Sean Buckley – Allison Mack Is on Path to Rehabilitation

Sean Buckley, attorney for Allison Mack, leads her out of court and past reporters, after she made bail after spending several days in jail.

At the sentencing hearing of Allison Mack, after the prosecution spoke, her attorney, Sean Buckley stood and made an earnest appeal for leniency.  He and his colleagues who represented Mack worked hard since her arrest to defend her and when she chose to take a plea deal, they got the big charge — sex trafficking dropped.

Sean Buckley with Allison Mack after she was released on $5 million bail and subject to home arrest.

Back then and many times since, I have predicted Mack would get a three-year sentence, and I was right – and the work that Buckley and William McGovern did to persuade the judge that she deserved leniency is the main reason Mack did get leniency.

Here is what Buckley said to the judge and keep in mind that nobody knew what was going to happen. Mack faced up to 40 years. The sentencing guidelines were between 14-17.5 years.

They asked for probation and she got three years – a very good outcome considering how much more it might have been.

Sean Buckley:

Thank you, Your Honor. May it please the Court, I have no doubt that Your Honor has read through the sentencing submission that we and Ms. Mack put together for the benefit of this Court and for purposes of this proceeding.

So, I am going to try my best not to belabor any of those points or repeat those points, and instead, I just want to use this opportunity to highlight some of the more significant aspects that we set forth in that submission which was directed at giving both the history and characteristics of Ms. Mack, as well as marching through each of the 3553(a) factors that Your Honor has to consider in imposing sentence here.

Now, to be clear, Ms. Mack fully accepts responsibility here. To be sure, nothing that she has said changes anything about the abhorrent conduct that she engaged in, about the harm that she caused the victims, the harm that she caused innocent individuals who put their trust in her.

Both a Predator and a Victim

Sean Buckley leads Allison Mack out of court and past a group of reporters.

Nothing that she says excuses that and we’re not asking the Court to excuse that. But as you’ve heard from some of the victims here, as you’ve heard in some of the victim letters that have been submitted to the Court, this is a unique situation where Ms. Mack stands before this Court not only as a participant in Keith Raniere’s abhorrent behavior but also in many respects as a victim of it. And, again, we don’t say that to the Court to ask you to excuse her conduct but we do think that that relationship, the abusive relationship that she had with Raniere is something that the Court can and should consider in imposing sentence.

As the Court is aware and indicated earlier, Ms. Mack has apologized both publicly and privately to the individuals that she believes have been harmed by her behavior. We have heard that some of those individuals are not satisfied with the apologies that she has provided. We understand that completely. Ms. Mack doesn’t offer these apologies expecting them to be a panacea that is going to make everything go away and make everything better, rather she has reached out to these people to express her remorse and her regret for the harm that she has caused them, for the harm that she caused them after they placed their trust in her in an effort to try to give them a step towards their own recovery.

Apologizing Is Not Enough

Allison Mack with India Oxenberg
Allison Mack with India Oxenberg, a woman who was her slave and to whom she apologized.

She recognizes that the apology will not solve all.

We’ve also heard that a number of individuals have stated publicly that Ms. Mack’s public apology did not go far enough.

As the Court is aware, Ms. Mack apologized privately to a number of individuals and Ms. Mack stands ready, to the extent other people believe that her apology was not specific enough or did not go far enough, she is prepared to engage with them and apologize directly to them.

Sketch of Allison Mack being released on bail– with Sean Buckley beside her

Your Honor, I have been representing Ms. Mack since shortly before her arrest in this case, that’s been a number of years. I’ve gotten to know Ms. Mack and I represent to Your Honor that I believe that the remorse and regret that she has expressed in both the public apologies, the apology she is about to give here in court, as well as the private apologies are sincere and I believe that Ms. Mack sincerely wants to try to right the wrongs in whatever way she can and continue along a path to rehabilitation.

Now, I just want to talk briefly about her path to rehabilitation, Your Honor. As I said, you know Ms. Mack while also a participant in the crimes, in the crimes to which she pled guilty before Your Honor, the crimes that you’ve heard described before you both at trial and here in this courtroom today, she pled guilty to them to accept full responsibility but the Court in imposing sentence and in constructing the sentence that it intends to impose should take into account the unique set of conditions that brought her here, that brought her where she was when she was first arrested in April 2018, and that brought her here to this courtroom today.

