Ex-DOS Member, Jessica Joan to Write Book on Her Trauma, Is Relieved to Come Out Publicly, and Is Looking for Closure With the Sentencing of Allison Mack

Jessica Joan

Jessica Joan, AKA Jaye, AKA Jane Doe #2, testified at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere in June 2019. She was the last of the women who were personally impacted by Raniere to testify.  She was preceded by Sylvie, Lauren Salzman, Daniela, and Nicole.

Like Nicole, Jessica was in the DOS master-slave downline with Allison Mack. DOS was a multilevel marketing sorority with masters and slaves committed for life and with a secret leader, unusual for a sorority, who is a man. His name is Keith Raniere and DOS is the probable reason for his present incarceration.

Keith Raniere resides behind this fence at USP Tucson.

The Jessica Joan downline worked like this:

Keith Raniere, grandmaster of all women of DOS – though many did not know it – which made him Great Grandmaster of Jessica, Grandmaster of India, and Master of Allison.


Allison Mack: Slave to Raniere, Master of India and Grandmaster of Jessica


India Oxenberg, Grand-slave of Raniere, slave of Allison, and master of Jessica


Jessica Joan: Great Grand Slave of Raniere, Grandslave of Allison, Slave of India.

In fairness to Jessica, when she joined DOS, she did not know Raniere was the ultimate leader of DOS. She thought – and was told – that DOS was comprised of only women.

Jessica got out of DOS when she was commanded by India to do what DOS masters called “a seduction assignment.” Her assignment was to “seduce” Raniere. This assignment did not necessarily entail her having intercourse with Raniere. Apparently, it required at the minimum for success that she be photographed nude by him.

Keith Alan Raniere was handy with a camera.

One might say that Jessica was assigned to seduce Raniere into getting her naked and then photographing her in a most explicit way.

Jessica decided not to comply with the assignment and managed to more or less sneak out of DOS. None of her collateral was released. On the way out, Jessica cleverly got some of the other slaves collateral to hold, in a sense, as collateral so that her own collateral would not be released.

This collateral was leaked to me and I forwarded it to law enforcement.

Back in December, Jessica decided to go public and tell the world her name when she announced she was doing a podcast, “The Untouchable Jessica Joan.

She described her coming out as “a release.”

“It was like as if you’re a big balloon and you’re about to pop and I just needed to get a little pin and get some air out,” she is quoted in an interview with Fox News. “I really needed that for myself and my own healing, to just let it out.”

[While everyone must judge their own life and plans, I cannot help but think that coming out might also help some of the other women in getting control of their lives. The fear of being outed, the idea that they should be ashamed might be worse than telling their story and being able to say, they suffered but they fought back. Daniela, Camila, Nicole, Sylvie, and others all made some effort to recover their independence.]

Prior to that, the public knew her only as Jaye.

A lot has happened since Jessica left DOS and subsequently testified. Raniere was convicted and sentenced to 120 years. Mack took a plea deal on racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges. India got out of DOS in the nick of time and cooperated with the prosecution.

Now Mack is awaiting sentencing.

Jessica told Melissa Roberto of Fox News that she believes Mack was a victim of Raniere “to a certain degree [as] everyone has been.”

However, she believes Mack “needs to be held accountable, and she was also a victimizer.”

Her comments to Roberto are of interest to those studying NXIVM and DOS. Mack was arrested three years ago. And took a plea deal more than two years ago.

When asked by Fox News how she feels about the long wait for Mack’s sentencing, Joan said, “You know, it feels like being in limbo. I don’t know one person that thinks being in limbo is fun. That’s the best way to describe it. I’m definitely looking forward to that day happening and having another door of this closing and really being able to put it behind me.

“I think until that’s done, it’s still in the air.  I’m very much looking forward to everything coming to a close.”

Of the seduction assignment that she managed to avoid, Joan told Fox News.

“Oh, it was basically my worst nightmare come to life,” Joan said.

Jessica Joan revealed her identity in December 2020.

Jessica Joan, an aspiring actress and model (Photo by Brian Parillo)

“It was horrifying in that moment. It was a very serious level of betrayal because I trusted Allison. We built a friendship. The assignment was to help remove any of my issues that had to do with being sexually abused in the past. She was going to put me in a situation to then create harm on harm that I already had at the time,” Joan said.

