CT Family Court Lawyers Collude to Sell Son to Dentist Father, Frank Tiberi — the Story of a Mother’s Loss

The Tiberi divorce and custody case in CT Family Court is now in its third year. The husband is an affluent dentist, Dr. Frank Tiberi. The wife, Joriz Tiberi, was a stay-at-home mother. They have one child, Leo. He is seven years old.  The husband controlled the marital assets, around $2 million.

Need I say more?

The court actors are the usual suspects: Judge Jane Grossman.

 Dad’s attorney, Lisa Knopf.

The guardian ad litem [GAL] is Janis M. Laliberte.

The custody evaluator Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly.

The mother, Joriz Tiberi had a succession of attorneys. The two most significant in the collusion that reaped the result of a no-contact order for the mother and child are Debra B. Marino and Shawna Hamilton Doster.

The following is an edited version of a more extended interview with Joriz Tiberi, another CT mother who lost her child.


You are presently embroiled in a family court dispute in Connecticut. How long has this been going on?

It’s been going on for three years.

Do you ever feel that the lawyers and the other players make it more complicated than it needs to be?

Absolutely. The lawyers create all the drama. I think the lawyers made him angrier than he was.

Why was he angry in the first place?

The fact that I left him and that I reported abuse. My son was disclosing that his father was molesting him.

What did your son say he did?

My son would say that he was playing with his penis. So, one day, I bathed him. And I asked him how his visit was with his father. And he said, ‘bad. Daddy poked me.’  I said, ‘what do you mean?’ And he pokes himself in his bottom, showing me what daddy does.  Because he said it so many times, I turned the camera on because nobody would believe me.

And your son was saying that his father was doing what?

He says Daddy poke me.  And I’d say with what? And he would say the ‘mommy finger’ and the ‘daddy finger.’ And at that age, that’s how they describe their fingers.

In your son’s mind, do you know which finger is the daddy finger and the mommy finger?

The daddy finger is the thumb, and the mommy is the index finger.

And he would use those two fingers to—

To poke him.

To poke the child.

Yes. My son said it playfully. It was almost like, you know, he’s like he didn’t like it. His father wasn’t forcefully poking him. So, he was describing to me what his father does, but he wasn’t showing me that he was hurt by it. It hurt him, but he wasn’t scared of his father.

He’s a dentist, right?

He is.

Frank Tiberi, DMD

You don’t get to see your child. Is that correct?

No, I do not.

Joriz and son, Leo Tiberi.

Who was the judge?

Judge Jane Grossman.

Judge Jane Grossman

And who is Tiberi’s lawyer?

His lawyer is Lisa Knopf.

Attorney Lisa Knopf

And who’s the guardian ad litem?

Janice Laliberte.

Attorney Janis Laliberte, Guardian Ad Litem for Leo.

Who is the custody evaluator?

Jessica Biren-Caverly.

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly has taken children away from their protective parents more times than she cares to recount.

Alright, so you’ve got the full artillery against you. Grossman, Caverly, Laliberte, and Knopf. That’s a pretty potent team. Who did you have for your lawyer?

Well, the most recent one who withdrew from my case was attorney Shawa Hamilton Doster. The one before that was Vacilipi Filipacos. And the one before that was Debra Marino, and the first one was Karen Fisher.

Attorney #4 Shawna Hamilton Doster


Attorney #3 Vasiliki Filippakos


Attorney #2 Debra Marino, grinning after selling Leonardo for $15,000


Attorney #1 Karen Fisher

Now, why do you have this changing of attorneys?

Frank keeps buying them off. I realized that after the second attorney when I saw $15,000 written into the court-ordered agreement to pay my lawyer while custody of my son was taken from me. She spoke very fast, and I trusted her.

Who had the money, you or him?

He does.

Did he control marital assets?

He controlled everything.

Did you get a share of your marital assets?

Absolutely not. There are interim orders that say Frank keeps 100% of everything, and I only get to keep the debt of anything that Frank was court-ordered to pay.

Okay, he gets the money; you pay the debt. And what would you say your combined net worth was when you filed for divorce?

I would say maybe $2 million.

How much do you think was paid in legal fees, guardian fees, and so forth?

I would say $500,000 to $700,000. Frank doesn’t disclose what he’s paying out.

Who paid for your lawyers?

I paid the first two, and then Frank paid $15,000 to my lawyer Deborah Marino to turn custody over to him.

He purchased your child.

Yes. Because Marino coerced me into signing a court-ordered agreement, making me believe that the custody evaluation by Jessica Biren-Caverly] was it. Jessica Biren-Caverly said I’m crazy. So, I must be crazy. So, Marino said, if I do not want this in my permanent file and want 50-50 of my son, I better sign our son’s temporary sole and legal custody to Frank.

I didn’t even know what that meant at that time. Marino said it’s just temporary. It’s just for now.

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly paid to play.

So, Deborah Marino, your lawyer, wanted to be paid, and you didn’t have the money. And the deal was, if you signed temporary custody to Frank, then Marino would get an immediate payment of $15,000 from Frank?

She had wanted an initial retainer of $10,000.  I did not have that. And before retaining her, she recommended that I file a restraining order against Frank. Because my son was still acting out. We were still living in the marital home together.

Home of Joriz, Frank, and Leo Tiberi in Fairfield County, CT.

Get Frank thrown out of the house?

Yeah, this is what she said. She said, ‘you know, to keep your son safe, this is what we’ll do.’

Did you file this restraining order?

I did. After I filed it, I needed to appear in court. I’m going to need an attorney for it. So, I told Marino I filed it. She said, ‘Well, you know what? You’ll need $10,000 for a retainer for your dissolution. And $4,000 for me to appear for the restraining order.’ So now she wants $14,000.

So, I tell her. ‘Well, I don’t have the money.’ She said, ‘Well, could you ask someone for it? Is there anything that you could sell?’ I had a $30,000 centerpiece solitaire diamond. She told me where to sell it, Valentine’s Jewelers in Milford. I went there, and I sold it for just the amount she needed. And I gave her the money.

Attorney Debra Marino couldn’t secure her client access to marital funds. Instead, she told her to sell her diamond and give her money.

So you gave her $14,000, which is what she needed for the divorce and the restraining order.

Yeah. But when we got there for the restraining order, Marino struck the deal with the opposing counsel.

What happened?

She said, ‘You know what? It’s not good to go on with the restraining order.’

The restraining order Marino took the four-thousand to represent you? First, she told you to do it. Then she told you it’s a bad idea. Did she refund the four thousand?

No, she did not. Instead, she said, let’s bring in Janis Laliberte.

A guardian?

Janis Laliberte, Guardian Ad Litem


Attorney Marino wanted $14,000 – $10,000 to represent you and $4,000 for the restraining order. You sold your diamond. Got her $14,000. She then told you, ‘No, it’s a bad idea to do the restraining order. I’ll just keep the four for doing nothing. Let’s bring in Janis Laliberte, the guardian.

She says, ‘Oh, Janice, Laliberte, she’ll protect your son. If she smells anything that Frank may be doing.’ 

According to Deb Marino, Laliberte was like a hound dog.


She could smell from a mile away. So, you agreed to do this. So, who’s to pay this hound dog to sniff this out?


So, Frank paid the guardian?


Did Marino tell you that since Frank was paying her, she might favor the man who paid her, or it doesn’t work that way?

I didn’t know.

Did you think that Laliberte, the guardian paid by the father maybe to encourage more payments, favored him? Or do you think she was an unbiased hound dog as she was described by Marino to be?

No, she’s a biased hound dog. She was bought over and over again.

How much did she bill on this case so far?

I believe about $80,000.

Paid by Frank?

Paid by Frank.

Janis Laliberte, GAL

Do you think that that money would influence Laliberte?

Oh, absolutely.

When did you first notice that she was not unbiased?

Well, I’ve always kind of felt that way. But then, you know, it’s kind of that thing where everybody’s speaking the same language, my attorney that’s supposed to be advocating for me, opposing counsel. And then the custody evaluator, and there’s a supervisor, and I didn’t realize they’re all working together.

Do you think they knew each other?

Oh, absolutely. The supervisor was Lisa Kerin, and I’ve spoken to mothers that have had the same situation, the same opposing counsel, the same guardian ad litem, and the same evaluator.

Lisa Kerin, Supervisor of visits between Joriz and Leo, insists she drives Joriz’s car with Frank Tiberi’s $5,000 retainer in her pocket.

Okay, so they all figured out pretty early that Frank had the money and he would pay everybody.

He would be angry and stupid enough to keep dishing it out because he hated me so much.

Why did he hate you?

For leaving him and showing all his secrets.  I never thought he liked children, or I hate to believe that. I hate to think that. I did not see it, but it can’t be a coincidence to have two kids behaving in such a manner… But he also tends to like men.

How do you know that?

I went to California and came back. I saw male clothing, and he would tell me the story of why someone wore this and sweated it out. And there’s, you know, different coats of other men.

Couldn’t that be innocent, just having a friend over?

