Guest View: Toni Natalie Is so Fake

Toni Natalie has a tattoo on her back that says "Truth is the first casualty of war, but not this time." She claims she got this tattoo in honor of her brother who she says committed suicide because of Keith Raniere. Her brother did not commit suicide.

Many people wonder why Toni Natalie uses the hashtag #Justice4KristinSnyder. Some think it is because she is a brave woman who does far more than virtue signal. She seeks justice, She hounds the four corners of the universe to bring justice for Kristin Snyder, a woman who disappeared in Alaska in February 2003.

Snyder was ejected from a NXIVM class in Anchorage, and her vehicle was found in Seward with a suspicious suicide note.

Fourteen years after her disappearance, the last woman known to have seen her said Snyder claimed she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child. Then she disappeared.

Two others corroborated that claim.

For several years Toni Natalie Tweeted #Justice4KristinSnyder.

Someone who knows about Toni presents a guest view.  Our guest titled the article:

Toni Natalie Is so Fake

By Someone Who Knew Toni Well

Toni Natalie never knew Kristin Snyder. She is making up this big concern for Kristin, a person she never had a relationship with. So why is she trying to fool those who know the story?

It’s all so fake to me.

Natalie again is fake by writing a book about the rise and fall of NXIVM, when she was only in NXIVM for the first few months.

If she wrote the book and titled it about Raniere, that would have been better. But let’s be honest, the buzz word is NXIVM.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman in 1998, when Executive Success was just starting. 

Most people who left NXIVM don’t seem to trust Natalie; why is that? What’s wrong with this picture?

Natalie was in Raniere’s failed/illegal business, Consumers’ Buyline. (CBI).

Keith Raniere founded Consumers’ Buyline.

While in CBI, Natalie had a sexual relationship with Raniere. She knew Raniere had other “girlfriends.” She stayed with him, she says, because they had “the more normal” relationship.

Raniere, Salzman, Natalie at an early Executive Success class.

Others say differently. They lived together, but not as long as Natalie claims.

Natlaie claims Raniere raped her. But others say “rape” is not his style. He doesn’t need to rape women. (underage is different, that is always considered rape).

Consumer Byline was shut down in many states by State Attorneys General as an illegal pyramid scheme and, finally, in the State of NY.

Knowing this, Natalie didn’t leave Raniere, who left thousands of people without payment in CBI.

So why would Natalie continue to stay with a man like this? A man, she claims today, was a sex addict, who raped her and a thief back in the days of CBI.

Natalie not only didn’t leave Raniere, but she also did one better. Since Raniere, Pam Cafritz, and Karen Unterreiner had been banned from running anything that smelled of multilevel marketing/pyramid scheme, Natalie went into another business with Raniere. National Health Networks.

NHN was another brainchild of Raniere. This time, it cleverly was hidden in Toni Natalie’s name.

Raniere and the rest of them had to conceal their involvement because it was set up as a Multilevel Marketing company.

So why would Natalie continue with someone showing criminal and sexual abuse intent?

Knowing what you know about Raniere, do you think Natalie owned and ran this business? The group brought their local contract from CBI and started over, where they left off with CBI again with this new business model.

It wasn’t until Pam and Keith brought in Nancy Salzman and got the ball rolling on Executive Success Programs, that things started to get rotten in Albany for Natalie.

Executive Success Programs was becoming more successful than NHN. Nancy was the new “Toni.”

Raniere didn’t need Natalie anymore for him to be successful, and Toni was a pain in his ass.

The two of them no longer lived together and no longer had sex. So what use was she to him? There were new women to interest Raniere, and he could see a better way of making money than selling health products.

He could be a Vanguard.

Natalie was no longer the Raniere’s #1 in business, Nancy Salzman took over #1.

Natalie has a history of moving from man to man. Her ex-husband Rusty was not her first husband. She married young to a man she claims had ties to the mob. Leaving him, she quickly met and married Rusty.

Before leaving Rusty, she already started her affair with Raniere. What kind of woman does this? Label it what you want, but we know when she left Raniere, she had already been dating the cook at NHN, who was married and had children.

Many people stated Natalie borrowed between $50,000 – $80,000 from Nancy Salzman for her NHN business, and never tried to pay her back. Toni complained to numerous people that Salzman intervened in her bankruptcy.

Who wouldn’t attempt to get some money back, knowing Natalie had assets?

What has been said by the Raniere camp is that Natalie told the court she had given her assets to her mother long before filing for bankruptcy.

It’s strange how some of those assets have shown up in Natalie’s life even before her mother’s passing.

There are times when NXIVM/Raniere has been bastards in litigation, and Natalie has played victim to torturous litigation by Raniere/NXIVM.

What don’t people realize when you choose to take the dance floor with the devil for decades, you have to expect him to dance back.

For decades, Natalie had access to NXIVM’s password protected server and spied (trespassed) without permission.

As a result, she had access to their personnel files, upcoming events, and other essential information.

She used this information for her personal gain to fight her battle against Raniere/NXIVM and was leaking information to the press and bloggers.

