Tabby Is Great; But Don’t Forgive Worst Freak Allison Mack

Allison Mack

By Aristotle’s Suasage

Tabby Chapman is a fine, admirable, forgiving person. She has endured a lot and triumphed.

I think I may remember her from the Smallville online fandom days. She was an Allison Mack super fan, and unfortunately, Mack took advantage of that. I find this despicable on Mack’s part.

Tabby Chapman and Allison Mack.

And while I understand Tabby’s generous best wishes and forgiveness toward Mack, I disagree with it.

Turning the other cheek is for people who want to get slapped again.

I don’t believe Mack has changed or will change for a minute. She has a mean streak a mile wide, and neither her association with Raniere nor her stint in prison is likely to have improved her innate viciousness.

Allison Mack leaving court

Sorry, but I judge people by their actions. Mack took advantage of Tabby before Nxivm. Taking advantage of and manipulating people is Mack’s character, as is her selfishness and lack of ethics.

No wonder she was so smitten by Raniere. They have so much in common.

Smitten Kitten

Nxivm Keith Raniere Allison Mack


MK10ARTs painting of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack

Jessica Joan Spoke Loud

As Jessica Joan stated in her victim impact statement at Mack’s sentencing, Mack and Raniere are cut from the same cloth.

Here are some more of Jessica’s observations:

“Allison Mack is a predator and an evil human being, a danger to society with no care, remorse or empathy for her victims.”

“Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are the most evil monsters I’ve ever met.”

“…she would tell me how she’d always be there to look after and protect me. Allison knew all the right things to say in order to lure me in.”

“…from the very beginning she was probing into my psyche learning what made me tick, what drove me and also my deepest vulnerabilities.”
“Allison is very clear and calculated in the moves she makes… the whole time she had been playing me and, worst of all, grooming me into becoming a sex slave for her beloved Keith Raniere.”

“Allison maliciously gave me, a survivor of rape and sexual assault, a special assignment, an honor and privilege to seduce Keith and have him take a naked picture of me to prove I did it. And when I pushed back confused, I asked if Keith knew about the Vow. She blatantly lied and said that doing this assignment would get rid of all my issues around being sexually abused.

“This demon of a woman literally tried to use my pain, suffering and traumas against me to be abused by another monster.”
“She plays the victim so well. She can blame Keith all she wants but she is a monster cut from the same cloth.”

“The fact of the matter is she gained much pleasure out of other people’s pain, myself included. I saw the evil glimmer in her eyes and the sick sadistic smile on her face whenever she would punish us.”

“Allison Mack is an evil sociopath, a menace to society and a danger to innocent beings. She may put on a good show but don’t let her fool you. “

Two monsters, cut from the same cloth. Both happily engaged in a blackmail, slavery, and branding scheme. Branding women on their nethers with their initials together KR / AM. Together.

Mack is no more deserving of forgiveness and best wishes than her partner Raniere.



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  • Forgiveness isn’t a necessary part of the healing process. It’s an option. It’s possible to make a good recovery with or without it.

  • “Turning the other cheek is for people who want to get slapped again.” Aristotle’s Sausage.

    Truer words have never been spoken.
    Turn the other cheek and you will be kicked in the ass.

    Tabby, Stop being a pushover.

    Tabby, Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.
    The minute Americans tolerate a loser is when Americans pay five dollars a gallon for gasoline.
    Average US gas price hits $5 for first time

    Patton (1/5) Movie CLIP – Americans Love a Winner (1970) HD

    • Shadow-

      “When you stick your hands into a thing of goo – that used to be your best friends face you’ll know what to do.”

      I know George C .Scott’s speech in Patton by heart. I learned it when U wes a kid. The quote is truth.

      “All glory is fleeting.”

      • “When you stick your hands into a thing of goo – that used to be your best friends face you’ll know what to do.”

        I wish certain millions of people could stick their hands into goo that used to be a 9 year-old and know what to do, and do it. Just a wish that won’t come true.

    • Shadow says: “Average US gas price hits $5 for first time”

      Actually, the historical record for a gallon in the US was set in July 2008, when the price of gas hit $4.14 per gallon, which when adjusted for inflation would be around $5.37 in today’s dollars. This was when George W Bush was still President. He is a Republican.

