Guest View: More Achievements of Founder Raniere

Artist Marie White has had an interpretive view of Keith Raniere that seems to catch his inner glow and sublime beauty

This is a guest view by someone using the moniker, ‘Virgin Successor.’ It too bad this kid didn’t make it. She would have been great in the role.


By Virgin Successor

More achievements of founder Raniere

Vanguard’s ability to control the weather!

The rain fell on the woman as she walked with Keith during a downpour, and not a drop did not fall on him.

Keith’s sperm could make women see a blue light (not sure how that really benefited the women?)

Ability to put hot sauce on pizza while oinking at starving, emaciated women.

Pizza was Keith Raniere’s favorite food as he oinked at skinny women when they drifted to the refrigerator.


The ideal weight for Keith Raniere?

Keith Raniere was able to evade paying child support for many years, a skill that other deadbeat dads would love to learn.

MK10ART portrait of Kristin Keeffe. Keith and Kristin told the followers that their baby was an orphan. She ran away from the Vanguard when the boy was 7.


MK 10’s portrait of Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis. The judge pointed out that Keith Raniere spent millions on commodities but could not find it in his heart to give any money to his son for his support.

Keith was the best at spreading the HPV virus.


Human alphaherpesvirus 1, Human alphaherpesvirus 2, are bad enough, but a new strain, Herpesranierevirus 3, was recently discovered and is the worst of them all.

Keith could see a female in her underwear and immediately decide how underweight she would need to be to give him a half chub.

After seeing fat Lauren Salzman in her underwear, he realized she needed to lose 25 pounds and that he could almost get an erection.

Keith knew precisely how hard to kick Dani Padilla when she was “defiant” and already down on the ground.

He also knew just how hard to paddle her.

Keith knew just the right length for any female’s pubic hair.

Ditto head hair. Just ask Ivy Nevares.


Keith could go about his daily life while knowing that nearby a young girl was being kept in a bare room and slowly losing her mind for almost two years!


Keith made lots of child pornography.

Marie White’s painting of Keith Raniere photographing a 15-year-old child.

And curated a large photo binder of vulvae.

Keith taught Mexicans how to be Mexican!

Keith was somehow able to lose lots and lots of Bronfman money in the Los Angeles real estate market. (A truly remarkable feat. People, do you truly understand how hard that is to do?!)

MK10Art – Raniere with his golden gooses, Clare and Sara Bronfman

Ditto stock market. Barbara’s money too.

These are just some of the things that I was told while one of Keith’s girlfriends tried to locate me for Keith. On tinder.

You know, a totally normal place to look for a virgin successor.

That’s how I KNEW the search was in earnest. Because who WOULDN’T have one of his MANY harem members look for a virgin successor on a hook-up app?!

Someday I shall fulfill my destiny…

Which, again, was…what?

Please. Someone tell me.


Blast From the Past

Here are three cartoons from the past on Frank Report published before Keith Raniere was arrested.



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  • Virgin Successor & Frank

    As much as I am disgusted, I laughed my ass-off because this article is too funny.

  • I’m late to the Raniere story. Can someone explain what young woman was left in a room for two years?

    • Cami’s sister, Daniela, a Mexican woman. Search Frank Report for Daniela and Keith Raniere and Ben Myers.

    • “Has” more women. Like female humans are action figures to collect.

      You’re jealous of the life in prison where Keith “has” only men.

    • Yeah — I’m jealous of Keith banging a bunch of fugly broads. The Terminator chick happened to be hot, but definitely not worth banging 100 ugly ones — to get to the Cracker Jack Prize.

      Ask Alex what he thinks.

  • — Keith knew just the right length for any female’s pubic hair. Ditto head hair. Just ask Ivy Nevares. —

    Ditto leg hair. Just ask Kristin Kook. Remember the story of Kook being a guest coach in LA years ago and having unshaved legs.

    Hair, hair everywhere. Her long head of hair mingling with his pubes as she gives him head while he 69’s her with his beard mixing with her pubes as her hairy legs wrap around his hairy back. A hair-raising image to be sure.

    • If you are wealthy, obedient, underweight and have a very hairy vagina, he might like you too!

      Send him a photo and become a prison pen pal!

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