Critics Demand: Can Expert Detect Crimes of FBI Tampering? Kiper’s 20 Years in FBI – His Five Biggest Cases

Editor’s Note: Frank Report is not claiming the FBI tampered with evidence. FR is examining the evidence. FR is not pushing for Keith Raniere’s freedom. This investigation is about whether the FBI cheated. This post explores J. Richard Kiper’s credentials.

Some of the anti-Raniere brigade seem willing to overlook possible FBI tampering. They don’t realize how slippery their slope can be.

Dr. James Richard Kiper is a crucial witness for Raniere in his allegations of FBI tampering. The brigade says he is not qualified and had an unremarkable career at the FBI. They claim he was not particularly successful or well-regarded within the agency. Critics also allege FBI bias in Kiper, making his testimony worthless.

His LinkedIn page:|

Let’s see if he’s some quack who just popped up out of nowhere.

Dr. James Richard “Rick” Kiper served as a Special Agent in the FBI for 20 years.

Investigator in Miami 

July 1999 – Jun 2002: 3 years

Kiper began his career as a case agent in Miami. He specialized in white-collar, organized, and computer crimes.


Payday Today USA FBI Case #1.

USA v Graziano

Ponzi Scheme Steals Millions
​Dr. Kiper and the FBI crackdown on massive fraud and recover millions 
More than 600 people invested in a Ponzi scheme run by the Bonano crime family. The family ran telemarketing rooms to get investors for fake check-cashing stores.  The fraudulent company stole more than $12 million by the time the FBI got involved.
Dr. Kiper was the lead agent. He led an FBI squad in executing search warrants. They seized computers and digital media. They raided the offices and the home of the main target. Kiper also executed a search warrant on their computers. He seized hundreds of digital files.
During Dr. Kiper’s follow-on investigation, the FBI seized millions in assets.
Kiper said, “I fought hard to shut down these scammers and thugs, and it took me nearly two years to do it.”
The DOJ secured 29 indictments. As a result, more than $6.2 million in restitution went to victims. At the time, this was a Department of Justice record.

Kiper went to Washington DC.

Special Agent-Program Manager

Jun 2002- Aug 2004: 2 years and 3 months

FBI Headquarters, Washington, DC

Developed FBI’s first electronic case management system 

Kiper developed the FBI’s first electronic case management system. He supervised a team of 15. He developed a plan for workforce training, reporting, and document management. 


Working with FBI Director Robert Mueller, he created briefings and presentations. Vice President Dick Cheney, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card received briefings. Kiper briefed congressional committees.

VCF User Training Report

Kiper and his team wrote the Virtual Case File (VCF) project. It was later re-branded as Sentinel, the FBI’s current case management system.
The core members of the VCF User Advocacy Group.

Kiper went back to Miami .

Acting Supervisory Special Agent

Aug 2004-Jun 2005: 11months

Miami Field Office, Miami, Florida

Kiper supervised a squad of Special Agents and professional support employees. He managed cases investigating internet fraud, telemarketing fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering.
Next, he went to San Salvador.

Assistant Legal Attache

Jun 2005 – Aug 2007: 2 years and 3months

U.S. Embassy, San Salvador, El Salvador

Kiper acted as liaison for the FBI and El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. He worked to complete investigative leads and information requests, especially transnational street gangs. He investigated six American citizen kidnappings.
He created a Gang Problem Inventory to track US funding in Central America. He trained the Salvadoran National Police in witness security.
ILEA San Salvador Witness Protection July 16-20, 2007


ILEA San Salvador Witness Protection

Kiper went back to Miami.

Special Agent, Confidential Human Source Coordinator

Handled 600 Informants

Aug 2007 – Nov 2008: 1 year and 4 months

Miami Field Office, Miami, Florida

Kiper coordinated the safe and legal operation of more than 600 FBI informants in the Southern District of Florida.

Special Agent, Computer Forensic Examiner

Nov 2008 – April 2011: 2 years and 6 months

Miami Field Office, Miami Florida

Certified as an FBI Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) forensic examiner, he employed:

  1. collection,
  2. write-blocking,
  3. preservation,
  4. examination,
  5. extraction,
  6. analysis,
  7. presentation of digital evidence for court proceedings.
He consulted with agents and prosecutors. He provided technical, legal, and investigative advice and evidence for national security investigations. He also developed the Miami CART logo.

