Ben Szemkus to take lie detector test on NXIVM party he ‘attended’ with Weiner, Abedin, Alefantis, Schneiderman, Allison Mack and Stormy Daniels

The Tanster

“We are asking the public to help us choose the questions for the Ben

Szemkus polygraph examination about that NXIVM mixer” – The Tanster

The blogger who goes by the name The Tanster contacted me to let me know she is paying for Ben Szemkus’ polygraph or lie detector test.

Sezmkus volunteered to take it.

To remind readers, Szemkus said he attended a NXIVM mixer in February 2007 in Connecticut and there he saw Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Clare and Sara Bronfman, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, James Alefantis, Eric Schneiderman and Stormy Daniels.

This has raised some suspicions. On the one hand, some say Ben is a liar and made the entire story up. Others say this group of Democrats and sex perverts/addicts speaks to a possible child trafficking – sex trafficking ring that goes beyond what we know about NXIVM.

Ben says that Weiner and Schneiderman both spoke of NXIVM as a movement they evidently were part of, and Stormy Daniels went into a bedroom with Keith and Allison Mack and the lights were turned off.

James Alefantis’ presence adds the child trafficking suggestion.

Ben’s story has created quite a stir and Ben says he will he take a lie detector test. Tanster has agreed to  pay for it]

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Ben Szemkus

Here is what Tanster tells Frank Report:

Hi, I linked to Frank Report on my site and I sent out the check for Ben’s polygraph today. We need to craft four questions. The examiner will mix in other control questions with it. Please let me know if you have any preference for the content of the questions.

Warmest regards,

I responded: “Can we open this up to readers’ suggestions?”

Tanster responded “Please [do]”

It would be good if readers offer suggested questions for the lie detector test on the veracity of Ben’s claim that he went to a NXIVM party and saw the above mentioned individuals.

Image result for judge in anatomy of a murder
The judge said in Anatomy of a Murder “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, a polygraph or lie detector test is not admissible into evidence, because nobody has ever been quite sure if some people couldn’t lie to a lie detector and get away with it.”


Tanster writes on her blog.

Today, we started the process of arranging Ben’s polygraph examination.

We are looking for questions. Please share with us what questions you would most like to see put to Ben.

We decided to pay for the polygraph because it is a conflict of interest for Ben to pay. Some people expressed interest in helping to fund this. If they are still willing to do so, let me know.

This polygraph examination will be conducted by a Private Investigator named Steve Hamre who possesses over 30 years experience and there are no bad reviews anywhere about Hamre that we can find.

I am supporting Ben’s testimony in any way I possibly can because I am doing an art project that works to uphold the Truth.

I am trying to prove with Ben’s help that the Truth can be ascertained. You can rest assured a story is more than likely True if it’s congruent. Ben’s story is congruent so far.

I believe Ben’s story is True. I don’t know if polygraph examinations are the end all in Truth but Ben feels confident that he CAN pass a polygraph examination. Let’s find out and see what happens.


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Here is a YouTube post where Ben speaks with Scott Johnson and Peter Mingles about the NXIVM mixer.

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  • There is a darker message behind the comments below, these are not just trolls but NXIVM Shill(s) calling Me a liar. The People doing this are low level, bottom of the pyramid goons. Honestly it’s probably just one dude pretending to be many, this is what People’s lives have become (‘Flowers’, ‘FormerNexian’, ‘Larry Shea’ and ‘I Love You Ben Szemkus’). Sitting on a computer ‘shit fighting’ for some unknown supremacy something both sad and pathetic. This is the only comment I will make as I have better things to do than getting involved in an illusory argument with a fake lawyer who wrote a fiction book about NXIVM. What Man pretends He was taking NXIVM classes and thinks he is credible as a person, worse yet Who puts this idiot on a pedestal? The People trying to get at Me or debunk Me are not truth seekers, by the comments below this should also be obvious. People aren’t dumb and know when someone is ‘unquestionably acting in bad faith.’

