Another CT Stay-at-Home Mother, Cobie Jane, Lost Her Kids to Wealthy Dentist Father

By Michael Volpe

Though there are court orders in place, a Connecticut mom says she’s illegally being kept away from her kids, and the CT Family Court is allowing her ex-husband to get away with it. 

Cobie Jane told me that she has not been allowed by her ex-husband to see her kids since 2018, despite court orders for her to have plenty of custody time.  Cobie told me she blames a cabal of court actors for her predicament, including the guardian ad litem Jill Plancher. 

Plancher is an attorney with the Connecticut Legal Services; I reached out to her by email but got no response. Cobie says Plancher has been running interference, like excusing him when he doesn’t make the kids available.

One example of Cobie’s frustration comes from an email exchange between her and Plancher.

Cobie Jane with children and husband Dr. Neal Graber during happier times

From: Cobie Jane
Date: October 22, 2020
To: Jill Plancher
Subject: Re: Boys

Judge Heller made it clear that kids need both parents and that Neal should not take the law in his own hands. You supported a plan for weekly dinners.

The child custody study warned against allowing Neal’s alienation to go unpunished. I legally have 50/50 custody (or full per the court-stamped parenting plan). But no one will help enforce it.

Sad that escaping Neal’s abuse meant losing my kids. Not sure who is worse off – Jennifer Dulos or me. In both cases, the kids lost a loving mother because of an abusive father.

I won’t apologize for trying to save us. I invested years and went into debt after losing everything in my effort to protect my children and myself. God knows I tried everything even if they don’t.

Cobie Jane

Jill Plancher is a GAL in CT. Plancher sent this in reply on October 22, 2020: 

Dear Cobie:

The boys are not willing to meet with you for dinner or in any other forum. They are very clear and articulated that they are doing very well and they don’t want to be distressed by your initiation of contact every six months or so. They ask that you respect their feelings and leave them alone. I have told them that I would communicate this to you. As hard as this is to hear, I don’t believe there is anything more that I can do to help facilitate contact with the boys. Harrison is soon 18. Chase is in high school and very much his own person. They don’t want to have a relationship with you and don’t want to hear from me either. What I would suggest, is that you write a letter to the boys. I would include it an apology for all the hurt. I would let them know your arms are always open to being a part of their lives,  that you hope one day they will understand better that when you left their father, you never meant to leave them, and that you will always be grateful for the time you spent with them.


Cobie has had all sorts of court services- all of them failures- to try and fix this. 

Back in 2016, the court ordered reunification therapy using Overcoming Barriers. 

Overcoming Barriers offer this sort of therapy, claiming they can fix broken parent/child relationships. 

When the Center for Investigative Reporting did a story about another reunification therapist, it was noteworthy that no data could be provided on success rates. 

In this case, Overcoming Barriers did an intensive multi-day camp in 2016, but this camp failed to heal the relationship. 

Overcoming Barriers is run by John Moran, a cohort of Randy Rand. 

Rand runs the most notorious reunification camp; Rand’s license is inactive after he pulled some shenanigans. 

As such, Cobie reached out for some aftercare services; here is how Moran responded, “saddened to hear of the families’ (sic) continuing struggles, I will check with staff, but OCB does not offer further services after the family leaves camp other than to consult with the professionals who provide aftercare.”

OCB, as Moran refers to it, costs more than $10,000 for a few days, and if it fails, he has no more services for you. 

I reached out to Moran by email, but he did not respond. 

This case continues a pattern found in The Frank Report. It seems we have another wealthy father buying custody. 

Cobie’s ex is Dr. Neal Graber, a wealthy dentist. 

Cobie Jane

Here is how Cobie described the affair in an email, “In short, he bought our kids while making me spend my last dime in an effort to protect them. Then, proclaimed himself the only financially stable parent and assumed full custody after losing it in court.  On January 9, 2019, GAL Plancher testified that my children cannot contact me for fear of the wrath of my ex-husband.  The judge took no action.

In that way, it is similar to the Karen Riordan case, which has received lots of attention here on The Frank Report. 

