Suneel Replying to Commenters Stands Against the Onslaught of Anti-Raniere

Keith Raniere by MK10art

In this post, our esteemed and loyal opposition, Suneel Chakravorty — [who I am trying to deprogram from a suspected severe case of brainwashing, which he denies, which is typical of brainwashed individuals, as cult experts maintain] — has taken some of his valuable time to address certain comments made by readers of his latest post, Government Misled Jury About Camila’s Age When Reading Raniere Text Messages

Suneel makes the argument that the government chose to shine a false light for the jury, rather more or less tricking them into thinking that Camila was 18 years old when she was receiving and sending texts to Raniere, who is 30 years older than her. Cami was actually 24. at the time of the texts.

According to cult experts, brainwashing occurs when a cult leader begins to send vibrational waves [see illustration below] to enter unbidden the subconscious mind and alter the thinking of the individuals who follow him (or her) so they can no longer think for themselves but think instead whatever the leader wants them to think. For most cult experts, who usually bill at an hourly rate, it is a long and expensive process to deprogram a brainwashed individual.

Suneel, on the other hand, does not think he is brainwashed. He claims he escaped being brainwashed at Harvard and then later at NXIVM. He works in the teaching field [Not NXIVM], supports himself, does not take money from Clare Bronfman or Keith Raniere or anyone connected to NXIVM, he says and he says he genuinely thinks Keith Raniere had an unfair trial.

Let us hear his rebuttal to some piquant and persuasive comments:

Penn Station 195 wrote:

Raniere has hired the best attorneys and, thus far, none of them has used anything resembling your thoughts or opinions on this matter.

Suneel replied:

Admittedly, Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar’s ‘sleight of hand’ with Camila’s passport before performing the Keith-Cami texts is a minor point. The attorneys have to focus on the strongest points for the appeal. I have the latitude to make whatever points as I want, whether they are major points or not. My goal is to show enough examples of prosecutorial misconduct in Keith Raniere’s case that eventually even those who hate Raniere will acknowledge it.


Anonymous wrote:

Suneel’s entire essay is beyond absurd, asinine, and o$ensive. I did not believe that he was a misogynist. Suneel is a total misogynist.  Suneel is defending a pedophile’s filth and I am mocking him.

Suneel replied:

First, if you are going to accuse me of being a misogynist, please provide specific evidence. I believe that men and women are equal, which means equal in their capacity to make decisions and be held accountable for those decisions, which is a core and consistent assumption in my arguments. If I am giving the impression of anything other than an advocate for true equality, then please point them out to me and be specific, so I can correct the mistake — as that is the last impression I want to give. 

To be clear, I don’t and would never condone the exploitation of minors. It is my contention that the child porn evidence was planted and backdated, as the file system data suggests. If Raniere or anyone else were guilty of abuse of minors, I would support that being charged and prosecuted.


Anonymous wrote:

Blaming the jury when you lose in court is as lame as when comedians blame the audience for not getting a joke.

Suneel replied:

I don’t blame the jury. I hold the prosecutors responsible, as my contention is that they cheated to win a conviction. 


Who’s Not the Smartest? wrote:

I’d put my faith on the jury being able to see the truth more clearly than a follower who believes the ludicrous, totally improbable and unverifiable claims Keith Raniere has made.

Suneel replied:

You can read my breakdown of Keith’s infamous biography on FrankReport. I have no problem calling out false or improbable claims, no matter the source. 


Erasend wrote:

Sigh. Suneel keeps revealing how dumb he is about the justice system. He has a child’s view on it. Expecting fairness and honesty and all that. Even if this story is 100% true, the prosecutor isn’t required to give context, that is up to the defense’s job.

Suneel replied:

I’m not under the false impression that prosecutors are concerned with truth, honesty and fairness. I understand the culture of prosecutors these days is about winning at all costs. 

My point is that the role of a prosecutor is to search for truth. This is what the average citizen has been led to believe is still the case.