Natalie also shared her illegally obtained NXIVM password access to other people, telling them it was okay, because she had permission from the owner of the password.

When NXIVM finally found out who was accessing their server, they filed a criminal and civil lawsuit. Natalie, along with the people she had said it was “okay” because she had permission, got dragged into the civil suit.

Natalie and two others were arrested on criminal charges because of her actions.

The NXIVM v. Natalie’s civil lawsuit was dropped due to NXIVM lying in court documents. Not without consequences, however. It affected the careers of some journalists with whom Natalie shared her password (saying it was okay, she had permission).

The NXIVM v. Natalie criminal case dragged on for a while, and she wasn’t the only one involved. All got their computers confiscated by the NY state police.

John Tighe at Uncommon Grounds

In this case, John Tighe, who blogged against Raniere, was given access by Natalie to NXIVM’s server. John trusted Toni, believing she had permission.

The NY State Police confiscated John’s computer. They later said it contained child porn. To this day, John says, he never owned a Mac computer, only PCs. The porn was found on a Mac.

It makes many of us wonder if swapping the computers was a setup by NXIVM to get one of their worst enemies put in prison.

Natalie and the other person arrested ended up taking a deal with the special prosecutor that would scrub their records within six months if no other wrongdoing happened with them.

So Natalie danced with the devil but refuses to see how she is responsible for how she brought these two legal actions upon herself. She also got others into this mess by spying on NXIVM’s website. Yet she wants only to play the victim card.

In Natalie’s last legal action, she also refused to look at how she brought that into her life.

Once again, Raniere was suing AT&T/Microsoft for patent infringement. He told the court he owned the patent, but couldn’t find the paperwork. Natalie knew he was lying because she had the patent.

How did Natalie, who claims she doesn’t have a high school education, have such a patent? She didn’t claim this patent in her bankruptcy as an asset. Even if something has no value at the time, you still have to claim it.

Toni Natalie poses with a $50,000 Ramon Santiago original painting on her wall in 2019. In her bankruptcy – filed in 1999,  discharged in 2003 – she claimed she sold this and other paintings to her mother in 1998 – a year before the bankruptcy.

When Raniere owed the State of NY money, and Natalie and he were still lovers, Raniere hid the patent in Natalie’s name. Isn’t that what con artists do for each other?

So why would Raniere try to sue Natalie over this? Did she try to sell it? She had the legal right to sell it to AT&T or Microsoft; it was in her name.

Maybe these companies knew they would win against Raniere in court. They probably knew Natalie didn’t have the means to take them on in court. So did Natalie try to sell back to Raniere what was already his? Did she have the audacity to think Raniere would pay her off so he could walk into court and beat AT&T and Microsoft?

Not handing over what was rightfully his that she agreed to hide when they were lovers might not be the right thing to do.

Everyone has to make that judgment for themselves. In a case like this, vengeance can get you a lawsuit. If she tried to sell it back to him, that would be asking for a lawsuit.

As Forrest Gump would say, “Stupid is as Stupid does.”


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  • Frank—this is your blog! How can you accept such a defamatory post about someone from an “Anonymous” writer? Don’t you have standards? This reflects poorly on your judgement and credibility.

    • It’s a funny thing. Toni and BK Chet publish lies anonymously about me all the time – without accuracy – as I will soon show.

        • Toni and BK Chet published lies about me. I will address those lies, inaccuracies, misinterpretations, etc. If BK Chet is honest, he will investigate and seek the truth and correct. I am open to that.

          • So if you have a problem with BK doing it on his site, why dont you have a problem with it on your site?

          • I don’t have a problem with BK Chet. I like setting the record straight. I like Chet. But he should get his facts straight.

  • I don’t know any of these people; I’m just an internet rando who has watched the documentaries and read a bunch of the books, including Toni Natalie’s. But this sounds like such loyalist bullshit. We know Keith is a rapist. We know Keith engages in coercive control. Keith is in prison for 120 years because of it. Everything you describe here sounds either ridiculous (he doesn’t need to rape women) or completely unaware of the dynamics of domestic abuse and coercive control (why would she stay with someone like this). Are we really supposed to be upset that she used her password to take down NXIVM, which was a horrific criminal enterprise? If she did, she’s a HERO.

  • “Natalie claims Raniere raped her. But others say “rape” is not his style. He doesn’t need to rape women. (underage is different, that is always considered rape).”

    But Raniere did rape adult women:
    In her sentencing statement Camila testified she was (also) raped by Raniere when she was of adult age.

    I don’t understand why there’s all this recent attention about Natalie.
    I don’t get it. Whatever she may have said or done, she’s a bonafide victim of KR. As Frank has pointed out many times here on the FR, she was mercilessly litigated into bankruptcy, spanning decades. Why attack her now? I would say she has suffered enough. Whatever inconsistencies and even lies she told or tells in her book: let it go.

  • In the first season of The Vow, Toni Natalie was featured on of the episodes. Mark Vicente went to visit her. Does Mark know about these class and is he still in touch with her?

