Mexico legislators demand Attorney General investigate ESP and Salinas for DOS human trafficking

An investigation is underway into Executive Success Programs and its leader in Mexico – Emiliano Salinas.


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In Monterrey, Channel 7 News reported lawmakers are calling for an investigation into Executive Success Programs (ESP) and its leader Emiliano Salinas.

Jimina Garza and her husband, Omar Boone, might be implicated. Ms. Garza reportedly deceived six Mexican women in June to come to the USA under false pretenses where they were branded like cattle and tricked into giving photographs that have been used to extort them.

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English translation of story:

Demand to investigate sexual slavery with the ‘gancho’ to empower women

By: Olivia Martinez

Deputies of Nuevo León condemn the cult practices of sexual slavery induced with the hook of women’s empowerment, by a network allegedly linked to a Mexican businessman

INFO7 – In a report, the American newspaper The New York Times showed the manipulation, extortion and abuse against women allegedly carried out by Nexium, an organization that recruits victims through deception.

Screenshot of Channel 7 news in Monterrey.

This network would come from the United States to Mexico and Canada.

In Mexico the network is linked through a subsidiary: Executive Success Programs, directed by Emiliano Salinas Occeli, son of former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Salinas Occeli denied any connection.

Screen shot on Channel 7 newscast shows Salinas connection with ESP.

Lawmakers questioned the practices and demanded an investigation, regardless of who is implicated.

“A call to the authorities to investigate this thoroughly and for the National Human Rights Commission to get involved in this issue and prevent further abuse,” said PAN deputy Laura Paula López.

“Pay attention and give a correct answer to this,” she demanded.

The deputies criticized that the director of the State Institute of Women, Yamilette Orduña, asked for leave to jump to another position, instead of collaborating with the Attorney General’s Office on investigating this issue.

“That we get the true consequences and demand that we have in the state of Nuevo León within the State Women’s Institute someone who is in permanent form and not someone who is in charge,” demanded PRI deputy Gloria Treviño .

”Nuevo Leon needs to have someone in the front who is talking about this type of situation, and especially if someone fell into such situations, give him advice,” he said.

The deputies asked to investigate in depth because they are serious crimes.

“In Nuevo León, we are in the second place of this problem of human trafficking. In that sense, I would first call to women to take care of themselves, to be very careful and to distrust in the first instance everything they see. That the investigation is thorough and punish whoever has to be punished, whatever it may be called, “Lopez said.

They warned that authority can not overlap crimes against women.

“That we get to the last consequences in this investigation, that the responsibilities are delimited, Treviño said, there are gender alerts in four municipalities of our state and the incumbent is not in. She is in the campaign.

We must first see the consequences of what is happening and the way in which they attract women and see the precautions that must be carried out, “he said.

The topic will continue to speak.

State Attorney General’s office for the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon. The capitol of the state is Monterrey.
ESP now starting to get the kind of publicity in Monterrey that it enjoys in Albany.
Nuevo Leon State legislators have called for an investigation into Executive Success Programs by the Attorney General.

Exigen investigar esclavitud sexual con el ´gancho´ de empoderar a la mujer

Diputadas de Nuevo León condenaron las prácticas sectarias de esclavitud sexual inducidas con el gancho del empoderamiento de la mujer, red a la que presuntamente estaría ligado un empresario mexicano

P or: Olivia Martínez

INFO7 – En un reportaje, el diario estadounidense The New York Times evidenció la manipulación, extorsión y abuso contra mujeres que presuntamente realiza Nexium, organización que recluta a las víctimas mediante engaños.

Esta red llegaría desde Estados Unidos hasta México y Canadá.

En México se ligaría a través de la filial Programa de Éxito Ejecutivo, dirigida por Emiliano SalinasOcceli, hijo del expresidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari;  sin embargo, ya Salinas Occeli negó cualquier nexo.

Las legisladoras cuestionaron esas prácticas y exigieron investigar, caiga quien caiga.

“Un llamado a las autoridades para que investiguen a fondo esto y para que la Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos ponga manos en este tema y evite que haya más abusos”, dijo la diputada panista Laura Paula López.

“Que pongan atención y den una respuesta certera a esto”, demandó.

Las diputadas criticaron que la directora del Instituto Estatal de la Mujer, Yamilette Orduña, haya pedido licencia para brincar a otro cargo, en lugar de coadyuvar con la Procuraduría de Justicia en este tema.

“Que se llegue a las últimas consecuencias y también exigimos que tengamos en el estado de Nuevo León dentro del Instituto Estatal de la Mujer a alguien que esté en forma permanente y no alguien que ande encampañado”, exigió la diputada local de PRI, Gloria Treviño.

Nuevo León necesita que haya alguien al frente que nos esté hablando precisamente de este tipo de situaciones. Y sobre todo, si alguien cayó en un tipo de situaciones así darle asesoría”, aclaró.

Las diputadas pidieron investigar a fondo porque se trata de delitos graves.

“En Nuevo León estamos en segundo lugar de problema de trata de personas. En ese sentido yo quisiera hacer un llamado primero a las mujeres a que se cuiden, a que tengan mucha precaución y que desconfíen en primera instancia de todo lo que vean. Y que sea a fondo la investigación y que se castigue a quien se tenga que castigar, llámese como se llame”, sostuvo López.

Advirtieron que la autoridad no puede solapar los crímenes contra mujeres.

“Que se llegue a las últimas consecuencias en esta investigación, que se deslinden las responsabilidades, dijo Treviño, hay alertas de género en cuatro municipios de nuestro estado y la titular no está. Ella está en campaña.

Hay que ver primero las consecuencias de qué es lo que está pasando y el modo en que atraen a las mujeres y ver las precauciones que se deben llevar a cabo”, sostuvo.

El tema seguirá dando de qué hablar.



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  • As of 6 days ago she was flying above the clouds on her Instagram. Maybe she is on her way to Fiji or returning from? Wishful thinking but it would be pretty funny if she had an awakening while away and ditches them all. But alas if Keith told her to jump into the NYC Marathon a week from Sunday and run 26.2 miles she probably would.

    Short of the Bronfman name being attached to NXIVM as far as funding them. There is nothing that directly ties Clare to DOS.It appears the ones poised to take the biggest fall are Lauren Salzman and the Josef Mengeles in Nxivm’s midst: Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts. Emiliano, Alex, Jimena Garza and Omar Boone for their ties to the Mexican part of this story involving extortion and human trafficking. Then you have Keith and Allison because nothing gets approved in NXIVM if it weren’t for Uncle Keith’s say-so.

    • Good chance that Clare will be implicated bc she funded the Ethical Science Foundation which purchased the EEG machines that were used by Mengele for the grotesque fright experiments

  • This isn’t surprising news at all. Rumour has it he’s connected to a human trafficking /pediphila ring operating in Vancouver BC ( and I’m sure many other places as well )..

    Frank, are you deleting some comments? It seems some disappeared last night from another thread. Is that due to people complaining about our opinions?

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