Who Got What – at Restitution Hearing of Keith Raniere — Cami Awarded $507,000

Camila by MK10ART

Our correspondent for Frank Report has provided the following list for restitution:

Every lower-ranking member of DOS was entitled to some money.


Camila [Child porn victim]: $507,000

Nicole [Sex trafficking victim]: $412,000

Daniela [Kept in a room for two years]: $249,000

Jessica Joan [Attempted sex trafficking]: $116,000

Lower ranking DOS slave [LRDS] Jane Doe 6/Audrey: $142,000

LRDS Sylvie [who testified at the trial]: $25,000

India Oxenberg: $298,000.

Sarah Edmondson [It was reported by our correspondent]: $27,000

Amanda [ A LRDS and also a lawyer]: $257,000.

LRDS Pam A. [not Cafrtiz]: $172,000

LRDS Souki: $244,000

LRDS Valerie: $241,000

LRDS Veronica: $53,000

LRDS Erika: $59,000

LRDS Allison W. [not Mack]: $52,000

LRDS Paloma: $71,000

LRDS Carly $127,000

Kristin T. [not Keeffe]: $94,000

LRDS Rachel: $49,000

James Loperfido [whose email account was hacked to spy on Joe O’Hara]: $5,000.

The Sutton family $250,000 [Down from the prosecution’s recommended $2.8 million]


The judge also ordered Raniere to return all the collateral. Raniere said he does not know where it is.

The judge also described how Camila bled when she had sex with Raniere when she was a virgin or words to that effect according to our correspondent.

The money – more than $3.5 million – will be paid to 21 victims – from a $6 million payment that Clare Bronfman made as part of her plea bargain.

It is not clear what will happen to the other nearly $3 million. We will try to find out.

The sum includes $2,500 for each branded woman. That’s  the cost of surgically removing the brands.

According to a report in the Washington Post, “Raniere, appearing by video from an Arizona prison, told the judge he was baffled by the restitution order.

“’I have never handled collateral,’ he said. ‘I don’t know anything about it.’

“He added at another point: ‘I don’t know who the victims are.'”


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  • Nicki is now posting photos of DOS women and using “sex cult” to lure her mostly male followers into paying for her locals account. They think they will hear and see titillating details. Or maybe be asked to join.

    Ha, ha, ha

    Nicki…Who never misses a chance to mock those that she feels have profited from the criminal demise of DOS.

    Grifters gonna grift…

    • It gets better. One of Clynes’ tweets said she’s going to write a book. Hypocritical much?

      • Ha ha ha. A book. That’s Perfect.

        How does Nicki afford NYC? Is she being paid to be Keith’s power of attorney?

        Nicki said on Dateline NBC that she was broke. And she doesn’t have a job.

        Unless you count whining on Twitter.

        Playing victim.

        And Nicki’s other favorite moronic tweets

        The switching of genders in a nonsensical manner and believing that she’s found a made up scenario that will somehow exonorate Keith.

        I can’t wait to see one of her fantastical freaky Friday switcheroo defenses play out in a courtroom.

        “Your honor what if Jesus was a woman and his disciples were a bad ass sorority that got branded? Then Keith Raniere would be innocent! Am I right, judge?”

        • Dim Bulb-

          You are right. Nicki sounds like a middle-schooler applying middle-school logic to a real-world problem or adult conversation. She kind of reminds me of AOC…

          “Why isn’t my grandma’s ceiling fixed — do you like my $2,300 dollar designer dress?” – AOC

          She is smarter than what’s coming out of her currently. She needs to smarten up!

        • “Your honor what if Jesus was a woman and his disciples were a bad ass sorority that got branded? Then Keith Raniere would be innocent! Am I right, judge?”

          I’m dyin’!! 🤣🤣🤣 You even said “bad ass sorority “! It’s perfect Crazy Clyne speak!


    Doctor Brandon Porter — the NXIVM doctor who lead human fright experiments, and idle watched dozens of people suffer from food poisoning — is now demanding the following:

    “Masking children needs to be studied and its benefits need to be greater than the harms. Potential harms will be difficult to measure because they may be emotional and related to LANGUAGE development.”
    -DR Brandon Porter

    ….So according to Dr. Porter having children wear a mask to protect them from a life-threatening virus is more dangerous than the virus…

    Lastly, Brandon believes masks can hamper language. I wonder what wacky Brandon’s opinion is of Rainbow Cultural Gardens …

    I am glad doc Porter hasn’t changed. He’s still a wacky-crazy-fuck!

    Here is his Twitter posting:

    • Shocking News
      Iowans Support Freedom!

      Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds bans mask mandate
      Counties, cities and schools in Iowa can no longer require people to wear masks. In the final hours of the Iowa legislative session Thursday morning, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a bill into law banning government mask mandates statewide.

      Gov. Reynolds called this ban on mask mandates a victory for individual liberties. She said people should be free to make their own decisions when it comes to masking in public. The bill is now law in Iowa, and the ban on mask mandates began Thursday morning.

      When the mask mandates were banned children in Newton, Iowa danced in the classrooms in celebration.

      Freedom First, Tyranny Last!
      Suck On It, Lord Fauci!

      Linda Abold
      1 month ago
      Legislature and Gov. Reynolds. Thank you so very much for banning mask mandate.

