in a fight for justice, for truth.

His use of the word “war” had nothing to do with taking up arms against the government, but fighting for the goals of our government, as expressed in the Constitution.

The BOP’s use of the word, “war,” was taken out of context.

People often use the language of war without speaking literally:


Being “in the trenches” does not mean one is in trench warfare, but means being deeply involved in a hands-on ground level work on a project.

Going “nuclear” does not mean detonating an atomic bomb, but rather that a person is acting in a volatile manner or on a full scale attack, but necessarily violent and not with thermal heat. 

“Pulling the trigger” does not literally mean shooting an actual gun, but rather making a decision.

Being in a battle, a fight, or a war does not mean a literal combat with life at stake, but rather a quest for victory against an adversary.  

The reputation and integrity of the FBI requires more than a front of integrity, but the fidelity to an harmonic of bravery and intrepidity that would suffer not coverup, but demand rooting out any choking blemishing weeds among the garden of American justice. 

This is a war worth waging. 



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  • Chakravorty was never a paralegal

    Tully attempted to make him one for his firm to get Chakravorty visitation rights with Raniere.

    As far as being Raniere’s power of attorney. Power of attorney for what?

    Prisoners are not allowed to conduct business while in prison.

    Raniere has already said he has no access and what he might get the IRS has put a lean on.

    So what is Chakravorty powering over for Raniere?

    This article is old news. Last years old news.

    The reality is Chakravorty is off grid from the rest of his NXIVM loyalists chums.

    The question is why? Why the social media blackout from Chakravorty?

    Has he woken up?

    • No Suneel has not woken up. The dead-enders are still commenting just under pseudonyms and using chatgpt.

      Hi, Suneel!

  • Whatever happened to the Raniere club’s PR campaign with Alan Dershowitz? They must’ve paid him a small fortune to enlist his aid and all they got was that one highly-qualified statement out of him?

    Nobody seemed particularly interested. The “press conference” got virtually no coverage in the press. And there was no follow up to that single event.

    Another dismal failure for the dead-enders. Just like their planned podcast. Kaput.

    It seems like the public is not going to rise up and demand justice for Keith, as Raniere expected they would. He must be very disappointed 😂😂😂.

    I wonder if he’s still hoping for mass resignations in the government 🤣🤣🤣

    • What happened to the ‘Raniere Speaks’ podcast? And who won the contest the dead-enders were sponsoring? With the prize money for like essays that could free Vanguard or something?

      And how is Kay Rose? Have ‘The Forgotten Ones’ forgotten Kay Rose?

      And the bombshell documentary? About Keith’s innocence ? Yes they got ripped off by the first filmmaker but aren’t they still planning a documentary that’s going to show Keith’s innocence and free him? Even though the loyalists firmly do not believe in true crime documentaries and criticize others who have made them?

      • But don’f forget, they’re not there to defend Keith, not there to defend Keith, not there to defend Keith, not there to defend Keith (OK, Nicki, Marc, Michele, Linda, Suneel….you can stop now.

  • Suneel,

    You seem like an intelligent young man with a lot of life ahead of you.
    You are in the trenches fighting a war. Have you ever considered the fact that the war could be a distraction? Do you feel like your needs are being met? Is your happiness and well-being taken in to consideration?

  • Frank.

    it’s only fair to your readers that you do a piece on Marc Elliott’s recent podcast appearance. The defense of Keith was obliterated. The tourettes fakery exposed.

    Some years ago, Marc Elliot (who comes and certainly could have traveled in a private manner) got on a public bus with predominantly black passengers with Marc knowing full well that Marc had a propensity for screaming out the word “n*gger.”

    When there were the expected complaints from other passengers and Marc was asked to leave the public transportation. The Elliott family did what any self-respecting wealthy, white obnoxious family would do… and went on the news trying to make Marc seem like the victim.

    It all makes sense now.

    Elliot is just an attention hungry desperate fool who never had Tourette’s. And is racist to boot.

    Marc wasn’t even embarrassed that his family made a victim blaming spectacle out of their own son screaming n***** on a bus full of black people.