I’ve seen on his phone male pornography. But he liked a lot of women as well. He admitted that he cheated on me while I was pregnant. He brought me to some of the women to show he was sorry, and he wouldn’t do it again.

What’d he do, slip them in the house while you were asleep?

When I was pregnant, I decided to leave him because he was taking drugs. My husband is a recovering heroin addict—[CT Dept of Health Disciplinary Action re: fraudulent prescriptions, drug abuse].

Frank Tiberi was cited for using narcotics while performing dentistry, writing his own prescriptions, and working with his brother Thomas at Tiberi Family Dental.

Oh, I see.

When I was pregnant and we were planning our wedding. I don’t know; maybe Frank, he felt the pressure. I caught him taking sleeping pills and muscle relaxants and things like that, and I thought for me to have a more peaceful end of my pregnancy, I’d go back to California.

Were you going to come back after you had the child?

I planned to come back. Things were very emotional. We weren’t married yet. And we were supposed to be married. And he didn’t want me to leave, and I didn’t want to leave, but I couldn’t be in that environment, knowing his past. And now I have a child.

Has he been using heroin since you married him?

Not that I know, but he drinks exceptionally heavily. He takes a lot of anabolic steroids. I don’t know what kind of pills he’s into now

Is he a weightlifter?

Yeah. He likes to think that he is. So he goes to the gym, lifts weights, and takes a lot of steroids.

I see, so he takes steroids, drinks a lot, and possibly molests his child, maybe not. On the other hand, he may have molested his daughter.

You went to California. You weren’t married. Did you feel that that was wrong that he was dating other women when you left him and went to California?

He admitted it to me when he came to California to come and get me, I had to forgive him because we were going to have a child. So, I forgave him for everything he’d done because it meant more for my son to have a father and mother.

So, you went back with him? And how old is Leo now?

My son is now seven years old. I missed his seventh birthday on March 31st.

Joriz and Leo

Let’s go back a little bit. You paid a woman, attorney Marino $14,000 for a restraining order and to represent you. She changed her mind about getting a restraining order but chose to keep the money you paid her for that. She said to you, ‘Let’s get a hound dog, a woman who could smell out a pervert.’ But she couldn’t smell Marino, but she could smell a pervert a mile away. And she would protect your son, and now you don’t have a relationship with your son. Did Marino suggest you were molesting your son?

No, never.

Did she find that the father was not molesting the son?

She kept saying, ‘Dr. Caverly never saw that he was doing anything. Oh, no, he’s been checked by Dr. Caverly. He’s okay.’

Is Tiberi Caverly’s patient?


How many times did Caverly meet with Tiberi?

I think she met with Frank maybe twice; she met with me twice.

So, Caverly has an even greater ability to smell than Laliberte because she ascertained that he’s a perfect father in just two meetings with Tiberi.

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly has her marching orders before sitting down with the parents to do her custody evaluation.


And then, so you went from Laliberte, and then they told you to get Calverly. And who paid Caverly?

My husband, Frank, did.

So, he’s paying everybody. You agree to it because you trusted this lady shyster, Marino.

Well, because it was Laliberte. It was her suggestion to use Caverly

You still had custody of the boy, you were in the house, Frank was out, and Frank was paying, and he purchased his way back in?

Yes, absolutely.

So, what happened?

DCF had an open case because of what I reported. DCF wanted Leo to be in therapy. I wanted him to be in therapy, but my husband wouldn’t agree.


So, I couldn’t bring him to therapy. DCF would come to visit us every week. This guy Simon would come. And he’d say, ‘Is there anything you’d like to report? Is there anything that he did?’ I said, ‘Yeah, well, this is what he did this week.’

Leo would tell me, ‘Daddy grabbed me right here. And I didn’t like it.’ You know, things like that. He started doing things to him that were — I guess maybe he was mad at Leo for disclosing what he was doing to him.

So, every time he visited with his father, Leo would tell me he didn’t want to go, and ‘Daddy hurts me.’ And so, I would report this to Simon, the DCF caseworker. Simon would say he needs to be in therapy. So, it escalated. There were so many reports that I made.

They said, ‘You know what, we’re going to take this child because dad is saying that mom is crazy. And if mom is crazy, why is dad letting Leo stay with her?’ So, then GAL Laliberte said, ‘Oh, you know what? I don’t want you to take my word. So, what we’re going to do is we’re just going to have a custody evaluation.’

When Laliberte said this, was she seemingly on your side?

No, she was furious that I was reporting Frank’s abuse.

The fact that you were reporting things.

That I was reporting what Leo said Frank was doing to him.

You were reporting to the DCF, Simon.


And Simon was threatening to have the child removed altogether?

Simon’s supervisor, yes.

So, was Simon in contact with Laliberte?

Well, they barely knew each other. But Laliberte would call DCF and speak for the minor child since she’s the guardian. She’d say, ‘Oh, Simon, you’re a good guy. You know, we’re trying to get this stuff done. But you know, something is going on with mom and dad, and you know, the divorce, but I’m in it for the child, and I want to get him help. So, we’re going to get to the bottom of this, and we will get a custody evaluation. And Dr. Caverly, she knows what she’s looking for.’

Have you seen your custody evaluation report?

I have.

And was one of the ‘findings’ was that you’re alienating the child from his dad?

That was one of the allegations made against me.

And some kind of mental illness she diagnosed?

Yes, that I was delusional.

And what were your delusions?

Delusional about the behavior that my son was displaying.

Caverly said it was all a delusion. How many times did she meet with your son?


Alone or with you?

I was there, but then she pulled him out of the room to speak to him by herself.

How long did they speak?

It can’t be more than 30 minutes.

So, in 30 minutes, she figured out that it was all your doing and your son didn’t have a valid complaint.


She figured that out quickly, didn’t she?


I don’t know that I could, or anybody could, make such a quick evaluation that there’s no child abuse going on in one 30-minute meeting. But Caverly is supreme. She knows all. Sees all. Understands all. And hers is the last word in any case where she’s retained.

When she finally testified in front of Judge Jane Grossman, she spoke as if she had just done the custody evaluation that day or that week. However, her custody evaluation was over two years old when she testified.

The last time she saw Leo was two years earlier?

Yes. But Caverly testified as if she had just written the custody evaluation report.

Who was your lawyer then? Was it Marino?

No, by this time, it was Shawna Hamilton Doster.

Let’s go back to Marino. She helped get your child removed from your life by getting that hound dog of a guardian ad litem, Laliberte, who could smell abuse. And then Laliberte arranged for you to have a custody evaluation done by Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, Dr. Know-All.  Papa paid for it all. So, they knew papa was paying for it. And then there was a custody evaluation report that said you were alienating the children and you were delusional, so the recommendation of Dr. Caverly was what?

For Frank to have sole custody and I was to have only supervised visitation and some sort of reunification therapy.

So, she recommended a complete flip. Take the boy away from you.


And give him to Frank.


What about the house?

I had to leave the house because he would be with the child, and they didn’t want to disrupt his life. So, in two weeks, I had to go. [January 3, 2020 court-ordered ‘agreement’ from ex-parte status conference.]

So, they didn’t want to disrupt the child’s life, so they kicked the mother out of the house where the child was living and substituted the father so as not to disrupt him because the house would be the primary attachment, not the mother. Was your child upset by losing his mother?

Oh absolutely. Leo couldn’t understand why mommy dropped him off at school that morning. And I didn’t pick him back up. You know, for a long time, he would tell me, ‘Mommy, you forgot. You forgot to pick me up. Why did you forget to pick me up?’ And how do you explain that to your son?

[Request by GAL Laliberte for ex-parte status conference after receiving custody evaluation from Biren-Caverly].

Why don’t you say jackals stole him? Hyenas and jackals came into your life, and they stole this child.



You know I was so wrong. My husband did a lot of things. He cheated. He did a lot of things that were emotionally abusive toward me. And the only reason why I left him was Leo told me what his father was doing to him.

And everything went full circle. And I realized what happened to Isabella [his daughter from a previous marriage]. And now he was doing it to Leo. So, I started to put it all together. And this was the only reason I filed for divorce, to protect my son, not thinking that the court system would deliver him to the abuser. But, I mean, even now that’s happening. I mean, why would anybody think that it would be right for a little boy not to see his mother, not even a visit? Why would that be okay?

How much is Frank paying now? Is he still paying everybody?


Is he paying you anything?

No. He owes a tremendous amount of back support from Judge Jane Grossman, all the court-ordered agreements and bills he was supposed to pay, and rent and things like that. But no, nothing has been paid. In the interim order that Judge Grossman just completed, she said that he didn’t have to pay anything that she previously ordered him to pay to me.


I don’t know.

So, he pays you nothing. He walked away with everything. You got kicked out. To protect your child, you went to Connecticut Family Court. You lost your child; the child lost his mother. When was the last time you and Leo were alone together?

In 2021, Frank felt okay for me to have unsupervised visits until I reported him for neglect of our son’s teeth. Frank’s a dentist, and our son had rotten teeth.

You could see the boy from time to time.