CART Shark Logo
Kiper created this logo for the Miami Computer Analysis Response Team (CART). The ones and zeros in the background are binary code for “BYTE ME.”

Unit Chief, Senior FBI Manager

April 2011 – Jul 2013: 2 years and 4 months

FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia

Promoted to GS-15, a senior manager, Kiper taught at the FBI academy. He supervised instructors and the curriculum for the FBI New Agent Training Program. He served as Leadership Coordinator for the FBI Academy. In addition, he was an advanced instructor in the FBI Instructor Development Program. He trained instructors and supervised curriculum at the FBI National Academy in:

  1. financial investigations,
  2. investigative processes,
  3. cybercrime,
  4. counterterrorism,
  5. counterintelligence.

As a Unit Chief in the FBI Academy, Dr. Kiper launched specialized training for all new FBI employees. The landmark project is Sentinel.

Sentinel ended the FBI’s 100-year-old paper-based filing system. Kiper brought the FBI into the 21st century with this electronic system.

The FBI and the Department of Defense assigned him to develop and deliver cybercrime investigation training to:

  1. Albania,
  2. Bosnia,
  3. Singapore,
  4. Moldova,
  5. Georgia,
  6. Bulgaria,
  7. Colombia,
  8. Serbia,
  9. Azerbaijan,
  10. Saudi Arabia,
  11. Philippines

Cybersecurity Training

Dr. Kiper taught cyber investigators in the FBI Cyber Division. He taught digital forensic examiners for the FBI Operational Technology Division. He taught FBI forensic examiners how to train forensic examiners. He was a “trainer of trainers.”

With Director Comey in Riyadh

Teaching ISD to Prince Naif Academy

A diagram Kiper proposed to the FBI Academy executive management when he served as a Unit Chief in the Investigative Training Unit (ITU) in the Instruction Section (IS).

High-profile Child Pornographer Case #2

While Kiper spent much of his career teaching, he was called on by the FBI to handle tough forensic cases.
In 2012, James ‘Dub’ Maines was Rep. Joe Barton’s deputy district director. Maines attempted to send child pornography from his personal email to his US government email account. AOL blocked the email.
The FBI assigned Dr. Kiper to take charge of forensics. Kiper determined browser history, application data, logs, file system metadata and registry artifacts. He demonstrated how and when Maines opened his email. Kiper constructed timelines showing when Maines downloaded attachments and opened images. Painstaking investigation led to the discovery of 17 images involving children. One of them was a prepubescent girl performing various sex acts.
Maines planned to fight the case. Kiper created 150 exhibits to support his expert testimony at trial. The day before the trial, Maines changed his plea to guilty. The judge sentenced Marnes to five years in prison in March 2016.

Special Agent, Computer Forensic Examiner, and Instructor

Jul 2013 – Jul 2019: 6 years and 1 month

Miami Field Office, Miramar, Florida

He served as an FBI Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) forensic examiner and Acting Supervisory Special Agent of the Miami CART squad.

He taught cybersecurity and digital forensics at the Prince Naif Security College in Saudi Arabia. It was one of the last courses he taught for the FBI.

QCPD Cybersecurity Course

He trained the Quezon City Police Department in the Philippines in

  1. Networking Fundamentals,
  2. Online Digital Evidence,
  3. Online Safety and Undercover Operations,
  4. Basic Forensics,
  5. Potential Bomber Case Study

Quezon City PD Writeblocking Demo

Extortion of Ivan Aguilera Case #3

In February 2017, Ivan Aguilera, the son of the late Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, contacted the FBI. Brigith Gomez and Carolina Roldan threatened to release damaging photos and videos of him.  They asked for $50,000.
The FBI arranged for Aguilar to pay Gomez’s flight to Miami to pick up the cash. Instead, the FBI arrested her at the airport. Following her arrest, Gomez consented to a search of her cell phone.
The FBI assigned Kiper to extract evidence. He found written and audio communications between Gomez and Roldan. They suggested the women coordinated an extortionate plan. Aguilar received a threat via text.
Rolden took a plea deal. Gomez went to trial. She claimed her trip to Miami had nothing to do with collecting money from Aguilar.
Kiper testified about how he extracted text messages. Much of the evidence provided by Kiper clarified texts. He interpreted them, using his fluency in Spanish, to make it clear to the jury. Gomez’s written text messages proved she hatched an extortionate plot.
The jury found Gomez guity. The judge sentenced her to prison.

