Sultan: Kristin Kreuk ranked with Canadian performers: Tatiana Maslany, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams and Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey may not be as talented or beautiful as the worshipful Kristin Kreuk, but he is from Canada. That association alone makes him worthy of contemplation; He is from the same country as Kristin Kreuk.
Sultan is damn tired of carping critics of Canadian national treasure Kristin Kreuk.

By Sultan of Six

Why do you people diminish the accomplishments of others? What have you people done that is so worthy of pissing on others? What fills the list of accomplishments on your CV or resume?

It’s really sad.

Tatiana Maslany hails from the same land as heavenly Kristin Kreuk. [Photo Credit: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia].

Tatiana Maslany has won an Emmy for her performance on Orphan Black. She’s a Canadian actor who was on a Canadian TV series when she did it. It’s not out of the realm of possibility since it’s already been done.

Image result for ryan reynolds
Ryan Reynolds – a Canadian like Kristin Kreuk.

Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling are Canadian.

Image result for ryan gosling
Ryan Gosling – a Canadian from the same land that angelic Kristin Kreuk resides.

So are Rachel McAdams and Jim Carrey.

Image result for Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams may not be quite equal to Kristin Kreuk’s talents but she is from that awesome country Canada.

There are a number of high profile Canadian entertainers.

Someone wrote, “Kreuk may want the NXIVM questions to disappear, but they never will. She and Allison Mack and India Oxenberg and Sarah Edmonson will always be linked to Raniere and the cult.”

None of these other women are in the same category as Kristin as far as the extent of involvement is concerned. Kristin left NXIVM in 2013. She never moved to Albany. She never ran a center. She was never in DOS. She was never close to Raniere and, hence, never would’ve slept with him.

Yes, she went to certain public events associated with the cult. Yes, she helped coach courses. Yes, she was considered a “VIP” member because of her celebrity. But she never was tied to the group as much as the others and no one cares about her involvement anymore except people who post here.

Allison Mack and India are CC-1 and CC-2 in the FBI’s arrest warrant for Raniere. They are/were both part of DOS. Allison is still drinking the Kool-Aid and India only left because her mother had the strength to pull her out.

Sarah Edmondson’s primary source of income was NXIVM. She ran the Vancouver center until 2017 and only left because she was branded as part of DOS.

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For many, Canada is a cold, northern country with one of the lowest density of humans of any country on earth. For others, it is a place of pilgrimage, a sacred place, for within Her borders lives the actress Kristin Kreuk.
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Sultan says Kristin Kreuk never slept with Keith Alan Raniere.

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  • Sultan you’re defense of Kristin is warranted. She is a noble lady and she has defended her Vanguard as nobly as you have defended her. Only she must do it quietly in these savage times. Her silence shows she is not the vile slime that his betrayers are. Sultan, keep on writing. Do not back down. Kristin will never abandon Vanguard. But now what good would it do to make any statement other than to avoid the issue. Her heart and love is with him. She knows what she learned from him. Why do you think she is with boys. She had the only real man. We who know that Vanguard will win. Look forward to the day when Kristin will be free to speak. But for now what should he say anything?

  • Tribalism rules. The other day a journalist asked me why the Albany Times Union reporter touted KAR’s false “accomplishments” back in 1989 and what sprang to mind in response was the fact that especially in those days Albany couldn’t boast of many celebrities except an RPI grad “super genius” like KAR. Plus, the reporter was treated to KAR’s usual schtick — he staged a big intro through young, adoring acolytes, including a rare female RPI grad, Karen Unteriener, etc.

    But the main reason, I believe, was Albany community pride — a form of tribalism.

    Speaking of, I don’t think we’re going to be hearing a lot more out of MAGA attackers on FR humiliating “liberal” commenters if Frank’s as smart as he is loyal to “friends” who try to claim their “volunteers” posted threatening crosshairs on a Judge. Are we Bangkok?

    Enjoy your vacation and why don’t you bring Schlock along with you?

  • Someone wrote, “Kreuk may want the NXIVM questions to disappear, but they never will. She and Allison Mack and India Oxenberg and Sarah Edmonson will always be linked to Raniere and the cult.”

