Bangkok: Lauren Salzman Is the Hero of the Fall of Keith Raniere

Lauren Salzman, a sketch by MK10ART

The following was written by an individual who calls himself Friend of Bangkok but lamentably writes in a manner suspiciously similar to Bangkok, who, according to his “Friend” has been stricken with COVID 19 and, at death’s door, repents of the mean and unkind things he said to everyone.

An anonymous reader submitted this photo of what is purportedly Bangkok with his friend.

By Friend of Bangkok

Frank just can’t stop pitching leniency for Allison Mack.

Allison Mack faces up to 40 years in prison.

He’s got a soft spot for her — ever since he spoke to her on the phone.

Claviger’s been talking shit lately. But when Allison is sentenced to 7 years soon (as I predicted) — Claviger will be bending over and kissing my ass.

…And when Keith wins either his 1st or 2nd appeal, Claviger won’t be able to hide the EGG on his face for being so terribly wrong, especially when I was right.

Keith Raniere – will the halting of Lauren Salzman’s testimony be the issue that reverses his conviction on appeal?

I will own his fucken ass and turn him into my own personal bitch.

Lauren is the ONLY one who will get leniency from this judge.

She will get 12 months (18 max) and maybe some house arrest or probation. Guaranteed.

Gorgeous Lauren Salzman, Bangkok’s unrequited love.

Lauren was the star witness. The judge rescued her. Allison’s just a distant TWAT in the judge’s mind.

I’ve noticed that over the last couple years, Empress Heidi likes to talk shit about Lauren. But I sure as f#@k didn’t see Empress Heidi get on the witness stand and tear apart Vanguard’s whole existence. I didn’t see Allison do that either.

Lauren did far more than Empress Heidi to bring down Keith Raniere —– so I don’t wanna see the Empress talking shit about Lauren unless she can back it up.

Lauren took ACTION to bring down Keith. What has the Empress done?


Heidi Hutchinson: Whatever else she may have done or not done, she was the one that contacted James Odato and revealed that sex with underage females had long been part of Keith Raniere’s Vanguardian proclivities. Her efforts resulted in the Times Union story In Raniere’s Shadows.

Nancy will get five years (even though she deserves 20 years) so that baby bear [Lauren] doesn’t have to be without mama bear for too many years. The judge is fond of baby bear.

A baby bear is one of the cutest animals in the zoological garden. But normally you should not try to cuddle with it if the mother bear is nearby. However, there is an instance where a certain leader of a community cuddled a lot with a baby bear, right under mama bear’s nose.


Keith Raniere gives his trademark on the lips kiss to Lauren Salzman.


Keith Raniere and Lauren Salzman. Her mother Nancy [l] smiles for her daughter’s good luck in winning the attention of their Vanguard.
MK10ART’s depiction of Lauren [l] standing aside her regal and enthroned Master, her Vanguard, Lord Raniere. 
Lauren is the true hero of this trial. She deserves the reward money that India will be receiving.

But all Frank can think about is how much leniency Allison deserves.

Have a good day.

Allison Mack has readers split– some calling for leniency and others demanding punishment. Sketch by MK10ART.  


MK10ART’s painting of Lauren Salzman sans motherhood. Keith Raniere used to call her “Forlorn” or “Lorn” for he said she often looked lonely and abandoned. She was, in effect, by him.


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  • Shocking tale of police abuse!!

    Alex Jones!!!!

  • Holy Mother of God!!!!

    The most desirable URL on the internet or planet Earth is up for sale!!!!!! can be yours!

    I am not kidding and oddly enough I don’t actually care.

    Someone alert Kristen Kreuk’s superfan or some other guy with no life!!!!

    I repeat this is not a joke!!!

    How can it be the Ayatollah of 69 has not yet laid claim to this URL?

    Seriously, we can only hope Sultan is okay.


    Is Kristen Kreuk broke, and will the Frank Report investigate this incredibly important story?

  • Also, when if ever do we get the big reveal on Susan Dones, my and Kris Snyder’s family regarding Lauren Salzman and her reaction to Gina’s death by contrast to the theatrics and timing of the reaction staged by Keith & Co for BB’s benefit?