Mack’s Affirmative Steps

The fact that she was a victim of Raniere’s psychological and physical abuse we do think is relevant but we don’t think that explains all and that’s why so much of what we have presented to Your Honor has been focused on affirmative steps that Ms. Mack has taken. It has focused on the fact that since her arrest and since her decision to break ranks from Raniere and his co-conspirators, since her decision to cooperate with the AUSAs, Ms. Mack has actively tried to repair the harm that she has done to herself and to others.

Mack Seeing Psychologist

She has, in the first instance, tried to figure out the flawed thinking that led her down the path to commit herself to Raniere and to support Raniere in the commission of crimes, and to bring others under his sway. She has done that through an intensive course of psychological therapy which she commenced from the moment she decided that it was time to break ranks.

She continues that psychological therapy to this day and that was one of the letters that we presented to Your Honor outlining from the doctor’s perspective where she was when she first came in and where she is now and the strides that she has made.

Home Arrest With Her Parents

Jonathan and Mindy Mack, Allison’s parents.

You’ve also heard, Your Honor, about her education, how while out on house arrest, the Court and the AUSAs’ insistence that if she be released on bail, it would be home incarceration but not just home incarceration in Brooklyn where she was residing at the time but rather back at her childhood home where she would reside with her parents under their supervision.

You’ve heard how she has used that time productively, how she has tried to take steps to turn her path completely from the path that she had been on at the time of her arrest, how she has tried to educate herself and learn about psychology and other important academic pursuits that will help ensure that she never does what she had done before.

That home incarceration had the additional benefit, Your Honor, of reuniting her with her family and I just want to pause for a second, with the Court’s permission, and identify for Your Honor that numerous [members] of her family are here: her mother, her brother, extended family, friends, loved ones.

These are individuals who have submitted many of the letters that the Court has reviewed. They’ve traveled here to New York to express their support and I think that’s telling because back in April 2018, no one would have expected this.

Back in April 2018, Ms. Mack had shied away from her family. She had all but renounced her family in order to dedicate herself entirely to the pursuits of Raniere and NXIVM and DOS. But her family is here, they have supported her, they have helped her heal, they have helped her rehabilitate and they have helped her to become the woman that sits here before you today which is a woman who has a firm and vast support network, a woman who is not going to be subject to the depredations of a manipulator like Raniere, a woman who has people who will make sure that she continues on this path, this path of education and reform.

So, Your Honor, with that, I would just say that in considering her punishment, we would ask that you take into account Ms. Mack as a whole, Ms. Mack as she was at the time that she committed these crimes but also the Ms. Mack that has taken the past three years to try to demonstrate to the Court, to the victims, to her family and her friends that she can and will be a better person when this is all behind her.

Asks Judge to Allow Mack to Keep on the Path

Allison Mack in late 2020.

So, we would ask that the Court allow Ms. Mack the opportunity to continue along this path of rehabilitation. We ask that you take into account that because of what she had chosen to do when she made the decision to align with NXIVM and Raniere and then DOS, she literally lost everything. She lost her friends, she lost her family, she lost her loved ones, she lost her career. We would ask you to take that into account, and the fact that she continues on this path. And taking those factors into account, impose a non-incarceratory sentence or permit her to continue under home confinement so that she can continue her therapy and continue her studies and continue to reunite and strengthen and re-strengthen the bonds that she had lost with her family.

Sean Buckley with his client Allison Mack.

Thank you, Your Honor.

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  • A Message linked to by Allison Mack’s left-wing sister in an Instagram Story

    “Sex workers have historically funneled money from rich white men who run everything back into their communities.
    Anyone who says sex workers are enemies of the working class is a fucking idiot with little life experience, LARPing as a Leftist.”

    Happy labor day to SWs and those who support our rights!

    SWs are sex workers who now have
    their own Labor Day which Allison Mack’s sister apparently supports.

    Instagram Stories allow Instagram users to share photos and videos to their Story — which is visible to followers of the user’s Instagram account. Recently-posted Stories are denoted by a gradient border around the user’s profile picture. Like Snaps in Snapchat, Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours.