Wannacry Ransomware Attack Case #4

May 2017- Wannacry ransomware infected organizations running unpatched versions of specific Windows operating systems. The FBI tasked Dr. Kiper to travel to the country believed to contain the first victim of the infection. Dr. Kiper found that the country’s intelligence agency disconnected all the targeted computers. One laptop, however, was still on battery power.

Dr. Kiper collected its live random access memory (RAM) and duplicated all the hard drives. The RAM analysis proved key to identifying the methods and identity of the attacker. The Trump administration identified North Korea as the attacker on December 18, 2017.

The MAGA Bomber Case #5

October 22 to November 1, 2018: Cesar Sayoc mailed 16 pipe bombs to 13 famous critics of President Trump. The FBI arrested Sayoc.
Dr. Kiper processed digital evidence items belonging to Sayoc including his smart phone. He found Sayoc had searched for and located addresses of people who could be targets with packages en route. He arranged with FBI headquarters to warn the potential targeted individuals. Sayoc plead guilty to 65 counts and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Many of the anti-Raniere brigade, of which I am a charter member, discount Kiper. His career at the FBI, they say, is unremarkable.
The FBI likely tampered with evidence, according to Kiper. Tampering with evidence does not concern the brigade. Their concern is that Raniere remain in prison.
Funny, I am part of the reason Raniere is in prison.  My point is not about whether Raniere is innocent or guilty. It’s not about freeing him. The tampering may mean that the FBI could not prove Camila’s exploitation. Camila did not testify at trial. She hid from the FBI.
Now she is willing to testify. This means that Raniere is likely to remain behind bars.  If the FBI tampered with Camila’s photos, the Feds could charge him again. They don’t need the same photos. They have Camila.
Still, I’m interested in hearing what Kiper has to say. I want to find out if our servants, the FBI, have criminals among their ranks. You might be the one they target one day
The brigade will fight tooth and nail to prevent the investigation. They mock the experts and anyone who thinks two things could be true. Like Raniere could be guilty, and the FBI wanted to make sure.
Dr. J. Richard Kiper testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Kiper has earned several designations.


GIAC Gold Research Paper

Demonstrates subject mastery through in-depth technical research and the writing of a peer-reviewed paper.



GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA)
Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and ability to conduct formal incident investigations and advanced incident handling scenarios, including internal and external data breach intrusions, advanced persistent threats, anti-forensic techniques used by attackers, and complex digital forensic cases. Qualified to work in information security, computer forensics, and incident response fields.| 

Demonstrated ability to manage security incidents and defend against attacks. It focuses on methods used to detect, respond and resolve computer security incidents.


Demonstrated ability to conduct incident investigations including e-Discovery, forensic analysis and reporting, evidence acquisition, browser forensics, and tracing user and application activities on Windows systems.


Demonstrated skills to implement and execute Critical Security Controls recommended by the Council on Cybersecurity, and perform audits.


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  • Hey Kippy,

    How many FBI agents were fired because of your whistle blowing?


    Your BS whistleblowing was all played up by politicians looking for good PR. At the end of the day, you were simply a disgruntled employee and rat. You’re no hero. You didn’t risk shit except possibly another demotion.

    I wish you the best using your “ouija board”, pseudo-science to free child rapists.

    You’re peachy!

  • On August 30, 2021 at 3:24 pm Alanzo, the Most Wise, wrote:

    “It can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law that the government tampered with evidence in the Raniere case.

    If the government does not allow this to be proven in one of their courts, it can be proven elsewhere.

    If the evidence exists that proves the government did this, it can be proven anywhere.

    And will be.


