Gents without cents: ESP men of Clifton Park, are not Vanguard-built millionaires

Fluffy Fernandez knew what Vanguard wanted: His sexy sisters and he did everything he could to aid and abet Vanguard's carnal desires.


Keith Raniere builds millionaires, says Damon Brink.

Let’s look at the best known ESP leaders to find Keith built millionaires.

Let’s start with the men of Clifton Park.


1. Damon Brink is not a millionaire. He has less than when he started with Keith. If he stays longer he can go for broke. He said, Keith built more than 1000 millionaires. He must feel like a fool when you consider that Keith-built 1000 millionaires. Is Damon Brink the only failure?


myers ben michelle
Michelle Salzman and her boyfriend Ben Myers get their paychecks from Keith Raniere. Neither are Keith-built millionaires.

2. Benjamn X. Myers: Good at lying. Good at computers. Good at lying about computers. Not good at becoming a millionaire. Not good at being a man either.

He stood by passively when Keith Raniere imprisoned Daniela Fernandez for 18 months in a room because she and Ben wanted to date each other.

Keith wanted Daniela for his harem. Ben backed off and sniveled. He let Keith prevent him from dating Daniela. He did not say anything to Keith about the cruelty of imprisoning her for one year and six months. Instead Ben skedaddled to the next available woman who would have him, the Salzman girl, Michelle.

Like Ben, the Salzman’s are good at lying, and allowing injustice to go on without pangs of remorse. Keith ought to have built Ben into a millionaire by now. Ben has taken so many classes. And hacked so many computers. And lied for Keith. When will he become a Keith built millionaire?



3. KS sits on the High Council of SOP. He moved recently from New York City to NXIVM Village. He has been in ESP for years.  He is lucky to pay his bills, after the high cost of trainings, there is nothing left over.


Jim Del Negro makes as much as a union janitor or a good waiter.

4. James J. Del Negro: Puts his name on corporations he doesn’t own just as others put on a new pair of underwear. [Keith can’t have anything in his name]. A head trainer, Jim has been with Keith about 15 years. His income last year was probably below $40,000. It will likely be less this year now that DOS is making it hard to recruit. After dozens of intensives, coaching, recruiting, and training others, Jim makes about the same as a janitor. Executive Success has eluded him.


5. Farouk Rojas brought a lot of people into ESP. None of them became millionaires. But then again Farouk is not a millionaire either.

He is so broke he does not even own a car. He has to ride a bicycle. Keith told him to become a world class singer. Farouk sang away the best years of his life.  He could have performed at Carnegie hall if he was a better singer and promoted to a proctor if he was not fat.


Edgar Boone might be a Keith built millionaire.

6. Edgar Boone is the highest striped ESP-ian living in the world – with the Blue Sash. He did a lot of curious financial dealings for Keith in early ESP days with Mexican money flowing in across the border. He brought a lot of Mexicans into ESP.  It is possible a million stuck to him.

Let’s call him the first millionaire Keith built.


Now we have only 999 Keith built millionaires to go.

7. Sean H. Craney relocated to Clifton Park to be built by Keith into a millionaire. Skilled at computers, appearing to be intelligent, he has not allowed Keith to build him into a millionaire. Works for the Knife Media for $15 per hour.


Jacqueline Ronay is proud of Michel Chernitzky. He earns high scored for love, but as for cash, Keith has decided he is not ready to be built into a millionaire.

8. Michel Chernitzky runs from Mexico to California and Clifton Park. He averages from $50,000 to 75,000 a year, which makes him a top earner in ESP. But not enough to be a millionaire. Might have made as much if he was a good waiter at the Cheesecake Factory.


Luis Montes married a millionaire. But his wife, Rosa Laura Junco, has another man’s initials branded on her pubic area.

9. Luis Montes Gutierrez: After being cuckolded by his woman with ESP horn dog proctor Marcelo Ortiz in Monterrey,  Luis married the daughter of Alejandro Junco. His daughter, Rosa Laura Junco is a DOS slave. Keith approved the marriage to Luis.

Luis is smart, and lazy, like Vanguard.  Luis does not need to have Keith build him into a millionaire, he married one instead.


j o
Jimenez Garza got six women branded on their pussies with Keith Raniere’s initials.  Jiminez also has her pussy branded with Keith’s initials. It must be a wondrous sight for her husband Omar Boone to behold Keith’s initials on his wife’s pussy when Keith allows her to have sex with him. Omar has a house at 110 Yorktown Dr. in Clifton Park.

10. Omar Boone: He and his wife run/own/operate the Monterrey Center [She is a DOS slave and branded with Keith Raniere’s initials on her pubic area]. They are not millionaires. Owning a center, even with recurring revenues of incessant trainings, is not enough to earn a good living. If the center could be sold, they might be able to call themselves millionaires, but Keith Raniere controls the sale and the price. He controls Omar’s wife too.


Lucas Roberts was the finest o’ the lot, a first class , crying, beta, cuckold man.

11, Lucas Roberts.

Lucas Roberts: Became a member of the High Council of SOP. after all the real men quit when they learned about branding women.

Lucas fixes computers. Has had emotional issues based on his break up and make up with girlfriend, Diana Lim. Stayed in Clifton Park to get EMs. His friends said he cried like a teenage girl over the loss of Diana. He is fearful and timid which is typical of men who take ESP long enough. He is broke. [also typical]. He earns some money at his job, but owes more than $100,000 to ESP for executive success training.


