Abusive Branding Audio Has Nugget of Raniere Gaslighting Allison Mack

Nxivm Keith Raniere Allison Mack
Keith Raniere and Allison Mack

Allison Mack provided an audio to the EDNY prosecutors of Keith Raniere and herself.

She did this as part of her efforts to cooperate with the feds and spare herself some prison time. In their sentencing memorandum, the DOJ mentioned Mack’s provision of the audio.

They said it was helpful and asked the judge to show Mack leniency.

The less than seven-minute audio is of the two of them on a walk, discussing branding future DOS slaves.

A male “branding artist” had branded Allison and six front-line slaves.

The artist branded the first line women clothed.

Keith had procured the services of Dr. Danielle Roberts to do the future branding. Since Danielle was a woman, Keith wanted the future slaves branded nude.

Keith Raniere selected Dr. Danielle Roberts to do the branding of the women. It was a good selection, since she was the only member of DOS with a medical license to lose. Branding does not require any license. 

He wanted them to repeat formulaic statements with each of the painful strokes. He speaks of how pain is the only way humans can love.

Keith Raniere

The audio of Raniere’s branding ritual shocked people.

He wanted women held down nude, but they should first ask their master to brand them. They must say, “Master, please brand me. It would be an honor,” so, as he says, it would not look like their master forced the branding on the slave.

He wanted the naked women filmed from different angles during the branding session. He said the film should capture them nude in vulnerable positions. It creates more (blackmail-worthy) collateral, he said.

The branding audio was important to the prosecution, for Raniere had denied he had anything to do with DOS. He said the DOS women came up with the sorority on their own. They put his initials on the brand as a tribute to him. They came up with the branding idea. The collateral, everything.

The audio proved Vanguard was a liar. This lying is not something his remaining followers care about. They say they want the truth to come out, but are not concerned about their master’s veracity.

One of our commenters, Suzanne, heard something more in the audio that others missed. She points out something beyond the grotesque Raniere devising his diabolical branding formula. She raises an interesting point about Raniere’s treatment of Mack.

Here is the audio, followed by Suzanne’s comments.


By Suzanne

The little nugget of gaslighting often gets overlooked in the audio between Allison and Keith discussing branding.

Allison recorded the audio during a walk with Keith.

Their discussion is about finalizing Keith’s demands on what the slaves will say while being branded.

He asks Allison a question.

When Allison answers – Keith immediately berates her.

Keith says he wasn’t talking about Allison specifically.

Even though Keith asked Allison in a way that anyone would interpret as asking her own opinion.

Allison gets sheepish and clarifies that she understands she’s not the only person involved.

Here is the exchange:

Keith: What would have been most meaningful, deep, surrendering, focusing for you [while you were being branded]?

Allison: I think it, probably having it [what she is supposed to repeat as part of the branding ceremony] whispered in my ear and then me repeating it out loud…”

Keith: Well, ask the others. It is not all you.

Allison: Uh huh. I thought you —

Keith: –I’m teasing.

Allison: —were asking me….

Keith: No, I said all of you guys [the first-line women] who have gone through [the branding].

Allison: [laughing but with hurt feelings] I understand that it is not just me.

Keith: hehehe.

Allison: I’m sweating now.

Keith: Do you really understand that? How deeply? See. There you go. So, it wasn’t, ‘I’m sorry or oh no. [mimicking Allison] ‘It’s not.’ [laughs] ‘I thought you were asking me.’ That would be a great narcissist poster. ‘I thought you were asking me.’ Or ‘I thought you were talking about me.’ [laughs] so…

Allison [humbly]: Is that all?

Keith: I don’t know. Is that quite enough?

Later, he says.

Keith: You’ve done it [branding] so you can go there easier. And all of you [the first line] have done it. Not just you. So I’m not just speaking to you. Though I am speaking to you, I am also speaking to the others through you. OK?

As most anyone listening would agree, why wouldn’t Allison think Keith is asking for her opinion — she’s the only one there? And it’s phrased in a question. Right?

Allison’s apologetic and submissive response is not enough for Keith. He keeps berating and mocking Allison. And ultimately calls her a narcissist.

What gets lost in the horror of what the branding tape is actually discussing just how awful Keith is to these women.

There’s another audio played in “Seduced” where the tone is similar. Keith tells the first-line slaves, “This is not a democracy.”

