CT Family Court Enabled Father to Steal Marital Funds, Lie About It and Get the Children

A man named Chris Ambrose gained full and exclusive custody of three children who don’t like him. They’re miserable.

Chris Ambrose won’t permit his children to even speak to their mother.

They have taken to Pinterest to show how much he abuses them. Three times they claimed to police and medical personnel he abused him and went to hospitals.

Three times the father, Chris Ambrose, got the officials to believe they were making it up. Once, and I will tell this story later, he even got the judge to order them out of protective custody to get them back to their abusers.

Ambrose mocks his children. He says such things as “Go tell the police or DCF. You saw how well that worked out the last time.”
I have recordings of him abusing the children – I did not ask for them. They are part of court filings. The children are desperate. No one will listen.

Ambrose took three children from the happy home they loved with their mother. They have been traumatized.

Three happy, healthy kids, now seeing many therapists, put on medications they did not need when they were happy. Ambrose has cut them off from their mother and all their family and friends they knew growing up.

Lonely, isolated. Medicated.

Can you imagine how you’d feel if you lived a life with your mother for 13 years – and rarely saw your father. He comes back in your life lately and acts the boor. He belittles you. He abuses you.

He is angry. He seems to do this with purpose. He has a plan. You go home and are happy and safe with your mother. He is menacing. He threatens.

Then one day, you are forced out of your home crying — and told you are going to live with your father, and you can’t talk to your mother anymore. Does anyone imagine the trauma that this causes?

Welcome to hell. Welcome to CT Family Court.

I can prove it to skeptics. Let the children voice for themselves – away from Chris Ambrose. Make the unconditional promise that you will not reveal their answers to him.

Ask the children – now 15, 15, and 12.

Ask them who they want to live with. Ask them how their father treats them. Ask them how much trauma they felt when the court ordered them yanked out of their home and sent to live with him.

Ask them how much torment they have experienced having their lives butchered by this selfish man. And removed from the woman who loved them.

An abusive father got custody of three children. He used the parental alienation gambit.

He alienated his children and made himself hateful. Then he blamed the mother for their not wanting to be with him.


You need two more things. You need money to have a high-priced attorney connected to the judges.

Attorney Nancy Aldrich made sure her client did not file a financial affidavit, while he controlled marital assets and paid ‘court appointed experts.’

Then money to buy the guardian ad litem – an attorney herself who is supposed to represent the children but only and always represents herself.

Jocelyn Hurwitz, GAL billed over $200,000. She saw the children twice in Sept. 2019, but decided in April 2020 there should be no-contact with their mother.

And you need a heartless custody evaluator. And pay her well. For she will recommend the destruction of children’s lives for a fee.

She is the greatest psychopath of them all.

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly will take care of your parenting problems.

Oh, and of course, you have to be in Connecticut.

Chris Ambrose used the pay-for-play Connecticut Family Court system.

I have written a few stories about Ambrose over the last few months. In response, he sent me a Cease & Desist Letter.


He wrote:

You repeatedly call me a thief. You publish that I “converted [sic] Karen’s six-figure inheritance into an account” in my name, which I supposedly admitted “under oath in a hearing.” These are provable lies.

There was no such testimony from me and Karen has never offered any evidence of an inheritance, the value of which she has changed many times in the telling.

I am an inveterate liar and make frequent threats

I am a thief

I have not financially supported my estranged wife since I filed for divorce.


My response to Ambrose is that it the truth. Here are the facts.

For 18 years, Chris Ambrose and Karen Riordan stayed married. They adopted three children. Karen was the stay-at-home mother. Ambrose worked in Hollywood and NYC as a screenwriter for TV. Then he got fired for plagiarism and theft of intellectual properties.

That stupid move ruined his career. He came home to CT. Before filing for divorce, Ambrose took possession of all the marital accounts. He changed the passwords. He moved the money.

There was more than a million. He got everything except one $60,000 account that required her signature. She could not get it either. It required his signature too.

Other than that he got it all. So you understand – he took their entire savings. Eighteen years of marriage, and he got it all. This is stealing in other lands. In places outside of Connecticut, this is criminal.

He took the money. Then he filed for divorce.

He refused to allow Karen access to their assets or even her maternal inheritance. Ambrose never filed financial affidavits from the start of the divorce.

Karen objected in court to Ambrose’s failure to file. She objected to loss of access to joint marital assets. Without funds, she lost custody of her three children.

On August 5, 2019, when she had custody, she motioned to secure alimony and child support.

The court failed to act on these motions until Ambrose filed a Financial Affidavit.

In August 2019 Judge Eddie Rodriguez confirmed Ambrose had not filed his financial affidavit.

Judge Eddie Rodriguez ordered Ambrose to file his financial affidavit at a hearing.

Judge Eddie Rodriguez Jr.

At the hearing on August 22, 2019, Judge Rodriguez gave Ambrose a deadline of September 5, 2019 to file his financial affidavit.

Ambrose admitted he controlled the marital assets and Karen’s inheritance at that hearing.

He managed the marital assets without her consent.

The relevant testimony:

Karen’s lawyer was Richard Callahan.

CALLAHAN: Mrs. Ambrose at one point asked you for access to the financial accounts, your marital, financial accounts, right?

AMBROSE: Uh-hum.

CALLAHAN: And she wanted that information to have an adult conversation with you about what was possible for your children in the midst of this divorce—

AMBROSE: Uh-hum.

ATTY CALLAHAN: That you just started, correct?

AMBROSE: Uh-hum.



AMBROSE: Yes. I’m sorry. Yes.

ATTY CALLAHAN: And you didn’t give it to her?

AMBROSE: I told her. I said what– I said that it’s the same as before. The mutual fund is the same as it was before. I was not going to give Karen the password to our investment portfolio.


AMBROSE: Because I don’t trust her.

ATTY CALLAHAN: Okay. Even though you know that there is $150,000 of money that she received from her mother’s estate that you are in control of?

AMBROSE: And the rest of it is– she never had a problem with that. She never asked for access before. And I don’t trust her to have access… And when she started asking for the passwords to the Fidelity account, it was the same kind of dynamic. And I was worried that Karen– if I gave her the passwords, she could go in, she could sell stock, she could deplete the whole thing, she could lock me out of the account….

ATTY CALLAHAN: So, you have control over that?

AMBROSE: I — I have– well, control, as I have the entire marriage, and she’s never asked once before this year to see the accounts.


Ambrose took control of the marital assets. Why?

Because he said, she might take control of marital assets. He locked her out because he did not want her to deplete the money.

He locked her out. He took control of their money, and according to later testimony in court, depleted it.

He took her share because he thought she would take his share.

That may pass muster in CT Family Court, where they make up the law as they go, but nowhere else.

An example:

Two people owned $2 million. That means they each own $1 million.

One said I am taking all $2 million, because I am afraid you will take my $1 million.

This would not be defensible in criminal court in any courtroom in the USA.

Someone takes the assets of a partnership on the theory that the partner would take the assets.

It would not be defensible in civil court.

Ambrose took money that did not belong to him. He also took her $150,000 maternal inheritance. With complete control of their assets, he retained attorneys and professionals. They helped him prevail in the case.

