Parlato interview in The Sun (UK): The ‘Horror Cult’ of Keith Raniere!; Paddling introduced

Rupert Murdoch’s, The SUN, the United Kingdom’s largest tabloid, with an estimated five million readers per day, has now defined Keith Raniere’s cult as a ‘Horror’.
This story alludes to Allison Mack but gets into the more invidious aspects of this terrifying cult. 
This story was the number one story of the day for the Sun in terms of viewership.

Inside the terrifying NXIVM slave cult ‘where women – including a Hollywood actress – are forced to hand over naked pics, get branded with the founder’s initials, and are beaten with paddles’

The group’s former publicist has claimed female members of the mysterious ‘slave cult’ are brainwashed, starved and forced to recruit ‘slaves’.

Read the whole story: but here are some highlights:

In one shocking text seen by Sun Online, a desperate member writes: “If I suffer, cry or have any adverse reaction to being hit I get hit more.”

New members are later taken by surprise, told to strip naked and then forcibly branded, according to Parlato.

They allegedly have to follow strict 500 to 800 calorie a day diets because leader Raniere prefers skinny women and tells his followers that fat “interferes” with his energy levels.

The controversial leader is also said to have a harem of women who willingly sleep with him, believing that they will “be healed” by having sex with the 57-year-old – who they apparently call “Vanguard”.

“I believe there are currently 70 or 80 women in the cult now – but not all of them have been branded.

“You don’t get branded right away. The branding is done by surprise and without disclosure.

“You are told you are going to get a tiny tattoo and you end up being pinned down, no anesthesia, while a doctor takes a hot iron and slowly brands you with about 50 to 100 strokes of this two inch by two inch brand.

“It looks like a symbol but it is actually Raniere’s initials – KR and the actresses [who The Sun does not name for legal reasons]….


That actress of course is Allison Mack.

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