    • Haha
      Love how you post this at the top Scottie, instead of after my comment. Lol.
      Hey Scottie, who is JJ Shearer? Sounds like this guy is into fleecing his flock. He a friend of yours?

  • Mostly trannies, all. And the big public scene being made right now is cover for the deep state satanic shit going on behind the scenes, which these folks are all up into. Mmm tortured baby for dinner. Sick fks. Can’t chat about that stuff here though. Gets folks capped.

    • Ps go Ben ! And I gotta say frank, your blog work here is pretty bomb dude. Aces on the cover job

  • ANYONE CAN BEAT A LIE DETECTOR TEST!!! This is not “my claim,” but that of an expert who actually administered them professionally and who has taught numerous people how to beat them – watch the YouTube video: Polygraph Expert Shows How To Beat A Lie Detector Test. This is one of the reasons that lie detector tests are not admissible in a court of law. Numerous other experts also claim that a polygraph test can be beaten. DO THE RESEARCH!

    This preposterous baby-of-a-Lyin’-Ben’s-story should have been thrown out with the bath water back on June 14th, 2018 when I pointed out that – FACT ONE – Anthony (“Tony the Pervert”) Weiner and Huma Abedin did not even start dating until 2008. That – FACT TWO – this same ill-starred couple did not get married until July 10, 2010. Therefore, they could not possibly have been at Ben Szemkus’ imagined soiree as a couple in early 2007 because they were not a couple in 2007. Therefore, it logically follows that Ben Szemkus is lying about everything concerning the February-2007 soiree that never occurred. You don’t have to be a sheamus to expose Ben Szemkus’ lies, but you do have to do some common-sense research and come up with the facts, and you do have to apply logic and critical thinking to Lyin’ Ben’s factitious claims.

    It is very dangerous to give a platform to liars like Ben Szemkus. The real question should be why did Lyin’ Ben fabricate his fabulous fiction: 1) Is it strictly for the attention that he is getting from his lies? 2) Is he so deranged that he truly believes that this soiree really occurred? 3) Is he just a perverse internet troll, who enjoys making a shit-storm in a coffee can and putting one over on innocent readers?

    To the individual who hides behind the silly moniker of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (We used to sing that goofy nonsense song at camp, as well, when we were PRE-ADOLESCENTS) – “In all the world nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity,” and, John, you are suffering from both sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity in spades. Only the facts matter, and the facts can only be discerned through research, knowledge, logic, critical thinking and many years of analytical experience.

    John, you are a perfect example of the old saying that “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” While you were worrying about whether Donald John Trump would be elected POTUS, I was already on the record for having predicted his victory in the November 2016 election. I made this prediction, based upon a particular predictive methodology, as well as the huge crowds that he was drawing at his campaign rallies. I made this prediction the day after the Republican National Convention ended in July 2016. However, I did not vote for either of those two arch-criminals, the Don or Lady Macbeth – I sat that one out.

    There is more between Heaven and Earth, John, than in your pathetic little panty-waist philosophy. The only cure for your sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity is some sincere and conscientious education and erudition. So, begin your education by looking up the Latin roots of those two words. You don’t have to remain stupid and ignorant for the rest of your life!

