Trans Debate: Should Children Be Permitted to Get Puberty Blockers?

I admit I know virtually nothing about this topic. But it is worthy of investigating.

Readers have shared their thoughts since Frank Report published, Is Transgenderism a Vicious Cult Targeting Children? – A Mother’s Story.

A documentary, referred by a reader, was, I admit, shocking to me. To show you how little I know about the topic, I did not even know that children, who are not old enough to vote, who cannot legally be bound by a contract, who cannot legally have sex, because they are deemed not to have minds developed enough to consent to it, who cannot legally drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco, can decide to change their gender and be given puberty blockers.

The documentary, a Swedish documentary called,Uppdrag granskningy investigates the side effects of giving children puberty blockers.

It was described as follows:

When just 11 years old, Leo began to be treated with puberty blockers, which continued for four years at Karolinska University Hospital.

Leo ended up with osteoporosis (significantly below normal bone density interval), fractures in the back, constant pain and a depressed mental state.

The documentary revealed there were an additional 12 cases in Stockholm where children had serious side effects (bone fractures, deep regret from voice changes, injuries, deteriorating mental health and significant weight gains) from puberty blockers.

Leo’s parents were not informed of the risks of the hormone blockers by the physicians and a doctor who warned parents about side effects was reported to the hospital management and silenced.

The psychiatric staff initially blamed Leo’s problems on the hormone team. The head of the hormone department claimed, in an interview, to never have seen the reports from the psychiatric team. An internal investigation seems to have started after the documentary commenced.

Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital reportedly stopped this treatment for children. Other hospitals reportedly are still providing puberty blockers to children and claim the treatments’ side effects are not concerning.

In the documentary, there is an interview of two transwomen who are perhaps in their 50s, who say that transphobic people are using “think of the children” to deprive trans people of care. The two transwomen spoke at a medical conference and told doctors about how they needed to shift the focus from potential harm to children to fighting transphobia.

The documentary includes Leo and his mother crying, and concludes with a claim that nobody knows how many children have or will develop serious side effects from puberty blockers.

A Swedish Mumsnetter posted about the documentary

Some of the comments include;


The sooner its realized that the real transphobia is thinking that trans people and children are entitled to substandard care compared to everyone else.  You can’t simultaneously claim something is the right course of treatment, [puberty blockers] then shut down everything that lists side effects or problems.

Even calpol has side effects. Nothing is without side effects. Even things that are meant to be good for us can also harm/kill us.

There is no medical treatment on earth that free of any negative consequences. We acknowledge them we should acknowledge this.

Nothing is going to get better if we can’t look at it.



When Lupron was used only for precocious puberty in kids (so very rarely) the guidance was never to use it longer than 6 months continuously. Long term continuous use is known to cause the following side effects (not an exhaustive list):

  1. Bones and connective tissue not fusing properly
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Obesity
  4. Cognitive developmental delay
  5. Chronic pain / migraine
  6. Chronic inflammation
  7. Speech / cognitive processing issues

Puberty blockers is a misnomer, it would be better to call them growth stunters.

After this, so-called trans children are then flooded with dangerous levels of opposite sex hormones which their bodies are not able to manage or tolerate which puts them at greater risk of stroke, cancer, diabetes and cardio-pulmonary problems.

We should NOT be doing this to children.



I am thinking today of the 17 year old girls sent from Scotland to England for double mastectomies to treat what is emphatically not a mental illness.


There are many many more children affected by this. This does not even scratch the surface of this scandal. I expect that more and more will come out and many will lose their job and some perhaps be prosecuted….

Many people think Swedes are so open minded that we just go along with anything, but most people in Sweden don’t agree with this. It’s not that we are transphobic, but we understand science and biology. We will leave you to it if you’re not harming anyone, but as you can see due to the rabid TRA and illogical self ID laws we now have children who are basically suffering from sterilization and long term health conditions.


While a debate is on as to whether or not this treatment might have harmful side effects, or whether to merely discuss it might hurt adult trans people’s care, I think the debate should be truly focused on whether children should be allowed to make a decision that will effect their entire lives, when science demonstrates that they do not have the brain development to make decisions on such less permanent decisions such as drugs, voting or even to have sex.

Taking puberty blocking drugs that might make one shorter, and physically weaker, cannot be in the domain of children to decide. I doubt also that parents should be entrusted with this decision.

I doubt an 11 year old can legally get a tattoo and yet a child can choose to change their gender. Something is wrong here. And usually when something is this wrong, there are moneyed interests seeking to silence the obvious.