It’s also similar in another way; both mothers initially started their cases with physical custody of their children.

Cobie told me she initially received a temporary restraining order (TRO). Part of that TRO is below.

Cobie told me that her ex-husband would receive more and more custody time as time progressed.  Then, the court looked the other way as he blatantly withheld the children, she told me. 

Dr. Graber also stopped paying the full court-ordered alimony, something the courts would not enforce. Dr. Graber claimed his business was down and/or that he was disabled. He soon stopped paying alimony altogether, Cobie said.

Yet he purchased a new home for $735,000 on December 21, 2020, bought a new Alpha Romeo, and went on luxury vacations.

Neal Graber had the income, so he got the kids and kept the marital assets.

She has even been to the police, claiming he violates custodial interference laws. Here’s part of a response she received from the Bridgeport Police. 

I am not sure that the police can do anything more as this is a “ civil “ custody issue and must be settled through family services court.

If anything needs to be documented we can certainly file a report .

My advise (sic) to you and him equally, is to work with the court / your attorneys.

This is not accurate. In fact, I covered a case in Connecticut, Lori Thaner, who spent time in jail after her kids refused to go back to their father. 

Cobie said things came to a head in 2018.

On March 11, 2018, I left for Maine to have a fifth surgery for endometriosis, which turned into an emergency hysterectomy with complications, and when I came back, I had to give up my apartment because I did not have enough alimony and could not earn enough to cover the cost of food, housing and caring for my children while I work.” She wrote in an email. “My children continue to be brainwashed by my ex-husband and his mother, who isolated my ex-husband from his brother, father, and half-sisters as well as the extended family on both sides.”

She has not seen her kids since. 

I reached out to Dr. Graber by email, but he did not respond. 

He has had multiple attorneys throughout the process, but one who was on the case for years was Ross Kaufman. 

When I reached him by email, he initially was coy, stating by email, “I do not represent Neal Graber.”

This was technically true. As of March 15, 2022, he did not represent Dr. Graber. 

He did, however, represent Dr. Graber as recently as earlier in 2022, when he filed this motion in January 2022. 

That motion asks the court to have the opposite party pay their fees. 

It’s a trick I’ve seen from some real shark lawyers. 

I documented how a woman named Dori Foster Morales, the previous President of the Florida Bar, runs up hundreds of thousands in fees in a divorce and would have  the other  party pay for costs. 

After Mr. Kaufman’s role, in this case, was settled, I asked him again if he wanted to comment on any part of the affair. 

“No, thank you,” he stated. 

Dr. Graber’s current attorney is Forest Green, and he did not respond to an email for comment. 


About the author

Michael Volpe has been an investigative journalist for more than a decade. His 2013 expose of Rosilyn Wells, an Affordable Care Act navigator, despite an arrest warrant, made national headlines. His series of articles on the Memphis VA Medical Center in 2014 and 2015 were featured on The O’Reilly Factor and helped lead to the dismissal of the hospital’s director. His exposure of a corrupt Memphis lawyer named Keith Dobbs, who took advantage of veterans in guardianship, helped lead to a sixty-seven county federal indictment. His 2021 release and subsequent series of nearly forty corrupt St. Louis County guardian ad litem led to international headlines and the retirement of St. Louis County presiding judge Michael Burton. He is the author of four books, including “Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and the World’s Last Custody Trial.” His work is now found at 

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  • I have always known Cobie to be a devoted mother. Our kids were in elementary and middle school together and Cobie was always present at every event, and I even chaperoned a couple of school trips with her. What has happened to her is a grave injustice and my hope is that she will be reunited with her kids. No parent deserves to go through what Cobie has had to endure. Shame on the legal system for allowing this to happen.

  • To say that Cobie is a devoted mother is a complete understatement. Never have I met a mother so caring for her sons’ mental, emotional and physical health. We should all strive to follow her lead as a mother.

    Cobie’s ability to care and nurture her sons was clearly evident from the first moment I met her during her sons’ early elementary school years. Her welcoming positivity and ability to instruct and support her kids was noticed by all. It was Cobie who instilled respect and kindness in her boys while also teaching compassion, integrity and healthy communication. It was not taught by their father.

