Stand up for Sarah – file criminal complaint if victimized by DOS, Raniere, Bronfman!

Sarah Edmondson

Support for Sarah Edmondson is encouraging.

Those who want to help should read the following:

Clare Bronfman, on behalf of Executive Success Programs Inc. [ESP],  filed a criminal complaint against Sarah for “theft, fraud and mischief” with the Vancouver Police Department.

She wants to see her arrested and tried and to go to prison.

ESP founder Keith Raniere is believed to be behind it.

Clare Bronfman claims 125 students in Vancouver left ESP because of Sarah.

The reason students left Vancouver and Albany, New York City, Mexico City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and elsewhere is that Keith Raniere devised a woman’s multilevel blackmail company called DOS [Dominant Over Submissive].

More than 400 people left and more are expected to follow

DOS requires women to upload ‘collateral’ to a cloud account controlled by Clare Bronfman [who heads Raniere’s IT department) to use to blackmail the women.

Women are branded with a white-hot cauterizing iron with Keith Raniere’s initials on their pubic region.

Anyone who was tricked, coerced or induced to give collateral, anyone who was branded and those who were asked to join but did not join but were lied to: File a criminal complaint against Keith and Clare..

Their was fraud in the inducement and coercion after the fraudulent inducement.

This was not just a cool women’s group like people were told. They were not told Raniere was behind it. No one would have joined if they had been told upfront the truth of where it would lead: Blackmail and branding.

File a criminal complaint.

Sarah Edmondson showed courage. She became disgusted by DOS and blackmail and branding. She left.

Because of her, many other students were saved. But for her, other women would have been branded. More women would have given Clare Bronfman the means for her to blackmail them.

Now Clare and Keith are trying to destroy Sarah.

Vancouver Police investigate complaints. They have at least one complaint – from Clare – the wealthy heiress.

Clare and Keith are “angry” at Sarah because by her leaving ESP, their insane secret got out.

Don’t let her fight alone.


Clare will perjure herself. She will  pay fantastic sums of money to shyster lawyers to spur a criminal investigation. 

She is a convincing liar. Most people who joined ESP believed Keith was a good man and not a criminal with a scoundrel’s heart.

Clare will hire lawyers who will be paid perhaps a million dollars – lawyers in Vancouver, lawyers who know police, prosecutors, judges, elected officials.

Lawyers who will get fabulous sums if Sarah gets arrested.

They might not be averse to persuading an official to do the wrong thing  – by making it seem like the right thing. By lying like Clare does.

Keith will dance with glee if Sarah gets arrested and ejaculate on some woman’s face, who he hates. And if Sarah gets arrested, maybe he will intimidate the women whose branding was put off because of Sarah into branding after all.

Artist conception of Clare Bronfman
Happy with herself.
It’s all about herself. Clare Bronfman, pure selfishness.
images (1)
Keith told her to destroy Sarah. Her conscienceless being went right along.
Sarah Edmondson saved a lot of women from being hurt. Her reward is the wrath of Keith Raniere.
Sarah Edmondson [above] represents womanhood, motherhood, and decency. Clare Bronfman represents polygamy, sadism, enslaving women for her master and pedophilia.
maxresdefault (1)
Many women have reason to be thankful Sarah Edmondson is courageous.

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  • Clare & Keith just never learn. They have taken on so many who have left when word gets out about their deeds that most just don’t socially or morally agree with.

    Lawsuit after law suit, millions after millions have been spent in court cases. What have they won, what have they proven? NOTHING.Now they are trying the police to instill fear in others instead of civil courts.

    Most likely they lie to their followers who don’t have the guts to do their own research on ESP / NXIVM legal battles. They believe the fake news reports from with the cult about winning their legal battle. Guess what sheepeople, they lose. Why because they file FASLE claims just like the the ones against Sarah.

    Now even more truth is going to come out. More bad press, more will come forward because Keith & Clare instant let people move on with their lives. When will they learn to live & let live?

    Keith & Clare down own students. Slavery is illegal. If they want to leave, they have free will. Nothing is illegal about that. It was already ruled on in court when the Tacoma Center shut it’s doors & NXIVM sued the owners.

  • Theft (of ideas and passing them off as his own), Fraud (Is there a bigger fake fuck than Keith Raniere?), and Mischief (Sexual predator, burning through millions of other people’s money without qualm, litigating enemies for years, planting suicide in people’s minds, etc.) are things VanFraud knows very well.

  • Taken from Executive Success Programs Website

    Clare Bronfman has been an active member of Executive Success Programs since 2002, and is now an integral part of the company’s Executive Board, overseeing much of its ongoing operations.

    Comment – Clare is a trust fund child that could never earn a seat at the board room table in a real corporate environment.

    Following a successful international career as an equestrian show jumper—she represented the United States at the championship level, ranking 80th in the world and 12th in the US—Clare turned her attention toward business development and management. Through her work with ESP and Keith Raniere, Clare has developed herself in the areas of law, corporate ethics and critical thinking—she currently manages several businesses ranging from real estate, to event management, to business consulting.