    Here’s the receipt:

      • Nice Guy, I love you, man. But I think you need to work on your sarcasm detector. Sometimes you miss when someone is mocking the World-Class Vegan Athlete.

        Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

        Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

        Nice Guy Certified® Comedy Triple Platinum Award Winner 💿💿💿

    • I stand by these words “Forget Not the Wise Words of Alanzo”.

      If our courts become so corrupt that they accept and normalize the brazen behavior of these federal prosecutors and Judgey G in this criminal trial – then proving something in criminal court becomes useless – they’ve destroyed their own credibility.

      Now if Moira and Judgey G come out shocked SHOCKED! that all those underlings at the FBI cheated, that would be a way they could save face.

      Best outcome for all.

      Keep it up “Forget Not the Wise Words of Alanzo”.

      You’re doing good things for The World.


  • So many of these comments are saying that the “dead-enders” aren’t providing evidence.

    Of course, they aren’t…yet. They wouldn’t want to show the FBI their exact hand.

    This is to build attention for when they do file and if they have what they say they have there are legal intricacies that I don’t think this crew here quite understands.

    If Kipper is backing this, there is no doubt there is some serious weight here. He is a decorated export. That is not debatable and he is no dead-ender… no sir.

    If what they are alleging is true, it is a horrific crime against all of us. You should all be very concerned about this outrageous injustice of the FBI spitting in your faces even if Raniere is also guilty.

    • And why are they just now playing their hand? A little too late me thinks. This should have been presented at his original trial and no one including KR argued the point. It’s because this is an desperate attempt from desperate followers. They do not want to accept the reality of their Vanguard.

    • Don’t tell me what to be concerned over. Worry about yourself. You’re not the boss of any of us

      The filing is done. There’s nothing there.

      Why wasn’t any of this ever brought up before in the first trial? Why wasn’t there an expert hiired back then?

      Why did Keith want to rush his trial? Instead of spending more time to examine all of this alleged tampering?

      A paid expert for the defense will say anything. No matter what their “decorations”. Lol.

      Keith will stay in prison no matter how much “awareness” the dead-endets try to muster. And they will not muster much.

      It’s funny that a cult-dead-end follower thinks they are smarter than everyone else. Thanks for the gighle, dead-ender.

  • To Frank & *Kippy,

    Here’s an article which articulates what I and attempting to communicate to Frank:

    *Kippy’s PHD is in education. Education degrees are a joke. It isn’t physics or medicine. Kippy is full of BS like Dr. Phil who has a degree philosophy.

    The path a PHD education:
    Pay tuition-> write a book report->get PHD

    The science of Computer science is even more junk science than Ballistic Forensics or Forensic bite marks:

    Bite Marks

    At the end of the day, it’s the courts who decide if Raniere was framed, not Kippy, the bullshit artist.

    • Totally Nice Guy. “… found that the examiners who had been led to believe the suspect might be innocent documented the fewest traces of evidence in the files, while those who knew of a potential motive identified the most traces…”

      Total confirmation bias. The examiners know that everyone knows that this bias exists, so by virtue, can plausibly come to whatever conclusion they want. Just give them some dough, you’ll get your testimony.

    • Bingo!

      “They also need to be transparent to the courts about the limitations and the weaknesses, acknowledging that different examiners may look into the same evidence and draw different conclusions.”

      So when one expert says a file seems faked, and another says it’s genuine, it’s subjective.

      That leaves us (and the appeals judge) relying on good old common sense:

      Camila said in court Raniere took the pictures.

      Raniere took the pictures.

  • LOL.

    Frank has actually responded to our posts NOT by answering any of our previous questions, but by posting another redundant article which cites the exact same credentials that Frank has already mentioned in several previous articles.

    Oh, the irony here… Frank just did EXACTLY what I previously forecasted he’d do, which is to recite this guy’s credentials over and over again, instead of answering any of our questions about this case. LOL.

    Frank is literally in damage control mode.

    Frank has gone into pure ‘propaganda mode’ where he can’t do anything except repeating this guy’s credentials over and over, hoping that these ‘credentials’ will somehow make his word equivalent to an infallible fact, rather than just an opinion.

