Camila’s Story of 12 Years of Abuse By Keith Raniere

Camila by MK10ART.

We will soon examine allegations that the FBI tampered with Camila’s photos. Before doing so, telling Camila’s story is appropriate.

In this post, Frank Report tells Camila’s story in the third person. She told her story to her attorney, Neil Glazer, and to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

Glazer represents her in a civil suit against Raniere and the wealthy Bronfman sisters.

Judge Garaufis sentenced Keith Raniere to 120 years. Raniere seeks his freedom by trying to show the FBI tampered with the photos of Camila that were introduced as evidence at this trial.

Camila’s lawyer, Neil Glazer.
The sources for this story are:

In a later post, we will try to examine her story as told by her sister, Daniela, and Lauren Salzman.

This is Camila’s version of events.

Raniere has never spoken in his defense. His followers do not believe Camila is telling the truth. Assuming she is telling the truth, the question of FBI tampering is distinct and separate. Let’s suppose Raniere did everything Cami said he did. And the FBI tampered with evidence to get a conviction. If this is true, there must be an investigation. There could be reasons for tampering, even if Raniere did take her photos when she was underage. For example, if the hard drive did not contain the photos, the FBI may have chose to plant them to assure a conviction.

This is wrong even though he abused her a thousand times. If the FBI tampered, the public has a right to know. If it did not happen, then the public should know their servant, the FBI, acted as it should.

Nxivm Camila
Mk10ART’s sketch of Camila.

Camila’s Story of Abuse by Raniere

Camila is a Mexican citizen and lives in Mexico. She is 32. She is the younger sister of Mariana, Daniela, and Adrian. The daughter of Hector and Adrienne. Mariana has a child with Keith Raniere, who is now four years old.

Mariana and Keith Raniere with their son in 2017.

Camila lived in Clifton Park from summer 2003 to summer 2004. NXIVM based its headquarters in Clifton Park. She met Keith Raniere when she was 13. He tried to befriend her.

Something about him disturbed her. She tried to avoid being in the same room with him.

But the NXIVM women got mad at her for being rude. They pushed her back toward him. She spoke to him alone. She told him she placed second in her eighth-grade spelling bee.

She returned to Mexico to fulfill the requirements of her visa. In the summer of 2005, Camila returned.

At that time, her two sisters, Daniela and Mariana, were in sexual relationships with Raniere. Raniere eyed Camila for his third conquest.

Enter Nancy

Nancy Salzman
Nancy Salzman was one of Raniere’s sexual partners – and the putative head of NXIVM/Executive Success programs (ESP). Her personal relationship with Raniere was kept a secret from the members of the NXIVM/ESP community.

Nancy had a close relationship with Camila’s parents. They looked up to Nancy. They revered her as one of the top two leaders of the NXIVM/ESP community. Nancy was responsible for creating the curriculum. She developed and used the E.M. method of psychotherapy.

In 2005, NXIVM was the highest truth for the entire family. Cami’s parents entrusted their daughter to Nancy’s care. They abandoned their parental duties to supervise their daughter, rationalizing that she would get a superior education from this wonderful woman.

Nancy provided Cami with a room in a house she owned. Cami’s roommates were women in sexual relationships with Keith.

Nancy assumed responsibility for Cami’s needs as if she were her mother. Keith stepped in to help as if he were the child’s father.

The two exalted leaders of NXIVM/ESP took the extraordinary step of providing for the child, Cami.  Food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and especially her education. Her parents were ecstatic over their child’s good fortune.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman

Camila, at age 15, lived with adult women. She visited Nancy daily. Nancy permitted Cami to be her maid. Nancy taught her many things. One was that the age of consent should be as low as 12.

For his part, Raniere lavished attention on his ward. He would take her on walks in the middle of the night. He would educate her on many topics, including those of a sexual nature.  He teased her about her sexual history, knowing she was a virgin. He nicknamed her Virgin Camila.

Keith Gets His Wish

On September 18, 2005, Raniere introduced Camila to sexual intercourse. He was 45. She was 15. Camila was also taught to perform oral sex.

Keith made the effort to teach her how to do it right.

Sentimental, Keith commemorated the occasion. He took nude photographs of her, including close-ups of her genitals. Afterward, he celebrated September 18th as their anniversary.