Taking things out of context or imposing a false context is antithetical to the search for truth. 

I’m a realist, but not yet a cynic. I believe we should try to rectify the fundamental flaws in our justice system.


Ice-nine wrote:

You and Keith should work together to solve any one of the six remaining Millennium Problems. I’m guessing you know what these are. It’s a challenge put up by Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts. CMI selected seven of the most di#cult math problems ever conceived. There is a $1 million dollar prize to solve any one of them (six of the seven remain unsolved). You are a Harvard educated Mathematician. Keith is purportedly one of the top three problem solvers in the world, the world’s smartest man, and, as I understand it, an inventor of his own math (I would like to know more about it).”

Suneel replied:

Collaborating with Keith on a Millennium Problem would be fantastic. Unfortunately, Keith is very limited right now, so my best bet for making this happen is to help exonerate him (because his due process rights were violated and he is innocent of the charges), which I am trying to do.


FMN wrote:

No matter her age, it’s disgusting.

Suneel replied:

It’s your right to be disgusted by anything and everything, but in this country we have laws, and age matters as far as whether certain conduct is considered unlawful or not.


Aristotle’s Sausage wrote:

To suggest that prosecution misdirection is responsible for the jury finding against Raniere on this point is…bizarre and absurd.  Equally absurd is the implication that the trial was unfair because the prosecution painted an unflattering picture of the defendant. News flash: the trial system is an adversarial process. The prosecution paints the defendant as a demon. The defense paints him as an angel.

Suneel replied:

I’m not suggesting that misdirection is responsible for the verdict. Where did I assert or imply that? 

Also, ideally the adversarial nature of the process has nothing to do with portraying the defendant inaccurately in either direction but rather whether or not the elements of the charges were met and the due process rights of the defendant were upheld. I understand in practice, this is not the case.


Just Sayin’ wrote:

Suneel, Suneel, Suneel. It’s actually come to this level of desperation? The jury isn’t stupid and neither is the public. Aren’t you embarrassed? I bet your poor family is. You’re a laughing stock at this point.

Suneel replied:

I did not claim the jury was stupid. We are all susceptible to being misled. For example, many of the commenters think I am at times intelligent but for some reason appear to be misled (brainwashed?) by Raniere.

Also, I’m not embarrassed by anything I’ve written. I stand by it and if I’m proven wrong about any particular point, I’d be glad to admit it and learn from it.


KR Claviger wrote:

All you’re doing is looking at game film two years after the game was played and bitching about the refereeing. Guess what… even if you’re right, it’s not going to change the outcome of the game.

Suneel replied:

My intention is to point out each and every example of prosecutorial impropriety, misconduct or corruption I come across. In my opinion, no instance is too trivial. Whether it affects the outcome of the ‘game’ or not, I believe it is important to not let any bad behavior from our civil servants go unexposed.


Anonymous wrote:

I am thinking Suneel took his SAT untimed.

Suneel replied:

My SAT math and verbal scores were perfect 800s 🙂


Sherizzy, wrote:

Suneel – this claim is meritless. Also, if Agnifilo did not object, and I do not remember him doing so at trial, it is unpreserved for appellate review. That means that the appellate court will not entertain the issue.

Suneel replied:

I agree this instance alone is not strong enough to reverse a conviction. I never claimed it was. But I do not believe we, as citizens, should allow our prosecutors to use any dirty tricks. They are, after all, supposed to serve us as honest stewards of the law.


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  • Suneel has the gall to write the following on Twitter:

    “An allegation of bribery of government officials in that context is very serious. Where is your evidence for making such an allegation?”

    Oh, the mad irony! Here we see Suneel calling for evidence of government corruption for the NDNY where Raniere got away with his shenanigans for years in response to another’s tweet asserting it, while spending much of his Tweet lifetime in support and defense of Raniere and his DOS dead-enders, claiming it for the EDNY, FBI, the DOJ and the entire “unjust” justice system itself!