    The boys are her world and the fact she she has not seen them in YEARS is an utter travesty and testament to the fact that the CT family court system is absolutely broken and unjust. How can a mother who is fit and able to care for her children from every perspective be denied the right to see her children for years?? What a sin! Changes must be instituted. Parental alienation is destruction and vile. Cobie has lost priceless time with her boys. She will never be able to that time back. Changes must be made NOW.

  • I was lucky to first get to know Cobie when her children were quite little. She was as committed and loving as any devoted mother and always put her two boys first. She would never abandon her children.

    She deserves to have her case and circumstances re-examined as this is a clear case of parental alienation, a cruel crime and tactic I am only becoming more and more familiar with as more friends face contentious divorces with men willing to do whatever it takes to manipulate others to their benefit.

  • I met Cobie when her youngest and my youngest were about 4 years old and in music class together. Cobie always had the biggest smile on her face. She was very friendly and made an effort to make friends and plan playdates for her son.

    I remember her having a very special relationship with her son, they were very close and she was very playful and loving with him. I went to her house a few times so our boys could play, and her home was filled with photos of her boys and artwork made by them. She took pride in her home and we talked about how we both wanted to do some projects in our homes.

    I remember her snack cabinet being so organized and full of healthy options. She and her son had a very special bond that was so sweet and loving.

    This was the beginning of a long friendship and I have come to know Cobie over the years to be truly one of the kindest, most thoughtful, most creative people in our town. Our boys went to school together, and one of the last times I remember seeing her with her youngest son was when our boys were on a baseball team together in middle school.

    It was around the time of her divorce, and I remember her husband standing far away from Cobie on the other side of the field, and Cobie was with the other parents cheering on her son. But her son was unsure who to go to after the game. Cobie always made sure to stay positive and relaxed in front of her son, and try as hard as possible to not put him in a situation where he had to choose.

    But she told me that it was getting hard because when their father took them there would be no rules and he would buy them anything and he was beginning to pit their boys against her. It broke our hearts because you could see the struggle and the stress that it was causing her son at the baseball game.

    It’s hard to understand how a court system cannot see through the lies and parental alienation tactics. They are so clear to everyone! How can these boys have not seen their loving, devoted, caring, strong mother in 4 whole years??

    The heartbreak is unimaginable. Yet Cobie continues to try and create a life for herself, work hard, and be present for her boys should they come back into her life again. It’s a tortured existence for her – and one that could have been avoided had the lawyers and the courts really done their job and done the right thing for these children.

  • No mother should have to endure this, certainly not someone as kind and giving as Cobie.

    At the end of the day, the court has decided to deprive Cobie’s sons of her involvement – and that, on no level, is right. Every child needs two parents – and without that “balance” is in jeopardy…and ultimately everyone loses.

    My thoughts are with Cobie for all the suffering she has endured. Hope for justice sooner rather than later!

  • I knew Cobie during her boys’ elementary school years. She was always a present and supportive parent to both of her boys. She was actively involved in their education and she volunteered her time often to support the education of her boys and all students. It was always obvious that she loved her boys and that she cared for them in all ways. Cobie presented herself with professionalism, poise and positivity at all times. She was highly regarded as a loving, kind and caring mother.

  • Cobie is a devoted mother and was always supportive of Neal’s career while supporting him thru school and dedicating herself to raising two loving boys. Neal has stolen them from many who love them, warped them, and set a damaging cycle for their future. Neal still looks to continue to intimidate, punish, and bankrupt. Enough is enough, Cobie deserves a chance for reunion and I hope one day the boys return to her open arms.

  • I know Cobie and I saw firsthand how much love she has for her children and how much love they had for her prior to the divorce. In addition to being a loving and present parent, she directed her professional skills for the benefit of her children and the community with her efforts to improve school meals and as a volunteer in her children’s classrooms. Ironically, she also used her professional talents in digital marketing to help her then-husband’s dental practice, rather than building up an independent career.