Then he tells one of them to run, run, get him something to write with. It was at one of those slave meetings where the women were naked, sitting at Keith’s disgusting feet.

Unlike most humans, Keith Raniere’s feet are not longer than they are wide, but almost perfectly square. 

That would be a great narcissist poster, “I thought you were branding her with my initials.” 



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    • I think she was fooled by Raniere. She had ambition and took advantage, but I honestly think she thought Raniere was good, and she just did not understand it. Like how could she be so stupid as to allow Daniela to stay in a room for almost two years? Where was her conscience? But she trusted Raniere saw farther, knew better, and was more ethical. That and ambition caused harm.

      But Raniere got 120 years. He paid the price. Lauren and Allison should have a second chance in a world without Raniere.

      • And when Lauren and Michelle continue coaching and doing the same thing as Executive Success Programs and stay in contact with DOS members? That is a second chance…a second chance to continue Keith’s work. Not a second chance of redemption. They won’t change. They were evil before they met Keith. Adults still have a conscience…Lauren and Michelle had to have know that bad is bad. Otherwise they are mentally disabled and should be in a group home.

      • I totally agree with you Frank. She was so far up the garden path she had no idea she was out the other side. I don’t know why people are so surprised that the people closest in proximity for the longest got burned so badly. they were totally invested and entrenched. Nancys whole way of life was in this, how she made her living and she believed wholeheartedly in that programme , for right or wrong.She believed in it so much that she brought her daughgter into it believing it was a good thing. Lauren thought she had a personal future with KR let alone all the NXIVM stuff. If you catch people at the right moment( or wrong) and you are a savant at reading them and what makes them tick, then there are going to be victims and Lauren is most definitely one.

  • What a sordid human being he is.

    Maybe not a bad idea to replay this now and again. Hearing it from their mouths says it all.

  • For something supposedly abusive and demeaning, there’s a whole lot of laughter going on. By both of them.

    Allison says, laughing: “I understand that it is not just me.”

    Keith: “hehehe.”

    Raniere even tells her “I’m kidding”.

    Is he acting like a jerk, like he’s superior to her? Of course he is. That’s the kind of relationship they had. It’s how they interacted. It was what they both wanted.

    Remember that Mack signed her emails to him “I love you Master”.

    She probably called him that in the sack.

    Okay so call their relationship dysfunctional. You’ll get no argument from me. But this wasn’t something HE did to HER. this is what they both wanted. She wasn’t gaslighted, brainwashed, starved into submission, hypnotized, Mesmerized, or otherwise brain whammied. She hung on his every word and did anything he asked because she wanted to. Of her own free will.

    What I hear in this recording is two good friends in complete accord. He kids around with her and they both laugh. What’s weird -exceeding weird, and criminal – is they’re that talking about branding women with his initials and making an obscene ritual of it and recording it.

    • Regarding AM. Aristotles Sausage. You say she did it of her own free will. In a way yes. And she is certainly culpable for her actions. I don’t agree however that he didn’t lead her there. He absolutely did. He’s a psychopath and very skilled and she was incredibly weak needy insecure and ambitious. Easy meat for a psychopath. Easier than Bonnie, easier than Sarah. Does she deserve to serve time. Yes she does because she is culpable as an adult. But she was brainwashed. Most of them were. The ones still following KR are brainwashed and have lost the ability to think for themselves. She did starve herself. She did try and bend herself out of shape for her master. I’m absolutely sure she called him all sorts in the sack and in her texts. I think she bought in 100%. Greed and ambition are powerful tools for a psychopath.

    • I think that’s just an objectively bad take. At the point this recording occurs, Alison has been under Raniere’s spell for years. Her sense of identity and perception of self has been not just manipulated, but fully amalgamated and inextricably absorbed in to her connection with Keith by this point; she is unable to think independently of what he suggests is the right way for her to think. And I’m not being sympathetic to Mack here; she is a perpetrator and I believe that she, in a significant way, seemed to relish and enjoy her position as de facto Number 2 in the Raniere cult. But the fact she was a perpetrator doesn’t mean she wasn’t also a victim and the way Keith speaks to her here is just one tiny example of a long running process of deliberate thought and emotional control which took place over years. He tells her he’s kidding and then berates her anyway because it’s a way of lifting her up then punching her down, cementing her reliance on him for validation and any sense of self-worth.