    • If you think that is ironic, check out Nicki’s Twitter post after Derek Chauvin’s conviction. Something about how verdicts are meant to bring peace… It was hi- lair- ee- us especially if you know what Nicki’s real goals have been in overturning Raniere’s conviction. None of the sad lonely BSG horn dogs called her out. Of course. They are just too excited that a minor celebrity who was on a sci-fi show and is an actual living female is paying them attention. Even if it is just on Twitter. It’s the closest most of them have been to a woman who is not their mom.

  • I would like to hear any news or see any videos concerning whether Keith Raniere has had his ass beat in prison yet. Anyone have any type info on this?

      • Where or how did you hear that Raniere had his ass beat 2-3 times at MDC? Can’t we get this info under the freedom of info act?

        • Frank Report has sources at MDC who reported that Raniere had some experiences including being picked on and having his glasses repeatedly taken. His judo and 100 yard dash skills came in handy, especially the latter.

  • Why won’t Suneel respond to FR comments in real time? Are his replies joint efforts? I can easily see Nicki wanting input on whatever he writes on FR. Or, perhaps, she is the one who writes them.

    Frank, why give this legal moron a platform above the other commenters on FR? Many of us actually understand the law. Actually, why give him a platform, at all?

    Also, Suneel, I did not say the claim was not strong, I said it was meritless. That means lacking in all merit. Just goes to show that perfect SAT scores have nothing to do with intelligence or logic or reasoning.

  • Suneel says he doesn’t condone child exploitation. So he actually disagrees with his master on this matter. A big step for Suneel!

  • We’re getting to see here an example of a classic cult apologist/diehard in Suneel. In my decades following such groups, I’ve run across dozens of similar types.

    One of the common denominators in cults, especially those related to Scientology such as NXIVM, are shades of Dunning-Kreuger syndrome in their gurus’ and members’ tendency to be certain that they know more than actual experts in various fields. Thus, the leader Raniere, with an unremarkable level of education and no work experience other than with sales-oriented organizations he himself haplessly ran, baselessly held himself out as a “top problem solver”, etc.; and here we see his follower, Suneel, convinced he fully understands the nuances of a justice system he is not even trained in, and can expound to us about how he knows more about the workings of the legal process than the likes of Raniere’s prominent and highly experienced attorneys.

    “The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people wrongly overestimate their knowledge or ability in a specific area. This tends to occur because a lack of self-awareness prevents them from accurately assessing their own skills.”

    • This Dunning thing must be contagious to pandemic proportions. Are you apparently immune bc you’ve got it already, AnonyMacher? Or are you immune from, say, Pigeonholing sources like Heidi Clifford as murderous sociopaths bc you having a some other kind of immunity in mind, like a Presidential pardon?

  • Suneel, only one question, which you did not answer. Did Raniere have sex with Cami when she was under 18, or are you calling her a liar?

  • Frank, can you please ask Suneel to explain WHO he thinks “planted” and “backdated” the child porn photos on Keith Raniere’s computer?

    Does he think law enforcement did it?

    The EDNY and FBI were in charge (not local police) —- so is he saying that the FBI and EDNY conspired to ‘plant’ child porn photos?

    If so, how did the FBI get a hold of these child porn photos of Cami, on their own, without fetching them from Keith’s computer?

    Did they secretly conspire with Cami too? LOL.

    Does Suneel really believe that the FBI phoned Cami, then asked her to provide them with nude photos from more than a decade ago? LOL.

    How would the FBI have known that such photos actually existed and were still in existence so many years later?

    What ‘mechanism’ would explain how law enforcement got a hold of those child porn photos, other than suggesting that the FBI and Cami conspired together to break the law and frame an innocent man? LOL.

    Cami also testified (at sentencing) that Keith raped her when she was underage, right?

    Does Suneel believe that Cami is just making that up, whole cloth?

    So, according to Suneel, every witness and FBI agent were lying —- and Keith was the only person telling the truth. Even though Keith was shown (via emails) to be a recurrent liar, openly lying to nearly every woman he ever spoke to.

