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Nicki Clyne

I Tried to Join the Nicki Clyne Community

Readers who are interested in following Nicki Clyne can “Join the Nicki Clyne Community,” if they can figure out how to do it.

Click on this link: https://nickiclyne.locals.com/

I tried but could not successfully join. It may be my lack of computer skills. But a much more savvy person, our own Shadow State, evidently was able to join – and here is what he reports the website says:

Become a part of the movement. Get exclusive content. Interact with Nicki Clyne.

About:  Nicki Clyne has worked as an actor, writer, news analyst and television host, but it wasn’t until she experienced the failings of the criminal justice system first-hand that she decided to dedicate herself to much needed advocacy efforts in the field. She works directly with people inside prison, advocates for free speech and due process, and speaks on a number of current, often controversial, issues. Oh, and she was part of NXIVM and DOS, which landed her dead center in an international media scandal and high-profile federal trial…  and she’s just getting started.

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More to Come, Be Assured, on the Death of Pamela Cafritz

Allison Mack with the ailing Pamela Cafritz

Keith Raniere’s greatest wing woman, Pamela Ann Cafritz, died under suspicious circumstances in November 2016 – date uncertain but said to have been on November 7th. She may not have died on the date listed on her death certificate.

We will explore what happened to Pam and whether she was released from the hospital alive or dead – and whether she was being cooled down alive – for preparation for cryogenic entombment.

Raniere did not tell the NXIVM community about Pam’s death until several weeks after she died. After he announced her death, he was reported to have told members of his community that he would keep the house they shared together in the exact same condition – right down to the decorations – as it was on the day she died so that when he brought her back to life – quite possibly through his own invention – which he would be sure to patent – she would come back to the home she knew and was accustomed to living in.

Raniere was always considerate of others.

Pam Cafritz and Keith Raniere

Raniere last lived in the house he shared with Cafritz in November 2017 – a year after she died. He then went to Mexico and never returned to the Albany area again. He may never return there. He is now housed at USP Tucson – in his third year of a 120-year sentence.

Unless he is successful on appeal and gets freedom, based on the average life expectancy of a 60-year-old man, it is unlikely that Raniere will live to walk the streets of Knox Woods again.

But what if – at the time or near the time of his death – he was cryogenically frozen like Cafritz and brought back to life in the future?

While there are some esteemed medical experts who say that cryogenics is pure bullshit – since the freezing process will ruin the cadaver – think freezing meat – these challenges have not yet met with the mind of a genius such as Raniere.

He may solve this challenge as he has done for so many challenges – using that raw brainpower that was known to create snowstorms and set off radar detectors.

We checked with our legal experts to understand the ramifications of Raniere dying, entering a cryogenic tomb, and then being restored.

If Judge Garaufis had given Raniere life instead of 120 years, our experts agree, when he dies, he would complete his sentence. When he came back to life – through one of his patented inventions – he would be a free man.

As it stands now – his sentence is completed on June 6, 2120 – just about one year shy of a century from now (This assumes that he doesn’t lose any of the “good time credits” he will otherwise earn during his incarceration).

Our experts are divided on what will happen if, for instance, he lives another 25 years, until 2046.  If he went to a cryogenic tomb and was restored, would he have to go back to serve the last 74 years of his sentence?

Or does the sentence end with his death.  Would the fact that he was restored to life prior to his release date of 2021 require him to go back to Tucson or will he be a free man?

This might be one of Raniere’s greatest lawsuits  – and I think it might wind up before the Supreme Court.

For we cannot doubt that Raniere has the brainpower to do it to invent a way for him and Pam to return to life once again to team up for the empowerment of women.

In fact, it would surprise no one to learn that his supporters might believe he will join Pam in a cryogenic tomb, and leave instructions on his resurrection – setting it for June 7, 2121 – and emerge in a brand new century where people will really appreciate him.

Will Make an Appearance

Meantime, a very much alive and unfrozen Keith Raniere evidently will appear by video conference technology rather than in person at his upcoming restitution hearings.

I do not blame him for consenting. If he insisted on being there in person – as is his right – he would then travel from Tucson to Brooklyn’s MDC and in the most uncomfortable style imaginable – a trip via Con Air in shackles, handcuffs, and waist chains, and likely in a paper uniform.