Joan gave credit to Judge Nicholas Garaufis.

“He’s been really incredible. I have faith in the judge and those involved. I believe justice will prevail.”

As Roberto reported for Fox News, “April 20, 2021, was three years to the day that Mack was placed in handcuffs. While the day is one Joan says is ‘definitely not a holiday or something that’s in my calendar,’ she’s often reminded by reports.”

Joan told Fox News she is trying to heal.

“My process is just every day setting the intentions of being the best version of myself, being gentle with myself, practicing self-love and sometimes that might look like crying, sometimes that might be journaling, sometimes that might be spending time in nature. I’m patient with myself and just focused on being kind,” she said.

She joined NXIVM in 2016.

“I had a really traumatic childhood,” she shared with Fox News. “I’ve always been a seeker in wanting to do my own personal development and healing to sort those things out. That was definitely the appeal, especially because it was based under the guise of a humanitarian personal development program.”

Joan added, “One of the things about NXIVM and this whole experience is that they were really great at attracting really amazing people. I think that’s one of the most sinister and unfortunate parts of this whole thing. They really preyed on good, kindhearted people that wanted to help others. There’s definitely friends that I made in this that will be friends for life,” she said.

According to Fox News, Joan is working on a book she plans to self-publish this August.

“It’s going to be about the traumas, how I’ve overcome them, and also different tools that I’ll be sharing with other people that helped me in hopes that it will help them,” she said of her book.

Joan said she has undergone EMDR therapy [Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing] as opposed to cult deprogramming therapy at the advice of therapists.

“One of the things I’m really grateful for is because I had such a traumatic and chaotic childhood, having that street-smart and that wherewithal is what allowed me to overcome and persevere this NXIVM experience. So thankfully, even though this was a tragic situation, I don’t feel I’m in a tragic space at all,” Joan said.

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  • Frank, an observation. If you post an update on Jessica about her writing a book on overcoming sexual trauma in NXIVM and her childhood, and then bookend that information with highly sexualized photos of her, whether you intend to or not, you are undermining her credibility. The survivors of this case deserve a tiny bit more dignity. At a minimum, quit it with the cleavage and bikini shots.

    • I will have to consider this. It is an interesting point. Of course these are her own published photos. They were not candid photos. Part of her persona is being an openly attractive woman. Is it wrong to show this side of her in the same post that discusses her book on her trauma? That needs to be considered.

      It was not intended to undermine her, it was actually meant to show her as an interesting individual.

      • There have already been several books about Nxivm, so if Jessica really wants hers to sell, what better way to market yet another story about the sex cult than lots of her sexy photos?

        • Perhaps, Marketing 101, but I would recommend letting Jessica make that call for herself, not Frank.

      • Frank, I would say that unless she specifically chose these photos as publicity stills to support her book or appearances, consider whether there is the chance that these are not the photos of herself she would want associated with this story.

        To put it another way, imagine if you had a sister who was sexually assaulted, and a local news team decided to run a story about it showing a bunch of sexy bikini shots of her. They may have been her own published, freely available photos, but that doesn’t mean those photos were the right ones to run in that story.

        I suggest establishing a guideline of no overly sexualized photography of women who are known / self-identified sexual assault survivors in this cause, unless they have explicitly given you permission otherwise.

        Signed, also a sexual assault survivor

        • This is a well-reasoned position. But, for instance, what do we do when India, a sexual assault victim who poses nude as she recently did for her yoga poses?

          I agree that this is a difficult issue.

          • What do we do when India, a sexual assault survivor, posts 2 long range nude yoga photos taken by her fiancé on a camping trip accompanied by a 100-word essay about healing from trauma that does not directly reference NXIVM? We leave them on her Instagram and don’t spin up posts about it for page views because we have a policy of not posting sexualized content from known / self-identified sexual abuse survivors without their consent. Im not so sure this is a difficult issue, Frank. 🙂

          • I’m sure there is a cult expert that can speak to the reasons someone might put on another layer of exploitation to rewrite more painful exploitation. It’s a phase in discovery, but not a healthy one. She’s removing shame, but in a way that implies public ownership instead of private ownership. If she owned herself, she wouldn’t need to take her clothes off to communicate it.