Following this, Raniere often asked her to sneak out of her house to meet him to have sex. He would meet her at his Executive Library, which was located at 8 hale Drive. He would ask her to take her clothes off before coming up the stairs to the loft as he watched.  He took naked pictures of her every time she came there.

They would have sexual contact at every meeting. Without exception, he wanted pictures. These pictures may be his undoing. Unless the FBI tampered with the pictures they presented in evidence.

Keith Raniere had much to teach Camila.

Keith explained that she was mature for her age. It flattered Camila, and the romance of hearing that as a teenager added to the charm. They hid their sexual relationship from others.

Keith also advised her to watch her weight. Cami is 5’5″, and his goal for her was 100 pounds or less. Each day, Cami told Keith her weight.

Cami found it hard to be this thin. She struggled for years to eat less. She often failed. Keith demanded that she achieve this good goal.

She could not. Because of this, she developed an eating disorder. She asked for professional help.

“First, you should lose the weight,” he said.

Get Out of Status

Camila went back to Mexico to maintain her status.

When she was 17, Keith informed her that she no longer needed to return to Mexico to renew her visa. Clare Bronfman’s immigration lawyers had a plan. Camila overstayed her visa and became out of status. Camila remained out of status for the next 10 years.

Camila worked as a babysitter. She loved working with children. She especially loved little Gaylen, Keith’s firstborn son.

Raniere discussed with Camila a plan to develop a school and curriculum for educating children – and promised Camila she could have a management role in it. He called it Rainbow Cultural Garden (“RCG”).  He chose Loretta Garza to run the company. Loreta had a sexual relationship with Keith.

Camila worked for RCG as a nanny.  Loreta paid her less than she earned as a babysitter. She should consider herself lucky.

They told lucky Camila, that RCG paid her even though she didn’t have a work visa.

Loreta Garza

Keith did not need to pressure Camila to finish high school. Camila failed to graduate. She later obtained a GED.

As for college, Keith advised her that NXIVM courses are superior to any college.

The year 2009 marked two years without legal immigration status. Camila became aware of the DREAM Act. She asked Raniere to help.

Clare consulted attorneys and brought glad tidings. Camila might qualify under the DREAM Act, but she needed to wait. If she applied too soon, it might expose she had been in the country illegally. To ensure she was not nabbed, Keith told Camila to go into hiding.

In 2010, she went into hiding for months.

120 Victory Way

New Abode

Keith arranged for Camila to live in a rental unit in the neighborhood. The NXIVM/ESP community did not know where she lived. No one could know about it. Keith told Cami it would be their home. He spent little time there. He would come to the house, have sex, and leave.

RCG could not pay Camila in full for her work. They paid her late. Nancy explained that Camila did not pay taxes because she was illegal.

Other nannies got the same pay rate as Cami but paid taxes.  Nancy explained this was unethical. Camila received higher compensation than the others because she did not pay taxes. Yet the others performed the same duties. Cami should not get paid more than the others for the same work. They cut her pay.

Later Raniere desired that she stop working. That would mean she could be available around the clock for the grand moments when he could stop by for sex.

She complained. Raniere gave her the option of eviction from the apartment and deportation to Mexico.

He told Camila, “If you ever want to go, I support you.”

Cami’s bedroom

Video of Camila’s Apartment

Leaving Raniere?

One day, Camila told Raniere she wanted to go. She was no longer interested in a relationship. He became upset. He explained that she was a psychopath. She had no conscience.

He threatened to kick her out of the apartment, expel her from NXIVM/ESP, and send her to Mexico. In Mexico, the authorities would commit Cami to an institution for the insane.

She still wanted to leave.

Her lack of comprehension of his grand words of wisdom upset Keith. He raised his voice, assuming volume might make up for her lack of understanding. His voice rose to a scream. When this did not work, he cornered her and restrained her.

Nothing worked with this obstinate girl. Finally, he stormed out of the apartment. She did not run after him.

Later he scolded her for not chasing him and begging him to return. Browbeaten, Cami agreed to stay.


Later, Camila tried to end the relationship. Again, Raniere stormed out of the apartment. This time Camila followed him to 8 Hale Drive.

Keith Raniere in his Executive Library, which some have called his “sex lair.”

Raniere explained how Camila was ruining his life. Then he practiced a technique he preached. He pushed her down on the floor, removed her pants and underwear, and raped her while she cried. Then he sent her back to her apartment.