However, I am sure there is another point of view, and I am willing to hear it.  I am not terribly interested in comparing adult trans care with permitting children to make a decision to change their gender.

The argument that we must not let children decide to change their gender and get medical treatment to do it should not be conflated with not wanting the best care and treatment of adults, whether they have changed their gender or not.

This is about consent and the age of consent for changing one’s gender. The age of consent in America is between 16-18 and no parent can waive that consent for their child. Why then are children under the age of consent to have sex be permitted to change their sex, with or without parental consent?

I’d be very interested in the answer.


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  • The issue is, the attractive, convincing ones, the models, the ones you can’t tell started hormone therapy pre-puberty.

    Once puberty sets in, they look like, well…you can tell.

  • In previous article said something along the lines of I am all for Transgender rights and fair treatment (like say not getting killed for being trans) but do hate their militant view of “your 100% with us or your 100% against us”. This is one of those areas where against them. All for letting the kids (here defined ~11 to 18) try to figure out their gender and sexual preferences, hopefully with help that isn’t facebook articles and equally unknowledgeable friends (which means if in conservative land, they are on their own). Absolutely against any chemical and surgical solutions on that journey. Their bodies are still changing, growing, etc as are their minds. Permanent solutions should only be done when life is literally in danger, not metaphorically (as in the usual teenager exaggerations about their lives at that age). Once they are a legal adult and they want to make permanent changes, have at it as that is benefit of reaching adulthood.

    • I agree with this. Any minority group that faces social prejudice and pressure would get vocal to fight back. And that can swing the pendulum of social action past the point of a reasonable solution. Many people are uncomfortable in their own skin at some points in their lives – especially teens. If society as a whole would allow anyone to express their masculine/feminine sides as they wished – clothing, makeup, chosen activities – without bullying and prejudice, maybe we wouldn’t be seeing this crisis of “I must alter my body permanently” to achieve what I want. Teens need support and acceptance as they shape and mold their images of themselves, but they also need some barriers in place so they don’t damage themselves permanently while they figure it out.

      There are reasons we deny children alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, etc. And there are controls in many places on permanent body-altering processes like tattoos or piercings – like parental consent needed. We do not want children damaging their bodies until they are old enough to make that decision with a developed mind. And we certainly need to be clear about the risks and rewards inherent with any medical process or procedure.

      For any parent out there trying to hold the line in the face of being termed an ignorant bigot – you have my sympathy and support. I trust that the pendulum will swing back and we will eventually reach a position where medical intervention is available for those who really do need it, and teens are given the support to sort through their changing lives without medical intervention when it really isn’t needed.

  • There is also Trans Train from Sweden. It aired on a national broadcast and that was the beginning of their reverse. Referrals to Sweden’s gender clinic went down 65% and govt review has taken place, recognizing they don’t know if transition is effective for ROGD girls.

    The same people that made it, as the Documentary mentioned in the original post.

    Then this study came out which confirmed what many doctors, scientists and industry professionals have been saying for years, But had been silenced and pressured to stay silent about it. Most professionals that tried to state what NICE did, have lost their careers.

    And this.

    “ Little data’
    NICE found it was difficult to draw conclusions from existing studies because of the way they had been designed.
    They were “all small” and didn’t have control groups, which are used to directly compare the effect of different treatments.
    There were other issues with the studies too, such as not describing what other physical and mental health problems a young person may have alongside gender dysphoria.

    The review said there was “very little data” on any additional interventions – such as counselling or other drug treatments – the young people may have had alongside taking puberty blockers, and this could bias the results.

    The impact of puberty blockers on bone density has been raised as a potential concern by some experts previously.
    However, NICE found that without a “comparator group”, it was not known whether any observed changes in bone density “are associated with GnRH analogues or due to changes over time”.
    Some argue that carrying out a controlled trial – which would provide better quality evidence – might be difficult because of the potential impact on mental health if treatment is withheld in one group.
    NICE accepted this, but said offering psychological support to compare puberty blockers “may reduce ethical concerns in future trials”.

    The review found no evidence of cost-effectiveness of treatment.”

    All of this is known, and our government continues to promote this, because they’re all taking money from the industries that profit from this ideology. See 11th Hour Blog for the network of profiteers.

  • I’ve used this metaphor previously, but deciding your gender, preferences or that you want to “transition” before reaching puberty is like deciding your dream car years before being able to drive.

    • Do you like the ladies with a little suttin’ under the hood? Hit me up some time, and you can check out my hot rod.

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