He let me see him twice a week for like 10 hours a week.

Then you noticed the dentist Tiberi allowed his son’s teeth to rot?


These were baby teeth?

Yes, he complained about his mouth hurting, and when I’d bring up the issue with Frank, he’d say no, they’re fine. So, one day, it happened to be my visitation and my son’s birthday, March 31st, 2021. He couldn’t eat his birthday cake.


His mouth was hurting, so I brought him to the dentist.

And what did the dentist say?

The pediatric dentist said that he has rotten molars and rotting teeth that need to be extracted.

Do you have a report of that?

I do.

[pediatric dental report

But you reported this to who?

I reported it to Laliberte, and I also filed a motion in court, and it was heard in front of Grossman. And Grossman said that you know what, since dad is a professional, he’s a dentist, and he said that there’s nothing wrong, well, we’re just going to trust what he says. And he’s going to decide what’s going to happen to the child’s teeth.

Who was paying your lawyers then?

I had Shawna Hamilton Doster, and she was not being paid.

I see, so she left. She split.

She split. She split during the trial.

Right in the middle of trial?

Right in the middle of trial.

Is that because she wasn’t paid?

Because I told her, ‘Hey, you know, I see what you guys are doing. You guys are gaming me; you guys are conspiring. I see what you’re doing with Laliberte, with Knopf.’ You know, they tried to defeat the court order for my spousal support, by passing around a check in front of me.

By passing a check, what kind of a check?

Lisa Knopf was cross-examining me, and she said something about, ‘Oh, and you’ve been refusing to accept Frank’s checks’. I said, ‘ Why would I refuse them? I need them.’ I was like, ‘I’d be happy to receive a check from Frank. It’s court-ordered.’

What happened?

Knopf says, ‘ Oh, I’m glad you said that,’ and she hands a check over to my attorney, Hamilton Doster, while I’m sitting on the witness stand. And later, I learned the check from Frank was made out to my attorney for $25,000.

Who pocketed that?

After a tremendous amount of emails to attorney Hamilton Doster, she finally gave the money to me. I don’t believe they had any intention for that money to go to me.

Is that when she quit? Did you offer to use some of the $25,000 to pay her?

No. No, I did not.


But Judge Grossman made that recommendation.

Grossman recommended you use the $25,000 to pay Doster, but you didn’t do it, and then you got punished.

I got punished because I asked why Lisa Knopf was sending a check to my attorney, Hamilton Doster, when the court order says explicitly to deposit the money into my account? The $25,000 was for back payments of what Frank owed. It was supposed to be deposited in my account.

Let me see if I have this straight. You were right in the middle of the trial. That was $25,000, which was money your husband owed you, and Knopf, your husband’s attorney, arranged to have that check paid to your lawyer instead of you. And then there was some anger. The judge told you if you want to be a good little girl, you make sure that your lawyer gets that $25,000 and not you. You refused. And then what happened?

And Shawna Hamilton Doster withdrew from my case.

Did you agree to have her withdrawn?

Yeah, because at that point, I knew. Doster was supposed to file all kinds of motions for me. She wasn’t advocating for me.

What about the argument someone could make by saying, ‘Well, you didn’t even pay your lawyer. Why should she not withdraw?’

She was pro bono. She knew she wasn’t getting paid when I met her through an advocacy program.

Oh, she stepped in pro bono.

Oh, absolutely. She’s stepped in pro bono. She knew.

Then when a $25,000 check was floating about, she stopped being Bono. She just became Pro.


There was a fateful day when you had to drop your kid off, your child who you had raised and been with every day of your life. Frank Tiberi was never a stay-at-home papa, right? You were the one that took care of the child.


And then one day you had to leave the house. Was the house in your name also, or just in his?

Joriz and her son Leo at their Fairfield County home.

Just his.

So, you had to leave the house and leave your child at school, and then daddy would pick the child up, and you were not to see the child again, right?


What day was that?

January 3, 2020.

[Court-ordered ‘agreement’].

So, January 3rd, 2020. That’s more than two years ago. So, your child was but five years old?


And does he still remember you?

Of course. Yes, he does. But he hesitates. When I have seen him recently, you know, I showed up for [a] soccer game he was playing. He hesitates to run to me. He looks over at his father first.

He’s been alienated?


Do you talk to him on the phone? Are you allowed any contact with him at all?

No. My husband recently filed a restraining order against me [March 30, 2022 Order of Protection]

He claims he is in fear that I will harm him and that he’s in fear that I will harm our son as well.

What is he worried that you might do? Do you have any record of violence?


Have you ever been arrested for violence? Attacking somebody?


Kidnapping, shooting anyone?


Does he have any violent tendencies?

I believe so.

But he never struck you? Did he?


I see. Is Frank a tiny, slightly built person?

No, he’s a huge guy. He’s about 230 pounds.

How tall is he approximately?

Like maybe 5′ 11″.

And he’s muscular?


He takes steroids. How tall are you?

I’m five-two, about 115-120 pounds.

I see. So, Frank’s not worried that you’re going to attack him physically, is he?

Well, that’s what he claims that he is in fear that I will harm him.

I see, all right. So, according to the order, Judge Grossman did not want you to come within 100 yards of your son, and she said that you’re delusional. I guess that Judge Grossman herself can diagnose people’s mental conditions.


Is she a psychiatrist as well as a judge? I saw something I had never seen before, and it was an astonishing thing. Judge Grossman said that your husband was capable of diagnosing you. He knew when you were delusional and when you were not. And so, he could therefore decide when you could talk to your child on the phone, I believe. Do I have this correct?


Your husband’s a dentist. Is he also a psychiatrist?


How would Dr. Grossman, we’ll call her Dr. Grossman, know that Dr. Tiberi could diagnose you from a distance? What was that about?

I don’t know. Other than my husband’s wallet, I don’t know.

Other than the wallet. But we buy a psychiatrist’s degree with the wallet. Judge Grossman, is she nice or hostile?

Oh, she is not nice to me. She is hostile.

What’s she like on the bench? Is she calm or angry?

She chastised me a couple of times to answer Lisa Knopf directly as she was asking me something that had nothing to do with my dissolution.

Give me an example.

An example would be what support groups I belong to? What we talk about in the support groups? What day do I get on my support groups? Was I just there on Monday? Okay, what was the topic, and what did I share? And I looked up at Judge Grossman, and I said, ‘What does this have to do with my divorce?’

And, of course, attorney Shawna Hamilton Doster was letting them. She wasn’t objecting because, at this point, she was at the mercy of the court. She’s either going to join them, or be eaten alive in court the next time she shows up with somebody else. So, she sold me out.

How old is this Doster woman?

She’s in her 50s.

Has she been in the family court racket for a while?

No. She wants to be. She’s dying to be accepted. Shawna Hamilton Doster is barely an accomplished lawyer. At one time, I was her paralegal for my case. So I saw communication between Knopf, Laliberte, and her and I also saw other cases and how she communicated with them.

She was trying to get in with the Rat Pack.

At that time, she was still trying to be a good lawyer. Until her back was pushed against the wall, and they scared the shit out of her. They told her she would be disbarred.

Who told her that?

Knopf and Laliberte because attorney Hamilton Doster drafted a complaint against Jessica Biren-Caverly. We were going to file a complaint against Dr. Jessica Biren-Calverly. And Hamilton Doster mailed Biren-Caverly’s attorney advising him.

So, my intended complaint against Biren-Caverly was brought up at my trial, and Biren-Caverly’s attorney, Charles Gura, showed up.

So, Charles Gura showed up at your trial.

Yeah. And Gura made an appearance saying, ‘Oh, I want to project my client. I know there was a threat that a complaint was to be filed against Dr. Biren Caverly.’ And so, Shawna broke up into pieces crying to this attorney, saying, ‘Oh no…no.’

Crying with tears rolling down her eyes? In court?

Mascara all over her eyes.

In court, in front of everyone?


And when she was crying, what did she say?

Well, she spoke to him on the side. She was nervous, so she talked to him on the side.

Did she withdraw the complaint?

She told me that she wouldn’t represent me with this complaint.

I see what happened. You got into the middle. Shawna was trying to get in with the Rat Pack. And you had asked her to file a complaint against Dr. Jessica Calverly, one of their sacred cows.

And Laliberte, Calverly, Grossman, and little Doster were aligned. Everyone was pissed at you, including Knopf, who was handling the money. So, when Knopf tried to get a check for $25,000 paid to Doster to show her that if she was a good girl, she could get in with the gravy, at that point, you objected. So, you were entitled to the $25,000?


$25,000 for Joriz Tiberi, but written out to Attorney Hamilton Doster



Doster was supposed to be your pro bono attorney. And then everything fell apart, and you’ve been punished successively harsher and harsher, and now you can’t even be 100 yards away from your child. Is that right?

Yep. I believe it’s 100 yards, and now I could be arrested.

If you go near anywhere around him?

Yes. Around Leo or Frank.

Timid Frank?


Scaredy, Frank?


What is the basis of your being mentally ill?