  • Another Sick Joke of a Sentence in Joe Biden’s Pedophile America

    Drake Bell sentenced to 2 years probation for crimes against a child, victim says ‘he ruined my life’

    Jared Drake Bell avoided jail time in his child endangerment case, but the claims against him were made public for the first time — and they are disturbing.

    Bell, best known for playing Drake in Nickelodeon’s popular TV show Drake and Josh, has been sentenced to two years’ probation plus 200 hours of community service. He cannot have contact with the victim. The 35-year-old previously pleaded guilty to one count of felony attempted child endangerment and one count of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles. He faced up to two years in prison.

    During Monday’s sentencing hearing, Bell virtually came face-to-face with the victim who called him “the epitome of evil.” The woman, now 19, alleged in her impact statement she was sexually assaulted by the former child star on multiple occasions when she was 15. (Bell did not plead guilty to any crimes pertaining to sexual assault.)

    “He was such a huge part of my childhood, and in return, he ruined my life,” she said at one point during her emotional 15-minute statement. “Every night I dread going to sleep because I don’t want to see him in my nightmares.”

    The victim first met Bell in 2014, when she was only 12, through her aunt. She idolized the actor, calling him “a hero” and said she was his “biggest fan.”

    They texted for years, in which the teenager alleged she was groomed. The relationship developed online became sexual in nature when she turned 15. On Dec. 1, 2017, the victim attended Bell’s Cleveland show where she claimed she was forced to perform a sexual act backstage. The next day, her aunt took her to say goodbye to Bell at a hotel where claimed she was forced to perform the sexual act again.

    “Jared Drake Bell is a pedophile, and that is his legacy,” the victim concluded.

    Bell’s attorney spoke after the teenager’s tearful address to the court and made it clear the actor denies any sex act took place.

    “The claim that he is a pedophile lacks any sort of factual support,” he told the judge, emphasizing Bell does not accept responsibility for that in his plea. The attorney also noted how “professionals” were engaged during the investigation and “there is no such finding” the actor is a “pedophile.”

    When the judge asked what exactly Bell is taking responsibility for, the lawyer acknowledged chats that were “sexual in nature.”

  • I don’t have anything interesting to offer this discussion, except to say that I still believe — deep down in my heart of hearts — that Frank is a naive asshole masquerading as a journalist.

    I am currently investigating whether he’s also a yellow-bellied coward who was a draft-dodger during the Vietnam war.

    I also suspect that it’s possible his father may have been a draft-dodging coward who squirmed out of serving in Korea.

    That’s in addition to my suspicion that Frank’s grandfather may have been a Nazi-sympathizer who worshipped Mussolini —- and may have even fought for the axis powers against our great nation. I just hope that his ass got handed to him by Patton’s troops in Italy (though most of Italy’s troops ran away like cowards, leaving the Germans to defend their homeland).

    Oh, and I truly believe that Frank has a crush on Dee. But unfortunately for Frank, Dee already loves Nico. Unfortunately for Dee, Nico is living in Tucson.

    Have a good day.

      • Omg… “The Retard” is off the hook..! Where does he (or she) come up with this stuff?!
        Poor Frank! You put up with it well.

  • Riddle me this:

    Why didn’t Allison Mack speak at her sentencing hearing?
    All she had to do was stand up and say,
    “I am sorry. Mea Culpa.”

    Allison Mack lacked the coherence to even take that one step.
    Was Alison Mack too zonked out on drugs to do that?

    • Shadow,

      Here’s the problem with commenting about things you can’t look up on Wikipedia: you have to make assumptions — and, of course, you know that old saw about what happens when you “assume”.

      Yeah, sorry to break the news to you, Shadow, but Allison did speak at her sentencing — and actually made what I consider to be a very cogent and effective statement (Hint: It really does help to actually be present at events you’re reporting on).

      Now, go peddle your ridiculous conspiracy theory about Allison and psychotropic drugs to some Trumpites that will jump at the chance to learn about things that the majority of Americans don’t know about…

      • “go peddle your ridiculous conspiracy theory about Allison and psychotropic drugs ”
        KR Claviger

        The judge’s own sentencing memorandum discussed psychotropic medications and who would pay for them after Mack is released.