Air Safety Officer Guards Federal Prisoner Transport
An air safety officer stands guard with a shotgun as federal prisoners are loaded onto a Con-Air flight in Montana. Credit: Billings Gazette


JPATS Con air Flight Interior Shot
Cabin shot of a “Con Air” flight.
Credit; http://www.usmarshals.gov

He might land somewhere short of Brooklyn, then forced to go on an arduous trip by bus in handcuffs, shackles, waist chains – and probably in the same paper suit. It will not be a pleasant trip.

But, as we learn from the judge’s order, Raniere wisely chose to do video conferencing:

The Judge’s order: The court has been advised by Defendant Keith Raniere’s counsel that Mr. Raniere gives his consent for the court to hold the forthcoming restitution hearing in his case by videoconference. The parties are DIRECTED to contact the court’s Deputy at Joseph_Reccoppa@nyed.uscourts.gov to schedule the hearing. Counsel is advised to direct all correspondence regarding procedural matters to the court’s Deputy, Mr. Reccoppa. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 6/1/2021. (Freund, Zachary)

It is ironic. Shortly before being arrested, Raniere sued Microsoft and AT&T for infringement on one of his patents. He claimed he invented video conferencing and that AT&T and Microsoft stole it from him.

It was a complicated and tangled litigation and it appears the patent Raniere claims gave the world video conferencing was not in his name. He had put it in the name of his old girlfriend, Toni Natalie, and she would not give it back to him.

A forged document, a little perjury, the judge’s discovery of it, and a sanction for attorneys fees and an appeal which he lost, ended up with a clear verdict against him.

 Keith gets hit with $444,000 fine for his bogus AT&T/Microsoft lawsuit

US Appeals Court upholds lower court: Raniere has to pay Microsoft and AT&T’s legal fees

Meantime, AT&T and Microsoft continue to use the technology. Not to take anything away from the world’s smartest man, or his claim to have invented video conferencing, but there are some who argue that the development of video conferencing started in the late 19th century, and the technology became available to the public in the 1930s – about 25 years before Raniere was born.

These early demonstrations of Raniere’s claimed technology were installed at “booths” in post offices and shown at various world expositions prior to his birth. Then in 1970 – when Raniere was 10 years old – AT&T launched the first true video conferencing system, wherein anyone could subscribe to the service and have the technology in their home or office.

How they managed to swipe this from the child Raniere is anybody’s guess and we may never know since before all the matters of the trial were settled, Raniere was arrested and failed to pursue the civil case.

As the optics appear now, Raniere sued AT&T for stealing their own invention from him.

Perhaps when he appears via video conference at the restitution hearings, the world will note the irony of this much maligned and benighted man who said his only thought was to make the world a better place appearing on technology that he says he invented.

This primitive video conferencing device was available about 40 years before the birth of the man who invented it.

Raniere Will File Sensitive Documents With New Evidence

Another court order from Judge Garaufis tells us plenty:

ORDER: Defendant’s [1034] Motion for Leave to File Documents Ex Parte is GRANTED. Defendant’s [1033] Motion to Treat a Document as a Highly Sensitive Document is DISMISSED as erroneously filed. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 6/4/2021. (Freund, Zachary)

OK. Let’s read into this: Sometime in April or May, Keith filed two ex parte motions (They are Document #1033 and Document #1034 but have never been made public).

Document 1033 was a motion to treat another document – maybe Document #1034 – as a “Highly Sensitive Document”.

Document #1034 was a motion for leave to file other documents on an ex parte basis (Note that the word “documents” is plural in Judge Garaufis’ June 4, 2021 Order).

So, Keith has been approved to file documents ex parte – which suggests he may have new evidence to present to the judge and he doesn’t want the prosecution to see some or all of it.

Ex parte is from Latin and is a legal term. The Latin means literally “Out of the party” or less literally “on behalf of”. An ex parte motion is a request for a decision by the judge without requiring all of the parties [i.e., the prosecution] to the dispute to be present.

In short, Raniere wants to present something for the judge to rule on without the prosecution knowing what it is.

The judge granted this motion.

So what is it?

Given that these filings took place in Case 1:18-cr-00204 – which is his original criminal case –  and not Case 20-3520 – which is the pending appeal in the Second Circuit, this suggests it has to do with a Rule 33 Motion, which is a motion before the trial judge for reconsideration based on new evidence unavailable at the trial.