  • I’m hoping there’s some “Gangster Disciples, or members of the Aryan Brotherhood in his facility. I know for a fact that the A B, have a kill on sight (kos) rule about child sex offenders. The only way for Keith to survive that is to buy commissary for them, hide their weapons, and bring their drugs in. Little Orc Keith is going to be really busy. Being short will help with the BJs he’ll be providing, he’s closer to the ground than most regular men, he won’t have to kneel or put his back out.

    I detest this odious little chomo. Central casting couldn’t have come up with a more villainous piece of crap.

  • Ok. So people think Keith is a dick.

    So leave Allison alone. When she gets out, let her rebuild her life. She’s had more than enough.

    • Some people think Allison is also a dick.

      And those people have no control over Allison or her life. But a right to their own thoughts.

      Stop trying to control people’s opinions. It’s a losing battle.

      And please throw out that disgusting Sarah Edmonson wig you’ve been wearing. The scalp appears to be real flesh & the rotting stench is attracting flies. You’re such a filthy stalker, Kevin

    • Nah. She’s a dick too.

      As one of her victims put it so succinctly, Raniere and Mack are cut from the same cloth.

      Mack victimized women. She was actively involved in sex trafficking. No way should be allowed to get acting gigs or do Smallville conventions as if none of this ever happened. She’s a felon and notorious.

      “High profile” criminals should not be rewarded. They can get ordinary jobs like anyone else, keep their heads down and vanish into obscurity. They ought to be ashamed for what they’ve done, and if they’re not, they need to be shamed into it.

  • Allison was emaciated and sleep deprived for years at this point. So much indoctrination and coercive control too.

    She was mentally fucked. Makes you wonder if Keith could literally convince Allison that he really didn’t JUST ASK HER for her opinion.

    It’s maddening. And designed to destabilize Allison further. Make Allison keep doubting reality. And ultimately to doubt herself.

    Wonder if any of these followers of Keith ever went back on their own and listened to the recorded conversations with him. And said to themselves no Keith really did say that . I’m not crazy.

  • yep, on realising how hollow and devious his own manipulation sounds – he immediately starts slicing away at Alison’s, I think – terrified sounding, responses to his weird questions that drip with sly imperitive.

    Like Blake says: ‘The Weak In Courage Are Strong In Cunning’

  • Keith s voice, a maudlin hiss. Snake like. Total sociopath.

    Alison took his orders, she was more than brainwashed victim, she was a lily livered wingman. She didnt come up with these vicious ideas on her own, but boy was she quick to follow & carry out his sickening machinations.

    Alison M. & Keith R. are certifiable.

  • This audio should be leaked to the Tucson prison community, and Kieth should be branded on his penis exactly as he had the women branded then send him to Florence, Colorado.

  • It’s only when you actually hear him that the whole horror comes across as to how he was such a loathsome, vile, narcissistic, disgusting example of all the worst characteristics of probably any person who has ever lived. This clip proves beyond all reasonable doubt how completely brainwashed his apparatchiks must have been to have seen even a glimmer of goodness, wisdom or humanity in his blackest of souls.

  • Frank, I read that Sarah is still very forgiving towards Lauren. I don’t understand? Lauren manipulated her so bad. Did things more worse than Danielle Roberts. Sarah made sure Lauren got no jail time. But made sure to ruin Danielle’s life. Why is Sarah so sympathetic towards Lauren? And do you think there is any chance Lauren is still loyal to KR? And the testimony was only done to avoid jail time?

    • I don’t know. Sarah told me Raniere was her litmus test. Roberts would not renounce Raniere, Lauren Salzman did. Was Salzman sincere? Would she have renounced Raniere, but for the impending prison time? She cried her way out of prison. But maybe her eyes were opened, and she realized what many people have – that her Vanguard is a louse.

      • Lauren is an opportunist. Lauren is a manipulator and actress. She acted her way out of prison. Every judge falls for the crying female. Every time.

          • Frank that is interpretive. The defense had the opportunity to resume cross with Lauren. The underlying issue was that they weren’t covering any new grounds and we’re pretty much just bad dream Witness.

          • I had the benefit of talking to Marc Agnifilo on the halting of Lauren’s cross- and while I am certainly not on Ranierer’s side -I respect Agnifilo and I think he was going somewhere. He was about to attack her intent. She pleaded she had bad intent but she was about to admit she did not have bad intent.