    Pee S. Triple J, I actually read the book, “Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win” by Luke Harding. I immediately determined that the micturition video was most likely a phony. Peeing prostitutes in a Russian hotel room is not very believable unless Ben Szemkus was there to witness it. Otherwise, the peeing-prostitutes’ story lacks any credibility, whatsoever. This pisser-prostitutes’ tall tale comes across as typical intel’ agency fun and games. In fact, the entire book, “Collusion,” comes across as an agitation propaganda piece that was written to uphold the Neo-Liberal-Globalists/NWO’ agenda that has been designed by the likes of the Atlantic Council, the CFR, and Chatham House (RIIA).In turn, the NLG/NWO agenda is being carried out by their lackeys in the US and British foreign secret intelligence services. RUSSIA HAS TO BE OUR NEW ENEMY! The neo-liberal media at WAPO and the NYT merely parrot the approved, official party-line propaganda and lies of the Deep State, which itself works for the interests of Wall Street and the City of London. It is far more nuanced than this brief synopsis, but this brief synopsis will have to suffice, as I am not here to educate you and such retarded lilliputians as yourself Triple J. The difference between you and me Triple J is that I actually know that of which I write. You, weasel-words, can only bluff, blunder and bluster your way through with insults, cockamamie ideas, and illogic. You, sir, are the proverbial skunk at a lawn party, a pusillanimous polecat, a petite pee-boy, and a puny little poseur! Why are you afraid to use your real name? Your are punching way above your weight class when you pick a fight with me, you lousy nitwit. You are not just a lightweight, you are a flyweight! Stick to Tanster, it’s safer, you ignorant and stupid little pee-boy!.

    • Larry, you are sooo WRONG! I was at this party, and I can confirm that Ben was there. How else can my knowledge of Mr Amways very muscular and yet freshly waxed legs be explained if this party never happened! Just listen to yourself Larry! How else can it be explained, since Amway himself admitted to having muscular legs.
      I think Scottie should submit pictures of his legs for us to examine before we jump to any conclusions , OK?

      • Sure, that submission will occur right after pigs wearing lipstick fly over the rainbow and attack the flying monkeys that are trying to fly up Mr.Scottie’s anus! Ben and Triple J are trying to beam Scottie up as I write this. Triple J’s vacation story is merely a cover for his Mission Impossible assignment to save Scottie’s sorry ass. ALL OF US NEED TO PRAY RIGHT NOW, AS A COMMUNITY, THAT BEN AND TRIPPLE J SAVE SCOTTIE’S FAT ASS! And this is just the comic-book version of the story. I can’t wait until the blockbuster-of- a-movie comes out in the fall!

      • Do the research, Shill! Anthony and Huma did not start dating (one date is not dating) until 2008. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Your point is half-baked and irrelevant. ONE DATE IS NOT DATING. MORE THAN ONE DATE IS DATING. The ill-suited couple did not go out on another date until 2008, seven years after their first date. Silly person, you are incorrect because you did not do thorough enough research. Go back and get your facts straight, Shill.

    • Larry, Weiner and Huma met several years before 2007, and political types socialize all of the time. They don’t have to be on a formal date to be together. Weiner is.. a weiner, so it is reasonable he would say Huma was his wife even though she wasn’t at the time, he’s a known liar. Plus, guys often say some woman they are with is their wife. Also, how do you KNOW when they started dating, from some online rag like this: LOL

      • At what point are you going to stop making excuses for Lyin’ Ben The Lying King? The utter lack of veracity for Lyin’ Ben’s entire fictional NXIVM mixer narrative does not rest solely on the dating history of Weiner and Abedin. Ben Szemkus’ entire story is bunk! I can and have proved it. Just because some men state that a women that they are with is their wife, when they are not married to that women, does not add a shred of factual support to Lyin’ Ben’s fraudulent narrative. Huma and Anthony did not even get engaged until 2009. Please, wakeup Scottie!

        People who are having an occasional coffee together or comparing notes generally don’t go around saying that they are married. Are you forgetting that, at this time, Anthony Weiner was a rising star in the US house of Representatives? By using a nonsense argument to support a nonsense fantasy, Scottie, you are simply cycling into the nonsensical zone. Remember, according to Lyin’ Ben Szemkus, Huma had an entourage of three or four women with her when she and Tony The Pervert filtered into Lyin’ Ben’s imaginary NXIVM mixer. Seriously, Scottie, do you really believe in guileful Benny’s cheap b.s.?

  • Been reading some of these recent comments and I just can’t believe how this fucking idiot John Jacob shit something and the other guy , Scott Johnson, talk to the others posting here. It seems they are especially abusive to people they know are female, too.