On another occasion when she indicated she wanted to leave, he raped her in her apartment.

Keith required Camila to attend J’ness classes. J’ness taught women how to be better women. Nancy added fresh teachings to the curriculum. This might help the young woman to understand. Nancy taught that when men sense their woman is trying to leave, they rape them to mark their territory.

Nancy also taught that many women can only learn to climax when raped.

Suicide Attempt

In April 2015, Camila attempted suicide.  She slashed her wrists in the bathtub in her apartment.  Keith found her with blood running down her arms and in shock. He chastised her for her selfishness.

“Do you know how disastrous it could have been for me if you had killed yourself?” Keith asked.

He admitted she should go to a hospital and placed under psychiatric evaluation. Camila welcomed that idea. She thought she might get help and a break from him.

Keith thought better of it. He decided Camila should not go to the hospital. Instead, he sent photographs of the wounds to Nancy, a licensed nurse. Nancy assured him that the wounds would heal without needing to bring her to a hospital.

Curious people there might make many inquiries. As for psychology, Keith did not need Nancy’s advice.

Keith told Cami to rest assured. He could help her better than any professional. He did not allow her to seek outside help.

DOS Is Birthed

After this, Keith devised a plan. It was the genesis of what he later developed as DOS. He required Camila to provide a written “vow” of obedience.  She must vow not to commit suicide. To hold her to her word, he demanded “collateral.”

Keith had often praised Camila for her purity.  Unlike other women in his harem, she had never slept with another man.

The one exceptional virtue she contributed to the relationship was her purity. No other man’s semen had contaminated her DNA.

Camila thought that Keith might let her go if she had a relationship with another man. She had an affair with Robbie – and she told Keith about it.

He did not let her go. Instead, he demanded details. He asked her whose semen tasted better. He asked whose penis was larger. He did not like her answers. He corrected them for her.

Deepening his ideas for DOS, he came upon another plan.

He asked her if having his initials near her vagina would keep her from being with other men.

But, alas, she was impure. He had no pure women in his harem. He demanded that she find him a virgin successor. Moreover, he asked her to recruit other women for him as ‘fuck toys.’

DOS started with Camila.

Raniere arranged to brand Camila with his initials on her groin as part of a DOS initiation ritual. She was branded with his mark.

Falling Apart

In June 2107, Frank Report revealed the existence of DOS.  Almost immediately, the NXIVM/ESP community fell apart. After the NY Times picked up Frank Report’s story, the DOJ took an interest. Keith, Nancy, Clare, and others were targets of a federal criminal investigation.

Cami’s siblings, Adrian and Daniela, helped her return to Mexico. She sneaked away. She left her phone in Clifton Park so Raniere couldn’t call her.

She and her brother, Adrian, drove three days from Albany to Texas. Clare and Keith called Adrian demanding he turn the car around and return Camila to Clifton Park. Adrian refused.

John Sandweg walks with Clare Bronfman to court.

Raniere insisted on speaking with Camila. When she got on the phone, Raniere told her he had glad tidings. One of Bronfman’s immigration attorneys was John Sandweg. He was the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Sandweg could help Camila finally meet legal immigration status. Camila wanted to speak with Sandweg.

Sandweg called her. He told Cami that Congress was about to pass the DREAM Act. She must remain in the U.S. to get legal status.

He also told Camila that she might have problems at the border. The U.S. and Mexico operated cameras with facial recognition software.

At the border, they would recognize Camila and detain her.  Raniere had powerful enemies in Mexico. If they learned of Camila’s crossing, it could be dangerous for her.

Unpersuaded, Camila returned to Mexico.

In Mexico

Camila resided with Daniela and their mother.

Raniere left Clifton Park. He traveled to Mexico.

Clare, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and other Inner Circle members went to Mexico to be with Keith.

Cami’s sister, Mariana, also went to Mexico, along with Keith’s baby son.

Hector, father of Cami and Daniela, with Keith Raniere in Mexico

Camila’s father persuaded Camila to visit Keith. Cami visited Keith several times in Mexico. Clare paid for the trips and for her personal expenses.

Raniere’s Capture

On March 25, 2018, a group of armed men came to the villa where Raniere was staying – and took him away.


Mexican villa

Raniere was apprehended in Mexico

They drove Keith to the Mexican/USA border – and forced him to cross over.