    Professional Version

    Diagnosis of sexual sadism disorder is based on specific clinical criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5):
    [ … ]
    Treatment of sexual sadism disorder is usually ineffective.

  • I’m no where close to forgiveness. As a therapist, I don’t push for forgiveness either. That is never a given. Acceptance is key.

    Keith and his cohort taught us that forgiveness is key and will bring happiness. People who do terrible things WOULD teach to forgive, wouldn’t they.

    Allison is still a human and was still a victim of many things, including Keith. So even if she were to fix all the pain she caused, she will be left with her own victimization to work through. I would want her to read my letter then and feel like she can keep going and keep fixing.

    Someone mentioned that I could be in Allison’s comeback. No, I won’t be. And I won’t even pretend. I wanted to be close to her 15 years ago. Times up.

    I believe she can come back to society and reintegrate. Maybe even be an actress again. But I believe she will have a lot of community service, beyond the ordered service, to do before she gains the trust of the community again. She’s got some consequences to face which was the point of my letter. Scary is it is, face it she must.

    • You are to forgive so that it does not eat you up. You know like some of the posters here. But let’s say that you do not forgive Allison. How often do you think about her? Are you angry when you think about her? All you are doing is giving her power over you. Allison is just not worth it now is she?

      These questions are rhetorical of course.

      I have explained what turn the other cheek is in the past, but I will leave it to you to find it. And before anyone runs for a Bible (which many of you are clearly not following), you have spoken up and removed all doubt. No need to spike the ball.

      • This concept of forgiveness is perpetrator mentality and straight from nxivm teachings. Forgiveness is not a requirement.

        Your definition of forgiveness assumes that there is no such thing as post traumatic stress disorder, which creates chaos and flashbacks no matter how much one might forgive someone. Intrusive thoughts and dreams or nightmares are not driven by how much one has forgiven someone.

        The amount of time one clocks thinking about their injury and who caused it has zero correlation to forgiveness.

        I do have a little mini class I teach in my “how to act right” series called “perpetrator mentality vs victim mentality” if you are interested. It’s free and there’s no requirement to serve anyone for taking it.

        • Tabby, what did you think of the creepy old SultanOfSix scanning the forums of the GbD website for teen girls that you worked on for Kreuk and Voth?

          • And what did you think of those creepy GBD articles like Sexy 7 which were outrageously inappropriate for teen girls? Who chose these articles? What did you and Kreuk and Voth think girls should learn from them?

        • No, It does not discount trauma. And no, it is not from NXIVM. It is from Christ. I do thank you for the offer, but I will pass.

          • Okay, understood. This exact message was preached to no end by Keith and his people. It is how he was able to convince people to continue to allow the abuse they (we) endured.

          • Christianity stole ideas from other religions just like Nxivm stole ideas from other cults.

            “Buddhist believe that ‘Forgiveness is a practice for removing unhealthy emotions that would otherwise cause harm to our mental well-being. ‘ Hatred leaves a lasting effect on our karma (“actions”) and forgiveness creates emotions with a wholesome effect.”

        • Nobody forgives until they’ve truly reached acceptance.

          And nobody reaches true ‘acceptance’ by wasting hours of their life talking to a professional hand-holder (aka therapist).

          The only way to reach acceptance is thru good old fashioned ‘TIME’. Time heals all wounds. It’s a different pace for everybody and no therapist can shorten that time frame.

          ‘Time’ will work wonders where a therapist will just waste your time and drain your pocketbook without doing much, except holding your hand.

          Being a therapist is almost like being a kindergarten teacher. You just kinda smile and tell people it’ll all be better, until TIME finally does the job that you were originally paid to do (unless their insurance runs out first, at which point they’ll be on their own anyway).

          Again, IMHO, being a therapist is a wasted profession. It’s borderline useless.

          IMHO, it’s a sham industry full of modern day snake oil salespeople.

          Many therapists commonly give out bogus PTSD diagnoses to allow LAZY women to collect disability from Uncle Sam for years.

          Frank Parlato Jr. (a Sicilian migrant) wrote an article about someone that he knows who’s been collecting disability for many years, allegedly due to Keith’s treatment of her.

          IMHO, it’s just a lazy ass woman who seems to have bonded with her therapist and doesn’t wanna work.