Either I have to be delusional, or the molesting is real.

I see.

They’re claiming I’m coaching my son. So, there’s got to be something wrong with me, or this abuse is happening.

It was a choice between the abuse is happening, and the guy paying for the whole caboodle would then be unwilling to pay, or it’s not happening, and you’re insane, and the payments continue.

If I were insane, I wouldn’t be a preschool teacher.

Wait a second. Wait a minute. Now, Joriz. According to the people that your husband pays, you can’t see your child because you’re dangerously insane. But did you just say that you’re a preschool teacher?


Are you with children?

Yes. Twenty children all day.

And any of them? Has anybody raised any complaints about your delusions?

Absolutely not. You know, my employer is one of my biggest supporters.

So, you can take care of 20 children of your son’s age.


But you’re not permitted to be with your son because you’re delusional. Didn’t Jane Grossman, the psychiatrist, Judge Jane, the psychiatrist. Didn’t she say that you’re okay with other people’s children, you only have a delusion about your child?


I wonder if that’s unique in the annals of psychiatry. A person who just gets delusional about her kid but can fondly take care of others’ children.

Their mind was made up. It didn’t matter that I saw another psychologist after Biren-Caverly.

Wait a second. You got a second opinion?

[Evaluation from Dr. Beth Karassik of Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services].

Yeah, for myself. Janis Laliberte was so upset about that.


Because Dr. Karassik was more qualified than Dr. Biren-Caverly.

Did Dr. Karassik, [did] she confirm your insanity?

No, she said she saw no psychopathology that would be interfering with me being a parent to Leo. She thinks that it would be beneficial for Leo for me to be in his life. So, she wrote up a letter for me to give to Janis Laliberte, but-

And Janis welcomed it.

No, absolutely not.

What did she say when she got it?

Nothing. This is what they do. They say nothing. They ignore me as if I don’t exist. To this day, I send emails asking questions, and they say nothing.

Laliberti took the Fifth. So, where it stands now is that your ex-heroin, potentially child molesting, but affluent dentist husband has complete custody of the child. He lives with the child. You’re not allowed to see the child based on the opinion of Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, that you’re delusional. And conversely, a psychologist who evaluated you said you’re not delusional. And when you were unable to pay or unwilling to pay your lawyer, she dropped out.

What about Marino? How did she drop out? How did she happen to drop out of the case? Was it a monetary thing or not?

No, I fired her. I told her ‘You’re not advocating for me. You sold my son from under my feet.’

How did she sell your son? Was there an actual bill of sale?

On January 3rd, when she advised me to sign an agreement for Frank to have temporary custody, there was also written into that agreement that Frank would pay her a retainer of $15,000.

Who paid that?


So that’s how they purchased your child. They bought the child from your attorney for only $15,000. What was the technicality that got $15,000 into Marino’s paws?

I was sitting in the hallway the entire time. I wasn’t involved in any of this. And I didn’t even know what was going on while Frank’s attorney and my attorney were in the conference room pow-wowing.

Okay, but how did Marino get fifteen thousand dollars? What did they tell you was the reason your attorney Debra Marino got $15,000 from the opposing party, Frank Tiberi?

Nothing. The reason was that Marino needed to replenish her retainer.

Oh, and so Frank was required to pay for it. Was this the day your son was removed from your custody?


Marino got her $15,000 bonus for good legal services. You lost the child.


On the day that custody of Leo was transferred to Frank, he was generous enough to tender Marino a $15,000 check to replenish her account.

Yes. I would have to move out of the house in two weeks. I’d lose custody of our son. I have to have supervised visitation for 10 hours a week.

And your attorney, Marino, got $15,000.

Marino got $15,000.

Do you want to know something? She works cheaply. That’s a low price to sell a kid. But we’re dealing with some pretty lowly creatures here, aren’t we?

I agree.

My goodness, what a story. A real story for the record. Your mistake was you were fighting for your kid. You’re protecting your child. And the result was the jackals surrounded, and they tore you apart and your son too.

And they continue to.

They’ll continue until they’re in jail for racketeering.

That’s right.

This is a typical story. Family court actors work in their best interest.

Lawyers for both sides in collusion and with the guardian ad litem. The guardian schemes with a custody evaluator such as Jessica Biren Caverly. She, in turn, will make a highly subjective custody report that custody should go to whoever it must to ensure that the attorneys and GAL will make the most money.

This usually requires a finding of parental alienation and that the parent who is to lose custody is insane or delusional.

No second opinions are permitted by the GAL, for, after all, she is only serving the child’s best interest.

Most judges quietly go along with whatever recommendations the GAL and custody evaluator say. Some judges, like Grossman, will fight tooth and nail for the best interest of the attorneys.

Arranging to hand custody of children to a parent based on a collusive agreement between the actors to bill the most money is a racketeering enterprise.

Like the man in The Godfather said, “This is the business that we have chosen.”

And the business they’ve chosen is to sell kids.


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  • Judge HON ANTHONY TRUGLIA the monster in black, mother hater, total asshole, forces mother to be in court without her consent!!

  • What does a guardian ad litem do in a simple administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce? How can a clown like Kevin Finch run up a $50k bill for doing nothing? How does Kevin Finch ethically bill 140 hours of professional services consisting entirely of phone calls and reviewing pleadings of others? What is the magical, necessity of illusory representation of ‘best interests’ that consumes so much time and money? Why is this fictitious form of legal representation, absent a real client, worth $350/hr? Another jewdicial scam on the goy?

    Ever notice that poor folks don’t get GALs. Or if they do, the State only pays a flat fee of $500/kid? Why the difference? In the land of the free and the home of the brave, where equal protection grips the states under the Fourteenth Amendment, where is the differentiation in the cost of GALs? In statute? No! In case law? No! In public policy? No! The difference is in the jewish standard of thievery. The more money the parents have, the more expensive the GAL. The same nefarious services of phone calls/status conferences/reviews has a jewish escalation clause in the pricing. The Connecticut GAL is a jewish hustle to bleed goy families for the benefit of judges and their Bar pets. Ask Alexander Cuda.

  • Maria McKeon, Esq.
    March 17, 2022
    One of the reasons that divorce in Connecticut is so fucked up is the idiot lawyers who prey on family savings to pay for lifestyles they cannot afford.

    Blog aficionados are aware that every divorce is ninety minutes worth of work, which most is typing. No one cares why someone wants out of a marriage. The state does not give a shit about kids. The morons who work at the family court don’t care about anything other than lunch, quitting time, and days to retirement. The fuck barrel of a Connecticut divorce is traced directly to the family section of the Bar Association, a cesspool of bottom of the barrel lawyers who can’t get a job doing real estate closings, pathetic unemployable people.

    Most family court lawyers work under their own shingle or maybe share an office with another lowlife to save on rent. Some are so fucked up they throw up a website and work out of their house because they lack enough clients to have a professional office.

    Like what to do in the office other than fuck the secretary or the clients themselves. A little scrutiny of the pretenders at law goes a long way to explain the fucked up family court system run by[redacted] in the black robe.

    Meet Attorney Maria F. McKeon, a total piece of shit attorney who can’t spell L-A-W. She is the head of the McKeon Law Group, LLC. This ‘group’ consists solely of Maria with offices in Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield, New London, Middletown, Tolland, and Windham.

    In reality, Maria has no office locations, just works out of her kitchen at 117 Senate Brook Drive in Amston.

    A washed up lawyer who studied tax, securities, annuities, worked stints at Aetna, Hartford, Travelers, Prudential, now preys on parents caught up in divorce matters, fleecing family savings providing no professional service and quitting after running up excessive billing without delivering a divorce.

    McKeon is a scam artist. Blog calls this hit and run. Take on a client, fan the flames of litigation, drag things out, make a mess, get some cash, then quit, leaving a claim for the rest of the excessive billing whenever the case finally ends.

    By the numbers McKeon took on a mom in a simple no-fault divorce, ran up a bill of $145k over one year, sucking $85k in cash out of mom, beating her up for another $60k then quitting for not being paid, leaving mom in the middle of a McKeon shit storm.

    Now ten months after she quit, mom is dragged thru the Bar Association’s own fleecing arbitration, demanding the remaining $60k.

    After McKeon quit on this mom, it took 77 docket entries over ten months to finish up the mess created by tag team of McKeon and Lisa Knopf, 152 entries of protracted litigation brought about by [redacted] lawyers and [redacted] judges playing parents [redacted]. Talk about shit show managed by [redacted] Judge Jane Grossman and her [redacted] sidekick Judge Elizabeth Stewart. Isn’t that special, all that money, plus daddy’s fees on [redacted] lawyer Lisa Knopf, plus ridiculous fees on GAL Kevin Finch and a chunk of change for the [redacted] opinion of Dr. Jessica Caverly PhD and another family falls to the [redatced] agenda for [redacted] kids.

    The Connecticut divorce machine took more money out of this family in two years of litigation than what the kids will need for college. Can u say [redacted] scam … knew u could. Just thank the [redacted] in the black robe who runs the Branch.