Camila’s father, Clare, and others told Camila how this happened. They said that her mother and sister, Daniela, worked with the U.S. government in Mexico.

The FBI wanted to arrest Camila, they told her. They intended to capture her, bring her back to the U.S., and charge her. She must go into hiding. She must not let Daniela or her mother know her whereabouts. They were the origin of Raniere’s legal troubles.

Clare and the Mexican man associated with Keith enticed Camila by offering her a good-paying job in an RCG school in Mexico.

They provided an apartment. She relocated. Raniere’s associate decided not to put her on the payroll. He gave her the apartment rent-free. She also received a monthly stipend for groceries and personal items.

The FBI Seeks Camila

 The FBI arrested Allison Mack in April 2018. Two months later, they arrested Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman, Kathy Russell, and Clare.

Clare paid for everyone’s attorneys.  Clare also paid for Camila’s attorney in New York. The Bronfman-funded attorney advised Camila.

She told her that the FBI was searching for her to apprehend and transport her to the U.S. to face criminal charges. Camila asked the attorney to contact the prosecutors and find out all the details.

The attorney said she could not do that.  She said once she identified herself as Camila’s counsel, the FBI would trace their communications. They would track Camila down. Camila remained hidden.

In February, an FBI agent found bombshell evidence. He found it on a hard drive seized from Keith’s Executive Library.  He discovered 22 photos of Camila amid a series of 167 nude photos of 12 females.

The forensic data revealed that Keith’s camera took Cami’s photos in 2005 when she was 15.

In March 2019, the FBI found Camila.  They contacted her by phone. Then they came to her house. They asked if she would talk to agents or get aid from an FBI victim services specialist.

Camila contacted the Mexican man who looked after her. He told her not to speak with the FBI. He sent his lawyer to tell the agents to leave.

They chose not to arrest her or compel her to appear at trial.

Trial and Aftermath

Keith Raniere after his ‘arrest’ in Mexico

Keith went on trial in May. A jury convicted him of seven felony counts in June. Among the crimes of conviction were sex trafficking, forced labor, and racketeering. The jury found it proven that Keith committed 14 racketeering acts.  Among these, three related to Cami: two acts of sexual exploitation of a minor, and one count of possession of child pornography.

These acts were proven by the photos of Camila found on Keith’s hard drive.

After Raniere’s June 2019 conviction, Camila reconnected with her sister, brother, and mother. Thereafter, she decided to speak at Raniere’s sentencing.

Courtroom sketch of the sentencing hearing of Keith Raniere.

She said Raniere had sex with her starting at age 15. She said he took photographs of her starting at age 15. She explained how she suffered 12 years of abuse at his hands.

The judge remarked she was credible. The jury would have taken 10 minutes to convict him if she had testified.

Why I’m Doing This

This is the story of Camila as she tells it. It sounds credible. I relate her account for a reason. Raniere is more than a rascal or a rogue if her story is true. He is a despicable, selfish man. In some heavenly court of justice, punishment is what he needs most.

Yes, I desire readers to understand that the accusation is that Raniere is the devil. Yet I say that if the government tampered with evidence to convict this devil, I will do my best to help expose it. That’s the point.

I told an appalling story about Raniere. He could have done all this. An evil defendant does not exonerate the government from tampering. That’s my point.  Now that I’ve made it, let us proceed to the evidence.

If there was no wrongdoing, I hope I am the first to announce it. If the FBI tampered, it would not cleanse Raniere. Instead, it may only prove there is more than one villain in this case. I publish this also to correct the record.

Some think I have shifted my view of Raniere for money.

But thanks to Raniere, the FBI has accused me. I know every allegation the FBI made against me is false. I never imagined that the FBI could present something so false. In my mind, I inverted the letters of the FBI to FIB.

At first, I thought they made mistakes to get it wrong. But I realized the FBI did not care if their facts were right or wrong. I understand. It is not personal. It is business. The FBI spent so much time investigating my case that they had to indict me.

They started with a bum lead from Clare Bronfman, and then they had to shift midstream. So I, for one, believe the FBI can play swift and loose with the truth.

I saw it in action in my case. Yet, I do not accuse the FBI of tampering with evidence in my case. They did not. They misinterpreted every fact in the indictment. Every single fact. Bar none.

Misinterpretation like that is not natural in law enforcement. They must have worked hard at it.