            She started crying and then the judge stopped it – at what I felt was a crucial moment. It would have blown up Lauren’s plea deal and created an issue. Raniere still would have been found guilty.

          • Agreed….but because he felt bad for her (antics)….not because he thought it was annoying. It was all a ploy.

          • Frank,
            We can agree to disagree.

            Of course the defense attorney would say that they had some big ace up their sleeve.

            But Agnifilo still could have called Lauren back. IF he truly had some big plan. And he didn’t.

            And with all due respect how you “feel” it was going to go has nothing to do with the actual reality – or legally and factually what happened.

            A witness was excused for the time being and could have been called back and that line of questioning could have resumed.

            One could even argue that it would have been more effective for the defense to bring Lauren back without the tears and after a lot of the tension had dissipated.

            The bottom line is that it’s all hypothetical. The simple facts are: the defense could have recalled Lauren. And they did not.

          • I agree to disagree. Maybe the honest thing to do was to bring her back. However, the judge not only ended the cross, he invited the government to do redirect. They declined. The judge seemed surprised the government did not opt to redirect.

            All before the jury. So technically the witness was done. Of course the judge could explain it all to the jury – and say he was permitting Lauren to come back.

            I don’t want to judge it. I do want to say I am glad Lauren did not go to prison.

          • Frank-

            —He was about to attack her intent. She pleaded she had bad intent but she was about to admit she did not have bad intent.

            Marc Agnifilo had no idea how Lauren “SCHNOZ” Salzman would reply to his questioning.

            Lauren is Bangkok’s lady. Better watch your step Parlato.

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    Credit Suisse stock hits record closing low, down 59% YTD bust. Switzerland recorded a capital and financial account deficit of 12873.59 CHF Million in the second quarter of 2022.

  • Raniere leaves the footprints of the small, chubby North American square-footed humanoid. From this, it can be surmised that he belongs to this subspecies of this genus. Further scientific research is needed to further validate and confirm this with certainty.

  • Hearing Keith in action confirms his narcissism and sadism. He treats Alison so badly.
    No way she’ll go back with him when she gets out. She’s so meek and submissive.
    He belittles, mocks and mimics someone who is loyal to him.
    He sounds like a stupid ass but thinks he’s brilliant. Feel the pain? It’s how we know how much we love. Sick bastard. He’ll feel great pain and he gets transferred to another prison.

      • Judging by Clyne’s recent interviews it seems this may well be so. It seems obvious they have been communicating in violation of Mack’s conditions. Mack comes across as an extremely weak person psychologically, and would have very few positive influences in her life.

        • That could be, but at least she cannot associate with NXVIM members until her case is discharged. That will be a few years, even after she gets out of prison.

        • She’s had some rare life experiences so far – actor in a tv series, then a cult, then prison.
          I wonder if she can recover her trust in herself, never mind humanity, after all that.

          Maybe she’ll find it easier to defend the indefensible than face the truth of her bad decisions. She has guaranteed companionship that way, and Bronfman money security. Many people make life choices on the basis of ‘better the devil you know’, sad but true.

          • Problem with these acting types, especially the ones who are well known, in the manner that Mack was. Is that people have already been treating them as something special. Walking down the street and having anotherhuman being reacting to you because you were “on the telly”. It’s weird. I dated two well known men. Saw some strange scenes unfold in front of me. And they both clearly revelled in being recognised.

            There’s a strange weirdness around Mack. Almost as if she were mesmerised by him. As a human being I wish her a better life post jail. But, I wouldn’t allow her anywhere near my daughters. She’s definitely a threat. Until she proves otherwise.
            Nicki isn’t going to make it. I hope she has some strong true supportive friends and relatives around her for when she hits the ground. I dislike her. I pity her. She, at the very least should be spending some time in jail for her fake marriage. Jail would be good for her. She needs to be severed from contact with her fellow dancing deluded dopey friends.

  • India found some thumb drives that Mack left behind. India turned those over. Are you certain that Mack turned that over or was it India?