    I gotta wonder what kind of real man is posting here all day long, day after day, @ instead of working for a living. A real man doesn’t talk to a woman the way these guys do. If either of you bozos have daughters, how would you feel if a man talked to her the way you guys talk to a woman? I really suspect that any guy as verbally abusive as you 2 creeps are, would also be physically abusive. Bet I’m right about that.

    Not sure how old you 2 assholes are, but back before all this politically correct BS , real men had a good way to deal with the ‘non-men” like you 2 .Do you guys remember the old Kenny Rogers song Coward of the County? There was a movie about it, too.
    The asshole guys In that movie ended up getting exactly what they deserved.

    You 2 assholes are surely not as brave without a keyboard to protect you, but if you do act the same way in person as you do here, it’s best you consider what I just said.

    • George, get a clue. Women are our equals now, remember? It happened back in the 60s and 70s, and the latest echo recently, called the #metoo movement. If they can’t handle the heat, they need to return to the kitchen. I’ll bet you’re too scared to make a simple phone call, aren’t you? LOL

      • Who do you think I should call , Scott? I don’t know what kind of bullcrap youre yacking about, but keep it up. Your illogical comments only help to prove what everyone is saying about you. Haha.

        Equality doesn’t mean you have a right to use abusive language. And it is disgusting when a man talks to a woman as though he thinks she’s trash, because you know what kind of behavior an ASSHOLE like that is prone to.

        You wanna talk about this in private, FREAK, why don’t you call me….coward.
        Is that the mystery phone call you keep referring to? Lol.

  • Hadn’t planned to make any more posts until I’m back from vacation.

    But felt the need to comment on Larry Shea’s child-like logic. LOL.

    This is for you, Larry…

    1) If “anybody” can beat a polygraph as easily as Larry claims, then I propose that Tanster, Scott and Frank give Larry Shea the chance to PROVE that HE CAN BEAT the same polygraph questions that Ben’s being administered. If Larry’s testing costs can be covered by 3rd parties and a polygraph examiner can be found local to Larry’s residence…….THEN WILL LARRY AGREE TO DO THIS? Or is Larry too much of a COWARD to backup his words? LOL. I’m guessing that Larry will make every excuse in the book to refuse this challenge because he’s a COWARD who can “talk the talk” but won’t “walk the walk”. 🙂

    2) If Larry has the courage to prove he can beat a polygraph…….then he should be able to convince the polygraph examiner that he too attended Ben’s supposedly ‘fictitious’ party in 2007 by answering “yes” to that question (and having the polygraph examiner believe Larry’s lie via the polygraph results). Why? Because Larry is claiming that Ben has that same ‘ability’ to fool the polygraph examiner on those same questions. If Larry can’t convince the polygraph examiner that he too attended this supposedly ‘fictitious’ party in 2007, then by definition LARRY CAN’T BEAT A POLYGRAPH WHEN HE’S LYING and therefore Larry is FULL OF SHIT and not to be trusted. Nice try Larry. 🙂

    3) If lie detectors are as worthless as Larry claims, then the FBI and law enforcement wouldn’t use them as informal tools. Just because they’re not 100% accurate doesn’t mean they lack value. It’s just a tool Larry. It’s not 100% proof of anything, but it’s a tool that has value.

    4) Larry’s claim that Ben’s story is bogus simply because nobody ELSE has come forward to confirm the story is kinda funny…….because Trump’s pee pee dossier had NO LIVE WITNESSES to confirm it ever happened, other than a ‘rumor’ started by some mysterious person that doesn’t exist except in the minds of conspiracy theorists (and a phantom claim of a ‘tape’ that has never been confirmed to exist, LOL).

    Yet that didn’t stop every libtard from believing it as gospel, LOL.

    HuffPo, CBS, ABC and MSNBC all reported that pee pee nonsense even without ANY witnesses, Larry.