Is there new evidence?

Too bad no one is looking at the federal level…

The Albany Times Union reports that New York State Assemblyman Daniel J. O’Donnell, a former criminal defense attorney, is pushing legislation that would enable the release of grand jury minutes detailing the charging information that prosecutors present to the grand jurors when they meet behind closed doors and decide whether there is enough evidence to indict someone for a crime.

The idea is a good one, but not entirely for the right reasons – although it does prove a point  – that grand juries, comprised of at least 18 and at most 24 citizens –  do whatever prosecutors want.

They have no independence.

O’Donnell, a Manhattan Democrat, said the origin of the legislation took shape after a Staten Island grand jury voted against bringing any charges against a New York police officer who used an apparent chokehold to subdue Eric Garner, who died in 2014.

Eric Garner did no survive some pretty rough treatment by police. A grand jury was convened and was led by the nose by prosecutors not to indict the officers involved with the choking,

Of course, it is bad when prosecutors decide to selectively present information to a grand jury to exonerate one of their own [which may have happened in the Garner case], but far too often it is the opposite. The now toothless and hapless American grand jury is used to indict anyone on even the flimsiest evidence imaginable. They are merely the prosecutors’ playground.

Grand jury proceedings in New York and elsewhere, including the federal system, are conducted in secret which gives prosecutors tremendous leeway to selectively present evidence and withhold evidence that might exonerate an innocent target without anyone being the wiser – since the entire proceeding is done secretly. Even the judge usually doesn’t know what goes on behind those closed doors.

The tremendous burden of being indicted and the oftentimes overcharging of defendants as a coercive tool to persuade them to avoid trial and take a plea deal often results in innocent people taking plea deals rather than risk trial. This is the reason for the so-called “vanishing trial” in America.

The unnecessary secrecy of the grand jury helps keep this system in play. That secrecy results in the public often never knowing what evidence grand juries were presented or what criminal charges a prosecutor may have asked them to consider.

This is grotesquely ironic since the grand jury was originally conceived as a paragon of protection against over-zealous prosecutors – not as their useful idiots which it is now.

The grand jury – even today – has the right and the power to decide what evidence it wishes to hear and only with their consent can a person be indicted, much like the trial jury must give consent to the government to put a citizen in prison.

But grand jurors do not know their rights or their responsibilities. Hence, a sleepy public rests as their freedoms are snatched from them.

Chances are the DAs and prosecutors in New York will fight this proposed law hard and quite possibly defeat it.

Why would anyone want to let others peer into their private playground?

NXIVM Mobile?

Back in Dec. 2019 and again in Nov. 2020  we published pictures of a Range Rover sporting the much-vaunted NXIVM vanity license plate.

Some of our readers thought the picture was photoshopped because “NXIVM” on the license plate was not centered.

One of our readers wrote, “Actually saw this car in West Hollywood last night. The license plate definitely appears just as it does in the photo with nothing in the place of the last two digits, for what that’s worth. I took a photo if it from within my car and didn’t think anything of the fact that it wasn’t centered or I would have looked up close.”

Well evidently it has been spotted again by one of our readers – and I received these photos a week ago by text.

According to the person who sent me the most recent photos, “Just saw this at a grocery store in Los Angeles called Erewhon, the Beverly location. People in the comments section of your earlier post think the photo is doctored. It’s a 100 percent real plate. The men who got in were young with tattoos and gold chains and Nike sneakers. They looked like LA hipsters.

The source continued, “young LA hipster guys who did not strike me as NXIVM. And showing it off so loudly, as if to rattle people and be the point of conversation.”


New Readers

Frank Report continues to find new readers as it grows into a nationally recognized website.

I’d like to be the first to report that not only have we broken news stories but we have apparently broken into the huge opportunities for non-human readership as this 100 percent un-doctored photo of a dear, deer reader, who found the Frank Report a fascinating read proves.

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  • Can’t resist peaking in on some of Nicki Clyne’s musings including the latest Dossier Project vid.


    One thing I kinda agree with Ms. Clyne on – that sticks with me as I’m working on a sentencing letter in support of Allison Mack – is Nicki’s statement that “Allison is going to jail over a fabrication.”