    It saddens me beyond words that Cobie is alienated from her children and that her ex-husband has managed to avoid paying alimony. I hope this story gets more publicity and that somehow justice is done.

  • I have known Cobie since our oldest kids were both under 1 year of age. We spent much time together between playdates and outings/trips as friends. I can attest to her incredible dedication as a mother to her boys.

    She not only would make great efforts to make excellent and healthy meals for her kids (from homemade salad dressings to brownies from scratch), but she also spearheaded a healthy foods program for children in her town. Cobie was also always the first to let me know of various enrichment programs for our kids (academic, athletic, cultural, etc.). Her disciplining style was firm but loving.

    Once the divorce proceedings began, it was incredibly shocking and sad to witness her sons literally transform from the boys we knew to ones that would allege lies about how she was mistreating them just so they could go live with their father (even my kids saw some of their actions to be blatantly obvious). For all of us, it is heart-wrenching to watch Cobie expend so much energy and expense to retain her maternal rights, only to have the courts fail her.

    It’s unjust and incomprehensible. Thank you for writing about her.

    Hopefully, her story gets more widespread attention.

  • Me Parlato just spoke to me.

    For the first time in years, I have hope.

    Mr. Michael Volpe, please also talk to me.

    My story will silence people faster than Will Smith smacking the crap out of Chris Rock.
    There are four (mine, many, many more. I know. I know) babies out there who want to see me. But are too afraid.

    I hope I’m not stupid in believing me, Frank. I hope he hears me. I hope he tells you all.

    I have never hurt anyone.

    I don’t have a parking ticket. I’ve never stolen anything. I volunteer.

    Yet I still get judged because the corrupt family court gave our abuser OUR kids to cover their asses.

    Mr. Frank spoke to me today. I hope you all hear my story. I hope my babies know I kept fighting.
    It’s the only reason I don’t give up.

    I, G, O, mummy loves you to the moon and back.

  • I met Cobie when we both had young kids, starting to play Y basketball together. We chatted on the sidelines, and I watched her interact with her boys, as she did me with my son. Her love for her boys, and their love for her, was obvious and deep.

    I don’t know her ex-husband, and I don’t know much about the circumstances of their divorce. Her story of parental alienation is not the first I’ve heard. It sickens me. It is child abuse. No child gets to choose a new mother or father because their parents are divorced. Any parent who alienates a child against another parent is abusing his/her role as a parent, and abusing the child.

    A divorce is between two adults. No matter how hurt or bitter the adults are, their primary responsibility to their children is to insulate them from that hurt and bitterness and allow them to flourish with the love of both parents.

  • I’ve known Cobie Graber tor many years and can firsthand tell you that she not only has a heart of gold, but that she has been heartbroken and devastate, both financially and emotionally by the emotional abuse and loss of both of her children, not to mention failure of the systems she has trusted to do what is right.

    Any loving mother who has lost their children can understand the daily heartbreak and grief and deep, desperate longing for their beloved family, their children, the world she lived for and revolved around.

    This is a mother who cooked healthy meals and fought for the town to have more benches and the schools to have better, more nutritious food for her children and everyone else’s children alike.

    This is a friend who while her world came creating apart, has the heart and targets to be there for her friends like myself who was facing a health issue. She could have easily been preoccupied with her own trauma but yet she once again was thinking of others.

    How is it legally possible that someone can whole heartedly devote themselves to their children, making their holidays and daily life full of fun and lovingly be there for them in every capacity be so failed by the “justice” system and be forced to lose her home, her children and her own happiness?

    What’s the point of having a judge and cooperating with the courts if they won’t be enforced? It’s too reminiscent of what is currently happening in NYC, where thieves like Neil Graber can take whatever they want and those in charge of security turn a blind eye. Everyone loses here except for the selfish and dangerous.

    The court needs to enforce its ruling, compensate Cobie Graber for her needles pain and suffering and mandate therapy for healing between her and her children for as long as it takes.

    And if Mr. Graber fails to uphold his end of the agreement and ruling as well as lie to the court then he should be made to hand over his home, car and children to his ex wife, permanently.