        “The defendant shall undergo a mental health evaluation, and if deemed necessary, participate in an outpatient mental health treatment program as approved by the Probation Department. The defendant shall contribute to the cost of such services rendered and/or any psychotropic medications prescribed to the degree she is reasonably able”

        Tell me Claviger, is the judge part of the conspiracy?
        Why mention psychotropic drugs unless there is a real possibility that they will be used?

        For an attorney you know very little about how US prisons are managed.
        Drugs are force fed to prisoners to keep them docile and compliant.
        That is a FACT.

        Visiting Professor Discusses Prison Abuse of Drugs

        How are psychotropic drugs used to maintain control over mass incarceration in the United States? On Wednesday evening, Anthony Ryan Hatch, professor of science in society, sociology and African American Studies at Wesleyan University,

        According to Hatch, U.S. prisons have exploited psychotropic medications such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, sedatives and tranquilizers to exert control on inmates. Inmates have been forced to take these medications despite lack of formal diagnosis of mental illness, Hatch said. In addition, Hatch detailed his findings on how these medications have served as a means of control over not only inmates in the prison system but also those in immigrant detention centers, foster homes, military internment centers and nursing homes.

        “I speculate with good reason that the United States prison system is the single largest institutional consumer of psychotropic drugs in the world,” Hatch said

        Hatch’s book, “Silent Cells: The Secret Drugging of Captive America,” is scheduled to be released on April 30, 2019

        And Claviger, I submit that if Allison Mack was torturing women with hot branding irons she has some kind of mental health problems whether you admit it or not.

        Bureau of Justice Statistics

        Mental Health Problems of Prison
        and Jail Inmates

        Mental health problems more
        common among female, white, and
        young inmates
        Female inmates had much higher rates
        of mental health problems than male
        inmates. An estimated 73% of females
        in State prisons, compared to 55% of
        male inmates, had a mental health
        problem (table 3). In Federal prisons,
        the rate was 61% of females compared
        to 44% of males;

        The US Government uses drugs to control and manipulate people in prison.
        If the prisoners don’t have a drug problem when they go in, they have a drug problem when they come out.

        Claviger, isn’t it time for you to get your third booster shot for the Covid vaccine that does not work?
        Pfizer is working on it now.

        • I do get snide – and all sorts of other things – when I’m dealing with commenters who constantly spew conspiracy theories without any proof to back them up and who try to use this forum to spread their political BS. Remember my reaction to the commenter who was trying to convince everyone that COVID-19 was just like the flu and that there was no reason to wear masks? I guess I was pretty snide then too.

          In this case, Shadow took it to a whole new level. Rather than trying to convince Frank Report readers that Donald Trump will be reinstated as President next month per the series of events that were handed out on palm cards at last week’s CPAC event – or that Joe Biden has set up a kiddie porn studio where the White House bowling alley used to be – he chose to tell us what it meant that Allison did not speak at her sentencing hearing last week.

          Usually, guys like Shadow are content to post their disparaging comments – and then leave behind one or more links to the posts of like-minded people. But Shadow decided to up the ante this time – and write about something that he made up in his own mind. And that was, unfortunately for him, easy to expose.

          So, pardon the snideness – but expect more of it when these situations arise.

          PS: If you need more proof as to why I responded the way I did, just go read some of Shadow’s latest claptrap. And also notice that rather than admitting he was wrong about Allison not speaking at her sentencing hearing, he unleashes a new diatribe about the use of psychotropic drugs in prisons.

          Question for Shadow: Why not “cowboy up” and admit you didn’t know that Allison had spoken at her sentencing hearing – and that there was, therefore, no basis whatsoever for your latest harangue about her?

          • While I agree with you about Shadow’s latest post, I don’t think you’re being as honest with FrankReport readers as you imply.

            You’re being very ‘selective’ when calling on people to “Cowboy Up” and admit that they’re wrong about something.

            You’re curiously silent on Frank’s LAUGHABLE attempt to avoid having to admit he was wrong about Allison’s marriage.

            Frank claims that Allison was lying to the court about her ‘sham marriage’ because it was in her own self-interests to do so. LOL. However, Frank then contradicted his own logic by accepting (as true) her greatest self-serving statements to the court —- when she strenuously disavowed Keith and his teachings.