  • Toni shares the ethical deficiencies of that boot camp buns fraudster— Kim Constable — with the fake Forbes cover. Do they know each other?

    There’s just no morals.

  • What’s the relationship between Toni Natalie and Chet Hardin? He’s supposed to be a reporter of some sort? Is that correct?

    If he’s a reporter why was Toni’s book never fact checked before he put his name on it?

    I’m thinking he was doing her a favor by indistinguishable it and wondering what she had on him to sacrifice his reputation for a lying, child-abandoning, self-serving attention whore.

  • Her book is a work of fiction. No fact checking required.

    It’s amazing how many take credit they don’t deserve and weave stories of victimhood for public sympathy. Sad.

  • Lying about how your sibling died (if he is actually dead) to make a good story undermines all credibility.

    She’s willing to dishonor her own sibling for readership. God help her.

  • This woman sent her son— her child away to live with his father because Keith was so dangerous.

    But she never bothered to get her son back. Really what more needs to be said about Toni Natalie?

    • He claimed he invented video teleconferencing, and AT&T and Microsoft stole it. His only problem was he put it in Toni Natalie’s name.

  • If a man blackmails women and uses “seduction assignments” to force unwanted sexual contact with him and if that same man is soliciting graphic bespoke porn for himself but through covert channels hiding behind others… Rape is very much “his stlye”. Putting your unwanted initials into a brand on women’s pubis through trickery is also pretty “rapey” especially when you’re having them filmed fully nude and spread eagle and the video sent to you in real time without their knowledge

    Maybe not the kind of rape you more typically see in movies but it’s still pushing women through coercive control, outright deceit and other mechanizations including threats such as destroying their family through releasing blackmail into sexual contact with him they very much do not want or desire in any way.

    Keith seems physically cowardly too. He didn’t want women strong enough to potentially fight him off or haul off and deck his frog face. He preferred women physically weak and mentally muddled from a lack of sleep and nutrition over years. Little girls were even “safer” for that despicable wimpy bully.

    Rape is more about power than sex.

    “Rapist” fits for Keith Raniere'”style” as perfectly as his memorable headband and ugly B.U.M. shirt volleyball costume.

  • I can’t speak to the rest of the stuff, but this part “If she wrote the book and titled it about Raniere, that would have been better. But let’s be honest, the buzz word is NXIVM.”

    In most cases, the publisher/editor decides on the title and the author doesn’t have much, if any, say at all. It is usually chosen strictly for marketing purposes — accurately reflecting the content of the book means very little.

    Toni probably had zero control over the title.

  • Gee Toni is a pretty, Liar. I mean pretty good liar. No I mean damn good. Liar. Or pretty bad. Liar or pretty bad. But a good liar.

  • Even though some of this is in my wheelhouse, there are some things I’ve never understood. I’m hoping the person who wrote this article can shed some light.

    – The 50K. Why did Nancy lend it to Toni? I always assumed it was to keep NHN afloat? I also assumed that the REAL reason for the loan was because Keith told Nancy to do it?

    – NHN. Are we double dipping on dousing Toni with blame? If it was all Keith’s idea for the business, is it Toni’s fault it failed? If it was Toni’s business, should she get credit for running it and making it somewhat successful prior to ESP putting it out of business? Toni worked her ass off at the business. Toni’s mom worked her ass off trying to make the finances work. I get blaming Toni for the failed business. I also get giving Keith credit for the business even existing. But i don’t think we can blame Toni for the business failing AND take shots at her for not really being the one who founded it. Don’t get me wrong – Keith absolutely did this to Toni. But is it right for us to do it?

    – Exactly when and exactly why did the switch get turned off on NHN? The place seemed to be thriving and certainly had focus being put on it. Barbara and Pam sat down with new clients in the cafe on a daily basis. People ate and shopped there. The ESP classes mentioned NHN and pitched it as a sister company. Then one day, Barbara and everyone else seemed to forget about NHN and Toni was on an island. The cafe was dead and new clients were non-existent. Did this naturally happen due to the ESP success and being the shiny new toy? Was this Keith’s doing? Was there a moment when everything changed? Was it Toni having a reaction to that last ESP class she ever went to and isolating NHN/herself from ESP/Keith? Was it all of the above?

    – If Keith was over Toni and wanted to move on from her, why was he writing those groveling letters (that where filled with mind-fuck bombs) in an attempt to get Toni to come back to him? Why was the inner circle trying to get Toni to go back to Keith? Why was Toni’s brother calling Nancy and asking her to please leave Toni alone and let her walk away from Keith?
    Why did Toni’s brother feel the need to practically beg Nancy for help in stopping Keith from using “da voodoo” on Toni? Seriously, wtf was up with that whole dynamic?

  • So is it true Toni has herpes? Isn’t she the one who gave Keith herpes? Then Keith gave herpes to others?

  • The guest view has already written many articles. Why doesn’t s/he write under his/her real name? The articles deserve recognition under his/her name.

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