    That could be a factor in Lauren’s motives and credibility on other side. Personally, I suspect she wrote my sister’s death chart – conducted her last intensive and may have per your and your AMPLE producers investigations been among her suicide mind conditioners in her final months of life who, as Kristin Keefe’s interview revealed, had been urging and helping plan Gina’s suicide with her for years prior.

    • It would be lovely to read an article from Heidi and what she felt when Raniere was sentenced.

  • I typically come on here to say Allison should get leniency, but it’s really a pretty similar argument for why Lauren should as well, so here goes.

    The worst thing she did was locking Daniella in a room, which definitely deserves prison time. But I think we would be wise to remember that Keith ordered her to do so, and that Keith does not take kindly to those who disobey. Ask the women who defected and were sued mercilessly. It takes guts to stand up to someone like Keith. Add to that Lauren’s whole family were NXIVM members, so to disobey Keith is to not only risk her safety but potentially be severed permanently from her family. And I mean permanently. Look at Daniella’s family now, half supporting KAR, half despising him.

    Oh and don’t forget the baby Keith promised Lauren. Another reason not to dare risk angering him.

    But even without all of that, (and correct me if I’m wrong about this part), Keith said Daniella would be locked in the room for 2 weeks, and then kept adding time on. It’s another example of the frog in boiling water analogy. Keith didn’t say the plan was to put Daniella in a room for 18 months. If he had, maybe, just maybe, she would have opposed him, but who knows. He kept adding time on, the same way he kept telling his various women that a baby was just around the corner. Right up until the day they hit menopause or defected.

    I know a lot of people hate to read me saying that Keith is the bad guy, and the poor little women couldn’t help themselves, but seriously, pick a different hill to die on. The US puts more women in prison than any other country on the planet. There are plenty of other cases to latch onto where women did awful stuff without a cult leader having to break them psychologically.

    • You make a lot of good points here. The only clarification I might add is that technically Daniela was not locked in her room. The door was always unlocked. Of course, there are other means to keep someone confined in a room other than locking the door.

      I interviewed Daniella back in 2016 and she told me her story over hours of interviews – on the record too. She told me she used to sneak out of her room and go out from time to time. This is not to justify anything Keith or Lauren did. It seems unconscionable to allow a young woman to fester and rot in a room for month after month after month until she is in there for 22 months. I mean where was Lauren – when did conscience get the better of her and to demand that this woman be released?

      Her brother-in-law, Ben Myers, must have known. A number of people knew. Worst of all, her family knew. Cami, Adrian, her mother, father, sister Mariana, they all knew their family member was in a room – in their own house – and all of them sided with Keith. Now, they are victims. But they kept her in that room more than Keith did. For if they had stood up to Keith out of love for their precious daughter or sister – as any one of us would I believe for their daughter or sister – the girl would have had the freedom to leave the room.

      I would have released my daughter or sister and possibly killed the man who would outrage her the way Keith did. Instead, we see this weaseling of the family — oh Keith so bad. He so evil… But what about your own evil in standing by and letting your own flesh and blood remain in a room — and not ever once even bothering to find out the real reason?

      To take Keith’s word over your own kin. No, I put the blame as much on her family as I do on Keith and far more so than Lauren.

      • “I interviewed Daniella back in 2016 and she told me her story over hours of interviews – on the record too”

        I do not recall ever reading you disclose this. Please post your notes. It is ok now. This would be perhaps the most compelling article ever on FR (except for whomever The Rat is). I’ve been reading this mother fucking website since 2017 so maybe it’s already on here somewhere and I missed it, which would be annoying. Please send the link if so.

      • Frank, I dissent. It was, and IS, all about manipulation. The common denominator with ALL the behavior and criminality is Keith “the oxygen thief” Raniere.

    • Keith is just a lil’ “pussy”. Despite the meek and falsely humble facade, he’s no different than your average bully who is still stuck in the emotional immaturity of his younger years no matter how much he waxed on about any intellectual subjects. His (non-physical) means are just different, but just as pathetic: diminishing people and attacking their self-considered weakness and faults, in particular women, who are more predisposed towards self-esteem issues; the post-pubescent mockery of penis sizes; referring to women’s private as “fish holes”, etc. “Little bottles…little bottles”.

      He’s just a manipulative person and a moral imbecile who refuses to see any problem with his ridiculous “alternate” lifestyle and behavior.

      Like all false leaders, Keith’s strength lies mostly in others giving it to him by doing his dirty work. All of those direct minions who coordinated together in his dumbassery are as much to blame in all of this as him.