    Man, I don’t even get my name mentioned to my own quote–DAMN!! Look, it doesn’t matter if Kreuk wasn’t named as a co-conspirator to Raniere, my point was that her name as well as Mack’s, Oxenberg’s, etc will always be linked to the NXIVM cult and that’s actually worse because at least Mack will be put on a trial and at the end, everyone will know her guilt or innocence. Kreuk’s name will always be a question as to what she truly knew.

    • “Kreuk’s name will always be a question as to what she truly knew.”

      Only at this rate. The press forced a bullshit statement from her by linking her to DOS. They could do the same with the information regarding the Times Union expose, Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit and Necker Island info. Not to mention, if more people come forward and admit she was still with the cult at least as recently as 2015, meaning she lied. She was in Vancouver with NXIVM the same month she left for Toronto to film the fourth and final season of Beauty and the Beast. Sarah Edmondson knows this yet she lied and said 2013, which Kreuk arrogantly retweeted. Edmondson obviously watching her fellow NXIVM member’s back. Tick tock.

  • SultanOfSix,
    It’s hard to believe you support this woman. If you did, you’d shut the fuck up and stop writing about her on the FR.

    Your postings are the pistol that allows others to pull the trigger, putting more holes into her Google searches rated to NXIVM.

    If you really care about her as a person you’d post about her some where else. This is not the place to stick up for her.

    Your either a two faced troll who wants her to be bashed or your too stupid to “get it” that your causing more harm than good with your attempts to defend her.

    Maybe some therapy or join a local fan club would be more helpful.

  • O Canada, the land of emasculated soy boy cucks and spinster feminazis. Canadian males are so weak, their farts are but a silent whistle, only a dog could hear them and their turds are like rabbit droppings due to all the soy, tofu and vegan sushi. Fuck Canada.

  • “She never ran a center. She was never close to Raniere and hence never would’ve slept with him.”

    She coached from her own home. You dont know how “close” she was to the white sultan. You dont know if he inserted his erection inside her.

  • Sultan if you truly want to help Kristin Kreuk, you should put your effort into contacting her or agent or manager or family member aware of the Ka-lel stalker at the very least send her or her people the guys Instagram page. If Ka-lel ever gets his Visa to come to the United States, Kristin Kreuk will be in danger.

    Sultan used be worried about Ka-lel the stalker not what people post on the Frank Report.

      • Anonymous,
        Yes, it creeped me out as well. This individual has been writing down the same 3 recurring themes. Kristin Kreuk, visa, and murder for at least 3 years.

        Roll your eyes all you want everybody.

        Please just remember one very sobering fact Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon, had the exact same profile as Mr. Ka-lel.

        Chapman even fancied himself a writer, just like Kalel, and wrote all kinds of poems and short stories and obsessed about Lennon. Chapman believed he and Lennon were bonded together just like Ka-lel believes he is bonded to Kristin Kreuk. Chapman was pre-internet and went unnoticed.

        KA-lel can be stopped by simply stopping his visa application and, in addition, barring him from entry into the United States by a simple criminal complaint being filed by Kristin Kreuk. If Kreuk or her attorneys and management knew about Ka-lel, Ka-lel could be stopped.

  • What the hell? Has the fact that a child molester might go free due to the Bronfman’s money? All the lawyers with all their money might actually win. Let’s just all wallow in our shit and pretend no one has friends. lets really all just play stupid. Racheal McAdams is a friend and I personally don’t appreciate this low comment site grasping at such mediocre seems. Frank, can you go back to being the awesome writer that you were? Cut the bullshit. Keep it short and sweet straight to the point? A lot of us are running out of time and have better things to do.

  • looks like you have a hard-on for Kristen Kruek. Good to know your dick still works. To bad your site sucks! Hey my sis took the blond out for breakfast but its neither here nor there since fire marshall bill is your main feature. Do any 90s babys remember fire marshall bill? let me tell you something

  • The fucking caption under the map….I just noticed it and LMFAO

    This is the funniest thing I have read in a long long time.

    OMG lol

  • Comment in response to Sultan’s 9:36pm comment.