    Cobie and her boys need healing and just rice, which they’re clearly not getting for years now. What is a mother to do? Is money all that matters? Her unpaid full time work just counts for nothing? Is that how we hold motherhood now in our hearts, minds and courts? Only bank accounts matter? No wonder the world has become such a broken place, and no wonder Cobie’s health has declined at her young age. There is only so much stress and trauma the body and mind can take. She needs a new lawyer and just rice. So do the children, grown or not. They will always need their extremely loving mother. And so much time has been lost already never to be retrieved again. Please don’t let Mier time disappear and this woman suffer any more for her choice to be there for her boys.

  • Cobie was always a fabulous mother to her children, she went out of her way to provide them with a beautiful home, nutritious meals and a safe and nurturing environment. Her entire life as a mother revolved around the children making sure they were up dressed fed and ready for school in the morning, greeted, fed and supervised after school and she made sure that they were nurtured and succeeded in school, sports, socialization and were very well loved and looked after in all areas of life! Cobie actually sacrificed her work career to make sure that the children were always the main priority! Under her guidance the boys grew up to be very smart polite goal oriented young men! I thoroughly enjoyed my visits with the boys whenever I was able! If you are able to investigate her ex-husband’s family history you’ll see that his family history was not a normal pleasant or good family history. Neal is an unfortunate product of a broken and disfunctional family and Neal was a very controlling husband! Cobie Was brought up with all the correct values and capabilities to bring up her children, but Neal sabotaged her efforts!! He spoiled the kids and usurped Cobie’s authority, so the boys lost respect! Cobie tried to maintain the values, but Neal bribed the boys with money, toys, etc. When her marriage became unbearable, Neal had total control of the finances and Cobie stayed until it was impossible to continue! The divorce did not appear to be equitable and Neal refused to follow the financial or visitation agreement! As a stay at home mother for many years, Cobie was financially unable to get a good lawyer or find suitable employment! Neal appeared to take advantage of Cobie in financial and visitation court proceedings. Cobie struggled heartbroken during many court dates to make her case! She never deserted the boys, but she was unable to force Neal to follow their divorce agreements. She is a victim of a broken, inept and possibly corrupt court system that must be reformed!! The boys future and character are at stake!!

  • I’ve known Cobie for 25 years. She has been doing everything she can to have a relationship with her children since the divorce. She has followed through with all professional advice and has been diligent. I pray that one day her children will find their way back to her.

  • I know Cobie and her children. I saw firsthand how much Cobie loves her boys and took exceptional care of them. I watched in pain as they went from loving sons to antagonistic sons. It was very sad to see!

    I still cannot believe that this was able to happen under the eyes of the Connecticut legal system.

    Something has to change!

    • The Connecticut legal system is run by folks who do not celebrate Easter. It is not going to change. This is what they live for, familial destruction.

      • What does that mean? “Folks who do not celebrate Easter”?!?!?

        Are you implying only Christians would handle these situations correctly?

  • I’ve known Cobie for almost 30 years. I’ve known her as a brilliant student, a fun friend, a respected professional, a dedicated and loving mom, and a supportive wife who put up with toxic abuse from her then husband for far too long. Cobie has shown incredible bravery in her attempts to remove her children from their father’s irrational and manipulative control. The fact that the judicial system continues to work against her (and the kids) is unfathomable, unacceptable, and beyond heartbreaking.

    Cobie – your resilience to right this wrong is fueled by your unconditional and limitless love for your two amazing boys. All of your friends and family who know and love you hope this nightmare will end, your boys will learn the truth, and the three of you will reunite and heal together.

    Michael Volpe – thank you for shining a light on this darkness. Please do all in your power to help Cobie get those innocent boys away from their mentally ill father. Everyone wants to help, but no one knows what we can do. You have access to bring awareness and help make positive change. Please continue to use your platform.

  • How does this person get away with this? I know Cobie as one of the most amazing, women/mom out there! It is horrific that the court system gets away with this abuse! Children need their mother, or this will continue into a vicious cycle.