    Comment – Other than suing innocent students or critics of ESP, what experience or training does Clare have in the areas of law, corporate ethics and critical thinking? All her experience comes from her training under Keith Raniere, a crazy cult like man child and sexual predator. Clare does not manage any real businesses outside NXIVM related companies and has no credible real world experience.

    In line with a long-running family tradition, yet motivated by her own unique values, Clare is also heavily involved in various philanthropic endeavors. She has produced events for and consulted with various foundations including A Cappella Innovations, the World Ethical Foundations Consortium, and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s public talk in Albany, New York.

    Comment – All the events and foundations mentioned are founded by Keith Raniere; none of the organizations are ethical or forward anything other than Keith’s ego. Look up the Dalai Lama’s visit to Albany. The World Ethical Foundations Consortium is another shame organization created by Keith.

    In 2007, Clare, along with her sister Sara Bronfman and Keith Raniere founded the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting the evolution of humanity through ethics. In addition to being on the Executive Board and a regional executive with ESP, Clare also sits on the Board of the Ethical Science Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the ethical pursuit of science, technology and education.

    Comment – More of the same nonsense regarding ethics and humanitarianism. Ask Clare to provide the scientific results of the Ethical Science Foundation. Once again Keith and his disciples paint a picture that sounds good but is totally baseless. All the people on the ESP Executive Board are students of the program; there is no true corporate governance and this would never fly in the real world.

    Espians are mushrooms.

  • If this is – which it seems it will be – an integrity battle between Sarah and Clare, I would put money on Sarah any day. She was a higher rank within the ESP organization, which is a reflection of integrity (as measured by ESP), ethics, and success within the company, so by ESP’s own standards Sarah had earned a rank Clare has not. Additionally, in my own personal experience, I have never observed Sarah to say a harsh word, or to be anything but warm and caring in her interactions with. My experience with Clare was quite different, having observed quite hurtful comments directed towards me and others. Whether those comments were intended to be punishing, or a result of a lack of awareness, I’m not sure. For these and many other reasons, I stand in support of Sarah in her defense against – yet again – litigation from ESP seemingly designed not just to bring justice into the world but to punish those who have left the organization.

    • There was a pre-NXIVM litigation against Toni Natalie, basically for wanting out of her relationship with Raniere. Business loans made on a trusting handshake basis were turned into a means to bankrupt her with legal fees. Then the bankruptcy was blocked to punish her with further legal bills. Where is the ethics and justice here?

      The first major NXIVM litigation was against the Sutton family and Rick Ross, for criticising ESP as using psychological pressure and crypto-hypnosis on students. This case still lingers on. No ethics or justice, just punishment for public criticism.

      This happened at the same time that the Bronfman millions became available. Rather than using them to promote ethics or justice in the world at large, or even just to make ESP training free, the money was used to attack critics of ESP.

      The next major litigation was against Joseph O’Hara. He was a Raniere-approved business consultant rather than an ESP member. He discovered illegal methods used to obtain evidence in the Sutton and Ross case, reported them to Raniere (who likely already knew about them), and said he could not continue his consulting relationship. He was then sued into bankruptcy, and NXIVM paid investigators and lawyers. No ethics or justice, just punishment of criticism (that wasn’t even public).

      Next was the beginning of the pursuit of Frank Parlato. He was another Raniere-approved business consultant, saved the Bronfmans millions by salvaging a Los Angeles real-estate deal recommended by Raniere, but made the mistake of suggesting to the Bronfmans that Raniere’s business advice was less than omniscient. Since this risked the Bronfmans’ money departing from his influence, Raniere ordered Parlato fired, and a handshake-loan became a weapon to sue him and eventually buy criminal charges against him, still pending. No ethics or justice, just punishment of criticism (that wasn’t even public).

      The next major litigation was the NXIVM Nine: Dones & Woolhouse of the Tacoma center, and Barbara Bouchey, and other harem-members or Albany insiders. They left ESP knowing too much, and were litigated into bankruptcy by legal fees, and their bankruptcies were also blocked. No ethics or justice, just punishment of defectors who knew enough to be critics.

      There were also suits against media: Metroland, Albany Times-Union, Forbes, and Vanity Fair (I may have missed some others). Again, for public criticism. In all cases, opportunities for NXIVM to respond officially to the criticism were offered, and never taken up.

      The Raniere-verse is rich with Bronfman money. The money is sufficient to do a huge campaign for justice and ethics, publish books of Raniere’s wisdom, give ESP scholarships. But none of that ever happens. The money is just used to punish critics and defectors.

      The most ethical man in history, at work!

  • Congratulations Clare and Keith. You have destroyed any chance of having any successful businesses ever again. I’ll enjoy sitting back and watching all your endeavors crumble purely as a result of your stupidity and god awful business practices. I’m surprised more disgruntled customers haven’t sued you for the crimes you’ve committed. Careful who you pick a fight with because there’s a lot of evidence waiting to be shown against you. There are many people who would have settled for simply moving on with their lives because they didn’t want to deal with your ugly faces. Now that you’ve actively gone after Sarah, this it’s war. Asshole scum of the earth sociopathic criminals, you will pay for the damage you’ve caused.

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