  • Malicious parent syndrome” is when one parent seeks to punish the other parent by talking poorly about them and/or doing things to place the parent in a bad light, particularly in the eyes of their children. Another common term for this behavior is “parental alienation syndrome.” Learn more below from our Chicago family law attorney, Jonathan Merel.

    Malicious Parent Syndrome in Divorce Cases

    It’s common knowledge how difficult and stressful the divorce process can be for all parties. It can especially be so for parents who are worried about how the experience will affect their relationship with their children. Many individuals going through a divorce show negative or destructive emotions against their spouses such as resentment, anger, rage, antagonism, and a desire to “get even” for the wrongs they feel they have endured.

    These emotions can lead to destructive behavior involving the use of their children in a legal war against their spouse regarding custody and divorce. When this behavior extends to actions designed to harm the other spouse’s relationship with the children or to harm their standing in the community, it is referred to a “malicious parent syndrome.”

    Malicious Parent Syndrome Behavior

    Malicious parent syndrome is not a mental disorder that is recognized as an actual psychiatric condition by professionals. Instead, it is a label that came about from a psychologist who wished to describe a certain destructive pattern of behavior on the part of one parent towards the other during divorce proceedings. The behavior involved the parent behaving in a purposeful way that was vengeful toward the other parent, often extending to even breaking the law to further the goal of destroying the parent-child relationship and/or punishing of the other parent.

    The types of behavior that a malicious parent may engage in can include:

    Denying regular or uninterrupted visitation on the part of the other parent
    Denying phone access between the child and the other parent
    Denying the other parent access or participation in the child’s school or extra-curricular events
    Lying to the child about the other parent which involve accusations designed to sway the child against the other parent
    Lying to other people about the other parent to denigrate his or her reputation or perception by them
    Actually violating the law, such as refusing to obey a custody court order ..
    Engaging in endless litigation to punish the other parent
    In the most extreme cases, causing some kind of actual harm or deprivation to a child for which the other parent will be blamed
    In other extreme cases, engaging in actions to damage the other parent’s property or causing him or her some type of physical harm sick psychopath..

  • Same players, same corruption. The State of Connecticut (who should be addressing and correcting these MAJOR problems) AND their Family Court System are more corrupt than one can almost possibly imagine. Keep up the great reporting, Frank! Maybe these losers will get their just due…soon!

  • file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/f1/01/02C17B54-1E87-42A9-9969-5AA1770B1F57/IMG_2338.heic

  • Call with Ms Campos; edit and file motion for
    correction of orders; file caseflow request for
    child support; email Kevin Finch re: errors on
    court orders (client being difficult; daughter not
    admitting to abuse).
    Several calls with Ms. Campos;

  • What an absolute sham within our CT “family” court system, and a horrific tragedy for Ms. Tiberi and her son.

    Going through divorce myself, and losing my two teenagers due to parental alienation by my ex-wife disgusting mentally abuse my children yeah in accuse of financial abuse it and yeah she has $1.5M
    Playing the system in flood court with no sense bullshit.. good luck

  • Hate Speech is not Free Speech

    Recently I came across a blog called http://www.thefamilycourtcircus.com that is purported to help “victims” of the CT family court system have a voice. My hope in talking about this blog is not to make it popular but to make people aware that this exists. I was shocked reading it. It is a racist, antisemetic, homophobic and at times violent blog that hides under the cowardly code of anonymity. These are not activists that write this blog, these are essentially terrorists using words instead of weapons.

    I do believe there are people whose side is not heard in family court but this is not the way to handle it. You cannot condemn the entire system when it doesn’t work in your favor. Change comes from voting, changing laws, research and not giving up. I wonder how valid your arguments are if you have to reduce yourself to antisemitism and racist words. You lose your audience when you need inflammatory words to just get your point across.

    It is time that we prosecute the owner of this blog that posts hateful speech, names innocent people (lawyers and judges doing their job and most importantly the minor children involved), put links to private family information (including bills that show home addresses and minor children’s psychological evaluation details) Anyone who participates and gives these details to this blog are just as guilty. It is feeding a hate machine. And completely one sided, if the facts do not fit their agenda, they merely leave them out.

    There is no place for this in society. This should not be considered a First Amendment issue when race, religion, sexual orientation and violence are all being used in this hateful blog. We must not stay silent, this normalizes this thinking. Another effect: lawyers will not want to take cases and have their careers upended by a lone madman in the woods of Virginia .. Why hide if you feel so strongly? Maybe because this type of hate speech is illegal and not protected under the First Amendment

  • Frank- you have attested on more than one occasion that you do not know the author of the vile, racist, hateful, and repugnant Family Court Circus blog. Clearly that’s another falsity as a letter addressed to YOU was published on the FCC site today.

    • I do not publish on the Family Court Circus site. However, my articles are frequently posted on other blogs, usually without my permission. Most often, the blogs that republish my stories link back to my website, which is suitable for my website.

      I do not condone any anti-Semitic comments, but I do not believe the virulently anti-Semitic Family Court Circus should be censored or the blog owner arrested. I am not in the business of telling others how to run their blogs, but I believe the Family Court Circus would be far more effective without the anti-Semitic commentary.

      And that’s my free speech.

  • What an absolute sham within our CT “family” court system, and a horrific tragedy for Ms. Tiberi and her son.

    Going through divorce myself, and losing my two teenage daughters due to parental alienation, Ms. Tiberi is not alone. But what’s happened, and continues to, with her case, is 1,000 times worse, disgusting and corrupt than anyone’s divorce I’ve ever heard of. It’s absolutely surreal. It’s unfathomable why these jokes of the court aren’t in prison.

    • The reality of Connecticut Family Court is it is the will of the people enacted thru legislators to rape childhood!!! It is what the sovereign citizens create by majority vote….rape children and family bank….it is DEMOCRACY!!!!

  • Re This Latest Interview & the Armchair Critics:

    Frank has to interview these people to flesh out the story to deliver it to the public.

    He’s simply sharing the interviews allowing us the reader to judge the VERACITY of the stories.

    • Really? Then maybe FR should revise the title of this post to “Woman Claims CT Family Court Lawyers Colluded to Sell Son to Dentist Father — Shares Story of Her Loss” otherwise it reads like the FR agrees with her accusations as if they are fact.

  • In addition.Lisa Knopf is opposing counsel in my case. I had Debra Marino who sold me out with a GAL as well.. the divorce decree wants to add Lisa Karin as parent coordinator. Also had a eval with Jessica Caverly.. hmm all the same players

    • I too have been a victim of these horrible blood suckers.

      Presiding judge was Jane Grossman, Lisa Knopf was my counsel she sold me out to opposing counsel, Janis laliberte GAL who pulled the strings, Jessica Biren Caverly covered up the sexual abuse my daughters and myself have suffered.

      Janis laliberte Esq. is the one that smooths thing out with DCF case worker to make them believe mom is crazy and delusional about sexual abuse.

      Lisa Kerin lcsw was also supervisor and helps to create more drama. This network of bottom feeders all work together to protect the pedophile for 1 billable hour at a time. I was coerced into signing a settlement agreement threatening I would never see my daughters again. I’m 4 yrs post divorce and I’m yet to receive the reunification therapy on the court order.

      Thank you Mr. Parlato for reporting the corruption in the Connecticut Family Court. You’ve given me the strength to fight for what’s left of the innocence of my teenage daughter.

    • Pay the Bill…

      [redacted] Connecticut run up excessive bills for mediocre legal representation in obtaining simple, administrative, no-fault divorces for their clients: they talk on the phone!!! [redacted]Attorney Maria McKeon runs the [redacted] McKeon Law Group, a group of one, with ‘vast in house legal experience’, sitting at her kitchen table, too pathetic to have an actual office for the Group. Running up a huge bill of over $150k, dragging out litigation, then quitting her client who could not afford to pay for McKeon’s putrid non-performance.

      There is an expectation of professional services when contracting for legal representation for a simple no-fault divorce. The vultures of the Bar have a better game to play than simply executing statutory necessities; fleecing clients under the deception of professional legal services is an art form. A review of Attorney McKeon’s billings for a year of fraud reveals 233 line entries describing work performed, 131 of these entries were for ‘calls’. The scam of family court lawyers is to talk on the phone to everybody while fleecing the client for $300/hr. A closer examination of the descriptors reveals that professional legal services to obtain a divorce expands in scope to cover the radon in the basement, a kid who is not allowed to drive, squabbles over paying taxes, lengthy debates on picking psychologists, vacation planning, opinions of a GAL, talking on the phone about irrelevant matters once to opposing counsel, then with the therapist, then with the evaluator, then with the GAL, then again with opposing counsel, same discussion, billed four times on the phone … an awesome scam, almost looks legit. McKeon chats with GAL Finch for one hour it costs her client over $600; the phone is an ATM for free cash. A bit of an adder to all the ‘calling’ is that there are 20 entries for the work of a ‘paralegal’ the industry term for a retarded secretary shuffling files. Blog can’t make this shit up. See Maria McKeon’s invoices here.