    I’m not certain what Clyne means by that but it was, in fact, “a fabrication” or a delusion, plainly, a huge lie woven by Keith Raniere and his criminal accomplices that drove Allison and so many others to desperate acts on the brink of self-destruction and my sister to suicide.

    It’s fearsomely transparent to me as it must be to many that Clyne and the DOS groupies are still literally living in a delusion being further fabricated right before our very eyes — that even while the TEN-C Emporer duly rots in prison for the next 120 years, fully exposed, they can pretend nothing is as it is and all their and his most heinous misdeeds are finely cloaked “acts of care,” courage, empowerment and all that simply because he says so.

    Little factoid for you Dossiers: I worked promotions on one of the earliest International televideo conferences “Worldnet” produced by a Frenchman, Stuart Chaftel, in 1986 for an AFIPS Comdex conference. Guess who first stole all the telecom ‘data’ he could get his grubs on starting way back then on to every project me, my Ex or any of our family, friends, employees or associates have had excess to ever since? Down to a 2002 Telmex project called “Anticipa” with MIT media labs (financed by Carlos Slum Helu’hat I’ve spoken of previously?

    Yep, it was KAR, that master psycho sex fiend out to prove himself a genius to rule the world and get all the chicks and patents.

    THAT’s how long this ethical genius boy wonder scam has been going on and I’m sure me and my family weren’t the only targets KAR stole from along the way to help fabricate the myth that’s become all your prisons of delusion.

    I do hope someday all of you will be free from it.

  • ‘Reacher’: Kristin Kreuk among 6 Cast In Amazon Series.
    Kristin Kreuk (Smallville, Beauty & the Beast) has joined the Season 1 cast of Amazon’s upcoming original series Reacher, based on the Jack Reacher character from Lee Child’s international bestselling books. Kreuk portrays Charlie, the refined former debutante who is living the Country Club life but is much tougher than she looks.

  • Let this prove once and for all that Deer can read. I am the Deer in the picture and I solemnly attest that I do read the Frank Report, voluntarily and of my own volition.

  • Judge Garaufis has updated the docket in Keith Raniere’s case with the following:

    ORDER: A restitution hearing in the case of Defendant Keith Raniere will be held on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. The hearing will be held at 225 Cadman Plaza E., Courtroom 4D. Defendant Mr. Raniere will attend by video.

  • Allison Mack with red hair, looks like a resident at Grand Central Station or the latest woman Frank is protecting….

    Or the only chick in high school, you could bang — but decided to pass on, cuz she was nuts!

  • Interesting that the deer has clicked on a article about Kristin Kreuk. We can’t see what is happening below the frame, but I suspect the deer is masturbating to Kreuk’s image. Her unshaven vulva has been many deer’s erotic salt-lick.

  • Frank has destroyed his credibility with the deer reading the Frank Report.

    That deer is his pet. It is not an independent deer who simply chose to read the Frank Report on her own.

    The deer has no choice but to stand in front of the computer.


    No deer can read.

    This slime ball is trying to fool you. He is worse than Raniere.

    Wake up people.

    • Kindly stop referring to him as “that deer”. Frank named him Flag. Btw, Flag can also type and has his own Twitter account. Bet he has more followers than you and Flowers, combined.

      • RE Floridian Key Deer

        I like the name Flag.

        Floridian deer are incredible at hustling you for treats. They can beg better than a dog. They come up to you, put their head on your lap, and look up at you with those doe eyes, while there tail, gently wags back and forth. I got suckered for a full week.
        My favorite thing is to watch them interact with one another like little people. They actually have buddies/friends like what cows do.

        • Why was Niceguy in FL?

          1. Frank was protecting him
          2. To play frisbee golf with Del Negro
          3. Tracy Chapman show
          4. Star Wars week at Disney
          5. Auditing. He likes the name Flag because it reminds him of the Flag Building he frequents in Clearwater. Don’t judge.
          6. Key West Pride week
          7. Mons Venus
          8. Boston sucks. Give him another year of badgering Mrs. Niceguy, and they’ll be Floridians rooting for Brady, again.

          • Mmmh….

            ….I had to look up Mons Venus and the Flag Building.

            Don’t worry Nutjob I don’t judge either. My theory is you used to strip to pay for your Scientology auditioning courses. It’s honest work. 😉

            There is actually a Frisbee golf course in Boston. Hit me up the next time you’re in town.