    How does the court not see what this man is doing and the horrific lies he is telling? We need justice for Cobie and the other people going through this. It is just so unfair and disgusting! This is child abuse from the father and a disgrace from the court system to allow this to happen! Prayers for Cobie!

  • How can this happen in modern society? How does the family court get away with not enforcing custody rights and alimony. Horrific the court continues to allow this dentist to use money and control /fear tactics to keep the boys away from a loving, caring mother!

    • Look at who is running MODERN society…look at the cash flows, look at who is bagging the big bucks….they don’t go to Church on Sundays.

      • Protestants/Atheists ?

        My country the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand — all Protestant enterprises. We pretty much control Europe and Scandinavia.

        We failed in South Africa — or did we?

        Then there’s the oil rich Emirates of the middle East, um Muslim. Until we can find a way to make them Protestant.

        Here I stand!!!

  • This is so unfair and every Mom’s worst nightmare. Police need to do their job! Why don’t the courts care when their rulings aren’t enforced? It’s the worst torture for a Mom to be kept away from her children. I hope and pray someday when these kids are free to make up their own minds that they can come to their senses – and reunite with their Mother.

  • In reply to Sabbattai Zevi.

    Jennifer was a Jew & would not have appreciated your antisemitic comments about not celebrating Easter or Christmas. Religious affiliation has nothing to do with a corrupt & failed family court system.

    The court system failed 2 wonderful mothers who loved their children.

    The courts failed the 5 Dulos children and the 2 Graber children

    All these kids lost loving mothers.

    Jennifer was murdered by her spouse & Cobie was exiled from her children by Neal Graber and the paternal grandmother with the help of the court system. Neal Graber should have been thrown in jail for alienation of mother and not paying child support. The court & Neal should now pay Cobie damages for the damage caused by lack of action when it mattered for her boys. Those children were controlled & brainwashed by an abusive father.

    A father that cared more about punishing the mother for leaving than his kids. A court system that allows the wealthy parent to get away with it all.

    • Does not matter the faith of the victims. Judge Heller and Jen’s attorney, Reuben Midler, do not celebrate Christmas. They both knew Jen had money, the money is always the target, mom, dad, kids, dogs, don’t matter, just drag out the litigation to run up the billable hours. The GAL in that case, Michael Meehan, called for sixteen status conferences, to just go to court and talk about things …. could have had the trial over in a week, but the game is rigged to bleed the bank. Welcome to Corrupticut.

  • And so the Cobie case is pretty much a mirror image of how a case I’m very familiar with is running through the Maricopa County Family Court system. A Randy Rand Dog & Pony show of taking the kids away, brainwashing camp, then 90 days of no contact with anyone except the Triangulation Father who consistently runs around telling teachers, any friends’ parents the kids “try” to make friends with that they must call him immediately if the mother makes contact of any kind with them.

    The kids are scared to death every day of being in the father’s custody yet the GAL and all involved DO NOT CARE. Kids are Bitcoins in this environment…just objects.

    The kids know they have a very caring mother on the other side of the prison wall. The kids’ lives are very similar to POW camps, the holocaust, even the days of slavery of being sold on the auction block. All this creates horrific psychological conditions for the kids and the mothers. A PTSD condition is created much the same as our warriors face on battlefields.

    This mistreatment must stop. The Italian Supreme Court has finally seen the light of the false unscientific use of the rubber-stamping parental alienation and other tactics, that kids and caring Moms do matter in children’s lives.

    It is time for the U.S. to ban all Family Courts and make all custody cases a Civil Court matter where we have public view and accountability.

  • How can visitation and alimony not be forced. This man should be in jail. Do you really think the kids are not being coerced into saying they don’t want to see their mom, especially after the father had physically abused one (if not both) of them?!

  • Kids don’t choose to not have a relationship with a good parent on their own. This is clearly alienation by the father, convincing the boys in some way that mom is bad or doesn’t want them even if the boys, at heart, know better.

    A controlling parent knows how to use all kinds of tactics to convince the kids of his point of view, from overt threats to fear that they will lose his love to buying them whatever they want including electronics and great trips.