      1 month ago
      Thank you Gov. Reynolds for respecting individual rights. Thanks for honoring Constitutional principle which protects the rights of the individual over heavy-handed authoritarian control (eg. China).

      Lisa Torres
      2 months ago
      Thank You Kim Reynolds, May God Bless You!!!

      • Shocking revelation!!!!!

        Whacky Doctor Brandon and Shadow are on agreement!

        They both hate masks and believe children should die!

        • “They both hate masks and believe children should die!” News Guy

          News Flash

          In my neighborhood school age children play together all of the time.
          They do not wear masks and they do not social distance.
          And they do not get sick and they do not die!

          It is a form of child abuse to make children wear masks and to treat them like prisoners who must live in constant fear.

          • Beyond Earth Shattering Shocking!!!

            Shadow never addressed the [stance] he shares with Brandon Porter. Something is definitely rotten in Denmark!

            I wonder if Dr. Porter enjoys taxidermy to.

        • Nice Guy, I’ve decided it’s best to just let Darwin take the wheel here.

          BTW, here’s the Alabama Republican Governor pleading for folks to get vaccinated:


          “Folks are supposed to have common sense. But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the vaccinated folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,”

          Common sense on the right? LMFAO.

          • —Nice Guy, I’ve decided it’s best to just let Darwin take the wheel here.

            I wish people would get the vaccine. However, you are right. At this stage of the game, Darwin and his wife Faith (Fate) are going to take over.

            Hopefully, they all willed their bodies to science. No use for COVID organic donors; which is truly a sad thing.

      • Right. That’s why surgeons always die performing 6 hour surgeries.

        Sometimes the entire surgical team dies because they cannot breath.

        They all just drop dead.

        Or… Wait. That actually never happens.

          • I negate the standing ovation, by giving a sitting boooo to anon. But, shame on FMN for inferring that mask-wearing kids die in their classrooms during 6 hour school days. That was quite a jump, FMN.

          • I firmly reinstate your standing ovation, L. That was Brilliant Anon.


    • Dr. Porter may be a nut but with a death rate of: “2 per million for those 18 and under” … wearing masks is insane for children.
      Also, the fact that those who have recovered from covid19 still must get vaxxed means something else is going on than health concerns.

  • Question:

    Will Edgar Bronfman, Junior be on hand to met Hunter Biden????????
    Edgar is reportedly a long time customer of the art gallery.

    Hunter Biden ‘Looking Forward’ to Meeting Prospective Art Buyers Before ‘Anonymous’ Sale

    Hunter Biden will meet with prospective art buyers at two art shows in Los Angeles and New York City later this year, giving the novice painter an opportunity to meet with potential “anonymous” buyers of artwork priced up to $500,000.

    Georges Berges Gallery spokeswoman Robin Davis confirmed to CBS News that Hunter Biden will attend both events.

    “Oh yes. With pleasure,” Davis said. “He’s looking forward to it. It is like someone debuting in the world. And of course he will be there.”

    “Everyone will be vetted…so, whomever is appropriate will be attending,” David added about the concern of who might buy the novice’s “artwork” during events in which “Biden will not discuss potential purchases, prices, or anything related to the selling of artwork, according to a “source familiar with the matter.”

    “He really wants to help Hunter and for people to recognize his talent,” Davis said of the Gallery owner, Georges Berges. “So you know, I think it’s all on the up and up.”
    Breitbart News reported July 8 that Hunter Biden was working with the Soho art dealer Georges Bergès, who has links to China himself:
    Bergès is holding an art exhibition in the fall, where Hunter’s art is expected to sell anywhere from $75,000-$500,000. The entire venture has prompted ethics concerns, particularly given Hunter’s past work as his father served as vice president — striking deals with Chinese officials and raking in tens of thousands of dollars per month serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian oligarch-owned oil and gas company, despite having no experience in the energy sector. His father would later brag about threatening to withhold aid from Ukraine unless officials fired the prosecutor conducting a corruption investigation into Burisma.

    But instead of making the transactions more transparent and open, the White House is hoping to strike a deal to make buyers of Hunter Biden’s artwork, which is expected to sell for up to half a million dollars, anonymous.

    CBS News also reported that Hunter Biden will “presumably socialize with potential buyers,” which is “seemingly at odds with an agreement struck with the gallery owner that aims to keep buyers’ identities secret from Biden, President Biden, the White House, and the public.”

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained July 10 that Hunter Biden “has the right to pursue an artistic career” by selling “artwork” to an anonymous buyer for as much as $500,000, despite concerns that Hunter Biden is still invested in “CCP [Chinese Communist Party]-linked firms.”

    But according to the establishment media on July 8, Bergès would set the prices for the artwork and withhold “all records, including potential bidders and final buyers.”

    Bergès “has also agreed to reject any offer that he deems suspicious or that comes in over the asking price, according to people familiar with the agreement,” the Washington Post illuminated.

    Breitbart News senior contributor and Profiles in Corruption author Peter Schweizer, however, dubbed the proposal as an utterly “absurd” solution.

    “The only way to address these issues is with greater transparency–not less,” he told Breitbart News. “Their proposed solution is greater secrecy, not transparency. And they are essentially saying ‘Trust Us.’ Joe and Hunter Biden’s track record on such matters gives us no reason to trust them.”

    Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) tweeted the scheme as the potential for a conflict of interest.

    “Some very tough ethical questions about whether the president’s son, who is still investing in CCP-linked firms, should take $500,000 in payment (bribes) for his ‘artwork,’” Cotton tweeted.

    After all, money laundering was identified as an issue in the art world, according to the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations last year.

    “Secrecy, anonymity, and a lack of regulation create an environment ripe for laundering money and evading sanctions,” the committee explained. “Given the intrinsic secrecy of the art industry, it is clear that change is needed in this multi-billion dollar industry.”

    Though President Joe Biden has remained removed during his son’s new scandalous venture, Hunter Biden told Artnet, “My dad loves everything that I do, and so I’ll leave it at that.”

    • Shadow,

      We are in agreement! The art show is disgusting and Biden should make his shithead kid behave himself.

      PS Hunter Biden is a little scum even though the Hunter hard-drive scandal was a farce.

      And for the record, I don’t like Biden, but he’s a million times better than Bernie Sanders.

        • Anon 5:45,

          You say, “white picket fence lodged firmly between your [sic] cheeks”, mmh?

          Hardly! My good fellow, stockade fencing is what suits my fancy.

          Toot-a-loo! 😉

  • Pleased to see that the little worm named Toni Natalie is not on the restitution list. However, it saddens me that Barbara Bouchey is not on the list either — I really believe she deserves some restitution. And BRAVO to Mark Vincente and his wife for not seeking restitution even though they were a huge factor in bringing down this cult — that shows class.

    • Mark Vicente made a formal request to the Judge to award him $1.8 million as a victim and his wife Bonnie Piesse did the same for $950,000. Sarah Edmondson’s husband Anthony “Nippy” Ames requested $1.8 million too. These three together felt they were entitled to 75% of the victim restitution fund.

      All their requests were denied by the Judge.

      • Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson should consider themselves lucky if they do not get sued civilly for damages themselves as high-ranking members of this RICO enterprise. Especially since they ran NXIVM centers and benefited greatly financially and recruited members. Mark Vicente was even Keith Raniere’s designated successor in the NXIVM enterprise.

          • To Huh?, July 23, 2021 at 6:37 am

            You can write that with an exclamation mark and not with a question mark because it is true.

          • I’ve only have had sex with my wife for 23 years.

            Am I a qualified virgin successful?

        • I don’t think Sarah Edmondson will be countersued but Mark Vicente definitely. I watched Seduced on Starz and what Mark Vicente did to India Oxenberg was appalling. I’d like to know how many other DOS victims were recruits of Mark’s out of his Los Angeles ESP center. He’s not a victim but a victimizer. If Mark’s wife, Bonnie, hadn’t dropped the biggest grenade of all time by going behind his back and outing what was happening to Catherine Oxenberg…who knows where this whole thing would be.

          Everyone here should watch Seduced. India details how Mark wiped out her bank account to the tune of $100K, which he made a huge commission on. Like he pocketed $30K – $50K personally. All so he could teach her, after the few mostly innocuous introductory courses, to be subservient to men. At all times in all ways. Including sexually. To recognize she is a pampered princess who can’t get anything done, and she’s really just like a flea on a dog. It was horrible. She was a naive twenty-year-old and he was a Hollywood influencer in his late forties making big money this way. Mark did this to India for years and years. It’s not a mystery to me how a woman like her’s self-esteem could crater over time and they might join DOS out of desperation. What Mark Vicente did to India was very similar to what Clare Bronfman did to Jane Doe 12. Wiped out all her money. Pressured her to not take any non-NXIVM job so she couldn’t support herself. Convinced her she was sub-human, undeserving.

          Catherine Oxenberg deserves a lot of credit. She and India going head to head with HBO and creating their own production to counter the Mark Vicente whistleblower-saint narrative. That took moxie. I couldn’t understand why a woman would agree to the initial conditions of DOS until I saw their show.

      • How’s that for Classy:

        Thanks for the info regarding the four douché bags. I gather, by the silence of Frank and Claviger, your information is true. 😉

        Thanks for shedding some light on the people who have profited on both ends.

        I’ll always remember India, saying she almost left NXIVM, but Mark Vicente talked her out of leaving — Mark made commissions off of India.

    • Clifton Park-

      Do you happen to know if the venerable Nany Salzman sold 1 home and purchased another over the last year or so?


  • Also Nicki Clyne tweeting:

    ” I passed up half a million dollars to fight for justice and blah, blah, blah… Join me on locals (where you can PAY me to her about my victimization by the media etc.)…”

    Ha ha ha. I’m dying. For real. With no self-awareness or irony whatsoever – this tweet is in with all the bashing of the restitution.

    If only Nicki were this hilarious when she was actually trying to be funny.

    • LOL.

      “PAY me to listen to my story on how I passed up getting PAID a half million dollars because I just had to fight for justice.”

      Nicki’s becoming just as a big a blowhard as her grand master.

      • To Anonymous, July 22, 2021 at 12:04 pm

        Nicki Clyne is a first row slave and therefore Keith Raniere is her Master and not Grand Master.

    • What does Nicki mean she “passed up $500,000”? Is she saying that she would have been an eligible victim/claimant in the suit? How so? As much a Cami? That doesn’t track.