    To reverse a conviction and get a new trial requires more than an ‘opinion’ from an expert witness. It requires more than an expert witness saying that he personally thinks it’s ‘likely’ that tampering probably happened, but doesn’t really provide evidence that there’s no other possible explanations

    Try and follow me here, Frank.

    By virtue of using the word ‘likely’, Kiper is tacitly admitting that there are OTHER EXPLANATIONS which wouldn’t require FBI tampering to have taken place.

    From a legal point of view, that’s not the same thing as saying he’s got 100% evidence to prove ‘illegal tampering’ by the FBI beyond all reasonable doubt.

    Thus, why haven’t you consulted outside experts (people NOT paid by Suneel’s team) to find out what those OTHER EXPLANATIONS may be, to explain the same data which Kiper is looking at?

    Every other journalist would have done that already, but not Frank.

    Is it because Frank doesn’t wish to hear anything that contradicts his own anti-FBI bias?

    With all due respect to Frank… Frank has recently admitted that his own anger towards the FBI stems from his own WDNY case. In essence, Frank is admitting BIAS against the FBI because he feels ‘wronged’ by them personally.

    That disqualifies him as an unbiased journalist.

    Better yet… Why not ask Mr. Claviger to write an UNBIASED article on this subject to counter your narrative, Frank?

    Mr. Claviger graduated from Cornell Law School and spent decades as a NY defense attorney, which qualifies him to write an article challenging Frank’s NARRATIVE about what it takes to overturn a guilty verdict by using an expert witness who can’t say for sure if tampering took place.

    We want to know the LEGAL STANDARDS that apply to overturning a guilty verdict by using paid expert witnesses who only present OPINIONS on what they think ‘likely’ happened (but where they can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt what actually happened).

    The ‘bar’ for overturning a guilty verdict is MUCH HIGHER than a normal jury trial, that much I know for certain.

    Thus, merely saying that something is ‘likely’ can’t overturn a guilty verdict (without evidence proving that no other credible explanations exist).

    If I’m wrong, then please have Mr. Claviger correct my ignorance by writing an article.

    Secondly, why haven’t you given us details about PRECISELY how much money Kiper and every other expert received?

    Why haven’t you confirmed if they have any agreements (with Keith’s legal team) which might make them eligible for future money IF this case succeeds or IF they need to provide further testimony?

    We wanna know EXACTLY how many dollars Kiper has already received — and might hope to receive in the future — as a result of this case. Is that not a fair question?

    I’m guessing that you’re not privy to such info and that Suneel is probably treating you as his own personal lapdog, LOL.

    I’d advise you to stop being Suneel’s USEFUL IDIOT and to start providing ANSWERS to our legit questions.

    Let me guess… You’ll respond by posting ANOTHER article outlining Rick Kiper’s credentials, LOL, since you don’t seem capable of doing much else here.

    Happy Birthday, Frank.

      • Hey, Ginzo!

        How come you never say these kind of complements to Patriot God who is far more worthy of praise than this Tsinker?!

        Do you hate him?! Is that why?!

        And why do you keep censoring him and me almost damn comment we post?! How many times do we have to go over this with you, GINZO?!



        • Because Bangkok is funny. He writes well. And he is on topic. Plus he plans to start a gofundme account to build a statute for me. When did Patriot God do anything generous like that?

          • Hey Ginzo!

            We haven’t been properly introduced!

            Hi! 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

            My name’s Jim and I [redacted] 😛😝😜🤪😁

          • Hey Ginzo [if you’re going to censor me, then do it right]!

            We haven’t been properly introduced!

            Hi! 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

            My name’s Jim and I hate [redacted]rs 😛😝😜🤪😁

          • Oh wait a minute! Frank, are you seriously censoring this guy?! 👇🏻 Do you even know who this guy is?!

            I know you! You’re Jim Bird and you’re one of the high council members of the “If We Believe Movement”!

          • To: Big Fan Of Patriot God And His Group

            YES! 🤩

            THAT’S ME! 😝😛🤪😜

          • Ginzo!

            Put up my fucking response to what you said here! ☝🏻You goddamn US Constitution violating piece of fucking shit!