I do not know if the FBI tampered with evidence in Raniere’s case. Maybe they did – and maybe they did not. We will find out. When I finish, I will show what happened in my case. The evidence will shock honest readers.

But unlike others, I have no confirmation bias. I do not hate the FBI. This is business. It’s not personal. I am not trying to prove anything but the truth. And the truth is always fair. The whole truth. Whether it is my case or Raniere’s.

Stay tuned.

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1 year ago

I cannot express fully how horrified I am of what happened to the family of girls from Mexico. I am sick to my stomach watching the show. Raniere is The Devil, period. Raniere has ruined countless lives. He should be put away in a dark hole. I still do not understand how no one who met him thought EW this guy is full of it and something is up with all of them. Very sad indeed.
The way he speaks makes me want to vomit. What a con artist and Devil. Thank goodness for people like you bringing it all to light and staying the course.

1 year ago

Out of this entire story, I think Keith bad, but Nancy Salzman is perhaps worse. She’s the ugliest slimiest slug of a person I’ve ever seen. That disgusting performance of hers on The Vow HBO really made me sick to my stomach. That people somehow empathize with her only makes me understand how the world is so depraved. Her first inclination when she heard about DOS wasn’t to immediately feel sad for the women who suffered, but to cut off the messenger who sent it to her and rile at her as if SHE was the wrong one. And then, all her weirdo satanic videos and lectures talking about either absolutely nothing or how to be happily abused 101, its just all so harrowing. How do people not see through her thin veneer into the pus color of her soul?

1 year ago


1 year ago

Why do you keep [redacted] nameless? You know he is the Mexican man that hid Camila. Why protect his identity?

1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

I am* pretty certain OR I am Not* pretty certain? Clarify ..

Magic 8 Ball
Magic 8 Ball
1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Frank is “certainful”.

It means you have no proof but you want it to be true for personal reasons but you also don’t want to show your ass by publicly commiting fully to something that you also kinda know is bullshit.


[…] do not plan to recuse myself. I am not working on Raniere’s PR campaign. I would not publish Camila’s Story of 12 Years of Abuse By Keith Raniere. I doubt Judge Garaufis will recuse himself. Raniere will make a motion to recuse the judge. He […]

1 year ago

Nicki Clyne is having wet dreams about Elon Musk.

Nicki Clyne
Last night I dreamt about Elon and I’m guessing I’m not the only one

1 year ago

“Last night I dreamt about Elon and I’m guessing I’m not the only one.”
-Nicki Clyne

No, Nicki you weren’t the only one, Shadow was too….

….When Shadow awoke this morning his sheets were superglued to his body.

Watch out for wet dreams, aye, Shadow?

1 year ago

“Last night I dreamt about Elon and I’m guessing I’m not the only one”
-Nicki Clyne

Nicki, if I were banging someone as UGLY as Suneel — I’d be dreaming about Elon too.

1 year ago

Hahahaha Nicki — Elon Musk, yeah, in your dreams, lass!

Still, you’re not the only gal to develop a wishful obsession for men of mega-wealth, you’re right about that!

You old fashioned gold digger, you!

1 year ago
Reply to  Bless

Nicki had her shot at “mega-wealth” but married Mack instead of Clare.

1 year ago
Reply to  LaLaLad

hahaha how different things could have been!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  LaLaLad

Well, Nicki is now with a guy so ugly he makes Clare look appealing if you’re bi.

…..Some say, he looks out of this world.

Personally, I wouldn’t bang Clare with Alanzo’s dick and Scott Johnson pushing.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Scott Johnson’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…

1 year ago

I found this on Twitter and think the points raised are worth discussing.

Skeletal Kashi

1. On Saturday, a convicted felon whose own sister had begged the state to lock him up, shoved Michelle Go into a subway train. Her blood is on the hands of irresponsible DAs who are refusing to prosecute crimes across this country. I’m reposting an old thread to explain why.

2. The monopoly on violence must be understood not just as a prescriptive matter (“only the state has moral authority to use violence”) but also a descriptive one (“all violence within the state flows from the state”). Crime, riot, and general anarchy are a state’s responsibility.

3. A state is responsible for the crimes of its citizens much as a man is responsible for the acts of his children, or his dog. He may not be guilty of biting, but he is guilty of omission. A state by definition can control its citizens; it is guilty when it omits to do so.