  • If someone says they are writing a book about their “trauma”, they sound like they are scheming people after dollars. They are all looking to make a profit from their own shit decisions. Having seen NXIVM before and after DOS, watching Sarah Edmondson, a scheming four-by-two, milking this for money and attention makes her and them look even worse. Literally, everyone ever involved with NXIVM is shit.

    • My apologies

      I didn’t explain what I meant.

      I just meant why does Gin get so much more shit than everybody else?

    • “Literally, everyone ever involved with NXIVM is shit.”

      That’s way too harsh a judgment for me. What about those who didn’t do anything wrong or illegal, or make any money, but lost money and time? They too could’ve been deceived in some sense as well. Personally, I can’t fault them except for not using their better judgment.

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    Soon Nicki will be a full-fledged American citizen.

    Nicki Clyne
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  • I had awaited, quite impatiently, the (delayed) U.S. publication, in 1961, of Robert Gover’s novel, One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding.

    Europe had revelled in this naughty book before it reached the American public. Oh my, I really couldn’t wait to read it. So far in life, I had never met a real prostitootie yet, and was mystified and curious about this whole topic. The perfumed, bejewelled, flirtatious, sexy demi-monde and the charms and beauty, the language of France herself and France as an entirety, had always, always fascinated me, right from “birth.”

    I was raised, by chance, learning “France!” Not just French, but France.

    To me it is a culture like no other. Collette (a savior for me), Gide, de Maupassant, Proust, de Beauvoir, Camus, Baudelaire, Hugo, Zola. Pure unadulterated ecstasy. Growing up in auld New England was edged with dullness and strictures, very detailed rules of behavior. It never really suited me, not ever.

    But the 19th century demi-monde atmosphere mingled beauty, romance, sex, wonderful scandals and gossip with crassness and disappointments so very attractively, soulfully. At last, some women who seemed to actually enjoy mankind, who loved to dress up, who loved getting ready, who didn’t need any boring jobs. The ladies sold dreams, sold enticement, sold WHAT? I had to find out! More more more.

    This gem, One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding, was written exceedingly ribaldly and was knock-out funny. There was nothing glamorous. Just wham, bam and “fuck you for fucking me,” like an American, urban, smutball lollapalooza. A small treasure!

    The Misunderstanding’s first-person narrative is delivered by a prostitute who has rotten consumers and lots of trouble getting paid but not much trouble getting laid.

    When the novel finally arrived at my beloved in-town Hastings bookstore, they called me. I slid into the store asap, had them giftwrap that little novel in tissue paper and then to enwreathe the tissue with some lovely ribbon.

    I was ten years old. Whenever I wanted adult material, even cigars for my dad, Benson & Hedges for me or Playboys, I had these goodies giftwrapped upon purchase. I didn’t like Gauloises, though. At least there’s that.

    This, I imagined, would be what my old fictional friend, Eloise, would have done, if she wanted naughty literature or perhaps a few Marlboros to herself. Get it giftwrapped, dahling! She had the advantage of living in a Manhattan hotel suite, with a maid and minus parents. I didn’t.

    I imagined, colorfully, that Eloise too would use the subterfuge of giftwrapping, although in Eloise books, Eloise did NOT reveal any side interest with the upcoming world of sexuality which surely was awaiting her, at least if she ever grew her face into some shape which could hold her somewhat too substantial nose.

    The point being, Joan Jetson here has nothing new or refreshing to offer, not to moi. Another self-help book about cookies crumbling. Hubba hubba.

    Robert Gover did it so beautifully in 1961. The novel isn’t set in France but had to be published there first.

    My most BELOVED France has always held me right smack in its very, very sexy arms. Never once was any little amount of pain not worth this lifetime influentiality of sheer pleasures, given wholeheartedly by the incredibly tasteful French.

    So, vive la France forever and ever. The French understand! What a relief it has always been. What a joy. I have no inclination to dip into the dimestore variety of mercenary failures and attempts to recoup it all, publicly and probably NOT by employing any creative writing whatsoever. Like a dime bag of catnip won’t do it for me.

    Did anybody ever read The Doctor and the Dike? Chocolates for Breakfast? Bonjour Tristesse?