          • “To: Big Fan Of Patriot God And His Group”

            “YES! 🤩”

            “THAT’S ME! 😝😛🤪😜”

            The guy who “hates [redacted]



          • [DISCLAIMER TO FRANK: If you’re going to be a piece of shit and take take away people’s 1st Amendment rights, then do it right, asshole! Here! Let me fix it for your stupid selfish ass!]

            “To: Big Fan Of Patriot God And His Group”

            “YES! 🤩”

            “THAT’S ME! 😝😛🤪😜”

            The guy who “hates [redacted]”?……

    • “By virtue of using the word ‘likely’, Kiper is tacitly admitting that there are OTHER EXPLANATIONS which wouldn’t require FBI tampering to have taken place” – Magoo.
      Exactly! Raniere’s lawyer will use the parts of the report which support FBI tampering and forget the parts that don’t. Isn’t that what the dead enders accused the prosecution of doing with emails during the trial?

    • Frank Parlato had his 67th birthday on April 25. Hopefully he was able to celebrate it appropriately and happily. Happy birthday.

  • DATA: Nearly Half of America Believes FBI Acts as ‘Joe Biden’s Personal Gestapo’.

    Fewer voters now trust the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and many believe the agency is acting as President Joe Biden’s “personal Gestapo” – a reference to Adolf Hitler’s secret German police – new data from Rasmussen Reports has revealed.

    In the stunning poll, forty-six percent of Likely U.S. voters said they have a favorable impression of the FBI, with just 15 percent claiming to have a Very Favorable view of the agency. That’s down from May 2020, when 60 percent had a favorable impression of the FBI.

    Forty-seven percent now view the FBI unfavorably, with 26 percent admitting to a Very Unfavorable impression.

    In recent months, FBI leadership has even been called “a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI … as Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo.” Forty-six percent (46%) of voters agree with this assessment, including 29 percent who Strongly Agree.

    The news comes following FBI raids on journalists for reporting on the diary of Biden’s daughter Ashley, which includes the claim that the President of the United States inappropriately showered with his young daughter.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also been at the forefront of the Governor Whitmer kidnapping case, which appears now to have been the work of FBI insiders rather than independent political extremists.

    The FBI is also believed to have a played a role in the January 6th riot, with FBI informants and even what Newsweek called a group of “shadowy commandos” based at Quantico (the FBI academy) playing a secret role in the day’s events. More information is expected on that subject in the coming weeks.

    Just thirty-eight percent of Americans disagreed with the claim that the FBI was acting as Biden’s personal Gestapo, including 25 percent saying they Strongly Disagree.

    Approval of FBI director Christopher Wray also declined, and fewer voters now view the FBI director as independent of the administration.

    Just 10 percent of voters now say Wray is better than most who held the job before him – down from 13 percent in May 2020 – while 25 percent actually believe Wray is worse than most previous FBI directors, up from 17 percent in 2020.

    Thirty-seven percent think Wray’s performance as FBI director has been about the same as most of his predecessors, with the rest “unsure”.

    The news will rankle FBI leadership, and comes as Joe Biden’s own approval ratings slump even further.

  • I’m less and less impressed by this Kiper guy Frank, now that I look into things a bit. You’ve highlighted much of the best parts of his career during his time in Florida, as your wrote:

    Aug 2007 – Nov 2008: 1 year and 4 months
    Miami Field Office, Miami, Florida
    Kiper coordinated the safe and legal operation of more than 600 FBI informants in the Southern District of Florida.

    Jeffrey Epstein entered the required guilty pleas on June 30, 2008, nine months after signing the deal with the federal government. These were for sex trafficking of minors, right in Mr. Kiper’s backyard.

    “The woman, who was 19 when she first spoke with agents, was questioned by the FBI and subpoenaed for testimony by federal prosecutors in Florida in 2008 as part of the initial probe into Epstein’s alleged child sex trafficking…”

    The finding revealed Thursday also angered Sen. Ben Sasse, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Oversight Subcommittee, who said that “Americans ought to be enraged” by the break Epstein received in 2008, when the feds deferred their much larger case to state prosecutors…

    “Letting a well-connected billionaire get away with child rape and international sex trafficking isn’t ‘poor judgment’ – it is a disgusting failure,” The Nebraska Republican said in a statement.