4. People like to discuss whether the death penalty should exist. They ignore that objectively, it always does. Whether the state chooses to carry out executions or not, every murder it fails to prevent is a death penalty. Every assault a corporal punishment. Every theft a taking.

5. Thus when we consider whether executions, canings, mass incarceration and so on are “uncivilized”, the appropriate comparison is not an /alternative/ form of punishment, but that alternative /plus/ whatever brutality the absence of the original, harsher punishment implies.

6. Canings may be less civilized than no canings. Are canings less civilized than the stochastic crime that an absence of swift and painful punishment enables? Is Singapore less civilized than the United States? Does it look less civilized by any metric?

7. This formulation still leaves room for the concept of “cruelty.” Cruelty is simply force beyond what is necessary to curb the problem. It has nothing to do with romanticism about the dignity of man. Man’s dignity is also offended when he is the victim of random street violence.

8. Because the state’s enforcers cannot be everywhere at once, the state may choose to let citizens defend themselves. When the state neither enforces the law nor allows private citizens to defend themselves, that is anarcho-tyranny. The monopoly on violence belongs to criminals.

9. In such a system, we must conclude that it is the criminals themselves who enforce the will of the state. If the monopoly on violence belongs to the criminal, the criminal is the state.

10. Crime is not a difficult problem. It is one of the first problems any state solves by definition, and one which pre-modern societies managed more effectively that we do now. The problem is a state which refuses to take accountability for its own power.

11. The crown lies heavy. As it should. But the modern regime has no crown, and therefore nowhere to place responsibility. The violence of lawlessness is more obscure than the violence of the state. The regime prefers to obscure its use of power. The regime prefers crime.

12. Michelle Go’s death wasn’t random. It was the fault of a state that refused to do its job.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

All law is enforced ultimately “by blows’, that’s a quote from one or other of our [the west’s] social contract theorists maybe from Hobbe’s Leviathan, I’ll check after work. This is very interesting, cheers — it is the case for even minor felonies – just try underpay for something in a shop by 1c. If you persist, eventually, there will be ‘blows’.

‘The problem is a state which refuses to take accountability for its own power.’ So, it seems that this responsibility, like so many others, has been ‘outsourced’ to criminals?

1 year ago

Maybe Camila should have pulled an Amber Heard on Raniere by leaving a turd in the Vanguard’s bed.

Here’s The Poop That Ended Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Marriage

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
1 year ago

“I desire readers to understand that the accusation is that Raniere is the devil.”

This is precisely the Chakravorty Clyne Asunsolo line. That Raniere has been accused of being the devil and was brought down by a hate campaign and a corrupt U.S. government.

“ …the FBI has accused me. I know every allegation the FBI made against me is false. I never imagined that the FBI could present something so false. In my mind, I inverted the letters of the FBI to FIB.“

Ah. Now I understand.

Sadly I have noted a shift in the editorial opinion of the Frank Report, a shift in position on the Raniere case. It has now become almost a 180 degree reversal. I’ve detailed this reversal in a couple of previous comments.

What began as fairly skeptical coverage of Chakravorty’s claims of FBI evidence tampering, including stiff ultimatums for actual proof (though these ultimatums were never enforced) has morphed into wholehearted embrace of those claims (still however without a shred of proof!)

“This is the story of Camila as she tells it. It sounds credible.” Ah, so this is all just “a story” now. It may even be true… NO, NO, wait a goddam minute. Facts were established at trial backing up this “story”. Like Raniere’s own emails. Or did the FIB, excuse me, the FBI tamper with those as well?

“Raniere is more than a rascal or a rogue if her story is true. He is a despicable, selfish man.”

That wascally wabbit Waniere! He’s not just a rogue, I tell you! He’s, why, he’s DESPICABLE! Yeah. Harsh, real harsh. No, Raniere is a felon, a criminal serving a life sentence, convicted by a jury of sex trafficking, racketeering and conspiracy.

Yeah the trial. Remember that? Where evidence was presented, sworn testimony was heard, where fact was established. Where Raniere was represented by a crack legal team paid for by the Bronfman millions, who presented virtually no defense because there was none to present, what with him being guilty as hell and all. Raniere was the most careless of criminals, leaving behind him a copious trail of evidence that damned him before an impartial jury that convicted him of every single charge.

Fact of the matter is, Raniere was convicted based on a wall of interlocking testimony and physical evidence.