On August 23, 2019, Ambrose admitted he seized the marital assets and inheritance.

His Cease & Desist letter said, “There was no such testimony from me.”

But he testified he took it and why he took it.

Judge Rodriquez ordered Ambrose to file a FA. “All right. The date I’m picking is September 5.”

Ambrose did not file a financial affidavit by September 5.

His attorney Nancy Aldrich got the case transferred to Judge Jane Grossman.

The case was transferred in September 2019, so Ambrose did not have to face Judge Rodriquez.

Aldrich got the court to appoint a guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz of Cohen and Wolf.

GAL Hurwitz arranged for custody evaluator Dr. Biren-Caverly.

Ambrose paid them because he had the money. He paid them from their joint marital funds, and they sided with him.

A year after Judge Rodriquez ordered Ambrose to file a FA, he had not filed.


Judge Jane Grossman ordered the children out of their mother’s house. They were not to contact the woman who raised them every day of their lives since they were infants.

In August 2020, Judge Grossman confirmed Ambrose had still not filed a financial affidavit. Excerpt from transcript: August 31, 2020: Bridgeport, CT. Judge Jane Grossman.

Nickola Cunha was Karen’s attorney.

ATTY CUNHA: I would like the court to note that there are no financial affidavits…filed in this matter…

GROSSMAN: I will note that there is a financial affidavit for the defendant [Karen] filed item number 131. Attorney Cunha’s right. I don’t see a financial affidavit filed with the court for the plaintiff [Ambrose]… it looks like we need one. I’m certainly capable of asking for one.

Judge Grossman was capable of asking for a Financial Affidavit, but she never did.

Ambrose did not file a financial affidavit. He avoided disclosing what he did with the marital assets.

In August 2020, they sold the marital house. Judge Grossman wanted it sold, because Ambrose said the family was running out of money.

Judge Grossman said the proceeds must go to attorneys first.

Karen’s half of the equity went to pay the GAL’s fees and attorney fees.

All the while, she had no access to their marital assets or her inheritance. The court ordered Ambrose and Karen to pay the GAL’s fees 50-50 when she had no access to the marital funds. So they used her share of the house.

The case was transferred to Judge Gerard Adelman in 2021.

On May 6, 2021, Judge Adelman ordered Ambrose to make spousal payments.

These were to come from their marital assets – at $4500/month.

Judge Adelman ordered Ambrose to pay Karen’s outstanding bills and debts.

Ambrose did not work on the books. He said he was living off their marital assets.

Any payments made to Karen would come from their money, not his.

Ambrose did not pay Karen’s bills. He made four spousal payments, then stopped.

Her landlord evicted her from her apartment.

Ambrose stopped making his court-ordered spousal payments. He persuaded Judge Adelman to reduce his spousal payments from $4500 to $3100.

Judge Adelman did not mind much when he was told Ambrose stopped making spousal payments.

He told Ambrose to make up the back payments – but at the lower amount. Ambrose did not pay that either.

When Judge Adelman heard, he did not seem perplexed.

He ordered Karen to sign documents to liquidate the mutual funds.

The only account Ambrose had not yet stolen.

He could not get the $60,000 from this account. It required Karen’s signature.

Ambrose told the judge this was the “only remaining funds” from the marital assets. He needed them. He had to take care of the children.

Judge Adleman ordered Karen to assign to Ambrose the Funds for his sole control and use. Without a financial affidavit.

Judge Adleman ordered Ambrose to give Karen $9,000, and he could keep the other $51,000.

Ambrose liquidated the money, but did not pay Karen the $9,000.

Judge Adelman waxed philosophical. He told Karen that she could challenge him when she got to cross-examine him.

That day never came. Her attorney was disbarred. That’s another story for another day. But it wasn’t Karen’s fault she got disbarred.

She had no attorney and no money to retain a new one.

If Ambrose told the truth, if there were no other remaining marital funds, he depleted more than $1 million in assets. Plus, his wife’s inheritance.

Either that or he secreted the money. He snatched more than a million dollars in two and half years, while Karen received $18,000.

CT Family Court denied Karen an accounting of her life savings during an 18-year marriage.

The court permitted Ambrose to liquidate her assets. He made transactions and payments to whomever he chose. He determined without her consent and without financial disclosure.

Nancy Aldrich

Ambrose’s attorney Aldrich explained that a stay-at-home mother is not entitled to marital assets. She wrote to Karen’s attorney on June 4, 2020.

“Why does your client believe she is entitled to any funds when she has contributed nothing throughout the marriage?”

One thing more.

The trial went on without Karen. She asked for an adjournment to get an attorney. Judge Adelman was not concerned. Perhaps he had already made up his mind.

Judge Gerard Adelman

Adelman held only one more day of trial so the GAL could testify. Put the lies on the record – and let her make another payday – at $400 per hour.

Jocelyn Hurwitz made more than $200,000, recommending that the court remove the mother from their children’s lives.

Without Riordan ever putting on her case, Adelman decided Ambrose got full custody of the children.

The children are beside themselves, having lost their mother. But how could she compete? He had all the money.


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Frank Parlato


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  • Mad man Christopher Ambrose keeps kids caged, while filing a civil lawsuit against friends of the families.

    If you have ever delivered Easter Baskets [redacted], been run off by Chief Pedo Jack Drumm’s thugs, ever thought that Chris is a mental case abusing children because he is a mental case, he will probably sue you, because he is a loser, cannot get a job at Walmart, thinks his money will last forever, sacrificing three innocent souls to feed is demented ego.

    The misery of the madman continues. Guy should stroke out soon, given the madness that consumes him.

  • The children know the truth. Ambrose’s flying monkeys will be gone once his money runs out. They know the abuse their father has subjected them to. At his own hands, along with the psychological abuse of Ambrose and his hired ‘therapists’ — who deliver the same storyline promoted by Ambrose and the gal. Same script. Not a local therapist among them– for they have to be part of the cabal– and one must travel and pay, to accommodate the systematic alienation of children.

    They have not succumbed to the bullshit Ambrose and hired guns (court appointed ‘therapists’) force upon them– telling them they are the liars, their mother is the liar, dad is great, mom is evil and crazy. It’s all a “court order” not Dad’s fault.

    Nothing Dad can do to change things. Seeing mom is ‘not an option’– all lies from a pathological liar, a conman. Just ask Hollywood. Ask Jim Leonard, Ann Blanchard, Dick Wolf, Renee Kurtz, Chris Von Goetz, Hart Hansen, Michael Rauch… The list goes on. Ambrose is known for his deception. Thus, he fled for Madison. Far from the city he once called home– having no chance on employment in NYC or Hollywood due to his own depraved conduct and actions.

    Such cowardice.

    Not a shred of manhood within him.

    Ultimately, you’ll be alone with your stories and your venom. Hollywood found you out. So too will the strangers to tell your tales to now.

    The children know who you are. The parents in Madison know who you are. They tolerate your bullshit, but they know. Their children know. The only one you fool is yourself. Get help.