  • It’s always the one with most money can continue the abuse & cheered on by the courts. As far as the Gals letter to the mother, she should be jailed for interference .

  • CT family court- same playbook. Father gets ALL marital assets, court actors side with the money and mother loses children, housing, — and if the attacks of these criminals work as planned, the mother can lose her mind.

    If your children were kidnapped and held from you, the public would understand the despair and see the children and mother as victims in urgent need of law enforcement and intervention to reunite and keep them safe.

    There is no difference to what is happening in our courts. It is hell on earth for these children who have been abducted and isolated by the father- with court endorsement.

    Much like cult victims, after years of suffering, the children succumb to the new reality abs are e dented to their captor father, for they are stripped of all they knew and loved- a faint memory replaced with torment and trauma.

    Jill Plancher is an evil monster. But she’s getting paid by the father. They all are- long after the divorce is final which is illegal in itself. The father pays to keep Cobie away from her sins- GALs are guards to protect abusive fathers.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you!
      That syndrome is called Trauma bonding. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I’m one of those moms. I also have not seen my child in 4 years

  • I’m glad to see this article from Michael Volpe, a journalist whose work I was previously unaware of. It shows that Frank’s work exposing corruption in the family court system is gaining momentum.

    • It is gaining momentum, Dianne, and people are calling day and night who have been abused by this system of wealth buying custody. This is a tip of the iceberg and reminiscent of my coverage of NXIVM. I was alone for a while then people started to get it, starting with the NY Times. That will come here for the corruption here is bigger than NXIVM.

    • Agreed. But the hired guns around him do him no favors either. They endorse his abusive, controlling acts and cover for his disturbing if not criminal conduct. He is worse off now than ever before and so are the children.

      Wait until the evidence never seen in court is published in Frank Report. The mother and children were silenced. Trial concludes and the mother never got to put in her case. After 36 days, plaintiff Ambrose rested his case sbd it was over.

      No Justice. The entire family suffers-

  • Oh, another Judge Heller case with a GAL who does not celebrate Easter. Worked well for Jen Dulos as well. Judge Heller does not celebrate Christmas, loves money, and has no empathy or concern for children. Judge Heller exemplifies the desire of the people of Connecticut to rape childhood.

    It is just what the people of Connecticut want their state to do to kids. It is the will of the people.

    • Judge Heller is pure evil. Look at the number of cases GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz is on with Judge Heller. And with a wink and a nod the children are purchased and delivered.

      Judge Heller, Adelman and Grossman need to be gone.

    • Were you sprung from a petri-dish? A stork, maybe?

      “what kind of creature bore you, was it some kind of bat? —

      They can’t find a good word for you, but I can — twat”

    • My only rebuttal, and it is debatable, is that losing your children to some mothers is a fate as bad or worse than death, especially if there is no hope of getting them back. But there is hope for Cobie.

      • A sincere thanks for your rebuttal, Frank. As a product of a second marriage, my views on the institution itself are admittedly jaded. I have no first-hand experience with what Cobie is going through, and cannot imagine the torment inflicted by protracted custody battles. I have met kids who seem to have survived similar ordeals without major repercussions, but I’ve also met kids who have clearly been used/abused as pawns and are psychologically scarred for life, and that deeply saddens me.

        Nonetheless, failings of family court systems are not unique to Connecticut. I can only imagine what goes on in certain other states which adhere to the “children as property” doctrine.

    • As an advocate, I’ve worked with many moms who have lost children to abusive men, who know how to use the system (with their high paid lawyers) to “punish” mom for leaving them, by taking their children. They use any and all tactics imaginable.

      For these moms, often stay at home great moms like Cobie, losing their children has its intended purpose. These kids were their life and without them, life is worse than horrible. Especially for moms who know that the children remain in an abusive or controlling environment (including brainwashing) with no hope of escape.

  • Frank-

    This seems like a pure unadulterated case of parental alienation. As you know, It’s tough to prove parental alienation unless you have testimony from the therapists, or children. It all seeks cut and dry here.

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