  • That’s a Florida Key deer!

    They are a lot like dogs, but sweeter. A few years back I stayed on Little Palm Island in the Keys and there was a small herd.

  • Nicki’s got a real deal going.
    To comment on her posts, you must be a supporter.
    To be a supporter, you must hand over coins.
    Imagine how rich Frank Parlato or Alex Jones would be if you had to pay to comment on Frank Report or Infowars.
    I’m too Dutch and Scottish to pay for the privilege of giving my opinion.

    But Nicki promotes products on her new social media.
    Products like Bitcoin.
    She links to a Youtube video by Ross Ulbricht.
    Ulbricht ran a site on the Dark Web.
    A site called the Silk Road.
    The Silk Road used bitcoins to sell narcotics.

    Nicki, here is my free advice for you.
    I won’t charge you a dime.
    Don’t mess with bitcoin.
    Don’t mess with the Dark Web.
    Don’t mess with Ross Ulbricht.
    Ross Ulbricht is more dangerous than Keith Raniere.

    “Ross William Ulbricht (born March 27, 1984) is an American who created and operated the darknet market website Silk Road from 2011 until his arrest in 2013.[4] The site used Tor for anonymity and bitcoin as a currency and facilitated the sale of narcotics and other illegal sales.[5][6] Ulbricht’s online pseudonym was “Dread Pirate Roberts” after the fictional character in the novel The Princess Bride and its film adaptation.

    In February 2015, Ulbricht was convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering, conspiracy to commit computer hacking, conspiracy to traffic fraudulent identity documents, and conspiracy to traffic narcotics by means of the internet.[7] In May 2015, he was sentenced to a double life sentence plus forty years without the possibility of parole. Ulbricht’s appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in 2017 and the U.S Supreme Court in 2018 were unsuccessful.[8][9][10] He is currently incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson.[11]”

    Here is what Nicki writes about Ross Ulbricht:

    Nicki Clyne@nickiclyne
    10 hours ago
    Prison phone call from Ross Ulbricht
    When I saw this being shared on Twitter and people like Mike Cernovich, for example, saying, “Try not to cry during this,” I was a little skeptical. I get phone calls from prison every day and have developed what you might call a thick skin, or at least a familiarity, with the harsh realities of prison. However, as a supporter of Ross and knowing this was the first time he’d spoken publicly in this way, I was deeply curious. It was late. I thought about saving it for when I wasn’t so tired, then I pressed play. I don’t want to tell you how to feel, but I urge you to listen. His experience echoes that of so many who are locked in cages this very moment, and he expresses in a way that captures so much pain and loss, as well as so much hope and humanity. For this reason, I will listen to this again and often. The feeling it conjures is one I want to walk around with daily. I never want to take my freedom for granted, and I never want to stop fighting for those who have lost their freedom unjustly.

    Phone call starts around 4:00

  • Ok. Nicki Clyne’s group says no pornography?

    Does that mean I don’t have to give pictures with my face and vulva to join or do they just ask for that later?

    • I already submitted my collateral. I didn’t want a last minute panic when the blackmail starts.

      • Congratulations, Nataska!!!

        Once you’ve submitted collateral, you are awarded the following:

        1. A lifetime of servitude with no purpose.
        2. A 500 calories diet for life, or for however long you live.
        3. Sex with a hedgehog-like man
        4. A free branding
        5. An extra-virulent case of HPV
        6. Free membership in a slave/sex pod
        7. Cold showers every morning
        8. Free abortions.
        9. Getting beaten on the ass with a leather-studded paddle.
        10. Free membership in the Raniere Harem Death Pool: Meaning there is a 1 in 20 possibility you will die from poisoning, cancer, or suicide

        Your reward is basically a guarantee, you’ll be tortured for life.


        • The f*cked up thing about my list……

          ….It’s all 100% true!

          DOS slaves would have lived a life of torture and servitude with absolutely no purpose.

          The collateral was just to insure the women stuck around. Something Nicki Clyne has, so far, failed to grasp.

          • Probably the cold showers. Leather paddles and hedgehog are worse. I do realize cold showers are every day for life, but they are actually healthy for you. Tough one, but health over the rest of the horrible choices. I would have added a choice of needing to proudly display a forest while rocking a bikini. That may have beaten out cold showers.