    • How the hell do you know what therapists are saying to the kids? Have you been giving them recorders to smuggle into their therapy sessions, Karen? Talk about coercive control! you won’t even let them go to therapy in privacy?

      • Family court psychologist are under investigation by the department of public health. Unethical conduct and incompetent. The system is rigged and the residents in CT have had enough. . Psychologist should be chosen by parents baised on research. Otherwise a lottory. System. No interference for the court. No financial insensitive. The gig is up.

  • Children hold a fundamental right, protected under the 5th and 14th Amendments to hug their mothers. Constitutional limits do not apply to Judges Jane Grossman, Gerard Adelman, Eddie Rodriguez, Lisa Egan, Anne Ficeto, Eric Coleman, Donna Heller, Holly Wetstone … all folks who do not celebrate Easter.

  • I find it really interesting that all the posts calling people names and trying to bully people are Karen or her supporters.

    Her supporters must be just like her which is why they can’t see how atrociously she behaved and is still behaving.

    It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to hurl an insult at someone. In fact, it’s the favored tactic of the perpetually stupid.

    Stop bullying people – grow up. Maybe you’ll get to see your kids.

    • One of the things that really impressed me about Karen is the large number of people she has known all her life who continue to stand by her and know what a travesty this is. I have spoken to a good number of them and they comment here.

      • I wish those “friends” would tell her to stop sabotaging herself and making life worse for the kids.

      • Well, Frank, maybe at one point in her life, she was a better person. It’s clear she is no longer that person. A good person would not do this to their kids.

        Perhaps they think of her as she was, and believe her without realizing what a horrible spiteful liar she has become.

        Or, she chose friends who were as ugly and hateful as she, so they don’t think there’s anything wrong with her vile attacks and harm to her children.

        • If only you knew the whole story, Sherizzy. If you knew that Chris set out to steal the money and gaslight her and that you knew how Connecticut literally sells children.

          • I believe there is corruption in the courts but I do not believe they are selling children.

            I believe that in some contested divorces where the parents are somewhat wealthy, the court orders unneeded services to generate money for the court and its officers.

            But, I simply do not believe that the court and GALs would give custody to a parent if they knew they were physically or sexually abusing a child. They are not monsters, they’re human.

      • NFW

        Hell no!

        I just believe Karen is lying based upon what I have read. And it bothers me. A lot. On two levels.

        The first is that she is harming her children. Her attacks on Ambrose and her encouragement/orders to the kids to hate him and taunt him is emotional abuse. That is why she does not have her kids. She is abusing them and refuses to stop.

        The second is that about 15 years ago, I advocated for survivors of domestic violence who had lost their children through PAS. They were genuine victims and I am still in contact with some of them today.

        Whenever someone like Karen makes bullshit claims of abuse, it harms all the other mothers who report actual abuse in custody cases. These types of lies undermine any progress to get the court to understand that PAS as a theory is BS (although a parent can try to alienate a child from a parent = Karen). So, Karen is not only harming her own children but also mothers who are actually being f**ked by the system.

        Karen’s homophobia also makes me sick so I guess that’s 3 things.

        Well maybe 4. In general, people who blatantly lie for their own selfish gain make me sick. Those that blame everyone else for their misfortune also make me ill.

        I have said all this before – I guess you weren’t paying attention.

        • Thanks for replying Sherizzy, and no need to second guess the status of my attention – its generally right where I focus it.

    • It is primal instinct to stand up for your self. usually people can work out their differences with regard to children. Karen spent years loving caring for her children.

      Suddenly she is “crazy” and discarded like trash? That’s on Chris.

      The state of Connecticut doesn’t support mothers. Obviously.

      Every mom who stands up for themselves and advocates for what they believe is right for their child is labeled an alienator.

      Just because you don’t agree with your former spouses on child custody or arrangements doesn’t make you crazy. It is not ok to take children away from the moms who are perfectly fit because they disagree with Dad.

      Children but heads with their parents. That doesn’t mean they don’t love them. The courts not solving the problems. Just making money 🤑.

      Moms are not disposable. They are not trash and garbage. You don’t just hand your kid to the new wife to get out of paying child support or spousal support.

      Let’s face reality this is what it is all about. The Attorneys and judges know it. If you sexually assault or abuse your child no amount of money is going to fix it. Therapy-assisted Stockholm syndrome should be illegal for judges and attorneys.

      • THIS!!!! That is what a lot of these men do. They discard the mom and then “substitute” her with a hoe. The hoe of a day because I am sure she won’t last. They don’t want to pay child support. That’s the bottom line. They don’t believe the mother caring for her children is in her right to receive financial assistance. This needs to stop!

    • This is the most stupid comment I have ever seen. Obviously you don’t know her pain. Please refrain from insulting her.

    • Dear Sherizzy,
      please enlighten me, how would you name those who had done you injustice by abusing their power, who stole all your money illegally, and who have been emotionally blackmailing you using your children?

      Saints, smart people, brilliant strategists, etc. I am sharing similar horrid experiences as Karen, and I have not yet seen or hugged my children since mid-2021 except the injustice was done by NYC Supreme Court part 51.

      I had to leave the country to survive the abuse of my abusive ex-husband (I have no idea if we are still legally married or not) and the sabotage of the court and attorneys. I believe people are just voicing the injustice she is experiencing. I came up with even worst comments about the court and the attorneys. For example, when my daughter told the children’s court-appointed attorney, Tara Diamond, that she wants to live with her mommy, Mrs. Diamond told her she cannot because her mommy has no money. I told my daughter I wonder how poor Mrs. Diamond has to be that she needs to abuse other people’s children to feed herself fat.

      The court stripped my visitation right entirely for unknown reasons. It is not clear what messages the children’s attorney is trying to convey to my children. My guess is that probably mommy cannot see her children because she has no money to pay for attorneys. Until now, I have never voiced my anger publicly during the ongoing divorce proceedings since 2018. However, your comment towards the victims like Karen just infuriating.

      • “I told my daughter I wonder how poor Mrs. Diamond has to be that she needs to abuse other people’s children to feed herself fat.”

        This is the first post I’ve seen here from you and it’s already throwing up red flags that you are not functioning as an adult in this situation. I’m sorry, but you probably need to get some serious therapy if it is unclear to you why you don’t have custody.

  • Matthew, Mia, and Sawyer hang in there, your mom will never give up. She will fight until her last breath for you. These children are old enough to decide who they want to live with and the courts need to listen. I’m so disgusted this has gone on for as long as it has.

  • Cobie Jane- raised her two sons – much like this case and so many others. Mothers raise their kids, Dad controls all the money and isolates and dominates the children.

    Dentist Neal Graber STOLE- Cobies two sons. He deprived their boys of a loving mother. Ambrose deprives three children of loving mother and extended family.

    There is no man of any value that would do this to their own children.

    We looks for ways to justify such an outcome because looking at the reality for these children and the targeted parent is too much to fathom.

    Cobie Jane has suffered. In every case the GAL runs the scam.

    The same names appear in case after case. GALs work in lockstep with attorneys to fuel conflict and deliver custody to the monied parent. It makes no sense whatsoever for these mothers and sometimes fathers, to be eliminated from the lives of their children. None.