    Considering the entire Elliott family was aware of Marc’s racist outbursts and they could have easily provided any other means of transportation, it seems like they were just looking for publicity and some kind of fight.

    And these unsuspecting commuters who had no other choice but public transportation were just the patsies for Marc’s never ending craving for fame at any cost.

    The dude is so oblivious. It’s unreal.

    • Marc Elliot summarized the outcome of his prolonged verbal assault that day on a bus full of entrapped black passengers as, “lucky”.

      The black bus passengers probably did not feel, “lucky” that day.

      Imagine that they felt quite the opposite.

      The other passengers likely would have characterized it, “unlucky” to have taken that particular nightmarish road trip with Marc Elliot on board screaming, “n×gger”.

      Marc went on to tell the Podcaster that, “nothing bad happened” that day.

      Uh. Disagree. Certainly the black passengers would disagree.

      Something very bad happened to them.

      For a black commuter to be trapped on a bus while a white man repeatedly yelled, “n*gger, would definitely qualify as something, “bad” happening.

      But Mark meant nothing bad happened to HIM. Because all of these years later, Marc Elliott’s only concern was and still is Marc Elliott.

      The whole thing was probably a set up. Did the Elliott’s just want to raise their son’s profile and get publicity?

      Maybe f or Marc’s public speaking career? Which at that tine was not about overcoming Tourette’s Syndrome but instead about tolerance. For Marc. Tolerance for Marc. Not “N*ggers”.

      Or was there a n even larger, more financially motivated goal?

      In the news interview an Elliot mentioned that it was a violation of the Americans with disabilities act to ask 17 year old Marc to leave the bus. The bus driver was wrong to protect the other passangers, instead the bus driver shoukd have indulged Marc Elliott’s God given right to scream, “n*gger” at a bus full of black humans.

      Marc and his family felt that Marc was entitled to scream, “n×gger” at these other Americans as they tried to peacefully travel on public transportation.

      But people (rightfully) complained.

      Did Marc or the Elliott’s express ANY sympathy? Or just relish in the opportunity to make Marc somehow the victim? And maybe even threaten a lawsuit on behalf of poor, wronged n*gger screaming Marc Elliott?

      Marc knew what was going to happen on that bus. Because in his own retelling, Marc recalled informing the bus driver about his Tourette’s as he boarded. Marc set the scene for what he knew was to come.

      If Elliot was fully aware of the emotional distress that he would cause the black passengers by repeatedly yelling n***** in a situation where the black (or any other) passengers could not easily leave…Why didn’t Marc make a different choice?

      Why not spare these innocent humans from such an undeserved and unforeseen (except by Marc Elliot) traumatic and distressing outcome?

      Marc could have chosen another form of transportation. Right? Couldn’t 17 year old Marc drive himself? Or carpool? Get a ride from a friend? Or family member?

      Perhaps the Elliot family was too busy to drive Marc because they were getting ready for the press conference they knew they were going to call when there was inevitably a problem with Marc’s noxious, aggressive and highly inflammatory behavior on that cursed bus?

      Marc Elliot and his family seemed almost disappointed that the highly traumatic disturbance caused by Marc didn’t erupt into something far worse.

      If the Elliott’s and Marc were so aware of and concerned about the potential for Marc’s aggressively racist and other uncontrollable outbursts to cause Marc harm: why so knowingly put Marc into that volatile tinderbox when it was so easily avoidable? It’s not a mandatory requirement for Elliot to ride a public bus, you know?

      And why does Marc not appear to care at all (still) about the potential harm done to others by Marc’s own hateful words? Why is it only relevant and important to Marc Elliot how Marc Elliot is affected by his own racist outbursts?

      When shown the old news clip yesterday it seemed like a perfect time for Marc Elliot to maybe say, “I would like to just apologize to every passanger who was unfortunate enough to be stuck on that bus with me that dreadful day and endure that horrible barrage of racist comments. It must have been very scar, infuriating and sad”. And maybe even think them for not giving in to anger and humiliation and retaliation.

      Mark Elliott could easily have gone right back to his same old constant self (and Keith Raniere) promoting agenda and used it as yet annother opportunity to push the,” Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman saved me. The nxivm tech saved me” party-line.