      Attorney McKeon is now represented by Kerry R. Callahan, Esq. of Updick Kelly Spellacy, a major Connecticut based law firm of 55 washed up lawyers camped out in five offices across the state. Needless to say not all of her fraudulent bills have been paid by the unsatisfied client. Callahan is a huckster, making a ridiculous argument that McKeon is a real lawyer, running a real law group, with vast experience from her kitchen table, with boxed wine in the fridge to keep the demons at bay. Family court is a den of thieves, McKeon’s invoices tell how the game is played.

      McKeon loves litigation, she represents herself in her own protracted post judgement slug fest against her ex William Lennon. The love birds were divorced in 2007 but can’t stop meeting each other in court to argue over something new. A warning goes out to parties in the following cases who are probably being swindled for phone calls, discussions, chats, boxed wine induced buffoonery masquerading as practice of law.

      Attorney McKeon will stay on the phone as long as it takes to resolve basement radon issues, recovering Xbox passwords, arguing over grandparent visits, proper use of Facetime app, paying household bills, taxes, gossip with therapists, gossip with GAL, gossip with opposing counsel, critique therapy, dining at CheeseCake Factory; at $300/hr it is hard to put the phone down.

  • Consider this…why does it seem like only wealthy men are able to wrest custody from unstable moms? Because wealthy men have the resources to do it. When mom is fine, the vast majority of men are more than happy to share custody. When mom is off the rails it takes a whole lot of time, effort and money to prove that to a court. Sadly there are probably many kids stuck with abusive mothers (and fathers) because the other parent doesn’t have the resources or will to fight to protect the child from them.

  • CT family court is corrupt. I know first hand. It is just a game for lawyers to keep making bank. They don’t care about the kids or you .. only money

    • Also Lisa Knopf is the opposing counsel .. deb Marino was one of my attorneys.. Jessica Caverly did an evaluation. And the decree has Lisa Lernout as a parent cordinator

      • Please contact FR if Caverly did your custody evaluation. Multiple cases of fraud against her. Seeking all parties harmed by her child abuse and fraud. Thank you.

  • Frank, the information which has come to light (i.e., regarding the mother accusing other people at daycare centers and coffee shops of ‘molesting’ her child) is NOT just a trivial detail which can be explained away by ‘stress’.

    If those facts are really true (if she really made those false statements) then it’s GAME OVER for this particular article of yours.

    You lost this one. Game. Set. Match.

    Move on to a more credible mother.

    Don’t humiliate yourself by trying to give credibility to this NUTTY story.

    No, Frank… It’s absolutely NOT ‘understandable’ for a mother to claim that people at daycare centers or coffee shops are molesting her child, regardless of how stressed she is.

    If she FALSELY claimed that strangers molested her child, that means her claims made against the father are absolutely false too. Basic common sense tells us that.

    That’s NOT the behavior of a MENTALLY HEALTHY mother. Period.

    You’re losing credibility by continuing to champion this particular woman’s case.

    No SANE or FIT parent would ever make up such statements out of whole cloth, unless they were mentally unbalanced. Period.

    Get away from this batshit woman. You can’t sprinkle pixie dust on this article and attempt to save it.

    Don’t dig in your heels as part of a self-serving effort to avoid looking stupid for initially believing this woman.

    Cut your losses, Frank. Stop using your emotions to respond. Just admit, to yourself, that she’s not entirely mentally healthy if she really did make those statements.

    Guess what? There’s a LOT of stressed-out people (who lose custody of their kids) who don’t falsely accuse others of child molestation.


    No media outlets will take you seriously if you defend this woman by trying to claim that her husband made her life so miserable that she had no choice but to hallucinate (or lie) about her kid being molested by strangers at coffee shops or daycare centers.

    Stop defending the un-defendable.

    You’d have a better chance trying to defend Putin’s insane actions (than trying to defend this woman’s batshit crazy statements).

    Don’t let your ego force you into a position where you can’t admit that you made a mistake by giving credibility to this woman.

    Just admit that you made an error in judgement. You’re human. It happens to everybody.

    • Just wanted to add..

      Frank is claiming that the husband is the one who said those things about his wife (Frank’s claiming it’s just ‘hearsay’ and not believable; even though Frank is giving the mother’s own ‘hearsay’ 100% credibility, LOL).

      Classic bias confirmation. Accept those words which you like to hear (and reject everything else).

      *However, as another poster pointed out, it’s apparently ‘public record’ that the mother may have followed a person (from a ‘creamery’) and accused them of molesting her child.

      I don’t know if that’s true or not. However, seeing that Frank hasn’t refuted this point, I’m guessing that he’s not able to refute it.

      Also, that same poster pointed out that the mother already RECANTED allegations of molestation (to the psych hospital).

      If that’s really true, then it’s on the official record (and it means she MADE IT UP).

      Frank didn’t dispute that, which tells me he likely cannot refute it.

      This is NOT just hearsay.

      Oh… And what about the poster who claimed that the mother’s own family members have said they’ll testify against her?

      Again, I don’t know if that’s true or not. …But since Frank isn’t refuting it, I’m gonna believe it’s probably true.

      Is Frank gonna interview those family members to give us the OTHER side of the story? Probably not.

      Why not? Because it’ll derail his NARRATIVE about the CT family court system.

    • I agree. Frank shouldn’t use this woman or Karen Ambrose as examples of judicial abuse. The orders awarding sole custody to the fathers in these two cases were the correct decisions and justified. Now you have two Betty Brodericks to destroy your credibility, Frank.

      • Amen. Frank has no scruples, hasn’t anybody else noticed this?

        What is wrong with you people who support his scripts?

        Where is the Mexican lady that loves him so much? Where did she go?

        Stop! I think he’s getting desperate before he does time in the big house.

        Tick tock, Frank

  • Re Divorce Court in Connecticut:

    Frank has ripped the facade of the
    Divorce Court system in CT.

    The system has been corrupt for decades and reforms have ACTUALLY been put in place, BUT the reforms did not go far enough. The last reform bill was passed in 2014.

    The 2014 joke of a reform bill:

    Currently CT LAW:
    Here a summary of the current rules and guidelines for the Divorce Courts in CT.
    There is serious graft and injustice in the CT divorce court system.

    • Thank you for citing the laws that attempted to protect our children and families. Regrettably the attorneys and judges don’t follow any laws— CT attorneys have said family court is “the Wild West where anything goes” and it does.

      Cases do not follow any of the guidelines. The “case study” that is supposed to occur prior to court litigation never occurred in the Ambrose case. There was also no financial affidavit filed by Ambrose fir two years.

      In many of these cases- Tiberi, Ambrose, Rookasin among others, caverly is involved and the father maintains total control over marital funds.

      Thank you for sharing and explaining the history of corruption in ct family court

  • If mother is suffering from a recognized disability as Caverly and Grossman claim, then the State of Connecticut has burden under federal law, Americans with Disabilities Act to provide accommodations.

    Grossman only provides isolation of mother from child, hardly a state remedy or state interest to isolate every mentally ill person from their children.

    Grossman admits her guilt in child trafficking. Why would Grossman risk a federal lawsuit for civil rights deprivations if Grossman has no interest in cutting mom out of Leo’s life?

    Frank must be sharing the kid with some powerful people for the State to risk liability in federal non-compliance. What will Grossman and Tong say when the federal grand jury asks why the mentally deranged mother could not hug her child in the mental ward of a state institution?

    What is the real purpose of cutting off mother from the child? Does Frank Tiberi hold no duty to care for his mentally impaired spouse, the mother of his child? The child trafficking by Grossman is obvious.

    • The child’s best interests are paramount, and you cannot care for a mentally impaired person who doesn’t recognize their impairment and refuses that care.

    • There is no accommodation that says a mentally disabled person has a right to abuse a child. The “accommodations” are supervision of interactions with the child, however if the mentally ill person cannot control their abusive behavior the child must be protected. Did you happen to read the application for protective order where mom showed up at the soccer game telling all of her son’s teammates that Daddy was molesting him? That’s abuse.

  • If everything Frank Tiberi says about mom is true, then why is he paying so much and the case is dragging out so long? To drain his bank? Make him pay for trafficking the kid? It is certainly not about administrative no-fault divorce.

    • Exactly! $$$$ is determined beforehand. Family bank must be drained. The half that should go to the mother must be taken and likely more.

  • If this case be legit, then DCF would be required by law to provide services under law. Children at risk of harm or abuse are a matter for child protective services not a judge of a divorce court to address. Grossman keeps the kid away from DCF services by her pit bull Janis Laliberte who tells all the minons on state payroll to back off. Pedo toys are the sole jurisdiction of the chosen of family court, it is their turf.

  • There is a reason that Jessica Caverly has a lawyer with her every time she shows up in court. It is a signal to the judge and other attorneys that Caverly is protected anyone who dares attack her assumed credibility will be dealt with accordingly.

  • JESSICA BIREN-CAVERLY STRIKES AGAIN! And in the courtroom of Judge Jane Grossman! Yet testimony involving these conspirators reveals the lies that Grossman and Caverly had never heard of the other before. Sick women. Destroying the lives of women and children.