    There is no need for supervised visitation. There is no finding of abuse. There is no need for “reunification therapy”. These are titles created for parental alienation bs to allow for endless billings. They go on long after the divorce is over to force parents to pay if they want to see their children.

    The government and the abusive parent put the targeted (the parent children were strongly bonded with) on a leash. They dominate and control the children and the beloved parent.

    It’s a sick sick game in family courts. No medical profession supports such abuse.

    Please help our children.


  • 500 Million Class Action Lawsuit against California Family Courts.

    Childrens lives matter. Parents cannot be eviscerated from their lives.


    It’s an epidemic throughout America. All for money. See history of the AFCC- it’s racketeering.

    Businesses were operated within the judicial branch. Adelman, HOrwitz, Monroe, wetstone, Linda smith- Bruce freedman. They’re all backers of sadist Richard Gardner.

  • The inhumane treatment of children and intentional severing of parent child bonds.

    These people are sadists. This is not law. No laws or medical professional allow for the infliction of trauma and draconian treatment of children and parent.

    View below- the CT Task Force doesn’t want anything on record. GALs and the courts work diligently to silence children and bury the truth.


  • What is sick is legalizing abuse. Good luck to you when you have to take a good look at yourself. All these nasty comments are from the lawyers and abusive court team.

    You just want to keep making money off abuse. You will do anything to hide what is truly going on. You try to divert attention onto anything other what is happening. These kids are crying out for help. The court system will always cover it up.

  • Where is the follow up article on Nickola that Frank has promised everyone, where he will prove that she is totally sane and everything she said was the truth? She stole from her clients and is trying to plead crazy to hide it…but you keep going back to Chris! Somebody doesn’t want to expose his best source!

  • My estimate is 90% of these posts are from “family” (if you could call it that). You all are sickos, including frank. Doing this to these kids online is disgusting. Be sure your sins will find you out.

    While you are all here…..A raise of hands of those who are unaware that Frank is going through a federal trial himself?

    • Wake up. CT courts are severing bonds and silencing children.

      It’s happening daily. Children are being traumatized and sacrificed – the courts are virtually killing off parents.

      There is no reason to do this to any child.

      Funny you are concerned with FR’s trial but you are unconcerned when CT laws and constitutional rights are violated daily in ct family court.

      No-contact orders aren’t given to murderers but ct family courts use them to isolate children from the mothers that raise them.

      Susan Skipp, Margaret Sullivan, Marlana Anderson Harris, Robin Herzog (now Gils), Kelly Groghs, Katherine Rookasin, Leanne Carey, Paige Styvan, Diane Hart, Joriz Tiberi, Angela Hickman, and hundreds of others have had life savings and children stolen through CT family courts.

      Men have suffered the same fate – it’s all about money- follow the GAL and the money. Luigi is a father of six children who has no-contact with all of them and the courts continue to take every cent.

      Educate yourself. This is a silent epidemic. How can you justify a court or anyone, taking a parent from the lives of children?

      Court appointed “experts” are criminal. It’s a criminal enterprise all for money.

      • Cant help but notice there are no men on your list. So you dont care about kids unless its a Father who takes them away? What about mothers who do the same thing? Where is that list?

    • Did you actually read the article? This is about theft, lies and violation of rights. Ambrose filed no financial affidavit with the court- this is required as soon as divorce begins- Why do you think these judges turned a blind eye to it?

      Why do you endorse theft and financial abuse and control by any parent? Why do you want the court to endorse his actions?

      How is one parent supposed to survive when the court – for years- allowed the father to hold and control all the assets? Father takes all?

      Look at Tiberi case- the father was given total control of the money and no contact with the mother who raised the child.

      Katherine Rookasin raised two girls- suddenly no contact and father has all the money.

      The case of the 13 year old boy- raised by the mother- and ripped out of his home against his will.

      Do you have any respect for the rights of these children/teens? They are human beings- they are individuals who have rights.

      In America our courts are violating God given rights- the rights to raise our children. The rights for children to have a relationship with both parents.

      CT is supposed to build family bonds not sever them. Consider the facts- the harsh reality. There is no finding of abuse. Let the children have their mothers and families back.

  • You have no choice but to go to court to get divorced. The Judge don’t care in the least about these children. Nastri has a history. Failing to grant a restraining order to the south Windsor attorney’s wife.

    You know the one in jail. He is prejudice against women. He doesn’t care about children. The courts are about cold hard cash. Connecticut family court probably the worst system in the entire country.. Total embarrassment.

    Everyone is too busy counting cash to care. Get rid of the GALs and new head of family services see how fast the place cleans up.

    • There’s always a choice.

      Anyone can file for divorce.

      Try mediation.

      The possibilities are endless

      People do it all the time.

      Literal teenagers share child custody successfully.

  • Mia, Sawyer, Matthew…listen to me. You are not forgotten and never will be. I have known your mother for years and all of you since you were babies. We are all fighting hard for you every day…ESPECIALLY your mom. I have never seen anyone more tenacious. She is doing everything she can as we all are.

    What your father is doing is not right and of course you know this. Remember the arch of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.. Do NOT give up hope.

      • Don’t worry, those children grow up fast and become adults, they will eventually know the WHOLE truth.

        All this “trial by Frank” shit will be long under the bridge. And frank will have moved on to sacrifice more children and families for his “fame”, if he’s lucky. I don’t think you can do that from a federal prison cell, legally. Tick tock.

        • You can have a ringside seat as I show the world how wrong a federal prosecution can be. Tick tock is right. And tick-tock to Chris too.

          He can’t prevent the children from seeing their mother much longer. They are getting too old.

          • So you admit the children are nearing the age of their own choice, and you drive them through the mud anyways? Yikes.

            Plea bargaining and innocence are two completely different things. Especially to the feds.

          • The time will come when the feds – dumb as they are oftentimes – will see these crimes against mothers and children.

  • Omg you sick pig. Elmer! You pasty useless blob. Your VENMO!! Look him up everyone and see what he pays for. Looks like it’s gonna be prison sex for you, Elmer. People are watching. And they don’t like what they see. Don’t be Elmer, everyone. Ghetto trash wannabe. Trash is trash. But definitely check out Ambrose’s multiple Venmo accounts. I screen shotted some.

      • You are the biggest pig of all frank. You will be trash under her feet, mark my words. We will soon be reading about how she is suing you…and poor poor frank will spin the story for more c9ntent, again..again…again.

        Don’t you all see this? You are fools to have frank as your mouth piece. Don’t say you weren’t warned. SMH

  • Hey Elmer. So it’s all over now. Was it worth it? You’re ruined. You’re outed. Everyone hates you.

    No chance of a career because you’re a low down dirty cheater. The whole plagiarism thing? Another bad move.

    Your computer is probably a ticking time bomb (your ticket to jail). The kids hate you. The world hates you.

    I personally hate you and I am a new voice on here so I guarantee you’re wondering who I am.

    Sucks for you that you made it onto my radar. Liar. Pervert. Pedophile. Cheater. Abuser. Thief. Ugly. Gross. LOATHESOME.