      Or even to just further educate the podcast listeners about Tourette syndrome.

      For Marc Elliot to just to take a second and acknowledge the experience of the black humans on the bus trapped with Marc Elliot calling them n*ggers.

      But no. At no point did Mark Elliott ever acknowledge anybody else suffering that day at his hands (mouth). Marc expressed only
      concern for himself. And Keith. And their suffering.

      Typical. But also disappointing. And an illuminating look into Mark Elliott.

      • Yikes
        Someone has a big problem with Marc Elliot, my understanding was that the Elliot brothers Did Not come from wealth, do you have different information? Also, to me, it seems prudent to make the bus driver aware of his Tourettes…similar to police being aware a driver is diabetic and if their sugar crashes for some reason whilst driving, it doesn’t mean they have a drunk driver situation!

        • The problem is with the Elliot family calling a press conference to threaten the poor bus driver with suposedly violating The Americans with Disabilities Act for caring about all of the passangers. Not just Marc.

          It’s outrageous. Shameful. Grifters

        • Marc is just a racist little sociopath, and that came across in the interview with Ethan. He was lucky he didn’t get the good kicking his behavior warranted.

  • I have to say that the gov’t taking the word “war” as a threat of violence was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • I thought so too!

      March 16th the Federal Reserve meets , whats the chances the Feds roll out their new fedcoin trackers where if you don’t see it their way ,they can just freeze your coins until you do?
      In Florida insurance companies won’t renew your homeowners insurance if your roof is 10 + years old even if it is in good shape with no leaks! Your forced to get a new roof or they drop you no matter how many years you’ve done business with them.
      Remember Eisenhower made an executive order for Americans to turn in their gold? THIS NEW TRACK your money is China calling.

  • Chakravorty, sometime paralegal and cult enthusiast, has recently released this brief illustrated compilation of idioms for grades K-3.
    Unfortunately, the final paragraph seems to have become tangled in a word salad shooter and will only serve to confuse young readers who might try to make sense of it.
    The writing style falls short of an harmonic of bravery, whatever that may mean, but does leave a great deal of room for improvement. Revisions required.

  • Mr. Raniere’s “war” is a war he wants others to wage against “the system”?

    Is “Vanguard” trying to get his followers to blame “the system” for sending him to jail for crimes he committed?

  • The U.S. doesn’t allow the word “war” to be used, even when the US is completely engaged in war.

    So why would Raniere think he could suggest any “war” when he had lost his “war” as evidenced by life in a box with the fly. Despite being immersed in his tactical disadvantage, Raniere fails to realize he’s being held hostage by enemy forces.

    Raniere’s motivational sentiments of war could have inspired members of Executive Success, but do not sit well with his new audience.

    Coupled with Raniere’s execution of legal attacks against the BOP, Raniere hands over ammunition to the enemy to seal his own fate.

    Raniere had better learn the art of linguistic camouflage as demonstrated by Obama to avoid blunders like, “perpetual war footing.”

    “1. “Effort” Perhaps Obama’s favorite euphemism for what the U.S. is up to. In his September 10 address, Obama distinguished the “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan from the “effort” against ISIS. “This counter-terrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out ISIL wherever they exist, using our air power and our support for partner forces on the ground,” Obama explained. In his weekly address on Saturday, the president said that “[t]his is an effort that America has the unique ability to lead.”

    2. “Process” Asked in August 28 press conference whether he planned to seek congressional authorization for military action against ISIS, Obama sounded like the caricature of the professorial, technocratic president his critics purport him to be. “You know, I have consulted with Congress throughout this process,” Obama replied. “I am confident that as commander in chief I have the authorities to engage in the acts that we are conducting currently.”

    3. “Fight” As close as Obama’s willing to get to saying the W-word. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday before departing for the United Nations, Obama said that U.S. air strikes in Iraq and Syria were “not America’s fight alone,” echoing his September 20 address in which he said that it was “a fight in which all countries have a stake.”

    4. “Campaign” Not unlike a swing through Iowa and New Hampshire! Explaining his expansion of the war into Syria on Tuesday, the president noted, “I made clear that as part of this campaign the United States would take action against targets in both Iraq and Syria so that these terrorists can’t find safe haven anywhere.”