      • Mack did indeed provide the recording. Quoting the Government’s sentencing recommendation submitted to Judge Garaufis on June 21, 2021:

        “Mack provided the government with a recording that, at trial, served as crucial evidence of Raniere’s role in devising the branding ceremony in which DOS “slaves” were branded with a symbol that, unknown to them, represented Raniere’s own initials…

        “…the recorded conversation between Mack and Raniere was introduced at Raniere’s trial and provided critical evidence of Raniere’s role in DOS and his requirement that DOS “slaves” be branded with his initials, facts which Raniere repeatedly denied after the existence of DOS became public. The portion of the recording in which Raniere states that DOS victims should say “please brand me it would be an honor” before they were held down, so “it doesn’t seem like they are being coerced” was referenced in the government’s opening and closing statements. Although Mack could have provided even more substantial assistance had she made the decision to cooperate earlier, Mack provided significant, detailed and highly corroborated information which assisted the government in its prosecution”

      • What is the good word of the prosecution worth, not much. They just wanted to get a lenient sentence for Allison Mack, which they succeeded in doing. This is just an added bonus for Ms. Mack. The sex trafficking charges were also dropped without a convincing reason.

      • There’s two audios. One is a Frontline slave meeting discussing the brand and the deception of making Keith’s initials appear to be some kind of symbol. And there is a second recording which is just Allison and Keith on the walk. Guaranteeing there are many more such recordings these are the two that are most publicly discussed

          • The other audio is featured in ‘Seduced’ on Starz.

            Presumably all 8 frontline slaves.

            You can hear Nicki Clyne all in on the branding deception and hiding that fact that it’s Keith’s initials. She is very enthusiastic.

            From what the prosecution said that is just the tip of the iceberg on all the recordings they had.

  • Absolutely terrifying that this happened. Haunting recording.

    I am wondering if their was much more to this story that no one is talking about.

    What all happened in Mexico? Salinas. All of that just evaporated into the ethers. I kinda wonder if this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • How many women get their noses smashed with a hammer on their face and rebuilt it up into a different shape from a plastic surgeon ? Or carve open their breasts and insert large bags of silicone by a Dr in the hopes of pursuing approval?
    All of it is tribal.
    People are absolutely terrified of being alone. We do anything we can to fill the void. Once we aren’t afraid of being around ourselves as we are , we don’t have to destroy ourselves in pursuit of approval from others.

    Whole thing with teenagers getting cosmetic surgery is horrible.

    The new revolution is this : I don’t give a F what you think about me. I’m solid. Take it or leave me, I’m cool by myself if you go.

    The people who allowed this crap to happen to their own bodies need to ask themselves what they were thinking and saying.

    Alison and Raniere are sinister. Hearing the recording is nasty. What scary punks. But come on now, who in their right mind volunteers their naked a$$ up like that?

    «  please master brand me »

    Are you freakin kidding me?! Whoever willing plead that crap is actually a slave to their own stupidity.

    • was recently watching an episode of People Investigate Magazine: Cults, and it was about the Manson family. one of the people interviewed was Dianne Lake, something she said reminded me a lot of everything I’ve seen on this blog about Raenier, I mean the ability to see people and recognize their weaknesses, their empty spaces and become what I needed to be to fill those emotional gaps, also in that all the Manson women had some experience of abandonment and since in general they were good girls, the shock that I had when seeing how unrecognizable they came to be.

  • Why didn’t he ask «  master, please brand square foot on my forehead to prove love is bigger than pain »

  • To all the Keith Loyalists and apologists and enablers who’ve been commenting on the site in the past that there was no harm or foul in the dancing outside the MDC. Turns out they weren’t just dancing they were communicating. That is a big security risk. There’s a reason inmates have their Communications monitored. The Vanguard True Believers would be the first to throw an absolute tantrum if another detainee was communicating in this illegal manner and ordered a hit or a beat down on Keith. They are part of a group that was a criminal Enterprise and they cannot expect that Prison employees and other inmates Plus the families of both the prison population and the employees of the prison are going to feel safe knowing there’s a bunch of freaks out there dancing around and communicating with light signals to their cult leader. Just harmless dancing and donuts? Nah never was. The modern day Manson family in full effect outside the MDC. Let the judge know he’s being watched eh?

      • It was the simplest code in the world. A = 1 flash. B = 2 flashes. C = 3 flashes. Slow spell out words back and forth.

        • Gang symbols are very simple too. But the Bop would get in a lot of trouble if they were letting gang members throw signs at each other out of the Detention Center windows. Everyone in prison is supposed to be treated the same. Come to think of it isn’t there some group with that Concept in its title? Oh! that’s right make Justice blind. Vanguard doesn’t get special treatment and neither do his followers. And no one who truly believes in making Justice blind should expect any thing different

          • I can only tell you about the signals when I was there. It was simple A=1, B=2 etc, when I was there. I arranged an interview with Raniere on NBC Nightly News with Lestor Holt through this means of communication between his supporters and him.