      The only thing Keith is possibly really good at is manipulation. Fooling credulous people (like Nicki and Suneel) to cover for his obviously bad behavior using a front of what most people see as virtuous principles, tricking them into believing they’re on some righteous moral cause when it’s just rooted in his own self-interest like always.

      Dance monkeys.

  • Of course, Lauren threw as much of the blame on Keith alone as possible, her MOMMY DEAREST owned the whole pedophile peddling NXIVM US operations. And property on the West coast that rightly belonged to the Bronfman sisters was owned by Nancy Salzman – I researched the deeds for Odato and my own submissions – pitched it to the LA Times. (Btw, Frank, go ahead and credit that Clare Court pic you are using to the Albany TU as they purchased and published it first, please.).

    Plus, I assume Lauren was protecting Nancy – acting as one of her many pawns & blame shields – Lauren coulda been lying to cover for her Mom who revealed too much at that.

    Just my take.

  • Bias Exists!
    There is one kernel of truth contained within Bangkok’s obtuse Op/Ed more often than not, the staff of the Frank Report, have cast Allison Mack and the Semitic Lauren Salzman in vastly different lights. Considering both women’s roles within NXIVM there should be more parity between the descriptions of the two women.

    Allison Mack coerced young women, via blackmail, to bed Kieth Raniere; Lauren Salzman made a true mea-culpa, and helped to prosecute Kieth Raniere. Quite the contrast…Why, then, is Lauren Salzman receiving the ‘short shrift’ treatment.

    Why are both women, who played vastly different roles treated so differently, by the Frank Report?

    The “blue-eyed and blonde” Allison Mack is portrayed as victim.” Lauren Salzman is depicted as a heartless coconspirator
    and “concubine procurer”

    The Frank Report editorial staff need to be more cognizant of the disparity, in the treatment of these two women, and all individuals.

    “Journalistic truth cannot exist in the absence of objectivity.”
    -Bob Woodward

    • Michelle Hatchett – that you? I thought it biased that Michelle was left out of the indictments and the Mexicans too were denied the privilege of participating in the US justice process – all BC they were women of color of course. And they haven’t indicted Dr. Roberts or yanked her license yet. [redacted] Clyne is [redacted] or she’d be charged already.

    • Noted. You make a good point. Allison’s tenure on a beloved (by some) TV show factors in as well.

      Raniere even wrote from jail that the goodwill built up by Allison from her loyal fan base would follow Allison in either her support or disavowing of him. And thus sway public opinion of Keith Raniere.

      Nicki is currently utilizing (abusing, really) the BSG fan base in Raniere’s desired manner. And it does not escape notice that her mostly male fans are following another blue-eyed blonde.

      Being a celebrity — no matter how minor or how much of a “has been” — really can get you “a pass” not afforded to a non-public figure such as Lauren.

      Interesting that the DOS die-hards are so against using being a woman to “get out” of trouble. But are fine with using celebrity status in the same manner.

      • “Being a celebrity — no matter how minor or how much of a “has been” — really can get you “a pass” not afforded to a non-public figure such as Lauren.”

        Maybe. Or it could make it worse. At most, I think it just balances out.

        Allison has been significantly maligned online. From what I’ve seen and read, she’s not really getting any kind of “pass” due to her celebrity status IMO. Whatever support she receives seems to be more outweighed by all the vitriol she receives.

        Normal people receive more hate than sympathy in these situations too, but obviously not at the same level that celebrities do, so no one really notices or cares as much.

        What I don’t get is the pass Nicki is getting here. She’s still out there supporting Raniere and using her (minimal) celebrity status to manipulate others into her cause. She was drinking the kool-aid just as much as Allison and she’s still on board the NXIVM/Raniere choo-choo train with glass in hand even though it’s just sputtering. At least, Allison has publicly disassociated herself from her NXIVM/Raniere connection. Nicki is just lucky she wasn’t charged with anything and that has given her a pass to continue to be a Twitter shill for the latter. She should at least be charged with a sham marriage and deported back to Canada.

        • Anonymous at 1:54pm

          I heartily agree with every Nicki Clyne sentiment that you expressed.

      • Agree-

        You are right that being a celebrity is a double-edged sword when involved in a criminal scandal. I do believe Allison is treated more fairly on the Frank Report.