    Was this woman one of his 600 informants that he failed to protect? It was smack in the middle of Kiper’s time in Miami, Florida. Epstein, as we know, went on to commit another decade’s worth of sex trafficking crimes. This is one of the worst, if not the worst, case of in-your-face, it-is-right-there sex crimes against minors that has ever existed in this country. And Kiper was right there and was as you have described, a significant FBI agent. Considering that Epstein had video and hidden recordings of everything, I would be certain that Kiper would have been called into investigate that.

    In your defense of his credentials, if you are a fair journalist, I’d urge that you challenge Mr. Kiper on his failures during this time in letting the DOJ let the case plead out without any follow up.

    Kiper massively failed in the most obvious child sex trafficking case probably in FBI history. And now you expect us to believe him again in another sex trafficking case? I do not think so. This guy can be bought.

  • Ok, Frank, we get it!

    Can you stop doing a shit ton of articles on Kiper and do the article on Michele Hatchette’s racism by blaming the fall of NXIVM “white people’s savior complex” now while this is still fresh, please?!

    There’s lots of people that are anticipating that article including myself! All that is on FR now is the “FBI tampering with the pics”, something about Camila, or CT family soap opera bullshit!

    Ok, we get it! Stop beating a dead horse and get something refreshing and worth talking about for fuck’s sake! Damn! Stop saying “I’ll get to it when I can”, because you’re so busy beating a dead horse with the same rambling garbage that you won’t do something new for a change! Drop the other bullshit and make this your top priority!

    You said you’d do this about two months ago and all you’ve done since then is peddle the same old bullshit over and over again while we’ve waited very patiently for this!

    We’ve waited long enough! Stop with all these dead horses and get the ball moving on that article already for Christ’s sake!

  • 1st off a commenter isn’t “anti-Raniere” if they ccriticize. Kiiper as presented by the dead-enders.

    That’s silly and reductive.

    The ideas that the dead-enders keep pushing about FBI tampering have been announced and never proven for YEARS.

    And they keep morphing.

    If you constantly make unfounded allegations publicly you’re gonna get pushback.

    The conspiracy theory is improbable.
    And that is going to draw a reality check from any thinking person reading about it.

    It hasn’t been filed. So taking it seriously is premature. This will be determined in a court of law not a blog. So what critics say is of little importance.

    Most people in the FBI teach if they can’t do. And occasionally if they can, but aren’t currently doing.

    Every FBI case could be considered “noteworthy” because it made it to…the FBI

    Tons of FBI employees are involved in every case. They could all claim to “work” on much bigger cases than you listed here. Even if they pushed some papers or carried a box. So it’s taken with a grain of salt.

    But even if Kipper was the greatest agent of all time and movies should be made of his career, he is now a PAID expert witness for the defence.

    Skepticism of his motives will be held by ALL who review his, “proof”.

    That’s how it works. If Kipper is too fragile for that and needs constant propping up then maybe this work isn’t for him?

    It’s amazing how much respect and adoration you have for this guy but you throw other hard working agents under the bus just because they helped convict Raniere.

    Posting dead-ender stories with demeaning memes about Booth. Letting the cult followers call specific FBI employees a liar. Over and over again. That idiot Suneel even tried to take credit for bullying Booth off if LinkedIn (another lie).

    It’s so immature and unnecessary. Where are the articles defending those agents? Who are just doing their job. Currently.

    Suneel cyber stalks them. Puts their names out on social media as bad actors in government. WITH NO PROOF of any malfeasance tying to gin up outrage against these FBI employees. Which puts them in danger.

    You are such a hypocrite, Frank.

    Just like the dead-enders.

    • Where did you learn that he is paid. This is false. Please provide proof of this claim. A statement like this as if it is a fact is very damaging.

      • Stating the FBI agents who worked on this case “tampered” and “lied” stated as if it’s a fact is very damaging.

        It is a potentially catastrophic allegation.

        But you don’t care about those humans. Their careers. Their families. Their lives.