          I also think that your own personal reasoning for becoming a therapist will make you an even worse one, since you’re far too likely to bond and sympathize with every fragile wackjob who enters your office — thereby ruining your objectivity.

          You’re too close to victimhood to be an effective therapist (assuming there was such a thing as an effective therapist, that is).

          Sometimes you gotta give tough love and tell people to “man the fuck up” and stop crying like little babies. A recovering victim can’t do that.

          If I was a therapist — and I’m thank my personal god that I’m not — I’d have the honesty to tell my clients the truth…

          I’d tell them that nobody can heal them and they need to stop feeling sorry for themselves, and to get the fuck outta my office and go do something productive in the world to take their mind off of their problems.

          If they were claiming to be suicidal, I’d probably refer them to a suicide hotline (for liability reasons). But before I made that referral, I’d remind them that people who REALLY wanna commit suicide don’t talk about it beforehand or take sleeping pills (which have a 0% chance of killing somebody).

          People who REALLY wanna commit suicide just blow their brains out or jump from a bridge, without being a drama queen beforehand.

          I’d tell them to stop being a drama queen and to just DO IT —- if they really feel it’s necessary.

          (and to STOP telling me about it beforehand, cuz I don’t wanna hear that shit, especially before dinner.)

          You just gotta remind them that people in Africa are starving everyday without whining about it.

          However bad those clients think they have it, somebody else out there has it worse.

          Tough love and ‘time’ are the best therapists. 🙂

          Have a good day.

        • Please, the concept of forgiveness was long before NXIVM. It’s from the Bible. You come across really defensive in your replys.

      • It’s optional to forgive someone who has wronged you. Most faiths teach it as the “higher road”, but it is not a wrong road to not forgive and to seek justice. You forgive people who are sincere in their remorse and then try to rectify the wrong they’ve committed against you, who sincerely commit to try not to do it again. You don’t forgive someone who keeps doing the same shitty stuff over and over again. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

        • Well try not forgiving them. Never forgive them so they really suffer. What? It did not work. Well move on, and stay away from them.

          • Not forgiving someone doesn’t “eat you up inside”. The act of injustice they perpetrated against you did. Your lack of forgiveness can’t hurt people who don’t care. People who care seek forgiveness for themselves from the ones they’ve wronged. It is just self delusion to think that forgiving someone who doesn’t care will help you in any way. You think people who were deceived and wronged by Raniere felt better by tokenizing forgiveness “for themselves”, or because he now sits in prison and they got the justice they felt they deserved?

    • IMHO, therapists are nearly as useless as NXIVM’s own version of therapy.

      Just different ‘versions’ of trying to control/fix mentally weak people.

      People who attend therapy are simply looking for reasons to ‘feel better’ about having allowed their emotions to run roughshod over their own common sense, forcing shitty decisions which have cost them dearly.

      You don’t know the ‘true’ Allison any more than she knows you.

      If we use your definition of ‘victimization’ —– then all of Hitler’s cohorts were victims too, since none of them would have done what they did had Hitler not risen to power. Just like Allison wouldn’t have been a sex slaver had she never met Keith.

      Guess what? You can’t be excessively ‘mean’ to somebody unless it’s in your DNA to be a mean person.

      You should understand that.

      That’s why drunk people always reveal their true colors when intoxicated. When their inhibitions are low, their true DNA comes out for all to see.

      That’s why I’m a very nice ‘drunk’ and I’m never mean, mostly because I’m an outstanding human being on all levels (a very rare attribute; but one I wear with pride).

      You honestly believe that Allison could possibly be an actress again? On what network? On what planet? Mars? Jupiter?

      She’s a convicted racketeer and a former sex slave ‘master’ for a convicted pedophile.

      Hollywood won’t even rehire actresses who say something offensive on Twitter. But you think they’re gonna rehire a former sex slaver and convicted racketeer?

      Stop pretending. It’s okay to say what you really feel about Allison.

      She’s a mean person at heart, that’s why she said such mean things to you —– when your other NXIVM friends were still nice to you.

      She’ll likely never work again (except maybe at Walmart) and she’ll likely never do any ‘true’ community service out of the desire to help people.