        —Nicki is currently utilizing (abusing, really) the BSG fan base in Raniere’s desired manner.

        Do you have any examples of Nicki Clyne reaching out to her fanboys?
        I imagine Nicki finds a great number of young lonely men, who could be cajoled into joining whatever the post-NXIVM organization morphs into.

        Thanks for pointing out my own “personal” bias regarding the treatment of celebrities.

    • Bull and Manlinda Guts broke up because Manlinda kept interrupting Bull, not only at Itts sacrificial altar or while carting babies off to sea for their combo baptism-funerals but also when Bull just wanted a snack. Animals talk, and a shrike was telling a blue jay about Manlinda this afternoon out in our bushes. So to speak.

      I simply overheard this accidentally, and Bull Guts may not sue the shrike or the blue jay. In fact the blue jay even said that Bull needs to file for spiritual bankruptcy right away before it all turns too null and too void.

    • Are they ending their marriage or just marriage in general? We have given Bill a lot of authority in the past 12 months so who knows what he’s an expert in now.

      haha i love the tweets! thanks for sharing

      I’ll bet it has something to do with taxes. As crazy Joe is gonna tax the rich. I am sure there is a plan in there to avoid paying them.

    • Shadow-

      Info Wars and Alex Jones are so reliable.

      “Just like the Bible says, it’s basically an intergalactic invasion into this space through people. I’m telling you, it’s what all the ancients said. It’s what they warned of. It’s what we’re dealing with. They’re demons! They’re frickin’ interdimensional invaders OK? I’ll just say it, make fun of me all you want on CNN or wherever, but everyone already innately knows this. These people are not frickin’ humans OK! Hillary Clinton is a goddamn ET demon!”
      –Alex Jones

      Do you believe Alex Jones’ batshit crazy talk?

      If yes, please tell me where you get your shrooms from.

  • Lauren’s been a bad, bad girl. But Lauren knows it and acknowledges it.

    I think there was always a part of Lauren that never really got “got’. Aloof. Curiously, observing from deep inside. That’s also probably why they did not trust, Lauren, fully. They felt that slight foot out the door.

    Her perspective sounds the most interesting to me. I think she’s probably pretty funny too.

    Lauren! Write a book. Please! Be totally honest. Most of the worst that you have done is already known.

    Tell us the story from your side. It will be healing for you. And wildly entertaining for me. You saw a lot. Especially when Keith had you sidelined, as a uh, “partner”.

    Please. Lauren. Whatever happens with your court case(s). When you can, write. Write. Write.

    There is something in your detached observer retelling at times in court that tells me you are a writer. Be scrupulously honest. And I think you will be surprised at the response.

    Good luck, girl.

    • Great idea. I’ll gladly help Lauren brainstorm/capture things that should be included from the beginning of her involvement.

      When Lauren first started, she was (rightly) skeptical and a little cautious. Like he did to most who ended up sticking with ESP/NXIVM, Keith beat/conditioned this natural defense mechanism out of her.

      • —I’ll gladly help Lauren brainstorm

        Moving in on Bangkok’s territory.

        You got some balls, funny man!

  • Technically speaking, Allison did much more than Lauren because if it weren’t for Frank’s blog and many stories that helped cult members see the light of day and decide to defect, they probably would never have been known and much of Frank’s success would have been. It was because she knew how to choose clickable topics, and Allison turned out to be one of the biggest click baits Frank could find.

  • Now Claviger sees how just how determined unsought and unwanted SUITORS can become. Try having the entire Orly airport groaning uncontrollably from your quite biologically accidental hotness, as soon as you deplane and innocently enter the crowd, and all that you are seems to be a cherry pie.

    Oh dear. Perhaps I am presuming things, regarding the preferences of Claviger. Could I be mistaken that BangBoy is just not papa’s brand new bag? One might need to delve deeper.

    However, not only has Claviger ceased flirting with me, but now, I too am somewhat hesitant to play along. Dancing by myself, rather unlucky in what some call “love.”

    Well, shoot. I had been doing some voguing off in fantasyland, even considering sending off a snapshot of myself in a pilgrim getup, just for Clav. Now more second thoughts are cumming. Um. At least this rosehip iced tea is highly satisfying.

