Is Sophie, 36, Dangerous and Craziest Prisoner or Baby in Need of Love?

By Dick LaFontaine

Frank Report published a story about Sophie Eastwood. Eastwood transitioned from male to female in a Scottish prison. Now she is transitioning to an infant.

Read our story by Dick LaFontaine:

A Trans Prisoner in Scotland Identifies as a Baby – Demanding Diapers, Baby Food and Being Held by Prison Guards

Daniel Eastwood was sentenced to 12 months for reckless driving and assigned to Dumfries Young Offenders Institution in 2003.

One month before he was set for release, he used his shoelaces and ­strangled Paul Algie, 22, with ­“considerable and prolonged” force. In 2004, the High Court in Glasgow sentenced the teen to 15 years to life for murder.

Eastwood later said, “I was 18. To say I had unresolved issues would be a massive understatement. I was naive, immature, and thought that killing my ­cellmate would get me sectioned, and I’d spend the rest of my life in hospital being looked after. I’m sorry and regret it every day.”

Over the years, Eastwood has had difficulties. He overdosed on medications, hoping prison officials would transfer him to a hospital.

He ate razor blades several times and wound up in a hospital.

In 2008, Eastwood got ten months added to his 15-year minimum sentence. Eastwood attacked officer Mark Brownsmith at Perth Prison on his way to a cell.

In 2016, Eastwood realized he wasn’t a gay man but a heterosexual woman in a man’s body.

In 2018, Daniel announced he was transitioning to a woman. So he became “Sophie Eastwood.”

Eastwood demanded and received a drug that blocks the production of testosterone. He demanded a transfer to a women’s prison.

The Scottish Prison Service transferred Eastwood to a women-only unit at HMP Edinburgh, Polmont.

But Eastwood remains behind bars 18 years after the murder and two years after he would have been eligible for release.

Eastwood said, “The prison service wanted me to have a psychological assessment as I hadn’t had one since starting to live as female. I felt this was sexist and transphobic. The SPS was implying that as a man I didn’t ­represent a risk to the public but as a woman I did. I don’t think there’s any evidence to support that.”

This year, Eastwood, 36, decided to transition to a baby.

He demanded his prison provide him with pureed food and diapers. Eastwood also wants corrections officers to hold his hand when escorting her out of her cell.

While the Scottish Prison Service has protocols for dealing with prisoners transitioning gender, they have none for prisoners who transition to babies.

However, the prison did provide Eastwood with a doll.

Dr. Edwin Maxwell told Frank Report the prison should accommodate Eastwood.

“Making food into puree is not hard,” Dr. Maxwell said. “Providing diapers is not costly. Holding Sophie’s hand, and giving baby a hug, would do nothing to diminish prison security. It might help guards bond with this child. Prisons do not have to be hard and sterile. Who knows, maybe one of the guards might consider adopting Sophie when she is released.”

One of our commenters, Erasend, disagreed.

“Having to hold his hand means the guard’s hand is tied up… so they are vulnerable to attack from him,” Erasend argued.

He may have a point. When Eastwood was a teenager, he strangled his cellmate with his shoelaces. He also attacked a guard while being led to a cell.

Dr. Maxwell makes a more profound point.

He told Frank Report, “Future humanity will invent a science capable of allowing people to change their gender, age, race, and even species. Imagine a world where we each of us can be what we truly are. Let us pay homage to Sophie and other brave pioneers in the newly forged world of true human rights.”

StevenJ scoffed at this comment.

StevenJ said, “Yeah. Right. I’ve got this feeling I’m an elephant trapped in a human body. Let’s start the transition doc. Or I’m 85 years old and want to rewind to my twenties. And have a pussy for a change in this next rotation. Let’s use our imagination: half horse, half man would be fun.”

Taking a swipe at Trump and Q’s, Steven added, “Some of us have already transformed into another species. The orange ape is one example……the Q-lizards another.”

But Dr. Maxwell had an inspiring response.

He said, “Sophie changed from a homicidal man to a gentle, nurturing woman. Then she transitioned to a baby who craves the love and care of adults.

“If adults accept and honor her, she does not need to be in prison. By transitioning from the criminal to a new identity, we end incarceration.

“If the man who rapes women identifies as a woman, she won’t rape anymore.

“People commit crimes because they misidentify. They identify as a criminal, usually male. Sophie is the forerunner of the future. If people accept Sophie as a baby and honor her as a baby, we can look forward to the day when no one ever goes to prison.

“Instead, they transition to their best identity. Even if they stay in their birth gender, which is not usually advisable, the transition to a non criminal is the first step needed.”

Meanwhile, the prison faces practical issues.

It may be easy to provide Eastwood with diapers. But babies do not change their diapers. Should the guards change Eastwood’s diapers?

Nutjob chimed in brusquely, saying, “At that age, she should be able to change her own diapers.”

Dr. Maxwell took umbrage at Nutjob’s callous remark.

He said, “If we wish to honor her identification as a baby, guards must change her diapers. At least until she identifies as a toddler and is potty trained. To not change her diapers and leave her in soiled diapers is abuse. Guards must change her regularly. Guard must give her a bottle with nourishing formula and burp her afterwards too. And if a guard is a lactating mother, and she agrees, Sophie should be breast fed.”

Frank Report is making a call to compassionate people everywhere. The prison might release Sophie if she had loving people ready to adopt her.

Nutjob, would you consider adopting Sophie? She is way too young to know how to use shoelaces.

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Dick LaFontaine

Dick LaFontaine chases gripping, thorny, and precarious stories around the world as a correspondent for the Frank Report.


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  • I’m sure there’s a guard with a fettish or leans toward pedophilia- let the guard enjoy his job and meet the needs of this unique prisoner.

  • The kid has had a rough enough life. He or she has lived behind bars. Regression is a reasonable response. Give her what she needs. It’s not difficult to accommodate.

  • Aristotle appears to have an acute epileptoid manifestation of the pan phobic melancholiac. With symptoms of neurotic bipolar complications associated with an undeveloped erotomania. It cannot be cured but it can be managed.

  • The trans situation is getting out of hand. Used to manipulate the system and drive up funding for physicians and therapists.

  • Who the fuck is “Dr. Edwin Maxwell”, you (should) ask?

    “Edwin Maxwell was an Irish character actor on in Hollywood movies of the 1930s and 1940s, frequently cast as shady businessmen and shysters, though often ones with a pompous or dignified bearing.“

    You’re being played, people. This is all just shitposting.

    Like I keep saying, the Frank Report is an entertainment site. Don’t take it all seriously, he’s just pulling your leg half the time.

    • Second that – no online profile for a Dr Edwin Maxwell anywhere, which is almost unheard of in professional circles like medicine. This whole thing stinks of BS

  • Inmate Eastwood is playing the system. Turn him over to CPS, or whatever it’s called there. Time to grow up buttercup.

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