12. Evan Zimmerman: He does volunteer work for exo/eso. He is not Keith built. He is far from being an executive. He has to eke out a modest living as a massage therapist. He uses the technology to make enough money to pay the rent on his apartment.

charlie 3 evan
Evan Zimmerman follows Keith Raniere.


fluffy 2
Adrian ‘Fluffy’ Fernandez has the unique distinction of being a Mexican male who let an American man imprison his one sister, while having sex with two other sisters [one near or under the age of consent] and not confronting the man who did it, except to film him and offer him tribute.
13. Adrian Fluffy Fernandez has followed Keith since he was a boy. He has not done much with his life other than film Keith. Not a Keith-built millionaire, despite watching Keith imprison his one sister, and have sex with two of his other sisters.

Fluffy Fernandez knew what Vanguard wanted: His three sexy sisters. Brother Adrian did everything he could to abet Vanguard’s carnal desires. One of the sisters got away, to Keith and Adrian’s regret.


porter (1)

14. Dr. Brandon Porter. He does not get a salary for his work at the Ethical Science Foundation. He is a medical doctor, which Keith did not build him into. However, Dr. Porter is so broke that Allison Mack had to cosign for his house in Clifton Park. While Keith has him doing female human fright experiments and child language coherence [reduction?] experiments, he has not built Dr. Porter into a millionaire.


Ken Kozak a member of the Society of Protectors. Not a millionaire yet.

15. Ken Kozak does video and graphic design.  He married Sahajo Haertel. But Keith wanted her for his harem. She left Ken. Ken has taken dozens of executive success trainings and is waiting to be built into a millionaire.


16. Chris Pearson Smith: He put his life savings into Keith Raniere’s University of Higher Learning – the golden path to the high stripe path. He is now broke and no one is advancing up the stripe path since no one is joining ESP.  DOS negated his work.


Jens Gould makes an appearance on Fox News. He is not a Keith built millionaire. But is a Keith built zombie.

17. Jens Gould is head of the Knife Media. He earns about $40,000 per year. His father died and left Jens money. Jens may be another reverse built millionaire. That is someone who had a million and Keith got it away from him.

It is dishonorable to mention that Keith might swindle Jens out of his inheritance. It is not dishonorable for Keith to swindle Jens out of his inheritance.
Brian Elliott is not a millionaire. But maybe Keith will build him into one someday.
marc elliot
Marc Elliot is a cowboy. He is a not a millionaire.

18-20. The Elliot brothers: Brian, salesman and field trainer [gay], Mark. salesman and field trainer [straight] Justin: Coach.  Does video work with Clare. [bisexual?].  All three work for Vanguard. All three put together aren’t millionaires.


21. Sean Bergeron: Longtime ESP. Plays volleyball with Vanguard, while waiting for him to be built into a millionaire. He works at the Cheesecake Factory restaurant, waiting tables. He uses the tech to get some good tips. Sometimes he makes as much as $100 in a shift.


Shane Mottishow makes $15 per hour. If he uses 75 percent of his income to pay for executive success training and invests the other 25 percent, Shane he will be a millionaire by the year 2498.

22. Shane Mottishow : Works for the Knife making $15 per hour.


23. Juan Luis Lopez Fons — Does video. For reasons that are not clear, Keith refuses to build him into a millionaire.


Of 23 well known men of Clifton Park, only one is a Keith built millionaire.

The other 22 are not despite taking many Executive Success Programs courses.

This leads to one of two possible conclusions:

Either Executive Success Programs is pure bullshit, and Keith did not build 1000 millionaires, or ESP works better for women.

If the men in it the longest are not Keith built millionaires, we better look to women to find the other 999 millionaires.

Stay tuned.



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6 years ago

Let’s not forget Keith himself. Keith is a multi-millionaire by taking Claire’s money, losing a lot of it, but keeping a bunch for himself without her knowledge. I highly doubt Edgar is a Keith built millionaire but through illicit means it’s possible. I will say upon leaving ESP, several of us did become millionaires. No longer bound by ESP’s silly rules and it’s brainwashing, making money became a lot easier and clearer. For anyone that’s left the cult, there’s still hope to make something of yourselves and do very well. For those still in it, you’re probably either too stupid, too brainwashed or too unethical to ever make anything of yourselves so please enjoy your elevator down to $0 and being completely broke.

Hell is Coming
Hell is Coming
6 years ago
Reply to  Money

Keith is only a multi-millionaire by ripping people off, and only because the government hasn’t come after him yet to delve into all of his shell companies and the various other means he uses to hide all of the money he has stolen. His millionaire status is equivalent to a drug kingpin or a crime boss.

6 years ago

Brilliant post and research Frank. This info seems accurate to me. How about John Fox? He’s another Albany Raniere follower who I don’t believe is a millionaire?
Next post could be called ‘Dames without Dimes’.

Outsider Thoughts.
Outsider Thoughts.
6 years ago

Gold pure Gold.

Let’s not forget that Sean Bergeron also is divorced from harem member Dani Padilla.

Not only is ESP not good for the wallet/pocketbook it is not good for relationships of any kind. Maybe because the relationships are all “arranged” or fake and everyone is sloppy seconds thirds or fourths of everyone else.

And then there is HERPES.

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