    • My dear, Shivani, my interest in you shall never wane. But I am just as hesitant as you to step out onto the dancefloor and find myself without a partner.

      Surely — and I don’t be mean to be presumptuous in terms of your first name — there must be some way for us to overcome this dilemma. Rosehip iced tea may be refreshing — but it is never truly fulfilling.

      • Perhaps Bangkok should slither into something more comfortable and join in your soiree to fulfill his menage a tois fantasies he so envied of Keith.

      • After several days, Clav, here’s the thing that keeps resurfacing as persistently responsive. Part of my dilemma IS laid at Frank’s door. The other part is personal.

        Frank has, at least twice, published a horrifying man’s photo when referring to you. Frank uses this behemoth as an illustration of Claviger, or someone does it with Parlato’s approval.

        I am too small (and also decorative) to be anywhere near such a man, and even his skin was a distress to see. I cannot seem to find people who are overweight sexy. This is not the fault of the fat ones, and shirley I take responsibility for not being turned on by fatness. I cannot stand turnips, either. No one seems to mind that. No turnip has ever been insulted over it.

        The other, more personal hesitancy is that what if your name is really Lucille? Lucille could be a fine friend, but Lucille could never get to me or thrill me by seeking any romantic or even any kind of zipless fucking union.

        You have helped me to keep feeling very happy, already. That is highly unusual.

        Even if you ARE a Lucille.

        • Shivani,

          I have no control over the pictures that Frank chooses to use to portray me. But I can assure you that while my body may not what it was “back in the day”, it is still not bad for the mileage it has seen (Think Shelby Mustage 351 in original condition — albeit a little worn — versus rusty old heap of a car).

          And though I do not understand the Lucille concern, I can also assure you that that is not an issue.

          As I see things, Shivani, the problem is that neither of us is willing to take the next step without some assurance that it will not be a step that leads to disappointment or worse. Such is the concern of those that have been previously burned upon the altar of personal commitment.

          But given what we have already revealed to one another, I am satisfied that we may, in fact, be interlocking pieces in the puzzle of life. And, thus, I still have hope that we will figure a way out of this seeming inability to trust our instincts rather than our experiences in life.

          Hopefully, you agree…

  • “I will own his fucken ass” – I think Claviger is likely a ‘she’ (or possibly a ‘they’). And I’m pretty sure Claviger is also Pea Onyu.

    • If we were playing baseball, the count on you would now be 0-and-2. Or is that 2-and-0? It’s really all a matter of perspective isn’t it?

        • WTF??? Trust me on this, OK? Regardless of whether I’m male or female, I have no interest whatsoever in Toni Natalie.

          • K.R. Claviger

            —Regardless of whether I’m male or female

            …But what if you’re non-binary then it’s a different story. Nice try!

            “You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to fool me.”

    • Hey Ice-Nine!

      Clearly, you need some help interpreting the befuddling mind of Bangkok.

      Here is my analysis of Bangkok’s writing. Everything in brackets is what he means:

      Claviger will be bending over and kissing [tongue punching] my ass.
      …Claviger won’t be able to hide the EGG [my baby batter] on his face for being so terribly wrong [hot] especially when I was [saving it up all week] right.
      I will own [slam] his fucken ass and turn him into my own…personal bitch [BDSM fantasy].

      My nephew’s Oblongata has always been a little messed up. He gets it from his mom
      —bitch is crazier than Britney Spears on a good day.

      • So what you are saying is, Bangkok is gay. He enjoys ejaculation sessions in the company of other men. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it is just now we know he is a sexually frustrated, gay republican man that goes weeks at a time without getting laid.

        • Bangkok contracted COVID 19 and is at death’s door. He has been at death’s door from COVID now for several weeks. He is not expected to survive. At one time he thought that it was unwise to close down a nation or even a whole world and lose historic liberties fought for centuries and lost in an hour for something no more dangerous for the average healthy person than the flu. He has now been stricken with several mutant variants of COVID and will soon die, unless he manages to survive. He is not gay, not that being gay is necessarily atrocious, or even less than desirable. It is only to say that if he is gay he has not come out of the closet and seems to like Lauren Salzman more than a little, that is before he was stricken and reduced to a status that might be described as being at death’s door.

          • Perhaps Bangkok should revist this article posted on the Frank Report back in March of last year by Evgeni Von Pussy. Von Pussy writes about how to cure Covid-19 by taking Donald Trump’s advice, which calls for a cocktail of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.