    So how can Frank be ruining the ‘credibility’ of his site when at least this story has a REAL WITNESS who put his name to the story?

    Frank’s not endorsing the story as true. He’s merely investigating to find out more data. That’s what journalism is about YOU FOOL. Polygraphs are not 100% proof of anything, but the fact that Ben will take one (and you won’t) is just another element that bodes well for his overall truthfulness. It shows us that Ben believes in himself MORE THAN you believe in yourself. You pathetic coward. 🙂

    I’ll take Ben’s word over the word of a COWARD any day.

    You and Elizabeth Warren are two cowards. She won’t take a DNA test to prove her native american ancestry (cuz she’s lying) and you’re too chickenshit to take a polygraph to prove your claim that ANYBODY can beat them EVEN WHEN LYING. 🙂

    Now go back to HuffPo…..and continue talking about Trump’s pee pee dossier while jizzing into a napkin. 🙂

    Go away Larry. You’ve humiliated yourself enough today. 🙂

    Have a nice day.

    PS — (I’ll be back in a few weeks to post again, when vacation is over)

  • So, a blogger who is already clearly biased towards Ben’s “sincerity” is going to conduct a lie detector test and wants the public to submit the questions?

    Seems legit,

    • The rest of your Libtard snowflake cowards were asked to pony up a few bucks each and let Frank coordinate the polygraph test, but you’re too scared, so The Tanster stepped forward. She has more courage in her little finger than the rest of you do in your entire dirty, filthy bodies. LOL

      • You getting stupider Scottie? Why would anyone spend a penny on your ridiculous quest. You want to see the results of this lie detector test, then step up and pay for it yourself. In case you don’t get it – no one else gives a fuck, except maybe your girlfriend, the one who keeps talking about your tranny fight !lol. I bet she’ll be willing to donate to your cause.

  • I have a few questions, but not for Ben. My questions are for the people who are seeking to prove Bens story is real.

    1) Why do you feel it’s so important to prove that this party occurred, as detailed by Szemkus?

    2)If you are able to prove this story is real, does it have any political implications, in your opinion?

    3)If Ben is proved to be a fraud, do you fear there may be criminal charges brought against Ben?

    4)If Ben is proved to have fabricated this story, and it’s proved his promoters were aware of the fabrication, do you fear possible legal action against could be taken against you?

    • Here’s a lesson in critical thinking for you…

      How can people be 100% positive that a story is false about a party that happened in 2007 which needs a polygraph just to help confirm its existence? LOL. Duh. 🙂

      BTW: Trump’s pee pee dossier had zero witnesses (just rumors) and yet every news media outlet on earth discussed it as though it were true.

      So… Are libtards worried about legal action for continuing to pretend this lie about Trump is true? LOL. Duh. 🙂

      It was a nice try to silence Ben’s supporters. 🙂

      But I’m not sure you’ll be liked by Frank and Toni Natalie for this attempt at silencing Ben’s supporters by planting the seed of ‘legal action’ if they continue to support him here.

      Frank and Toni endured that kind of treatment from NXIVM……and you’re being kind of disrespectful to them for trying it here.

      Please stop freaking out over Ben’s story. Stop crying about it. Just let the truth come out, whatever it is. Relax dude. It’s not the end of the world. Man up and stop being such a fucken baby. Capiche?

      Have a nice day.

      PS — (I’ll be back to comment again after vacation is over in a few weeks, but I couldn’t resist making this last post…..since I was here responding to Larry Shea anyway)

      • Wow.
        You really sound as though you are coming unhinged! I guess a vacation is a good idea. Lol.
        First of all, I never said I was 100%sure the story never happened. Reread my post. I think I was clear. ☺

        Secondly, I was not trying to silence anyone. Why on earth would Frank and Toni Natalie be upset over that question I asked?! You don’t make any sense at all. Lol.