        • They were using Morse code “abbreviations” which is part of the Morse code System.

          It’s used to speed up MorseCode.

          • Notice that the dead end dancers never say we were dancing and communicating to Keith through lights and code. They and to some extent Frank keep playing it off as if it it was silly for the bop to be concerned about dancing and donuts. There was some far more illegal and nefarious activity going on trying to circumvent the standard MDC communication system. If it weren’t no big deal then why not acknowledge it? You have to remember that this is a cult leader who had told one of his devoted followers that the judge needs to know he is being watched. The legal system had every reason to take precautions and be concerned about potential violence and other tragic activity taking place. Do they sometimes use an overabundance of caution? Of course but they are quite literally responsible for the lives of the people who are detained and the employees who work there.

          • Fairly far fetched I’d say, what good would lights do when Keith has no way to respond?
            And what makes you think any of them even know morse code?
            Y’all getting a little craZy.

  • There are two people at fault here in this recording. Raniere of course for being an arrogant abusive asshole, but also Mack for tolerating and encouraging him and willingly carrying out his orders.

    It takes more than one person to make a cult. The leader needs a bunch of dumbass followers. The only reason Raniere was able to establish and run his criminal racket was thanks to people like Mack who eagerly did his bidding.

    Mack and Raniere had a fucked up relationship. He was the dominant and she was his submissive, that’s plain as day. It’s there on the recording and it’s there in the YouTube video where he presumes to teach her all about acting.

    They were both getting exactly what they wanted. He liked bossing people around and being top dog, and she wanted to be told what to do and what to think. She thought she was stupid and she was right.

    I have no respect for people who let themselves be kicked around. I have even less respect for people who kick other people around when told to do so.

    The philosopher Seneca defined virtue as having four parts: justice, a moral sense, self control, and courage. The last, courage, tends to be forgotten about these days.

    Mack lacked the courage to break free from Raniere. As did all the other weak-willed fools (mostly women) who stuck by him and his cult. Instead of telling him off and leaving, Mack continued to collaborate with Raniere even after it became obvious the man was a monster. Branding women with his initials, for chrissake.

    She collaborated. That means she had no sense of morality. She collected blackmail, which means she had no inkling of justice.

    Oh, but he “forced” her. He had her collateral.

    That’s where Courage comes in. She lacked the guts to risk possible embarrassment if he released it. Instead, she continued to victimize other women.

    That’s cowardice. I have no respect.

    But, she was a victim! She was gaslighted (gaslit?) Gaslighting has become a popular term lately, which is strange because it derives from an old black and white movie whose plot depends on the cliche of the high strung woman given to bouts of “hysteria”.

    Gaslighting is one of those nonsense ideas like brainwashing or NLP, meant to excuse bad behavior and expunge blame. Nothing’s every anybody’s fault.

    And of course we are in the era of celebrating victimhood.

    Pardon me, but I’d rather celebrate courage.

    Gaslighting be damned. Mack collaborated. Listening to that recording, I am disgusted. Raniere specifies the details of his pornographic torture-branding fantasy and Mack responds “uh-huh… yeah… okay”.

    What, “no” isn’t in her vocabulary? She couldn’t say “nope, I’m not going to do that”?

    She could have exhibited a little courage. Instead, she fucked over a bunch of other women, women who trusted her, to save herself some potential embarrassment.

    This is why I can never see her as a victim.

    At any point in this descent into criminality she could have told Raniere she was done, gotten in her BMW and driven away. She was never a Daniela, a kid with no money, no papers, no prospects and no way out confined to her room by crazy parents. Daniela was trapped. Mack wasn’t.

    In Feminist theory the idea of woman as victim has real validity when applied to women like Daniela. Or the woman with three kids and no job prospects stuck with an abusive drunken brute husband. The theory does not apply to millionaire actresses infatuated with a sleazy con man. Nor to the upper middle class silly fools who devoted themselves to Raniere and his cult.

    These aren’t victims. They acted badly and bear full responsibility for what they did.