    You paid for the outcome here. So was it worth it? You tried so hard to destroy Karen that you missed the big picture. You never recover from this. Ever.

    You never get respectability back. You never get decency back.

    You paid to ruin Karen. You did damage but she will recover. The kids will go to her. What do you get?? Hmmm.

    Prison sex when they get your computer. Hope you’re into prison sex fetishes. If they don’t get your computer, you get to be universally and eternally hated by everyone. Whine about how the internet posts hurt your feelings some more. Please lol.

    I love it when you whine like the big fat ugly baby you are. Or beg. For “Miss Unstable” to put your life back together (rolling my eyes).

    Can you feel my hate??? Hope so. If not, I will turn it up a notch. I want to see you suffer. Bad.

    • It sounds like YOU are the one who belongs in jail and YOU are the one with “prison sex fetishes.” You sound sick, hateful, and dangerous.

    • Wow, what an ugly person you are!
      Karen seems to attract ugly hateful bullies who have nothing intelligent to say so they simply call people names as if they were in the 5th grade.

      But this is probably Karen.

      • Sherizzy – thanks for being the skeptic. I look forward to presenting more facts. I welcome your rebutalls.

  • Steven J does not want me talking about Joe and Hunter Biden and their ties to Communist China.
    Why Not?
    Here Tucker Carlson explains how Joe Biden does not want to investigate how Communist China engineered the Covid-19 virus at its Wuhan Lab killing thousands of Americans and damaging the American economy.
    Tucker Carlson: This may have been the greatest crime in history

  • If Ambrose threatened the children with the police would that be okay?

    If Ambrose threatened they’d never see their mother again, would that be okay?

    If Ambrose denied the children access to their pets would that be okay?

    If Ambrose called them derrogatory names would that be okay?

    If Ambrose denied them access to any telephone in the home for 18 months would that be okay?

    If Ambrose cut the children off from their grandparents would that be okay?

    If Ambrose cut the children off from their godparents would that be okay?

    If Ambrose told them they were paranoid and delusional would that be okay?

    If Ambrose told them they were the fattest in the family would that be okay?

    If Ambrose told them they’d amount to nothing would that be okay?

    If Ambrose took off all the doorknobs in the house allowing no privacy would that be okay?

    If Ambrose used secret recording devices and told them it was because they were bad would that be okay?

    If Ambrose told them the state police were investigating THEM, would that be okay?

    If Ambrose called them racist names and encouraged them to use racist names would that be okay?

    Just wondering where the line is drawn… or is everything okay because he has all the money? And paid for custody?

    • Actually yes it is OK. A parent can decide who the kids associate with and if the kids can use the phone in the house. Has no one ever lived in a household where a parent has decided not to associate with certain members of the family, let alone godparents? It happens. And the kids do what the parent decides. When I was growing up, I knew a kid who refused to come out of his room for days, the parents took the door off of his room. Not illegal. And that kid is perfectly fine today.

      It is disgusting how Karen and her cronies are attacking the children’s father and keeping these poor kids in this perpetual state of stress. Extremely selfish and short-sighted of Karen and cruel to these kids.

  • Chris Ambrose is a gutless coward, thief and sociopath. This is why he cannot get a job…NIOT because of anyone else. You see, Chrissy, adults take responsibility. But you are a narcissistic child who blames everyone else. Ever wonder why NO ONE likes you? I mean no one? Must all be their problem, right? asshole

    • That sounds exactly like Karen. She blames everyone but seems to believe she is the picture of perfection. And her judgment is so bad that she won’t listen to what the court advises what therapist advised but she will listen to some whacked out anti Semite with a blog.

  • STOLEN: KIDNAPPED: When family courts– namely attorneys, GAL’s and custody evaluators, use ex-parte motions to change custody and implement no-contact orders (which no one has even heard of until it’s cast upon them and their children), draconian measures which inflict pain and trauma– as a way to traffic children through the courts, YES IT IS STEALING CHILDREN.

    When children are TAKEN from a parent and no-contact is put in place, that is THEFT. It is NOT a choice of the children nor the parent. It is theft in exchange for a fraudulent custody evaluation– one you will see is without merit and pure fraud.

    Currently there are EIGHT cases in CT family court where Caverly has STOLEN– trafficked children– moving them for money– through family court. It is a CRIME.

    This is NOT about conflict between parents. This is about crimes in court– in plain sight.

    Why do we have laws if courts are not going to follow them? Why does CT law require the development of strong bonds with both parents only to ignore the law in family court? The 14th amendment requires both parents have the right to raise their children.

    Children have the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to a relationship with both parents. AMbrose has isolated his children from their mother and their entire extended family and lifelong friends. How can this possibly be healthy for these children?

    Look at the multitude of other cases! They follow the same playbook and families are robbed of life savings– in addition to the abuse and trauma inflicted on the children. The court has fueled the conflict in this family and so many others.

  • A 13 year old son just got ripped from his mothers home. Why? No determination she was unfit. No claim of abuse by her son.

    Why? Because CT judge Mastri- a family court judge with GAL Sue Coussineau decided the child should be removed.

    Like the Ambrose kids this teen advocated for himself. They each did as well. They were ignored and so was this 13 year old.

    The judge gave custody to dcf!!! The government is destroying our children and families. They are cutting off kids from their mothers. The ones who raised them and whom they love.

    There is no cause for it other than money. More money for GAL Cousineau and fathers attorney- the corrupt Rick Rockland.

    Another mother left without counsel after Cunha was summarily disbarred. And whether she deserves to be disbarred or not, it is a violation of state and federal law to disbar an attorney without due process!

    Moukhowsher violated the constitution by summary disbarment.

    The corruption is rampant. God help our children.

  • Chris hates himself. Totally obsessed with his own image. Threatened by everyone which is why none of us has seen the children we knew and saw weekly of not more, since they were babies.

    Chris threatens all of us which is why I am not posting my name. Anyone who stands up for the kids or tries to see them is denied access. And dare we not bow to the mighty Chris, he threatens lawsuits.

    Chris why don’t you explain how we have to make appointments ahead of time and only on your phone and with your approval for a birthday FaceTime call with sawyer, matt or Mia?

    Do you realize how fucked up you are? You do because you deny it to the public which is why your kids can’t stand you. Everything about you is a lie.

    Your own brothers never see you. Gonna blame that on karen too? You have no career. Is that Karen’s fault too? You have no friends. That’s your wife’s fault too?

    You drink and scream and yell. Does karen make you do that? From afar?

    Stop hiding and making excuses. Your kids love their mother. She was good to you. You blew it. She finally realized you were a fraud- you used her for 18 years. All she wanted or cared about were her children.

    So you had to destroy her and steal the children she loves and raised. And take all the money of course! That’s what malignant narcissists do. You planned it and pulled it off but it was more costly than you anticipated.

    Bravo Chris.

    But in the end, the kids love their mother not their captor. And we all know the truth. They’ll be back with all of us that lives and raised them. They love us Chris. They want to be with us- and you can’t stand it.

    Are you going to call DeGoursey? Manware? Your Madison thugs? To intimidate your own children and those who love them?

