Former Staff and Warden Charged With Sex Crimes Against Inmates – BOP Cleanup in Allison Mack’s Prison

Prison is hell. There’s no two ways about it. And that goes for FCI Dublin, too, despite what many peole say. The same people who insist that anything less than the ‘Devil’s Island’ is nothing but a ‘Club Fed’.

When Allison Mack was designated to serve her prison sentence in the Dublin facility, many commentators and readers were left foaming in the mouth.

They loathed to see her go to a place ‘portrayed in the media as a country club due to its minimum security and a few of its high-profile recent inmates’. What these people apparently didn’t know is that, until a short time ago, FCI Dublin held the infamous nickname of ‘The Rape Club’.

BOP cleanup on FCI Dublin.

It has been in the headlines how three out of five officers and employees of Dublin that have been charged with sex abuse crimes have already pleaded guilty.

‘[F]ormer prison cook Enrique Chavez, pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of groping an inmate. […] According to court documents, both instances occurred in October 2020.’

U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers will sentence him, and he ‘faces up to two years in prison for each count’.

Prosecutors say Chavez touched or fondled the inmate ‘with an intent to abuse, humiliate, harass, degrade, or arouse or gratify the sexual desire’ of himself or the inmate.


A prison cell at Dublin

Four other people working on FCI Dublin were also charged:

Former prison chaplain James Highhouse pleaded guilty to sex abuse crimes and was sentenced to seven years.

Another former correctional officer at FCI Dublin, Ross Klinger, pleaded guilty to having abusive sexual contact with three inmates at the prison — and they further accuse him of psychological abuse using their personal files as fodder against them.’

Former warden, Ray J. Garcia plead innocent and will stand trial.

Even the prison’s former warden, Ray J. Garcia, ‘was charged with seven counts of sexually abusive conduct towards three women and one count of making false statements to government agents. Garcia has pleaded not guilty, and […] will be headed to trial next year.’

Also pleading not guilty and also headed to trial is former correctional officer John Bellhouse.


We can understand the nickname. Multiple correction officers involved, as well as the chaplain and the very warden! It was a systemic problem that took place in ‘The Rape Club’ before the Bureau of Prisons and the prosecutors started the process of sending these people to the right side of a cell – the inside.

Allison Mack leaves court after being sentenced to three years in federal prison

Allison Mack arrived after the BOP cleaned house. According to reports I had access to, Mack is generally well-treated by fellow inmates since her combination of good looks and charisma makes her very likeable to these women.

It makes me happy to hear that, because in the same breath that I defended prison sentences to the NXIVM culprits, I never believed their crimes meant they should be subjected to cruel incarceration conditions.

Any prison is hell. There’s no two ways about it.

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  • Paul,
    Too be perfectly honest, prison has actually saved a lot of lives, many,many inmates have turned their lives around and found a new purpose in life thanks to “doing time”, without therapy, both group and individual, these individuals would be dead leaving prison with their gate money, within a week, I witnessed first hand many broken men enter prison, at the absolute end of their rope, and change their lives around in prison, so my friend prison is not hell to those individuals, but live-saving.

  • OMFG!

    Someone do a wellness check on Kevin!

    This story was published yesterday! It’s inconceivable and kinda alarming that Kevin hasn’t commented…..

  • This is old news.

    You sound just like Nicki Clyne with about as much conviction. You could have joined her outside Brooklyn MDC shaking your wizened haunches!

  • US prisons are unconscionable places meant to generate revenue. We treat the prisoners as property to be used, abused, and subjected to inhumane conditions which will make them worse.

    We fuel the rage to increase recidivism rates. It’s a business; crime pays in America. The evil in positions of power in our country will destroy us for good—

    And anyone of us can land in prison- we should be outraged.

  • “Prison is hell”

    Or in this case, mildly unpleasant. Hell to me implies whips and chains and molten lakes of fire. Being goosed by a cook hardly compares.

    None of this stuff happened to Mack anyway. The worst she’s having to put up with is boredom. World’s smallest violin.

  • Unbelievable! The warden! The Chaplain! The cook for Christ sakes! How on earth is this possible? Kudos to the FBI that put an end to this Shawshank redemption level of corruption and abuse.

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