    To Frank I would say it’s not entirely fair to post Sultan’s comments as articles. However it has become accepted practice between the two of you.

    To Sultan if you feel that way Sultan… why do you still post long winded comments if you know it’s within the realm of possibility that the comments will be posted as articles by Frank? Sultan you can’t play the victim card if you walk back to the mugger’s house to get mugged.

    Look Sultan… Frank is no fool he knows that your articles have the power to generate more comments and interest than any other guest writer or anyone else. Sultan you have become a minor celebrity within the Frankreport internet community village.

    From where I am standing it’s a win win for both of you. Sultan gets to promote Kristin Kreuk and Frank gets clicks.

    It’s what used to be known popularly in the 1990’s as Synergy.

  • Not even “allah” can stand this autistic stalker boy. His low testosterone jizzy aspergers snooty comments are as welcome as a turd in the kitchen sink. He does not have a single clue what he talks about. He either has a “yeah so what” attitude, or just ejaculates a long bullshit know-it-all essay all over the comments. The more he does this, the more people call out not only him, but Kreuk. He just makes things worse. He thinks Kreuk is incapable of farting as he doesn’t believe Kreuk has a butthole. Sad.

    Sultan of stalk would spend a six figure sum on a turd shat out by Kristin Crook in a gift box. It would be his most prized possession, along with the first washcloth he used when he first stroked his little brown dinky to her. He took a long bath with epson salts and bubbles, put on some smooth jazz and using just his thumb and forefinger, stroked his little banana slug like he was squeezing the guts out of a worm. Legend has it, it wasn’t even a washcloth, it was his grandfathers favourite turban. Silly, silly sultan. He is 100% as cuckoo as the most die-hard NXIVM members.

    Also, Canada genuinely sucks.

    • —He is 100% as cuckoo

      Look who’s talking after he wrote that utter clusterfuck of a comment in line with the dozens of others that preceded it which follow the same pattern. If I’m cuckoo, you’re on the bizarro spectrum of cuckoo.

      Be careful to check your blood pressure and not to get a brain aneurysm. I’m sure others besides me will miss your comments chock full of such vacuous content.

  • Please don’t embellish any of my comments with things I did not say not imply, such as the comments under the images, or adjectives like the “heavenly” Tatiana. Also, removing the context of the comment my comment was written in response to is disingenuous.

    For someone who claims to be seeking justice, you really are unjust to certain people.

    This is no surprise considering the vile and bigoted comments allowed here and the selective misrepresentation.

    • Just for clarification: The captions to the pictures are mine, not Sultan’s. His words – which were not changed – was originally offered as a comment in response to another comment. But because we have so few Kristin Kreuk defenders on this website, I could not help but to post it as a separate story – so that the maximum number of readers could see it, and perhaps be persuaded by Sultan’s eloquent defense of Kreuk.

      The reason for the superlatives about Kreuk in the captions was to try to capture Sultan’s pure and constant reverence for the lady – which has gone on now unabated for nearly a decade. I don’t believe that anyone has ever posted an unkind word about Kreuk that Sultan did not respond to within hours – with his facile mind and persuasive writing talent – to come to her defense.

      • LOL. Yeah right.

        There have been plenty of comments I have not responded to that mention Kristin. I even watched for three weeks without posting to see how often Kristin would be brought up while I didn’t post, and lo and behold numerous comments kept bringing her up in articles that weren’t even relevant to her. I even pointed this fact out. So I know this is utter bullshit.

        And please spare me the faux praise obviously intended to mock my “dedication” as if it takes huge amounts of time to follow a celebrity who rarely works compared to others, with the Internet readily available in the palm of one’s hand due to mobile devices, and the fact that I spend over forty hours a week in front of a computer because of my job.

        The fact that you people keep bringing up Kreuk even though she’s been long gone from NXIVM and isn’t even being considered by authorities isn’t my issue. It’s yours. That I am reactive and destroy each and everyone of the points brought up only to have them recycled on repeat every so often as if they weren’t answered is not my problem. It’s yours.

        So let God be the judge.