    You’re the coward Chris. Your father always knew it. He is correct.

  • Both parents have made terrible choices. Only victims are the children.

    Family court did not come to these two adults.

    They came to court and asked for help because they could not settle their personal problems like adults.

    Never involve the government in your personal and family life. It’s a loser’s game and the last, worst resort.

    No parent should allow a minor child to post hateful comments on the internet.

    Especially about a relative. The internet is forever and these postings will cone back to haunt them.

    None of this is good for the kids. Making such trauma public is so awful. Heartbreaking.

    If two adults choose to have children they can also choose to be the best possible co parents when they split up.

    Take who you procreate with very seriously. Stand by your choice. Acknowledge that convincing your offspring that half of their genetic material is garbage is wrong And what the child hears is that they are half garbage. If both patents claim the other is garbage then you are telling your kid they are fully trash.

    And really you the adult parent CHOSE that person to be the child’s parent. What does that reflect about you – the parent? Are you a terrible decison maker? Are you at fault?

    Fix it. Move on. Life is short. But full of beauty. Focus on that. Don’t make it all harder then it has be. Adversity finds everyone eventually. Don’t go seeking it out and bringing trouble on yourself and your loved ones.

    Never heard of anyone under like 30 using Pinterest.


    • If only there was warning not to go to family court. Agree 100 percent with your advice, but for most of us the warning comes to late. Once you get into court it’s impossible to get out. I never wanted a trial. I was dragged through trial. No choice. Once a GAL is on your case your life is over– unless you are the one paying her.

      Tons of teens are on Pinterest.

    • Thank you “Be better”!!

      Very well said. I don’t anticipate anybody to listen, it’s falling on deaf ears. They (EVERY ADULT) can’t see what is right in front of them. In a few short years, this will all be so very different. guaranteed.

    • Why are you ranting about genetic material? The kids are adopted, you poor dumb thing, you.

      You didn’t really think Chris beds women, did you? It’s not his tempo.

  • Hollywood writer– created all of this once he got fired for plagiarism and he was faced with a demand for divorce by his wife.

    They had a sexless marriage for 18 years. No one cares if he’s gay. Ambrose can’t face up to his own reality. His entire family -and extended family knows he’s gay.

    Matthew Lieberman tells all. He’s been a closeted homosexual since his Wethersfield high school days.

    Happily lived a separate life in California. Check out LA lifestyle. Only married when he was 40 because all suspected he was gay. She was merely his beard.

    He used her like he’s using his kids now. He uses and discards everyone. Not a friend in the world. It’s all about money and image. He’s a conman. Masterful.

    Lived a double life since he was 17. His perversions and hair fetishes, trolling the internet pretending he’s a barber. This is the sad reality. But at 62 years of age change is unlikely.

    • He used HER? She’s the one who sat on her ass for 20 years and didn’t work including several years before the kids were even born. Once the kids were in school she still did zero work. Who was using who?

      • Chris, she was Distinguished Teacher of the Year in 2003. Are you denying you lied to her about moving to California or that you insisted she quit her job to be a stay-at-home mother?

        • Then why did she quit her job years before the children came along? And why did she not go back to work once the kids were in school? I’m curious, is she working today? Or is she free loading?

  • Jessica Biren-Caverly– and custody evaluators like her and Linda Smith, have their fingerprints over all these cases. There are eight in CT courts right now with Caverly alone, where suddenly one parent is evil–must be banished from the lives of children and no-contact put into place.

    Does anyone know what that does to the mental health of any child? There is ZERO literature to support such evil. There is no finding of unfitness against these parents. This is money driven, which is why Caverly is a CASH COW only and her reports are sealed by the court. Parents can’t even get a copy!

    Why? Becuase it’s pure rubbish. Nonsense diagnoses that don’t even exist in the DSM-V! No fact checking whatsoever and a total scam– paid for in CASH– by the monied parent. In this case, Ambrose. In other cases, it’s identical. The parent with the money gets full control. The parent who is cut off from funds is denied all rights. No records provided from the “therapists” or the GAL.

    This has nothing to do with being a good parent. These are CRIMES.

  • It’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! This has NOTHING to do with this mother or any parent who suddenly has a “no-contact” order by the court. It’s all a sick game to silence and abuse children for money.

    Watch: https://www.divorcecorp.com/

    This is known. It does however, take one sick mother fucking parent to do this to their children. None of these parents were found to be unfit. Wake up — this is going on throughout our country!

    It’s a PLAYBOOK– once you research it, you will see, it’s rampant.

    In each case the children are SILENCED! These kids are three among thousands who have been ripped from a parent they love– only sadists justify this conduct.

  • It’s easy to call someone a liar and to have no regard for the trauma they have been subjected to.

    It’s like the commercial “that’s not my kid”! Guess what, Karen’s scenario impacts everyone.

    Those children are angry, depressed, and worst of all are learning that the behaviors their father has engaged in are acceptable. As time passes and more and more state resources are used due to the systemic failures, your kid, my kid, and everyone else’s kid very well could be impacted by this situation.

    Remember it truly takes a community to raise a well-rounded child. Why has the community turned its back on not only these children but so many children that are victims of the same issues?

  • Frank, something just occurred to me. Do you need help? Have you been brainwashed and coerced by Karen?

    Is she forcing you to write this nonsense on her behalf under threat of expulsion from the cult? Have you been indoctrinated into becoming her #1 dead-ender?

    Blink once for no, twice for yes.

    • Ugh, you are sickening. Go get a life you loser Chris! L-O-S-E-R. You always have been and you always will be, which is why you need to steal the life Karen created. But it looks like all you can do with it now that you have stolen it, is ruin it.

      Congratulations. Do you feel like a big man now?

      Why don’t you go and diddle more little boys you perv.

      You know you are going to jail eventually right? There is no saving you. And I will personally be funding your kids lawsuit against you so the whole world knows the truth you spend so much money trying to conceal. It’s over and you just don’t know it yet. FU CA.

  • There is a current situation involving DCF Investigator Rooke, State Animal Control officer Tanya Wescovich (a lot of skeletons in this hypocrites closet that will be revealed), a local ACO by the name of William Bell (who along with ACO Tanya Wescovich lied on a search warrant application after performing an illegal search the day before), a State cop thug who brutally assaulted a woman who is a devoted mother, and animal rescue operator, as they all trampled her 1st and 4th Amendment Rights (which is why over 3 months later state and local law enforcement agencies are after multiple requests spanning over 3 months refusing to hand over body camera footage – the victim does have an audio recording of the attack and assault which will be revealed shortly), and multiple other State cops.

    AG Tong has also pretty much tainted any jury pool there may be hearing Joann Connelly’s case.

    Add to that a defense attorney who is too scared to aggressively engage for his client because he may be blackballed in future cases, and it sure looks like whomever has the $$$$, power, and the connections wins in Connecticut.


    • It’s ct corruption. I’ve ordered body cam footage from multiple towns that demonstrate abuse to these children. They evade, delay and ultimately block access to the footage which proves the abuse.