      Nicki is however a “professional victim” on social media now. She claims to be victimized by the FBI. The media. The other cult members. The world at large. Whining on a daily basis.

      • Yes, this is the stupidity of Nicki Whine.

        As someone on Twitter pointed out months ago, her maligning of others for not owing up to their agency and supposedly abusing victim status is reflective of hypocrisy, since practically her entire campaign/spiel on social media is to complain about how her master/boyfriend, herself, NXIVM/DOS, etc., have all been wronged by the FBI, prosecution, judge, media, etc. Being wronged entails being a victim.

        Sorry, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.You can’t rebuke people for claiming to be victims while you’re constantly projecting the same thing. You either have to accept that they are actual victims or that you’re a victim of them.

        But that goes against the entire NXIVM belief that there are no ultimate victims. Alas, caught between a cult leader’s word salad and reality.

  • Nicki Clyne


    Women who use victimhood status to gain fame and fortune are stealing from women who are in situations of real abuse

    3:26 pm · 22. July 2021·Twitter Web App

    • That’s very hyperbolic. What are they “stealing”?

      Most female crime victims neither gain nor seek fame and fortune.

      They just hope for justice.

      And if it’s a sexual crime then hope and prayers are about all you’ve got. As most of the perpetrators DNA languishes for years and years in unprocessed rape kits sitting in storage all over America. Look it up. Epic amounts. While the rapists are free to violate and harm more women.

      Anyway it’s not a competition, Nicki.

  • When are you going to fix the $127,000 figure attached to Sarah Edmondson and issue a correction. It’s off by $100,000. You can read the judge’s memo yourself!

  • Nicki Clyne


    What careers require psychological testing and why not prosecutors and judges?

    1:09 am · 22. July 2021·Twitter Web App

      • Excellent reply. To Nicki Clyne, I say: Keith may be innocent of some of the crimes he was convicted of, but he’s an awful human being and the world is a better place with him locked away. And you don’t even question the nefarious things he has done, and there are many. You are ok with the child abuse by Keith, children as young as 12 years old. 12 years old! And he was your partner for ten years….
        What does that say about you, Nicki Clyne?
        Your moment of having to face unimaginable shame is coming……

        On a less serious note: Keith was not only a Vanguard arcade game master but also a Pac-Man wizard: enjoy this footage from the eighties:

      • Ah yes. He furnished us with some faint and CRABBY thunder, this Mr. Fernish fellow. ( Mon oncle, AutoOtto, cannot adapt well to this guy’s surname, either. Maybe shorten it to Fur. Or make it a Ferrari and keep on roaring out millenial neuroticisms in NY courts.)

        Because that is showbiz. In a nutshell or in a nutbag as well, evidently. But not very sexy. Work on the image, furnish it more elegantly next time. If there is a next time for some good, used furniture any day soon, U gotit. Oops.

        Keep on pushin.’

        We had a little courtroom simpleton treat, though. As seen on tv. Remember Paul Drake? Such good hair. Perry was always a bit on the heavy side. Mason, that is. Raymond BrrrrrBurr.

        He had no use for Della Street. The fool, but which one?

        A hissy fit. Such a little soap opera vignette! It could’ve appeared as a sudsy, sudsy, audacious segment, between ads for antiperspirant and some subtle Belvedere’s stomach acid. So alluring. Please, go and get some acting classes on the side. T (B)One can always develop, improve. It can be fun as well.

        Made With Nature, as we in the audience can easily detect.

        Thanks to all of the real and to all of the fake* lawyers who tune in here. Highly educative. Smoking, even. It just keeps getting better.

        Oh and, by the way, “chen” from the I Ching? The yin and the yang, remember? Chen means “moves like thunder.” Who does not love it?

        Check it out in court action. Everywhere.

        Thunder is Gawd moving his or her ferniture. Finally I understand something.

  • Nicki Clyne


    When I tell people my take on NXIVM, they often say, “But why would the victims lie?” Yesterday they were awarded millions of dollars. Need I say more?

    1:32 am · 22. July 2021·Twitter Web App

    • Clyne gets more and more dillusional with each tweet. I wonder how many of the leftovers are starting to see this…

      • Just Sayin’, great comment!

        For real. Nicki is burying herself.

        She keeps falsely trying to make any and all narratives involving men and women into a DOS/ Nxivm defense.

        It’s way, way past obsession.

        On Christmas Day, Nicki Clyne will be tweeting:

        “If Santa Claus was a woman and the elves were female too, the FBI would shut the holiday down”.

        And then:

        “Pay to follow me on locals if you agree that women shouldn’t profit from their past in sex cults”.

        And, of course, her favorite:

        “Why can’t we talk about (insert here whatever topic she does in fact obsessively talk about) and remember I am doing an interview (again) about how I am being silenced”.

        The people who follow her are mentally challenged if they cannot see the irony.

        And the grift.

        • “If Santa Claus was a woman and the elves were female too, the FBI would shut the holiday down”. (This would be Clynes’ tweet on Christmas day)

          That is freaking hilarious!🤣

          And I agree her remaining commenters on Twitter are all pervy men now or weirdos. No more people believing her fake causes or that she has any integrity at all. She’s having trouble controlling her little tweet tantrums and tries to disguise it by calling it “sass”. 😂 Also interesting how no other leftovers comment on her tweets and they are all members of Twitter.