    Childhood acquaintances and friends of mine, the late and very adventurous former New Yorkers, Jimmy and Blanche Cooney, printed out Henry Miller’s work on a printing press down in their basement, way out in the Massachusetts countryside, while Miller was still being censored by his native soil. Imagine that! Blanche was such a beautiful woman, one could not help staring. Jimmy was a generous, hearty big angel. They had such beautiful babies together. So God bless America, too. Henry was not deserted entirely, lost in Paris.

    Keep it moving. Who doesn’t love the ride? So much splendour is everywhere. Why not decide to love it? Choose your thrills wisely, though. Life cannot do it for you. You are life. We are life! The Doctor and the Dike was tremendously educational to me, too.

    I had been banished to my Auntie’s upstairs bedroom to keep me from seeing something deemed too salacious for a six year old to view, and my Gramma was determined to watch it on her tv, along with her daughters.

    My very good-natuerd Auntie Dot had the paperback stashed in her bookshelf, The Doctor and the Dike. Naturally I consumed that immediately and later, at home, I explained to my mother that her sister is a lesbian, in case she hadn’t known that. I was six and had just been intrdoduced not only to the gay world but also to psychiatry. What could be more marvelous! Good heavens, a glimpse beneath the sheets. Oh my, yes.

    It didn’t do much good to inform my mother of my dicoveries. It never, ever did do any good. My mother had never heard of lesbianism.

    She had never even heard of sex. She was shocked, pretty much permanently shocked, throughout her entire century as a woman preoccupied with tormenting the rest of us, industriously proving to one and to all that only the good die young, and she did it all too profoundly and hideously, awkwardly, lying through her teeth, a broken record.

    Please do not bitch or butch about my novella style comments. Just skip them if they disrupt your sense of order. All that it is is written conversations, perhaps better delivered in person. But here we can only type and press.

    This is a storyteller’s way of saying FUCK NO and/or FUCK YES. So, back to Irish.
    What is is.

    • Ai yi yi Ishmael. That word, “introduced” was mashed all to hell, too. Just give me a ballpoint, okay?

    • Okay, fellas. Bare ass? Wagon train?
      Thanx a tankard load. Hohoho!
      You are lowdown doity ratz. Just my type.

      Sweet not Betsy not on the Pike. Off the pike long time already.

  • Nicki Clyne
    Is his (Biden’s) speech writer trolling him?

    · 23h
    Biden says that George Floyd’s death had a bigger impact than MLK’s assassination.

    Biden’s so demented that he trolls himself
    Shadow State

  • So India gave J the seduction assignment? Just curious, how come she’s not calling for India to be charged?

    • Cause India cooperated. But the seduction assignment came from Allison, ultimately. There’s testimony on it.

      Keith’s prison wives have another ill advised DOS promotional recording. At minimum Nicki and Michelle not revealing sex with Keith. Michelle previously told law enforcement she WAS given a seduction of Keith assignment. Now she acts like that is just a craaaazzzy notion.

      A couple of Keith’s prison wives are bent on claiming they were married. So…? Graphic Porn for Keith but not ( allegedly) sex? Just branded with his initials near their puss?

      Or just trying to save face/their marriage? Other prison wives neither deny or admit sexual interactions with the disgusting one and say odd things about not having sex for a year and half While in DOS.

      No one reveals false molestation accusations made up as collatetal/blackmail Or group naked slave pod photos for Keith. Weekly. All of the ultra Close up vagina shots for Keith are not disclosed. No monthly damaging collateral discussed.

      Basically zero of what everyone knows to be factually true is acknowledged.

      There is so much fake outrage from all these suddenly prim ladies about being associated with a sex cult.

      (old timely prissy woman’s voice)

      “My word! How ever did this happen?! Why on earth would anyone think a master/slave group of women creating sexually explicit videos & photos, having naked meetings, ordering copious amounts of sex toys and building a dungeon, branding each other with the same man’s initials while being held down nude, making recordings paddling each other’s bare asses, giving out seduction assignments revolving only around one man (“vanguard”) grooming their pubic hair the same- Would be labeled a sex cult?!”

      No mention of the spreadsheets and extreme pressure to recruit ( Keith approved) more attractive young women

      The media made it up whole cloth! It is so unfair. We were just texting each other.