      CT is corrupt and those who want to do the right thing are threatened to silence. They abuse our children, steal money, punish the innocent.

      Our government is not our government.

  • Ugh – again with this nonsense.

    I had hoped that you had moved on since there is clear evidence that Karen manipulated the kids to hate their father, encouraged the kids to taunt him and call him gay slurs, and ordered the kids to make up fake claims of abuse; every allegation of abuse was UNSUBSTANTIATED.

    And, Karen went MIA and refused to appear in court because she was afraid of being cross-examined. She abandoned her case after the court/parties dealt with her and Cunha’s BS delays for months. It is unreasonable to expect them to continue to wait. When Karen abandoned her case, she abandoned her kids.

    Also, Karen would have cleaned out that bank account just to hurt Ambrose but he was smart enough to know that – I think the court was too. People can see ugly. And Karen is ugly – vindictive, hateful, spiteful, Thank God those kids are away from her influence.

    Karen can see her kids and talk to her kids. Ambrose has not prevented them from that. But, the court ordered supervised visits because every time Karen was alone with her kids, she would pull the same bullshit. Karen refuses to see her children in a supervised setting. If she really truly loves her children, she would jump at any opportunity to see them.

    And the kid’s Pinterest posts have Karen’s spite and hate all over them – she clearly encouraged or ordered them to post these disgusting homophobic attacks on Ambrose. It’s Karen who’s always attacking Ambrose for purportedly being gay. She is such an idiot that she thinks this is proof that he is an unfit parent. It’s actually proof of her own unfitness. All of her attacks are. It really makes me sick that she encouraged her kids to put all that hate and prejudice on a public forum.

    Also, the Pinterest posts are a year old. There is no evidence the kids are unhappy now. My understanding is that the kids don’t want to see her now. They have phones to call her but they don’t. Can you blame them? Karen cares more about her pissing contest with Ambrose than seeing her own children. I truly hope that this time away from Karen’s influence has helped the kids to wake up and see all her lies and manipulation.

    I reported every single Pinterest post from the daughter. I encourage everyone here to do the same. Her comments are vile. It’s one big attack on homosexuality and I find it sickening. Karen is all over those posts – disgusting person and unfit mother.

    If Karen never sees her kids, it’s on Karen and her childish behavior. It’s time for her to be accountable for her vile behavior. She lost her kids all on her own yet she remarkably sits there like a dunce crying and blaming everyone else while she continues her campaign of spite and hate.

    Please move on, Frank. Nothing new was said here just the same lies from Karen.

    • I agree 100% with Sherizzy.

      It’s well-known in a divorce the children often will say they want to go with the unstable parent not because they love that parent more or believe they would do better in that home but because they feel that parent “needs” them…Karen’s crying hysterics posted online show she is most definitely playing that card.

      And guess what? It is not healthy for the child, in fact it’s quite detrimental for a child to feel that the pressure is on them to “save” their mother from herself. It’s immense and debilitating pressure to put on a child and really screws them up for life…emotional incest is one term for it. I firmly believe that is where the daughter is at…the mother is definitely using a type of emotional blackmail on the kids.

      Karen doesn’t care what is best for the kids, she’s only thinking of herself. Guaranteed those kids are worried that they need to take care of their emotionally unstable mom more than Karen is worried about attending to the kids’ needs. But the kids can’t save her. She has to save herself.

      And yeah, it’s very obvious she is behind all the “dad evidence.” The fact that she is publicizing it shows that she thinks it’s just a-okay for the kids to do that. I can’t diagnose anyone of course, but Karen fits the mold perfectly for a narcissistic/borderline personality disorder. Her behavior is 100% by the book for that combo.

      • The children posted the Pinterest material well after Karen was thrown out of their life. The judge ordered no contact.

        Two years later the children are still tormented and trying to be heard.

        • It is very obvious that Karen was/is still communicating with/manipulating the daughter. We all know that Karen believes court orders do not apply to her.

          • and you know that …how…by blogging in your basement with your 87 cats and watching daytime TV all day?

        • It was proved Karen was communicating with them on the phone. Ambrose found the texts! C’mon Frank- stop the BS!

      • Good try. You are so fucking transparent it is laughable. But I do love how much it bothers you that this exposure will not stop until those kids are released from your jail.

        Might I remind everyone that Karen’s children were happy, carefree kids prior to being ripped away from their only real (non-diddling) parent, but Chris’ “children” are currently on heavy medication/ anti-depressants as well as illicit drugs and cutting themselves. Do you really think people can’t see the truth here?? Pathetic. Truly.

        • Wow, So you are saying that children are less happy than they were before a contentious divorce where Mom has been trying to use them as pawns? Shocking!

          Karen is the one who dragged this out and made it an even worse hell than divorce needs to be for kids. she could have 50-50 custody or more if she wasn’t such a psycho. Chris wanted his children in his life, how evil! Karen apparently sees them as possessions belonging to her that can be “stolen.”

          • “Karen, Karen, Karen”. Chris, you really sound like a child.

            Let’s get real for a moment (I know that’s hard for you, so hang on tight).

            You controlled and orchestrated this game from the very beginning, Chris.

            Wait until we post the evidence showing, from your very computer, that you colluded with Caverly way before the divorce even started.

            How ’bout them apples??!

            Gotta love the oh-so-tiny missteps that become your undoing, right??! You are in sooooo much trouble my dear. Like a shitload.

            It’s only a matter of time. It’s always just a matter of time, right Chris?

            And yes, please do answer Mr. Parlato. Why won’t you let these poor babies, whom you love so much, see their beloved mother?

            A dad who loved them would never restrict their access to other beloved family members who adore them. Children need all the love we can give them, right Chris?

            See the problem here is that you tried to write the script for your role as “dedicated dad who will go to any means to protect and care for his kids”.

            The only trouble is, you have no idea what that character looks like Chris. Should have done your research. Tisk! Tisk! Now you have to try to explain to the world how on earth this exalted “teacher of the year” from Greenwich CT goes from a full time stay at home mom for 14 years to having no shared custody, in fact no contact with her kids whatsoever, oh and not a penny to her name, and that this is normal in some part of the world and isn’t 100% a crime.

            This story sucks Chris. Totally not believable. No daytime Emmy for you!

      • Conclusions with zero fact or substance. You can’t diagnose anyone, but then you do? Maybe you need to be seen by someone yourself.

      • I don’t know these people personally but the case captivated my attention. Ok.

        One, the father is absolutely DISGUSTING. His gross creeper pervert vibe is VISIBLE.

        Obviously, poor Karen married him when she was young and naive.

        Hey Elmer (nickname for Elmer’s glue which is your doppelgänger), how about you do a better job of hiding your fetishes? I’m sure most people have some but the fact that a teeny bit of internet research about Elmer will clue you in to the fact that he gets a boner from haircuts????

        TMI ok??

        Like could you be any more disgusting?

        Keep begging for Karen to restore your “image” lol. It’s fun to watch you beg.

        Your desperation for her to validate you is also super obvious, fyi. It’s too late. Even if she tried, you exposed yourself. Stay out of hair salons (gagging).

        Keep begging Karen to fix it. You lost.