        • That irony—honestly, its like rain on your wedding day or grifting for tuppence when you actually have a [covert] trust fund behind you. Still, no one could ever accuse her of hiding her shameless psychopathy behind a bushel, I’ll give her that.

  • Hey, Frank, who is Kristin T? What about Kristin S? What happened to her? Everyone has forgotten about her don’t you think? What about Part 2 of the “Lost Women?” When will that ever come? Is there a plan for it or was it just forgotten about? Why haven’t you done it since the Snyders’ wasted their time with YOU and your team- and YOU claimed to be so interested in her case? What the hell gives with you wasting I D Discoveries time? What’s wrong with you just dropping the ball on things?

  • It is cool that the victims are getting paid. However, it’s from Clare’s money. How can the courts do this? How can they take the money from another person and use it to pay for the crimes of another convict? Why is nobody questioning this?

    • Right. WTF?

      It’s not politically correct to challenge anything with this case. Keith is a monster, that is true, but because of that, does it mean no one is allowed to question the process whatsoever? And those with the right Hollywood connections and press savvy go along financially benefiting regardless of the truth and what’s merited? That is sooooo wrong.

      Oh right, I can now expect all kinds of comments that I am a NXIVM dead-ender for saying so. Give me a break. I think NOT, and some asshole Frank Report observer with no first-hand experience doesn’t know shit. There are many heartrendingly real victims in all this. Then there are a bunch of callous profiteering narcissistic liars, who were actually perpetrators, jumping on the victim bandwagon. With their way paved by some coloring way outside the lines by the Judge and the Dept of Justice in this case. No person of conscience would let all this slide.

      Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • Please name those who financially benefited in a way that was unjust “regardless of the truth” and explain why.

      • I agree. There are no ‘sides’ to the truth.

        You are NOT a tribal ninnie and it’s good to have people commenting like you.

        It’s what I like about the Frank Report.


  • Keith Raniere, “doesn’t know who the victims are”?

    That’s really what the world’s smartest and most ethical man said in court?

    Talk about illogical. Unbelievable. And idiotic.

    The Nxivm dead-enders are out there dancing, making websites no one cares about, tweeting about prosecutor’s misconduct, writing super boring essays, and giving interviews defending vanguard and this criminal fool doesn’t even care to know who his accusers are – allegedly? Why bother then? It’s just so over the top ludicrous.

    Keith sat through his entire criminal trial and he is still in the dark about who he committed crimes against? Highly unlikely. And Keith hasn’t thought to ask his attorneys? If he was “baffled”? Impossible.

    Didn’t Vantard write a bunch of jailhouse missives trying to discredit Nicole and Jaye and others very specifically? They were pretty detailed as I recall.

    What a f×cking as×clown.

  • Hey, Frank, do you whether or not the Nxivm trial footage will ever be made public? I know you’re not “psychic”, but I mean, for this particular matter does the government legally have to eventually make them available to the public or does the government have a never-ending excuse to forever withhold the court camera footage and audio from the public, since it’s federal?

    • Federal trials and other courtroom proceedings are not recorded. So, there is no film footage to be released in the Raniere trial.

        • I don’t recall what you’re referencing from “The Vow”. But it would be easy enough to recreate what happened but having people read from the transcript of the proceedings.

          PS: There are many state courts that do allow filming to take place during trials.

          • Go to the first episode of “The Vow” docuseries called “The Science of Joy” and go to EXACTLY 2:30 into the video. It was a REAL audio recording of Keith Raniere’s bail hearing. IT WAS NOT ACTING. Granted, there wasn’t video, but it was the actual audio recording of it. Go see for yourself. I’m fully aware of the fact that,

            “There are many state courts that do allow filming to take place during trials.”

            However, I thought that ALL COURTROOMS WHETHER FEDERAL OR NOT, have surveillance cameras as well as other video taping devices so that they can video tape, not to mention stenographers to transcribe, pretty much everything (I know there are some things that they don’t transcribe, but the vast majority of things usually are). Wouldn’t they be required by the law to release all of that digital material to the public after a certain amount of time passes and until anymore potential future arrests and potential future court trials with the dead enders are over?

          • You’ve raised several interesting issues — and I will come back and address them later today.

      • Dude, Claviger, you never replied back “today” about the court films like you said that you would! What’s going on with that?!…….. Also, why did you make it so that I couldn’t click and reply to your last comment that you said to me, so that I didn’t have to post this here?! The “reply” button to click on isn’t even there on your last post to me! Did you somehow make it so that I couldn’t reply to your last post to me?! If so, then why the hell would you do that?!

        • Let me respond in reverse order to this comment:

          First, I have no idea what you’re talking about in terms of not being able to reply to my last comment. But I’ll ask one of our techies to take a look – and see if they can figure out why that happened.

          Second, sorry for not getting back to your original comment yesterday. Just got busy reading through a new filing that came in near the end of the day (We’ll be doing a post about that filing very soon).

          Third, here is the comment you posted yesterday:
          Go to the first episode of “The Vow” docuseries called “The Science of Joy” and go to EXACTLY 2:30 into the video. It was a REAL audio recording of Keith Raniere’s bail hearing. IT WAS NOT ACTING. Granted, there wasn’t video, but it was the actual audio recording of it. Go see for yourself. I’m fully aware of the fact that,

          “There are many state courts that do allow filming to take place during trials.”