    “A Moment of American Leadership.” Concluding his radio address on Saturday, Obama called this “a moment of American leadership … a moment we will meet.” Leadership. Exceptionalism. America.

    In other words, this war is totally, definitely not a war.”

    • I remember when the Brits were fighting the Argies in the Falklands – the ‘campaign’ that saved Thatcher’s campaign. Of course she didn’t call it a war either. It was always referred to as the Falklands ‘conflict’, and the media toed the line. Of course this war went a lot further than US involvement in Syria, which I’d have to agree with Obama was not a war. It probably should have been as it would have sent a very clear message to Putin that his meddling was not going to be tolerated, and prevented him from securing such an important strategic asset. But unfortunately the West had already got its fingers burnt in the rest of the Middle East after Bush and Blair’s misadventures.

  • Why do ya’ll keep mentioning “Muslim terrorists”? It smacks of bigotry.

    Keith is a convicted sex offender who possessed child sexual abuse material.

    Keith is a human trafficker. A sex slaver.

    Keith was the head of a forced labor conspiracy.

    The dude is fucking BAD.

    Vanguard wrecked families. Ruined children’s lives.

    Why all the pearl clutching about being housed with “Muslim Terrorists”?

    Keith is a terrorist. He should fit right in with other terrorists.

    Keith had the privilege of weighing in and choosing his prison housing assignment. And then in typical Keith fashion he totally fucling blew it.

    Vanguard and his dead-end followers continued to violate prison rules.

    How can you just keep referring to Sunieel Chakovarty as.” Keith’s power of attorney”? What about his other false identity?

    Suneel Chakovarty LIED TO THE BOP about his identity. If you do not include this incredibly relevant fact these stories are just propaganda for Vanguard.

    Disclosing the pertinent FACTS about Suneel and other key players/Keith representatives is crucial. Getting answers from them and holding them accountable is part znd parcel.of this “story”.

    In essence this current situation is no different than decades of similar dysfunctioal dynamics in the destructive cult.

    Keith has directed his followers to do things that will cause serious problems. And this include breaking rules or the law.

    It leads to a big mess.

    Then the followers feel further iindebted to their deity Keith and double down on trying to fix the problem and manufactured crisis that Keith created in the first place.

    But of course, being Keith, he did it covertly by getting people to actually do that actions that lead to the crisis.

    Now Keith can blame them (or manipulate them to blame thrmselves) for the crisis. Nothing has changed.

    If anyone truly cares about these people who are left as dead-end followers they would be honest as a friend and point out that they’re just repeating the same patterns with their Vanguard.

    And they would also refuse to let the dead-enders not be cognizant and honest to their own responsibility in taking wrongful action whilst standing on totally false, shaky higher-moral ground and pretending to be ethical humans of the highest caliber. Again.

    They’ve lied. They’ve cheated. They’ve broken the rules. There will be consequences. Again.

  • Little known Hollywood fact, but Spielberg almost scrapped “Saving Private Ryan” since KR was busy with Consumers Buyline. Hanks was a distant second choice after our Vantard.

  • The smartest man in the world should have used accurate terminology –
    as described by Ben Franklin:

    “War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself.”

    Raniere: “It’s our revolution Suneel. Does that make sense?”

    Mr. Chakravorty: Yes it does.

    Raniere: “ But really we want our government back and this is the revolution.”

    Mr. Chakravorty: Yes.

  • The bottom line is, most people do not identify themselves with a strong drive to have any number of personal slaves, to have any number of other human suckling on their genitals, to have sex with children and many other Raniere typical pastimes.

    It would be intelligent for those who are amazed by and worship such activities, to round themselves up and pursue this call to arms as a group exclusively.

  • “….but dismissed it with a single word: “frivolous.”. Suneel forgets to mention that AUSA Trowell also mentioned Camila’s statement at Keith’s sentencing where she confirmed he photographed her naked when she was 15 years old.

    Keith will be perfectly safe in a CMU: the (radical) Muslims there have no issues at all with old men marrying girls as young as 8 years old.