        • I guess you are willing to overlook the fact that Karen is into incest and had a long-term sexual relationship with her cousin. In light of that who is more dangerous to the children?

          • This is vile Chris Ambrose. This ‘man’ lied to the custody evaluator about Karen and her cousin. Yes, she was raped by an older cousin. She disclosed that. Rape is, in Ambrose’s view, a “sexual relationship.”

            When you are under the age of consent it is rape. It was not long term. She fled from it repulsed.

            The cousin that raped her died. But this vicious liar Ambrose told the custody evaluator that Karen permitted the rapist to babysit the children with Karen’s blessings. He was already dead when Ambrose said he babysat them.

            The custody evaluator Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly is a story for another day.

            Karen did not even get a chance to defend this with the custody evaluator [paid by Chris] to explain it.

          • Frank wrote, “This is vile”

            I love the hypocrisy here. Imagine if Chris had been raped by an older cousin when he was underage. you would 100% be using that as ammunition to accuse him of being a pedophile who is AOK with incest. Oh but in the case of the mother it is “vile” to make such a leap. And yes, it is vile, I was merely using your technique, the same way you and Karen and the circus clown draw all kinds of vile, inaccurate conclusions to try to smear fathers on these blogs. These one-sided divorce blog posts are VILE!

          • Chris, why won’t you engage in open dialogue about letting your children see their mother?

        • I’d have to agree. The creep just leaps out of this guy. How in hell did she end up with him?? He must be a good liar.

    • Sherizzy, you failed to respond to the concrete facts presented. Why? You are the one repeating the same nonsense. Would you rather readers not direct their attention to the actions of the judge and GAL?

      The details reported in this post are revealing. Why was no financial affidavit ever required of Ambrose by the judge? Why such an enormous fee for the GAL?

      Who could have confidence in this court under such circumstances?

      • Jen T

        Because I have not seen evidence. All I have seen are unsubstantiated and uncorroborated accusations.

        Provide proof. Show me transcripts, receipts for GAL payments, etc.

        So far, Ambrose is the only one who has backed up his claims with evidence.

        That said, I do believe there is corruption but not in this case and not on the scale Karen and Frank claim.

          • To Sherizzy and Anonymous/“encore, encore…” (are you one and the same?):

            You go on and on but have yet to address the question, did Ambrose provide a financial affidavit? It appears he did not.

            How about the GAL fees? Why so high? What was purchased and/or what “service” was provided in exchange?

    • The only one who cares that Chris is gay is Chris. But he’s not gay according to him. Self hate.

      And do look up the videos by number that have since been removed by YouTube. Hair fettishes are creepy. Watching your father pretend he’s a barber trolling for young men is disturbing. Maybe your parents were like that so you don’t see how that can be frightening.

      How do you know the kids have phones? Do you have their numbers? Have you called them? Do they have free access to call anyone? Have you spoken with them? Or is this more assumption?

      What’s your field of expertise? Licensed in any field? Any expertise with children? Didn’t think so.

      • Anonymous at 7:04

        Well the kids never would have seen those videos if Karen didn’t tell them they existed. The kids never would have taunted their father for being gay if Karen hadn’t encouraged it. Do you get it? Karen encouraged her kids to BULLY someone, to bully their father. It doesn’t get more disgusting than that!

        She is hateful and does not care how her hate and resentment harms her children – lifelong harm. It f**ks them up!

        Karen is the only one who has a problem with Ambrose being gay. And, Nickola the crazy. Nobody else gives a f**k!

        Karen makes herself look bad! That’s why she lost her kids. She behaves despicably and the court saw her hate. She was a harmful influence on her kids. The court wisely realized Karen is a sick, spiteful, selfish POS who is not fit to parent her kids.

        The court made the right decision. Until Karen gets some major mental help, she should not be anywhere near her children.

    • Sherizzy? Did someone actually name you that?? Oh, that’s right you are the manifestation of a big Hollywood writer.

      Clearly not a good one. Do you want to know how I know that you are a “pretend” commentator? You stated that you know the kids have phones and elect to not call her.

      In order to have any of that information, you would need to be a friend of Chris’ and Chris Ambrose doesn’t have any friends, so I rest my case.

      Go ahead and ask any of his family. They will tell you that they have always known he was hiding something, they all suspected that he was gay and that yes, indeed, he has no friends. Except for you, of course, his pretend friend.

      • Sherizzy has been commenting here for years — long before FR started posting about this ugly divorce.

      • Sherazzy is a better name

        Sorry, you’re wrong. I have been commenting on FR well before Karen somehow convinced Frank to post her fabricated story.

        I read a lot and get information from various sources. I do not know Ambrose or anyone who knows him.

        Why is so for you to accept that an objective outsider finds Karen’s behavior absolutely disgusting? There are several of us here who share that opinion and have no connection to Ambrose. But you and Frank just call them “Chris”.

        Well, wake up! A lot of people see Karen for exactly who she is because of her behavior, not anything Ambrose told us.

        So stupid, like a silly game. Karen needs to grow the f**k up and so do you it appears.

      • You obviously haven’t been around here long. Sit down. I love how five adults descend an a “rag blog” (think weekly world news) they know NOTHING about, Jump 100% of their faith in a strange dirty man (Frank) they know nothing about .

        If what these people and Frank are doing to these children wasn’t so tragic, it would be hilarious. Tragedy plus time equals comedy.

        • What Chris is doing to them is criminal. But of course, there will be a small group who will ruin the children’s happiness like you.

          I reiterate my offer — let someone independently interview the children. With the solemn guarantee that what they say won’t be told to their father. Then learn.

          Better yet, let Chris make amends to his children and invite their mother into their lives. There is no court order preventing it.

          • I agree, Chris is included in the list of “ADULTS”. He is as sick as you. And karen. And the Easter basket deliverer.

            Those poor kids. And in spite of you all, they will grow to adulthood sooner than you know. And develop their OWN thoughts on who did them right here, now, before and in the future. They are not balls of clay you can mold. Their cakes are baked. Be sure of that.

            I think they will find NOBODY did them Justice. Nobody. But that is not a death sentence, kids are resilient and they will move on.

          • They might just be thankful for what is done here today. And other children too. Despite the cowardly knaves hiding behind the cloak of anonymity who declare others in the fight “sick.”

          • I notice whenever you get back into the corner up against logic, you pull out the “anonymous commenters” card. Isn’t basically every person on here anonymous? Or is WTF, get real, relative, “mom is wrong” their real names? After briefly perusing 115 comments I noticed two that might possibly be somebody’s real name. If not for the “cloak of anonymity, which you encourage here, you would have two posters.

            It’s the Frank Parlato report, you can turn off lights at any time.

  • Seriously cannot wait for the story that shows this creep didn’t have to pay a dime to do this

    • Title IV funding? Fathers rights groups. They’ve got billions invested. But Ambrose never filed financial affidavits for over two years. There is no baseline. And wife was denied access to all marital funds and records. Huge red flad– on top of being abusive. Purposeful so they can’t follow the money.

  • Ginzo!

    Have you read my emails or not?! If so, why haven’t you replied yet?!

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