    • Hey dumb ass at 6:48 pm

      Frank was THERE.
      Raniere did have his own light to communicate.
      It’s on tape.
      Frank just explained the dead-enders asked Keith a question with their light and Keith responded with his light.
      While Frank was THERE

      Try and keep up

  • I watched the Vow last night and my husband and I heard this right away! After it sounds as if Allison is afraid to say anything. Most of the time this creep just says words without saying anything. Here he incriminated himself on tape. What an idiot. So shocking that so many people bought into this cult. Very sad. The judge deserves a huge medal for putting this guy away forever.

    • Can’t wait to see her going back to jail after breaking the main rule of her parole : not to be in contact with her former Nxivm friends.

      • It was the Bop who gave the designation. Not the court. It’s important to understand the distinction because they didn’t really achieve a legal victory in regards to Claire’s court case or sentencing

  • The world is full of gaslighters.
    If Mack wants to survive as more than a worker at McDonalds she has to learn to distrust everyone.

    Andy Grove, the CEO of Intel had a simple but true motto:

    “Only the Paranoid Survive.”

  • Hey Ginzo!

    We’re trying to have a patriotic conversation on the Kevin Spacey post and you keep being a dick and not allowing the patriot’s to interact with each other, asshole!

    Stop being a pussy and stop the goddamn unconstitutional censorship bullshit!

    • Or just post like an actual civilized adult human being that has some sort of an education and people will take you seriously.

      • “Or just post like an actual civilized adult human being that has some sort of an education and people will take you seriously.”

        Says the judiazed kike lover who doesn’t know or give a damn about a “education” on free speech!

        You say all of this unconstitutional bullshit while you have the audacity to put “Patriot” in your name?! You’re NOT a fucking patriot, you asshole! YOU’RE A FRAUD!

        And save yourself the time of utilizing the Jewish mind control method of projection and throwing back into my face with Jewish coined terms like “racism” and “antisemitism”, you fuck!


        • https://accessiblelaw.untdallas.edu/limits-free-speech-social-media

          Hopefully that helps. I feel sorry for you. Living like that has to be horrible. Touch grass, make friends, find some sort of a life. I know reading is probably tough so I’ll do it for you….

          Current legal precedent conclusively establishes that social media users do not have a right to free speech on private social media platforms. Social media platforms are allowed to remove offending content when done in accordance with their stated policies as permitted by Sec. 230 of the CDA, and that removal does not raise a justiciable First Amendment issue or a real risk of civil liability. The users, on the other hand, put themselves at risk of being banned for making violent, obscene, or offensive content on social media, and may even expose themselves to civil liability for making false, misleading, or violence-inciting statements.

  • Thank you frank. For providing the recording with the text. Keith literally says, “you” and then when Allison answers as the “you” in the question Keith attacks her. It’s insane.

    Never mind the fact that Keith is the one who has this branding his initial’s vision on women’s pelvis area and Allison is merely acting as his Lieutenant to bring it to it’s demented fruition. A normal person no matter how deranged what they’re trying to create here is might actually show gratitude to the person who was trying to help them execute their vile vision? Be just a little grateful? Nope not Keith. That piece of s***.

    • It is shocking that Keith does not – nor Allison – consider “deeply” that branding women on the groin with your initials is not a little narcissistic.

      • Hey Ginzo!

        It’s also shocking that you do not consider stealing people’s 1st Amendment rights on the account of your subjective “boredom” a hell lot more than “narcissistic” you fucking hypocrite!


        • Hey Johnson!

          Got the magical underwear on today?

          Bleach destroys fabric over the long-haul, so how do you get the tread marks out?

      • In true narcissist form: You would do it if you loved me; I didn’t do it; It wasn’t that important; if it is that important, why did you do it? It’s not my fault; You asked for it; You made me do it.
        The narcissist’s prayer: That didn’t happen and if it did, it wasn’t that bad and if it was, it wasn’t a big deal and if it is, it’s wasn’t my fault and if it was I didn’t mean it and if I did, you deserved it.
        In other words, it is always someone else’s fault. The whole wide world must recognise, acknowledge, revere, obey, ‘put above all else’ this person of genius, saintly, humanitarian, kind, compassionate, genuine – the like of whom the world has not seen since Christ, the Dalai Lama (borrowed benefits works by osmosis apparently), Ghandi or Nelson Mandela (‘They danced in the streets when you married …’). If you dare point out the Emperor’s new clothes, you’re a ‘hater’ (or a ‘racist’, or a misogynist – pick your label of choice).

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