        The legal action I referred to was a possible lawsuit by the people named by Ben. I suppose that since the people Ben has named as being in attendance already have other severe legal issues , he is counting on them not suing for this, even if those named claim this party never occurred and that they have no connection to NXIVM.

    • I think the goal is try and find out what the truth is, either way. That’s sort of the goal of the whole Truther community. Tying PizzaGate to Hillary, the Bronfmans and NXIVM is kind of a big story. I, for one, would like to know if it’s true. The lie detector results should be interesting either way. Maybe it won’t finally prove anything but I don’t see why anyone would oppose it. All the hostility around here seems like shill behavior.

    • Sketch,

      1)I’m not trying to prove Ben’s story is real. I just want all of the facts to come out. However, if Ben’s story is true, it is a game-changer. So why not try to confirm whether or not it is true or false?

      2)Are you serious? Of course it has political implications. The Dems would be toast for a very long time. Libtard snowflake heads would explode, much as they did after Donald won.

      3)Why would I fear that? I’m not Ben. But I think the FBI/DOJ has bigger fish to fry (no pun intended, given the frying near the vaginas).

      4)There is no law against giving someone more publicity.

      5)Are you really this stupid all the time, or is this the exception? LOL

  • ANYONE CAN BEAT A LIE DETECTOR TEST!!! Google: How to pass a lie detector test while lying. Then watch, Polygraph Expert Shows How To Beat a Lie Detector Test – You Tube. If Ben passes the test, it means nothing, and if he flunks the test, it still means nothing.

    The fact that Ben Szemkus cannot give a solid date for his alleged fictional meeting in February 2007 is a dead giveaway that this delusional individual is a liar. He can remember tiny details of conversations, clothing, ankle sizes (even when the ankles are covered by boots!), etc., however; he can give neither a specific date nor identify the actual location where his alleged fictional meeting took place, Nor can he identify the individual hosting the alleged fictional meeting. This is because he is making the whole thing up in order to get attention. THERE IS ZERO PROOF FOR BEN’S CONFABULATION!

    HAS ANYONE ELSE, WHO WAS ALLEGEDLY THERE THAT NIGHT, COME FORWARD TO SUPPORT THIS DISTURBED INDIVIDUAL’S CONFABULATION? Of course not, and they never will because it never happened. The only thing real about Ben Szemkus’ never-ending piece of bad fiction is the abominable state of Ben Szemkus’ mental health – disturbed.

    Ben’s phantasmagorical story is a distraction of the worst kind, an embarrassment for the majority of the readers of the frank report, and a total waste of everyone’s time, except for Ben and his band of sorry and demented cheerleaders and supporters who would not know what a critical thought was if it cracked them over their dense skulls.

    Frank, has it ever occurred to you that this nonsense is doing immense damage to you and the credibility of your website? Are you being trolled and played by Ben’s caper? If things are really so bad that you need to generate ratings from stories like this, why not start a GoFundMe page instead? I would contribute to it. Good grief, Frank Parlato!

  • I have some good questions for Ben and I think even Chester will like my questions!☺
    Questions for Bennie:
    1)Do you remember the tranny fight involving Mr Amway?
    2)Can you recall the incident the occurred following the tranny tantrum? When you and I made out?
    3)Did we or did we not make out in the backseat of your car following this tantrum,
    4 )During this make out session did you wear Mr. Anways T-shirt with the slogan “Save a horse, ride THIS cowboy ” printed on it? And his cowboy hat?

    These wuestions will prove that Ben was at this party!!

  • Way to go, Tanster. By the way, Tanster was on our radio show last Saturday and the recording should be available soon.

    It sounds like there are questions about the proposed polygraph tester. I would suggest getting a different one, and one that is licensed and has a good record. Why not an FBI polygraph tester? Surely they should be interested in pulling this thread of evidence further. However, it may be difficult getting the results made public. Why not both an FBI and a private test?

    Regarding the questions, I would think a licensed polygraph tester would be in the best position to come up with appropriate questions. After all, this is their specialty.

