Followers of Guru Delight in Consuming His Feces for Enlightenment

In northeastern Thailand’s Chaiyaphum, the Guru Tawee Nanla, and his 30 disciples lived. Peacefully, they spent their days and nights in their secret commune deep in the jungle. To pay for living expenses, his followers sold packaged snack foods to shops.

The guru is in his mid-70s. His followers believe he possesses magical healing abilities. They gain enlightenment by consuming his saliva, skin flakes, urine, and feces.

On May 9, police raided the jungle commune. Police arrested Tawee, charging him with land encroachment and illegal transport of corpses. Police found 11 dead bodies in coffins at the commune.

They also found maggots crawling around food preparation sites. Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health said food samples contained mold and fecal contamination.

Fish crisps, fried green peas, and dried squid contained dangerous amounts of mold. Chili paste, fermented fish, and herbal teas were also tested. Water samples contained E. coli and coliform, indicating fecal contamination.

The guru, Tawee told reporters he never forced his followers to eat his excrement. Still, they did so anyway, believing it would cure diseases.

During the raid, followers drank Tawee’s urine and ate skin flakes from his arms to show police its efficacy.

The 11 corpses found in Tawee’s commune were sick people who sought treatment from Tawee.

Tawee kept their bodies in coffins, because he would be better able to send their souls to heaven. In the meantime, the corpses helped the living. Followers drilled holes in the bottom of the coffins.

Lymph oozed from the corpses through the holes. Followers washed their faces with the healing cadaver fluids.

Some of his followers


Currently on bail, Tawee moved his commune to Leoi province, near the Laos border.

A YouTuber tipped off police, ​​Mor Pla, who was alerted by the daughter of one of the guru’s followers. Pla assisted police in the raid and captured the event in a live stream posted on his Facebook page. Here is a YouTube video of the arrest. 

Realizing he was not wanted in this neck of the woods, Tawee set up a new temple in Loei. He has re-established their food businesses there.

They sell their tasty snacks under the brand name แซ่บหลาย (Zaap Lai, which means “very delicious”).

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  • I found eternal life from my guru’s prasad. Whether it came from his mouth or colon, it does not matter. What comes from inside him is perfect and pure.

    • Many years ago, back in the seventies, SNL did a skit with Burt Reynolds and Laraine Newman where Burt tries to pick up Laraine in a vomitorium.
      For those of you who do not know a vomitorium was an ancient Roman establishment where people eat until they barf
      and then eat some more.
      Laraine Newman and Burt Reynolds
      Burt Reynolds picks up on Laraine Newman at a vomitorium.

  • Next time you go to that Chinese hole in the wall dive all your friends go to nurse that hangover? Just go check out the kitchen
    I’m just sayin’

  • Similar standards of care are infecting countless American privately and Government funded institutions. Mental Health facilitates, prisons and jails are “ oozing” with excrements, maggots, mold and asbestos. The majority of these peoples are indigent, just as are these poopy eatin’ followers.
    A cult is a cult though.

    Soul Cycle Cult members line up to pay astronomical prices to be sexually and emotionally abused while actually riding a stationary bike in a dark room?
    Do you think these indigenous peoples would understand paying their years salary to ride on a bike that literally goes nowhere? They probably can’t even afford electricity and these entitled “ bike riders” actually CHOOSE to be in the dark?

    What made people pay ridiculous amounts of money to be a part of the sex cult One Taste? Imagine paying to be with some horn dogs wearing plastic gloves while they circle jerk a bunch of kinky women desperate to reach the big O?

    Same thing as the so called elite Sex clubs that host masquerade parties with house full of ritualistic sex acts a la EYES WIDE SHUT.
    And of course our one and only favorite, NXVIUM! Doo doo brains who actually PAID to be TRAFFICKED, BRANDED and left to rot under the pretense that their sacrifices would SAVE THE WORLD?

    Yes mastah!

    All the same nonsense.

    We haven’t come far from tribalism, Mayan sacrifices and dinosaur eating cultures.

    Just another day in Paradise people

  • What are the bug, piss & poop eating lemmings going to do NOW?? EAT PLASTIC CANCEROUS OBESE CAUSING MCDONALDS?
    Same difference. At least crap is natural.

  • This disgusting fetish is called “coprophagia.”

    What causes coprophagia in humans?
    Coprophagia or the ingestion of feces, in humans has been associated with tumors, mental retardation, alcoholism, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, fetishes, delirium, and dementia.

    Frank bawled me out for linking to a video about eating bugs and then he posts this “informative” story.
    (Don’t tell Bill Gates about coprophagia. He will suggest that we all do it.)
    Nicole Kidman eating bugs, sponsored by WEF

    • Remember the “do balls.” They were said to be dried feces. Eating shit was and is very popular. It was that way under Keith Raniere. Raniere had a knack for screwing with people, especially when they didn’t realize it. It’s misanthropic. And there are still supporters who support Raniere. These people are in the same category as Raniere. They are human garbage like Raniere.

      John Tighe Suspected He Was Poisoned by Raniere’s Minions at Clifton Park Cafe
      December 1, 2019

      [ … ]

      Or that when Pam Cafritz was on the mend from renal cancer, Raniere prescribed for her a milky white beverage. Or again when Barbara Jeske was ill, Raniere prescribed for her something Barb called “Do Do balls” which her sister believes were actually excrement – but might have contained other poisons.

      [ … ]

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