So no, this is not some open question of Camila’s “story” being true or not. Presenting it as such is a tactic of the Nxivm dead enders.

“He is a despicable, selfish man. In some heavenly court of justice, punishment is what he needs most.“

Oh so now we’re supposed to leave it to God to sort this out, are we? After vacating Raniere’s conviction and freeing him from prison, of course.

In a pig’s eye.

All this would be sad, or enraging, if there was any actual danger of justice being undermined and Raniere being set free. There isn’t. The appeal will go nowhere, this motion presents no new evidence and is irrelevant to the charges Raniere was convicted on. The allegations of evidence tampering are a mere fever dream of the Raniere loyalists and their endorsement by the Frank Report changes nothing.

Amen to that!
Amen to that!
1 year ago

A. S.

Agree with it all.

They are also STILL attempting to elevate Raniere.

Keith is not the devil. He is a lazy, arrogant man who liked to eat cake and fuck virgin children.

Keith enjoyed sleeping late and demeaning women.

Keith enjoyed being lavished with praise and having 2-week-long birthday parties.

Keith is a liar. An abuser. A bully. A pedophile.

Keith did not like to work.

Keith liked pornography.

Keith liked spending women’s money.

Keith is an immature and self-centered vulgar pig who thinks he’s funny and likes to talk about his magic pee-pee.

There is a “Keith” in every trailer park.

And if they get caught, they go to sex offender prison. Just like vanguard. The very average dirt bag.

By trying to over inflate the world’s perceived negative opinion of Keith, the dead-enders are attempting to build a case for emotion and prejudice dealing reverse victim Raniere a raw deal.

Most don’t hate Keith. They aren’t personally invested enough. They just think Keith’s another dime-a dozen-creep who got caught and was dealt with appropriately by a society that doesn’t tolerate kid fucking and child porn in 45-year-old men.

Get Keith off the streets. And then forget about him.

And now onto the next trailer park tyrant!

1 year ago
Reply to  Amen to that!

Keith must indeed be all the things you say.

But you do have to give him a wee bit of evil “genius” credit (though he’s far from Lex Luthor) for being able to mask all of those things and use his intellectual faculties and his calm, “soothing” voice to fool a bunch of people into having them believe he was some great problem solver and ethical human being.

If he was JUST those the perverted and corrupt things you listed, then he would’ve been tossed in prison a long time ago and no one outside of his trailer park neck of the woods would’ve even heard of him.

Amen to that!
Amen to that!
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Will concede a smidge. Only a smidge.

Have you never seen the suburban soccer coaches? Members of the clergy? Politicians? Epsteins? Weinsteins? Olypimc gymnastic doctors?

Yes. They pass in professional and other parts of society. Or they have money, respect in their profession, power in a specific area… But right under the surface (or on the surface with Weinstein and Epstein) they are coarse. Vulgar. Base. Predators.

Maybe “cunnung” is more appropriate than smart? Certainly no “genuis” imho.

Keith told people who he was and what he was – they just did not listen. And/or turned off or turned way down their spidey senses.

A little college and a soft voice. Yes. It hid some rough edges.

BTW did you know that’s also a manipulation (a soft controlling voice) in another way? Making people lean in to listen? So much physically closer routinely to normalize that kiss on the lips later too.

You say Keith wore a mask. I say. “Keith worse a giant fake cock and a bathrobe to a work party”.

If Keith was hiding – it was in plain sight. Keith is recorded saying that sex with children was something children enjoyed. Even incest. People sat in a room and listened to Keith say it. Repeatedly.

Is it “smart” to record yourself about branding women and fucking kids?

The thing about voracious predators like Keith Raniere is that their REAL LIFE is the predatory behavior. Everything else is set dressing to prop up that REAL LIFE and gain access and trust to abuse people.

Okay. He had a slightly more upscale trailer park he ruled in Albany. I’ll concede that bit.

Having all the women who helped Keith dress himself and pay his bills and pass as more erhm “normal” probably helped Keith Raniere as much or even more than the Bronfmans’ money. These nice ladies say this guy is ojay!

But Keith really isn’t special. Or in an elevated relm as a criminal or cult leader. He’s just a white trash preacher type marrying 12 year olds in the backwoods.

Keith is nothing.

And I truly believe that Keith knows it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Amen to that!

He is a vile vile evil little tiny man.
EW Ew ewwwww. It boggles the mind that men and women fawned over him and listened to him ….Truly!