            Do you see the contradiction? Or is that above your head? 🙂

            In addition… Frank is accepting the statements of Nicki Clyne as unquestionably true — even though it’s ESPECIALLY in her own self-interests not to agree with Allison’s claims of a sham marriage (i.e., Frank is employing differing standards of ‘self-interest’ truth-telling, lol).

            Frank is accepting (as true) the words of a woman who’s still arguing that all of Keith’s victims are liars and that Keith honestly did nothing wrong and should be free to continue managing NXIVM and DOS in whatever manner he wishes. LOL.

            Let’s not forget that Frank’s claim about this couple “wanting to raise kids together” goes against Keith’s HUGE EGO which required Allison being available to him 24 hours per day.

            Keith would NEVER allow babies or kids to interfere with having Allison available to him 24 hours per day, as she was his 2nd-in-command of DOS.

            That’s just common sense. For Frank to ignore this fact is akin to a child saying that the moon is made of cheese.

            Yet you won’t dare call on Frank to “Cowboy Up” and admit that he MAY have been wrong. Why not?

            It’s not really a 50/50 (he said/she said) situation.

            Preponderance of evidence weighs in favor of Allison.

            1) Allison was coming clean about everything in DOS —- but her marriage to Clyne was far less important to the judge than disavowing Keith.

            2) Allison would not have likely said it was a sham marriage UNLESS she had proof that Clyne did receive some type of immigration related benefit from the marriage.

            3) Keith would never allow kids or babies to interfere with the ‘time’ of his 2nd-in-command of DOS. Ever. Keith hates kids too.

            4) Nicki is still saying that every NXIVM victim is a liar and that Keith did nothing wrong (her credibility and thoughts are still in a hazy place).

            5) It’s not in Nicki’s self-interest to agree with Allison about her marriage, no matter how truthful Allison may be.

            6) Keith is known for concocting schemes to get around government rules, as he’s been doing it for decades.

            **Preponderance of evidence weighs in favor of Allison’s version.

            Until you break ranks with Frank on this topic PUBLICLY —– you’re not really being the brave, truth-telling dude that you purport to be.

            I’m guessing that you won’t touch this topic with a 10 foot pole, as you’re scared shit-less of Frank. 🙂

            Have a nice day.

          • There are few similarities between the two situations…

            Frank has his own opinion about the Allison/Nicki marriage – and, as he’s explained, that opinion is based in large part on his discussions and interactions with Nicki.

            I’ve never had any discussions with Allison or Nicki about their marriage but my opinion – based on the other sham marriages that took place in NXIVM – was that it was probably not legit. Notwithstanding my own opinion, I respect the fact that Frank has a different opinion – especially since he’s had discussions and interactions with Nicki that I haven’t had.

            In the case of Shadow’s rant about the reason why Allison didn’t speak at her sentencing hearing, we’re not talking about his opinion. We’re talking about his total misrepresentation of what Allison did at her sentencing hearing – and then offering his opinion as to why she didn’t do what she actually did.

            Question: Are you saying that the moon isn’t made of cheese?

          • Claviger:
            You fail to recognize that the government is actually more evil than Raniere.
            The government is actually a bigger drug pusher than El Chapo.
            It is a pity that a so called criminal defense lawyer would carry water for a ruthless, drug pushing government.
            Part 1: The Roots – Robert Whitaker – Psychiatric Epidemic

          • And you fail to realize that making up facts to advance your arguments makes you a liar…

            PS: Why didn’t Trump fix “the government” when he was in charge?

          • “Why didn’t Trump fix “the government” when he was in charge?” KR Claviger

            Washington DC is a swamp.
            And the evil American oligarchy despises Donald Trump and the American people.
            The deepest part of the swamp is Anthony Fauci, a psychopath who over the last 20 years has spent 191 billion dollars weaponizing Covid.

            Robin Monotti
            Jul 10
            “Anthony Fauci has spent 191 billion dollars for the bioweaponization of viruses against humanity” Dr David Martin

            But the world is awakening to the evil perpetrated by the likes of Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.
            In France riots are breaking out against three tyranny of the Macron regime..

            Marie Oakes
            In France, people are protesting the announcement of a vaccine passport by the Macron government.

            The pass would restrict access to restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, trains, and planes.