      No responsibility for all the porn generated for Keith. No accountability for any of it.

      Just faux shock and outrage at how DOS has been maligned and misrepresented.

      Ironically, of course, they are the ones who lied to their “slaves”. But that’s different. Because.

      That’s it. Because.

      And if there is ANY truth to Keith not sexually interacting with one or two of them through DOS it was simply because he hadn’t gotten to them yet. Or already had sex with them, possibly wasn’t interested (too fat? Or old?) Or at the time they had lived too far away to make it happen easily.

      It’s just lies. And garbage.

    • Hi, You’re on a cult blog about cultists who are in a cult which have a cult leader

      I hope this answered your question about the situation.

    • India was also coerced by the threat of released collateral into a sexual relationship with Raniere. One could also argue India was coerced by the threat of released collateral to issue the seduction assignment to Jaye.

      • One could argue that the entire DOS first line was acting under coercion due to KAR holding their collateral. My question wasn’t whether India is culpable, it was why Jaye isn’t even expressing any anger towards her.

        • Yes, they are hard issues. In the FLDS group, everyone under Warren Jeffs risked losing their whole family and children forever if they did not obey. It is a devil of a job to sort the abusers from the abused in these sorts of cults.

  • Joan takes a real good photo. She’s kinda like a younger, darker, meatier Kristin Kreuk.

      • If Hasif thinks she looks like Korona Kreuk, then sure as shit, he has already abused his little genitalia several times to her, having to use detergent on his computer screen. Then he would spank it rigorously to Korona Kreuk herself as he would feel like he “cheated” on her.

  • Eye roll

    Only difference between Jessica Joan and India Oxenberg is one has a famous mother to get a leg up on attention-seeking. Both are attempting to turn their poor decision-making into victimization (and a hero arc that doesn’t really exist). Personally, I wouldn’t want my virtual resume to primarily be cult victim but to each their own.

    • I’m seeing double on here a lot, too, Erasend. Could it be that our DUPE-licate comments sometimes go to different destinations? Hmm. (Sip and roll.). I’m having a tough time finding those hero character arcs on here, too. So class, let’s review some of Aristotle’s classic points of dramatic structure. The anti-hero must discover and overcome his fatal flaw(s) through the big battle lest the villain(s) or red herrings take him down and it’s curtains on the whole show with 60 blank pages left to go for a full feature.

    • I kinda agree. I also think it’s a good thing for them to reframe their NXIVM experience and, to a certain extent, reframe their lives. Like you said, to each their own.

  • Eye roll.

    Only difference between Jessica Joan and India Oxenberg is one doesn’t have a famous mother to get a leg up on getting attention. Both are just trying to turn their poor decision-making into victimization. Personally, being primarily known as a cult victim isn’t something I would want on my virtual resume but to each their own.

    • Western Civilisation is collapsing because people want to cash in on victim currency. Basically, in their minds, anyone who is not a “straight White male” is a victim to said straight White male. These cult idiots are the same. Nobody seems to value self-ownership, responsibility or values anymore.

    • Given that exact fact, has it occurred to you that maybe India and Jessica have other motivations for coming forward with their stories? Like maybe they’re sharing their stories to help bring these types of abuses to light and help other women facing similar situations? Like, I dunno, call me crazy here, but maybe it actually occurred to them coming forward would put “Cult Victim” on their virtual resume and they actually recognize that kind of sucks, but they’re doing it anyway because speaking out is more important.

      • If you think these females are behaving the way they are for non-selfish reasons, you are gullible and on the insane spectrum somewhere.

        No, they are scheming attention whores.

        Uganda Oxenberg is a real manipulative and lucky piece of work. If it were not for her mother and Frank Parlato, she would probably be charged. Stupid girl she is.

        • Please, Anon 6:54, you seem to understand far more than I do. So, enlighten me with your evidence that supports why these “females” are scheming attention whores.

          • Whore + Seeking attention from others = Attention Whore.

            Naked pictures, books, interviews, podcasts….

            Namibia Oxenberg and Sarah Edmondson are amongst the worse.

      • Good point. Lots of judging going on in the comments, and most of us have no idea what their true motivations are.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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