1 year ago

Well said Aristotle. As ever.

Nicki Clyne gave Keith to feds.
Nicki Clyne gave Keith to feds.
1 year ago

Nicki Clyne. She was there too.

Nicki Clyne was there to participate in the group blow job for Keith Alan Raniere.

Nicki Clyne was so eager that ALL of Keith’s many first-line slave/lovers partake of Keith Raniere’s limp, smelly dick between their lips that Nicki Clyne worked to talk Lauren Salzman into participating in the “recommitment ceremony”.

That little gem is in sworn trial testimony.

Imagine you are so dick-whipped that you encourage other women all branded with your boyfriend’s initials near their hairy pussies to suck his cock together?

The same Nicki Clyne who also married Allison Mack in a fraudulent bid to secure her immigration status.

And then like all newly married gay women, they rushed to Mexico to suck an old man’s dick together with a bunch of other branded slaves of his.

Riiiiiggghhht. So believable! A real marriage!

Nicki Clyne gave away Keith’s hiding place.

How can you possibly leave that out?

Nicki Clyne gave Keith to feds.
Nicki Clyne gave Keith to feds.
1 year ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Understood. 1 sentence instead of the feds mysteriously appearing would be good.

And Cami’s lifelong health battle due to Keith giving her HPV.

Cami has spoken about that nightmare. And it’s really sad and relevant.

1 year ago

I thought this fact about Clyne giving away Raniere’s hiding place, along with all the other facts concerning Raniere’s vile actions, were pretty much airbrushed from the FR.

‘Tampering’ seems to be word of the year. Is it the FBI? Or a strong element of projection aimed at the law enforcement that eventually brought this racket down? Something doesn’t feel right.

1 year ago

Keith? Robbie? Nicole?

Sounds like an episode of ‘All in the Family ‘

1 year ago

I think I’m changing my mind about this. I want there to be proven tampering and it proven that the FBI did it. But I want it all ignored and for keith to remain in prison anyway. Considering that planting evidence of child porn was one of keith’s favorite activities, I would call it poetic justice.

1 year ago

The tragic story of Camila does answer a question I had – why isn’t Raniere and his NXIVM acolytes not threatened by idea that Camila could testify and validate everything about his pedophilia?

Part of that is because the appeal, its based on the documents in evidence and sometimes outside evidence may enter but it usually doesn’t become a hearing with testimony and all that like TV depicts. So for the appeal to work, her substantiating the pictures probably isn’t an issue as crazy as that seems. The charges would not be vacated thus causing double jeopardy. At most a new trial will be ordered,

Camila can then testify, they do not need the pictures. Her testimony would be far more compelling and damming anyway. So again, why are they not concerned about this scenario?

Now I see why. Sadly, thanks to every adult in Camila’s entire life from parents, to sisters, to “friends”, etc. have betrayed her in some form or fashion. My hat is off to her if she is even capable of forming a relationship with anyone after all this. The result of all these betrayals is likely a woman that is easy to manipulate as have to simply lean into her hard earned distrust in others.

They know they do not have to worry about her testimony because they probably have a dozen or so ways to get to her and prevent it like the parents, the sisters, payoffs, more lies, threats, the options are many. Possibly the same for the civil case depending on timing of which comes first Whatever comes out in civil case could be used against Keith if he gets his mythical re-trial. That assumes she sticks with the civil case. A good strategy for the Bronfmans’ would be to pull those levers at a time of maximum effect to have her withdraw from the civil case. Which ironically would demonstrate their higher level involvement in pedo’s behavior but unlikely in a way that could be used in the civil case. I really hope I am wrong on this trial testimony prevention theory.

Speaking of the Bronfmans’, paying for Camila’s travel is a very good connection to encouraging pedo’s behavior for the civil case. Hopefully Glazer has more of that.

1 year ago

Frank, will you be explaining the history you’re referring to with the bum lead from Clare?

I’ve only recently begun to read FR and sometimes background information is assumed. It was helpful to have Cami’s story retold – horrifying as it is.

1 year ago

Nancy and Clare are pure evil for the roles they played. They got off easy.

Keith is an animal but two wrongs don’t make a right and he deserves due process and a fair trial, if indeed he has been deprived as suggested.

2 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Opino lo mismo también no creo que debiera estar libre Allison y ninguna es santa ni buena persona

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