  • Frank, why not contact the Dr. Phil show, it will provide a very in depth set of lie detector tests at no costs to any private party’s and it will get information out on Nxivm to a huge target population . That way if this is a plant by “Others” you’ll know, if it’s true Dr Phil would be a great advocate for survivors of Nxivm and provide a lot of anti-cult info, I’m sure he would provide a reprogrammed both on the show and for those in need.

  • Here are a few questions for him:

    -Have you received , or have been promised to receive, money as a payment for telling this NXIVM party story?

    -Did you meet Scott Johnson prior to posting your story on the Internet?

    -Did you open your twitter account for the purpose of promoting this NXIVM story?

    -Is the account of this party a fictional script written by a person other than yourself?

    -Have you ever taken a polygraph test prior to this?

    • These are classic examples of the type of libtard questions that IGNORE the true substance of whether the party happened or not. LOL

      Receiving money/payment isn’t relevant to IF the party happened or WHO showed up, you libtard.

      Opening a twitter account to promote a story isn’t relevant to IF the party happened or WHO showed up, you retard.

      Taking a polygraph prior to this isn’t relevant to IF the party happened or WHO showed up, you dimwit.

      Meeting Scott Johnson isn’t relevant to IF the party happened or WHO showed up, you stalker.

      His MOTIVES for telling the story aren’t relevant to IF the party happened or WHO showed up.

      You’re looking for something to discredit his honor or motives…..but you aren’t really interested in finding out IF the party happened BECAUSE you likely already know it happened. 🙂

      If somebody said that gravity is real and was paid to make that statement, it wouldn’t make it any less true.

      Besides, if you’re willing to accept the polygraph results as to his “motives”….then it’s illogical not to accept the polygraph results as to whether the party actually happened and who showed up. The polygraph is either valid or it’s not, you can’t have it both ways.

      Have a nice day.

      • Jingle balls
        You are a proud fucktard I see. Fucktardism is a growing political movement, however Libtard is just a word you invented. Sad, isn’t it, that you need to invent words when you are angry and can’t find the proper words to express yourself.

        Since you are so proud of your political affiliation, I suggest all people posting here congratulate you on being such a fucktard.

        I realize that being a fucktard means you are too fucktarded to understand the relevance of my questions. You can’t help that. You’re a fucktard, after all.
        At least you are willing to embrace your fucktardedness, so I respect that about you.
        You go, JIngles..

          • Scott, I have to strongly disagree. Considering the total lack of intelligence and the abusive language used by Jingles ,he proves he really is a fucktard.

            Is it possible that Jingles Is really as stupid as he sounds when reading his reply to me? No. No one could possibly be that stupid – it has to be an act.

            This is why he really is a fucktard.

            “You’re not interested in finding out if the party really happened because you likely already know it happened”….wtf? If I thought it really had happened, why would I suggest the questions that I did?
            When did I say I wouldn’t accept the results to other questions as being invalid? I never said that… those are just words Jingles is trying to claim I said. Too funny! Especially since Jingle ‘s is the one who wants to have it both ways – he wants to control the questions asked! Lol!

      • JJJS
        If Ben test results show he accepted payment to promote a fake story, then that would prove the story is fake, correct?
        Why in the world would you write abusive and bullying remarks to someone because they didn’t ask the type of question YOU thought should be asked?

        Do you think you’re a dictator and the ruler of the world , perhaps? Seems like you might. Lol

  • Private Investigators don’t administer polygraphs for FBI, NSA, NRO. The exams are done by licensed polygraph examiners.

    If the exam is not conducted by a licensed polygraph examiner, then it doesn’t mean anything.

    In a Washington State case, the polygraph administered by Steve Hamre had different results than the police polygraph examiner and Hamre’s result was excluded on a child molestation case.

    So if you want a bad review, there it is.

    If Ben wants to take a polygraph, that is fine. But the exam needs to be done by a licensed polygraph examiner.

    • I agree that you should choose a different examiner.