            I find it interesting that Mr. Evgeni Von Pussy writes very much in the style of Bangkok. Perhaps Bangkok should contact Mr. Von Pussy and get some more medical advice.

          • Mr. Von Pussy does write a lot like Bangkok and may indeed by Bangkok or one of his best friends. If Bangkok survives, which he is not expected to do, unless he does, of course, I will attempt to ask him. However I do not know who he really is and I have only his word and his friends’ [who write just like him] word that he even had COVID and is about to croak from it. For all I know Bangkok may be employing one of the oldest abusive behaviors in the world, telling everyone you have a fatal illness and then not bothering to die from it.

            My guess is Bangkok won’t die, and thus he will disgrace himself and his whole family and will continue to rant about how the cure of shutting down a whole world was worse than the COVID disease. I do not know who is right on this interesting debate on COVID, but my money is not on Bangkok, even though I like him, because he is likely lying about dying of COVID and everybody here was hoping he would.

          • Frank, I think ICE is onto something as to Banger’s sexual preferences. He’s big-time closet, you can tell by the tough talk and hyper hetero facades he puts on. He even called himself by that moniker a time or two. He doth protest too much. Flamin’!

            [Kinda reminds me of when Trump had Marla gloat he was her best fuck ever. And he could not have picked a more experienced testimonial witness to compare him to other men.]

          • How awful! I hope that isn’t true. I don’t know why everyone hates Bangkok. I don’t think he’s so bad. He sometimes even makes pretty good sense–although he can be unnecessarily crass and harsh. But he just likes to stir things up. It’s harmless. If he really is sick, I wish him a healthy recovery.

          • Frank-

            Obviously, Bangkok is not Mr. Von Pussy. They spell their names completely differently.

  • Bangy wants a boy bitch badly and for what, exactly? This article reads like a big yellowish mucus trailmix of doofus drool and horse piddle. That darn Mr Ed got into the mash again and is vomiting copiously. Holy Cornholio.

    Once is never enough, once a jackass gets going. Frank just seems to dig slow but repetitive torture routines. Jeez, Louise. Frank is very funny all too often, and he just refuses to settle down. I love these Tauruses like Frank who never hear the words “quit it.” He will always, always get extra cookies!

    And poor boisterous, bitchy, butchy Bangy-Girl? More like Woody Woodpecker. Or maybe Bang the Caca is another multiphrenic Heckle and Jeckel, only trapped in one body, eruptive like heartburn accompanied by loud and stinky belches.

    So ugh-a -bugga-boo.
    You bugga bugga me
    I bugga bugga you ewe.

    Itt’s Bang Bang claptrap is reliably so very unappetizing that one loses all interest in having any lunch. Perhaps one day CacaBoy will meet Lauren Scandal Mongoose and give her some more artificial insemination, and possibly it’ll happen on camera. 10 cents a dance, that’s what they told us. But Lauren Salzman probably comes cheaper than that, at this point.

    Shirley things are far less clear now. Evidently much of our work is done for the moment.

    • —Bangy wants a boy bitch badly…

      Perhaps, Eduardo and Bangkok should take a car drive in the country.

      I believe it’s worthy of contemplation.

    • Shivani, you always enlighten the dreary putridness Bangkok spews upon us. Burning question: is there some sort of ritual Hindu practice in burning everything in sight when unexpectedly visiting a near-stranger’s home with a film crew and compelling news about her sister’s murder or my ex-husband right to commence an arson among other investigations with the LAPD target crimes unit on Frank and his alleged sidekick, yours truly?

      All of which I suppose Roger Stone could weave into his China-made, alien antenna, hair plug brained conspiracy theories proving my ex is in league with the plot to kill him or somethin. But that’s another story.

      What’s going on with Cassandra Leavens and her kids, FR? I was thinking maybe Catherine or India Oxenberg’s foundation or an outreach to Camila Harris might help her.

      Thanks, Shivani for your truth and light! Namaste naughty one.

      • Hair plugs on Roger Stone? By God. This is the end. What a calamity.

        George Clooney was on the verge of being cast to play Roger Stone in a rebooted Nick-at-Nite tv movie about fashion, scandal and older men. George was even willing to forego his multiple hot dogs and pizzas, to slim down enough to fit in as Roger on Nick.