        • “with the Internet readily available in the palm of one’s hand“ 👳🏿‍♂️

          We all know what else you always have available in the palm of your hand. 💩

          “you people keep bringing up Kreuk even though she’s been long gone from NXIVM and isn’t even being considered by authorities” 🧕🏾

          How do you know? Do you stalk them too? The authorities should find out what she knew about and punish her for compliance. Financial crime being one thing. 🐖

          “That I am reactive and destroy each and everyone of the points brought up”🐷

          You seriously smug arrogant twat. You don’t destroy any facts. You simply don’t care about the facts. Times Union, O’Hara’s lawsuit, Necker Island… you don’t even care she’s an “infidel”.💩

          “So let God be the judge.”👳🏿‍♂️

          Your fake god made a pedophile, rapist, sex slaver, war monger his messenger. He’s as trustworthy as Kristin Kook’s weak statement.🐖

          Cry some more. Then you can use your tears as lube to spank with you allahuakbar spanker. 👳🏿‍♂️

          • There’s only one God, and He has a unique way of elevating those He finds worthy of His grace, and humiliating those who have earned His retribution.

            Don’t be hasty.

        • Sultan of Six,

          I think you’re just a diehard fan. I have a sister in law who is a huge David Archuleta fan. David Archuleta is from the 2008 season of American Idol. God only knows why my sister in law is a super fan of Archuleta. She actually has a photo of him at her desk at work. My sister in law is 58 years old.

          My point is it’s your business. I do not think you are a stalker. I just think you’re a super fan of a celebrity. There is nothing wrong with being a super fan. You do seem grounded in reality. Unlike some other people.

          I wish you well!

        • I honestly have no stake in this argument but Sultan’s past online history pertaining to KK is “interesting”.

          From comments like, “Ugh. The only episode I missed. And I didn’t get to see KK in a catsuit” (2006) to “I wonder if KK is going to this event this year. With SF filming, I’m not sure if she can make it due to possibilities of a schedule conflict. I would go if she was going. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that would cause her to come or not. 😉 I would rather fly than drive, but, the longer the wait, the more the cost for the former possibility.”(2008)
          to being banned from the Beauty and the Beast message board?

          Also someone making the comment’ “He’s an online character aka ‘SultanOfSix’; a self-hating Indian nut who has an obsession with half Asian women, yet detests pure Asians. He has stalked several half Asian celebrities online for years. He engaged in a disgusting racist forum online where 90% of the posts was abusive racism directed at East Asians.”

          So him posting posting in these types of groups from 2006 to present makes me question things.

          Perhaps he is just a dedicated fan or there is something deeper down that needs to be explored.

          • To Anon,

            Sultan of Six drove a Lexus at one time. So he is managing to pay the bills and is able to function in a work environment. I just think he is a lonely guy and clearly has a crush on Kristin Kreuk.

            I personally have never felt any connection to any celebrity, musician, athlete etc. I do not understand it. I have known a few in-laws and work acquaintances that were celebrity super fans. I think it is just escapism. A chance to mentally getaway from their lives temporarily.

            I think Sultan’s time would be better spent doing other things. Just like my time would be better spent not commenting on this website incessantly as I have done for over a month. 🙂

            Sultan, you need a hobby or more of a positive outlet. 10+ year superfan is a large amount of time spent on a celebrity.

            I am going to take my own advice and cut down on my commenting. My wife chastised me for my frequent commenting on this site recently. Her chastisement is my wake-up call.

          • “Perhaps he is just a dedicated fan or there is something deeper down that needs to be explored.”

            80% sure he is on the autism spectrum and 100% certain he has very low self esteem. Autistic people obsess over things and stalkers always have mental issues. A confident person does not stalk.

          • Sultan’s internet foot print is all over the web. He is a prolific web commentator.
            Google him.

          • Nice guy, how do you know he drove a Lexus? And why is the type of car he drove relevant to anything?

          • Flowers

            The car is irrelevant. I just thought I add that extra piece of information for entertainment purposes. He may even reside in….. but I am not going there.

            Everyone hates on Sultan……he is a big distraction.,.. not much else.

            I am going to try to stick to Keith Raniere and Nxivm in the future.

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