  • That deer can’t read. Who are you trying to fool. The picture may be real but you are misleading your readers. Deer CAN’T read !!!

  • Random thoughts as read through post:

    Nicki really loves that one picture of herself. Uses it everywhere and over and over. It’s a good picture but variety is the spice of life. Wouldn’t mind joining her community but the site says locals and I am not local to her so oh well. It is amusing to see how she is re-writing her “advocacy” (aka commenting on social media) as some form of social activism.

    Dang didn’t realize part of Keith’s lies was claiming to eventually be able to defeat death. They all just kept missing those red flags…

    It takes a special level of ego to want to be cryogenically frozen. Never got why people would want to live a stupid long time or buy into the sci-fi BS of waking 100 years into the future yet not understand the science of what “frozen” does to a body.

    LMAO at “inventing” video conferencing. That whole talking to others remotely thing, even sci-fi didn’t come up with it until baby Keith came up with it. The writers of Star Trek: The Original Series have some explaining to do for example.

    Releasing Grand Jury records could be a boom. The whole grand jury system is nonsense and doesn’t need to exist. It’s just political cover and nothing else. They should just be flat-out outlawed. Since most politicians are lawyers, it will never happen.

    If that is a legit CA plate…their plates be ugly. Need a redesign.

  • I spend too much time here.

    But sometimes I read things that make me laugh (like this article), and sometimes I learn new things!

    WORD OF THE DAY: contumacious

    “Legal contexts are one area where you might encounter this fancy word for “rebellious” or “insubordinate” – and the link between contumacious and the law goes back to Latin. The Latin adjective contumax means “rebellious,” or, in specific cases, “showing contempt of court.” Contumacious is related to contumely, meaning “harsh language or treatment arising from haughtiness and contempt.” Both contumacious and contumely are thought to ultimately come from the Latin verb tumēre, meaning “to swell” or “to be proud.”

    I learned this word while fact-checking whether it was true that Toni was the owner of the patent described above. Seems like it really is true and she owned 75% of the company that filed it.

    And while Frank is a good and clever writer, the document from the court of appeals makes me laugh just as hard!

    This guy Keith is a total Indian giver!!! (No racism intended). He absolutely had this patent (lol!) under Toni’s name and then claimed: “She was holding it in trust for him”. Then? He tried to take it back the second he thought he could make a buck! Wow!!!

    What a way to waste some $440,000.

    And a way to learn a fun new word that I don’t know how to pronounce!

    (Document can be found if you search Raniere vs Microsoft and definition is courtesy of Merriam Webster)

  • Re The License Plate:

    Lookin at the Range Rover, rear license plate with the gold-chain border, I’m going out on a limb, and saying the NXIVM plate has no real link to our NXIVM. Or perhaps it’s a diehard-dead-ender

    It’s LA — anything to get attention and noticed.

    Anyone ever notice NXIVM only had one African American, black, member?

    I am surprised our WOKE editors have never investigated this bias and affirmative action issue.

    After all, NXIVM, was a business, not a religion or a club. Affirmative Action federal guidelines had to be followed. No persons of color were employed.

    • The letters on California personalized plates are automatically centered, unless there is a symbol or sticker for some special interest group, then there is space to the left of the lettering.

      This NXIVM plate is not centered and the space is on the right (wrong) side of the lettering.

      Also, the CA DMV prohibits lettering that has a sexual connotation, or is a vulgar term or a term of prejudice or hostility, or a term considered profane or obscene–all of which NXIVM is.

      But if legit, the plate is on a vehicle used by Vancouver actresses when they “audition” for roles in LA so studio gate guards know to direct them to producers’ casting couches.

  • Another curious legal dilemma with keith’s sentence. When keith dies in prison and hence reincarnated, a process for which only he knows and understands, will the remaining prison sentence also be enforced on the new human? that too shall be a fascinating legal question for the Supreme Court.

    side note – I wonder if Nancy ever came to grips with the fact she used to be Adolf Hitler? Going through life knowing that you used to be Hitler must have been really hard for a Jewish person. On the plus side, it was probably always an interesting ice-breaker during awkward silences at the dinner table.