    BTW: If the FBI was really willing to ‘plant’ evidence against Keith, they could have planted far more things inside his home during the raid (like massive amounts of cocaine or heroin, automatic weapons, more excess unreported cash, LOL).

    If the FBI was in ‘planting’ mode, LOL, why would they stop at a few photos of Cami? …and nothing else?

    I’d like Suneel to provide a reasonable explanation of how the photos of Cami were acquired & planted by the FBI.

    If not, you should refuse to publish anything else he writes. This is a fair request. If he asserts something, he needs to provide a believable explanation for it, with plausible details.

    Do your job as a journalist and get these answers. Or burn in hell.

    Have a good day.

    • PS — If Suneel believes that Cami (or another NXIVM member) single-handedly planted the photos before the raid by law enforcement, how would they have known that a raid was coming?

      I just don’t see any PLAUSIBLE explanation for the ‘planting’ theory, other than suggesting that several different FBI agents were involved, along with Cami, along with others too, LOL.

      *These weren’t just ‘anonymous’ porn photos (like with John Tighe’s case) — they were photos of Cami. So that makes ‘planting’ them much more difficult, without a huge conspiracy.

      • Final thought…

        Even if Suneel is just alleging ‘backdating’ by law enforcement and not ‘planting’ — that scenario would still require a HUGE conspiracy between agents of the FBI and members of the EDNY. Cami would also have to be part of that conspiracy (because if those photos were backdated, she’d be lying to law enforcement by not correcting that fact).

        Again, I just don’t see how Suneel can provide a plausible explanation to fit his square peg into a round hole.

        • F.O.B

          There would be yet another “coincidence”.

          Cami. At 15 she was posed in Keith’s favored place and manner for slave/harem porn.

          So Keith took all of the dozens and dozens of other porn photos in almost identical local & composition… But not the Cami photo?

          Or… Wait! I think I’ve got it.

          Cami just happened to magically know at 15 years old that Keith would eventually photograph other slave/harem women in this manner over the years so she preemptively took porn shots of herself as a minor in the exact style and location because she knew that some day DOS would be formed and the branding of slaves would lead to Frank Report exposing Nxium and prompt Keith’s arrest and then a trial and she just wanted to be ready to set Keith up?

          Wow. That Cami. Always plotting 10 years ahead. Even as a child.

    • Such salient questions, well done!

      Also… File a formal complaint. If you honestly believe this tampering tale.

  • Regarding the photos of Cami, they came from a folder in Raniere’s computer titled 2005. In fact, I vaguely remember Agnifilo trying to get them thrown out based on relevance or some other basis. It was not that they were fraudulent. Agnifilo’s argument conceded that they were genuine.

    Also, I remember a lot of discussion at trial about the reliability of the meta data, which established that they were genuine.

    And, we already discussed to death that there was no evidence that proved they were tampered with by anyone.

    And, what about Cami’s testimony at Raniere’s sentencing.

    It’s amazing how Suneel and the other leftovers think it is logical to believe that over 100 people are lying. And, it is ludicrous that they believe that the government was after Raniere, a nobody perverted cult leader. No one gave a shit about him until Sarah et al went to the Times and, along with the metoo movement, the FBI finally took notice.

    Their beliefs defy all facts, yet we are the illogical ones.

    • What do you make of the sidebar chatter on record at Keith’s sentencing hearing concerning Cami’s stunning, surprise appearance and the unsolved mystery of who opened the Cami files while allegedly in FBI custody, indicating some of the defence team were “not acting like adults” (quoting “Aggie”), Suneel?

      Also, what does AnonyMocker mean by “related to Scientology?” Are you or any of your colleagues into Scientology like Peterson claims his old AZ neighbor, Señor Lopez (JLo’s Dad), is?