            Vaccines will also be made mandatory for healthcare workers.

            Wake Up From COVID
            Big marches erupting in France against the sanitary pass & mandatory jabs. This one’s from Montpellier.

            Robin Monotti
            FRANCE IN OPEN REBELLION Flag of France

            A bitter day of reckoning is coming for the whole Globalist elite.

        • The more snide Claviger we get, the better FR is. The only thing I miss about Scott Johnson’s brutal comments, is getting to sit back and watch Claviger ruin poor Scoot.

          (and play-it-cool Frank better take notice and keep an eye on his seemingly insurmountable lead. Shivani seems to enjoy this side of Clav…)

      • “Allison did speak at her sentencing — and actually made what I consider to be a very cogent and effective statement”
        KR Claviger

        If Allison Mack’s statement was so brilliant why did you not publish it for the ages like Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address?

        Did Allison Mack write her remarks herself or did Mr. Buckley or Mr. McGovern write her pack of lies?

        • As you may have noticed, Frank has been publishing various parts of the transcript from Allison’s sentencing. And I expect he will publish Allison’s statement when he gets to that part.

      • You are kind of cute when you get a little mad…at the Shadow, Clav. Who knew. Alas and all ass, however, here comes another conference call. How psychotropic or at least subtropical these calls can be.

    • Dear Shadow,

      “Riddle me this” is a reference to Batman’s nemesis the Riddler. So in the spirit of Batman, I offer you this humble riddle to solve:

      What’s never tired and never works and doesn’t leave the home;
      reeks of alcohol — and never pees;
      is always stuffed and never feasts;
      stares — but cannot see;
      ages, but never grows old;
      is loved by one and missed by some;
      and outlawed all over the globe?

      Reverse the order of the letters for the answer:
      Eht cimredixat namow ta ruoy emoh

  • I suspect there was something dark inside of Allison long before she met KR. He just exposed it.

    Rehabilitation may or may not be successful, but I think that’s a secondary consideration.

    First and foremost is people like this should be removed from normal society so they can’t inflict this sort of toxic crap on new blood.

  • This is an astounding piece of rhetoric.

    “Now, to be clear, Ms. Mack fully accepts responsibility here. “

    Except that the whole point of Attorney Sean Buckley’s statement to the court is that his client should not bear responsibility for her actions. He wants zero jail time for his client.

    Taking responsibility without bearing the consequences. Neat trick if you can get away with it. This is known as sophistry, the amoral art of persuasion. In modern parlance it is often known as “spin”. Lawyers are infamous for it and Mack’s expensive advocate Sean Buckley is very good at it.

    Buckley even goes so far as to elaborate on his client’s crimes:

    “nothing that she has said changes anything about the abhorrent conduct that she engaged in, about the harm that she caused the victims… Nothing that she says excuses that and we’re not asking the Court to excuse that.”

    Except Buckley is asking precisely that: he expects the court to excuse Mack’s abhorrent conduct and the harm that she caused the victims. He’s asking for zero prison time and to hell with her abhorrent conduct and her victims.

    It’s a bold rhetorical ploy, a diabolical twisting of words. And it was effective. Judge Garaufis got played.

    “We have heard that some of those individuals are not satisfied with the apologies that she has provided. We understand that completely”

    Again, this is a 180 spin. Some individuals are not satisfied with poor Allison’s so very sincere apologies. Well aren’t they unforgiving bastards! What the hell is wrong with these people! But no, we don’t blame them, those bastards. Perish the thought. We, in our generosity, understand their unforgiving nature. I mean, haters gotta hate, right?

    Again, this is outrageous sophistry. But it worked! Judge Garaufis got played like a fiddle.

    Forgotten were Mack’s abhorrent offenses. Forgotten were the racketeering and the criminal conspiracy, the extortion, the enslavement. Her victims and the cruel things she made them do. Her involvement in Raniere’s sex trafficking. The branding with his & her initials.

    For these things, Mack takes responsibility but won’t bear the consequences.

    This is what comes with money and privilege and a slick legal team.

    • “This is an astounding piece of rhetoric.