    So many Caverly victims… now coming out of the shadows, where they had once been buried by the abuse and terror inflicted by GAL’s, attorneys, CAVERLY and the ‘psychologists’ (serving to support the no-contact/isolation of children–abuse in itself).

    Child predators– Caverly has to be put in prison. She is a FRAUD– it’s not malpractice. Watch and see.

  • The “WINNER TAKES ALL” mentality of CT family court is child abuse. There is no cause for “no contact” with a parent who had not been found to be unfit.

    Why is the public accepting this no-contact– MOMMACIDE on behalf of recommendations of NON-MEDICAL professionals. Since when does Family court ELIMINATE parents from their children’s lives for a fucking divorce? These people are animals. The state of CT has not pressed charges– if they did it would be in juvenile court– where family court GALs and judges REFUSE to have kids go– for there, they might receive justice.

    In juvenile court the children have an attorney acting on their behalf. The ‘child’s best interest’ when the children are above the age of 10 is an insult to all pre-adolescents and adolescents who deserve and are entitled to have a voice. NOT the voice of the GAL speaking on their behalf or delivering hearsay from the ‘therapists’.

  • Same players! Janis Laliberte, Biren-Caverly, Lisa Knopf, Robert Horwitz, Lisa Kerin! The names are the same– easy to identify the cabal because CT is relatively small, and because these criminals have become so brazen with each passing year.

    Look at the AFCC! They are all connected! The CT branch of the AFCC, headed by Robert Horwitz and Linda Smith (custody evaluator), was guilty and forced to be disbanded due to rampant financial infractions and conflicts of interest– it is a feeding frenzy for Judges, attorneys, and psychologists. They are sure to keep psychiatrists OUT of the equation, because there would be accountability.

    Other names: Jocelyn Hurwitz, Gerard Adelman, (See: In the Worst Interest of the Child: Trafficking Children through Family Courts) Jane Emons, Candace Fay (she destroyed lives in probate court as well), Mary Piscatelli Brigham, Debra Marino, Deborah Gruen, and many others. The psychologists wear different hats– the GAL, therapist, supervisor of needless visitation.

    The problem is a parent doesn’t realize what is happening until it’s too late.
    The parent is cut off from marital funds, children are stolen with ex-parte hearing or status conference (usually with ‘temporary’ order ‘without prejudice’), the temporary orders are intentionally prolonged and attorneys work in lockstep to see rights of parent are violated and children isolated and without a voice, a custody evaluator works with GAL and court appointed psychologist to secure fate of children– Children are silenced even when they legally should have a voice and wishes taken into consideration at 12 — sometimes younger.

    No contact is put in place to silence children. The GAL has a “hearsay” rule– basically a ticket to LIE– no evidence required.

    The isolation continues indefinitely — sometimes parents will agree to supervised visitation and others will not– for there has been no identification of child abuse to warrant any supervision. Either way, the targeted parent has no real chance of regaining custody through Ct family court. The outcome is paid for.

    As litigation is dragged out, allegations against targeted parent include:
    1. parental alienation
    2. mental illness
    3. a danger to children and (usually) father
    4. threats to schools, counselors, gal etc.

    Soon they will attempt to get a restraining order against the targeted parent, so they can file criminal charges against this parent and justify the isolation of children from fit parent.

    Lastly, the Judge seals the fate of future with a memorandum of decision which requires the targeted parent to ASK PERMISSION OF THE COURT TO FILE A MOTION!

    It is called “Request to Leave” found here: https://www.jud.ct.gov/webforms/forms/fm202.pdf

    In cases with Judge Adelman in particular, he enforces this with every parent. They can file a request for a motion to be heard, but he denies it. Please view Paige Styvan’s case. The attorney for the father was none other than Ambrose attorney, Nancy ALdrich. It was before Adelman– and Paige never saw her 12 year old daughter again. They brutalized this woman and deprived her beautiful daughter of a fit and healthy mother.

    • You are correct regarding Judge Adelman. He was the judge on my divorce case, and I lost my daughters, house, everything I had in my 20-year marriage. I was not awarded alimony, I basically had to start my life over with nothing left. You also forgot the infamous GAL – Veronica Reich, horrible person

  • Looks like another orchestration of Grossman and Laliberte.

    Lisa Knopf is not the shot caller, she is not in the inner circles of pedo protection.

    Grossman and Laliberte are running up the bills for Frank Tiberi to pay for the protection of his sexual molestation of the kid. Laliberte is serious pedo protection, The parade of lawyers for the mother was arranged by Laliberte. Judge Truglia is in on the little boy ass, he allowed Shawna Hamilton to quit on mom for no reason in mid-trial, that is a jurisdictional no-no. Oops, Truglia thought no one was watching. Grossman took this case with her to New Haven, meaning she was getting paid to traffick little Leo and had to finish the dirty deed.

    There is still a game afoot as Grossman is dragging her feet on issuing the decree, so she can keep jurisdiction. Someone should rescue Leo from the pedo monster Frank Tiberi.

    • I want to point out that all comments are the opinion of the commenter and we cannot verify every claim made, but if these allegations are true, the problem in Connecticut is far worse than RICO but could be child sex trafficking.

  • The lawyer play on mother is all telling.

    The first lawyer, Karen Fisher, filed the suit in the wrong judicial district, a trick to bring daddy whale to Bridgeport, a better den of thieves than Milford.

    Chief Clerk Robert Wilock was in on it.

    Two residents of Shelton must go to the Milford JD.

    Then second lawyer Deb Marino tells mom it is a good thing to submit to supervised visitation and bring in Lisa Kerin to malign mother’s reputation.

    Next lawyer played the ‘therapy’ card, then vanished, where Shawna Hamilton came in for some easy cash, was supposed to take $25k and quit, but her plot was foiled. She quit and got nothing.

    Curious as to why Truglia allowed Hamilton to quit in mid trial before Grossman? Judicial tag team. If the trial was in progress, Truglia had no jurisdiction to address the matter. Looks like the final play was to leave mom without money or counsel in mid trial to finish off the trafficking of little Leo’s ass to Frank Tiberi’s deviant behaviours.

  • I respect what Frank’s trying to do. His heart is in the right place.

    But after reading this particular article, along with his last few articles on this topic, I now understand why the major media outlets have not picked up this story.

    I was asking myself the following question…

    Why haven’t women’s advocacy groups (such as N.O.W.) begun fighting to put pressure on the media to get these judges/lawyers disbarred or disciplined?

    In today’s world… If a person tweets a single statement which goes against women… Their social media accounts, job, and life will be ‘canceled’ within a few days.

    Yet… Frank is telling us that the entire CT family court system is OPENLY CORRUPT and biased against women, including ignoring CHILD MOLESTATION just to ‘profit’ from wealthy fathers? Yet nobody in the media even cares? Nobody is ‘canceled’. Nobody is fired. Yeah sure.

    I’m guessing that things aren’t nearly as ‘true’ or ‘corrupt’ as Frank is asserting.

    Frank’s latest interview isn’t even a real ‘interview’ in my own humble opinion, as it resembles a carefully-choreographed ‘propaganda’ piece (with the most leading questions I’ve ever seen).

    If the child was really being molested by the father (as the mom said) and the child actually confirmed this during the ‘private interview’ (when his mom wasn’t present) then the issue would not have been dismissed. Period. End of story.

    This tells me that during the 30 minute ‘private interview’ (where the child was able to speak freely without his mom present), the child probably gave indications that the situation is not as the mother alleges.

    Why do I think this? Because if this weren’t true, then the issue of molestation could not have been so quickly dismissed.

    If it were a credible claim, it would have to be reported to police and child protective services for serious investigation.

    You cannot give custody to a monster who molests kids. Period.

    If Frank’s stories about the CT family court system were 100% true, then every major women’s group (such as N.O.W.) would be shouting this story from the rooftops (to every media outlet) and dozens of lawyers and judges would have already been disbarred, along with the judges being impeached by the CT legislature.

    That’s why I now take Frank’s stories (about the CT family court system) with a grain of salt.

    I did a little research about one of Frank’s earlier stories a few months ago. I found some court statements (posted by one of the parties online) which showed that the mother was acting in a highly immature and irresponsible manner with regard to some of her parental decisions when she had custody, acting as though she’s just not aware of how responsible parents would behave. *I can’t remember the name of this particular mother anymore, since the story was from a few months ago and I’m too lazy to look it up again.

    My point is that, at least some of these mothers — which Frank swears are great mothers — are exactly what the court-appointed attorneys say they are (less than responsible/mature parents).

    When it comes to the CT family court system, I’d like to see Frank attempt to get a response from N.O.W. and other major women’s groups (before I’ll begin giving some credibility to these stories).

    But I do think that Frank’s heart is in the right place. Any attorneys/judges who would engage in this type of nefarious activity should be disbarred or impeached, and removed from the bench ASAP.

    I just find it hard to believe that Frank’s reporting is 100% unbiased and true, with regard to how openly this alleged corruption is happening.