  • Suneel, here’s a story about a group of eleven real wrongful conviction and public defender organizations based in New York City that are seeking to have hundreds of convictions overturned:

    I notice you and your other NXIVM dead-ender buddies are not part of that group. Maybe that’s because the other organizations know that all you and your buddies do is misrepresent what happened to Keith Raniere.

  • Suneel, why aren’t you considering KR’s conduct that got him where he’s at. It’s truly shocking the lack of thinking to consider the ramifications of the series of life decisions he made. KR always said there are no victims so, why are you victimizing him?

  • I never trust anyone that wants to make a bigger name for themselves for the sake of no•to•ri•e•ty ~~ nō″tə-rī′ĭ-tē / ego or money.

    I hope you understand, amigo.

    Now go away to alleviate future posts.

    We must end the Frank Report regarding Raniere sometime in the very near future.

    Peace & good,


  • Suneel, do you think all the women of DOS would have said “yes” if the higher ups had disclosed the truth about the brand’s meaning? Can you see how how they didn’t give true consent since there was deception involved? Did you know that Danielle R. had expressed concern about consent to her higher ups?

    • Or if they knew that Keith was the puppet Grandmaster and creator of DOS.

      Or that men were involved in DOS at all.

      Or that the entire 1st line of masters was sexually involved with Raniere

      Or that all of the porn created was at Keith’s direction for his personal gratification.

      So many lies.

      • Indeed, thank you. Yes, there are too many inconvenient truths that the loyalists are unable to confront head on.

  • “Yes,” Vorkosigan agreed, “I could take over the universe with this army if I could ever get all their weapons pointed in the same direction.” Lois McMaster Bujold, Shards of Honour.

    For the Honeymooners, it was to the moon where Gleason often wanted to send his TV wife and pals on one-way rocket ships. But George Gurdjieff, when he wasn’t preoccupied destroying his bathroom every day, gave a more dire warning, when saying that idiots, once dead, become food for the moon.

    Piled high and deep there, Sooey.

    And what happened to the guy who wuz accompanying you on the accordion?

    What’s that u say?

    Crotch rot?

  • How many ways can you beat a dead horse?

    Meanwhile, here’s something interesting from the Whacky World O’ Cults

    The mummified corpse of Amy Carlson, known to her cult followers as Mother God (gotta admit it’s catchier than “Vanguard”) was found by law enforcement in a trailer home in Colorado. The body was reportedly festooned with Christmas lights and glitter eye makeup. The presence of two young children in the trailer home led to the arrest of several cult members on child abuse charges as well as the criminal abuse of a corpse. The body, in an advanced state of emancipation and decay, had evidently been transported across state lines.

    Cult members assert that “Mother God” Carlson is not dead but “in stasis” and is currently declining medical treatment.

    Yes, there are people who believe this stuff.

    “Mother God” claimed she was several billion years old and held the keys to happiness and fulfillment. She taught that everything society teaches is a lie. She also drank ten glasses of vodka a night and fell down a lot and walked into walls, according to one of the cult leaders.

    Her “Love Has Won” cult reportedly has thousands of followers.

    So, yes, there are people who believe this stuff.

    And just like the Nxivm dead-enders, there will be remnants of the Love Has Won cult who remain loyal and will insist that Mother God is “in stasis” and is not really dead. Notwithstanding the smell and the flies. “What smell? What flies?” they will insist, arguing with all and sundry that “Mother God” is not dead but is “in stasis” and that there was no child abuse and that giving all their money to a crazy old drunk woman who claimed to be 19 billion years old was the best decision they ever made.

    Some people aren’t worth arguing with.

    • That was a very abusive cult. May her followers become former followers and return to the families and lives they lost through indoctrination.

  • Suneel,

    Once again, Raniere’s smartest sheep says not a peep, about loyal Clare Bronfman. Suneel can you not give at least a simple reason as to why you do not defend Clare.

    Kudos on the 800s. I do believe you. The fact you scored perfect 800s makes you even more of an enigmatic oddity. Why, Suneel, you don’t see Raniere for what he is is quite curious.