      Not because he’s not top notch, but because why give the other side any ammunition to say it wasn’t valid?

      Find somebody that can’t be impugned. Go big or go home. 🙂

      • Fair enough.

        I’ve always said we have different bits and pieces of the puzzle. The account seems unlikely. But, is there any way to corroborate Ben’s account?

        Lie detector is one way to shed more light on the account. Let the examiner pick the questions. They are most qualified person to do that.

        I do think that people are giving Stormy Daniels waaaaaaaaay too much airtime. She has probably made a fortune from her ‘Night with Trump’s Tower’. The Prez had an affair with a stripper. So, what? Grow up. Is a stripper credible? Pry not. Did it happen? Probably, but more importantly…Who cares???

    • Boy, you really are a bad lawyer, aren’t you? That’s not what the Court of Appeals said at all. The defense precluded from introducing their own polygraph done by Hamre because of a prior stipulation made by the defendant. Hamre was recognized by the trial court as an expert in polygraph and testified as such. The case you cited actually establishes Hamre as a legitimate polygrapher. I suggest you find a new line of work. Maybe become a witch doctor or something.

    • Omar, the fact that you are so personally invested in trying to discredit Ben just shows everyone that you are a shill on someone’s payroll. You should probably take that “former” off your user name. Thanks for establishing that Hamre is an expert polygrapher though.

      • Hamre isn’t a licensed polygraph examiner.

        He’s not a former FBI agent. And his results differed from the Police polygraph examiner in the child molestation case.

        So no, Steve Hamre is not qualified to administer a polygraph. And yes, his results were still excluded by the Court of Appeals (that could have allowed Hamre’s results if they wanted to)

        If you believe so strongly in Ben, let him take a polygraph from a licensed examiner. Not a for-hire Private Investigator.

        • Hamre is certified, and law enforcement is well-known for lying about anything to get a conviction, so the FBI pedigree doesn’t mean a thing in my mind. The reason Hamre’s polygraph wasn’t admitted as evidence is because the government didn’t agree it could be admitted and the judge ruled it therefore wouldn’t be admitted into evidence. I’ve seen quite a few whack-job court activities that have destroyed my confidence in the so-called justice system.

  • I have a question or two.

    Number 1 did you think about fucking Allison Mack while you were at the party?

    number 2 did you take drugs?

    number 3 Did you peak over the sex taking place you fucking perv!

    That dude can eat shit and die.

  • I’m not suggesting any specific questions.

    But I’d recommend keeping the questions ‘generalized’ about whether the party really happened and who was there, and what general things were discussed there.

    What I mean is…

    Nobody can have a perfect memory of every little ‘detail’ or ‘word’ spoken from 11 years ago.

    For instance, most court cases have “live” witnesses who all say slightly different things about what happened, but that doesn’t mean they’re all lying.

    Translation: If you let the libtards on this site demand very ‘detailed’ questions about very specific words spoken……they’ll try to force Ben to remember something that’s probably not able to be perfectly remembered by anybody 11 years later, and thus his polygraph results might not be as strong (might be more inconclusive) if you fixate the questions on particular words spoken that night.

    So try to keep the questions ‘generalized’ about:

    1) Whether the party actually happened.
    2) Where it happened.
    3) Whether it was a NXIVM sponsored party.
    4) Who were the people there that night.
    5) What ‘general’ topics were discussed.

    Shit like that. 🙂

    *You should ask Ben (before the test) to tell you which things from that night his memory is most “sure” about, and try to keep the questions focused on those things. **The goal is to find out if this party ever happened and who was there…..the goal isn’t to try and trip Ben up with questions about hard to remember things.

    Keep the libtards out of it……since they don’t want the truth proven, they want Ben declared a liar regardless of whether this party really happened or not.

  • If he is telling the truth he needs to get security before and after taking the lie detector test. Clinton is still protecting Huma and we all know what happens to people that try to expose them. Be safe!

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