      “Now, to be clear, Ms. Mack fully accepts responsibility here. “

      Except that the whole point of Attorney Sean Buckley’s statement to the court is that his client should not bear responsibility for her actions. He wants zero jail time for his client.” Aristotle’s Sausage

      You have to go to law school and be marinated in the Socratic teaching method to understand Buckley’s peculiar type of logic. Shadow State

      “Forgotten were Mack’s abhorrent offenses. Forgotten were the racketeering and the criminal conspiracy, the extortion, the enslavement. Her victims and the cruel things she made them do. Her involvement in Raniere’s sex trafficking. The branding with his & her initials.

      For these things, Mack takes responsibility but won’t bear the consequences.” Aristotle’s Sausage

      And what happens when criminals like Allison Mack get away with major crimes?
      They go out and do it again.
      That’s why America’s cities have turned into Anarchy Zones.

      If you want to be blunt about it Allison Mack aided and abetted rape by the use of blackmail and torture.
      Rape is not a crime of sex so much as a crime of power and control.
      And Allison Mack craves power and control.
      Allison Mack received a vicarious pleasure by controlling other women. Shadow State

      • Her prison term reduced to a paltry three years, when the guidelines call for 14 – 17.5 years. The prosecution asked for less than that? Yeah, but they didn’t ask for it to be lessened to a mere one-fifth of recommendations. Which is what the judge gifted her.

        Bearing the consequences for crimes mean serving the prison time allotted those crimes.

        Mack took a plea deal. And a deal is a deal. Or should be.

        Mack left the courtroom smiling with her family. Because she won. Justice lost.

        Judges are required to consider the 3553 (a) factors in sentencing.
        Which include: the nature and seriousness of the offense, general deterrence, respect for the law, and the sentencing guidelines. These factors weighed heavily in this same judge’s sentencing of Raniere and Bronfman. He sentenced them way above guidelines and well above what the prosecution requested. This is glaringly inconsistent.

        Mack got a slap on the wrist. That’s why I say she’s not bearing the consequences. She got off not quite scot free, but the next best thing.

        There’s far too much of this hollow “I bear full responsibility” and then taking no responsibility whatsoever. It’s not taking responsibility, it’s evading responsibility. Bosses “take full responsibility” after f*cking up but keep their cushy jobs. Politicians “take full responsibility” after screwing the pooch but expect to be re-elected nevertheless. It’s dishonest and ignoble and should be called out.

        I’m calling it out in Mack’s case.

  • Whatever Mr. Buckley says must, absolutely, be considered in one context: he only came up with all these as a direct and sole consequence of being specifically paid for them. This tells the audience everything there is to know about the authenticity of the claims here!!!!

  • Mr. Sean Buckley is a lawyer.
    Michael Avenatti is, or was, also a lawyer.
    Hunter Biden the crackhead, is also a lawyer.
    I put all of them in the same class.
    Lawyers are paid liars.

    What did the judge say about Allison Mack undoing the physical and mental harm which she deliberately inflicted on her many victims?

    “The victims of your conduct have described, through their testimony at Mr. Raniere’s trial and through their letters and statements to the court, the serious psychological and physical injuries that they suffered at your hands. They have described your cruelty, your lies and manipulation, your apparent sadistic pleasure in watching them suffer, and your creative enthusiasm when it came to developing new ways to debase them. They have described enduring psychological trauma as a result of your actions. The court acknowledges that to some of them, no sentence short of severe punishment will seem sufficient, and that no sentence of any length can truly redress their trauma.”
    Judge Garaufis Sentencing Memorandum on Allison Mack

    So all of this talk from Sean Buckley about Allison Mack repairing the damage which she inflicted on her victims is lying shit.

    Any cooperation which Allison Mack rendered was given grudgingly and was designed to save her hide.
    It was not designed to heal her victims.

    Again I return to the judge’s sentencing memorandum.
    Allison Mack’s psychological problems are so severe and long term that she will be treated with psychotropic drugs.

    ” The defendant shall undergo a mental health evaluation, and if deemed necessary, participate in an outpatient mental health treatment program as approved by the Probation Department. The defendant shall contribute to the cost of such services rendered and/or any psychotropic medications prescribed to the degree she is reasonably able, and shall cooperate in securing any applicable third party payment. The defendant shall disclose all financial information and documents to the Probation Department to assess her ability to pay.”
    Judge Garaufis Sentencing Memorandum on Allison Mack

    Psychotropic drugs work by changing the brain’s chemistry.
    Psychotropic drugs are extremely powerful and dangerous.
    Psychotropic drugs amount to a chemical lobotomy.
    Allison Mack is so dangerous to the community that she needs a chemical lobotomy.