    At the end of the day, misguided as you are, I do believe you are well-intentioned.

  • You say:
    “To be clear, I don’t and would never condone the exploitation of minors. It is my contention that the child porn evidence was planted and backdated, as the file system data suggests. If Raniere or anyone else were guilty of abuse of minors, I would support that being charged and prosecuted”.

    If you truly mean this, then how do you answer for the text messages between him and Cami that clearly allude to them having a sexual relationship while she was still a minor?

  • What I am surprised by with Suneel — as well as Nicki Clyne and the other Dossier Project members — is the lack of skepticism towards Keith Raniere while applying extreme skepticism towards the press, the courts, witnesses who were willing to testify under oath (something Keith was unwilling to do). So I would like to see them look at the information available and answer the following questions.
    (1) Is Keith Raniere honest and ethical? Don’t just take his word for it. Read the court transcripts. Read the court decisions in his many lawsuits. Read about Consumers Buyline. Talk to people who have left the group as well as people who remained. Get as much info as possible.

    (2) How is Keith Raniere qualified to diagnose and treat people with a variety of issues?

    (3) How has following the teachings of Keith worked out for his students? Are they more successful in the outside world?

    (4) What motives could Keith have for not being truthful or accountable for things that he done?

    • Excellent comment, No Name. I’d love to see Suneel respond to your questions, though he probably won’t.

  • Suneel, I have one burning question: do you believe in Vanguards super powers? Jams radar? Doesn’t rain on him? A ‘ blue light’ when he has sex? Do you believe that stuff?

    Yes or no.

  • Frank, what if you are brainwashed and want to save others without knowing that you too are brainwashed?

    • I think we are all brainwashed to some degree. Every limitation that we accept as a given, when we could be better. is brainwashing, self brainwashing, which perhaps is the only kind of brainwashing there is.

      There is no end to the idea of who controls our own minds and blaming others for our own mistakes. TV, media, school, our parents, religion, political party, culture, history, gender assumptions, they are all attempting to influence our thinking. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is unhealthy.

      Whenever I hear anyone say “so and so [some great authority] said this, and yet you disagree,” I say, “so and so is a man [or a woman] I am a man and you too are a man [or a woman] so you can think for yourself.”

      As for saving others I have no wish to save others. In fact I do not believe that anyone can save anyone. If we are in need of saving, we HAVE to save ourselves. Only the moment when I reject all help am I free. Of course I do not discount philosophers or saints or prophets or saviors or even mentors or gurus from giving aid and succor, maybe even leading someone to light – but the moment they say the person can only rise through them I reject their teachings and consider them a fraud.

      The only guru who might be trusted is the one who says “all power is within you. You don’t need me or anyone to find the truth. I can show you how I found what I believe is the truth, but that truth is already within, you already have everything. It was never outside you. It is just a delusion that you are weak or ignorant. Come I will show you that you don’t need any guru other than yourself.”

      I might trust the guru who says he is unnecessary and everyone can and must attain whatever he has. The cult leader or religious leader [often the same thing] or anyone who claims only they have special knowledge are charlatans and should be avoided.

      Brainwashing? Sure. I brainwashed myself and today I have a nice, clear-thinking, clean brain with unlimited optimism and faith in myself.

      • Thanks, Frank. Thank you for taking the time to write this.
        I really liked this: “Only the moment when I reject all help am I free.”

        This resonated with me. I think accepting help is OK. But it is so important to understand you can also accomplish so much on your own. You can. There is freedom in doing.

        Thanks, frank

        You might like this from a german philosopher of marcuse:

      • I hear ya, Frank. There are no victims only self-brainwashers. LOL. Reminds me of a few fireside chats we’ve had about socialization, peer pressures and the susceptiblity of certain types of personalities to those influences. You can say “brainwashing” doesn’t exist ’til you’re blue in the face holding your breath to convince someone to agree with you that oxygen is irrelevant but if you think you can’t change someone’s POV, maybe even their worldview, through misleading or false facts, social stress and other forms of coercion you really should consider a different profession than “publicist.”