          However, I thought that ALL COURTROOMS WHETHER FEDERAL OR NOT, have surveillance cameras as well as other video taping devices so that they can video tape, not to mention stenographers to transcribe, pretty much everything (I know there are some things that they don’t transcribe, but the vast majority of things usually are). Wouldn’t they be required by the law to release all of that digital material to the public after a certain amount of time passes and until anymore potential future arrests and potential future court trials with the dead enders are over?

          My response:

          I have not been able to verify if every federal courtroom has security cameras. The U.S. Marshals I asked would not comment about the topic but I assume that such cameras do exist in most, if not all courtrooms).

          As for audio recordings, it appears that at least some federal courts do allow certain courtroom proceedings – arraignments, pleas, and sentencing hearings – to be electronically recorded by the courtroom reporter. So, if the EDNY is one of the courts that allow such recordings, then it is quite possible that what you heard on The Vow was an actual recording.

          If you want to read more about this topic, go to: https://www.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/guide_vol06.pdf

  • “It is true I am not remorseful of the crimes I do not believe I committed at all.” (the vangourd.)

    Keith Raniere has spoken to the court from prison in Arizona and with 120 years imprisonment, plus his “future” probationary period waiting for him, once he gets finished with more than a century behind bars.

    He sounds so very typical, as quoted from the Daily Mail. Still playing with concepts and words, and evidently, Raniere is incapable of changing.

    This guy is totally crumbled crackers. How can anyone miss observing what a prison Raniere’s own mind really is?

    His eyeglasses were held together by some white tape, his mask kept slipping down and often, this monkey ass was grinning. Happy, happy, happy, dreaming that he’s still the great big boss of everything. Still a clunky, odiferous and slimy skunk, he must not have a good mirror or even a workable nose.

    Look, Nancy Salzman. How executively accomplished can one get!

    And cumgratulations. There’s Grandma Bear and then there is grandma BARE. No more porridge for her, unless it contains dental byproducts, remember?

    Hopefully, Nancy Salzman is seen for who she has been and is. Somebody intentionally equal to Raniere in malevolence, but slightly more functional still and so far.

    Give Nancy a call. She will still take your $$. She can still serve other suckers.

    Yes or no? Last time I heard, Nancy Salzman was continuing to try to sell her advisory crap to other crap-takers and buyers, and she has been all along, even advertising herself subsequent to her arrest.

    The arrogance.

    • From the description of Keith and his taped-together glasses, it sounds like he may not be having such a great time at Tucson USP. Either that, or he’s the unluckiest guy – or the clumsiest guy – to ever wear glasses.

      • KR – I haven’t broken that many pairs in my life and I’ve worn them since childhood. I don’t think Keith’s that clumsy, just not as popular as it seemed.

    • Pyriel-

      Thanks for the link!

      My favorite line from the hearing:

      “You’re the same individual who told me you had to go to a funeral today. I’m tired of this.” ( Judge Garaufis)

  • Raniere knows nothing, he’s baffled…

    I thought he was one of the world’s top problem solvers? Now he seems remarkably clueless and conveniently ignorant.

    The man is not only a shameless liar, he also seems to have no self respect. Instead of owning up to the things he did, he tries to weasel out of his difficulties like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It’s embarrassing to see a grown man behave in this manner.

  • Please take note!

    These money amounts only deal with the restitution in the criminal case.

    The ongoing civil RICO suit filed by attorney Neil Glazer of Kohn, Swift and Graf is an entirely separate matter.

    The civil RICO suit has TRIPLE damages.
    Nicole received about 400,000 dollars in criminal restitution for being sex trafficked.
    In the civil RICO suit that could be an extra 1, 200,000 dollars.
    And winning plaintiffs in civil RICO get attorneys’ fees paid by defendants.

    Now you know how the Catholic church dioceses and the Boy Scouts of America have been driven into bankruptcy in child sex abuse cases.

    The civil RICO suit has over eighty plaintiffs suing around twenty defendants

    Plaintiffs, :
    : NO. 20-CV-485

    JANE DOES 1-13, JANE DOES 15-39, :
    JOHN DOES 1-17, and JOHN DOES 19-20,



    For information about this lawsuit please call Neil Glazer at 215-238-1700 or email him at nglazer@kohnswift.com

    • Indeed, and who are they suing? Raniere doesn’t have any money. He’s unlikely to get any either.

      • The lawsuit lists the defendants.


      • To Steven M Tolle, July 21, 2021 at 1:41 pm

        In a civil RICO action involving numerous defendants, it does not matter if Keith Raniere has no assets. If convicted, all defendants are jointly and severally liable. That is, all are liable for the total compensation sought; if many are unable to pay, those who are able to pay and have corresponding assets must be liable for the entire amount.

  • What is Raniere implying, by stating that he doesn’t “know” about his DOS collateral’s whereabouts? Is he indicating that someone or more than one person, other than him knows where this stuff is now? Or is he merely saying that he hasn’t heard enough from his attorneys and trying to play kick the whole subject into the long grass, hoping he can hide?

    Potentially, he could get himself into even more trouble, going at it this way, and he ‘s sounding exactly like the kind of hardened criminal that he really is. More success.

