Raniere Used Books Listed on Amazon, eBay for $145-$1,300

Keith Raniere wrote, with co-author Ivy Nevares, two books: Odin and the Sphinx, published on January 1, 2007, and The Sphinx and Thelxiepeia, which came out two years later, on January 1, 2009.

I don’t recall a price listed on the book covers, but I assume they sold from $20 to $30, when they did sell, which was not often. They were not best sellers.

A book by Keith Raniere

During a visit to NXIVM headquarters, at 455 New Karner Rd., in 2019. I observed boxes filled with the Sphinx books in a storage room.

Company Store: NXIVM headquarters at 455 New Karner Road


This photo, taken in 2019, in a storage room at 455 New Karner Rd, is that of a box filled with Odin and the Sphinx books. Since the book was published in 2007, it seems they may have been sitting there undesired, forlorn, unappreciated, and forgotten for 12 long years

Now there are indications that demand may be up for the books.

Both Sphinx books are out of print, but, on Amazon, owners of used editions are offering to part with theirs for far more than they sold for new.


The lowest price I found for either Spinx book is $144.99 and the highest $1,300, with prices in the middle between $275 and $650.

On eBay  the Sphinx books are being sold for $275-$350 with a special package deal for both at $599.

I can think of two reasons for the hike in price:  The wisdom contained in the books makes them a bargain, for it allows us to be introduced to the world’s smartest and most ethical man, whose teachings people used to pay $2,000 or more per course.

Either that or that sellers of these books think that collectors might want them in the same way they might want to collect Charles Manson, David Koresh or Jim Jones items.  These cult leaders are all dead. But not Raniere. He resides at USP Tucson with 99 years left to serve.

The author’s photo from one of the Sphinx books.

Both Sphinx books were published by Clare and Sara Bronfman as part of their series of “Ethical,” entities to promote the wonder that is Keith Raniere.

The Sphinx books were published by Ethical Publishing LLC. But the two enabling sisters also formed Ethical Value Exchange LLC, Ethical Principles LLC, Ethical Media LLC, Ethical Humanitarian LLC, Coalition of Ethicists LLC, and, of course, the Ethical Science Foundation (which got a little flack for their so-called ‘human fright’ experiments and an employee, Brandon Porter M.D., lost his medical license for his role in those experiments).

Clare and Sara Bronfman did much to promote Keith Raniere.

If I understand the forfeiture order in the Raniere case, the property at 455 New Karner Road is now either the property or soon will be the property of the American people. If the forfeited building also includes the contents, and if there are 1000 Sphinx books on the premises, and if they could sell for an average price of $200, the value of these prized books would be $200,000.

Ironically, the government cut a deal with Sara Bronfman, as part of the forfeiture agreement, that they would pay her up to $200,000 for her title and interest in New Karner.

I wonder if she would just take the books?

Sara Bronfman might have a chance at a good deal.

Stunning isn’t it.  That a genius from small-town Albany, New York, could rise so high in his own lifetime that even his used books are being offered for 20 times what they sold for new.

I know it’s been said before, but it certainly bears repeating: Viva Executive Success!

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere in a setting where, rightly or wrongly, ethically or not, he may spend the rest of his life, or at least the next 99 years of it.

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  • Frank,

    This is Holly again. Why do you refuse to answer questions? It makes you look as if you are avoiding your own blog. Is that the way you want people to interpret you? Man – it seems very odd to me – that you don’t answer your own bloggers.
    Wondering what you are doing and why you’re ignoring the blog? You own it, and it seems like you are NOT fully interested in it anymore.
    Have you lost interest in NXIVM and your bloggers? Should we just go away?
    Please answer me-

    • Hi Holly-

      I’ve been following the Frank Report for 3 years. Generally speaking, Frank only answers questions he has not previously covered in articles; he’ll answer questions that he deems pertinent, or answer questions that have mass appeal. The Frank Report is now less a normal blog and more of an investigative/news site I’d say.

      Occasionally, he’ll answer questions because he is interested or finds them entertaining.

      Many questions go unanswered by Frank or someone else will answer the question.

      Over the years, Frank has only answered a small percentage of my questions.

      So you aren’t alone. 😉

  • Frank,

    Hmmm-!!!!! Where do I begin? Selling useless material online? Really? Gee- how did Keith get ahold of any of his old books, or did you help him?