        The dead-enders statements are false about the FBI. Demand proof from them.

  • “Tampering with evidence does not concern the brigade.”

    That’s an outrageous accusation.

    I’ll take the “tampering” tale seriously when you and your friends present some actual evidence to back it up.

    So far, all you’ve done is stall.

    These past few articles bear a remarkable similarity to Chakravorty’s in this. Same tactic, same rhetoric, same agenda.

    Same claim to having evidence but never actually presenting it. Same posturing about this being an objective inquiry and having nothing to do with freeing Raniere.

    You’re on record as stating that if there was tampering, Raniere’s conviction must be vacated. No retrial. So it seems the tampering issue has a great deal to do with freeing Raniere.

    And where did this question of supposed tampering originate? It was created by Chakravorty and the dead-enders. And now you have taken it up.

    So what we have here is not a high-minded quest for truth and justice in a disinterested attempt to expose government corruption. Instead, these have every appearance of trumped-up charges dreamed up by the Nxivm dead-enders in a desperate and vain attempt to free their cult leader.

    Their motives are, shall we say, suspect.

    And I haven’t believed in the Frank Report’s neutrality re. the FBI since it posted Pinocchio pictures whenever Agent Brian Booth’s name came up.

    The Frank Report is an anti-FBI blog mirroring Raniere cult rhetoric.

    Change my mind. Let’s have some facts. Let’s have this convincing evidence we’ve been told about for months, and stalled on. Because I gotta say, the above puff piece gleaned from Kiper’s own Linked In page ain’t doing yours and Chakravorty’s cause any good.

    • Agree with AS. It’s unfortunate Frank is undercutting his legacy with his seemingly deep rooted mistrust of anything to do with government officials in general and law enforcement in particular. I believe his own legal troubles have brought him to this position: his mistrust of the FBI is bigger then his aversion for Raniere.

    • —The Frank Report is an anti-FBI blog mirroring Raniere cult rhetoric.

      Wrong! The Frank Report is an anti-FBI blog mirroring ShadowState1958 cult rhetoric.

  • “Some of the anti-Raniere brigade seem willing to overlook possible FBI tampering. They don’t realize how slippery their slope can be.”

    red hots
    true believers
    pitchfork and torch mob
    short bus crew

    Take your pick.


    • Alanzo-

      Every word on your list is applicable to you too.

      Other words which apply to you are:
      Fugly Fupa
      “Poop tugger”
      “Choad smoker”
      Baby Huey
      Cult Cuckold
      Turd Tickler
      “Sticky Janitor” (with RingDings®️)
      ‘Arse hermit’

      Now, go naw on a RingDing®️ and contemplate the meaning of having no purpose in life.

  • Yes, his career was impressive, too bad it didn’t include investigating Keith Raniere while he was there. Guess he missed out on that one.

    There was another guy that had an impressive FBI career. Was made chief of the FBI’s National Security Threat List Unit. Went on to a distinguished career as a top FBI intelligence and counterintelligence agent on Soviet activity. So good at his job was he, that when the FBI suspected there was a mole in the FBI selling secrets to the Soviets, they put him in charge of finding the guy. Only problem was, that mole was him. In 2001 he was promoted to a job in computer security for the FBI where they could monitor him.

    On May 10, 2002, Robert Hanssen was sentenced to 15 consecutive sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole. He betrayed his oath to the United States and did it for money.

    My point: Even the best FBI agents can be bought.

  • Anyone being paid for their testimony has to have some kind of biases.

    They are hired to provide an opinion for the person who hired them.

    It doesn’t mean it is factual evidence.

    It’s a professional opinion based on their paid-for-knowledge.

    Had they been hired by the other side, their opinion would reflect the other biases.

    Didn’t anyone take debate or research in college?

  • Another week has come and gone.

    Has the Rule 33 motion been filed?

    No report from Frank that it was.

    But this article shows up late.

    Most likely the Rule 33 wasn’t filed, again by Raniere’s lawyer as stated it would be delayed by a week

    It’s been said time and time again for almost two years this would be filed.

    Now Raniere’s appeal is 8 days away.

    What a clown show!

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