    Guest: “You make a really nice pot pie, Nancy.”
    Nancy: “Thanks. I used to be Hitler you know. Yep, it’s true. Little known fact. I shouldn’t have invaded Russia like I did. General’s screwed me on that one.”

    Frank, is that what conversations at the Salzman household were like?

    • ‘Another curious legal dilemma with keith’s sentence. When keith dies in prison and hence reincarnated, a process for which only he knows and understands, will the remaining prison sentence also be enforced on the new human? that too shall be a fascinating legal question for the Supreme Court.’

      But if it is a process for which only he knows and understands, who will resurrect him?

    • —Frank, is that what conversations at the Salzman household were like?

      Frank doesn’t kiss and tell!

      BTW: Frank loves menopausal women.
      No birth control!

  • Speaking of the Erewhon Grocery in L.A.. Erewhon is Nowhere spelled backward.
    There was a famous Utopian novel named Erewhon.

    I got into Nicki’s Locals page.
    She talks a bit about her mom and dad.
    These are kind of personal and I won’t go into them much.
    I will note that she misses her father very much.

    To be fair I will tell Nicki a bit about myself before commenting about her locals page on Frank Report.

    • That’s kind of sad. She could have likely had a successful acting career but that ship has sailed and she has learned no meaningful skills at NXIVM. She still has a chance to land a rich dude though so that might be her new goal.

      • –She still has a chance to land a rich dude though so that might be her new goal.

        The only “rich dude” she can have is her Vanguard. She already took a lifetime vow to him and can’t go back on her word now! Otherwise, she’ll look like an even bigger hypocrite than she already is. She’s in until the chickens come home to roost.

      • right, but what rich dude would go down on her and stare at her hairy pussy with keith raniere’s initials next to it? It’ll be hard to find someone that desperate, and certainly not some rich dude. Plus she’d still have to get michelle hatchette’s permission since michelle is running dos now.

        shadow however might go for her. she’s starting to turn into a right-wing whacko and that’s shadow’s thing, which is why he’s being so nice to her lately.

  • Nicki Clyne@nickiclyne
    June 04, 2021
    Welcome to my Locals!
    After my life was decimated by a false media narrative (just Google NXIVM), I’ve come to realize that the only way to get the truth out is to do it on my own terms. But this community isn’t just about me and my story, it’s a place where anyone who has been ‘cancelled,’ defamed, wrongfully accused or even imprisoned can share their stories. It is a space for anyone who cares about free speech, due process, and constitutional rights. You know, just what this country was founded on. Nbd.

    I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through on anyone, but I’ve learned a lot and it’s made me who I am. I hope my voice can be a source of strength and hope, and rise above the chorus of haters who do nothing but complain and blame. I believe we all make choices in this life and we can either use them to build wisdom or resentment. I choose the former. I suggest you do too, but it’s really up to you.

    I will talk about NXIVM, DOS, being investigated by the FBI, my past life in Hollywood, Battlestar Galactica, current events, and everything in between. I’ll expand on my spicy Twitter takes, and engage in meaningful conversation with those who wish to participate. This is a safe space. Even trolls are welcome, they just have to pay a “troll tax” (tbd on a sliding scale, depending on my mood).

    Can’t wait!

  • Perfect example of why Frank needs to update this dinosaur of a website so we can post and vote on polls. We should all be voting on what happens with Vanguard’s freedom when he is brought back to life. Personally, I think he will need to continue serving his time. 120 is 120. Ain’t no asterisks.

    • Poles would ruin this website!!!!!

      You ever see what Poles can do to a neighborhood, take a look at Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

      Is your last name Stivic and did you date a girl named Gloria?

      • Why does Niceguy hate polls?

        1. Reminds him of the hung guy who turned him out.
        2. Reminds him of the time he got the one armed poll out of the tree by waving at him
        3. He HATED Ivan Putski and loved The Magnificent Muraco
        4. When the Mrs speaks of his poll, she always ends the sentences with a giggle
        5. He gets suckered into voting and always ends up getting pitched on a timeshare

    • Nutjob, I think Frank Report is pretty awesome as it is, but I do sometimes wish I could “like” a post. So many awesome posters and comments here but it would be impossible and maybe uncouth to reply to them all.

      TBH, wouldn’t really change anything. Just wanted to express that sentiment.

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