        But then all of a sudden Nick said “cut it out, Roger, goddamn it all. Get off of me.”

        Now the only chance for redemption left to Stone is on the upcoming Green Acres remake, where we might have a slot for him as the late Eva Gabor’s kitchen maid.

        So far the only thing holding up production besides no plotlines is that the costume designers have been completely unable to find an apron for Stone which will look as white-washed as his hair. And now it’s PLUGS? Christ.

        As yet the only solution could be to turn Roger Stone into a kitchen maid who also happens to be a sheep, and then Roger could simply film his part(s) in the nude.

        But Roger Stone might be too soft, as an inexperienced actor, for showing his sheep-hood so baldly. Some staff are trying to iron this out beforehand, so Stone can at least look solidified on camera. But it is all on spec so far. Really quite a pickle.

        The only other remote chance for Mr. Stone could be the role as Jack in Jock in the Box. He needs no rehearsals to step into this cameo appearance, because all that Roger needs to do is to keep popping up quite prominently as he does in real life, at the wrong times and places. The trouble is that this won’t help Roger to be working as Jack on Jock, since the pay is total squat and crap, in fact.

        Heidi, we kinda know already that Raniere’s pals have got to ignore anything to do with your sister or with anyone whose life story doesn’t blend in with their fiction. The hideousness of Raniere’s and of his acolytes’ own fractured realities cannot abide any “failures” regarding the little prick’s Executive Suck Cesspool.

        Some of us will never forget Gina. Heart to heart, Heidi.

        So many lies, so much utter cruelty, and yet Suneel seems to be proud of himself, not only for what he propounds but for all that he chooses to ignore. A boy in search of some chin, poor widdle Su.

  • Let’s set the record straight on Lauren Salzman.

    1.) Raniere’s girlfriend and first Pimp was the bisexual DC property heiress Pam Cafritz.

    2.) Cafritz was described as a soul sucking succubus and vile human being.

    “Winter is Nigh
    January 3, 2018 at 10:11 pm
    Please, spare me the deification. Pam was a succubus who played it both ways and was a vile human being and a predator.”
    Guest View: Pam Cafritz death not a loss but a gain for humanity

    3.) As Raniere’s Pimp, Cafritz played a major role in the abuse of the 12-year-old girl R. in the early nineties.

    4.) Cafritz also engaged in a carnal relationship with Lauren Salzman.

    5.) As Cafritz slowly faded away from cancer, the issue of succession came up.
    Who would be the new Pimp?
    Lauren Salzman or Allison Mack?

    6.) Cafritz dies.
    The Pimp is dead
    Long live the new Pimp — Allison Mack.
    And Lauren Salzman became the Vice Pimp.

    All three of these women –Cafritz, Mack and Salzman –are succubi, the plural form of succubus.
    All three of these women are vile human beings.

    • There could be a van down by the river, but Raniere, did he even have a driver’s license?

      Another thing weird thing about being stuck in a van down by the river is the tale of Toni Natalie being Raniere’s “longterm” concubine.

      As soon as she dumped her huzzband and son and moved to Amityville with all of the other cult hags with their gargantuan bushes, Raniere made sure that Toni was stuck like a turd, in a rental off to the side.

      So meow.

  • Frank,

    Thank you for sharing Bangkok’s Op/Ed. Bangkok offers, us the reader, a unique perspective that only he can provide. He may be crass at times, but his quick wit and pithy observations are always a delight to read. Au revoir!

  • All of what’s written above is a waste of time to read. Humorous, however all based on bullshit and conjecture. The absolute proof will be when the Judge sentences her. At least within the custody of BOP, she might learn a skill…. like making license plates.

    • This is a very rude statement to make when you consider that Bangkok, who is ailing, possibly at death’s door from COVID, is deeply in love with Lauren.

      • Frank-

        I’ll put a lid on it.

        I hope Bangkok is okay. I am praying for him. It’s nice to know he has a good friend to update us on Bangkok’s condition.

        • Anita,

          What church is best to attend to pray for recovery from respiratory viruses?

          I am intending to pray for Bangkok but I’m confused by such a wide ranging choice 😐

          • Follow the Modern Churches Prayers

            Currently, Bangkok is in Hospice at the Modern Church of Mystery. It’s a true religion and is registered with the IRS

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