    Keith gets his material, while others of us, who think it sucks to high Heaven, burn it and get rid of it. Why? Because it is NOT worth wiping your butt with.

    Keith is one sorry delusional rapist-murderer. He doesn’t deserve sunlight, he should have been given the death penalty. He has poisoned and raped and killed and just been a real career criminal. Why would you even consider helping a boy like him? He is a 0 plum head with NO conscience and NO empathy or feeling for others.

    Who is Aurora, Frank? Do you know her? Will you please answer my questions, as to why you haven’t filmed part 2 of “The Lost Women”? You wasted so much time doing that filming. Why won’t you talk about Kris Snyder? Are you honestly working on anything? Anything at all?

    If you are working – what the hell are you doing?

    I would like to hear what articles you are doing and who the hell is Claviger? Is that still YOU?

    Please answer my questions


    • Holly, I believe the second part of The Lost Women series was filmed but has yet to be released.

      Frank stopped working with Keith years ago. He spent most of his time taking him down.

  • Online list prices for books, don’t always reflect actual market values. There are a couple of things that can skew them including unrealistic seller expectations, and flaws in the automatic algorithms volume sellers use to price books.

    I find that one set of both books did actually sell on eBay for $250 last month, but even that may be an anomaly.

    • Love that he gets all exercised in CAPS!! about his own denigration of his own degrees.

      Hey! Quack-doc Porter,

      Surely being in nxivm allows you to pretend to be whatever the heck you like. So, Mr. Porter, go for it! Set up shop as a brain surgeon—you’ve done a few experiments. The teaching kiddos expert position is all tied up by the dim-witted Sara, nursing and psychiatry — that was nanna nancy’s bag, cleverest, fastest, most erect dick, that was/is your lord and master, but hey, nothing to stop you making your own far-fetched claims. How about becoming an actual Porter? Then you could be Porter Porter? Someone might have a little chuckle with that. Amway has openings. The world’s your oyster. Apparently not.

  • The riginal “Mein Kampf” sells for a ton too. I also guess Keith’s book will become a true “cult” classic… .pun intended.

  • All your hard work, Ivy — with that pig’s name on it. You should bring a civil action for plagiarism.

  • I would be very interested in learning more about the philosophical explorations of Keith Raniere and Ivy Nevares. The Dalai Lama is one of the most highly respected spiritual leaders alive (or who has ever Lived) and since he finds merit in these ideas, I am definitely interested in learning more.

    The free market means that people can buy and sell things at the price of their own choosing. That is an American value. Such high prices prove that these ideas are in high demand. If the government hadn’t banned more of these books from being published, the prices would not be so high. This is basic economics: supply and demand. Are we going to allow the government to tell us what we can and cannot read? What precedent does this set?

    I may not always agree with what Keith Raniere believes and maybe he could have done some things better, but who is perfect? Look in the mirror. Are you perfect? If not, who are you to judge? What is it about the imperfections you see in yourself that make you blame, attack and hate others?

    I will always stand beside those who search for Truth, not THE Truth.

    • It’s a long stretch from, “Who is perfect”? to a Keith being a child molester.

      Chews with their mouth open does not equal child pornographer.

  • Frank,

    How disgusting you are to do this to the victims and to everyone else – the monster should NOT be getting any more light.

    You are sunk – didn’t you go to Dillon, SC? Didn’t you meet with the Snyders?

    You are messing with the FBI and trying to get Raniere another trial? We all thought you were working so hard to take him down. Is that your cover? To make people think you’re taking him down when really – YOU are “screwing with agencies” that can lock YOU up?

    What’s the real truth in who YOU really are? A fraud? YOU acted as though YOU were solving Kris’ case – NOT – wow – what a crock of BULL YOU have turned out to be.

    A new trial for the monster 👿 and selling his stuff? What? Does the prison in Arizona know? Are you doing this for him? If so, why?

    YOU have left the victims behind and showed who YOU really are – lazy writing and wanting to become “famous” over another family’s “tragic loss”. YOU are a real “fraud”.

    Sorry we ever heard of YOU-!!!!! How is your porn star friend – Frank in Florida? Is Marie still with him?

    Why have YOU NOT gotten back on Kris’ case? Why? Messing with the monster –

  • Fixed the headline for you…

    Ivy is the writer.

    Raniere is the credit stealer.

    Read writing samples from both people.

    Ivy is an author. Raniere is a lazy pedo.

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