    If Frank can’t get a response from N.O.W. (explaining why they aren’t getting behind these stories), then something smells very rotten to me. Major women’s groups would NEVER ignore a major news story which impacts women in such an unfair way (if it was really true).

    • Magoo,

      That’s a great idea to contact NOW.

      However, if you paid attention and read his stories, you will see it is about following the money– while stay-at-home mothers are often targeted, it is because they have lost all access to finances and the courts endorse the father’s total control over marital funds.

      See the movie, Divorce Corp. This is known. FR is looking at CT because it is a deeply flawed system and the abuse of children is blatant. You make a fair point about DCF–

      Please investigate… CT DCF has been on “probation” for thirty years. This should be of great concern to all.

      Additionally, the custody evaluator, Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, with all of her concerns and need for immediate change in custody and no-contact recommendation, NEVER files a report with DCF, and, as a CT licensed psychologist, she is a mandated reporter, who must report within 12 hours of suspected child abuse.

      Yet she never makes any call to DCF.

      In terms of media not reporting, CT media is controlled by the judicial branch https://www.jud.ct.gov/committees/media/

      They have a judicial media committee to ensure proper PR.

      In each of the cases where there is any suspected child abuse, a referral should be made to juvenile court, where children would get their own counsel assigned. The family court refuses this option because it would cause the GAL (who looks out for the $$$ and the attorneys, and her own best interest) to be irrelevant, and that would stop the flow of money.

      • What do you mean she never makes a call to DCF? Did you bother to read the custody evaluation? DCF had already been involved for months and was part of her report.
        Juvenile court is where juvenile criminals go to be prosecuted. This situation has nothing to do with juvenile court. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Dear Magoo,

      I believe your heart is in the right place.

      But if you’ve read the last few articles on the topic, you would realize that there are MEN which this happens to as well. Luigi DiRubba is a FATHER of six, who was never found to be an unfit parent, yet he has not seen his six children in years because of the corruption of CT family court. I don’t believe N.O.W. is going to step in for Luigi, nor all the other fathers who have been equally destroyed by the RICO operation of CT family court.

      Magoo– “Some mothers are what court-appointed attorneys say they are.” It goes against CT state law and federal law to eliminate the role of a parent and the bonds between parent and child, yet you are advocating that if a court appointed attorney says so, then it’s true. You seem to lack concern for the children and their right to have mothers in their lives.

      Is it up to NOW to fix this problem? Or to stand up for what is right? You seem to feel comfortable with a seven year old little boy suddenly not seeing his mother again. Do you hate your mother? Were you abused or something? Very strange that you would think this okay… unless of course you’re an attorney or a reckless court appointed actor.

      Magoo, you have much faith in NOW. If they don’t jump in and report it, then Joriz Tiberi and all the mothers found “crazy” and “dangerous” ONLY in the CT family courtroom, are indeed crazy and dangerous…

      Because Biren-Caverly said so? The big ‘EXPERT’ did her thesis on psychological factors of post-weight loss surgery. This is who is making life changing recommendations? The one without a medical degree? Who determined Joriz Tiberi was crazy after two sessions? Please Magoo… Take a look at the ‘expert’ https://nsuworks.nova.edu/cps_stuetd/10/

  • Frank, I am confused AF as to why you always take the side of whoever contacts you. FR readers: Take a few minutes to read the custody report. It says that before accusing her husband of molestation, this woman also filed a police report that accused her son’s daycare of taking him to secret tunnels and inserting screwdrivers up his bum. She also accused a random woman in a restaurant of molesting her son, etc. Sorry, but she def sounds delusional. Maybe cut back on the pot; not everyone can handle it. By the way, just because she teaches preschool doesn’t mean she is perfectly sane. I’ve known working teachers with mental illness.

    • The report of the custody evaluation is completely suspect. The report is by the notorious Biren-Caverly and the tunnels and screwdrivers are what the husband told Caverly – not what the mother said to Caverly. Hearsay and double hearsay is her stock and trade.

      The Caverly report was meant to make Joriz Tabiri look insane so that custody would be transferred to the father who was paying. Sometimes mothers do go off their stable paths when their children are in danger. The father had control and was putting the screws to her – destabilizing every aspect of her life, in my opinion. But I am glad you raised your point. I will have more on this later.

      • The mother is on record stating she was essentially out of her mind and her mouth was moving but she had no idea what she was saying, supposedly due to marijuana and adderall use.

        Police records document her harassing a random woman at a “creamery”… following her and accusing her of kidnapping and molesting the son.

        She also recanted her molestation accusations on record at the psych hospital. Are you claiming the police made false reports and Caverly attributed statements to the mother that she never actually made?

        If so, where is your evidence?

        • Let’s dive deep into this case and come up with the answers, including why Leo should not have contact with his mother.

          • Did she tell you that her own mother was willing to testify against her? And her oldest child- same thing. Doesn’t that make you wonder?

          • This woman seems fixated on the kid’s penis and butt. She told the cops the son has genital warts — with no proof. She seems to be bordering on being guilty of sexual abuse herself if you ask me. Sorry.

          • Wait…wait…WHAT? m You want to deep dive AFTER you published all this? Aren’t you supposed to deep dive BEFORE you publish? What will you do if you realize everything you wrote is wrong? WTF!

          • Frank, personally, I wish you’d move along from this and other petty private family court divorce/custody cases and use your considerable talents for something more worthy of them. But, Im aware my wishes count for nothing.

          • I like getting constructive criticism. I sometimes wonder if I am wading into it by trying to help people in these terrible battles. Then I will get a call from a mother or father whose parental rights were terminated and the lawyers and the GALs made a fortune.

    • Exactly. I read the custody report and while neither one of these parents seems stellar, Mom definitely seems to have more well-documented issues. I have done a lot of research into several so-called “family court corruption” accusations by mothers who have lost their children. Almost invariably, it turns out that Mom has serious mental health issues.

      If you follow their stories, you learn from people who actually know them that they are almost never telling you the whole truth. Courts do not like to take children away from their mothers, but then again falsely accusing someone of molesting children is a pretty horrible thing to do. Grooming a child to make such false accusations is abuse.

      Just like a certain other accuser I know, Ms. Tiberi seems to have had a years-long delusional obsession with pedophilia and eventually accuses the child’s father of it when it suits her purposes. By the way, the parent with the funds is court ordered to pay the custody evaluator. The custody evaluator gets paid no matter what her recommendation is. So, you’d have to believe this evaluator is some special kind of evil to turn over a child to a molester just because he is the one who happens to be court ordered to pay the bill.

      I would also add that in most of these cases the mothers are not kept away from their children, they are granted supervised visitation but seem to have numerous excuses why they can’t or won’t avail themselves of it. Or they cannot control their behavior in front of the supervisor and lose their visitation rights altogether. It’s incredibly sad for the children but the mothers generally have no one to blame but themselves (or their untreated mental illness).

      • Custody evaluators are not psychiatrists. They do not have the expertise or time involved with these parents to make any such assessments.

        She does not follow the DSM-V.

        Why should healthy parents have supervised visitation? It’s absurd.

        Why does Caverly not call DCF within 12 hours if suspected abuse? Where is her responsibility in all of this?

          • First, Im wondering if the DCF records would show when GAL Janis Laliberte called DCF case worker to explain why the recommended therapy for little Leo was not a good idea. Frank would you have such access to this? court record shows that therapy has been ordered since 2019.

            Secondly, The Biren Caverly Report states she spoke to Mrs. Tiberi’s therapist Dr. Perone PhD. He reported Mr. Tiberi called him several time gaslighting the mother and felt uncomfortable with the recorded messages he left. Dr. Perone also reported that “he never found Ms Tiberi to be Psychotic she was alway lucid.” Where did Biren Caverly come to the conclusion after meeting with the parties a couple of times and diagnose this poor woman with a delusional disorder that will ultimately be incurable?

            Last, according to Biren Caverly’s report she never spoke to Mrs. Tiberi’s psychiatrist, Dr. Hamdheydari. Frank is possible that Mrs. Tiberi was still under her care during this evaluation and a statement for her psychiatrist would have been helpful?

          • This is how CAVERLY does her reports. One -sided, biased, based entirely on who is predetermined to get custody.

        • They are supervised because they are NOT normal and healthy. Asking a 5 year repeatedly if his butt and penis had been touched by his dad is NOT normal and healthy. Accusing strangers in public places of molesting the child (in front of the child) is NOT normal and healthy. DCF had warned her that she would lose the child if she continued making unfounded sexual abuse accusations, but she was either unable or unwilling to control herself. NOT normal and healthy. Please read the well documented evidence.

        • file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/f1/01/02C17B54-1E87-42A9-9969-5AA1770B1F57/IMG_2338.heic

  • Same ol’players

    They are disgusting and vile human beings that destroy families all in the name to line their pockets in Janis Laliberte narcissistic too faced please both sides to increased the animosity

    And lies to no end with that smug face knowing that she’s immune to anyone going after her.

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