      She waited 3 years to divorce her NXIVM spouse and to apologize for what she did, and she only did so when her freedom was at stake.

      True remorse happens when you make gestures of goodwill without the expectation of receiving immediate benefits.

      She’s done nothing of the kind. She’s only ‘sorry’ when she feels it will benefit her. That’s easy. Anybody can do that.

      Frank doesn’t know Allison any more than he knows Cunha. Frank’s just a guy with a cell phone who talks to people but is clueless about their true essence.

      If you honestly think she’ll leave prison a better person — and that she’ll seek to become an even better person after that — then you’re as much in denial now as you were back then, and your therapy doesn’t seem to be working if that’s the case.

      Therapy is really just FANTASY thinking. It’s about pretending that things will always get better just because it feels better to believe it.

      What a wasted profession. There are better professions than being a professional hand-holder.

      You should become a teacher. The sky’s the limit.

      The truth should always be fair to say. That’s what I’m doing now.

      • I am also a teacher. Well, college professor.

        I have no way of knowing anything about Allison’s future or her authenticity. I’m ok not knowing and I don’t care one way or another as long as those who survived her behaviors are safe. I have my hopes, but that is all they are. I am skilled in empathy, not clairvoyance… thankfully

        • tabby, tell me the other coaches who were cruel and abusive to you, were they women or were there also men

      • — That’s why drunk people always reveal their true colors when intoxicated. When their inhibitions are low, their true DNA comes out for all to see.

        Wrong. They reveal all sorts of things, including insanity. Whatever your mind and subconscious has been exposed to that bubbles up as soon as that inhibition filter is turned off, even thoughts that “arise” you find disgust with and have repressed when you have conscious control over your mind.

    • Excellent response, and I have learned something. Forgiveness is not necessary.

      I don’t feel sorry for Mack. I don’t see her as a victim any more than I see Raniere as a victim (I’m sure he, too, had troubles in his life that made him who he is).

      • Raniere told one of his ladies who told me [hearsay] that one of his mother’s friends – a beautiful woman of about 45 – groomed him and [statutory] raped him when he was 15.

        She had long hair and thick pubic hair. Raniere was prematurely hirsute when he was a teen, so he looked older. They fucked for several years. Does that make him a victim?

        • Why would anyone believe what came out of East Coast Judo champion’s, teen concert level pianist’s, learned to speak at one’s, mouth at that time?

          • Because his erection spoke in perfect sentences when it was only five seconds old.

      • According to your vision, she chose to spend thousands of dollars on NXIVM courses. that she knew were a scam, she also chose to dedicate more time to NXIVM than to her work as an actress, which was much better paid and gave her more recognition in the world, after all, almost nobody knew Keith Raenier, so if you think that she he chose that consciously so what apologies did the others have.

        PS: here is a question for Tabby, you mentioned that Allison was not the only one who was cruel and abusive to you, I would like to know if the trainers who also treated you like this were all women or also men

  • Sultan of Sausage could not be a more obvious liar LMFAO:

    “I think I may remember her [Tabby] from the Smallville online fandom days….” You “MAY” remember her, right lol 😂 😂 😂

    • Ice Nine,
      —Sultan of Sausage could not be a more obvious liar LMFAO.

      Double LMFAO for me! He’s totally a superfan.

      I do agree with his perspective on Allison.

  • Allison is in jail Frank, she was convicted and is doing her time, you had your revenge, now stop encouraging these disproportionate attacks against her, it makes you look mean and hypocritical.

    • I did not write the article. It was a guest view. I think he has been punished sufficiently. But I believe giving other people’s views a chance to be heard is fair. Aristotle was a fan of Smallville. As such he has a right to make his statement.

    • Kevin-

      “Is the pain too great or is the love too strong?”

      I don’t know what that means, but I doe grasp the fact you’re batshit crazy. Move on! Allison cares less about you than dandruff.

  • Stop picking on Allie. She was a victim too. I hate Shadow. He started this whole I hate Allison. Let’s get together to stop Shadow #StopShadowVileRemarks

  • Swami Chetanananda loves us dearly and is selfless. There is no one like him except Rudi and Buddha. He removes bad karma with a glance. If he did things he did it to take your karma away. Stupid people. You rather suffer for years than have Swamiji help you? Dumb.

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