  • Huh. Wouldn’t mind know what the victims did that helped (or hurt) what they collected from this. Especially these interesting amounts:

    Camila [Child porn victim]: $507,000
    Nicole [Sex trafficking victim]: $412,000
    India Oxenberg: $298,000
    Daniela [Kept in a room for two years]: $249,000
    Jessica Joan [Attempted sex trafficking]: $116,000

    How come India get so much compared to pretty much everyone else including a person essentially jailed for 2 years? Why was Joan awarded more vs other DOS members? Was it the quality of whatever documents they submitted? Was there a list of things we don’t know about that was added to “enhance” (for lack of a better word) their victimhood for the court? Seems the active and yes to a strong degree willing DOS members definitely should have been on the low end of the payment scale vs those unwilling victims.

    • Cami was front line, no? So maybe knowing about the brand being his intials and Raniere’s grandmaster position factored in? Some of the damages are for pladtic surgery to remove their brands.

      BTW not agreeing with the restitution. Just commenting.

      Also there will be more restitution from others, no? Not saying for Cami specifically. But there are other civil defendants. Like Lauren, Nicki, Allison. Right?

      Maybe they will be held responsible for different acts & damages.

      For example Lauren with Daniela and keeping her in the room and withholding her documents.

      K. A. R.?

      • In general, a defendant who has been found guilty of certain crimes – or who has pleaded guilty to certain crimes – can only be required to pay restitution for damages that are directly related to those crimes.

        Keith was found guilty of seven felonies – but only those claimants who were found to be victims with regard to those specific crimes qualified for restitution. That’s why so many claimants got $0.

        The same rules will apply to Nancy, Lauren, Allison, and Kathy.

    • I saw Frank changed Sarah’s award down to $27,000 (I guess there was a reporting error?). That makes no fuckin’ sense to me. Whistleblowers should always get the most because they take the most risk. And it was true in her case because Clare tried to get the Vancouver PD to arrest her.

      None of this happens without Sarah going public, they’d all still be texting each other at 3:00 am. And to my knowledge, we’ve only seen one brand, and it is hers, right? She’s the only one with any collateral released (the video). I think the judge was wrong on this.

      • I think Judge Garaufis applied very consistent standards in terms of deciding which of the claimants were eligible for restitution — and then relied heavily on the documentation that each of the eligible claimants supplied to determine how much each of them should get in terms of restitution. That said, I agree with your sense that Sarah Edmondson was one of the key players in terms of bringing NXIVM/ESP down (So, of course, was Frank Parlato — and several others). Hopefully, Sarah will get a large award via the civil case.

        • Sarah was a key player but that is not a criteria for giving an award… not saying she shouldn’t get one.

      • Ice-Nine,

        I believe you are forgetting a critical fact: Sarah Edmondson was in survival mode!

        Sarah saw firsthand what happened to the NXIVM 9, the Saratoga news reporter, Frank Parlato, and a host of other people. Nxivm made sure to financially bankrupt and/or prosecute all enemies.

        Keith and Clare left a trail of bankrupted and psychologically destroyed individuals.

  • How is Keith defining “handling” collateral? When Allison texted him nude photos of her slaves and he responded with “all mine?”and a devil emoji, does he not consider that “handling”?

    • Oh that’s easy. Keith is conniving and manipulative. He’ll use words in ways that benefit him at hand (pun intended). In this case, Keith neither actually handled DOS collateral physically — since it was all digital — and/or he delegated others to handle it, whether it was physical or not. But you can be damn sure he knew all about it and had access to it.

      You see, when people’s intent is sincere, their actions directly and immediately follow. When people want to play games, they have to concoct various situations and stories to hide their intent and work their away around their insincerity to fool people.

    • I’m thinking he means something that can be turned over to the court. Its all digital, God knows where it all is.

    • The boy did not get anything. Legally, he cannot be considered a victim in this particular case because none of his claims were related to the specific crimes that Keith was convicted of in this case.

      • Thank you, Frank. I think his mother and son are lucky to have been able to escape Keith. Keep running. Don’t waste your time trying to get money from that devil. Youur freedom is worth more.

        • I agree that they were lucky to escape, but the circumstances – having to keep hiding, knowing law enforcement would not help, knowing the lengths that Raniere would go to with his destructive vengeance. All that probably really interfered with KK’s ability to provide for her son as she would have liked. In her position, I’d be working hard on getting back child support any way I could now that that poor excuse for a father has been caught and locked up.

          • Agreed. There is no way Keith should get off from having to pay child support.

  • I think Keith’s unwillingness to help with the return of the collateral may well result in a new investigation by the FBI (It’s even worse than a bank robber mocking the sentencing judge by claiming he can’t remember where he buried the loot). Given that the prosecutors have to appear before Judge Garaufis on a regular basis in other cases – and given how much the judge obviously wants to see all the collateral returned or destroyed – I think the EDNY attorneys would be well-advised to request a follow-up investigation into what happened to the collateral.

    Nice job, Keith. Even though you’re 2,400 miles away, you can still screw up some of your followers’ lives.

    BTW, you can be sure that the BOP will know what happened today – and, although there will never be any verifiable dots to connect as to why it happens, don’t be surprised if Keith gets assigned to a new prison sometime in the next month or so. And if that happens, you can be assured that it won’t be a place that caters to sex perverts.