    Let’s just skim the literature:

    Flooding the world with psychiatric drugs could boost the burden of mental disorders
    By Robert Nikkel and Robert Whitaker Oct. 22, 2018
    “To reduce the rising burden of mental disorders around the world, the Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development has declared a need to increase psychiatric services globally, which should include an effort to “reduce the cost and improve the supply of effective psychotropic drugs for mental, neurological, and substance use disorders.”

    While reducing the burden of mental disorders is certainly a laudable goal, we believe that implementing this plan will increase the global burden of mental disorders rather than decrease it.

    Following the American Psychiatric Association’s publication of the third edition of its “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual” (DSM III) in 1980, there has been a remarkable expansion of the psychiatric enterprise in the United States and other developed countries. That expansion, which included dramatically increasing the use of psychiatric drugs, offers a lesson from the past that helps predict the effect of a planned “global” expansion of psychiatric services.”

    “After DSM III was published, the main models of depression and other major mental disorders held that they were brain illnesses caused by chemical imbalances, and that psychiatric drugs could help fix these imbalances. The antidepressant Prozac, the first serotonin-specific reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), hit the market in 1988. It was touted as a wonder drug, and our society’s use of antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs soared. Today in the United States, more than one in five adults — and more than one in 20 children and adolescents — take a psychiatric drug on a daily basis.”

    “Yet even as more and more people have been getting medical treatment for psychiatric disorders, the number of adults on government disability due to these disorders has more than tripled since 1987. The number of children so disabled by psychiatric disorders has increased more than 30-fold during this period.”

    There are a lot more articles and books written in the same vein.
    For example there are studies that psychoactive drugs physically shrink the brain.

    It’s time for Frank Parlato and others to stop whitewashing the severity of Allison Mack’s crimes and insanity.
    You can not make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
    You can not make a filet mignon out of shit.

  • Originally, was Alison represented by an attorney funded by Claire? What is the situation with regards to that? I was under the impression Claire was paying for the defense of everyone arrested

  • Imagine if a man did what she did. You really think he would get a lower sentence if this was reversed? Double Standards? Anyone?
    Allison did really sick things and kept female slaves in cages. Where are the sjws and feminists out there? Feminism and social justice is a complete joke.

    Mack deserves 50 years at the very least. Allison will become a repeat offender.

    Think about it, Frank. Mack laughed and violated the girls/women sexually, and humiliated them. Allison is playing a con. Great job with the Frank Report.

    I hope my post would be approved.

    • I’m trying hard to come up with a scenario where a woman would lead a cult and starve men into submissive slaves (over many years) and then force them to get their own slaves….Hmmmmm.

      Sometimes it’s not an apples and apples comparison.

    • The judge gave 3 clear reasons for the reduced sentence:

      1. She cooperated with the prosecution.
      2. She showed remorse
      3. She was also a victim of Keith’s abuse.

      Are you suggesting that 1 and 2 would have no impact on the sentencing of a male defendant? 3 is dicey because if she was a guy, keith never would have targeted her for abuse.

      Here’s a guy who apologized and got off relatively easy:

        • Mr. Shadow, once again, you have defended our magnificent Führer.

          The Führer was a victim of early Woke culture. If the Nazis had won we could teach the youth a thing or two about Critical Race Theory. Mmh?

          I bet, Shadow, when you put on your lederhosen you look like a young Ernst Röhm!

    • ElvinIsaev
      that you smoked, there were no women in cages, it was Keith’s idea that fortunately never materialized, Allison was not accused of raping any woman or girl, the only victim who was raped was Nicole, who was raped by Keith and Camilla, there was also mention of underage victims of Keith but that happened many years before the current situation when Keith ran a company called CBI and unfortunately the investigation was never followed so Keith’s followers did not believe that story.

    • ElvinIsaev,
      But Allison didn’t keep any slaves in cages. I think you’re confusing this with some other case. Maybe you should read a little about what actually happened.

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