    • I know dozens of Muslims and not one of them has ever engaged in a “child” (or more aptly, underage) marriage. Yes, I’ve heard of people from remote villages in the Muslim world engaging in such practices where young, post pubescent girls are effectively forced to marry, but such practices also exist in villages throughout Asia and Africa whose peoples adhere to other faiths as well. To say Muslims agree with the practice would mean the majority practice it and they most certainly do not. Yes, most Muslims tend to get married young because they find fornication wrong and jumping from sexual partner to partner abhorrent, with most practicing Muslims practicing abstinence instead of fucking each other starting in junior high and high school, as if that is effectively somehow more moral than underage marriages or getting married young.

  • “And to think this is frivolous is a horrible sin”

    No, Keith, like all your legal manoeuvrings over the years, it was entirely frivolous. And what you did to all those women to satisfy your own insatiable and perverted lust over such a long period, WERE some of the most horrible sins imaginable. The lives you ruined, and those you continue to ruin, demand retribution. If there is a Hell, I hope you burn in it for a long time after you pass.

    “The reputation and integrity of the FBI requires more than a front of integrity, but the fidelity to an harmonic of bravery and intrepidity that would suffer not coverup, but demand rooting out any choking blemishing weeds among the garden of American justice.”

    Suneel, seriously, you really are a terrible writer! Just look up the word ‘bombastic’. Next time just use Google translate, or get Commander Data to write it for you!

  • No one except the deadenders believe Raniere is fighting for justice. He’s a selfish, narcissistic prick. How high are the horses that these clowns are riding on?

    The only thing Raniere is fighting for is himself.

    If he was to be released from prison tomorrow he wouldn’t give a single shit about justice, prison reform, or any other principled movement, except how they could be parasitically used to inflate his ego and help him drop the panties of women and get them to grow their bushes out.

  • Let’s make this thread interesting.
    Which Deadender would you most like to bang?

    1. Squeaky
    2. Danielle
    3. Leah
    4. Linda
    5. Michelle
    6. Sahajo
    7. Samantha
    8. Angelica
    9. Horseface

    I’ll start: Danielle because is is a freaky, cute, flexible brunette.


    – Pilgrim

      • Honestly, I’d bang any or all of them except Horseface. They are all sexy/hot in their own way. I find Squeaky the least exotic looking, but still attractive. Horseface has a face for radio. She actually does have a decent body though.

    • If you’re comparing Niki with Squeaky Fromm, please spend your precious time writing a note to Niki.

      Post your note here and tell her why you think what happened in “NXIVM” looks like what happened with Jolyon West’s “The Family”.

      We have a country to save and immature pranks at others’ expense don’t help.

    • You probably don’t realize it, but you sound like a guy we all know. His initials are KAR.

      Deep down we know that we have more of Keith inside of us then we would like to admit……

      • What sort of social environment have you been raised in, StevenJ?
        At least you admit to certain personal issues. Problem is, you hold the conviction you belong to a majority.
        Sad and concerning!!!

        • If Pilgrim is discussing whom of the deadenders DOSsier ladies is best for banging, that’s not unlike what Keith was doing: scanning the NXIVM students and homing in on a attractive target.

          When I say we all have something of Keith inside of us, I mean that we all look at attractive women and would like to have sex with them.
          Keith takes this natural urge to a whole new level of manipulation and abuse, but it originates from the drive we all have inside of us by nature. That’s all Alex, nothing more nothing less.

      • Steven
        —Deep down we know that we have more of Keith inside of us then we would like to admit……

        Being a man attracted to women is like being Kieth?!?
        Deep down inside….

        I don’t have “a deep down inside.”
        I’m attracted to women, I don’t want to control or abuse them whatsoever.

        I hope you don’t have a “deep down inside.”

        Ted Bundy, Gandhi, and
        Bob Newhart are all men attracted to women. So by your logic Gandhi and Newhart secretly one to kill women or someone equality depraved?

        You sound like Kieth saying “we[men] all have a secret side.”
        Not me.

        • I seriously need to wear my eye glasses now. Typos galore.

          My reading glasses prescription has gotten worse as of late.

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