    • K.R. Claviger, what if Keith simply will not cooperate in regards to the collateral? He will never get out of jail, so what can be done done to encourage his cooperation? He might simply be thinking there is nothing more that can be done to him. How do you punish someone that is going to be incarcerated for the rest of their life?

      • Although there are supposedly no ties between the BOP and the other divisions within the Department of Justice, many believe that such ties do exist – and that the BOP occasionally helps federal prosecutors by subjecting designated prisoners to “special treatment” (I am one of those people who believe this happens). Right now, Keith is relatively safe and secure at USP Tucson. But he would be much more at risk if he were transferred to a prison that does not have a high percentage of sex offenders in its inmate population – or, even worse, one that has a history of violence against sex offenders.

        Being sent to a place like USP Hazelton or USP Beaumont might convince Keith to be helpful in terms of getting all the collateral returned ASAP. And if he did that, he’d be able to go back to being a VIP at USP tucson.

        • This would not surprise me. One of the other defendants might know as well, and if so, this could be used to negotiate with the court, through an attorney of course.

          So another question. What about the civil lawsuits? If you were paid restitution, can you still participate in a civil lawsuit or have you been considered compensated?

          • Victims of a crime can collect both restitution and civil damages – but if a victim was compensated for some loss or damage via restitution, they can’t collect a second time for that same loss or damage in a civil lawsuit. As I previously indicated, restitution is limited to specific losses/damages/etc. that a victim incurred as a direct result of a specific crime that the defendant was found to have committed or admitted committing via a plea deal. Civil damages, on the other hand, can be awarded for other things that the same defendant did – even if some of those other things weren’t crimes. In addition, civil damages can also be awarded for things such as “pain and suffering” – which are not eligible for restitution.

            Perhaps the most important thing about a civil lawsuit such as the one that has been initiated against Keith and some of his followers is that the defendants can be found to be jointly and severally liable – which means that a winning plaintiff in such a case can collect their total award from whichever of the defendants has the ability to pay.

  • The entire basis of DOS was the lifetime collateralized vow.

    Keith Raniere “the most ethical smartest man in the world” was the leader of DOS.

    The dead-enders constantly defend the use of the collateral. And how safely it was kept.

    And none of them know where it is now?! How terrifying for the DOS slaves. How unethical of all of the DOS leadership.

    If I were dispensing justice, I would fine the front-line slaves and Raniere a million dollars a year until all of the collateral was returned and destroyed.

    The ex-slaves could divide the money up yearly to pay for therapy and pain and suffering worrying from about their collateral being “lost”.

    No wonder the judge is so disgusted by these lying, sadistic, cult freaks.

    Return the collateral!

    • For the collateral to be returned, NXIVM leaders would have to admit complicity in blackmail.
      If Nicki Clyne gave the blackmail to attorney Sappone to keep, it is covered by attorney-client privilege and the government can not compel its production.
      Think of the blackmail as a dead man’s switch to be released if the government goes after the cult too much.

      The term “dead man’s switch” is sometimes used to describe a form of defensive blackmail or insurance file in which the release of damaging material is threatened if anything happens to a person.

  • Wash Post : The unrepentant former leader of the cult-like NXIVM group was ordered on Tuesday to pay $3.5 million to 21 victims of a sex-trafficking scheme, a sum including the cost of surgically removing scars from branding rituals performed by a secret sorority.

  • The judge also described how Camila bled when she had sex with Raniere when she was a virgin …WOW

    • I have no idea what all the court knew to come to the conclusions they did with restitution but my understanding is that India was subjected to repeated sexual assault by Keith raniere under penalty of her collateral being released.

      India also may have suffered really severe Health consequences from that starvation diet they had India on. She looked horrible her hair was falling out & she was in really bad shape physically. That kind of sustained malnutrition in your 20’s has a really lasting effect on your fertility and all kinds of stuff. Permanent damage. Lasting damage. Those are the kind of details that I’m not sure will be privy to know. About People’s Health STDs that they got from him who knows we don’t know everything but based on what we do know I agree that some of the restitution seems strange

      • Dani also suffered health problems while she was forced to stay in the room. Lauren Salzman did not allow her to go to the hospital. The judge needs to remember this in Lauren’s sentencing. Lauren is evil too.

    • —How in hell did India get more than Daniela

      India, a DOS master, getting more than Daniela a women coerced into living in a room for two years is outrageous!

      Hopefully Claviger will share his thoughts and insights!

    • Pretty obvious how. India got on the victim train publicly and often. The criminal justice system sees two types, perps and victims. If you get involved with this system you had better portray yourself as a victim… even if you were directing slaves and collecting collateral.

      • What’s odd, is India was an original co-conspirator. The victim train was being driven by a master PR engineer.

        • —The victim train was being driven by a master PR engineer.

          That’s for damn sure! I guess mommy Oxenberg knew how to play the game.

        • India’s mom is directly descended from royalty. Perhaps it was these connections having greater sway in a sphere of political influence in interpreting India’s participation as more of a victimization driven to perpetration than just the latter. I don’t think it really had anything to do with public relations.

        • India knew what she was doing. She should have been held accountable to at least some extent. She was fortunate that her Mom got her off from any responsibility.

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