        “The devil’s biggest lie is that he doesn’t exist.”

        – Al Pacino as Satan in “The Devil’s Advocate.”

  • ======================================
    Quote from Suneel: ” If Raniere or anyone else were guilty of abuse of minors, I would support that being charged and prosecuted.”

    I must defer to my Empress to come forth, out of the shadows, and tell Suneel what she witnessed with regard to Keith bedding a minor.

    Suneel… One of our members here, Empress Heidi, actually witnessed Keith jumping out of her sister’s bedroom window (pulling up his pants) when the girl was only a minor and Keith was an adult.

    Even though she didn’t press charges and the statute of limitations has well expired, can we both agree that it’s a disgusting thing for Keith to have done that?

    Can we agree that Keith was a dirty man for taking advantage of a minor like that?

    Suneel… If Heidi comes forth to tell you what she witnessed, will you listen to her with an open mind?

    Or have you made up your mind to defend your Vanguard no matter what, come hell or high water?

    I’m guessing that you don’t wish to hear any details about these incidents, right? You’re choosing a solution known as willful blindness.

    All cult members choose this route rather than listening to facts which might implicate their leader in a socially disgusting act, regardless of whether it’s a prosecutable crime or not.

    If you’re not brainwashed, as you claim, you’ll be open to hearing Heidi’s story. After all, how can hearing FACTS be a bad thing?

    Maybe Keith isn’t the man you believe him to be? Is it possible that you’re wrong? Is there even a 1% chance?

    If not, then, by definition, you’ve been brainwashed without even knowing it. LOL.

  • “I believe we should try to rectify the fundamental flaws in our justice system.”


    Otherwise, your focus would not be on a pedophile that you clearly worship.

    There are thousands upon thousands of cases out there, most of whom are not supported by money, that could benefit from attention and analysis from you and other NXIVM deadheads. But none of you do that. Nope, you only focus on Raniere and cases that remind you of Raniere’s. That tells everyone your goal is – free Raniere. Also tells us what would occur if that goal was miraculously achieved – lose all interest in how unfair the justice system is.

    There is nothing high and mighty about what you are doing. You are not trying to achieve some moral high ground or drive change or any of the things you come up with to delude yourself and others. Much like Raniere’s every action, your’s too is driven by one thing – to serve Raniere.

    It’s actually a pathetic way to live your life. Just wish you would a) move on b) not inflict your crazy on us and c) if determined to do a and b, then at least do it on someone that isn’t a pedophile or rich but could actually use the help.

  • So, Suneel knew that Keith Raniere had a fabricated, ludicrous resume. And still, he chose to embrace a group that this buffoon and proven liar lead?

    Suneel paid the exorbitant fees for this charlatan’s “wisdom”. Suneel bowed to the con man and liar’s photo. And he knew this guy was full of sh×t.

    Suneel played along that Keith was “the most ethical man” all the while knowing that was untrue and that Keith Raniere was intentionally misleading those who trusted him and followed his advice.

    Worse than I thought.

    There is zero chance Suneel called Raniere out about it back then so his boasts about standing up to “improbable claims” is laughable.

    Suneel consistently attacks women’s credibility and champions men. Suneel mocks women from his own “community” and diminishes their experience at every turn. Even though Suneel was not even part of the community at the time let alone present for many of the events.

    He was/is an indoctrinated member of a cult that taught and practiced misogyny.

    And even now Suneel admits that Keith is a verifiable liar. But Suneel chooses NOT to believe Cami. And to believe Keith. The proven liar.

    And you are lying about blaming the jury. Suneel, you have repeated Keith Raniere’s false assertions that the jury coordinated outfits after making a hasty verdict because they had made up their minds prior to sitting through the trial.

    I don’t care enough to go back and dredge up other such comments because you are really boring.

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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